Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1931
Page 3
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SPOTTY MrlSId Henry Telephone 821 •Don't crowd; the . world Is enough for you ns Well os for me; The floor* of all are open wide— The Nairn of thought is froc. Ill all earth's places you are riflht To choose the best you can—• Provided- thnt you do not try To crow<l some other man. Don't crowd the good from out your heart By fostering all that's bnd, But give to every virtue, room, The best'that may be had; Mak6 each day's record such n one i Bluff, That you might well be proud Give each his right,—give Inch hi.s room And never try to crowd.—Selected. largo luncheon on -Fridny nt the New Cap itol Hotel. The guests wore scaled a one long table, which was perfcetlj appointed, 'with -Christmas motif be ing can-led out in (he cleconitibns nut cups nnd place cards. Following (he luncheon, bridge w;i:; plnycd froir threo tables, with Mrs. 'L. W. Yount f«iriYiK high, nnd tho eut pri/.c goinf to Mrs. ,T. F. Pord-rfi'M !. ' Teddy Jones <if t! school faculty will higl end the week The Cemetery Association held (heir mber meeting at the city hall/ on iday afternoon, closing their year's work. In Uie absence of the president, Mrs.'J. F. Gorin, the first vice president presided over tho business period nt which'time, splendid reports were given by the various commttces and the nominating committee made the following report: President, Miss Mamie Brlant; First Vice President. Mrs. J. F. Gorin; Second Vice President, Mrs. John S. Gibson, Sr.; Secretary Mrs. T. S. McDavitt; Treasurer, Mrs. L. W. Young. The Oglesby P. T. A. will meet Tuesday afternoon nt ' o'clock at the Oglesby, school. A full nllcndnnce is urged; refreshments will ho served. Circle No. 2 of'the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church will meet Monthly afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. R.'M. LaGrone, West .-Avenue C. The Woman's Missionary Society of tho First Christian church will meet Monday afternoon at It o'clock nt the home of Mrs. J. Patrick Dtiffie on West Third street, with Mrs. J. R. ioyd as joint hostess. Immediately ,fer Sunday School,'Sunday'morning, :he society will present a missionary program. Circle No. 1 of the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church will meet Monday-atfcrnoon at 3 o'clock at the homt of Mrs. O. A. Graves, 410 North Washington street. This being the final meet in;; of the year a full attendance is urged. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jones will have as week end guests, J. S. Rochelle and two .sons and Misses Ellen nnd Mnry Rochelle of Cnrlile nnd Mrs. Charles Merrick and daughter of SI. Louis. Mo. end visiting with hor. ' folks in Pine Ml.ss Mnggio Bell and Ike T. Bell will have n? wrolt' end guests, Mr nnd Mrs. Ike T. Bell, Jr., of Texnr- kann. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Sullivan hnve us week end guests. Mis.s Alico Yountj of Gnrdon. Mrs. Jnck Sullivan and Mrs. C. B. Presley onlortiiincd tho members of the Friday Auction Bridge club nnd their husbands on Fridny evening nt tho home of the former on North Main jJtrcet. The rooms were bright and iiivitini; -with ;i quantity of lovely fall floyvcrs, with the Christmas colors predominating. The Christmas motif was also observed, in the tallies mid score pads arranged for bridge. High score favors went to Mrs. A. D. Brunan anil Otho Sullivan. Following the Knmc, n delicious salad plate was served. Mrs. Routon will sing, over KWKH, Shroveport, Sunday night, at 11':If? o'clock. She will play a number of tier own compositions. Professor A. L. Qiiixttlcbtium of Centenary College will nlso appear on this program. PORK PROGRAM 'Continued from page one) Roger*'Effbi-ll^ Hurtibf Is 'Art Thit Conceal* At t After giving- a. course of twenty lee* tures-on personality, a noted psychologist saw .Wfll Rogers on Uie screen. "Thnt fellow," ,he salt), "demonstrates in 20 minutes what 1'vo been tryinj to say In 20 hours." Wlieh Rogers, wnose latest Fox starring picture, "Ambassador Bill" opens Sunday at the Saenger Thenh-e, first broke Into famo ns Vnudeville's cowboy philosopher, he'd often finish a story and a rope trick with (he remnrk: "Good luck thnt time. The trick an' the joke cnme out jist even!' He made it look like an accident, but it's nn art. Everything that Rogers does is the perfection of casual, effortless, natural art. On the radio, as syndicated humorist and ftont page pnrngrapher, in musicnl revues and in movietone comedies, he captivates millions. He's an American habit and an Inernationnl lit. Where there's a Will there's a Wow! Will Rogers was born in Indian Ter- llory. Oologah—which any baby can 31'onuonce—marks the spot. He grew .ip without entering any beauty con- ests and bacame a ranch hand. When lie steers failed to appreciate his hu- nor he went into vaudeville. Ziegfeld made him a star in the Follies. Today 10 is probably the most quoted writer n existence. The advent of the talking screen icckoned' him to a new pinnacle of ame. "They Had To See Paris So 'his Is London" "Lightnin 1 ," "A Con- icclicut Yankee" and "Young As You r cel have permanently enriched the nyety of nations. "Ambassador Bill 'is heralded as a Rogers "natural." In it, we see ,the mucus "self-made diplomat" as the hilosophical America nambassador to little kingdom torn by royal loves nd political intrigue. Seen with Rogrs in this new comedy drame are sev- rnl popular favorites, including Mar- ucrite Churchill, Greta Nissen, Tad Alexander, Gustav von Seyffertitz nnd lay Milland, ie of the Ltfrtift Hawaii" Is Beautiful Mormon Temple fTf' ' • if . Mormon Temple In Honolulu . . . the angel Moron! beside the angel Gabriel The Mormon Temple at Honolulu, Hawaii, is one of the architectual beauties of the world. It commands an inspiring view of the Pacific on one side, and the rolling hills and luxuriant valleys of the Isle of Oahu on the other. It stands near the picturesque village of Laie. So great has been the .progress of the Morman religion in Hawaii that' five years ago-it-was reported that more than ihalf \>f the total Tawaiian< population had acknowledged the leadership of the Latter Day Saints. The Mormon.angel'Moroni had won a place alongside the angel Gabriel. ..j..-,. _._,...., _..a Eve and tho WWfo itiget Wirm are al«o fount! ftindfifl^ 'titoHS^ fijupos, SHnee the Mo»mon does not eontefi hlwsett with promises of heaven alow bUt alto With earthly happiness, th. temple Is built among many earthly beauties. Terraced gardens, slope down .from its sides.- Long, impressive walks tranquil pools, fountains and shufe bery surround the structure. * * * Strangely, one of the greatest' obstacle* of the i Mormon religion in Hawaii Is tobacco. This situation manifests itself in the temple as well as other places in Which the two come face to lace. The Hawaiian likes his cigaret. The Mormon will stand for a lot, but no' tobacco. Hawaiians have been assured by Mormons 'that -they - are the direct lineal descendants of the ancient kings of Israel; .but the Hawaiian still wants his cigaret. The Mormon is adamant, but the Hawaiian goes about thoughtfully, smiling arid smoking, supporting the Mormon religion, but smoking. -J •»*«*- nevertheless . "The House of the Lord in Hawaii" stands in one of the most .beautiful garden spots of the world. The temple itself measures up to this almost incomparable beauty around it. It is a monolith of artificial crushed volcanic rock. 'It-is finished in 'the finesf hard wood of the islands. *. * According to tradition, Solomon's temple was 120 by 78 feet at the grbund. .This Mormon temple is the same , size. The general plan of the structure is of a Greek cross. The great prophets of old appear in four friezes around the upper outside FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH W. A. Bowcn, Pastor We are enrolling quite a few new members in our Sunday School. We shall be glacV'to have others join- us. Our attendance shows an increase. This indicates a growing interest. Precahing service at 11 a. m. Subject, "Facing Forward." At 7:30 p. m. the pristor will present to the Church the report of'the «ducation commission to the recent session of the Convention. This is a matter of vital 'importance. This report is one of the most comprehensive and informing of any report ever submitted to our convention. Surely every member will want Mrs. Jack members of Bridge Club Bush entertained the the Friday Contract at a very delightful SAENGER Saturday DOUBLE PROGRAM Kenliire No. 1 Elissa Landi ''W I C K E D" —With— VICTOR MrLAGLEN Feature No. 2 Tom Tyler —In— '. "Partners of the Trail" Prices—10c-25c-35c feeding them, and the office in keeping posted on its condition. R. J. Worthinfiton. representative o (ho company, ' told how there were more than 243.000 farms in Arkansas according to the 1930 census, only 35,057 of-which had any hogs on their (arms, and a bumper feed crop to fcec all the hogs which could b'e produced The IVcij; i.s by far the most valuable farm animal in utilizing farm wastes and in converting the fccu' so easily raised in this, section into a quckl> marketable product he said. Especially when the company establishes their contemplated marketing connections Business men are to be asked to finance 100 brood sows, with a lien on the sows and all other assets of the company until the investment is returned, with intcresi. Those who finance the movement arc to have one third of the net profits of the corporation, after returning the original investment, through their ownership of common stock in the company. Income to the company will be derived from the cumnanys half of the of- spring,' less expences of operating. No compant officer is to draw a salary until the original investment has repaid. " , ' The Kiwanis Club is presenting the plan to the business men of the city, and asking.them'to.consider the movement, 'which the Kiwanis'club voted to adopt. Guests of the cliib were Charles Harrcll and Roy Anderson, who has spent considerable time and energy in w.'llinK this section on the possibility of "cows, sows'and hens on every farm" C. F. Erwin was introduced UK a new member of the club. Each day at Buckingham Palace, London, over 150 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are served to the permanent officials, servants, and attendants who form the Royal English retinue. Playing Cupid to a lonely queen...dispersing a war with bombs of laughter ems HAZEL diplb. mats dippy . . . with his homespun humor and his shirtsleeve etiquette. WILL &&I2&&& AMBASSADOR BILL •tt'lV/; ',- Greta Nissen' » Marguerite Churchill Gustav von Seyflertitz Ted Alexander Directed by SAM TAYLOR A Fax Picture •S'AKNtiK'R- SUNDAY AND MONDAY BEGIN H13IIE TODAY MAHY HAHK1VI3SS plot* <o eu- • nilrc Tile Fly, who "frnmcd" tier brother, MUniB, with the murder ot MILS. JUriTEH nnd rnn him down to keep him front telling. She IN allied hy Mil. JUI'ITEH nnd 1IOWBJV at the Stnr. Mnry'* flutter, UI1IK KCYTJIKH, believe* Kclcllo Riillty nnd break* irllh Mnry when *lte will not islve uu the lnvcxtlK'itlon. Mnry «iill» for Mlnml an the .TupltcT ynclit to follow The Fly. HHUCr, JUPITER nnd COD1VTESS LOUISE, n qucMllonnble friend, BO n I on |r. They vow to rout Mnry, who they connldcr n grold-dlgecr trying to •ten! Uruce'* Inheritance. Ilruco qunrrcl* with Loulne over n diamond brncelct *he *ny* be* loiiK" to Mnry. DC Iiomn unvc It to her n« *eeorlty for n lonn. lirnee niakm her (?lve the brncelet to Mnrjr, who dUcovem It wn* Mtolcn from Mr*. Jupiter the-nlBUt • be wnii killed. Loiilnc Introduce* the party to COUNT OK L,OMA, who Mnry loam* I*. Tha Fly. Unlnff .the Jupiter necklace n» bait, Mnry danee* with him. He Bet* It front her by n riixc. then kl»e* her, Ulrk knack* lilm dotvn. Injured nnd unconneloii*. Dirk In tnken on board the ynclit, the "Gj'imy." The Fly BOI'K nlone find trim ngnln to Ntcal the neoklm-u. JIOHcn clve* Mary proof-that the ooiintCNN I* nn adventure**. The "Oyimy" milln with nil on board. The Fly rtallzcx be lin.i walked Into n trap. The "Cypiiy" ijoc* aground on u reef. The heat, monotony nnd continual light of old Port .li'irer«iin prUon NlnrlnK him In the face drive The Fly nearly frantic. Mary <ll«eovcr» him ,ln Mr. Jupiter'* cabin and call* IInice. There are «Iiotn, Mary faint*. NOW GO ON WITU THE STORY CHAPTER XLVI TITAR"? camo back to conscious ness to find tbo cold rain dash Ing on hor face. She bad slumpei down in the doorway, and now somaono was helping her to ho feet. Sho knew by tho smell' o tobacco in tUo rough tweed shoul dor that was supporting her that i must bo Henry Bates. "Leavo mo alone, I'm all right, 1 she gasped, scrambling to her fee and feeling ashamed, of hor tempo rary weakness. But the other, with an esclama tion of alarm, had already discov ered tho still form of Bruce lying out on deck. So deathly white anc still his face looked in tlio unrea light of the occasional lightning Hashes, that even Bates was rattled "By George!" be kept repeating, "By George! This IB bad business! Now what's happened here?" Louise, wrapped in a beavy ulster, rushed out. "Where is he? Oh, mon Dleu., they have killed him!" she sobbed, throwing herself upon tbe deck beside Bruce, almost knocking Bates over In her anxiety to reach the injured man. When she saw wbo it was, however, she drew back sharply. "Bruce! But where is Enrique?" "That's what we'd like to know," Bates growled, looking about sharply. Mr. Jupiter's door stood open, but bo had not appeared. Leaving Bruce lying where be was —the soaking he was getting would bring him to if anything would-*— Bates rushed into the old man's room, calling his uame sharply. A curious smell pervaded tbe air. There was no reply. The two wo- nieu outside beard sounds of stumbling, of cbairs being overturned as Bates fumbled for tbe electric Ilgbt switch. Suddenly tbe lights came on bliudiagly. There on the bed lay Mr. Jupiter, over bis face a folded pocket-handkerchief. Bates snatched it away. "Chloroform!" He whirled and faced Captaiu Heudricks, just coming iu the door. "Get your men out and search tbe ship, quick, captain! De Loma' done this! My God, I wonder 1 he—" He turned quickly to th safe, which stood as usual, appar ently unto.uched. It It had, been opened, the job had. been done by someone who knew the comblna tion. Bates picked up tho old man's clothes, usually laid neatly' acros the back of a chair, but now turn bled in a heap just Inside the door He rummaged through the pockets quickly. "It's gone—If that's where 1 was!" The shots and tho storm had roused the ship, apparently, for the deck space outsldo the old man's door, .from which yellow ligh streamed Into the pitch darkness outside, was'jammed now with ex cited ;raombers of the crew. OTnONG arms'carried the rccum bent form of Bruce to bis bunii and .left him with Captain Hen drlcks, then rushed off to join the search. Mary stayed with Mr. Ju piter, who roused almost immediately. Evidently the chloroform- soaked rag bad not been In place long. He was as contused about what had taken place as the rest. Ho had lair down to rest .with his clothes on, weary from the unaccustomed amount of exercise ho was getting in bis dally bouts with tbe klngllsh. Ho had roused at the first crash of the storm, taken ott his clothes and hung them up, almost without wakening, and fallen asleep again Immediately. The necklace? Had ho locked It up before going to bed? No, he didn't tblnk he had. No, he hadn't. It was there, in his coat pocket. Well, If It wasn't, then The Fly bad taken it. Mary groaned. "Let him have it!" Jupiter erowleil. "He won't got far with it in this weather." "But why did you carry It about so carelessly?" Mary could not help asking. "See what's come of It- Bruce shot—" The old man sat bolt upright. "Eh? Bruce? Whore is be?" There was a depth of terror in bis voice such as she bad never heard there, He snatched up a robe and slipped bis feet into slippers. Before she could restrain him he liad jerked lie door open and rushed out Into .he storm, staggering a little. Mary lurried after him, fearful that he might not be able to make it on the slippery deck. Bruce's stateroom opened on the passageway between tbe two build- ugs and was sheltered somewhat Tom tbe storm. Mary was whirled around the corner by the beating the shoulder. Too close to the heart for comfort. He's got to have ex> pert attention and have it quick. I'm a pretty good cobbler on the human, frame for ordinary Ills, but this is out of my range. "How are you going to get him to a doctor?" Bates demanded. "That damn snake has taken the boat!" "De:Loma? Why, the fool—that's suicide,in a high sea like this! .And if I'm any judge, he doesn't know one end of n boat Irom another!" ."la there anything I can do to help? With Brucu, I mean?" Mary asked. "Where's that woman of his? Do her good to have a little work to do! No, If Paine needs any help (Paine was tho steward) I'll let you know. You run on to bed, child. You're soaked through." * * * TTENDRICKS turned and yelled at a passing figure who turned •alu just as Bates dashed up, breathless, and leaned against the 'orward bulkhead out of tbe wind. Sheets of rain were driving past ou either side, but here they were 'airly out of it. "He's gone—taken the dinghy and beat it!" Bates shouted in ber ear. "Fool! He'll capsize, and hat'll be tbe end of him! Good Iddauce. But damn it, he's got tbe necklace on him!" Captain Hendricks ca.me out of be doer of Bruce's stateroom, oppo- Ite, and beard Bates' report witb nterest. "Get In out of the rain, you!" be ommanded Mary, witn rough teu- '.eroess. "How many sick people o you tblnk I waut on my bands?" "How Is he?" Mary asked. "Hurt bad," the captaiu replied, haklug bis bead. "S.bot through out to be the quartermaster. •"Where's Sparks? Get him up and at. that radio again. Tell him it's got to be llxed by daylight o he's got no more job with me. It's life and death, tell him?" Ho turned back to Bates. "If we can't got the radio working by day break, I'll send two men In tbe life boat, but it's a long pull." Tbo cap ;nin left, muttering excitedly, ant they heard him tramping around up above In the chart-room. "Gone up to fix it himself," Bates guessed. "Good idea. That kid's been tinkering with it for days and t's still blooey." "Toll mo about De Loma—where s lie now?" "Doubt If you can see him now. ['he lightning showed him to me, but now it's settled down to rain ?ou can't see your hand before your 'ace. Grab a slicker and we'll take a look. Lord, 1 never expected this! 'II bet the old man didn't either, le liked to devil De Loma. Looks ike be deviled him too far." Wrapped in ollsklus hastily bor- •owed, they took a telescope and wont around to the port bow. The irst crashing thunder and sky-spilt- Ing electrical Hashes bad given ilaca to a light, steady rain that lattcucd the water. Prolonged ursts of rosy lightning played 6ver he scene, making it light as day or two or three seconds at a time. With tbe glass they searched tbe urface of the water in tbe direo- iou of Fort Jefferson without atchlng a glimpse of tbe dinghy, They had almost decided De Loma must have landed, if be bad not drowned, when off to tbe right Mary caught sight of a dash of white. He had stripped to his shirt and apparently was rowing toward Bird Key. The glass showed this was what he was trying to do—at least he looked over his shoulder frequently In that direction. There is a little bouse on Bird Key, for what purpose Mary did not know. De Loma's idea evidently was to tie up there and seek shelter until tbe storm passed, before setting out for Key West. It was a daring scheme, uud ouo which only a truly desperate uiuu would have attempted. Tho rain bad gradually subsided and they could see him more clearly now; tho dinghy was not making much headway against the bigb waves, which wore being lashed ever higher by a furious wind. Sometimes for minutes they lost sight of Do Loma aud believed him druwucd. Tbeu tbo white speck roue triumphantly again out-ot'tht trough of the wave. There was neither direction: nor headway in his aimless rowing, now. It was impossible to keep to a course. The sea seemed to ^be throwing him nearer and nearer to Fort Jefferson, and no doubt he was too confused by the roughness of the water and the difficulty of holding to his oars to knuw w.hero be was heading. • • • TT seemed like hours that the couple on the deck watched and It began to appear that the man was winning— at any .rate, it .he had survived thus far, it was likely ! ho could hold out until the iheavy seas subsided and set his course again. Then they lost him. He seemed to have vanished from the face ot tbe sea, though they played tbe telescope carefully over the very spot where be bad last been seen. Minutes went by. Bates at last put tbe glass down and gave It up. "Well, he's gone," he said. And as one speaks of tbe dead be added, grudgingly, "It was a game fight-he put up—tbe louse!" Mary pointed suddenly and-cried, "Look, what's that?" "Where?" Excitedly Bates threw the glass up to bis eye. "Over there. By the prison. Just at the point where tbe land and water meet." It was merely a m.ovlng white speck to her eye, but Bates -exclaimed, "By George, be made U! He's tying up at the old pier! What do you know about that?" "But where has he been? Why didn't we see him?" "I don't know—unless lie—oh, I see. His back was toward us. We see bis white shirt only when he's facing us—the. wind blows his coat open. From the back be looked all dark, tbe color of the water." To Captain .Hcndrfcka they took their news. He received U absent* miudedly, bis whole mind on the dots and dashes be was sending over tbe repaired radio set—listening for a reply that did not come. "It's all right," tbe captain told them. "He'll stay tbere till we get ready to go after blm. Nothing tbere but tbe skeleton walls of tbe prison, abandoned long ago. Not a cheerfi'l port to put Into, but," grinned and added one of bis stale bits of humor, "any old port n a storm!" Tbe "Gypsy" had stopped her In. nane jiggling now. Tbe wind had died down, and .Mary made ber way down to the deck without difficulty. Sbe stopped at Bruce's door long enough to see a tableau that sent a ;ush of happy tears to her eyes— old J. J. Jupiter, gaunt and pathetic u bis striped bathrobe, seated by bis son's bunk, holding bis band as f he bad been a child. Bruce's yes were closed; he was sleeping jeacefully. Sbe turned back to ber own room, old, weary and feeling more than a itlle forlorn. Her door was open ud in it stood a strange figure—a ( hostly, wild-eyed figure la white lajamas. "Mary!" Dirk cried, at sight ot ber, and reached for her witb a one arm that drew ber to blm and beld her tbere like a vise. "Mary, my love, I've been such a fool! I card shots and I thought you were tilled! I bad to flad. you,—I oulda't stand it!" (To Be Continued), **»* «•< * • w* ov^-vtwa nit w/w ,are hjtvlw,ttne,a<e«riiUui«* Bit „ goo dwWk. They gave U* a >ftfj* program ilaBt Surrday niglit week, THE CHURCH Or' CHfttSf John 6»R«Mc, Minister Bible Study Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Preaching at 11:00 a. «1. and 7:15 p. m. Morning sermon, "The Put* in Heart" Evening sermon, "The Glorious Gospel." The ladies Bible class will meet Tue& afternoon at 2,'30. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. ., > Brdther Reese will preach at Midway School House about fifteen miles south of Hope, on the ewlsVllle road at 2:30 6!dOdk Sunday aftern&on. _______ in pursuant tff the in FIRST PRESBYXERIAtf CHURCH W. R, Andreson, D.D., Minister 9:45 a. m. Everybody go to Sunday school. -We .have a-place ifei 1 ,you. 'Forsake, not the house of-.the; Lori" 'The Word of God is the power of 3od unto salvation to every-one-that believeth:" . , 11:00 a. m. Morning worship and sermon. .Subject, "The Type of Religion Needed In the World- Today." 7:30 p. m. 'Everting worship and sermon- Subject, 4 "Conditions in > the World (during tHe Millennium." ' 6:45 j>. m. Meeting of the Young People's Society. Miss (Mamie Twitchell will give, the lastiof tHe Home-Mission Studies. All young people are invited to attend. 3:00 p. :m., Monday. , -Meeting of the 'Executive Board of the Ladies' ;• Auxil- ary. • 7:30 p. m., Wednesday..Prayer meet- ang. An interesting; study of ''Gbd's Chosen People. Prophecy being, fulfilled. P .-. : 7:30 Monday night. - Meeting. of -the officers of the church, FIBST CHRISTIAN CHURCH C. F. Erwin, S. S, .Supt. Our .Bible School meets -at 9:45. Let's make it the largest Sunday School we lave ever had. • , We -Will serve : Communion at the close of the Bible .School hour. Following, the Communion service the ladles-Will have-their Missionary program. Let's all ; be there. GARRETT MEMORIAL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH T. Si. Epton, iPastor Dellmer Bailey, S. S. Supt. teaching, fourth Sundays. * Singing every first and -third :Sunday nights. Prayer meeting -.Wednesday nights. METHODIST CHURCH Sunday school- '9:45 a.,m .Glasses and departments for all agec. There will be no'service ,at Ihe morning .'hour, .as-.the -pastor, is to Little Bock, attending- the meeting of he annual conference.. - At-the even- ng hour, 7:45, the Epworth League will have • Charge of 'the '-service, and hey have.: arranged a'wonderful program for this 'hour. .A full attendance if the -entire .membership is urged, nd the public is-cordially invited to ttend. Come and give these. young people a big house. South American Suffrage Suffrage leaders of Santiago Chile, are campaigning to secure equal: rights for women of all; South American countries. .There are suffrage-organizations, in all the. principal countries of South America. ' . . i dection* order of i stead County, made" an<J the 6th day ttf ffovertibef, In a -certain, cause (No. pending thereth between Taylor, State Bank Cbm«l_ Charge of the Hempstead Bank & Trust Company ot kansbs, Insolvent, edmptell H. H-: Darnell, et at,, (fefeh&toti undersigned, as CommlssiotteB,(" Court, will offer for *tA6 ,«.' vendue to the highest bidder, front door or entrance of the sas Bank & Trust Company A in the City of iHope, Arkarisasj< ( fij d County of Hempstead, within; ^ ; hpurs prescribed' by laW tot jlp sales, -on Thursday, the 31st December, A. D. 1931, the described real estate, sittWS Hempstead County, Arkansas, The Northwest Quarter ,t Northwest Quarter (NW'A HV .'Section Twelve (12), fowtishlp \ (12) South, Range Twenty West, containing 40 acres,' I less. The" Northwest Quarter Southwest Quarter (NWV4.S* Section Twelve (12), ToV Twelve (12) South/ RSnge seven (27) West, containing W at) more or less. ' The South Half of tfiei Quarter (S% SWV 4 ) of Sectlofll (12), Township Twelve (12) "l Range Twenty-seven (27) West laining 80 acres, more or less. , f All of the above described ,41 lying in the County < State of Arkansas. . TERMS OF SALE: On a ihreeV. months, the purchaser required to execute a -bond aVJ quired by law and the -order decree -of said Court in said with approved security, interest:at the rate of 10'per c*nt" : JR annum from date of sale _ and a lien being retained on>/i premises sold to secure the pay of the purchase money. •Given under my hand this 3rd; da^| of December, A. D. 1931. ;- - 1 *" WILLIE HARRIS ,' Commissioner in-Chancery, Dec. 5, 12, 19. COMMISSIONER'S SALE >V$ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, EhM 1 in pursuance of the authority and tll*-^ rections contained in the decretal' order of the Chancery Court of Hemp>i stead County, made and entered the 6th day of November, A. D. 1 in a certain cause (No. 2438) tt pending therein between El Doradd/ijfJ Building and Loan Association, cxMn-y-, J plainant, and Anna Urban, et al'i, "•" defendants, the undersigned, as Com- ! missioner of said Court, will offer ifor,';U sale at public vendue to the highest %|| bidder, at the front door or <entrr— s -->**' i of the Court House, 'Washington, kansas, m the County of He within'the hours "prescribed 1 judicial sales, on Saturday* the ' day of January, A. D. 1932, 'the lowing described real estate, to- Lot Number Five (5) of Number One (1) of Johnson's Addi- V; tion, to the City of Hope, Hempstewd *; County, Arkansas v J i. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit .ofT. three months, the purchaser being <,' required to execute a bond as re- *>V quired by law and the order and 'decree of said Court in said cause, + i with approved security, bearing : nterest at the rate of 10 per cent per/ ^ . ^ annum from date of sale until paid, *' and a lein being retained on the prem- ses sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this-3rd:day, : : of December, A. D. 1931. WILLIE HAHRIS Commissioner in Chancery, Dec. 5, 19. ABSOLUTELY ODORLESS DRY GLEANING Special for December t Men's Suits, cleaned/and"; pressed, delivered....SOc Gash and Carry 40c Ladies Dresses— Close Prices HOPE STEAM LAUNDRY Phone 44-8 Thus And So You'i-e never successful' till you're 'happy.—Abe. And honest people are not happy when there are o v e r-d u e bills laying around. Credit Bureau Church Going People Are 'The Right Kind of People" Notice the people about you; in your neighborhood, in business, in every walk of life. The ones worth while are those who carry their religion into their every-day affairs; who attend church regularly and take an active part in the things the church is doing. Association with such peo* pie is the surest way to gain for oneself the attitude of mind which brings peace, contentment, and joy. GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY Courtesy Nehon-Huckins Laundry

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