Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1931
Page 3
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K$gK*$;* ^m r <'Wmw.' ^dfty, December 4,1031 SOCIETY NEWS Mrs. Sid Henry telephone 821 I wish that there were some Wonder ful place. Called the Land of Beginning Again Where nil our mistakes and all our heartaches And all our poor selfish grief Could be dropped like a shabby olc coat at the door, And never put on again. It wouldn't be possible not to be kind In the Land .of Beginning Again; And the ones we misjudged and the ones , whom we grudged. .Their moment.' of victory here, Would find In the grasp of a loving hand clasp More than penitent lips could explain. For there isn't o string that would Hot tnkc wing When we've fueed it and laughed it nway; And we think that the laughter is most what we're atfer In the Land of Beginning Again. —Selected. ' Mrs. Fred Stroud and little son, 'John Fred Jr., have returned from a 'month's visit with Mrs. Stroud's parents. Judge and Mrs. A. P. Steele in Ashdown. Mrs. Arch Moore had as dinner guests on Friday at the Moore cottage on Grassy. Lake, Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp, Mrs. Roy Anderson, Mrs. A. L. Black, .Mrs. Young Foster, Mrs. E. M. McWilliams and Mrs. G. Frank Miles. The day was spent in sewing for the .new hospital that is nearing completion on South Main street. Among the out of town friends attending the funeral of the late A. C. : Whitehurst In this city on Thursday afternoon were Mrs. J. E. Wallers and ; Mrs. Ed Graham of Gurdon. j Friends of Mrs. S. G. Norton and ' David P. Davis will sympathize in the ' passing of their sister, Mrs. James W. Stuart, whose death occurred at her . home in Texarkana on Thursday • Morning. Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Russell of El Dorado, visited with friends in this city on Thursday. Dr. A. W. Rice of the United States Department of Agriculture was a business visitor in the city on Thursday. ! Mrs. A. K. Holloway and Miss Mar• gucrite Taylor will spend Saturday visiting with friends in Shrcveport, i La. • ; L. W. Young is spending a few days ; on business in Hot Springs. ; Lloyd Spencer,' James R. Henry, , Harry. Lemley and Kendall Lemley j left EruliijkJTiorning for a few days j visit in New Orleans, La. i Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brown of Texarkana were Thursday guests of Mr. 1 and Mrs. J. F. Gorin. ! Dr. J. L. Cannon, pastor of the First ' Methodist church is in Little Rock this j week attending conference. Mrs. W. S. Penny of Idabcl, Okla., . will arrive Friday night for a visit with her sister, Mrs. W. W. Duckelt nnd Mr. Duckett. 1 Mrs. John P. Cox arrived Friday • night from a two week's visit with friends and relatives in Dallas, Tex. She was accompanied home by her son, Lamnr, who returned to Dallas on Saturday morning. Members of the L. T. L. are urged to ineet Sunday afternoon at 2 p. m. ut the First Baptist church. : No dearth of backfield material ! seems likely for Wisconsin's 1932 foot- 1 ball team. At least 12 backs from this year's squad will return. [ Urn! Cider - | Help! Nina Dykes, belle of the Shcnandoah apple belt, is shown here buried under part of the record apple crop harvested in the vicinity of Winchester, Va. The fruit is to be canned. Baseball is far more popular than football with Illinois convicts, says Col. Frank D. Whipp, state superintendent of prisons. He made a Boy Scout out of a boy Jung . . . brought back an exiled monarch . . . played cupid to a lonely queen, and dispersed a revolution with bombs of laughter. Will Rogers -In"Ambassador Bi 11 " —With— Greta Nissen SAENGER Sunday-Monday Will Rogers Plays Role He Made Famous in Real Life Will Rogers dressed in a boiled shirt, as the backwoods American ambassador attached to an etiquette- ridden European court. Such is the guise in which we see the famous funster in "Ambassador Bill," his latest Fox picture, showing at the Saenger Theatre Sunday and Monday, as en envoy whose fidsirptomaitcl an envoy whose first diplomatic (?) act is to suggest that they call off a special presentation because the queen has "hurty feet!" "Ambassador Bjll" is a perfect "fit" for the famous reporter-actor due to the fact that it allows him to "be himself." Famous as a pungent commen- lator on current topics, and as an 'unofficial ambassador" sent to laugh international troubles away, this film simply makes him re-live events that ne must know by heart.- Lald in the timely scene of a glamorous little kingdom ruled over by a joy, it deals with the political ma-, chinations of a wily dictator to.make limself the real power behind the throne.' Rogers, in the role of the worldly-wise "Dollar Bill" Harper, has something to say about this, however. And says it, naturally, in a manner hat would split anybody's sides. The picture is not, however, limited to wisecracks. No more than is Rogers himself in his daily writings. Cven some of the laughs themselves come close to tears. This is particu- arly true of some of the sequences ilayed by Rogers and young Tad Alexander, who enacts the role of the joy king. One of the best of these that in which the youngster is made .j realize that he has been a poor sport in his first baseball game. Many of the wittiest quips in "Ambassador Bill" are said to have been written, or re-written, by Rogers himself. The cowboy-humorist seems to ind it almost impossible to go through a picture without injecting some of us own pungent comments in it. For which it does not suffer in the least. Sam Taylor directed' "Ambassador Bill," and some of those seen in support of Rogers include Greta Nissen, Marguerite Churchill, Tad Alexander and Gustav von Seyffertitz. Wyoming to Mark Trail of Covered Wagon Trains CHEYENNE, Wyo—Trails followed through Wyoming by the poney express and the immigrants' covered wagons are to be marked with plaques, so that modern travelers who speed over the same routes nowadays in comfortable automobiles can take note. A figure of a pony express rider will be embossed on each of the plaques marking the trail over which William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, and other famous pioneer mail carriers rode during the years 1860-1862. A covered wagon will be the distinctive marking on the plaques which will he placed at intervals along the routes followed by the immigrants. Start Hangar SUNNYVALE, Cal.—The Navy's Pacific coast airship hangar here is under way and completion of this huge building is expected by March, 1933. The hangar will be about three blocks long, two blocks wide, and will have a height equivalent to 18 stories. Despite this size, it is smaller than the hangar erected in Akron, Ohio, for the U. S. S. Akron. The present administration at the University of North Dakota has spent nearly $3,5ftO on improvemtnts for the school's athletjc field. WARNER BAXTER "SURRENDER" -with— Leila Hyams—Ralph Bellamy Romance extinguished the fires of hate and two tortured souls found peace in the freedom of their souls. A . NOW! SAENGER HOPE STAR AND DAILY PRESS, MOPE, ARKANSAS Muscle Shoals Legislation Watched By Farm Leaders By FRANK I. WELLER Aftmwtated Press Farm Editor WASHlNOTON-(/p)-PredietIon by Senator Black of Alabama that a democratic congress will pass a Muscle Shoals bill similar to the one vetoed by.President Hoover last spring has renewed farm Interest In the govern* ment's $150,000,000 war-time nitrate and power plants. A few months ago the American farm Bureau Federation suggested the property be taken over and operated by a farmer-owned and controlled corporation provided congress appropriated funds to modernize it and bufld additional dams in the Tennessee river and its tributaries. Soon afterward it was learned that the administration was opposed to the investment of more 1 public funds. Overtures to chemical manufacturing concerns originally interested in Muscle Shoals brought the reply that they would not advance the proposed corporation the capital necessary to finance the work. Building of Dam Urged The farm bureau's committee on Muscle Shoals is to make its report prior to the national convention on December 7 to 9 but it is not expected to recommend its acquisition by a farm corporation unless the government agrees t modernize and complete the system of plans and dams. Edward A. O'Nell, president of the Farm Bureau federation, has said his organization will oppose any plan for operating Muscle Shoals which does not include the building of Cove creed da mln the Clinch river in Tennessee. The Chief purpose of the dam Is to create a 54,000-acre reservoir to insure a constant high flow of water in the Tennessee and thus increase the primary horsepower at Wilson dam from 100,000 to between 400,000 and 500,000 horsepower. BUI Vetoed By Hoover ' The Norrls bill for government operation of Muscle Shoals and which the president vetoed, provided for construction of the dam. It proposed to give the president 12 months in which to lease the nitrate plants to a suitable interest before launching government operation. It is in that point that the farm bureau would be interested should a bill similar to the Norris measure be enacted. A farm corporation might bid for the use of the equipment with the idea of manufacturing low-cost fertilizer should Senator Black's prediction prove true and congress be sufficiently powerful to pass the bill over the veto some feel reasonably sure the president would invoke. Come On In—The Snow's Fine Sure enough, it's winter! And smiling Alice Gunnison (left) of Scarsdale, N. Y., and Patsy Higgins (right) of New York City hardly gave the snow a chance to completely cover the ground before they were out on their skiis. Here they are, ready for a slide down a hillside near Carml, N. Y. DARWIN STORE Money Saving Items For Thrifty Shoppers Cheese Full Cream 2 Pounds 35c Oranges Nice Size-Full of Juice—Dozen I9c Lettuce Fancy Iceberg Head 6c Krispies Kcllogg's Rice 2 For I9c Salmon, Chum Brooms, 4 strand Pork & Beans, 3 for. Cleanser, can Salad Oil, quart Salt, 3 pkgs. 10c .23c .17c 5r. 37c 10r Sardines, 15 oz Pineapple, 2 '/2 can.. Karo, 2'/2 Ib. can.. Sorghum, bucket.... Macaroin, pkg. Toilet Paper, 3 for 10r ..18c ..18c 33c 4c ..lOc Coff BRAZOS 3 pound can 69C Meat Market Savings HAMS Whole or Half-Pound 13c BACON In the Slab—Sugar Cured Home Made—Lb. 16c Sausage—3 Ibs. ..... 25c I Pork Steak, Ib...... 15c Spare Ribs—2 lbs.-.25c I Pork Chops—Ib. 16c BEEF ROAST Any Cut Fore Quarter-Lb. 1 2C Ground Meat Pork Added 2 25c Chitterlings 3 25c Making Sea Safe for Land Planes *.*;*. c.o Lives of many landlubbers who go down to the sea in planes are expected to be saved by this new safety device—a streamlined metal container for a rubber life raft for use on wheel-equipped planes operating over water. Lieutenant George P. Tourtellot, army air corps flyers who designed the device, is shown above in his plane at Honolulu, T. H., with the boat container fastened to the upper wing. The raft may be removed and inflated in 30 seconds if the plane is forced to land in the ocean. Arkadelphia Orders Embargo on Cotton ARKADELPHIA, Ark.—G. A. Armstrong, general manager of the Federal Compress company here, announces that an embargo on cotton receipts was put into effect and that no more cotton will be shipped in until a portion of the large surplus on hand can be sent out. There is now on hand a total of 10,191 bales o which 1500 is out in the yard. Altogether the compress has handled 14,96 bales of this year's crop and more than 20,000 are expected by the end o:" the compress year. LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Qome to the "M" System Store and Save Quality Groceries For Less College of Ozarks Begin (age Season More Than 20 Candidate* Begin Practice for the Basketball Year - CLARKKSVIL***!, Ark -(#)-With 'our letterjnen back, more thaw 20 Candidates have begun practicing in anticipation of a bright basket ball eason for the College of the Ozarks. The squad is expected 10 rtUtttWsr iver 35 next week, Several candidates re on-the football field preparing for the charity game at Pine Bluff Sat' urday with Monticello A. & M. Coach Cole' said he intended to chedule two or three games before he Christmas holidays, but that no definite arrangements had been rrtScfe. Young Girl Gains Skill In Feathering Arrow* LOS ANGELES -(/P)-Again a woman chalenges the skill of men in a leld which was wholly theirs in the 'ays of Robin Hood. Fern Martin; till in her teens, has become .an-exert fletcher—one who feathers ar- ows. "Fletchers in Robin Hood's .day gen- rally were, stalwart, straight shooting bowmen," said Chester A. Se'ay, her mployer. "With competition in archery as teen as it is, the arrow must fly true. A straight, well-fashioned shaft is'es- sential, as is a balanced tip, but if the leathering is faulty .the ; arrow will miss its mark! So much depends upon Miss Martin's skill." Student* of ______ Give Italian fine arts dep«irtmcii<s lit",. College and Magnolia high 1 stated fen Italian program i lege ariftBfy Tuesday were members at the :.. school faculty, members faculty and members'of f fine at * e than 1,000 Minnesota competed in the fifth afii bowling association tourney Too Late to CIa**i FOR RENT-House, Mrs. Galester, 222 N. Herv FOR TRADE—Peas, c —_ ghum, molasses and sweefV] for good heavy corn. See ifie 1 me at Hope, Route 1. A. C. Moody. WARNING ORDER' No 2493 In the HerhpslieSa eery Court ' v Annie O'Dessa Bennett ... »••# Vs > • .«•> Joseph Sidney Bennett.. The Defendant Joseph Sldne nett, is hereby warned tO",a " this court WithM thirty dfiys , swer the complaint of herein. Witness my hand ahd th4 said court this 3rd day 6f', her 1931. WILLIE (Seal) Dec. 4-11-18-26 Pure Cane Sugar (Limit 20 Pounds) 20 Pounds Fancy Iceberg Lettuce Head Fancy Yellow Onions Pounds IOC Arm & Hammer Soda 3 Packages IOC Dining Car or Sunnybrook Coffee Pound Can Rosedale, Sliced or Crushed No. 2 Size Pineapple Can Butter Pint Jar 13c Quart Jar 23c ' J Fancy Triumph Potatoes 10 Pounds Good Weight Brooms Each Large 55 oz. Size Oats Package MARKET SPECIALS HAMS Whole or Half-Pound 13c CHEESE-Full Cream, Ib. 16fc Sliced Bacon Independent Sliced Sugar Cured 1 18c Prepared Chili I5c I Pig Tails lOc Pork Chops, Ib. ........ 16c ' Pork Steak, Ib ......... I5c BEEFSTEAK 1 5c „» 1 7c Barry McKeel wanted her to marry him but her pay checks were needed at home, "Three Kinds of Love," the new serial of Kay Cleaver Strahan, tells how thy solved the problem, It begins Wednesday in 'W* 'jffr^tnj^ : '^Psp^ ^is^ vH^^HwP ^^i^ ^|pp ^^W^^^Bw^

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