Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, December 17, 1954
Page 9
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Hart; A ft KANSAS ;/-> * , v to the Strawberry, meet CLASSIFIED -,Aa§Mtwt §B to Oifle* Bay Befdre Publication WANT AO-RATES KyfwTV'at>• ,-•' l^rCcifi ; binneri :HEHY SETS i < 1.80 1.05 2.10 ii'to 40, 1.20 2.40 (1 hi 43' 1.35 270 U to 60 1.50 3.00 SW 'On* OdV* Monfh 1.50 4.50 200 6.00 liSO 7.60 3.00 9.00 3.50 10.50 4.00 2.00 430 13.50 S.OO 15.00 Nbtice — everyone is ordered to" keep off the Cofield brothers' farm. " ' H** CLASSIFIED DISPLAY . fqrdlaWi oller Shbr 3 Times , M .i..........» — -- >— - j^ 6 tlrrte* •••' ••••• 'v* 1 P* r ' RoM« quoted obove «jta tor eon- •ecutive insertions. Irregular or «k!p- Sdta <sds'*(ll tak« the'one-day rote. All dally classified advertising copy Will be accepted until 5 f. m> for publication the following day. The ftubllsheri reserve th* right to nvlse or edit all advertisement! of- fwid for, Subllcallbn' and, to reject any obJedlorKrble odvertWno wb" mltted *• ' Initials of on» of mow lerteri, groups or figure* -such as house or telephone number* count as one word. . Th« Hope Star, will not. be respon- •lbl« for won .in. Want Ads unles* .•rrort ore colled ' to/our' attention after FIRST Insertion 'of dd and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. I PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 CJttttlSfMAS UESIONS — Will fill a few orders for door swags, table arrangements,, gift wrappings and novelty corsages Mrs. 3) Manuel Hamm, Pr. 7< 3160. 14-St For Sale APPLIANCES • Toasters * Mixers • Waffle Irons • Steam and Travel Irons. • Electric Blankets. • Everything in G-E Dormeyer Mirror-matic OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. Ployeri Have Flu, Is Report By The Associated Press Influenza hog' stiutk a mighty blow gg-iinst the Georgia Tc'ch foobtall team, which is preparing at Atlanta £>r its New Year's Day Cotton Bowl date with the Arkansas RazorbapKS. Three centers hav<s teen sidelined and a reserve gbard is on the borderline. . , The Engineers worked out yesterday without Larry Morris, miry Morris and Jirn Carlen 1 centers' and hoped the fever ' tiuard ttay Willoeh didn't mean ne bug had him also. At Fayetteville the Ra?orbacks crimmaged and Coach Eowden Wyztt called it. the next tc last eavy v/orkout before Christinas 47 JEEP,.'4 wheel drive, heater good toi». ,Phone 7-5858. 11-6 Hope Star |l«r «f Mop. -lltti ContelldatU, January .11, 1»« oving m»* 1*1 Wfmmmmm^ --• iriftide. Into lnnera»rhi| 'Published eve *H< afternoon by . eo. , C. E. il Polmor, Pr««ld»nf H. WajbNnv.S at The'Sfar .Bulldl 112-14 South Walnut Sttcat ; Hope, Arkonioi »„- H. •WffNN?!' M tor I Paul H.' Jones, Managing ""»»'' tut M. Dovls, Advertlslna Mon«te» Cettrge W. Hosmer, Ifltch. .Siipt. Entered as second da's* matter «t Mi*' Post-office at Hope, •nder the Act of March 1, Member o» th« 'Audit Burea* al ^ ClrcMlatloiu . Subscription Rotes (payable In aO- , ~ •> r vance): ' ' • ly carrier In' Hope and neighboring >v • „ towns-r ' , fn week ....... t •> f» ' The Porkers, spent 45 minutes olishing their offense. Jim Roth, first sting tackle who VBS injured in the Southern Meth- dlst game, has been working 'at ull speed. puppies, registcrec pedigreed, eight weeks old. Idea for Christmas gifts. Mrs. J. B KUen, Jr., Phone 7-3406. 14-6 YOUNG, "/Tender turkeys, 25c pe pound, also geese . Johnn Thompson % 6 miles West on Co Urnbus Road- '• 1G ~ 3 1G-3 Btisintss Opportunity ANYONE interested in renting nev» «Lion Service Station a Third & , laurel, cont»?t S. Mufpny/'Phbhe 7-2007. 17- Wanted to Buy Trojans Lick Bobcats, Hope Girls Win Hot Springs' Trojans Wasted.the Mope' Bobcats right cut of the Nashville tournament last night by a 58 to 48 tally but the Hopfe girls looked very impressive',in routing Nashville 63 to 41. ' In'losing Mitchell was the high point man fpr Hope and the- game with 20 and a teammate, MangUm tossed in 9. Hot Springs' Skeets led the winners with 17. With Allen tossing in 27 points arid Rogers 14 the Hope girls made it a runaway over the Nashville S'crapperettes and advanced tt» the semifinals against Ashdown Friday night. The AshdoWn girls are defending champs of the meet Nashville, somewhat of a surprise in tournament play at least, knocked off the highly favored Lon- kesburg boys 50 to 41 and will play llJeQueen tonight in the semifinals.. In the other semifinal contest Hot Springs will play Texarkana. Fight The Wild CLAtJSSEM 1^54, W. Edriiurfit's Clousseit Prior copyright, Stamford fublie*MeM,_t*t_ has to take Basketball Th« Associated Press Tournament (First round) Oustavus Adolphus 59; ^Arkansw Tech 87; St. Benedict 59 has m^ to with, not the least of which is Captain Jamison' s rival. Navigation Company. Aboard Crotch's General Heath Is Burke, and a man named Cal Dreyfust who., is a friend of Crotch. Dreyfus Is accompanied by Queenle, his bride to be. Queenle once was in love with Burke. B and the bad both. Cot i haven't found out yet ' that it life endurable sometime. But about'Burke; 'he's dangerous!' He grinned at her faintly. '' 'Rockhurst 72; Western . Tenn A&I 77;-,; Springfield (Mo) 57 IX "And you think Im not?' ArkansasTech Advances in Tournament By JOHN CHANDLER Qf The Associ?ted Press TOUR 'or five room modern house to move. Floyd Main. Crank, 1702 S. 17-3t Baker Rated to Defeat Wallace NEW YORK W If Bob' Baker, a 1-3 favorite, "disposes of Coley Wailpce- tonight, the.-giant Pittsburgh Negrp may find himself all dressed UD with no place to go. Rpr-ked ' No. .4 among . heavy- woiehl challengers, Baker has ev- eryfhing to lose and little to gpin Niagara University's. Puyple Ea- aeainst Wallace. Big Bob gave g.les, rated No. 10 nationally in co;Wallare a decisive whipping at lege basketball circles, headed into Cleveland Oct. 1, dropping him the Midwest today for a Saturday once and Camming him around night date with Toledo but it won't the 1 ring in che late rounds. They be until fater Christmas that . a moot a°esin in a 10-rounder at definite line can be drawn on '/.'Tr*"" . =» •, . _ I,-*. _ _i_ m. /~t _il_ —!,«,,.'„ -F',r*r* n1ii'.t ij mall In Hempstead, Nevada, i; Howard, and Mlltaf coun- Madifon Square Garden. Coach Taps Gallagher's fine club. The Negro Community , V ? 'T, 4 ,' " By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Ml§» Turner «t Hlcki Funeral Horn* Baker, Jike all heavyweights, has The Eagles made it 5-1 for the his ove'on a shot at Rocky Mar- young season last night by mauling ciano ; s title, but he'U have to take Syracuse 99-74 at Niagara Falls his place at the end of the .line. N. Y., and they have only the Tole- Don Cockell the Briitsh boxer, Mq engagement before zocmmg into is a good bet to get the June the Holiday Festival Tournament match with Marciano, when and starting Dec. 27 a t New York's if Rocky dscide= to go back to Medsion Square Garden, work Nino Valdes,, the big Cuban ' That's the one Naigara is wait- who knocked out Hurricpne Tom- ing for, because it possibly will af- my Jackson, is No. 1 in most vat- ford the Eagles, another crack at •'UPS Cockell and Valdes look, like LaSalle, currently rated No. 1m ' I"- -° «-" *.»«* Snt,,rrtav La- ' On* month ..'. ,.......,.............•••• ••' Thn»» month*..) - ^'Sn llx' month*^ _....,.„..., » On* yea, ..» ..,„.....« All other, maB-.' s One 'month „.......-..-. Three month* -..» •-• i „ iixTmonth. ;:;;;:::;:::::;;• iloo Representatiyeit •„;•• 1602 Sterlck '2, Tenn.; 505_ a Texa» 4.50 1.1 BEEBEE MEMORIAL C. M. Rev. T. J. Rhone, Pastor 9:45 a: m Sunday School Mrs A. B. Rerger, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. Epworth League 8 p. m. Evening Worship E. At Picacho i-ock Amador was coming up fast and Crotch was sure Jamison meant to pass them. He had taken the wheel from Goss; now he signaled the engine pit for the full head of steam in the boilers. But the General Heath was badly over-loaded and made scarcely any axtra headway. Here at Picacho a submerged rock stood in miciriver into which e steamer, had rammed last spring. Her-ripped hull still lay partly blocking the channel. Jamison was a hoggish captain who would' never allow Crotch to clear the danger point before passing. Although still small, for the Colorado could navigate no full size California packets, comparoc to the Heath the Navigation boat was a palace with twin side- wheels and ornamented chimneys and a' large piiothoit.se perched atop her texas. Jamison had brought her up the Gulf to capture the river trade. With her he had brought the San Diego and Claramme, all three former gold- coast steamers. But wherever the combine chose to fight, Crotch would drive back blow for blow in a manner Jamison never dreamed. Thnt'flfjht-was, close now. Passengers began yelling a* each ether, between the .two pack cts. Crotch siehtcd the . racing Amador coming up on his por quarter, 'discovered Shelb\ Cnl less than two months had pasted since Pauline Weaver had found the first gold in the river gravel and from this desolate camp of ore tent Li Paz had boomerangcd . into a healthy set llemcnt of 1000 men. At •Vask the General Hcoth bore in on tin shore. Amador had already tied fast ,to a tree abcve them. The largest building yet at emptcd was under construction, saloon whose front section was ew Mexico Conference TOWney (First round) (Colo) 49; New Mexico Military 45 „ already doing a landoffiCe busi ness while Mexican laborers still Arizona State (Flagstaff) 9i{ • New Mexico Highlands 63 Niagara 99; Syracuse 74 Temple 77; St. John's Bkn) 09 Fordham 35; Colgate 51 Brandeis 90; Boston College Harbard 54. Middlebury SI Kansas "B" 80; Baker o4 Western Kentucky 57; Colorado tale 67. Rollins 84; Citadel 71 itted visas to the rear whic.i would support its roof. A brusa ramada cast shade against its front door and the walk. Attached to one of the posts was a freshly painted lorida 70; ille (NO Toachers 71 8 •"*,«OT™ BldgT Oklahoma City 2, Ok Memlier af The Aiioclated Prefis ThrAMOclated Press Is entitled ex- «Ju«lvely to the Use for republ cation of all the local pews printed In thl newspaper, at> well 1 o« all AP <Hspatche$. J Supply ~ Funeral Director! OAKCKEST" FUNERAL INSURANCE .•.'•. HAZEL .. ASSOCIATION' largest and Oldest in South Afkapsa8 t Call 7-§505 fpr our ~ ; '. ' , agepta " A23-1 Mo. Help Wonted P^rt. SKILLED'CRAFT training Job, .due to expansion Hope business. Permanent job. Requirements: Male. In 20's, wjth military service behind him, high school graduate or better. Tell about yourself in letter In own handwriting.. Write; Opportunity- X, P. 0. Box 98, Hope. Ark. 27-tf MT, ,2|ION CNIE CHURCH 'Rev.'l. M. Manning, Pastor .9:45 a. m. Sunday School S. J. Johnson, Supl. 11 a.^m. Morning Worship 6 p. in. Epworth League 8 p. m. Evening Worship ETHEL A. M. E, CHURCH Rey. W. R. Ueake, Pastor 9:45 a. -m. Sunday School Mrs.' E. M. Nelson, Supt. 11 Oj/m. Morning Worship 6 ,p. Jh. A. C. E. L. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship. CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST Eld. O. N. Dennis, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday. School •Mrs.',Myrtle Richardson, Supt. 11 a, m, Morning Worship 6 p. m. ' Y. P. W- W. 8 p. m. ^Evening Worship UONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Mrs.- Ella Rice, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. B. T. P. 8 p, fn. Evening Worship the next two opponents for Rocky with both fighting to be first. That leaves Baker on the outside looking in, although he holds a decision over valdps, scored at lluntington, W. Va. May 21 19o3 the Cuban's last defeat. After many disaopointments since he whipped Wallace m the 1949 Golden Gloves Baker finally has buckled down to work. Since he was stopped by Archie Moora in March, he has run up a five- fight winning streak against Joe Baksi, Embrel Davidson, Toxic Han Wallace and Jimmy Sladc hoon on 'the teas. thought how He' has a 36-5-1 pro record. Wallace, best known lor his movie job in "The Joe Loui; Stoiy," has His main he P poll. Last Saturday La Salle's NCAA champions edged Ni cgara,76-75 in thVSin'aVlsix seconds of an overtime .period. Center Ed Fleming apain was Niagara's big man last night with 26 ooints. He played less than half ihe game as the Eagles rolled up a 54-31 half time lead. There was little action on the college courts lar,t night. At the Garden; the Temple Owls proved 1hey will be tough. They upset St. John's of Brooklyn 77-69. .Tempi-. with a 5-1 record; has only" a 70-65 defeat by North Carolina State m airing its record. V "Maurice Stokes,, a clrssy 6-foot- 6 pivot man, led St. Francis Pa. surprisingly alik c Calhoon an-; as a good 20-4 record. I to an easy 38-59 victory in the trouble has been a habit other half of the Garden double;Tyng of six months between header^ a ; gl8tered ltf {jfth The match will be carried bn| straight by defeating Miami Fla. NBC radio and television. j^f. "Burke" were with their black hai edged Ni-j ancl jj]an j eyes a;;l( j t j, 6 i,. co iri hearted manner. But Calhoon wa basically more forth-right tha Buike. When Calhoon disliked man, that man would be well ap prised of that hatred. A pistol cracked, sending a ba through the General Heath's chim ney stack. .Immediately, 'answerin shots banged along the Heath port rails. A window-sash sha tercd aboard the Amador.' ( The GOES was yelling &t -.thehv passe per's to put down their firearms. Calhoon was doing the • same aboard'. the other boat. At this point-blank range, pistol practice could become decidedly dangerous. CASA AMARILLA WE BUY HIDES, BULLION, ANTH1NG SALEABLE •Uprivor his friends John Sladc ; ,nd Sugar Logan had built the, crude ove mill, with which to crush the quartz that was coming om the inland hills. Already ere was more ere than the mi ould handle. Crotch had made eal to haul the surplus to th vers mouth on barges, buga ogan would have the first or oads ready for him on the clow vcr run. This Jamison coveted, cargoe lat through the years would mak im i ich. , There were no scruples abo amison's business methods. H vould wreck a boat or kill, to g is roots established at the out et But- there was one thing C-otch thought the man had over ookcd for Crotch believed himself i iud'pe of the caprices of the •iver The channels were changing co fast that another month or so would find it impossible for Navj cation to 'stop with their largei packets. Perhaps Jamison counted en owning '-he General Heath by that time. ' Burke had delayed going ashore, t now Cr otch's eyes narrowed he watched the man step down the swaybarked gangplank. Be 81 Miami (Fla) 61 = Norln Southeastern Okla 104; 81? Warrensburg (Mo) pittsburg (Kan) 88; Drury 59 ^ N or?hwest (Mo) 71; Ottawa' Kan) 61 . „ . . Peru (Neb) 68; Tarkio 5^ _ ; Oklahoma City 63; Texas Chris- ; tl8 Lamar Tech 67; Ada (Okla),OU- Cr Ozarks (Ark) 5'; Hendrix 51 Delta State (Miss) 80; Ouachita 65 most-of one night to make the change.' (To Be Continued)- as For Rent Series Teams Dominate All-Stars By JOE REICHUER NEW YORK UP) Benefiting then- stations, New York's world, cham-!^"^'j^.^-o'JjVy 54-51. Western Ke n t u c k y outscored .Colorado State 27-17; at the foul I line for a 75-67 victory. Oklahoma City sent out five sophomores to .down Texas Christian 63-44. It was OC's first •.victory i^, four starts. I Davidson led Virginia Tech all the way until Bill Matthews scored a fold goal in he final lour seconds to give VPI a 71;70 Southern (Conference verdict. ' Fordham ended a two-game losing streak by defeating Colgate and Harvard's foul shooting Amador was surging ahead.'The tackwash of her starboard paddle was:- pourin? into the General Heath, causing her to broach contrary to her helm. They were opposite the rock with its half-sub- to see you. yond, near the freight warehouses his gcze Picked up the truculent miner with the bandaged head talking with a heavily, bearded La Paz man: He had the odd. impres won these, two were waiting for Burke and so kept^them in v ew He saw the bushbearded miner thrust out his hand. Obviously here as a strange choice of Wends for Burke. But Crotch Was too far away to hear their talk. . "Frank Geis," the bushbearded acknowledged his name "I ain't so sure I'm gw: We-e ready for Be miner gruffly. , pion Giants and Cleveland s Amer- NAI A Tipcff Tournament paid. Phone 7-9934. After 2 p. m. " large stack of for all jrr In ^;Jy|t the, rjght ' pr THRE'E bedroom house^ 1520 S, Main. Some furniture and hea- s. -?or .information see M- C. Bruce at 1522 S. Main. *6-3t station KXAR. STAR BAPTIST R'ev/W M, Erb'y, Pastor 9; 45 a. m: Sunday School •Ambers Dunlap, Supt, 11 a, m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. B. T. U. 8 p, m. Evening Worship GARRETT CHAPEL BAPTIST Rev. F. R, WilHams, pastor P:45 a. m. Sunday School L. C, Wyatt, Supt, 11 a* m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. B. T. U, 9-30 p m. Baptist Hour over ican League champion Indians opened at Kansas City, and -two dominated th e 1954 Associated j£ m<el . champions were knocked Press Major League All-Star team, - t Arkansas Tech pliminated St. capturing six of the 10 positions. Be ' edic t' S of Kansas, 1954 cham- Six of the 16 big league clubs, , ons 87 . 50) wh n e Springfield ur in (he National, were repre- ^ Mo ^ gtlte the 1952-53 tourney sented in the AP's ninth a n n ualw i n ners got it from Tennessee all-star squad, selected by 422 . &I 77 . 57> other NAIA games Gustavus basebell writers and broadcasters throughout the nation. The Nation,U'dolphus Minn, defeated East al League had s:x players to four Te X , a s State 59-51, and Rockhurst . „ . ...._ l^ ori from Western Illinois 72-65. For Rent or Sale IOUSE, for rent, or wijl gell cheap. Call 7-3390. l ^ 31 for the American. The Giants and Indians were thR only club? v/ith more than one representative. Each hici three. Brooklyn, St. Louis, Cincinnati and the New York Yankees had one) merged wreck. The channel here was narrow', treacherous. Crotch felt everber ations running up from the shallo river bottom, knew Jamison had shoved him into Khoal water. A few moments later the ir scowlike prow lifted on a gravel bar. Every timber gave a groan as the sb,ip.settled motionless in tho muddy current. Crotch rans Melott for a shutdown. They would be here until the br'awn of their Coconahs released his ship's hull from the bar. This was Jamison's first move, his initial, play in a fight that must be fought to the bitter ending. "Haul yourselves over 1he rail and give .thsm Indians a hand. ' Goss yelled at his deckloAd of rnin Vrs. "You want to stay hove forever, you hardr'ocks!" The lightened decks plus the brawn of the miners succeeded in reeing the packet. But they lost wo full hours laboring in the aire " The 'noticeable belligerenc his tone warned Burke the othe had already spoken about ! NOTICE I hove moved my Dental Office from 117* West Second Street to'my new location at . v DR. SAM W. STRONG .514 S. ELM STREET . mar. Belaire. Belaire wont be with us," he replied gently. . ,, "And you're a queer^biuL Whatever made you kill h m ' ••When a friend reaches the end of his usefulness, it's time for a Christmas LIGHTS 89c to $2.98 • Candles White,' Red, Green • Hawser Candles. John S. Gibson Drug Co. Phone 7-2201 tr- change. Gels ' looked at the Bandaged man and shrugged .and then led the way into the Casa Amanlln. It m ght be Geis .was to be the sacrifice, and the thought e Geis's mouth draw "Sht- :. „„„» Mm his report: I next Service* Offered renov&Uon and inner- work Cobb Co. 4-tf Montgomery Mw*«t. Cus- g. PJ«Wjr-38ei. JOrl Mo. we» service, any Size death,' see or - , Cale, Ark. writ? where Prospect 7- tanks piirmjed out. Go Willie Atkins of Ozan died at his home 'Wednesday, December 15. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. . King Hiram No. 14 Masonic Lodge will meet Monday night, December 27, at the regular meeting place for the election, and installation of officers. Members are urged to be present by n. 1. Trent, W. M. Rev, E. N. Glover, Secretary. The Humming Bees Gospel singers of Tejcarkana will give a musical program at the Harmony CME Church Sunday, December 19, sponsored by Mrs. Joe Ella Bradley. The Rey. J, H. Hutchin son, is pastor. each. The All-Star team! erages in parentheses Batting av- Fiist base —Ted Kluszewski, Reds (32)) 3 Second base — Bobby Avela, Indians (.341) Third base — Al Rosen, Indians time. Phone Dec. 64 and 9U2 The Altar Gjff club of BeeBee Memorial CME Church w}ll sponsor a fish fry in the basement Friday night, December }7. The public is invited, (.300) Shoitstop (.293) Alvin Park, Giants Loft field — Stan Musial, Cardinals (.320) Center field—Willie Mays, Giants (.345) Right field—Duke Snider, Dodgers (.341) Catcher — Yogi Berra, Yankees (.307) RJgMhanded pitcher ~ Bob Lemon, Indians (23-7) lefthanded pitcher—Johnny Antonelli, -Giants (21-7.) Porkers Play Mississippi Team Tonight By The Associated Press The Southwest Conference, which hasn't picke^ up a basketball victory since Monday night, gets foui chances for a triumph tonight ns action pickets up again after n lull . Three clashes are ro&d affairs against rugged opposition. • Texas meets highly-toutod Ala bama in the first round of the Sir mingham Classic, Baylor play Brighsm Young at Provo, Utah Rice faces Kansas at Lawrence ^gOTUCTijDiK Slar- W of Wash- jngton wjJl have their Christmas P8r]y,Saturday., ^OTary 1, 1955, U, S, Povis Teom Advances py WIUU ' Geis gave him his report got 100 men drilled. They all know which end of a gun counts, and all of them at one time or another, have been helped by the snake. Bolsire was ready to turn them loose on Gila City." "Gila City was too near Yuma !-e the fisht dragged out. And got something new to explain. in case I've WO IUU nours jauuuug m me i vv.- s^v «-.._--- ~, 0 ,. n Viin!? .roiling sun. Meanwhile Amador! Sherod_ Hunter ^ n.aichlng vas far upriver, Crotfh was conscious of somo- ne climbing the texas ladder, and her. Quecnie's words came to him igainst the 'clamor of men still truggling in the river. "Whe>i Jamison picked you to fight he vas asking for trouble. You do ;hings alone; you don't need or ask help. It's a habit with you." H eturnccj quickly to find a half emused expression on Qucenics mouth. He knew she would enjoy seeing this through until hi? whip [jod Jamison or was himself bsat rn. She wa? a woman whose 1 blood could be stirred by a good fight. He shot her a sift smile. "I didn't get this boat free myself. Melott was at the engine. Goss had his miners." But shq shook her head. "With your hands you may all three work together. But they don't know how ^Uh Tew3 volunteers! Once we have La Paz under control we can J^^LSr^e Sy S ».\^i-^f^?s rtrift icily over his men, read out thfharlh line, of their faces This time, friends, it Will be against Major Murphy i' Lieutenant Lane was a ir.ediurr built, thin man with most of h> body liquid cooked dry by the d' / . .2 Ti n Snri sharo dark fe ^' turesa' pointed' nose and a pr rounced Adam's apple. This wa the officer to whom Murphy na consigned the SpnngfieWs. Th redmrn, in various sectors of th frontier had driven into him r that only fine steel, or th of the West, could lay SPECIAL NOTICE We hove a complele line of EMERGENGY FEED Bring us your Government' Purchase Orders and Grain Certificates. DARCO FARM STORE (Old Stephens Grocer Location) 212 East 2nd Street ._._... ..... Kans and Arkansas hosts Missis- you think;. When the end comes sippi'at Litlte Reck. ou'll still be alone. I hope you'll - r rs, EJSte. Tstum left Tuesday |HjUer$an, Cajtf.. whew she will •wwk» visiting Australia W Vic Sejxas and Tony Trabert sent the United States into the P&vis Cup Challenge Round again today with & smoothly 6-3, 6-4, Q-3 Texas ChxistiJW dropped the conference's only g^me Thursday night, falling 6>41 Before Oklahoma City University. • The decision, QCU's first in four starts, dropped the Horned Fro^s to an even 3-3 niark for the sei», Vhe Chiefs put live sophomores on the f'oor. where the youngsteis proceeded to hit 42 per cent of their tT. v i i.-l~~ n*t>-l Qft ft'Ot. fllt'tlVUR doubles victory over Sweden's BjjrgeUn and Sven pav*4- The triumph made the Yanks' margin to the b e st-of-|ive event 3.-Q tomorrow's two cnn fjeld tries and 36 free throws son. attempted- Texas Christian had little succes,s inside and less outside, hitting eight Of 83 free tosses and ?6 p^ C e;nt of the «eJd goal attempts. TCU sopjwwpre Richard O'Nea Jed the Horned Frogs with ave no regrets.' o claim to Murphy could pick men ^ She hafl. a Mck of getting into man, >>f reaching his most re note corners. A man-could have riends as loyal as Goss and Melott an,d sW! plan his own poves and keep his, schemes sc ret, and Queenit undei stood. "But dont stay too much alone. There are some you should trus>t," Queenie said. Duty had been work fig on her all night, $ lo>alty that 'Lieutenant," Crotch ing "I hope you have « lugged Mace to store your shipment. 1 pl ? c U f-owned lightly. "I have hut as my arsenal. But brought the guns Sfnodled. "I 8XP ect, trouble as soon as my men cross your gangplank. I should i»]l you I haye neayly 1QQ Union would give her n orest. ; 'You But Crotch frowned, reedn't s&y it. I know ... to keep Amopa with the A GIFT SHE'LL TRIASMRf! Diamond RINGS Tht perfect gift Lqrge, fiery diamond concealed 9bout camp. Theyfe wi line to fight. I've been working |, J»»? yearly twp weeks, Confederacy,' eyes grew wldej: and he ha.d stolen jthe htf- }^\ so tell you your pases Vlft Svs\,m& ', (V IS gOlftfwhWt j •• %n^ A?v To "" Smwrt WATCHiS For qll |he Family Friday, Bfeeefhtier It, STAR, HOP!, lAftltANSAI %r BLONDII HI'S. I HAVE TO GET TO THE OFFICE EAftLVjODAV- I'M-HIRING A NEW SECRETARY Help Wanted 'Art8w«f to Prtvlou* Pulzl* ACROSS driver 4 — -~ clerk 8 Flag sitter 12 Winglike part 13 Individuals 14 Region 15 Posed 10 Limits 2 Sorrowful cry 3 Electric current prbducers 4 Strongholds 5 Arrow poison , i-2. B R N : 9 Whale genus ; 10 Permits 11 Relax 21 Worm ' 22 Finishes 24 Harbor 26 Kind of 25 Closed 26Cloud • 27 Doctrines of . Arius 28 Impudent 29 Woody plant 31 Shade of red 33 Dress " protector 38 Lustrous 40 Postpone 41 Lateral parts' 42 wound covering 43 H. G. 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MW u« TQ SHCW wwwn,, • ',' J ''• * » A^ / 'A ''• - ' ' -If '\'\4 '

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