Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1931
Page 4
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'ff^Vf'^ <•;#, < '/" STAR AND DAtttt »e ««<• tk« i |*f,ky * me. «k« \3t*fc Mock* kl* I. MMMMfmu. Olfk ' «?lie yiirtt the rif ••«• •!••* m4 it«M *fce »#«l?l««*,' "» »m«f-tkat «M !«••«*•<••< Tfc« 111 •• kfcift, ha* TCulfce* WITH THE STOn»' ,XLIV waa the first man Although it was faat **-* -- tiring. hour, he He was there «la Hendrlckg came bur- from the bridge, and he v two men retired to the Bates ,a,nd Mary fol- ,'»\the matter, captain T" somewhat nervously, , ,J landsman's Inordinate .. accident on sea, and even felt a childish impulse to rush •captain and cling to his hand danger was over. r e're fast on a reef," Captain was explaining to Mr "She's apparently no -/engineers say She's mak noVwater below—but she seems •""*jji' i tf ell. stuck." iu get off by yourself?' asked. re a try at it tomorrow __ ^Jm afraid we'll have to tug out of Key West though rts ~" pull." •yon think best," Mr. rered mildly. a'lT have 'Some In to- cqptain continued, "but _.__ jade It almost like'day; IJjife been around here so, much ought I could make it even in ti-; This-channel isn't used ex|for' small fishing craft, and rently.some of the buoys have -ed* oy'er.i-See that mid-channel *pt££ nted-to what looked like an iel to Mary, it was jg^tewst in the shadow the .last'oifvthe water. IfdKjhannel buoy, and It's stick' right up on top of a reef with, Cab<?ut five feet of water over Fortunately ;we were coming in ifjust > barely, turning over." flhere are we?" Bates asked. ttstJa- half mile from the old ;pt.Fort Jefferspn where I In- $'.ti> make fast. In another Sonnies we'd have been there. % Dry Tortqgas there a couple lies, off the starboard beam." ey turned to look, and the ray 9, big lamp In Us white tower | across their faces and off into poonllt night. in going fishing in the morn- Sen," Mr. Jupiter said cheer- UttJ , Oufht to bt out by •)« »ny Way. They bit* better early in th, morntng. Everybody back to. be now, th«6'« nothing we ««n do t help, and we'd only b« In the way, • • • Oi day th»t followed wai one o Unutterable tedlufa for thoa left behind while Ike flifainff perty cruised happily about. Mary aat in a decH cfialr, a book in her lap wntchlnt the unejclted labor* o the diittnt fishermen through tele«op> loaned her by the captain It Was nbtL^eiy entertaining but 1 was better than nothing. The, burning gun drove Bruce and Louise, downitairs, where thej played interminable games of soli taire. De Loma prowled the ship like a caged animal. He had run out of cigarettes long since, and big nerves were au a-jangle. pe rovec from one end of the ship to the other, .leaning 09 the rail and studying the prospect in every direction,. They were all very much he same, which must have been discouraging. He avoided the landward side, Mary observed, but whether this was due to her presence there, or o the vlew-^rhich consisted of lassy.sea out of which old Fort efferson prison reared its ugly eadr-she did not know. Presently, to give him the range of : the boat, and also because his restlessness had begun to get on her nerves, she resolved to go below and take a nap. She met a steward with a tray, headed for Dirk's stateroom, and stopped him. She rear* ranged it'a bit to make it mqre jn? viting. Then she had the steward Wait while she wrote 4 HOte. -jt was only three words. ,' Mary pulled a book-from the rack on one side of the salon and sent that along, too. She promised herself that she would drop in and se Dirk after he had lunch. • Once she heard an altercation ou on deck. De Loma was berating i, steward because he had looked u; the liquor cabinet, at Mr, Jupiter' order, as it turned out, Mary dis missed it from her mind,, until i violent knocking at her door forcei her to take notice of it. De Lqma was in a towering white-hpt rage. "What'e thf« all about?" he snarled. "Am la guest on this damn neWng-wnack or em I- not? Why cai|'t J. jet,s<nnrlcft5fro»?tbe.»e deaf jnutet yojj've wt tW^aJforepn this t«bT J want » drtnk, «nd I want it now, do you hear! Tell this= cub to toss out that key! What does he think I am, a baby?" "Take your, troubles to Captain Hendrlcks, He's. >n command," Mary replied. "Yea? Well, there'* something else I want to know-why doesn't that radio operator s«pd my messages?" : .:.. , "Doesn't her "No. It he dja, I'd have bad an- swera before now. What's happen- ng to my trunks? Damn it, if that hotel seizes them, I'll hold you re* sponiible!." Mary smiled shakily, "Yon flatter me. As I said before, Captain Hendrlcks is the man to "Th»t From-hit choice-of expletives it was apparent that Captain Hen- drjcks bad already been seen, and idded his refusal to that of bis ubordinates, D« Loma was ap- : pealing to Mary as a-last resort. He wa« almost bMld* himself, and Mary sBttt the . later she heard the eafttaln's low steady voice. "We've a siok man .in that cabin down,the*e, De,L6tBfc' t.gugke* you lower, youf *6ice, Better still was impressive, particularly to i man whose courage was not of th stay up on deck, what were you bothering Miss Harknew about Miss Harkneas is not to be an noyedl" * * '* a LOMA obeyed without a word There was something »*out tn « sturdy figure of the captain that physical sort. Mary, listening to the encounter between the two with a loudly beating heart, opened her door a trifle when De Loma had gone. Captain Hendricks was still standing there, "Kee^p your door locked," he said very low. "The steward just surprised him trying Mr. Jupiter's door. That's what he's so hot and mthered about, Though I reckon le'd like to have a drink, at that. 3ood thing Jupiter's got the only >oat—I think he'd try to row to hdre.!' , "Are-we off the reef yet?" she asked hopefully. All morning the crew had worked at the job of dislodging the strand- d "Gypsy, 1 ' first dropping an an- hor off the bow and trying to pull er forward with a winch and then epeating the performance off the j tern. But the lovely wh|te-and old yacht was firmly seated upo rock, and there 'she remained, a lluring a sight as Circe of old t le tired and grubby fishermen nb' lying toward her. "No luck. We're here till we ca at a tig to p'ull us off." The cap in shook his head. "He'll b almy-before then. You know wha think?" He whispered almos ieefully. "I think it's that ok prison that gets his goat! He's s jittery now he can't eat. And when appetites fail on shipboard, a man' either seasick or got the fear o hell-fire in him." In mid-afternoon the fishermen arrived, and even the sullen De Loma was at the rail to watch their coming aboard. Any kind of ac tivlty was better than the stillness and utter lack of human association from whfph ha.had been suffering "Oh, what maryelousiluck!" Mary called out involuntarily as the boat came alongside and she saw several shining fish in the bottom.. "What are theyTf I never.sa'w;sueh beautiful fish before," ,Both : .;Mr. Jupiter *?! Ba( l£ were igrftiilngr as they .climbed >ut, albeit rather- stiffly, and came up the gangplank. "Kingflsh," Bates replied, "and hey're rightly name'd, too. What a Ight one of those fellows gave me! le knew I was an amateur so he gave the works." "Didn't you get any barracuda?" "No. No luck there." Mr. Jupi- er called a deck hand to bring heir catch up from the dinghy. "I wouldn't want to try to bring one f those into that cockleshell. Got he boat loose yet?" "Sorry, sir," the captain replied. And now there's something the matter with the radio. Tried to get Key West to order a tug, but it wouldn't work. Couldn't raise any- ne," A sudden thought made him, ook suspiciously in De Loma's dl- ection, "If I thought anyone had ampered with it—" De Loma brought his eyes back rom a moody contemplation of 'ort' Jefferson prison, turned and walked away. The captain's specu- ative gaze followed him. was either asleep or feigned it when Msry went down to se« him. Hla atony tinreaponalvenesa was beginning to wear her splriti down at last. It was not human, she felt, to be so stubbornly resist, ant even to the ordinary claims ot friendship. He must hate her, There was no other explanation. She almostfan to her own cabin, locked herself in and let the teari come. Then, realizing that sh« could not go up on deck again with. out exciting curiosity, she sent « steward to ask Bates to loan her his half-complete "picture puwle." It she must be a prisoner she could at least be doing something useful. For two hours she labored over !he heap of paper scraps, fitting :hem together expertly, until she had the finished poster. It was almost impossible to gain a clear idea of the man's looks .until another tour's labor had succeeded in past- ng the scraps In place. But he- 'ond a doubt it was De Loma—a 'ounger De Loma, almost a boy, in act. The same 'thin, hawk-like ace, the beady black eyes, the ar- Ogant head. He wore a white shirt pen at the neck, and white trou- ers curiously clipped (p. at the nkles, as if for bicycle riding, and rhat appeared to be a pair of old ennls shoes. The curiousness of hia get-up was heightened by his ose-^-arms folded across the chest, he feet at right angles in the "first ositlon" of the ballet dancer. Below was printed: "Harry Hill, IB Human Fly." Mary pqndered this for aome time. The name was not familiar, and she had no idea what a "human fly'' was. Reaving it for Bates' interpretation, she went up on deck. Night had settled down as she Joined the rest of the party, grouped on the main deck just forward of Mr. Jupiter's cabin. A half mile or so to the east, gleaming ghostly clear in the moonlight, the prison rose abruptly out of the sea, A gold moon swam in the deep blue tropical sky. The whole scene was like a vivid lithograph or a highly colored postcard picture. Louise was talking as Mary joined the group, describing an old castle she had visited the year before. "It had the most marvelous stained Sflass windows, made in Italy by the monks during the Renaissance and transported over the mountains m donkeys. I remember particu- arly a deep crimson j;.', the glass was so flnejy colored It looked like precious stone ..." She turned to Mary. ., , "What reminded me of it were your rubies, : What, hav,e you done';with them? .Do you have'them'on' • he yacht? I should love just to ' ook at them again." "I have them here," Mr. Jupiter poke up, before Mary could de- ide what answer to make to this mazing request. He reached into he pocket of his. dinner jacket and ulled them out, holding them up o the eyes of the others. There vere several sharply drawn breaths t the unexpected glory of the tones. "Try 'em on, Mary, do," he rged. "It's a sight worth seeing," e told the others with naive prido. He rose and laid them in her ands. Fumbling with nervousness, 'ary reached up to fasten them about her neck, but they slipped from her fingers. She made a frantic grab for them, but only succeeded in striking them with her hand. They fell flashing into tha sea. "You fool! Oh, you fool!" De/ Loma, screamed at her insanely.. "Now. see what you've done!."(To Be Continued), ' Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! «! . With IOPE STAR ADS more you tell, auicker you selj. insertion, 10c per lin% m 30? 7c per line, m 50c *& insertions, 5c per Une, minimum fiOQ 5% words to the line) advertisement* ae* pver the telephone may be rg#J with the understan'diBg t the bjljl ia payable on presen. gn o| statement, the day of first Phone 768 FOR RENT high class homes. 1,0311 Company. Small iyme#t, balance moathly. Floyd 3-7tc Man Dreised a« Airman Gains $800 in Robbery ROCK.-W-A bandit, at tired M an aviator, held up a woman employee alone in the Argenta Build ing and* Loan Association office Wed nesday and escaped with about $800. Wearing an aviator's cap, goggle and a leather coat, the bandit force Miss Vera Eason to turn over ttv money and then forced her into vault. She escaped within a few mo ments. 302 North McRae street. L. D. Reed 3Q-6tc Admit tp Saenger Theatre Friday Mrs. Elisabeth Stewart. FOR RENT—House and five ani one^hall acres of land, adjoining city limits, Telephone 638, Mrs. Callie Keen. • 2-3 A4m.it to Sftenger theatre Friday Miss PJi?abeth Arnett. NOTICE RADIO SERVICE—All makes radios repaired. Prompt ant} efficient service. Reasonable charges and satisfaction guaranteed. No charge made for testing tubes and estimating repairs needed. Phones 118 and f62 four-room Duplex, street. One five-room ffprth Kim street. Floyd Por- f 3-7tc it to SjUWger Theatre Friday Admit to Sswiger Theatre Friday Mis? Floyce Taylor, WANTED ree twin 136 #, Bgrvey Sfe rta"ltaHM»r .**» Chicago Manufacturer has a Piano near Hope which is slightly used and partly paid for. We will $ell this to a responsible party willing to complete small RWRthJy payments. For lull partieulart address ft a, gijms, , Post Ottle^ Box 195, Chicago, 31-3tc - Will pay casj^ peat. Wnte Frank gftui« 1. ShQ ried lay the game of ^^-•^^guin^^ %---• Read her story in "Three Kinds of Love," the new •^ serial beginning Wednesday, Dec. 9, in Hope Boy Slay Paces Chair Russell R. McWilliams, above, 17- year-old Rockford, 111., orphan, has been sentenced to the electric chair for the killing of William S. Sayles, 64, a street car conductor, in a holdup, The boy pleaded guilty. 9A Class Presents Weekly Program 'School Citizenship," Subject for Program at Next Meeting On Monday, November 30, the members .of the 9A Home Room group of the Junior-Senior High School,, presented the following program. The subject for discussion was '"Co-operation." 1. "Giving up one's preferences when they interfere with the group." —Lynette McKanney. 2. "The part that should be played in the groups activities and school enterprises."—James Lewis. 3. "Student's part in making the dags room recitation both profitable rind enjoyable."—Mary Delia Carrigan. '•';3. Criticisms given in a courteous manner'and aids given by suggestions of others."—Mildred Gray. ; ebate—Resolved: That good 'team work'is essential in the home, school, church and business world as well" as in athletics. '' Affirmative—Seven Bader and Jew- •e^-ChaHes Carpenter and ,._ ible-Barnum.' '"The subject for next week's discussion will be "School Citizenship," with the following objectives: 1. To train the pupil in the fundamentals of his obligations as a school citizen. •'•2. To tell him of the principles and 1 aims of the school. Act Over Pay of Jurors Held Unconstitutional PINE BLUFF.—(#>)—An act of the last legislature, fixing ad '$3.50 a day (he pay for jurors in counties having population of 22,000 to 22,300( ap- uno*s'tfrtitla,na.l by Chancellor H.'fl. . Me granted a restfatfilna order enjoining W. 'H. Norsworthy, Arkansas county treft»«r.er .from paying the gum a»ked by J. W. Searson, a taxpayer. Chancellor Lucas held the act was special legilsation in that it np- a population or zz.uuu to M,3W( ap- was special legiisatlon plying to Arkansas county, was held plied only to one county - .... J.,.^!^..,-^/. - , ...^._.:^ .-.._.. „.-.,.'.. After Eleven Y««t* fNDtANAFbl4S,-(#)*-For Iho fittt time In eleven, years, a woman $aw her former husband, and their IT* year-old boy shook hands with his father. The meeting occurred in jail, where the father, John ft. Hprfte, had, been confined on charges filed by his. wife, of neglecting his chiltf, itohn. you may buy The World's Best Overall UNION MADS flt Haynes Bros. for if So many men'ave told us they are all fed up on cheap overalls that we have arranged to give the overall wearers of Hope and vicinity the very best overall made at a price that makes it actually the cheapest overall to wear. Two pair of Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls will outwear three pair of the dollar kind, The two Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls at $1.19 cost you $2.38. The three cheap overalls cost $3.00. You save 62c by wearing Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls and besides that you get a comfortable, full cut overall; made of the toughest denim woven with wide legs, big pockets, fully reinfbreed and absolutely guaranteed. Hayiies Bros. * Crying Baby Dolls Priced at CX-N Only 59C Biggest doll value of the season! Kapok stuffed body, composition legs and arms. Painted eyes, mouth, teeth. DOLLS EVERY LITTLE GIRL WILL LOVE—PRICED AT Lay-Away! Only a 25 per cent deposit will hold any Christmas Gift or Toy selected at Burr's. We will "Lay-Away" the merchandise for you until you are ready to call for it. Toy Furniture Marvelous Assortments Dresser with mirror or three drawer bureau $1.19 Cuddly, baby-size dressed dolls. Some that stand, some with "sleepy" eyes and lashes, turning head and crying voice. BEAUTIFUL DRESSED DOLLS Large size, with curled hair, "sleepy" eyes, eyelashes, open mouth, teeth and tongue, and crying voice. Select yours now! ELECTRIC RANGE 98c Will really cook! Has DOUBLE burner and guaranteed heating oven burner. Complete with cord and plug. Toy Chairs and Rocking Chairs. Each 98c Toy Tables and Chairs of Pink and Blue. 49c A big Bassinett in colors of pink and blue $1.19 Small Bassinetts, with imitation mattress 49c A large wardrobe trunk for the doll's clothes. 98c There are numerous items that we do not have space to list, that will interest the family. Visit our store. L. C. BURR & CO. Hope,

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