Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 7, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1931
Page 2
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ar Pu nth Waft street, Hop*, A*k. AV.lJl.lli K _ ^ EJitay «M» fuMMutt r n^t^lirthe postoffice »t Hope, AMMO*** * 1 "-- *" IttkttfcfcU*. U|]^ 1 *^^.-«Ki*jtehL4iteft^!M. ^_ fhe Associated »r*« W „ ., lic*tiofi of all news diipateKe* iirWit*] to ft c* .. . fhSeln. ; dispatches herein >rjW»W' *'*\ - ipit poietr pltMt id tfcvsldjp the r e. '" ' \ ptfcetnent {A •»«, and improved itmitorv d«<K<te»| in i bacfc*]Mra*. " •» v faovidl'ng for the consrtocttm of a *n-weathiftoaftach He&r, to gradually reduce the • • • • Me tick. or «U.«rv icteiMfie agrlruttnnl «>» practieal benefits to Hempstead county's ea-opera(l«« pro-am. v :• t government through the on the »fate *** ttr !'»', M » lJ * »«we City Boy WIGGIN, 'chairman of the Chase National York, declared in an interview published t?y ™_ ... u .. iu WUUJ.U1 uj. iicw j.<jin.» io leading QHIIKS, s v put;;not,Qne ,was born pn Manhattan Isjan'd. Most of «» fwm. «^nau towns. Moreover, nearly half of "them ,_. *.^* j$m iion - ' • i - ^ Here, 'Surely, is material for plenty of speculation. It all "^ wtfh one of ih.e pjdest bf American traditions^-thai * n $w.*fflt*&&•&$& a-littie sharpei:i>at)iltle.jnore £ma Jittle mprg capable, than the boy from the city— w exactfy why we thought so, and it is hard ; phou^d hold good for New York's bankers. » b^ supposed that there were more self-denial .phne in the country than in the city.- Certainly jfta is a fine training school for any youngster. HT^ fy& discipline are surely abundant enough" in • of >a.city factory hand, where half a"dozen human rhaye to be clothed, fed and housed on a wage of $35 or «*fc The poorer quarters of a big city can be training ,ute &s ^tringeijt as t the fanner'^ acres. ^•Ra" °*j*e secret is du,e" tp the fact that the lad srupin the country is assailed by fewer distractions. >f«.'« m « to figure things out for himself," more time . t~, wan t s to follow, more time to get —-_ -^^e plenty of the has moved this community are i week was the last * stock to the dtp- business ,.„., Miss-, Annie r «-MvM tollis Were Wednesday. •w«o^«»iiiiie -niarns-.spent Tuesday night of last week wltk Amelia Ellis. '* visitor at the Inesday'. , jhlldf en spent ,>m> fa»$e. " it. Sunday nnd Clinton Ellis. d while Jtonday with Providence Horac«.($a1rfird"an3 Edwin Balch of MorrJlton, Ark., spent last week Hid with'Sherman Row'rts." ' Mr. and""Mrs;-:Leio'''Ray and children' we're 'Sunda^ "dlWner guests "of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Campbell. Several from vtKlltpWce attended the party given jjy Mtts Jeiiie Schooley nearNeWHob*, list .... Bill Yates % iWptoh'i .ORK; vi*$« his brother, |Ved yates and /amity ast WednesdA^. " ! ' ' . — Ted aBteman has returned .to the U. S. Navy after several weeks! .visit with his parents and other relatives >ere. '' ' '"-',:••' •'••'?* o"' /. '•/•'••''••:'. Ersest Coffee of near Emmett spent ast Week end with his Cousin, Grady Browning r.''-'•'•;-. '.'•'••".''':.) : ; v •; Barney Gaines. spent the week end with his cousin, Glen-Campbell. Slrahi. Bay' yjsfigtf >.^ilma Roberts "•<- **••• afternoon. '''•'" •'•'•''V. ' a niiniber of young people touge creek bridge Tuesday night. Everyone remember'Sunday school nd singing 'here each Sunday. , onehtgd before he plunges into tfee workaday *** terrifically fas^pale, It can confuse &@n $*"*'*<>&> Pfobably, in nine cases out often; *o be something of a handicap for a growing that we sha11 discover, sooner br later, that 1S an unhealthfur place to grow up in.*The Wn £nd the jopen coyntry offer a way of life that is &Ssojpfi, Will we, eventually, take 1 our biggest cities and get over the notion that we have to huddle together -JK~[ T *»^-~ v»^» ***** 44VFVAUU uicii* we Jiavc LU J1U jwy^af groups in o.rder to make a go ,of t}iing§? <-*wt ' • : — pending Our Ways A. BEAIJJ), the historian, declared in an article •T£ Ifagazi^ the other day that the creed of iji- reverted in America since the first pioneer took , ,_a and his a^e out intp the shadows of tlie back- is chiefly responsible for the fix in which' we 'find as today. Whatever merits this creed may have had in the old days, r he adds, jt doesn't work tpday; instead, it is actually a, men- Xf § c f t°-?9 e / e ?y- Anage of technology'and science ne|ds care- •"''ftU planning and thoroughgoing cb-pperation; the pld^'cried •ujg for action with eacfe ijjan taking care of himself arid the ml tajcmg the hindmost. . ; Beyond qygstion, individualism is going to have to'make »I<™H gf c,Qmpr9mise -with'the new conditions; and'tlr 5r,f,- ff-i&ty 1D which our children and our grandchlldrei I Jive depends ]argely oh how extensive a compromise may £ pe necessajy.' r ^ ti A1 * W " d§ of **"!>srs ar . e P oss * b le, T he conditions under , whjiph we Jive now represent ope ejctrenje; Soviet Russia , rgpr«S§nts the other. The America of the future will lie s,oroe- v^wnere jn between. ' ' ' ' ' '"-L' We hope 1 that it will lie somewhere near its present posi- & -non; yhen we get deprjef&ied we fear that perhaps Jt will lie •- -uijtepjflforiaply far toward the 6ther e»d; arid me^nwjiiiie we ml Utterly to realize that It will chief ly depend on the courage intelligence with which we ourselves recognize the choice ^cori|r<!rots us. £pr w£ ?haJJ njajte a phpiceU.no doubt abput that. We Ujtof k§ it By/en if we don't realize th& twe are 4oing 8Q. if we insist that the ojd machine is practically perfect it now needing nothing but a dit of optimistic speeches -*"T»t philosophy to make it work as well as eyer, , wiping to prepare a plac.e sornewhere <Jown ne#r , „.... end Of the scale. Jf, on the other hand, we devote energy to trying to find out what is wrong, if we dis- 9W ppejudiceg and insist th'tat co-operation and plan- jug are possible within the .existting framework—then the ,merica of the future will look very much like the America of Authorities are debating whether French Olympic athlets competing in this ,qpMntry will be'allowed to have wine. Well," w$ne jie^U not! The French athletes say they'll be slowed down without it. But if they drink the stuff 'here they'll stop. Southern California U. co-eds say five pef cent of a man's appeal is his ability to understand clearly the word "no." Anyway, that leaves 95 per cent for maybe. The Four Max Brothers were at one time concert players known'' as the Four Nightingales. Since "that' time they've; made their Marx. A mqyie actress recently planted fig trees .in her hack yard.' Maybe «he'I planning to us^the leaves? "I ^MiOUve Health here seems to be very good at this .writing. ' Henry Waters and family of Willisville pps^d .through here last Sunday en'route to his' father's At Waterloo.,, ' •„ School is progressing along very nicely at WilHsYJUe. Edgar Buston.and wife visited in the Bluff Springs community Monday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Rhinehart visited relatives near RosstQn Saturday'^ Garner AUcins and' wife visited at Chester Bailey's last ---' J - - -^ --'" e are having quite a lot of rplny kther n6W .but we should ridt cbVn-, H a* fe had such a pretty fall ,fbr S '"tlr5 <W c*ops. - ' \ iflvg gome sickness in tnit com* munity at present. Mrs. Donald Yocum and Parts 1*hll-' lips were called from El Dorado last Sunday to the.bedside of their.motheb •MrS.fi. E. Phiinps but we are glad toAay she is doing nicely now. Mrs. J. S. McDowell called on Mrs. 1 H, B. Green Wednesday. C. W. Alford of Mlnden, La., SMftt, Monday n,(ght and Tuesday with 4»«i Slstt*. Mrt. S. S. Mcftowell. * ' W* are glad to say Mrs. Otis §utler # who has been III for some time^ is u<> dgain. • ' Mrs.J. S. McDowell and son Anile, '. E. Martin, Mrs. Clara Mjrtui and torace Phillips attended iHe funeral ,of their brother and uncle, ft, O, Mrir- tin of Mlnden, La., on KovemWtf 66, Mr. Martin was born and reared In this community and leaves a large number of relatives and .friends fo tndurn over his death . Sutton Hev. J. W. Erwin has returned from arPtextended visit with relatives and friends In Texas and Oklahoma. He was accompinied home by his daughter and son, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Maroon of Weaver, T*exas. The many 'friends of Guy Ellis were sorry to learn of his death that occurred at the Cora Donnell hospital at Prescott . . The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Waddle Thursday, November 3, and took from them their only child, Robert Lee, aged 7; years. We extend to them our deepest sympathy.' * Miss Lucille Ohorwley spent Wednesday yith Misses Muriel and Lena Erwin. HAZEL ROSS BAILEY BBG;it flBBD TODAY -. -.- -----LOUISE, •Ja«citlo>lihl« •'»•». >PW>"« -«• " -• '«r MlMl OB fk« ' fdllsw Tk« Fir. TB8S COUN Im CQ.VNT DB metm Ik* -' Br§in« and Sex _. . _. who bejieve that brain power is something that ^ I 4oes not vary greatly with sex .differences will be glad to •> i«aim th^ jynjy^i^y p| Cajifprnia scientists have fur'nis.hed a p^jr|t§J jgortQfeoratipn for their belief. se gc/e^itists recently us.ed motion pictures to test th£ «sapaeities and memories of some 400 adults. All in found that there was very Jitjtie appreciable? differ* , w , T ^een'the ^eis. Jn other words, women can learn ,,W«s femut as readily as men and can remember what they learned just about at wall. ra o»ee in a while you will hear some man remark \r inti.lHojigi wpn^an, "She has a man's br'^|h, f ' i agree that such a man is generally in^r comply nossens®, f lie tecfl pwntioned here indicates of a woman. Sheppard Mrs. Lizzie Simmons and children are leaving for Morrieth a, Okla., to spend the holidays.' '• \" :-$ " ' •William 'Simmons was visiting in Guernsey Wednesday. • ' Mrs. Pearl Cornelius celebrated her" fortieth birthday'Thanjcsgiyihg. They had a duck dinner, which was fine. Mrs. Claude McCall spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Pearl Cornelius. Mrs. Alice Finley 'and Father were visiting in Hope Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Tommie McBay are spending a few days with his parents, J. W. McBay. Ben McBay of Sheppard and Miss Marie Reid of Battle Field were quieU ly married at Spring Hill Friday night we wish them much happiness through life. Miss Lula May Simmons spent Sunday night with Miss Lillie McBay, Mrs, Alice Finjey spent Friday evening with Mrs. W. L. Cornelius and family. Lucille Christeen and Gladys Cornelius have been missing school on account of bad .weather. Lucille CgrneUus is able to. be up again, Haymond Cornelius, is yp and is doing jijst fine. rtnrn It tf Mary. Who <J«co*era . •: wa« kiolca tram Mf«. J«pllt> »k« nl«fct «kc wni klllot, ' "'' •'•|I«lB« the Jupiter necklace •• bait. M«nr ^••cc» with De LonS, He vet* «M v ««f klaee Irom her by • race baa'daneri, (ken hint* her.- Dirk knock* him do^tn. ' • Dirk, nneoaccfoua with 1 a«rUt- e« .«•«»,• la 4ak» on lonrd the "arV*y." De Mm* *oe». too, and trie* again >p atejU the necklace, ^oiren Blvea ftarf proof that the if *'»"•• r ndTeB<arei«. Th'e rH ^•Hi:' •«_>.•»•—<: _l— tCSK ke hmt njil&ed tmto • Ira*. <Tk« >aokt%ae* afcroahd a ad iie mur- derer'a trial kp Mff tttglnf. Tk* heat. mbWoToaV •«« old Fort Jef- fe»oa prUoB •tMrlnaj him In !•• face aearl* drive Tim fir trnmtlc. He •«caf* <h« actkiace, jinbot* at Brdee !• thi a^l-awar. and I* •hoii Health is good in our community at the present tj[me. Mrs. Earlie'pirdinfi of Hugo, Okla., is visiting her' parents, Mr. and Mrs. \. C, Mont? <ff ^his Mace. Mys. Jeff Bright T sp?At Thursday night with her sister, Mrs. Dale Hunt. Mrs. Oi> F. Sobro and son, 'spent las( week visiting realtives at Waterloo. " . . Carl EJIis and family attended the funeral of his brother. Guy Ellis at Harmony Thursday.' ' . " ' H.ub.ert Waters of Ros«tpn spent last l^ufldsy wj,th relatives of this place. $Jis. A- C. Mpnts and daughter, Mjs. pajrjie Birdine, visited Mrs. Roy £, B|ftle of Texarkana Friday. Mrs. Millard fairchilcVMrs. Price Ji$<P W.d Mrs, Cline Chamberlain of f&sspn spent last Wpdweiday with the«r : §"nt. Mrs. W. L. FajrcftiUl of people party $fye ye and Aljee night. Po ,p; CHAPTER XLVIl Hitting on the edge iff * Mary'a bed, arms about «»ch other, grinning foolishly hut bap plly at each'other. Not alli't|t dampness that glistened oo their cheeks was caused hjr t.h9 jaln, Mary found that sometimes Jt was harder to bear happiness (ban its absence. •--'-.-».•. .. Sbe plucked ao Infinitesimal > handkerchief out of ber pajama pocket and blew her nose vigor? ously. "Happy?" Dirk Disked gently. •'Terribly happy!" "It's been a long tjmel" H was their old joke, but instead of laughing .they were suddenly mgre serit oua than they bad ever been with each other; Quickly, breathlessly, they kissed and clung as If they would never let go. ''Oh, why were you so cruel?" Mary asked When she could ?nan agq to speak, "U wag awfyl'-'l thought X couldn't live, and bear It, for you to think those thing* of W-" ' pirk put his hand over her mouth. "Don't!" be begged. "J waq just a Jealous too], •that's '^afll I .never dreamed you cbulg ba ri|bt about that gtber terrible thing—a little sweet red-bead Ilka yoiiW He mussed her hajr gently with b}s big ha.?d. "you were rjg.ht, tbpufft! I want you to know It. I'm ea|iag bumble pie, honey, and liking it." "N?. you niuntn'tl" They bo|h laughed at this feminine lijcoo- •latency, and then began to con- |ifJ,W .gettlpi the Jnyajld do,9Q- stairs again. When this hzj h«an accomplished, with one of Dirk's arm? about Mary's shoulder and, the ptber ftbout Bates, they atjll |ound th.emselv.ef loath to part, "I've got to be (the papa here and loofc after you two brat?," Balas jUjMiVH' ,^^1 #* rt»»* ^ M r rft?ni ,ojr j'jj uf^jfte old sjlpperltr row when we bring back -The Fly; do you* ''.'"'- ; " ' ' "Yoi're going over?" "At •un-&p. I ?T " "Butr-ha may shoot j... "Wiell fak* thViBhance. If te knows what's good lor him. he'4) come alon horrble p, W peaceably. mm* refuge Iq. _______ ,. I doubt If tbeVe's a~drop of ' fresh .miter. ^ U the sun .comes up" tot . , « gaaiwpsOHs .own. I got It btqk iroto' 160 Ambsjiaador's home detective who took it from him, and have been keeping U In my, room till lately. But I've got my own, and yesterday I' persuaded Mr. Jupt- ter he ought to Keep one handy. He bad It lying oh his table, but some time' yesterday It disappeared. The door 'w'«Y locked. Either D« Lom> had a skeleton key and walked ~ln and filched It— he could see It plain- \on\j birds and lizards lor In Uld be witnbut any until - glad cry. beard her giro a saw ber train ber ly-' thrpUB> st^j nortlfole-TOr • he - ' glS >- to' por. . bole. It could be done easy enough, ' "' ' ' "Anyway . Bruce has got, « .38 slug In him, and the gun In ques- lubpo'se It's stole.? "But the chloroform? And where did Bruce get'his gun? I'didn't kooy he h«d one." ' 7 ( >^eliber dld_i i njus,t.jtok* a ook at It Tjhf ehjor ——out; of the captain's nicd When the lovers had nnalljr parted, Bates '.took Mary to her room, He confided that the radio ba<j re- Bponded to Captain Hehdricks' at- entlons, and 'that he had gotten through to Key West at last A tug with" a doctor" aboard "was/speeding o 'the'lf ''j$fl aM" should arHve before DOOD, ' •"••• ..?^M(*f*W^ 1 ^? hare heen —'— abtjiit Bruce or "she s.taye,d with him, jrouJ.dn^ '(She's standing over 07 the port rail, staring at the prUon,',' Bates said, "Sh* started crying, want- rig to know If he was dead, and I old her no', he'd recover. I thought glasses on thii prison. The girl, did likewise and saw a figure crawling along the top of the wall, waving something white. Word spread that TnrFijr 'i^d' .been >Ign.ted *^nd everyone rushed to IJiat .aide of the dfick. The'man Jad risen to his feet and was stiimbllng along,, waving his' arms frantically. To whom was ho signaHInft"'"'- • - • At almost tnjB same moment tb quiet Tolce of thf sailor on watc reported the smoke flt the approach Ing tug on toe eastern horizon. I must appear somewhat ,cloeer ; to D to Jthjpin. It must b the tug he was ilgnalllrig, unawar that ft w?? Wejdlng (to the aid o ''" • the ''Gypsy." • The plume of gr,ew rapidly. ., ..... ' "'It was like being the audience a • two-ring clrcu?. The excited one w bof'rd the 'yacht turned' jtjiel glasses first on De Loma,' then o the t,ug. •Suddenly a .cry went u from BeveraJ .ihroa'ts at ouce^ /'He' Jay G6,d. ifce's ffllen! " who were watching "t th 'precise moment o: the acciden were divided .In their stories o what Had happened. Bates stoutly he meant Bruce. She safd It LQjna she 'meant. Well, you knock me over with • - • J -. •; ••••-• . «tfire an4 $ount sheep He's her busbandL him, "She hates him, ,. loves him, tog, Qnc^ I wouldn't have undi ~ " could* bei npHBRH was |}ttl» iJeep for f ny- * one ,on b9^r4 the gypsy tjbf r|slt o| the njghj;, 0»fn found them ||j dressed and rommlnf th« deck, watching an?lou.»ly fQr th» wisp of smoke 99 thf bVr||Qp !t|*t would heral.4 the arrlyftl flf. ths tug— fttd deliverance. that the map's foot ha slipped; he bad clung • women trying to save himself, and droppec unable to ollne to the slippery stone He also maintained, somewhat Jpud ly, that tb^ man was certainly dead. Something that might be bis body lay at the foot of the gra; wali? on tbe rooks, half 'in and half out of the sea, ' Bendrlok^ advanced th< .tha hopeless of attracting tbi tw'siiUentJon. fla Lpma had deliberately Jumped. ",H« kuey what was abe»d . pf him In tba way of thirst—he's no »tr»n«er to this part of the cpun tj-y." the captain surmised, 'OaJJr oi>#"#tOoa sjlent, tearless, ogfjring no sug|e§tlqn ^hateyer, LouUs. Slowly ah« put up her bands before her face f an^ stood ' Mindful of f bat h«d been her about the old prison and aprry state. J«wy fflujnd if Impossible not to speculate »bout Th« Fly and what had h»pni»e : 4 (9 bjni. • b|»nk and guarded was 09 f ac * as irsr. There It w«s possible The Fly had rested ther« a time and then f otten pack Into his boat an4 rowp4 l& : ~' ' |h.« FJoridji teyiirjiflstojj - tba| # fc j i^| - - u> ha»d (*St Jn Dirk's M h» ji»| b«slde he.r in a deck chair, lopked away from tha. sight of the other yoman's ft cama £o her frow fbe (eel if U bsd been Half an hour later the tug bad WW 89 $98* I* »tr.an.de.4 yacht and. stftjpngi} Just of tbf reef in tba fre» channel, fji94l boat was lowered and a doctor sent over.' \yijUe the medical W*n was with Bruc.e, Bates atf^ a ' . In .th» ^TfefF n»r row of Bates' cheerful «Tolce elckencd her, aa be bellowed up to his employer, grim and white-faced, leaning over the rail: "Here she Is, sir!" He held up the ruby necklace, gleaming Ilka drops of heart's blood In the early; morning BUD. ; Mr, Jupiter nodded. but there was n'q, triumph, or. even pleasure In his. face. "Does he live?" 'he asked in » low voice as Do Loma was carried up the deck and lal<l on the bed In hia room. Bates nodded. "Crazy In the head," he said softly. "Keeps talking about the sun getting in tali eyes. What does he mean by that? The sun wasn't up till-just a little while ago."- • • • TfHB doctor came out of Bruce's cabin, and greeted the assent: blage with too false chenrfulneaa of those who are not" directly concerned in a tragedy. "Your son will live," he told Mr. Jupiter, "but he must be gotten to a hospital 1m* mediately.' This heat . . . something might happen to the .wound ..." Mr. Jupiter looked like a man reprieved from death. v -•'Here," he "said, "here's another job for you." and led the surprised doctor to be Loma's stateroom. This time the medical man did not even pretend with them. "The man's all broken to pieces ' Inside," he said, "He's got a bullet wound besides, My Qod, what happened to him? If he has any people here, call them. He's likely to go at any minute." But It was not Louise who was called first. Bates, enlisting a white-lipped Mary with pad and pencil in band to take down the dying man's words, was given a little time alone with him first. Half an hour later they came out. Mary was white and shaking, and Dirk, seated just outside, drew her down to him and put a strong arm about her Just In time to prevent her collapsing. "He did it!" she sobbed. / "He killed them both!" ' "He made JMdle telephone me- ind eay he was coming over, then le put on Eddie's coat and came in its place. Eddie was locked In, with the other man guarding elm, be got away. That was wneo he called you, and he hid somewhere. They looked for him In the car, but didn't see him until just as be was crossing the street to meet me." Dirk patted her shoulder reassur- ngly. Mr. Jupiter jerked about abruptly and walked to' the rail. dropping his bead In bis bands. When she was quieter, Mary ifted her head and askecj bashfully: "Do you think Eddie knows that we know he didn't (Jo it? J hope 9! For, Qod forgive me, I've lever been really syre until now!" She buried her bead again for a moment, and this time it was the dry, hard sob of sbame that snook ier. "1'jn a ijar an<} a cheat. Jf wasn't the world I ^vas proving Ed"le's Innocence torrit was myself! \\\ the time I was blaming you, I ras as bad as you were." Dirk held her bands tightly, and aid, "Listen. You've forgiven me lot Qf stupldness because you love me. Don't you think Eddie— might o the same for you?" Presently she dropped tier heaij ng kissed him. Love and gratlfude. ~ ta fcer kjss, -.- •i* tililan . Fletchefi UUift- w , r . and Mrs. Br^fl^on w«fe callddl home last week because of the death of hfer grandmother, Mrs. Wiley May at Okolona. .' T ~ P. H, flcrrlne and sots HoWell and trl, made a business trip'to pine JJHjff tfist Thursday.' Tlxe Piif, A. met at Bode .Weod^iesday No "re between sM; iers present. >r the year were! •esident: Mrs. ^ lent! Mrs. Wlll|s . treasurer; Mrs. tend , 1 Program Cornmitteel ,,'attJsoh, Mrs. Edgtt^r Arnold Cameron. The Eighth grade history class organized a Histoy Club Wednesday,-De- cerftber 2. Tlie officer* are: ^ugeiw Russell, presldeii^ 'Xlvin BMeif.^lc* president!Wlllard" Goodwin, secretaiy and treaiure.ti^Ge.i'fild 'tfafnm, renort- erjMargaret ^May, Estjtlle ^Tye,' Opal Huckaby, program committee; • Miss Atltfti-f 4.^ ^^ *^_*^ MIL ^ A _4.-«_:- t .H4l' t-.kl.jt a riiec 1:30. The school Is collecting all kbids of food to send to the orphan's home. Anyone having anything they would like to send may send it by some school child.' ' " P. H. Herring will make a business /trip to Texarkana Saturday. ' , Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Nichols visited the Bodcaw school .Wednesday. dersbh, sponsor. Tjie club will hold^ eeting each Friday afternoon at Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With ' HOPE STAR The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per minimum $c 3 insertions', 7c per line, minimum 50c '''•' 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 ' ' 26 insertions, 'Sc 'per line, minimum $4.00 " ' (Average 5Vi words to the line) NOTE— Want advertisement accepted* over 'the telephone may be charged with the understarfdiiig that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication.. ''"„.•' . ' Phone 768 FOR RENT TOE BENT-NiceljS turnish'ed 1 three^. room apartment. 5?3 Wiest Third Street. ' " ' . •' "' s.jt 'Admit Ho the Saenger Tuesday, Mi-s. Paul ,Cobb. •, FOR RENT—House, close in. Mrs": 'Galester, 222 N. Heryey St. FOR RENT—House and fiye'and one-half acres of land, 'adjoining city limits. Telephone 638. Mrs.' 'Cattle Keen. - . . Admit to the Saehger Tuesday, Mrs. S. C. Bundy. • ' . FOR RENT-rThree-ropm apartment, furnished. Vacant ' -rjec. 16th. Cannon . Apartments 113 -Wesi Third. Mrs. H.Morgan. ."•.">••<.' ' 4- 3tc FOR RENT-TWO four-rooni South Main street. One fiye-roorhj house, North Elm street. Floyi'jPor- terfield. " •''"' ' $-7tc FOR RENT—Three room furni apartment. 126 N.'Hervey ft.' tAdmit to the ISaenger Tuesday, Mrs. Owen Atkins. V FOR RENT-8 room Hpus?, ne,wly papered. Suitable for two familieg.' 3Q2 N. McRae St. L. D..Reed. 7-6ljB FOR RENT-One high class' brick residence, modern jn ^yery respect, I In high class neighborhood,' oh pavement. See Floyd Porterfield. " /'-it FOR RENT—Six room house with bath, kitchen newly painted inside and out, newly papered. Sputh of Mag" nolia filling station, fCnqwn es the. Hervey home, See L. A. Fpster. 7-<|tc FOR SALE FOR SALE—Two high class homes* Foreclosed by Loan Company. Small cash payment, balance monthly, Floyd Porterfield. ' ' 3-Tic Admit to the Saenger Tuesday, ]Mrs. J. W. Anderson. . NOTICE RADIO SEIJVJCE-All makps radips repaired. Prompjt and efficient fer-i vice. Reasonable charges 'and. satis? faction guaranteed. No charge mad«r for testing tubes and estimating 're-pairs needed. Phones 118 and 762, Hayes McQae. ... },ptc. LOST Admit to the Saenger Tuesday, Mrs. R. T. priant. ' SERVICES OFFERED: If you Want service, call 670. Hppison Grocery. Vi7tc. FOUND-Two door keys tieti 'with handkerchief apple, Hope Star. -' " 7-X-dh WANTED-Jfrs. J. M. Iforbjn_to send one dress to J. L. Green Cleaning Co. to be clean and pressed absolutely free on Tuesday, Dec. U." 7-lt WANTED-CJean; cpJ pay 5 cents a pound. 'rags. W9 '' Admit to th« 0. L.

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