Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 18, 1954
Page 4
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--^tp-^:?s -*"~\*\'; "-I* S- ^KilfsWS mf : -t HOM If At, HOfi, AMAMlAt. trldoy, News of the CHURCHES CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE fifth and Pine St. Garland Johnson, Pastor Sunday 9:45 a. m. Sunday School. J. D Bullock, Supt. There will be a special Christmas program during the Sunday School hour Sunday Morning, with each class participating. The program Will be concluded with a reading, "The Other Wise Man," given by Mrs. Garland Johnson. . Christmas treats will be given to everyone present. . »4i*i ii a. m. Mornlrg- Worship, Sermon: Christmas message. 7:15 N. •*. P. S. 7:30 Evangelistic service Sermon: f'What Shall I Give Him?" ? . , .* . Monday \ 7:30 p. mJ Christmas party at the parsonage. Everyone bring a gift to exchange. Wednesday 2 p. m .Prayer and Fasting service. 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting. mas social. 7^ p dn m. a Sunday School Officers and teachers' meeting. 7-45 p. m. Fellowship Hour • The Midweek Worship for the Whole Family. J 1 -'"''" S*'> i IB* FIRST CHRISTIAN 210 North Main Edmund Pendleton, Minister 9:45 a. m. Sunday School 'Praise For God's Gift" 10:50 a. m. Morning Worship 'Jesus Christ, The Son Of God" 2:30-4:00 p. m. Communion service to shut-ins. 5 p. m. Christmas Cantata Vesper service. > Thursday The Christmas Party for the Sunday School will start in the fellowship hall of the church at 7:30 p. m. Special number will be giv»n by the Primary department and a Christmas play will be presented by the Junior department Christmas candy and favors for all. Saturday • The Membership committee and the worship committees recommends that each family plan a worship program in the home about the Christmas tree before the packages are opened. Suggestions will be distributed Sunday. You are always invited to attend this church that is dedicated to a Christian Hope. In our Church we seek to make Christian Liberty and the Love of Christ prevail. We know that we are not the only Church in Hope with these high objectives. So'find the church of your choice ' and attend regular. •vf the annual Candlelight Christ UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH South Elm Street Pastor, Howard Whlta 8:25-8:55 a. m. Unity Gospel Hour KXAR. Sunday School 10 a. m. — Ansley Gilbert, Supt. Morning worship 11 a. m. 6:30 p. m. Baptist Training Service. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship Monday 2 p. m. — Senior Ladies Auxiliary 7:00 p. m. Willing Workers Auxiliary Wednesday 7 p. m. Teachers Meeting 7 p. m. Girls Missionary Auxiliary. 8 p. m. Prayer Service CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th and Grady Street F. L. Jennings, Minister Sunday .9:45 Bible Study 10:37 Preaching 6:30 p. m. Bible Study, Classes for all ages. Tuesday • 9:30 a.m. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Bible Study GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST 300 North Ferquson Street Eld. Elbert O'Steen, Pastor Sunday . . 9 a. m. Rock, of Ages Broadcast over KXAR. , _ , 9:50 a. m. Sunday School. Paul Church Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6:30 p. m. B. T. S. Perry Purtla President. Evening Worship 7:30 p. m. Monday 2 p. m. Senior Ladies Auxiliary Tuesday 7:30 p. m. Young Men's Brotherhood. Thomas Smith, President, Girls Auxiliary, Carolyn Phillips; President. Wednesday 7 p. m. Teachers Meeting 7:30 p. m. Mid-week Service Thursday 7:30 p. m. Junior Ladies Auxiliary, Mrs. Lyle Allen, President. Ladles Bible Study o i ofAe/ Gods before me," Exodus 20:3! God said . ^.^^eant every word of it...three friends tell another. The v ..~.ch workers know the jmperious need of the personable [young*man l te a love for ,God and the Church./'Other Gods," have A " interwis and dominate his life. The way we 50 and the road we .vv. nVafce a difference. We are commanded to keep the Sabbath father 4nd mother. We must not murder, hate, lust, steal nor r " Vare commanded to worship the Lord our God, and the church _Jul place for that. When God's commandments become our ^commandments and God's way becomes our way.,, have "No other Gods befpre Him," ( You In The Church... The Church In You- Form a combination for good. Every man, woman and child needs the influence of the CHURCH. Be a faithful worker. Attend every service. O W'll-««l N.«iMP.> f« f.'t w.[tK !•>.* FIRST METHODIST CHUrtCH West end at Pln« V. D. Keeley. Pastor 9:45 a. m. Church School Teddy M. Jones will teach the Century Bible Class., 10:55 a. m. Morning Worship Anthem: Still Grows the Evening (Dickinson) Solo: Miss Roberta Howard, Sermon: "The Meaning of Christmas" Minister. (On this date we make our offering for the Methodist Children's Home in Little Rock). 5:30 p m. Intermediate MYF 5:30 p. m. Senior MYF 5:30 p. m. Wesley Club 7 ip. m. Evening Worship 7' p. m. .Evening Candlelight Carol Service, (Led by Intermediate Choir). Monday 7:30 p. m. Circle 5 will meet in the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery co-hostesses Miss Carolyn Mann, Mrs. Clifton Ellis, (Each member is asked to bring the Wanda Sfe- ley offering to this meenitg). There will be no Choir Practice next week. Sunday, Dec. 26 10:55 a. m, "Student Recognition 1 Day" service by College Students. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 701 South Main Street Rev. L. T. Lawrence. D. D., Minister The Men's Bible Class win me« in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30 A. m. for doughnuts and coffee; the lesson at 10 will be taught by Joe Keesey; Dr. J. W. Branch, pianist. 10:00 a. m. — Sunday School, James H. Miller, Superintendent. 10-55 a. m. Morning Worship Sermon subject: "Along the Trail with the Wise Men" Anthem: "The Christ is Born" Lane 5 p. m. Vesper Service Annual' Candlelight Service 6 p. m. P. Y. F. will meet at the church to go carolling. Monday 7 p." m. Choir practice . No midweek service. ' CHURCH OF CHRIST Walnut Street Elton Hughes, Minister Sunday 9:45 a. m. Bible School 10:50 a. m. Preaching 11:30 a. m. Communion. 6 p. m. Bible Study 7 p. m. Preaching Tuesday 9:30 a. m. Ladies Bible Study 7:15 p. m. Men's Bible Study Wednesday 7:15 p. m. — Teachers Meeting 7:30 p. m. Bible Study You are always welcome at the Church of Christ. FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Fourth and Ferguson Street Rev. H. P. Hudspeth, Pastor 9:45 a. m. — Sunday School C. J. Rowe, Supt. 11 a. m, — .Morning Worship Sermon by pastor. 6:30 p. rn. Pentecostal Conquerors Mrs. Joe Lively in charge. Junior Conquerors, Mrs. H. P. Hudspeth in charge. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Bible Study and prayer meeting. Thursday 2 p. m. Ladies Pentecostal Auxiliary. The public is Invited to attend all services at this church. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Rev. C. S. Walker, faster Rev. G. E. Hicks, Music-Youth Director. 9:45 a. m. — Sunday School, Bill Morton, Supt. 10:00 a. m. — Radio Bible Class, Broadcast over KXAR, Rev. C. S. Walker, Teacher. 11:00 a. m. — Moining Worsnlp sermon by the pastor. 6:30 p. m. — Senior C. A., Junior C. A.. Primary C. A. 7:30 p.' m. The Christmas Program, "Worship at the Manger" will be presented by members of the church. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Mid-Week Service. The public is cordially invited to attend all services. CATHOLIC CHURCH 3rd and Walker Father A. G. Dunleavy, ..Pastor 10:30 a. m. Mass ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Rev. William J. Fitzhugh Pr!est-ln-Charge 7:30 p. m. Holy Communion and sermon. . ^., FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday 9:30 a. m. — Sunday School W. H. Munn, Supt. 10:50 a. m. Morning Worship with sermon by the pastor. 7:45 p. m. Evening Worship Christmas music program by the five choirs under the direction of Mr. Earl Bailey. Junior Girls' Auxiliary Municipal League Wants More Money LITTLE ROCK UP The Arkansas Legislative Council lias been asked by the . Arkansas Municipal League to. recommend that additional state funds be turned back to cities. Glena G. Zimmerman, executive secretary o£ the league, said the state would not be willing to allow cities to expand their tax systems. Zimmerman said Arkansas cities should receive a turnback of $7,120,000 in state funds rather than the present $3,900,00. ff Monday 4 p. m. The Lou Demie Jr., G. A. will EXPERT ADVICE DALLAS, Tex. (UP) Dan Reynolds of the Dallas Crime Commission was speaking yesterday at a meeting of the Electric Club when a lamp on the speak> er's stand went out. Electricity exports made a thorough check o? all wiring and electrical connections, then came up with the icason for the failure. The meet at the home of Miss Jean bulb had burned out. „„ ,,H.^,ies of Church Ads Is Being Published Through the Cooperation of the Local Ministerial Alliance and ?;•: Is Sponsored by the Undersigned Individuals and Business Institutions ,<r ,• i^ > ^ -• i-i *,( L. C. Kennedy Grocery Mr. veA Mr*. L. C, Kennedy - 3. Ml Ca ' Ca W, Shanhouse Sons, Inc. Clothing Manufacturers Owen's Department Store Ben Owen C. D. Lauterbach Graydon Anthony Lumber Co. ' RoI^gntjom.rjr Market Southwestern Packing Co. COOfcr&CtOT T "•—J"«»*1'*» TTlf*Vi«pn« . Cities Service Station Grover Thompson Lewisville Highway Rettjg Nosh /Crescent 'Prug Store Put Christ Firs$ «r. I*el£ GO fc, Hope Federal Saving and Loan Association Stephens Grocer • " ^Qte&alealpfier* Butane Gas Co. ; K Butane Gas and Appliances ^{jj 1 ' 1 ' ' '' ' .! #ii . '< Hope Furniture Co. - - r • for jrjua Furniture Hope Basket Company Phone 7-2345 Citizens National Bank Member FBIC Feeders Supply Compony Your Purina Dealer Porter Garage & Glass Shop Expert Auto Repair — Glass Installed Midwest Dairy Products *M$ n^ttwui 7*04 ' Hope Theatres, Jnc, p<joo Coffins, City Young Chevrolet Co, Sales & Service Cox Bros. Foundry & Machine Company Everything in Machine Shop William M, Duckett Buyers of Scrap Iron, & K ^..-~,,- )fc . '" " f « mtf*t*'ff ;;;<„* Collier Tire & Battery Service Mid-South Cotton & Swpply &&»» W* * ^ wu ° B8Uertes * Eroersw TV > AH I* fer's First Member JPBIQ Frank§,& Son Wholesale Fruit BH4 ^i^.^ir^ISM^^^ ' $£*£ ^ Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by the Editor H. Wathburn_ The Stone That Fell , on Alabama Echoed Around the World Here is an interesting editorial from another Southern paper: THE STONE THAT FELL ft, ON ALABAMA (News Birmingham, Ala.) Sylacauga, Ala., likely will go down in all the science books of the future as the first place in history where a meteorite definitely was known to strike a human being. It is no wonder, therefore, that the announcement that Mrs. Hewlett Hodges, a 31-year-old housewife, *«(»• Star ^ f & "*o>m »*K» wtAtHeRttnee Afka« re— --7"W* w, - i •, »»«•. M '*, s'< v -*<'frfj i * t, -^ ' ' 56TH YEAR: VOL 56 — NO. 56 Sttt of Hap. . MM CenlolldftM Jtf, II, 1Mf HOPE, ARKANSAS, SAtUftDAY, DECEMBER Id, 1954 A». MM MM ClttL * MM. t j.4*-^ j,* •rani •? Mrt, M, 1*14 PRICE Strauss Has New Questions On Dixon-Yates By 7RUSELL WAHINGTON BRINE, \lfi Lewis L. trauss, chairman of Jhe 1 Atomic , had been struck by a meteorite [Energy Commission,, has raised that came plunging through the sky f re c n questions in the Dlxon-Yates been followed by a rush of ^visitors and photographers to the place. To be the first in all the world to have a thing happen to you is cause enough for excitement. There are only two previous authenticated records of meteorites falling into houses. There have been previous reports of persons being struck by these extra- terrestial bodies, but they remain reports. There seems to be no -Sfloubt, however, about what Mrs. Hodges.' Meteorites are not so very rare at that, however. On. the average about 10 authenticated falls are reported every year throughout the world. There are presumably many more meteorites falling into the sea and waste places where no one ever sees them. There have been close shaves controversy down-the-iine by issuing a new defense of the prl- a news conference proposal to supply vate power contract with AEC. Strauss told yesterday the additional private power ,to the Tennessee Valley was a "good con- Iract," linked to national defense and needed to meet expanding AEC power requirements. He made his points in a 35-page statement and a one-hour talk which he said represented his per- no hit sonal vie\ys. consulted in He said he had not advance with other before. One of the meteorites that Jell through a roof scattered debris '$Upon sleeping children. About 20 years ago a meteorite plunged through the motor of an automobile traveling along a highway in, we recall, Illinois. Still fewer years ago, a farmer in Limestone County, Alabama, saw one plunge into the field where he was working. Perhaps mankind has been relatively fortunate in escaping injury from these missiles from space. Or perhaps we need to rmremember that all the human beings of the world after all pccupy but an infinitesimally small part of its surface. Hasn't some one- estimated that all the human beings now existent in the world r.ould be put into a box a half mile square that could be dropped into the Grand Canyon of Arizona without the box reaching the top? The meteor that crashed through the roof of the Hodges home in Svlacucauga was relatively small. tSfrt. was about seven inches in diam,eter. and weiehftd-nine pounds. But a few huge meteorites have been recorded. Some weigh hundreds of tons.. And the earth's surface is pocked by falls of meteorites in prehistoric times. There Crater in Arizona a in diameter. A still members of the commission. The chiarman said he held the news conference despite .contrary advice from some "good friends." His defense of the contract came admid a sharp legal fight before the Securities and Exchange Commission which is considering whether to approve financial arrangements for Ihe project. The SEC resumes open hearings Monday (10 a. m.). ' Strauss said his purposes was to claiify his views on Dixon-Yates and not, as a reporter asked, to ward off expected Democratic attacks on the contract when Congress reconvenes Jan. 5. "But I hone it will have that effect," the 'AEC chairman said. KOREAN CHRISTMAS — Cpl. Erwln E. Patterson, S/Sgt.-Richard R. Sims, and Cpl. Donald L. Walker, left to right, decbrate their front-line Christmas tree somewhere In Korea with the few ornament£ available. The trio, All with the First Marine' Division, dd their celebrating with rifles close at hand. — NEA Telephoto is Meteor half-mile larger water-filled hole in Canada is attributed to a meteorite's fall. Along the shores of North Carolina, aerial photography has revealed a peculiar arrangement of bays which astronomers believe may All Hope Is Abandoned for Fighter NEW YORK .-OB- The Coast Guard abandoned hope today for .the American freighter southern Districts, missing off the east coa?t' with "her crew of' 24 since Dec. 4. * An intensive .soa--en'd'-~air search for the 3,300-ton vessel was called off last night. Coast Guard ships and planes still .will keep a routine watch for her, • however, on regular patrols and training flights. Coast guardsmen expressed belief the vessel went down off Florida while en route from Port Sulphur, La., to Bucksports, Me. with her cargo of sulphur. She was rounding Florida on Dec. 4 the date of her last radio contact, and a heavy storm was Baptist Choirs to Present Yule Music The annual program of Christmas music will be presented by tho combined choirs of the First Baptist Church on Sunday, December 19, at 7:45 p. m. This year's program will include most of the traditional carols and. some less familiar carols and songs. The following choirs will take part in the program on Sunday evening: the Cherub choir, accompanied by Mrs, McDowell Turner; the Carol choirs, accompanied by Mrs. Hendrix Spraggins and Miss Billye Williams; the Chapel'choir, accompanied by Mrs.. 'X'ork. '•'.• Pastor S. A. Whitlow will narrate the Nativity Story.from v tb.e .Holy Scriptures, and Earl Bailey ;wil direct; ^he choirs, The public is .cordially Invited to he'ar 'tiiis spe cial program of; Christinas'.music...: „ ...LI . .v... ., . / V- ;.^.^:... i .'.'t'V^^.!>^.i;x.';'jff-'.' v -' Russia May Harden Its Attitude have been caused by a cluster 0 C.PO« n dinS the area at the time. AVM.WWV. „ -,_ T, „ rpK« Cmi4Vtnt<n T^ I &i v«irtf lime? C . meteorites, such as one may find in the head of a comet. About tha turn of the century, a great meteorite felt in an isolated region of Siberia, destroying the forests for miles around. What if some of these mammoth meteorites had fallen upon a large city, such as New York? ( *We have no assurance fliat such a '' catastrophe will rot come. We are protected only by the laws" 01 na}ure and chance. But if all the areas of the cities of the United States were combined, they would equal less than one per cent of the country's total surface. From the beginning of the creation of the earth, we may suppose, nieteorites have been coming from out of space to strike this globe. In all that time, many billions of %nan beings have lived. And only now, here in Alabama, there is a proven case of a meteorite striking a human being. Almost any remark about that event would be an understatement. The Southern District was a sis- er of a vessel that broke in halt and sunk in similar weather , off Cape Hatteras on Oct. 5, 1951, the onst Guard That ship, reported. the Southern Isles went down so quickly there was no in-.e to send out an SOS. Six of her crew were picked up by a following vessel whose crew saw the Southern Isles' lights go out, but 17 crewmen perished. No SOS was heard from the Southern districts, and the Coast GuE.rci surmised.that a similar fate probably overtook her. : L. R. Girl in Maid of Cotton Contest MEMPHIS (/P) — Jimmie Rose '•'llairison of Little Rock, a student at the University of Ai-kansas, Fay- ctteville has been named among Ihe 22 finalists in the 1955 Maid of Cotton contest. Miss Harrison will visit Memphis Jan. 3 along with the other contestants for two days of personal interviews, television appearances, luncheons dinner dances and a public appearance at city auditorium. 6 The 1955 maid will succeed Beverly Pack of El Paso Tex. She will be named the night of Jan. 4 on the basis of personplily, poise, intelligence and appearance. Cotton Consumption Increases Slightly WASHINGTON ofl The Census Bureau reported today cotton consumption for the period of Oct. 31 to Nov. 27 averaged 3(5.087 bales for each workina day. This compared with an average of 35,127 bales for the corresponding period a year ago, and with 35,777 for the October period this By JOHN M. HIGHTOV/ER WASHINGTON Wl— Russia may harden its attitude toward the West again early next year. Such a switch would not neces sarily reduce the chances whici now appear to exist • for „ improv ing basic contacts between Mos cow and the rest of the world. It would tend to increase' ten sions a little and to show mor clesrly the essentially antagonist! nature of Communist policy towar non-Communist nctions. These views are held by respon sible Washington officials, some o them highly placed. The views ar speculative. They are based o several considerations, including 1. An assumption that Russia' plugging of "peaceful coexistence during the past year has bee aimed' primarily at. lulling Wes European countries into relaxatio and thereby blocking the rearma ment of West Germany. 2. The reasonable certainty tha despite * Russia's efforts. bo] France and Germany will ratif daily cotton consumption the pending agreements undt: which West armed and Germany would b made a member Delight Firm May Sell'Phone Co. . LITTLE ROCK iff) The Arkin- as Public Service Commission to- ay received an application -re- Uesting the sale of, the Delight elephone Co. to the Grant County elephone Co. - "• The. firm .owned by T. L. Anrews, would be sold to H. R. Wil- ourn Jr. and C. D. Miller owners f the .Grant County system 'the pplication said; __; ] Professor Sees World Trouble Tues. • CHICAGO (ffl A jobless college doctor predicts'. the .world will- foe •acked with terrible trouble ne^t Tuesday but says he never saidjit vould be, the r ^nd'of ,ihe world.K Violent upheavalshvs the form at Eastrous-^tfeVieng&fins^ til'&m. waves will ;strike -down, man near jake ;Michigan and on -the eastern .says Dr. Who until and 'western coasts, lharles Laughead, Wednesday.. was a staff doctor at Michigan State College East Lan- •ing; 'Mich. The doctor claims a second-hand contact with 'outer,: space": "and lays communications received-'.by rierids with first-hand contact "indicate catastrophic events for: -the world. Among the,things that:might hap pen,' he said in an interview, would the materialization of the ; logen- day islands of Atlantis and Mu "the birthplace of humanity." Fable has placed Atlantis in the Atlantic ocean near the- Strait of ibraltar; and Mu in the Indian Ocean at the site of -what is now Madagascar. • These views led to laughead's departure from MSC, in the form of a resignation Which he said was demanded. Methodist Service by Candlelight Evening Candlelight Carol ser vice at the First Methodist Church Sunday December 19, at 7 p. m.: | Organ Prelude "Christmas Eve Pastorale" — Lorenz. Hymn: "O Little Town of Bethlehem" — .Congregation, Solo: "The Little Jesus Came To Town" — Jo Jo Owens. Anthem: . "The Snow Lay On the Ground" — Choir. Solo: "A Chinese Carol" —Barbara Griffin. Hymn: "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear".— Congregation. : Anthem: "No Candle Was There" — Choir. . . Solo: "A Carol From Lapland" — Alice Coffee. Hymn: "We ; Would See Jesus" — Congregation; Solo: "A Star-For Bethlehem" •r- Susan.>Davis,4 lp -••','--"'-"" Offertory: By Carolyn Lewallen and -Mary Rains Lewis. ' Anthem:' "The Birthday Of a King," , Soloist: 1 .Carolyn Story — and Choir.' ;. .' " • ' Hymn: "Silent Night" '— Congregation. ' Benediction,' Sheppard Jury Has Resumed Discussions By RELMAN MORlN CLEVELAND, Dec 18 Dr. Samuel Sheppard waits through the most anxious hours of his life today. The jurors in his murder trial resume their deliberations this morning after 12 hours of dis- cusson yesterday. Not the slightest hint has come from behind the o.cked and -guarded doors of the conference loom as to whether they are near a verdict or how hey are voting. Sheppard is accused of murdering his pregnant wife, Marilyn. If the jury finds him guilty of murder in the first degree, and does not recommend mercy, the law requires that he must die in the electric chair. As the long, slow hours passed, courtroom observers began to speculate about the possibility that the jurors are locked in disagreement. However, they have an enormous mass of material to consider. The written record of the nine- weeks trial amounts to more than a million words. And there are 214 "exhibits," including photographs, letters, personal possessions of the accused man the blood-splotched coverings of the bed where Mari- jyn Sheppard died. Lawyers said it might take many hours just to examine all this before the discussions s°t started in earnest. The seven men and five women jurors loked tired and some of them seemed a little grim last night when Judge Edward Blythin excused them and sent them to a downtown Cleveland hotel for the Tom Ducked Hoi* Wm. M., in Lawsuit In yesterday's edition f 6pttH«, \ ing a ehancety oaurt aetion lot » an, injunction against County , Judge tf. tJ. Garrett The Stat? stated that the complainants were J. O. Luck and William M» ' Diickett—which Was the wrong i Duckett. The correct complainants are: J. O. Luck and Tom Duck- The Star's news copy, written Tuesday night, was correct as to the original text bf the com* plaint filed in Hempstead Chan* eery Court. However, the text was amended by Denman & Denman, Prescott law firm, , Friday afternbon to 'show the name as Tom Duckett—hot William M. The lawsuit, challenging the right of a county judge to use county road equipment anywhere except on the public roads, will be heard In local chancery court Tuesday, December 21, with Chancellor Williams ot Boonevllle presiding. UNITED ] Diplomats,- speculated v' Red China's ChotnEft, a stiff price' for releasS'f Itficoned Ahterican^ airi he receives t|. N,, See| night. There is no time jury's deliberations, limit to the the judge Rebukes Russia pn Formosa said leter. He declared: "I don't think there is any limit, and even Sunday is a line day. As long as the defendant is Jn court. I don't think there is any law against deliberating or returning a verdict on Sunday." Eight Chinese Want to Be Swapped NE WYORK, (UP) Eight, Chi- rise students in the United States indicated today they would,.like to be swrapped fo rthe 11 American airmen being held by the Comm'u- nifts in Red China. Four Chinese technologists -said in Cambridge, Mass., they definitely want to be swapped for the U. S. llyers who were captured by the •Chinese during the Korean war. One of them Lm, Cheng Sen, 33, go back and I 'Husband of ' *Mrs. Fuljer '' Is Questioned By RAY STEPHENS BRINKLEY, M The husband of Mrs. Milton Fuller, 25-year-old Brinkley mother, who was beaten to deaht last Sunday was called into talk to police this morning. Fuller arrived at police' headquarters at 11:05 and was escorted to the office of police chief Frank Henderson. He wont into a private conference with Prosecutor J. B. Reed Sheriff H. ,K McKenziej Prosecutor—elect Bill Lee and the chief. , ">','• Officers refused to answer any questions about the appearance of the 31-year-old Brinkley businessman at the station. It was the fist time tha >Fi has talked to officers since 'elling how he found his brually- ,beaten wife lying insconscius f on the.floor cated in his 1 assent he considers the ca men tlosed£. ? But acquainted 'with - Peipii reasoning predicted get down to b'rasS tack's^ insisting his government;^ I'lght. and bringing f plninls against t Hammarskjbld talks Dec. 1. 10 af Assembly ,voted447>i> Red China's impris airmen 'as 'St>tes' called on.th^ jntercf de for sittoh vote's .'were Viet blociV'; ^'V. . Hammaiskj^ld r reply the^ame wound up^'its nl ing Communist • attac policy ln.Hhe;-Far >E As the -s'es>sion.,end spotlight was\focused*i where HammarskjolagJi to go shortly Tafyer, Ch«! Ibmats believe"iChoiii » * >k * t * *i i' Lj ''^^*2 l> " Hammarskjom^aiffh completely^inlcohte ' of their bedroom. Last night a steady, procession,lot year. The average during the November period this year included: In cotton-growing stales 34,081 bales compared with 33,678 in the October period and 32,817 during he November period last year. In New England states 1,771 bales compared with 1,850 in the October period and 2,013 in the No- bember period last year. , deserves some ((iffr. San Francisco Hit by Quake SAN FRANCISCO (Jl A n earth quake which cracked w&Us and rhook buildings but apparently caused no major property damage jostled the San Francisco Bay area late last night, some 20 hours after a more severe shock hit Nevada and neighboring states. The University of California se- iimograph at Berkeley pinpointed the quake at 11:00 p. m. centered 18 to 15 miles south of Beikeley in the San Leanoro area. Thp seismograph recorded a magnitude of 3.8 on the Richter le. The earlier Nevada tremor l been recorded at a magnitude of 7 or slightly higher. Th,e San Leandro Morning News the North Atlantic Treaty Organ ization. The treaties last nigl passed a first reading in West Ge many's lower house of Parliament. 3. A belief that some degree of hostility toward the outside world is necessary to justify to--people under any Red dictatorship the burdens and restraints imposed on them. Final European actipn on ratification ot the various agreements on Germany is expected as early next year. After that there may be Big Four foreign minister's' meeting. French Premier Pierre ivie>v des-France has suggested pne fpr May. , . . Department Stare Sales Show Gain Department reported some cracked walls prlv?te residences fn that city buildings, ' in store sales last week in the Eighth Federal- > Reseive 'District "-were slightly larger than in the comparable' week of last year but only two reporting area— St. Louis and Memphis-shared in the gain. Sales were down 3 per cent in the Louisville, ICy., area: 1 per cent in the Little Rock, Ark. area; and 8 per cent in eight smaller district cities combined the Federal' Reserve Bank of St. Louis reported, In St. Louis and Memphis, sales were up 3 per cent. Volume for the past lour weeks followed the same pattern, wit v the district shewing a 1 per cer.i rise over thp §3,015 ^53 period b,e cause pf Arkansan One of Missing Navy Airmen WASHINGTON (£>) — An Arkansas Navy airman has been identified as one of six fivers missing since their patrol plane was shot down over China in January 1953, Navy records identified the man as Airman Lloyd H. Smith Jr., husband of Mrs. Carrie E. Smith if Florida and the son of Mrs. Lloyd Smith of Huntsville, Ark. The airman's wife is living with their .wo children, Mary Louise 14 and Sharon Ann 10, at Beeland Fla. The crew of which Smith was a member was operating with the Formosa patrol at the time their plane was shot down. The Arkahsan's mother-now-liv- ng with a son-in-Jaw and daughter Hoy and Mrs. Hrught at Huntsville, said today she last heard :rpm her son Jan. 16, 1953, She said about a year ago a news aiigazjne had listed her son as a possible prisoner and that government communiques merely inform ed that Smith was missing, Ail six of the a iron are be lieved to have survived the plane crash and the United States, meanwhile has been trying to get the Chinese Communists to account for their whereabouts, Mrs. Smith said her son attended vocational high school at Huntsville in 1941, and spent one year at Arkansas Tech at Russellville, He played football for both schools. SANTA !§ QIVIUAN FORT D.EVENS, Mass., (UP) City Qfflcials of Aj^v, Mas?., asked the Army if it would- bring Santa Caus to a children's party in a helicopter. The Army refused on grounds Santa Claus is a civilian and 'Army regulations jp.rpvide that only ser WASHINGTON UP) Russia's demand that United States forces abandon the Chinese Nationalist island of Formosa drew sharp retorts today from several Reoubli- Isenators. chairman of can . and Democrats Sen. Wiley (R-Wis , the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told newsmen; 'There is less likelihood that we'll get .out of Formosa , where they v/ant us, than that the Russians will have to get out; of Poland, for instance, wher-' e they are not wanted. They are in Uoland against the will of the people .by their power and strength. "I'm satisfied that' a free else- tion in Formosa would decide'def- initely that the formosans want us to stay. And I'm s-atisfied that if they could have free'elections in Poland, Eastern Germany and Czechoslovakia, as well as North Korea, they would out the Commies." Sen. Humphrey (D-Minn) a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, termed' the . Russian Foreign Ministry's demand, broadcast Wednesday night by Moscow, radio," an attempt to disguise the Kremlin's own perfidy and its own violations of postwar agreements." He said a fitting reply might be that "if there are to be any withdrawals, they should start with Austria, Eastern Germany, Poland Czechoslovakia and other Iron Curtain countries." • "These ire captive areas," Hunv phrey said in r a separate interview, "held by the Russians in violation of their postwar agreements." Sen. Green (D-RI), another committee member, said the broadcast seemed 'a strangely informal way" for the Russians to issue a demand that this country get out of Formosa, "Formosa is an essential element in our defense in the Pacific," he said, as well as the main refuge said "I want to don't care how." Bach of the students believes he is on the State Department's' list of S3 Chinese sutdents who were refused permission to leave this country because their technical knowledge would be valuable to the Communists. $46.7 Millions for State Roads LITTLE 1 ROCK W! The Arkansas Highway Commission today said the state Highway Dep'art ment was committed to $46,719)740 in road construction overunspeci- fjed length of time. The commission announced the amount of the committment in a Euary of its 1954 construction program which was presented to Ihe Arkansas Legislaitve Council, The commission noted that some of the items included in the 46 million dollar program dated back several years but that all ot them had -been approved by the ent commission. The toatl program, the stated, includes $17,458,340 which the department now is prepaying for bid advertisement; $18,575,500 on which they will begin work as soon as the counties accept corn*, mission offers; end $10,686,000 m work sopn to come under construction pjans. The summary showed that (the commission had a.4ve-tWsed or 'let contracts 911 an estimated $g4,,8$2,- 203 in highway construction during ice" stSWwherV Ww We des*; tioned privately, 1 ' ' <• * % In all, the officers talked- to ninte people come of. them more' thaii once.' Reed did say that come of them' were questioned merely, to corroborate the stories of , peopl? who had been questioned previously. ' It was noted that not a single man who has been held in' jail for invertigatlon in the case was questioned by officers tqday. , "Mrs. Fuller, 25-year-old wile of anto dealer Milton Fuller was beaten to death at her home early Sunday morning, A chemical analysis of blood stains on a stick of stove wood determined that it was the death weapon, said Reed, He said a preliminary report of nn examination fit the Plick by State Medical Examiner Dr. An- derron Nettlerhip showed that the blood w#s "type A"—the some as was Mrs, Fuller's. The piece of, wood is four feet long and weighs'about five pounds Police have said they believe It was picked up by the killer-a ta barbecue pit in the rear of the Fuller home, Henderson has sajd that Mrs. Fuller probably was killed by, p, barefoot house prowler. :FoVtpHnts"foiind near the pit 'apd on the* kftchbn floor of the Fuller home indicate that the killer was barefooted. The ^Iqtim, mother of two small children, was found lying uncons- clous on the floor of the bedroom she shared with her husband* Fuller told police he was asleep on a living room couch at the time of the attack, and found his wife after he was awakened by a noise. Mrs. Fuller died two hours later without regaining consciousness. The two children, Mary Helen, 5, and Kathy, 18 months were asleep in another bedroom. Fuller told police that, he got «P earljer and drove downtown *W the morning newspaper 8£ was his custom. He said he returned home, read the papers and then dropped off to sleep on the cough Mc&enzJe said ojtie man wh9 has been held for two days for ques-- tloning-in the case, Samuel A, Hewett, has been cleared, Hewett, "who was an, inmate of Memphis Firm Low on Base Dormitory LITTLE ROCK A Memphis for the gime. Chinese Nationalist re- NEW IPENTIFICATION HOUSTON, Tex. (UP) A de, puty sheriff stopped a motorist yesterday t jr driving 50 miles an hour in a 35 mile zone and asked if lie hadn't heard this was S-P day (Safe-Driving D.ayl. construction company has submit ted. the Apparent low bid. on pQn« struotion of a dormitory &nd a din' in$ hail at the BlytheviUe Air Force Base the U, S. Distrct Engineers icttlce said here today). L and M Construction Co.'s bid of $355.009.6? was fee apparent pf seven bids submitted. The $rnment estjmate PJJ, J,jh,§ was $m48i7§, d^gcrJbeA mitqry as twp stories v/ith frame and J33 man capacity PO tfce dining l\a«, an Illinois , hospital fop near, ly six yea'rs,' jiad no cqnnectic-n with the paying, sa|d,tljg sheriff. Hewett, now on parole from a federal prison end wprkUjg W & " rm' near here, was c?jrmjtted t& e Illinois institution ajfter He "" indicted, on a craves p| !}r$t d?gr?f milrder in the fatal gating was against him, Hewett J«U IS v ^ that anx'such s 'hegptiatip: f J 'watpb ,V", \j. He instructed .*«?!«%• Yermo

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