Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1931 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1931
Page 6
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.'f fla^Miv'xrW fo~suV*, i tMIXZSX* *«;* W » Wt \f Jf CCU 0 there was-soffie'thlrig saura nis Statl6h. "LtlCk %iM lie planned a "highway ^IsHgiram for 'ftittaW years :'6tt"<Sfe sl^aft ""•" 'do pay attention , fife afitr-sttiina'service, |by Hollis Luck's outstafld* "^iA'ttto'sHMt years. His s-gr&Wn rnto a five-ptimp jit/fine of the largest gas*- raits fa this section, and he • and battery ie- native-of Prescott. i ;Hope five years ago, [of 1930.0per3ed his pre*s«ht i -Oivision street. It has at today the station em- coVefing day and isoiine and-oils-are sold-'by With.Seiberling tires jge batteries. The-air.„. of Ithese tires is ^em- i &dde's veteran position atoriiobile batteries makes it itb&t.Imown names in the Juttctlob* 1 Service Staticm Home Economics —Photo by Shipley ifbr su'pply business con- iinprove, Mr. Luck said Although there was a > -in, gasoline sales;, Novem- '' 'drop was ' t,'less than the seasonal 'decline eipeeted. This November near- October, where 'November j far behind,, said, .'Mr. lil Wage Reduction I > H Rapped by Council ekibO— (IPj— The general 'coun- J the Railway labor organizations dVe been asked to accept 10 per fee cits 'declared Saturday that ._. 'lfedttctidfls of wages are "furs crimes against humanity." te?W'" ugh not attempting to predict * labbr unions would do -when 'here Decembers, Donald R. 'counsel for the Railroad es' Association, 'said law Under which a^rail- an- be- compelled to dos Wages to charity?' •>11 ^ed Corn Resists UG^ON, 111.—(fl 5 )—Wellfed 6*weU-fed men, is better able j^lthstarid the rigors of winter. fGovernment plant breeders, produc- " ^artificial ''frost with a portable re- Serator, found that immature corn 4tditreSted*soil was killed-"hi a few i-a temperature of-33 to 34 '5trains,-giver» , plant ; food ed "no ill effects from four hours' 0 degrees temperature. Permanent | "Waving Machine [Don't leave town to get your Real-.. \Mc permanent wave! We can now i^veyou the new, genuine -Realistic ^Permanent. MARINELLO Beauty Shop Phone 151 Ceiiter of Paper WakingMay Shift Ffalp of South Found to Be Satisfactory, Says U.'S. Forester WASJHINGTQN.—Further progress irrexperimentst which ;proirijse'to: shift fhe Center of" American 'paper'-making from Canada to Maine to the forests of the South is reported in the annual bulletin issued by Robert Y. Stuart, forester of the United States Depart- -raent ?of '• Agriculture. "Unless all signs fail," Mr.. Stuart 'says, "the 'results of laboratory 'research' On pulpiiig of Southern woods soon will find important application In large-scale commercial developments. Interest hi this field Is-run- ning'high." A few months,the government-owned forest products -teboratory at Madison, Wis., made an announcements which atracted wide attention; namely, that on slash pine'free of heart wood the commercial sulphate process yields a .jAilp -satifsactory "in the making of white ! paper. iHeartwood makes its appearance in-slash 'pine at about 30 years. _, ^ Since this announcement, the-forest products laboratory haM developed a new «pulpingi process. wnich, f^Say-ief ^ fecttively eliminate the requirement" of resin-free wood in .paper making. •Thesprocess consists of "semi-chemical" impregnation of the wood with sodium sulphate and -sodium bicarbonate, followed ,by ordinary calcium sulphate • cooking. "Applied to resinous longleaf and slash ptaes,"- the' forester said, '"it produces a strong bleachable pulp comparable in ,<iuaiity ' to standard sulphate. 'The horizon of usefulness as paper making material not only for Southern pities but also for a large group of Nortrlern and Western species wiirbe indefinitely, widened if the new process, so successful 'experimen- t&lly/proves-adaptable In practice." • -In commenting upon the experi-' ments with slash pine, Mr. Stuart says: f "It was'demonstrated this year that the commercial sulphate process gives satisfactory pulps frosh slash pine free of heartwood and earlier investigations have shown that ground-wood pulp of satisfactory color and average strength can be produced from young slash pine with reasonable power expenditure. While rapid, growth of the tree is eminently desirable for rhaxi- mum volumes of pulps, late studies have shown that as a rule slow-grown material yields pulps of somewhat higher strength. Some compromise between exertmes of growth is there- GULF GAS the busy corner of Thirct I and Hazel—on the new Broad-; -way of America route, you'll' ^find that Good Gulf gas sta-; "tion. Courteous service—full •value for your money. Bundy Service Station <Thfrdand Hazel Phone 264 V A Jiese cool mornings and evenings when just -little fjre is needed to take off the chill ga« service is fine, V j will enjoy real comfort at your meals, reading youi* ilewspaper or listening to youi' radio, with very little danger of contracting 3 eejd, with just the'right degree of steady Unot **VjQ* . iMi1v-fn4llTl r !l1 "orflS SPJ'VIPP pun rriiro service can give. Natural ©is Corp, Britain Withdraws From Airship Field Germany and U. S. Alone as No Other Country Building Ships LONDON.—When very shortly the clatter of hammers and the flare of torches reduces airship R-100 to neat piles of junk, it will mark the end of England's proud forty million dollar dream of leading the world in airships. It will mean more than that. It will mean that England has definitely gone out of the airship game. It \vill leave to the United States the definite championship in s naval airships and to Germany the definite championship, in commercial airships. Other 'countries are not in it and never : h'ave been. A Sad Salvage The. end' of the chapter was definitely written when the British government made the brief announcement that it had given the contract to a firm of-metal dealers to break up the R-100 at Cardington whore she is moored. The ship cost about .$2,500.000. -The price forw^hich the metal in her-was sold was nbt me&tioned,"J)ut it prob- SablySfloes ^-not.:. exceed i$25,01K)., .The government is retaining the gas-bags. A small part of the metal will be retained and out of this souvenirs wilt be made for sale. The balance of the duralumin framework will go to the successful bidders. They expect to get some 54 tonf of metal. For a time the Britain government hoped to sell the R-100 to the United States government, but nothing came of it. Persistent III Luck England has had more bad than good luck with airships. In 1919 the R-34, built according to plans gathered by British engineers from German Zeppelins brought down during the World War, thrilled the British people by being the firs tto cross' the Atlantic. In July, 1919, she flew to New York in 108'hours and came back in 75. In 1921- she-was wrecked'at Howden. And from that time on most of the breaks were against the British. There were a number 'of mishaps, one of the. worst being with the R-38 which the government built for sale to the United States Navy. August 24, 1921J she broke in two arid fell in flames while she was on a trial 'flight over England. Commander Campbell, her constructor, and a'"crew of ydung American naval officers and men were in her and 44 of them perished. There was a pause for some time and then several years ago the British entered upon a grand scheme of airship building. Simultaneously the R-100 and the R-101 were constructed. Their cost, together with giant air sheds and mooring masts, ran up to about ten million dollars. The R-10C was designed for passenger trans-At- lantic flight between Britain and the United' States and Canada, if it could be proved to be commercially success- 'fore in order," Persons familiar with paper making and with the government experiments discussed above vision a possible solution of the South's problem of cut- over timbre lands through the growing of slash pine for use as pulp wood. ^Plastic Cement Liquid Roof Coating An asphalt compound re-enforced with asbestos fibre. For repairing roofs and gutters around chimneys, caul king- boats, sealing foundations, setting glass, etc. HOPE RETAIL LUMBERYARD J. M. Harbin, Mgr. Phone 178 ful. The R-101 was designed for ail service to India and back. If they were successful, more were to be built. The R-100 left her home base at Cardington July 28, 1930, and reached Montreal in slightly less than 79 hours. A Tragic End Then came the turn of the R-101. She left on Saturday night October 4, 1930, on her trial trip to India. She was a proud ship, considered the last word in construction, with ample berth accomodations for passengers, lounges, dining room and other things reminiscent of a true ocean vessel. The flower ot Britain's airminded men •were on her, headed by Lord Thomson, Secretary for Air. In the early hours of Sunday morning October 5 news came about the R-101 had met with a terrible disaster. The giant air liner had crashed on a hillside near Beauvais. France, anci almost her entire crew and passenger list had lost their lives when she 'became a seething hell of flames and explosions. The terrible doom of the ship and 48 out of 54 of her passengers also marked the doom of airship programs for England. France Bows Out The French got out of the big airship game almost before it got in. Under the peace treaties Germany delivered to them the Zepp known as L-72, which they re|VirisHened' the Dixffiude. She was sent out by the" French government on a cruise over the Mediterranean, and North Airica_ in'December^'1923. She never returned. Since then the French have adopted a plan for very small ships. One they call the Veldettes. They have only 123,500 cubic feet gas capacity and are intended for coastal observation. The Escorteur type have 353,000 cubic feet gas capacity and' are intended for convoy purposes. , w Italy only made two attempts to build big ships. The N-l constructed in 1925 was loaned to Roald Amundsen and called The Norge. In her, accompanied by Umberto Nobile, her, constructor, he flew from Rome to England, then to Oslo, Leningrad and Spitsbergen, over the North Pole to Alaska where she was deflated. In 1927 the citizens of Milan subscribed the funds for another ship in which Nobile flew to the North Pole but was wrecked on the way back. Germans Mfcrc Pioneers Germany possessed in the Zeppelin works at' Friendschahfen, the oldest airship plant in the world. It was founded in 1900 and regularly turned out Zepps until after the war, when for a time its activities were curtailed by the peace treaties. Later restrictions were removed and work was resumed. The Zepps had their tragedies, but the Germans kept right at it. September 10, 1913, the L-l was wreck-, ed' over Heligoland and 15 of her crew were killed. On October 16 of the same year the L-2 exploded at Berlin and 28 of her crew were killed. Of course a considerable number were brought clown by the British during the World War when Zepps came to England on bomb dropping expeditions. People's Pennies Build GrGaf Resumption of work on a big scale was only made possible in 1925 when the German paople contributed over 2,000,000 marks to what was known as the Zeppelin-Eckener fund. In the streets of every city and town in the Reich people had coin boxes in which every passer-by was asked to drop WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shelled milling corn. We'll grind your corn into meal. SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Co. Phone 248 Senior Girrpn Clothing Needs--DUplay at Geo. W. Robiaon A Co. The Senior Hortte Economics girls of Hope High School have made an inventory of the clothing they have on hand -and have mended and remodeled those justifying It. They : have ' planned the two -years clothing need -for the high school cirl of each of various income levels. For the benefit of those interested In his work they have exhibited -their clothing display -for the -girl of moderate means -in the Qeo. W. Roblson show window. This display -will be n the window Wednesday and Thtlrs- lay. The girls taking this course and vho have planned 'this exhibit are: Iris Bailey, -Elizabeth Bernier, tfartha Cantley, Battle Ann Pelld, Susie Hendrix, Lenna Jones, Lois Lingo. Denzle McGlellan, Allena Wylie. Helen Bowdtin, Katherlne Briant, Maxirie ' Brown, Mattle Evans, Opal Gamer, Nell Helms. Mariahna Hutson, Mary Janell, Mol- lir C. -Jones. Margaret Kinser, Effie McCulley. Mineola Owen, . Xanthippe Porter, Margaret Powell, Alberta RcMnSon,, Mabel Rogers, Vera VanSickle, Alive -Moe Waddle, Frances Sue Wlliams. Trula Dudney, Avis Wil- William Tyler Page, Clerk of the House of Representatives, holds the gavil with which he'll open the next session of Congress. The honor fell to him upon the death of Nicholas Longworth, late Speaker of the House. Tar Heel Basketballers Start Under New Coach Nevada's Capital Hopes for First Movie Theater CARSON CITY, ,Nev.- UP) -Being the only state capital in the country without a movie theater doesn't appeal to CarsOn City. The chamber of commerce seeks a remed'v. A new show house for Nevada's capital city has been discussed reiularlv since the old opera house burned down several years ago. some coin no matter how small. The present famous Graf Zeppelin was completed in 1928 and on October 1 left for the United States with 40 crew and 12 passenger s.reaching Lakehurst in lll'A hours. She has made more than 90 flights in .all, has flown over 150,000 miles, and been In the- air more than 2300. flying hours, thus being the most successful airship in history. The United States has had its share of bad luck, bUt keeps rg'iht on. The Shenandoah was wrecked in 1923 :dur-' Ing a squall over Ohio arid 14 of her' crew of ."42 .wete. killed.. The'.airsWp^ Roma, bought from the Italian army works, exploded in 1922 after being fitted with new American engines and 35 of her crew were killed. But next to the famous German Zep, 'the most successful airship in the world is the Los Angeles which belongs to the American navy. Built in 1924 and known as the L Z-126, She was delivered to the U, S. by Germany as a reparations payment. Not only •was she safely flown to the United 'States, -but her total mileage is well vore 120,000. The recent completion and trial flights of the enormous Akron, the biggest ever built, of course, puts America definitely beside Germany in the airship game. Phone 314 HOPE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. E. G. Goop, Mgr. EXPERT BATTERY SERVICE Lester Rhodes in charge (Most experienced battery man in town) LUCK'S SERVICE STATION / Car Washing-Greasing $1.50 Phone 485 For Every Type of Motor That Good Gulf Gasoline For More Power Gulf No-Nox—Ethyl Stops Knocks Gulf Supreme Motor Oil For a Smooth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company M. S. B^es, Agent Phone : g4pr93;4 CHAPEL HILL, N. C.-(JP)— North Carolina, which once- held prowess in sotuhern basketball, will seek to re- pain its place at the lop of the list this season under a new coach. George "Bo" Shepard, all-eastern forward at Army, who coached the Tar Heel freshmen to a Big Five cage title last year, is the new pilot. A squad of 45 men answered the call for practice. Artie Marpet, all-state guard, and Sandy Dameron. star center, who finished their careers last year will be missed, but Shepard's biggest problem is filling the forward posts. It's Safe to Be Hungry At The CHECKERED CAFE Plate Lunch 35c More Bread x For Your Money Blue Ribbon Bread, and other City Bakery products, give you more 1 ounces of better quality bread for 1 the same money. Ask for the home bread at your grocers, and you'll eave money! CITY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread Decr«M« in Arkanias Employment 1« Slight LlWtl61.'R601R*-(fl 1 )-'Less than one p«r ««nt flectfcase in employment in ArkuttSBs 'dtittag November Is «h<»wn In the monthly industrial report of (he 'Mate-bureau 6t labor issued Sot- Ufday by W. A. BooksWrry, cftfn- mlHsiorier. The Mfpoft Is basiJd on Infofmatlon, received from 'IM mercantile nnd > industrial :'t him -employing 14,991 workers and with a combined weekly payroll of M«6:«5.59. The - decrease •• ih employment was eighteenths «f one per cent below the report for October In'the number of •woHrtrs attd.&V per cent In payroll. The average weekly pay check now is $16.75, compared wUh;$17,31 last month and IJ2.31 two years ago. The report said the fact that the Increase in unemployment Is almost stopped is encouraging. The report contained a list Of building tmd construction, projects, tinder way tr contemplated-which will involve a total outlay of about 13,199,000. . «»»» —Milestone It Thought on Road to Recovery PRESCOTT-M.'E. Milestone of Texarkana, was 'bWicved Tuesday to have survived the crisis and on the road to recovery from Injuries received several days ago when his automobile left the highway.near here and crashed Into a tree. El Dorado Man Stabbed by Drink Crazed Christmas Photos • By Day or Night. Cloudy weather or sunny days. We are equipped to take your Christmas portraits at any time, The Shipley Studio Phone 359 for Appointment EL DORADO— (#)— bick , 37, railroad employee, was stabbed and critically injured by a drink craz* *d negro servant in the home «f Mr*. B. C. Milfphy here Saturday nlfiht. Mrs. Murphy was Slightly hurt 'by the iiegro, Jeff OVotter, 35, Who -was arrested on a chafge Of assault with intent to kill. Preston's W-'ye'ar-old son, Charles, T., saved his father from possible death by stunning the negro with a chair. Pheston's lung was punctured in two places and he received six other cuts on the bond, hip and arms. Charles/ Quail, champion of the West Texas Golf association, Is a postmaster from Post, Tex. I EXCEL RADIATOR CORES Guaranteed : for one year against defects! Also guaranteed against bursting, freezing or srystalizing. Bigger cooling system than your equipment core! Radiator Repairing HALLIBURTON Sheet Metal Works Phone 611 4 MEASURED AND TESTED SERVICE The measure of your Electric Service Is as accurate as your Clock or your--walch,--or : as your grocer's- tested scales. • Every meter Is doubly inspected before Installation, and periodically it Is tested to insure Ihnt you pay only for- the service you use. 'No matter what amount of electricity you make use of, It's cost dwindles' to nolhlrtgnt'ss when compared to (he convenience you enjoy through 11. Is there anything tlm thrinns you more at Jess cost? Hope Witter & Light Plant • Dedicated to Service at a Low Cost WANTED Snap corn, wagon loads from many farmers, current prices paid, deliver at our barn at Brick Yard. Two loads have reached us in two weeks. Folks will think you haven't got any corn, or don't read the adds iu the paper. Phone 230 HOPE BIJICK WORKS Manufacturers of Cotton Seed Products and Quality Fertilizers QUAPAW FERTILIZERS TEMPLE /** i . ^\«| /^ Cotton Oil Co. •B, L. Kaufman, Manager I S U. S. Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse Standard and High Density Compress Automatic Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance Rate in Arkansas Union Compress and Warehouse Company H. 0. Kyler, Manager Phone 179 '1

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