Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1954
Page 7
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mfatowyj&*ri?G&*3&. ' '^ * " W > - ^js^'r.U * Charlei Avenue Charei ayojV B M^s. Ben JEelmi.a|toa and Mm. " Tories eto-hostesse». B ~y.ui., c »= Circle of yjStChlrfcfaWiUhave * 8ec*em%r i Mon WO p.i M»»«>«.. party In fetOlaude- Tillery with jiJIWin and.Mesdames ill ttftd Clifton Ellis as All members art requested to »t- tend, and bring a giftfctf the '-" Monday becerriber &0 >The' annual formal dance for I* cbllege students will be held Mon- .1 day night, December 20, at the Sope Country Club at 9 o'clock. Jfdsts are Mr. and Mrs. Royce Weisenberger ahd Mrs. Richards Storm Over Old Film Is Still Raging ty §08 TMGMA9 HOLDVWO6D Recently HOPE STAIt, HOPE, ARKANSAS Sunday & Monday at Saenger Howard. Tuesday December 21 The Christmas program at the Mfs. Lloyd querin Vdhflstmas story and J. ByeJ-s v#ill give' the bers- are asked to ChrlsturinS offering missionary to t to exceed 75 „ Auxiliary December 20. >,h'omo of -Mrs. J.I1C v^»i* »»&*»•»« X*- ~o— Oakgr6ve Methodist Church will be held Tuesday, December 21. at 7:30 p. m. i .it . fittngc, - ..... ~- The Lilac Garden Club of PeAnn Will "meet in the home of Mrs. Carl 3offee Tuesday. December 21, at 7:30 p. m. lor its annual Christmas party. ;. ._-**.* Sunday December 26 A cantata, "Carols of Christmas" will' be presented by the choir of the Presbyterian Church at 5 - rti. Sunday, December 28. ryridjcate announced it had bought rights for the returning of "The BlHh of a Nation." The news brought a blrst from the National Assn., for the Advancement of Colored Peopie, Which said; it Was "as uncompromisingly Opposed" to the film today ns it Was, in 1915, when '"Birth" Was first released. Thus the s,torm which "The Birth of a Nation' aroused wher it cama out 40 years a".o still rages Per* haps the most important movie in screen history, it is-also the most controversial. The picture wzs the product of Kentucky-born D. W. Griffith, and even his mott ardent supporters do not claim that it lacks preju and W. D. Golden. 4. "Calm On The Listening Ear. Delores Escarre. .'*.*' 5. "And In The Country of Judea," ddhrad'Whittk 6. "Star bi Bethlehem." Duet. Mrs. L. i. Bryson and Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton.- ' . I. "Behold, There Came Wisp Men," Men's Chorus. a. "O'er Manger Bed," Martha |Ligon> ' . 9 "List To The Message," Choir. 10. "All Who Believe," Duet, Sue Keeley and Conrad White. II. "All Hail The King Of Glory." | Men's Chorus. 12. -"A .Wondrous Mrs. Wi'tJi.' Bensberg, Johnson,; Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton 13. "Joy To The World," Choir All are cordially invited to at tend and. enjoy' this program o: Christmas music. Song," Trio Mrs. Lera dire. The authoritntivc book Rise of the American Film" Clubs D.py|« 'The de clarcs: "The film was a passion le and persuasive avowal of the anteriority of the Negro." Scenes depicted freed slaves as •arrogant; lustful, villainous,' No gro congressmen drinking heavily tind reclining in Congress 1 with bare feet on desks, other Nccroes mak ing advances to white girls. The picture drew a violent rcac tion in "many of the cities where i was shown. There were disturb ances 'in New York and a race roi ; > Ronald REAGftH ' Sieve SRA Y MILL^rT^w™oHried~by GRACE KHLLY in this scene frbm Warner Bros. "DIAL M FOR MURDfiR," in color by WarnerColor. Saturday & Sunday at Rialjo A*'.. ••' -• ••-• -••' I UIHJU& li L Aiuyv j. «ji i* «••— — „„„.. Home Demonsfrstlon .Club in Bortoh and other ciHes wher members, two adult visitors, and tboUtior-H*;. fpebnss still wei four chUrfren onjoyed the cluVs strong. Figures like Jane Adams annual Christmas party, at JhePrnadmVCharlCBEltot of Harvard homp at Mrs. Odcan Westfall. Francis Hackett andI Oswald Ga Tuesday afternoon, December H.U'ison Villard attacked the film The Christmas .motif, was carried Griffith'.was astounded end upset cut in the decorations of ihe home, by 'the. trades.- He replied wfth a Christmas carols Were> sung by pamphlet, ."The Rise and Fall Pi the group. The.- devotional., Lufie Free. Speech in America. ine 2-8-20, Was'read by the hostess- mulatto leader was not the n c 3 vv and prayer was given by Mr«. Law- in the film, he ergued. He climbed ton Cabb. .. . UT3 real villain was a character After decorating the tree, inter- based on the Reconstruction polit- esting game? were, played and se- ico Tliadcleus Stevens. . . ve-ral prizes awarded - one of them The director's answer to nis being for the most original and critics .was in-his nexl^ilm, _in- pi-ettiest wrapped'Christmas pac- tolerance." If "The Birth of a ^a£ age tion' was stupendous in its time, Gifts were-exchanged and daln- "Intolerance' was :c °Jlosal. Gr Ity refreshments,were- served by ilth poured-Ei.-milljon dollars of nis " I <tT» J-4-U.t' •nr-nfiic intn til ft P.OW 11 Bank of Prescott Ha« Dinner The annual Christmas dinner fo employers and directors of the Ban lng lor a glll wllu of Prescott Was held • on Tuesday the f arn ii y i want? evening in the Sumair Room at Her| man's Cafe. , | An Erroneous Idea DOROTHY.DIX Is Not Availably • Dear Miss Dix: 1 have been go-] ) j separation is vJrtuaUy ng but with a girl a year older,' ivalent to a divorce or suHi han 1 am. She has been married £ j go to permit a « co "f »before has two children, and is |™^. a /„ However, it is quite evi-*» ilCAVl o •*!*»*> v--— l_ A I at present legally separated, but not divorced. Because of a recent j operation, she will not be able to have other chldren.. I am 28, she is 29. So much for the facts, now for the problem; She wants to marry me, takes an active interest in my work and is very considerate. However, I would like children of my own, and wonder if the fact that there could be none should We marry would be a drawback to our marriage. Also, I think I would prefer a wife who hadn't been previously married. 'Should I be satisfied in t having found someone interested in me, •. or should 1 continue looking for a girl who could give me However, n. •-> -» much o£ my correspond and women S to a \h mselves as legally se- Srated, when actually there s nothing whatever official. about *r* A husband leaves a wife, and ooui consider themselves lp * a1 ^. * ep di ". ated. The .laws of separation di vorce and remarriage are so va ried from state to state, and so JERRV T. in your bwn particular case If the legal aspects of the marital status do not Ae. from marriage, I think almost any one of the other considerations you outline would. An interest m a Mend's business scarcely constitutes sufficient grounds to insure iwi* o v^t**^-* | i r\ti »—i i wiiwwww .««.», i Covers were laid at Ihe tablon ^g^ygr; you list, in your long centered with rod candles and letter, many pros and cons of this greenery for Dr. A. W. Hudson, Miss contemp]ated marriage, but give Slosie Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. na ry a second thought to the fact Hambright, Mr. and Mrs. F. •[• that the lady is — not was — mar- White, Mr. and Mrs. Wren ScoU, ried and has a perfectly legal hus- Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Yancey, Mr. band somewhere in the vicinity, and Mrs, John W. Davis. Mr. ami you a p paren tiy have a misincep- Mrs. Floyd Grain, Mr. and Mrs. tlon that is quite cor nmon, namely Olen Hendrix, Mr. and Mrs. T. M.' happy marriage. Much more is "quired, and since yuor mend doesn't seem to have more to of- er I do strongly urge that your range of interest to find a more compatible young lady. Dear Miss Dix: I am 17. Last year I met a boy at a party and ' - good friends. I Gifts were exchanged I gold Christmas troe. H. D. Has Christmas Party „. OC11 „„.. W. C. Johnson spent Tuesday from the in Hot Springs with T-Sgt. John son who is. a patient at the Army and Navy Hospital. soon Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Griffin have Christmas party avu-.. tmu iTiia. ^. ^. ^.^x..^ .. u .w I The Prescott Home Demonslra- returned from Waco, Texas where tion Club met on Tuesday evening they have been the guests of Capt. in the home, of Mrs. Ellis Stewart and Mrs. R. E. Bloxom. for a-Christmas party. in a scene JJlj^^l^l^J-rf.JL-V- 0 ***"*- 1 *^ - " *»-{j•••»—*• '- ftom "THET-WONKX," released by United Artists. hostess ' "Birth" profits into the new Him, a Jotest PRESCOTT NEWS r a •^llll&m*'- 10 f«*- *j • t The artistic decoration carried out the Yuletide theme. I Tuesday in Hot Springs The president, Mrs. Carroll Brat- • . _ ton. presided. A seasonal devotional Mrs . . D- L McRae Jr., is spend- was'given by Mrs. Simon Webb. jng the wsek - n Little Rock with Each member gave a Christmas | har rnnthor . -M rs ofnre Wilson, decorating idea after which gifts were exchanged from a gaily decor- we soon UCV-Q>"^ «.--- . don't know whether he cared lor me, but I am sure I liked him auite a bit. Shortly after we met, ho was drafted and I didn't hear from him for three months. Following the first letter we corresponded regularly. However when ne was home on leave, I didn tv? even have a telephone call from hta After he returned to camp he wrote; apologizing for not catt- ing me and assunng meJha he Mr gnd M rs . 'Allen Gee spent mother Mrs . Grace Wilson. Iflli IHC «"V* v««- <J i*_^,_ would make up for it next time Should I answer this letter or ignore him entirely? T-n^siE R Answer: Probably the young man wants correspondents more than he wants a girl friend. DorU I ated Christmas tree. Mrs. Ru'ssell Floyd and Miss Dorothy Floyd .were Tuesday vis- Sunday December 19 . I Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Cummirtgs will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary at their home in Blevins on Sunday.'Friends are invited to call .between . the hours 2 to 4 p. m. Mrs F. J. White to -conclude^ the j by' 'the -hostess^ mission study on iuu oiuijswiid^ „...—. i jjorc I Coffee and individual cakes lopp- ^ Texa - rkana ed with a small candle were served , _ next'meetlng will be at the which he says was home of Sirs. George Boozer on against despotism ar January 4 every form. 1 It didn t . | January 4. s . t e success of its predecessor Ra ,,._. Ho\v much'did "The Birth of ;t - Naliotf'' make? ' • - f- e-Baker .Home - Demonstration Him etCplorvCartoon- BuV'JU.-'-'-"-' '>_•£_ '.WOMAN ANSWERS j called the meeting to; order with prayer and the devotional was gi- [j'ven by the hostess.- Mrs. Merlin Cox, secretary, read the minutes .of, the last meeting. Mrs. ffay Kitchens gave a report on the Christmas Party held at the Hope Gospel I/Tabernacle (Fellowship Hall. Miss Phylis • Carrol. Baker won Worlds" with 34 'Land of Many) present. . The living room was decorated in the Christmas motiff. Mrs B. and P. W. Has Christmas Meeting Prescott Business Mrs. Clifton Yancey spent Monday in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ferguson announce the birth of a son; Wil- turn.up your ing this role pretty nose at either. Very often ^__ say collected 12V „.„„,. "as" his '.•ori.e-quarter; sha're Others scoff at this claim.. I 026,-ffilrri- histor ian Terryi':Ramsay said'the film had earned 15 rnillior.. The truth is that no one will ever know. Because he was strapped for finaricing, Griffith had to sell lights to the film in several states. No accounting was.posr.ible. The picture continues to eain money.. It-is shpwn • annually, at the lent movie house here and is re- ived periodically all : over 'orld. ; . . Practical Nurses Hav.o Christmas Party ' ' . Prescott" Division .of 'Practical Nurses .entertained their husbands with a buffet supper on Monday evening, .in 'the, home % of : Mrs. Lero'y Phillips. ;"'?; ; : .' ; . . '.-• - . •• The rooms were .effectively decorated • in the,Yuletide motif. The serving table overlaid with a linen cldth was 1 centered; with, a decorated .Christmas candle encircled With greenery. During the. evening games were Friends of Joda MCGuire, secre- son and Mrs. Harreli Hines. ffi,*t i ssrs..-. ^sssi?^i?^™s^i^ ^^-^ ^ £\l » tliC V.AW->^-. "— — . "- • ' T !., informal .Christmas tea was .held. The buffet was and pine 3 tills lUi>- ^-»- - , . iw leads to a star part. Accept his apology, and continue the correspondence. After all, his family undoubtedly took up much of his time during the few days he was home. We're Luckier Now-Believe It or Not! and pine cones..>.n. «»vc .-«"»•• " . dress • j .- ered the'tea table with a central ^ -^ e introduced and T^Hoifon qn d sons left :_ *..„* ^r,incBtiins nlanked • i -" 1 ' B ... , iU,^, 0 . Thp view Mrs. L. B. Helton ana sons ien ere . enjoyed. Those • -.. • • •••- • attending' included Mr. e"d by" Mrs. 'White. Mrs; •••Dlck-'Bn. QUALITY and Let us fill those Vital Prescriptioiii for speedy delivery from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. . DEPENDABILITY Crescent Drug 225 S. MAIN . the and Mrs. Jim Van Meter. Mr. and Mrs.. J. ' Howard, Mr.. and Mrs. Denzil Calhbun, ' Mr. and Mrs. Howard Graham, Mrs.. Berdie Wells," Mrs. ' Blanch 'Jones, Mrs. Watson Wilson. Mrs. Tilman Rhodes, ; Mrs. Katie-Moore, Mrs. Tommy Home, Mrs. Brad Bright. Mrs. Gene Lee, Mr. Phillips; Mrs. A. S. Buchanan and Mrs. Madge Polk of Emmet. VIerle Hines assisted "The given by Mrs. L. C. Gatlin. Following the session. Cartoon RIALTD Saturday & Sunday A Gripping AoVentwre ' in Imagination! , . , Out of Your Own World of Tomorrow! 1 t AtSO *<, & ton <?f tht ^Th« Wyomine WISK« TVEffectson Living Habits SoonWearQff By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK W Some of telo vision's drastic effects on living habits ar\d"on other forms of-emer- tainment are beginning to wear off, if viewer sin.New Brunswick, N.J., are typical. '. . The Cunningham & Waisn au- vertising agency here has been conducting annual surveys o. New Brunswick homes .the past live years and its'report for 1954 shows a strong trend toward a return to pre-TV habits and activities. _ The surveys in past years had shown night time radio listening the hardest hit of all by TV, but H s on ihe upswing again. Mornins radio listening, at least in New Brunswick TV homes, never was affected end has steadily mi "New" paper reading is the only form of mass communication, m the home which showed no reaction I when TV sets were purchased, bays the report. ' "In 1951 reading of newspapers among adults in the panel of iden-. M Logan. t;cal families was up p per cent during the'first yeCr of TV m the home. This same group of buve " In 1951 showed an, iiacrease of 20 per cent in 1932 and an added, 1.3 per cent increase in 195$, Tins yeex's survey shows -that PJWS- paper reading has remained at-.its JP53 peek," Movie attendance from TV homes after declining steadily through 1952, showed a substantial increase in 1354, Magazine reading after 9 53 P?F c.ent drop, showed U 70 per cent increase, this year on top of a 5 per cent gain last year. While ihosu findings, bssed on a . 'guinea pig' study of a city of just under 40,000 population, might vary in degree from national aver- Uges reports from other independent sources indicate they accurately measure the soncral trends. ' Sr., Mrs. Bob Schmans 'Rainbow Garden Club Has Christmas Party new members A. M. Retig - --.-,.- ™ Mrs. Emogene Davis and Miss Ellen Marie Holt. A pot-luck supper for members I Ml • Fort Hood . and.''their families bf the . „ lt . Mrs. Collier Johnson and Miss L CUv-e McClelland' presented Margaret • Johnson were Monday of the Prescott visitors'in Hope. sang, Deck the and their families 01 me """'""" Hieh school who sang, DecK tne Garden Club was held Monday ev- » h Kings, Carol of the Bell, enirie at. the Legion Hut. Holly and *?"•/" nnd Lu f kin Benedic- enirig at. the Legion __. .. rea tapers graced the mantel and Mrs. Horace Jones is the guest : ed the mantel ^^T^'beautiful ladies an^heir ie table was decorated with si>| were en j oyc d most highly. . Ver magnolia leaves, pine-cones-.^ Carl Dalrymple gave the W. S. C. S. Meets ferries and red tapers Christmas Story and "The Tree that At Church ; Loyce Anderson gave the invo- J5 idn , t ge t Trimmed." This story The December meeting of the cation and Mrs. Ellis Stewart, pr»- cnd the teUing was a wonderful W S C -S of the First Methodist sident, thanked the members lor story f or the' Christmas season. Church'was held at the church on their loyalty and help during th» Announcements were made by Monday afternono at 2:30. year, Mrs. A. R, Underwood had Mj . g . Cnambe rlain, president The The nrogram was opened with charge of the program and Prese» U ub wiu meel on Monday nignt, Dethe singing of "Joy to The World" ted Judy Fore who gave a Christ- L emb er 20 at 7 o'clock in the store followed with Mrs. J. T. Worthing- -mas reading and Mrs LindeU Buc- t to okla . Tire and Supply Co., ton fading Luke 2. hanan, a former member who read L help fm Christmas baskets. The A. medley of Christmas carols a Christmas story. Group singing commit tee for the distribution of was'suna by Miss Lolores Escarre led by Bert Wingfield, accompanied | ^ se baskets are Mrs. Robbie Wil- \V.«=> at*"t> j r^u_:„ + »-« oe t>_i AU« «i««^ V.-U- TWTrc Winfffield W3S . and Lufkin Benedic- o f relatives- in Booneville. '• ' _ Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Peachey of El Dorado spent' Monday with relatives. Lewis Ray Steed is attending National 'Guard School at For Jenning, -Ga. Electric fencing cannot' be used or sleep because their fleece act, as insulation. .. a y ss , Heart • of the ChristmasLt-ttte piano by Mrs. Wingfield was • Story" was told by Mrs. J. B. Hes, enjoyed by alL •JfcW* J __•»«•_.•»*•_! « nnnlro t Tl/T-Hn ' C + mliaT>T b on, chairman, Mrs. Joyce Bright I Mrs. Bess Gist, Mrs. Ruthie Ward V McMahen spokel" Mrs.'Stewart was presented aL nd jyj rs . Myra Hamby. Mrs .-rhiidi-pn- and her little dau- gilt of milk glass by members of cb . a rnberlain thanked the club for "ht'rBotsv Jane represented the the club and Mrs.' Otis Langston her be autiful. corsage and the differ g hld'' ? A talk on "Peace"' was gave the benediction. About 40 ent committees who helped make .members and their families andUfoe party a success 'benediction by four guests, Mr. and Mrs. Reese : J. W. McDougald and Mr.' and Mrs, Lm-| i/n ss Margaret business dell Buchanan were present. Johnson ant Ninty,percent of the prescriptions being filled today could not have been dispensed ten years ago, because the drugs prescribed were, at the time, unknown or unproved. YOUR PRESCRIPTION DOLLAR IS WORTH MORE TODAY! IT BUYS MORE drugs that CURE, rather j than just relieve. I HAVE YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED AT ... Ward & Son DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 low-prfaed ~*ati&tie&i»-~ f^*wmmmmm?ii> l * > p~~~ The nativity scene, greenery and candles formed the worship center. . ' . C. W. F. Has Joint Christmas Meeting The Christmas Woman's Fellowship and the Business Christian u + i .,«= wave i Women's Fellowship held the an- Presbyterians Have | ^ ^ Christmas meeting on it y w ft Jon° 0 oiThe Presbyterian Monday evening in the home of ^The Women of the PresDyi iH ^.^^ Francisco . _ Church met pn ^"""y ___•«.•__. The livinc room was decorated at the church in the McRae Me*M JJ ear ^ nn / emenU of roses , mu ms orial Room forjhe^ general me i ^ chdstmas decorat ions. A miniature decorated Christmas tree the I incircled with greenery centered dining table spread with a ing with Mrs. T. ing president, presiding . business Rev. W. C ent, Mrs. D. J president. Mrs msn Christain ?— -.—-• - , G. Bensberg; Annuities and Mrs R W. Reynolds; vn— tension, Mrs. Jim Nelson; Missions, Mrs. S.O.^ Logan, tual Growth. 3yl berton; General Mrs. Alien Gee Stivers _ the Ivoltional from Luke 2. r l-16. Prayer by Mrs,. Pemis Led Presid « W8»«" Pem . ry Thompson, told the Christmas that was followed with the singing "O Little Town of vv ...,.iem" and "Silent Night." w 'Pach member told how Christ. 'j. mas was observed in other coun- After the missionary benediction |a 'gift exchange was enjoyed, A dainty sajad .course was ser- of the Joy Gift sente,d Rev. ar berg as a retired minister and wife in a. skit "All These TWn«. Mrs, Chrl?tmf9 Cantata To P* Prpsented At Methodist Church Sunday • will pres»nt th« f PUU5t MSI 89^ went Mrs. Orvllle Mrs. Jfo»» Oreen plate was sei<ve4 to 12 . club will meet with Mrs. yer by y, Qlrcles Hav« I, 'Sir», P Heavens," Tlw Morning Circles oi the W. 1 - ' Church „ - ,«unto Us A Child Js UW * We hqve handsome ident beletl and sparkling plry to select from . , „ STEWART'S JEWELRY STORE Wclghf only 20 Ib! Cot$wHlii«li»<liof9rowid! $«ws ffvll powtf iii any position! New McCy'Mi Mpsfel 33 I* tf»e only tbatfl x># wirfi «" iMi« rewind slorktr ,,*dHWKw: wrbMrttof » i.plattd f|i A OIWOH5TRATIPN TODAY! PRESCOTT IMPLEMENT CO PRISCQTT, ARK, WATCH FORfHI NiWMct., TWIN^ACTION SAFITY UWH MOWER fay, December 19.1954 HOPE STAft, H0*»l, ARKANSA OZAt/K 111 BLONDlE, NWlL.LYey.GOME SORRY, FRED--J \y» AW,:KEEP I CAN'f GET f^ C INSISTING AWAY HE KEEPS J>K ,BOO-H6q-H£X>- INSISTING }(YbU DON'T LOVE ME- VOU'RE TIRED OF I Si BV THE PHONE KEEP ON ASKING HEF? UNttL SHE SAVSViS **•& VOUR LITTLE HOME ^^^ AND FAMILY" FRED WANTS ME TO GO TO A STAG PARTY WITH HIM TONIGHT PUAYINQ LIKE. A SICK DUCK/ By J. R. William! OUT OUR WAY «r«C PLINf S\ Radish Smorgasbord B6V, CAKl'T VdU MOfE--Alll-' \ ' / 1 CASSW'T IMA6»NJE RIDIK4S T I CAW SEE l> MV IM A'6I KlATI^Nf-*- . TO THE HOUMDS A IS A SCRUB ^\I'M AF(5AIP IT WOULP WITH A REP COAT \ DOS BLUNPERlW ) &\J SO REFINED AMD A 6ALLANT / AFTER A PUN)/ / 1 WOULDN'T NEEP HORSE .WITH J COTTONTAIL' 7 OR WAMf THE HOLME'S IT RABBIT AM' ff AN 1 THAT'S AU. THERE ' MEPLOPPW II ie TO UVE PER, IS, " ALOMG ,ON / \ TO WANT SUMPlM ~ IN MY/. ,T9V SOU W6PSB PICXEP) CAR. 1 PAdKlNcVSHOLte'VtA^ SUN THAT- BURIBP r^REftWtrefc' IT 63 Palm fruit 64 Native of occ nlpies the, „ £f edia lartfcst £.65 Burmese of t; l)'e sprite Sea nldinavian 66 Lohengrln'a pen Insula bride 5 Stoc fc'holm is DOWN '.capital COUKSB.GANP A Lfi566R THAT 21 Slight taste 2 Mine entrance 23 Depression 3 STncomrriOrt 25 Talon 4 Plays the part 26 Mature of host 27 Paradise 5 Frozen water 28 Short lance 6 Unit of weightSO Toward the 7 Harden 44 Yellow bugle plant 45 Ridicule 47 Fortification 49 British streetcar 50 Chest rattle sheltered side 51 Geraint's wife 31 Gull-like bird 53 Pertaining to 32 Redact 'an age 35 Peel 54 Louse eggs 41 Give 55 On the ocean 42 Group of 58 Eggs matched pieces59 Seine Indus t ries . 12 Jewis B. month 13 Foldii i|b bed 14 Again WASH TUBBS 17 18 Pilfer 20 Compc ethers , 22 Scattei y) hay »,| i 24 Prevar Illation 25 Having '41 crest 29 Prattle 33 Cover 34 Short si N?p 36 Conduct fed ! 37 Mimic 38 Pewter c fein of Malay; I; i 39 Assam | silkworm .. 40 Shifts |1 43 Britannia'; spear ' 46 Above (contr.) ; 48 Night i an event if ; 49 Thirty (Fit;) .'52 AmphitheziBier' 56 Genus of frogs 57 Put on 60 Flag 61 Dismounted 62 Hail! CARNIVA 10 Passage in the brain 11 Clamps 19 Permit AND ANVOPHEROWHl THE PREAMER ^ , OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Ma;or AH,Y£5, JUMIOR.A COWBOY. SUIT/ UM.' 0HCE,lrtTHe 0.0 WILD ^— JOBBER OLD MAGICfANl.X v4HtSfc!ep AVJAy . GUM6 . . - £0 :TUAT. A5 fHEV VJlKiD . _. PL AY A 6OOTS AND HER BUDDIES ' < Dft'B&S$tNi%£ BUGS BUNNY FUNNY IUSINESS ALLEY OOP THOUGHT WE'D BORPER 1 DEAR OH ( 5WEET 1 MAKE 07 .Jfil AT LAST/. , "Jf my husband c^)mes here^-he's a .short man in a blue suit and a reji tie — tell him I'd prefer the pash!" By G«lbro»b SIDE GLANCES "We're calling for just a few minutes—Junior will see to that!" PRISCILLA'S POP SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Sclz«r CHRISTMAS IS ^JSQOKS! <? WlHk'-llfriJ THi STORY OF MWHAW4YHP ' ' '. o|VflM«l7"6^nikVWiw^^ history tjs§m tcdfty* H!m§|inf what wTOwimr ' &£xj/&fi&5$te ', ' ^\ V '. 6 '" " '' ' ., ' t>;i&£^ ft ^"^^k Kl™7T ""*"" " •~"" """' —-" ^

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