Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1931
Page 3
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[SOCIETY I'hMiirnirr -i ~rimii i nniii-rn;mS>i Ufa, Sid Henry Telephone 821 Life, believe, is not a dream, So dark as sages say; Off a little morning rain Fbrtells a pleasant day; Sometimes there are clouds of gloom But those arc transient all; If the showers will make the rose: bloom, Oh, why lament Its fall? Rapidly, merrily, Life's sunny hours flit by, Gratefully, cheerily. Enjoy them ns they fly. What tho trouble at limes slops in, And calls our Best away? Yet Hope again elastic springs, Unconquered tho she fell; Etlll buoyant are her golden wings, Still strong to bear us well. Manfully, fearlessly, The day of trial bcnr, For gloriously, victoriously, Can courage quell despair.—Selected. --— m i MI The Paisley P. T. A. held a most interesting meeting on Wednesday afternoon at the Pnislcy school, and the following Christmas program was presented by tho first and second grades: Christmas Story from Luke, by the First grade, which was followed by "Christmas Wishes" by the First Grade. PalylA "A Visit to Santa's Shop." by thcWecond grade. The program closed'with a most inspiring devotional by Dr. W. A. Bowcn. During the business period, it was decided to hold study class the first week in January. week in January, meeting every afternoon at 3:30 at the school. Mrs. Gus Hayncs hns been secured as teacher. | Plans were completed to provide a Christmas tree for the school. The Cemetery Association will hold their final meeting for the year 1931 on Friday afternoon at 3 oclock at the city hall. A full attendance is urged as business of importance will come before this meeting. Miss Catherine Cryer, who has spent the past ten days in our city directing the play "Oh. Professor," which was sponsored by the Senior-High P. T. A. left Wednesday for Maiden, Mo. Recluse Starved, But Fed Her Cats Mrs. E. M. McWIlliams was hostess on Wednesday atfernoon to the members of the Wednesday Bridge Club at her home on East Third street. Fall flowers adorned the rooms which were arranged for two tables. High score was made by Mrs. A. M. Key. Little Miss Nancy Wodford of Little Rock is "the guest of her grand mother, Mrs. W. I. Purkins and aunt, Miss Marie Purkins. The Brookwoocl P. T. A. held their reguplur monthly meeting on Wednesday ntfernoon at tho Brookwood school, with the president, Mrs. W. L.. Carter presiding. A most successful Bazaar was held, followed by a lyery interesting ncogam. The Bay View Reading Club held their regular bi-weekly meeting on Wednesday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. Steve Carrigan, Jr., on West Avenue B, with the president, Mrs. Gus Hayncs presiding. Roll call responses were general items abut the lesson subject. Mrs. W. O. Shipley led the lesson on Cuba and the Panama Canal, she WHS assisted by Mrs. John Gibson, who read a splendid paper on the building and development of the Panama Canal, and Mrs. W. F. Saner who told some interesting faels about Cuba. Miss Mamie Twitchcll. closed the program with n very instructive paper on the sugar and fruits of Cuba. Following the lesson, the hostess assisted by her daughter, Miss Mary Delia, served a delicious salad plate. mum — S A E N G E R— Last Times Thursday On the Stage C II K S J) A V I S And His "CHICAGO FOLLIES" 20 — Artists — 20 10— Dancing Darlings— 10 mum On The Screen RICHARD ARLEN TOUCHDOWN — With— PEGGY SHANNON JACK OAKIE mum Rocks nations with his I homespun humor! mil ROGERS Ambassador Bill $ U'itb GRETA NISSEN MARGUERITE CHURCHILL Directed tyS\M TAYLOR A Fox Picture ' — SAENGER- , SUNDAY-MONDAY 1 The choicest fiod was none too good 'or the 25 cats owned by Mrs. Annie Vliller, above, wealthy and aged Philadelphia woman who lived in soli- ude. But she herself died if malnutri- ion. physicians said, while lavishing care, upon her pets. More than $200,100 worth of stocks and bonds were said to have been found in her home. Among the out of town friends and relatives attending the funeral of the late A.;,C. Whilehurst which was conducted from the First Christian church, in this city, on Thursday afternoon were- Mrs. J, H. Hoffman, daughter, of Amarillo, Texas; Mrs. W, T. Milam, sister o£ Lubbock, Texas, Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Brunk of Texarkana; Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brown of Texarkana, and Irvin Jones of Lubbock, Texas, Claude Johnson, left Wednesday night for Tuckerman, Arkansas, where he is employed by the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company at that place. ANDERSON, Ind.—Police did not accept the offer of Raymond Riggs, 35, to go to jail after his automobile had hit a 12-year-old boy and knocked him from his bicycle and, 30 minutes later, hit a 10-year-old boy, who suffered' concussion of the brain. Riggs 1 record had shown him to be a careful driver. Feeding Grain to the Poultry Flock Three Method* Discuued By Extension Expert in Feeding The common custom of feeding dry hlnsh*is to keep it before the hens, but In feeding grain three methods are being used at the present time. The oldest method is to feco* it In the litter, feeding one-third of the day's ration In the morning and the remaining two-thirds in the late afternoon. This method is unsanitary and often grain Is left in the litter so it is difficult to determine just how much grain Is being consumed, points out G. W. Knox, Jr., Extension poul- tryman, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. The method of feeding grain which is coming into general use is to trough feed it. V-shaped troughs are being constructed from 1 by 8 inch material. The grain Is put in this trough morning and night. This method is clean, and the exact amount of grain the hens consume can be regulated, A light feed of grain is given in the morning and a heavy feeding, all the hens will eat, is given at night. Some poultrymen prefer to hopper feed their grain. That is to keep the grain before the hens at all times. This method is sanitary, but the amount of grain fed cannot be regulated as easily as In trough feeding. Usually from 12 to 18 pounds of grain should be fed for each 100 hens per day where the dry mash is kept before them. The exact amount fed varies with the breed and the season of the year. The person feeding his chickens should learn to regulate the amount .of grain his birds will eat. During the late fall and winter from IM: to 2 times as much grain should be fed as mash. Prince to Be Banished If He Keeps His Wife BUDAPEST — (ff)— Prince Nikolas, of Rumania, has one more day, reports from Bucharest said Wednesday, to renounce his malrriage to Mme. Deletj, a commoner, or be exiled from the royal family under a statute which was adopted originally to curb Carol himself. The king, who spent several years In exile because of an affair with Mme. Magda Lupescu, recently was' prevailed upon by his cabinet members, in the interest of his favor with the people, to curb his wrath against his younger brother and he gave Nickolas two months to think things over." The prince wrote Carol defiant letters, however, the reports said, and now Carol has decided to banish him unless he repents. THIS CURIOUS WORLD fl*w A COOL c<://MATe Tbcwe 8&&DED _ vv CoTTONTAfLPABBJt \^ 04NIES H.FiGWINS.' "X; BY NEA CERVICC, INC, F/?S4K RABBIT'S CHIN IMS JNCH6S LONG. 6JHKTH TICKS £V£RV SSCONP, iU(XJi& HAVS lio ffjf\ KW AtN(O$( S2f ' IN HERE IS A QUAINT, RUSTIC WEATHER PROPHET That Operates on Scientific Principles GET YOURS NOW! Cut Out This Coupon Get a WEATHER PROPHET FOR 69c Reg. $1.00 Value Mail orders lOc extra An Ideal Gift Guaranteed— Made in America A quaint Swiss-cottage hygrometer. When the weather is fine the two children will be out; when stormy weather is approaching the witch will come out from 8 to 24 hours ahead of rain or snow. It is surprisingly reliable on local weather conditions. Made on strictly scientific principles. We have secured a special price on a quantity and, as long as they last, will sell them for exactly what it costs us to retail them— John S. Gibson Drug Co, Ex-Actress Held as Husband's Killer Under arrest charged with having killed her husband, Justin L. Cobb (left), during a quarrel, Mrs. Emily Cobb (right), former musical comedy actress, was treated for severe body lacerations in a Brockton, Mass., hospital. She is alleged to have told authorities that her husband, while intoxicated, threw her down a flight of stairs and then committed suicide. New Color Camera LONDON, Eng.—A new invention which may make colored photography as easy and cheap as the taking of ordinary black-and-white camera pictures has just been announced. A new ramera is provided with a yellow, a red and a blue plate to each of which light is divided evenly .A specially sensitized paper is the secret of the whole process. Stuart Stickney and Walter Pfeffer, St. Louis sports enthusiasts, are attempting to revive coursing. Daniel Boone? CHESTER. Pa.—Local shoppers were amazed recently when a tall figure appears clad as a backwoodsman, bearing a hunting license on his back and carrying a shotgun. Their amazement turned to consternation when the man fired the gun twice in rapid succession, first at the befeathered hat of a stout woman and then at a red roadster, and commanded a dog with him to bring back the "rabbits." Police put him in a cell to sober up. Will Rogerg, Busiest Man in Hollywood fhe.buslnest man in the film capital is Will Rogers, actor, wit and philosopher of international renown, He writes for upwards of 250 newspapers, plays polo, attends banquets and delivers lectures in addition to glvtHg humorous talks over the radio ahd entertaining royal and political celebrities at his large estate in Beverly Hills, California where, with his wife and daughter and his two sons, he probably entertains more people than Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford do at "Pickfair." Rogers is particularly shy of newspaper folks and magazine writers. He is a writer himself and gets big money for his gags which ahe his stock in trade. It isn't good business to give away your stock. And William Penn Adair Rogers is a good business man. However, once contact is made Rogers will talk a blue streak, but mostly on subjects that do not concern himself, his activities or his family. He calls his Beverly Hills mansion the "House That Jokes Built." It is a large, comfortable homey, place with no fri'.ls. 'Every dollar I have I have earned and every one of those dollars represents a joke or a gag," he said recently. "The secret of my success, if I've been successful, is keeping young, associating with young, people, my children for the most part. "I never worry and I expect to live to be 100 years old. Happiness means long life and I'm happy alway?. Worry kills more people than bootleggers. [ never stew and I never drink." Rogers does not smoke, either. He chefs gum constantly to keep down his desire to smoke. In Claremore, Okla., where Rogers lived for many years, there is a .pretentious hotel called the Rogers House named for the famous wit, but he has never got excited over the fact. "I used to envy General Grant and Jesse James and ex-president Arthur because they had cigars named for them, but now I've kinda got it on them. Anyway a hotel is bigger than a cigar. Youth Attack* Guard, Steal* Keys, in Memphis MEMPHIS, fenh.-(^-iCiyde Jones If, read a detective story last night as he set in his cell at Juvenile Court. It described the escape of blood thirsty killers from their guards. Jones picked up a piece of a chair and struck his guard, Harris Bailey, 42; several times, and took his keys. "I got to feeling sorry for hint and gave him back the keys," he said Wednesday. "That really was a 'heck of a thing' to do, because 1 couldn't get out then." ' Other officers were summoned and Jones was removed to the city jail pending his delivery to the State reformatory at Nashville where he is to serve a year for forging a $5 check on his father to obtain money to "have a good time with my girl" The guard was taken to.a hospital with a possible fractured skull. Fifty-two freshmen repotred to Coach Forrest Cox at the University of Kansas for basketball practice. ORDINANCE NO. 449 An Ordinance to be Entitled, An Ordinance to Amend Section 3 of Ordinance No. 41.1. of the Ordinance? of the City of Hope, Arkansas, Passed and Approved on the 3rd Day of July, 1928, and for other purposes. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOPE, ARKANSAS: SECTION 1: That Section 3 of Ordinance No. 413 of the Ordinances of Hope, Arkansas, be, and the same is, amended to read as follows: •'.',' Section 3: RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE INSTALLATION OF PLUMBING AND DRAINAGE. Hereafter all plumbing or house drainage installed in any building either public or private Within the City of Hope shall confirm hereto. Before beginning any plumbing or drainage work in the City of Hope, the person installing same shall apply to the plumbing inspector, or other designated official and obtain a permit to do such work and shall pay the issuing official the following suftf 4ftfcn rfftift made !or the tfisfleTStf* during installation ot the case may rebuff* provided for. j -» ••. The fee to be Dollar each for th* and 2$ cents fot e the first five. SECTltOtf 2: All parts of ordinances With are hereby, ordinance shall be in . effect from and aftei'lL, Passed and approved,™ Dec, 1931 and publisMnt] Star Dec. 3, 1931. '\ ».t. Attest: FRED WEBB ' City Clerk.' A THREE DAYS' COUGH IS Pentitent coughs •erious trouble. Youcaddt with Creomulsion, all i that is pleasant to take. Cr now medical discovery with it on; it soothes and heal* I membranes and inhibits i Of all known drugs, cr nized by high medical itlthott of the greatest healing agencl sistetrt coughs and cofdratoH of throat troubles. Creomnlsio in addition to creosote, other I ments which soothe and hell I membranes and stop the J inflammation, while the " on to the stomach, Is ah* blood, attacks the seat of tl* and checks the growth of the f Creomulsion is guarantee* lory in the treatment of ? I coughs and colds, bronchial bronchitis and other forms ol lory diseases, and is i building up the system I . flu. Money refunded if any t cold, no matter of how long 4 is not relieved after taking,! to directions. Ask yon* druggist'(i* • rt*.-»S "Toasting is certainly a great protection "Luckies for me every time. They don't leave an after-taste, they don't cause huskiness, they don't make me cough. Toasting is 1 certainly a great protection. And that improved Cellophane wrapper of yours—it's great—I can actually open it without a knife/' Flo Ziegfeld once glorified Lilyan Tashman in the "Follies" sense —but Hollywood made her internationally famous. She'* a prime Hollywood social leader, and one of the best dressed women on the screen. Do not miss her in Paramount'* "Girls About Town." ****** Made of the finest tobaccos — The Cream of many Crops-LUCKY STRIKE alone offers the throat protection of the exclusive ''TOASTING'' Process which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays the process that expels certain harsh, biting irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf. These expelled irritants are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE. "They're oof-«o they can't be inl" No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. Statement Paid For? , You may be interested In , knowing thai not one cent ' was paid to MitsTashman to make the above ilatQr ment. Miss Tashman ha» been a smoker of LUCKY , STRIKE cigarettes for 2 years. We hope the pub* licllyhorewithglvenwillbe as beneficial to her and to Paramount, her producers, ' as her endorsement of LUCKIES Is to you and lows.', "It's toasted" Your Throat Protection - against irritation-> against coU|h And Moisture-Proof Cellophane Keeps that "Toasted" Flavor Ever Fresh TUNE IN ON LUCKY STRIKE; 60 modern minute* with th* world'i final dona erchc«ro»ondWolti:r\Viiuhi:ll,u'hu«csi>jjiJ. of today become* ihcneu'jo/tomorrow. evtry Tuesday, TfiiirsJu., and Sulurday evening wet N.B.C. netwarla. MOISTURE-PROOF CELLOPHANE Sea/ed Tig/it-Ever Right The Unique Humidor Package Zip—And it's open S See the new notched tab on the top of the package. Hold down one half with your thumb. Tear off the other half. Simple. Quick. Upl That's all. Unique I Wrapped in dust-proof, moisture* proof* germ-proof Cellophane. Clean, protected, noat, f RtSHt -what could be more modern than IUCKIIS' Im* proved Humidor package*so easy to open! inptftefv the J.UCKY TAB is-your fin&r null projection, Copr. 1(31. Th. AmrlMD Tot4MO Co.

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