Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1931
Page 4
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& ** m-i Burry *ri, fev« v l, k iSlajL* p.*?. fttfttt 4$ft ywf^ m* HA26L Beauty It Bride flAlCEY ynfe 1%; wt* JCPWfirt k*4 **• UB» »». «tttt B*t «!*> •» *• v$ttil 4* **il«w 4MM ..::_:. ',«*«. &'• "«B«;tlfanital t* It Ion*., i MM. Jottter tke nlgki tke f»ftt t« JOB LOMA, trko Mrtry mm tall, Mary •fie «*<• tt fcoBi 'M mtbfa r ifcwi fctoae* Btt« i*«k*>hi (tow*. M'«B« 'BBfcOBMlom, Olfk v';«*ke» aboard «ke ynekl, <*« " hiT." Tke Fly fo*m alOHK nad "''•ifalu !• Mm tke B*eki«*e. -' -fi— j^of tagt tke . tBlnfeM. Tke rail* trltk nil OB AM*** .. .rtilll*** 'tie knii walked *«, tM». Tke "«.«•»»* -wUa fail OB board. Tke Fly I real• walked'Into a trap. goes DkTOOBd OB a ., Joar aad-eoa- •i*kt of old For* Jefferaoa „ i JBeatky drive Tke Fly meat- rjfraaile. ' ,OO OS WITH THE STOKY ',~ ' CHAPTER XLV &1M& LOMA pushed Mary roughly gfv^to one side and leaned over the peering down Into the clear The moon silvered it so |)sipat it was like a mirror to one ^looking down from above. Senates Jumped almost as quickly lie 'fly had and seized tim by you mean by speaking Iliss Barkness > that way?" he ,, shaking the other's vise- p loose from the rail. By a effort of Will De Loma got 'emotions under control. He' stiffly from the waist to, •V apologies," he satd. "I for'"" He turned "and left. ^ had rushed to the rail. jwere offering suggestions about ot the stones. can see them by daylight. naQtaeave them there till morn(T'%was Louise's surprising Bug- Btion. ;M And hare them washed off the perhaps? Nonsense!" Bruce ( mapped. , -Mr.; Jupiter remained seated. He , was apparently unruffled by the ; nflshap and called up to the bridge to Hendricks. The captain ordered two men over the side to dive for .the necklace-and in 10 minutes one of '.them bad found it and returned it But the trace was over. Before •• long what remained of the party ; Ijroke op. Bates walked with Mary to her stateroom. gave himself away that fco growled. "I wish I'd ^-,-^-r-T J^lni overboard." ••• ,/'He'« like a crazy man. Why ton't be allowed to drink?" Bates did not answer for a mln< "A rtaU'whe hardly, fair garnet he said. passed, M like as pea». except for the heat which grew steadily worse. The glare of the stun an tke water waa ao bright it geared the eyeballs. The heat on deck wa* frightful but below stairs Jt wan stifling. The tempers of «H on *oard the "Gypsy" were strained to'snapping, point. The boat'a toaster alone remained tranquil and appeared to be enjoy ing himself. Every morning, before dawtt, be was out In the dinghy, sometimes returning with a catch, sometimes not. Bates stayed behind, smoking interminably, in the shade of the bridge, unobtrusively keeping an eye on thtaga. Ithere Was no longer any iretense of association between the others. All were tense, waiting, While overhead, in a corner of the chart-room, the tinkering with the radio apparatus went endlessly on. Mary kept to herself—the monotony was wearing on her, too—but she did not go near Dirk again. The invalid's ankle was so much Improved that he was able to be carried on deck, and there he and an amiable steward played bridge\ for hours, on end. De Loma ..bad gone to bis stale- room tbe night .the necklace bad taken its unexpected plunge, overboard and came out only rarely. Louise was the restless one now. She had developed a savage temper and .lashed at all who crossed her path, even Bruce. Deprived ot -the j services pf a beauty .parlor and still wearing the same gown in which she had come aboard, she began to look less the siren and more the shrew. That night—-the night?; of the fourth day^-Jtfary lay .in 'Jbter Ibed staring wild-eyed intone darkness.! Sleep seemed farther away than the hot stars that hung low and burning bright in a sky that pressed down smotberingly' just above her porthole window. •She tried to shake it off, but the sense of impending disaster was heavy on her heart.: The crowded (events of the last few-days—Dirk's it with De Loma, her anxiety for the necklace, his fiery resentment at being brought aboard the yacht, and then this .unforeseen mishap— had-been almost too much for her nerves. ' ' • - \ '•' ,,; It was breathlessly not. Mary slipped on a thin black silk coat and stepped out on deck. Through the open portholes of Mr. Jupiter's stateroom came the sound of bis heavy breathing. He, at .least, .could "sleep, and she was thankful for that. There was a faint breath of air— scarcely more than a stirring..-She stood gratefully a moment in the black shadow cast by the upper deck, almost invisible in her black wrap. Back along the deck a stateroom door opened and someone stepped out. on deck. Mary hesitated, uncertain whether to turn back. The other moved to the rail and stood there, apparently unaware of her .existence. Tbe girl stepped further back into tbe .shadows and .stood silent, waiting for him to go away. Who could it be? She tried to estimate what door it waa he bad come 1 from—Louise's door came first, then Bruce's, then De Loma's. He was not tall enough Jp be Bruce. He must be The Fly. longer then glided «w*y down the deck so softly that she WM not aware ot it antil he had gb«k that curious! Without stopping to think, she kicked off her slippers and slipped silently along the wall after htm. At the first gangway she climbed .qulckb up to tbe sun deck and hurried along to tftke refuge in the shadows under the lifeboat perched there. Peering cautiously over the edge she taw hltn leaning over the taff-rail, looking .down at the little dinghy bobbing about in the uneasy sea. "Looks tike a storm coming up." A voice just beneath her caused her to Jump. The Fly also must have been startled, for he swung about Quickly. Out of the shadows almost under Mary's nose the sailor on deck watch appeared and strolled over to the rail to Join him. "Storm, eh?" He turned back to staring at the sea. The sailor apparently was lonesome for someone to talk to, and was not to be easily repulsed. "Yes, sir, It certainly looks like we were in for a good one. See that black patch over there? That's one forming or I miss my guess. You .can actually see them form out here semetimes. The breeze has ;one down, too, and that's always a sign. And the barometer's dropping. Don't believe It will be much of a blow coming from that direc- ion, though, i sure wouldn't want :6 See much wind, with us stuck up here on this reef like this." "How are you.'=c6mirig on that radio?" the other asked crossly, as f making the youth beside 'him directly responsible for it. But the-sailor .continued .cheerful. "Sparks told me there wasn't a chance to .get it working. Somebody's jimmed it-proper.' : 'He .thinks we-'Jl just .have to'stick..it out here until some fishing .party comes along, or' the patrol comes around to check up on the light. Captain said we'd -wait another day and then if no one showed up he'd send ,a 'couple of men along the keys in "See? What did 1 tell you!" the sailor pointed. "Here she comes. It won't be a bad one becauie you can see the edge of it there along the horizon, but it will be plenty damp while it lasts. Better got under cover, sir. I've got to get my oilskins." The fly stood where be was .after the other had gone, staring at the rolling-up mass of cloud. Suddenly he snapped his fingers, straightened with sudden decision and she saw htm take something from hia pocket. There was a sharp click, then he melted along tho .deck in noiseless way he had of stray cloud flying the same come. A wisp ahead of the storm blotted out the moon just then. Mary scrambled from her hiding place and ran back along the top deck. There waa still light enough to see that the deck below her was deserted, What ought she to do? Rouse Bates? Was it really the click of a cartridge chamber she had heard, or might it have been the snapping Shut of a cigaret case? Hardly that —for the only other smoker on board was Bates, and that young man would have swallowed his available supply ot tobacco rather than share it with The Fly, While she hesitated the first drops of rain hit her and before she could move the storm broke. The wind lashed at her clinging skirts which were soaked in a moment. She fled down tho gangway to the comparative shelter of the lower leek. Breathless, she leaned against :he bulkhead and pushed the wet hair out of her eyes. The "Gypsy" was stirring uneasily .on the reef as the sea and wind pushed and tugged at her. As Mary felt her way along she passed Mr. Jupiter's window. His snore sounded even above the storm, but what was that other sound? Like someone stumbling against a .chair. The Fly was In there. She.knew t. She could feel his presence. In :he darkness of the room he must >e able to see her head silhouetted the : dinghy." "You mean you could make it to Key West— 90 miles — in that?" :De Loma pointed down at the small tethered rowboat bumping awkwardly about beneath the stern. "Sure. If the weather Tield good. When you got tired of rowing you could Just beach her on .a key .and take a rest. They're only a few .miles apart And farther in you'd be bound to pick up abashing party that wo^dta^e you.. \oa In to get help." c? -£ "Why hasn't someone tried that before this ?'* De Loma demanded. "We've been out on this reef in this damned sun for four days." "Well, you see, this is the only good boat. That cockleshell .up there (Mary held her breath as they turned to look up at the lifeboat behind which she was concealed) isn't any good — that is, for much of a row. And we'd have to take the only two pairs of oars we have. If a storm should come -up and the party had to get over to Port Jefferson it would be ticklish business in that tub." Crouched under the boat, she had been too intent on the conversation to notice the little black cloud of which the sailor had spoken, which had grown until it covered halt the western sky. An occasional spurt of wind ruffled the sea, which otherwise lay glasslly quiet under the moon. • • • 'TTHB two men apparently became •*• conscious of the approaching storm at almost the same moment. ; against tbe opening. She turned 'and ran blindly back along the deck. . She must get someone." Where was Bates' room? She ,had never thought to find out'and npi she wanted to know so desperate!^, •c Bruce. She turned and pushed '. open'his door. --i'. * "Bruce! Bruce! Get up! Sonwjv one's in your father's stateroom^. ; "What?" Roused suddenly fro® sleepy Bruce sat .up. so quickly hSt almost knocked her over. "ii-'-J'.SS ''The Flyj He's in your "father^ room. Qulfck!" .-" :.She had hated Bruce, but she could have kissed him for the quickness with which he grasped the situation. Leaping from bed, he fumbled an instant on the table, and was out the door. "Stay there!" he commanded, pushing her aside\ Mary was after him, though, before he could take half a dozen strides. As she rounded the bulkhead which hid Mr. Jupiter's door from that of Bruce she heard the heavy impact of two bodies, and two shots—so close .together they seemed almost one. Something pitched headlong onto the deck at her feet. For the space of a breath she stood still, too frightened to move, afraid to step for fear of the unknown. "Bruce!" she screamed .suddenly, terrified by the stillness. As she started forward, a pi inging. form came out of the blackne- s, struck her and hurled her boti»v asMe. She was knocked off bal». ln e, her bead hit something har<< «OQ she slipped down in » *••« «*<.nt. '(to Be Coutinn**) ; • Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! V With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per jnjjiiroum 50c 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum Jl.OO 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 /ft words to the line) advertisements «* over the telephone may be with the j^derstw'dJflS the foil! is payable on prfaen- gf jtatement, the day of tot publication. Phone 769 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Two high class homes. Foreclosed by Loan Company. Small cash payment, balance monthly. Floyd Porterfield. 3-7tc Admit to the Saenger Theatre Saturday Mrs. Mart Yocom. NOTICE • Admit to the Saenger Theatre Saturday Mrs. E. P. Young. FOR RENT ff *• -Ji@il HEMT—Three-room apartment, J fnirntehtid. Vacant Dec. 16th. Cannon AjxwUnents 113 West Third. Mrs. R. [?' M* iforgaji. 4-3tc BENT—House and five and _..f awes ol te«L adjpinujg city iimfc. Telephone 638. Mrs. Calh'e FOB RENT— Two four-room Duplex, %«th Main street. One five-room house, North Elm street. Floyd fur- 3-lte FOB BENT— Three room furajshw' i M. fcouae, p L. RADIO SERVICE—All makes radios repaired. Prompt and efficient service. Reasonable charges and satisfaction guaranteed. No charge made for testing tubes and estimating repairs needed. Phones 118 an,d «62. Hayes McRae. l-6tc. Admit to the Saenger Theatre Saturday Mrs. Dale Wilson. WANTED Admit to the Saenger Theatre Saturday Mrs. C. E. Romig. WANTED TO RENT—Small 10 or 15 acre farm near Hope. Will pay monthly cssh rent. Write Prank Jordan, Hope Route 1. 3-ltp Admit to the Saenger Theatre Saturday Mrs. Bojrsey McRae. LOST LOST—Small black coin purse conr winiofc a goodly sura of money near Scott Store Friday morning. Reward (or return to Hope Star. 4-lt May Use Robot NEW YORK.—Eatersn Air Transport has received permission to operate a robot pilot on its scheduled line between New York and Jacksonville, Florida. The plane is one of a fleet of 18 regularly flying the course and, if experiments with it proves satisfactory, it is likely that the mechanical pilot will be installed on the others. End Piles Quick No Salvsc— No Cutting Your itching, bleeding, protruding piles will go when you actually remove the cause—bad blood circulation in the weak, flabby parts—and not one minute before. Salves or cutting can't do this—an internal remedy must be used, HEM-ROID, prescription of Dr.- J. S. Leonhardt, succeeds because it stimulates the circulation, drives out congested blood, heals and restores the almost dead parts. HEM-ROID has such a wonderful record right in this City, that Ward&Son say one bottle of HEM-ROID Tables must end your pile agony or money back.—Adv. Ball Carrying by Center Brings Row in Grid Game LIBERTY, Mo.(^)-A play in which the William Jewell quarterback received the ball from center and' immediately handed it back enlivened a game here with Westminister college. On the disputed play, ruled legal by officials, the center lunged forward with the ball under his folded arms, then leaped up and sprinted ahead for a good gain. Planes Replace 'Navy* WASHINGTON.-No longer does Panama have a "navy." Its one gunboat navy has been abolished in favor of three airplanes. The republic sent Capt. C. K. Travis, formerly of the U. S. Army Air Corps and air mail pilot, to the United' States to purchase the three units of its flying force. Capt. Travis will be chief pilot of the air "armada." Admit to ti>e Saenger Theatre Saturday Mrs. G. W. McDowell. . FOUND TOUND—Lenion spotted bird dog, ibout three years old. No name on Ca.ll Hops Star. 4-3t-dl>, . . QFFEJffip: || ym want call 679. %>%»; Grocery. 1-17*. Gladys .Moore, -ttbove. who "Miss New. Orleains" In 192,7, is the bride of John Held, Jr., ar.tiat. ,Sho won nine beauty contests and was given the title of "Miss-New Orleans'! as the most, beautiful of more than 200 contestants. Shortage of Quail* Reported in Polk MENA, Ark.—The opening of the quail season in Polk county revealed that the supply of game birds is smaller than expected. Unfavorable weather conditions last year is said to have greatly reduced the flocks of quail formrely so abundant in the highlands. Women Like Air WASHINGTON.— ^Twenty-three per cent of the persons carried on United Air Jt *ines' transcontinental route between New York and San.' Francisco were women, -the company's report shows, -This percentage, ' although high, is exceeded by the number of women making use of the line between Seattle and San Diego on the Pacific Coast. Production Falls WASHINGTdN.-Output of complete airplanes -'by . American aircraft manufacturers " during 'the . first . three quarters :of .1931 ;'f ell 'short' of -;the 1930 production for the same period, .the Aeronautics Branch of the U. S. Department; of Commerce reports. The production for 1931 .totaled 2321 units, which was 400 short of those] completed in 1930. ' New Air Express CHICAGO.— A new type of air express has been inaugurated by Century Air Lines between Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland and .St. Louis. It is. a personal service, and only Century employees handle shipments. Packages are called for by the company representatives, . shipped in the company's planes, and delivered by company employees. Ear and Eye Aids WASHINGTON— Through radio beacon signals, sent out in the form of dots and dashes along the correct course of an airway, a pilot has been able in the past to keep on the course by listening through headphones. A recent radio development .also enables him to see if he is on the right track in the dark. It is a vibraitng reed, radio actuated, which vibrates evenly when the pilot is right, and unequally when he is ;off the course. Pets Replaced KNOXVILLE, Tenn.-John L. Callaway's wire-haired fox terrier disappeared fro mhis home several months ago. Then Mrs. Callaway's Persian cat died under the wheels of a car. Gloom settled upon the Galloway household. Presently, however, a chow dog dropped in on ,the Callaways and stayed. Then a cat strolled in. 'The chow had pups and the cat a kitten. The Callaways are lonesome no longer, U't Prominent -ii Capitsal Society .(C) Adele Jahucke, above., of. Orleans, daughter ot Secretary o:be n&vy and Mrs. Ernest Leo is pronjiuent iu the win- D. G Henry Chapel M lain n i a Health In thi« community is verfr good at Ms tim*. Miss Helen Pinoher of Hooky Mound spent the week end with ;Miss .Shirley Mr. and Mrs. John Jordon moved to the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver of Mope this week. We regttt their absence in our community but with them good flick nt their new home. Mrs. Vertton Johnston spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Carrol Turner. Carl Durham of Rocky Mound spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Earl 'Flncher. Clyde Dobson is spending this week with his wife and baby of Lewisville at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Perkins. J. T. Turner spent Saturday night With Joe Taulbee. Olen, W. B. and Edna Bearden of Bright Star spcnt'thls week with their Aunt and family, Mrs. Jim Bearden, Jr. Mrs. Jim Bearden, Sr., has moved to the home of her son, Baro, of Rocky Mound. -She has been living with her son Jim. Faye Turner and Parrlsh Fincher spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Earl •Fincher. Mrs. Lillie Staccy and little daughter Margarett, returned to their home -near Emmet Saturday after a few week's stay with Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Simmons. Mr. and Mrs. Doc Wiggins of Hope were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fincher's a while Tuesday afternoon. Louise Robbertson spent last Wednesday with Faye Turner. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fincher and Mr. and Mrs. Carl ElUs and children of Rocky Mound visited the bedside of Guy Ellis of the Cara Donnell hospital at Prescott, Monday. Naughty Vent)* .- raiding a cellar following a tip-off, found Venus de'MllO Ml of liquor. Not, tff course, the famed beauty of the ancients her. self, but two plaster costs of her. Police also confiscated several baskets of glass gra'pes which, they found, contained .contraband. The Southern CaUfornte-ffefre Dame fotball game -wns the first ih .years in which the opponents used wore players than thCi Ramblers, U t - S. C, using 27, Notre Dame 20. "Lone Star' Diet?., Haskell cbach and one-time star grldded, thinks football has "gone sissy" in recent years. Closing Out STOCK AND FIXTURES DOMESTIC, Yard : MATTRESS TICKING Yard OIL CLOTH Yard QUILT BUNDLES Each .COTTON HOSE Ladies, pair CHILDREN'S HATS Each PRINTS 36-in. .wide, yard OUTING. 36-in. wide, yard DOUBLE BLANKETS Pair Part Wool Blankets £4 OC HOUSE DRESSES Loug sleeves, each .. DRESS SHITS Men's 4c 8e 19c 29c lOc lOc lOe 9c 98c 49c 25c SHOES (CHILDREN'S 98c' and .' Men's Scout Shoes :p a ji- BLUE WORK SHIRTS Men's .MEN'S FELT HATS $1.00 and .MEN'S SUITS Ench MEN'S BOOTS . Good grade MEN'S OVERALLS Pair •. —GROCERI LARD B Lb. Bucket CREAM MEAL 24 Lb.:Sft.ck FLOUR— O. K. Diamond, 48 Lbs. COFFEE 3 Pounds SUGAR 20 Pounds $1.19 49c 50c $3.75 $3.45 69c 67c 33c 89c $1.00 $1.00 Wattuar Sales Co. Famous Store Building Procrastination is the thief of time. Don't delay any longer! Lay in your winter supply of foods. Take adyan tage of our buying power and get your share of these specials. We give you price and quality with no extra charge. Save the difference for Christmas money. 12 Pounds—-Peck 39c Standard No. 2 can 3 For 25c BEANS No. 2 Standard 4 cans 28c GRAPEFRUIT 25c 6 For HOMINY No. 2 l /2 can 3 For 25c FLOUR Country Club i . • ; * 48 Lb. Sack CRACKERS i .. • Country Club 2 pound box M'MALLOWS 15c Bulk Marshmallows Pound COFFEE Jewell Brand 3 pounds 55c LETTUCE Firm-Crisp Head 5c IN OUR SANITARY MARKET 100% PURE PORK SAUSAGE—3 Lbs. 29c PORK SHOULDER ROAST- OLD HICKORY SMOKED BACON 14lc 'ound PORK CHOPS K. C.—Pound 15c ROAST—Brisket or Stew—Lb, CHUCK ROAST-NICE AND JUICY-Pound Sar Ham Ends—Lb. lOc Side Pork Country—Lb. 12k; PORK HAM BOAST-CHOICE CUTS-Pound 15c Full Cream Lb. 19c Select Oysters Full Pint for 35 Genuine Spring LAMB LEG—Lb 20c CHOPS—Lb 20c STEW—Lb ISc PIGOJ-Y WK3tUY BACON Rindless , Layers 25c

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