The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH n, MIO Western Front Defense IIIA'TIIRVILI.F, (ARK.) COURIRtt NEWS PAOfi TJIREB Mannerheim Defenses Brea k —What Aboul Maginot, Scigfried Uy 'C'(COMAS .M. JOHNSON NKA Service Military Water HeJiind the pe:tx> iu n (jtuti>n between Fiiiliind nnd HIIS.SM Hui". this joker: lint Mannerheim Line pillboxes "rock." •Which is less cryptic than it, .sounds, and more dramail':. It ilnentens to influence tremendously the whole campaign of this .spring and slimmer, not in Finland alone, but on the Western lYout. | Thai joker may take (he- trick in ' the great game called "Breaking tin; Mas'mot Line or tin: ,V'-,i- V.111I." That (janic. many have believe;!, would be shadow-boxing, for Prunce's' and Germany's famt>.:s border fortifications are impregnable. So were I-'inlnnd'.s. aseortliua in. n ISelgian anci a liritisli general who iu.s'jicclcd them before recent events. I'llUlOXKS COULDN'T HOLD THE LINE Indeed, the Mannerheim /one is still two-thirds unbroken, but those two-thirds are largely water—the Vuoksi-Talp:ill watercourse. Where ilie /one has been penetrated llic main rtliance was water, but pillboxes. These maehfne gnu forts, looking like half-buried ' beehives, arc ot iron, steele and concrete, and under direct hits from .shells of any but _-,tbe heaviest calibers, are .supposed * not to crack. The mystery of, how, without cracking them, the Russians are conciucriug llietn, is solved by recent advices that they are "rocking" them. •' That is. by sheer concussion of sheik and bombs dropped onto their humped backs, the Reds are making these concrete turtles lurch in their holes in the ground. 'lliere the pillboxes are set solid, all in one piece, and when such a clitnik of concrete lurches or rocks, it sinks back again, not cracked, but out of plumb. So, afler rocking enough, it may be «o fwisted Hint Us machine guns are left clawing the air like a dead bug's less, or nulling the ground like n mole. Seldom can (he guns continue to rake their carefully calculated '.fields of fire. 'KKKA'K IN SAFETY .NET OIv: BUI.LKTS I Tlie Interlocking belt of safety ktS(ipi)056dt4o'.be, woven by their fbullels ha!; a hole in it, through which may lie thrust the knife of « Russian infantry attack. So the MaiiRcrheim Line, whose mnin artificial defense is the pillbox, is not utterly Invulnerable. Today it is far from shattered nml if U were shattered. Finland could still fight on—for a while. But failing foreign aid, an;l with so many Russian shells and bombs nnd infantrymen, those rocked pillboxes seem to have cracked Mm crystal ball of Finland's future. Pel-Imps far more—of (he future of. all .fortified "!ine.s" or ?.onos whoso backbones me knobby with pillboxes. Tlmt includes both of the world's most celebrated fortifications, .the Mnginot Line and file Westwall. VVESTWALL BUILT OF S0,000 SMALL UMTS • The great German barrier's 50?- ^'fnile length includes in Its taree- ^•zoned 50-rnile depth, an estimator; 30,000 pillboxes. The Germans prefer (heir fortifications many and small, rather than the vast subterranean chambers of (he Maginot 1-inc. Inlo these chambers h:vs °one much of two million cubic yards of concrete, but not all. The French have pillboxes in the Msiginol Line; also in i(s rearward extension built this winter. Of their pillboxes, hosv many will rock? And how many of the German. 1 ;'? What rocked Finland'.? pillboxes? Russian shells, from heavy guns "massed al Verdun"; Russian biunta from airplanes also massed, 500 to a small sector. If the Russians can do that, whs- should not the Germarrs try it this year of their superiority in guns. shells and planes? Why not. with their powerful new artillery, rock the Maginot Line's pillboxes and amid (hem mliHiate lo besiege the larger H forls—cut off from supply and rc- •' inforccment by the outnumbering German airplanes? WILL PILLBOXES HOLD FOK GERMAN'S But, the German Westwnll has [ the Maginot line. Is it perhaps more | (lie Maginot inc. Is it perhaps more l vulnerable to the French, llic I world's best maneuvering army?! By rocking pillboxes or oilier- j wise, can the Western Front be' broken? Many say "no." Many said "no" in 1917, \vliich so little impressed General Pershing lhat to certain correspondents, myself included, he exclaimed: "Wlio says the Western Front , can't bo broken? Why dammit, its ' Snoopy, ft 100-u-Week 'Oomph' Rodent, Tells How She Nearly Kenime Fur Con I: Oeramn WcsliraH pillbox, one of 30.000: Crumblmi', of the Mnu- Incrlielm Line raises (he quwiiion of whether artillery can rock these. I too. out of action. Miigiiiol Line fortress: The Fraicli depend more ou vast subterranean fortresses than the Germans, but (hey are supported by smaller pillboxes. GOT to be broken!" And a month later, broken it was. War is a continual repetition of tiic impossible. • BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON WASHINGTON. Jlarch 11.—The foreign t ratio boom, predicted ever since the outbreak of the war lust September, is beginning to take hold. United States exports today are running at a rate fully SSOO.o'aO.OOO a quarter above that for a year ago. ! On a volume basis, they are nearly as high as they v.crc in I92D, al| though value basis is lower because ' of lower prices. Trnde to Europe and to-tbe Par East has picked »j). and trade to South America- has yone up even faster. Thus boom did r.ot really get going until the middle of December. Only a small part of it is due to orders of war materials as such— airplanes, chemicals, airplane 'jsso- lina. clc. Disappearance of Germany from much of the export market, nml partial iliss»••?•>••- • 01 Great Britain, nre shifting: to American exporters orders previously placed elsewhere nOMHKTIC KL'KIN'KSS DIIOI'S DACKW.UIUS Shai'p as this use has l>er-n. \: has tot offset the drop in industrial production due (o fjidini! o! last fall's inventory boom, index of Industrial production siutt up from 103 in August to 128 in December; it has fnllen tack in 105 as of today. an;l ir, cxpcclc;! by government, soothsayers to go a bit lower. Some of these are frankly pessimistic a::d look for a period 01 inventory liquidation in the spring; others believe ihnl expanding exiiort trade will "firm" price levels, prevent -m inventory slash and pave Ihc -.vay fo: 1 nn!iess investmi'iit and a substantial upturn. All are agreed ou one pninl: r heavy spring offensive in the European war would crcjte a buvhi" wave here that would make tip al the grotind lost since December NON-I'AK'I'ISA.V BLOC SDKVEVS E9II'l.OVaiENT Interesting »?:<; possibly important cicvclopuicnt In Con;; is (lie assembling of SO-odil cojigres-imcn of both parties to study the unemployment problem. The ball was started rolling by Jerry Voorliis of California, bill the group Isn't confined to the usual western left- winners. Two meetings have been held so far, and a teen sub-iotmnlftees have been named to. study various aspects of the unemployment prob- lem—pyacllcally everything from taxation on up (or down) to technological change. S« far. Voorhis is serving ns temporary chairman. As .soon as orsunization i.s complete he will step out to make way for a permanent one. He is anxious not only to keep the move non-partisan (to date the group includes 18 Republicans) but to keep it from looking like a bloc formed to boost any one specific measure. i\O I'OOJ) STAiHI'S FOK I.OW-IXL'O.IIE RltOUr Contrary to report. 1 ;, no expansion of the food stamp plan's application to low-lncme families is In sight now. Federal surplus Com- modilico Corporation has been experimenting with the idea in one town in Oklahoma, distributing free stamps (o all families gross income is under $10.50 a week; but it hasn't simile;! the thing enough to have any idea what it proves. What it Is expanding is use of the plan for relief families. RSCC officials say slightly over half n million people used the stamps in January; since, they say, there are 20.000,000 people in families gel- ting some form or other of public assistance, and hence eligible for slump aid. they figure thai field Is plenty big enough, I!V CADI, HAKKISON | .MCA Srnlet Sl.uV (.'oiTi'xpondi'iil ' HOLLYWOOD, March II: — An I interview wllh snoopy: Q.—I hear you're (he only trnln- ed squirrel In movies, A.—I'm (lie only one who i.cls, ii that's whnt you mean. And I'm the only one who ever had n run- of-the-pleiiirc contract. 1 earn $IM> n week and my real name is Snoopy, which Is Die result of my feminine curiosity, and— Q.—Did you say "feminine"? A. -Yes. I'm u sort of oomph- Mmirrcl. Hint; Crosby says 1 walk like Mai- West, mid Dave llulle-r, (lie director, (lilnks 1 look like Litiso limner, 1 can come wi'.en I'm sltiimlcd. yo where I'm (old, close my eyes and look bored, or Ml up and register animation. Thill's as much as a lol of human uclresses can do, Q.--Maybe so. is your talent Inherited? A.—No, i owe Kvcrythlnil to Mr. Curly 'Cwlforcl. my drnnnillc coach nnd—ah—cimtdlun. If you'll (;et n i-coklc out. of thnl Ixw, I'll give you I he chillier iiboni my C;IITIT. Q.—Wouldn't you rather have n nut? A.—Cm-awl! Everybody in ihe sludio oifers me nuts—mils— NUTS! I'm sick of 'em, except doughnuts, which arc Miln-shellcd. In the picture 1 play u character called "Crack," n pet of Olorln J(an, mid 1 have to cat mils. Hul olt-st.ijje Mr. Twlford gives me «p- ples nnd carrots ami (Tucker.-;, lie's a sort of htn-d-.sliellea old guy, but : really very kind. Q.—About your career, Snoopy? A.—Well, my family tree was an old redwood, fur north of here. Most of the kids wnndercd oft and' ended up hi squirrel pic and fur cyals, I guess, l never knew my fattier very well, lie found a hol- loiv Irce full of fermented honey and never cnme home. My mother wns s(ill young and sassy, so pretty soon she went oir wllh a dashing aviator. Q.—Aviator? A.—Yenh, flying squirrel. Anyway, l wns all alone, and inno- cenl. nnd 1 trusted a pet .squirrel some boys hnd. and he led me right Into a cnge. They sold me lo n ARE you at the mercy ot a . -TV sneers', smothery head cola? Why endure so much misery? A little Mcntholaumi niipllccl In each nostril wft( 5ootlle the Irritated nasal membranes, check the Eiiec7,hitj, relieve the stiillincss, and help you to breathe more c.islly. Also rub Meiilholatum vigorously on the client tuut back to innirovc the local lilood clrculntlcui, unit thus gain cxtrn help In rcllcvlugcolu (hs- comfotts. nub it on the forehead find temples to nltay headache and neuralgia due to colda. All Ready to Relieve HEADACHE Notice-Farmers Our new Icrms on rcfrigcralors foi- farmers arc onc-lhird down, one-third I his fall and one- third the following fall. No monthly payment to worry wifh. Small tarryinjv chai'gc. .Monthly Terms If Desired Hubbard Furniture Co. Serving Rlytheville for U Years cnnd.v, but ho just. Iniielidl nml enlleil me Snoopy. CJ.—When diil'you ninki' yovj 1 — «li—))oii(ih (d thp rinrnm? A.—Not for tilmill. a yenr, while l lonrnwl lu net find Wt ( . iieuidc's Iliiijevs, My HIM jol) wns in :i film (or MoiMipium. i,ui It didn'i last. The U'iidlni; lady .screamed rvfry (line 1 toiii'he lu>r, nnd Ihey huil to rewrilc my iniit for u doit. '1'liul left me out on u limb. Q.—'l'iHiiihf i| UW did you— A.—WlH-n IJiilvt'riiiil stinli'd (he Crosby plclnrc, "ff 1 IJnd ; \iy Wny," Ilicri' wn.s 11 iiinii, 1 squirrel 111 the Mory, so Mr, TwHoril l)ri)imh| mi! mound, Oliuln jcini look lo ne ilidil iiwuy; doesn't even Jump when I iillible her flncors or curl .iroiind her noek. I'm Uieky to i;el illy slnrl wllh s»eh n |;oort nctri'ss. Q.--110W do you like Hollywood, •JnoopyV A.—Well, ll's );!n(|ii like « U1 K squirrel I'niie wllh I'vi'rj'bwly rini- iluu like mud in tin- jiniiu- plnce. And I don't like (la. [»-,{,• „) (], 0 lilasu-r Irces they tnilld on I ho sels, '1'lH' iirople me nil i'l|;ht In- dlvdliuilly, mil filclitHilly improvident. Never save uiiyllilnp to tklc in Ihrouifli (lie winter. 'Now me —1 hide nil tiic nuts Hint |ii'<it>li> Ijlvt 1 . ini> in iiinij C.'nwby'K com ioeki'1. "ll;il(t'r\ Miili|ienny" An Knijlhh coin, the "Dukcr's halfpenny" of I7.'W. Imnx thh lei!end: "'t'o lessen the stavwv ol Sunday bukiUK nnd provide' for piiblle wiints, till Act wns A, D. 1791." Centuries nmsl puss lieforo Hie sours of (jrcnt forest (lies lire ob- Illcrnted. The rnulnir lire of ISD-I vnvngLiI aSOO squnre iiillr.s ol fui- esl In Mlimesoln, WOO scimire nnlM lu Wisconsin nnd (il) In Mtclilutin. Surveya ;nc now UelHK mmle to sny didn't nndeisland Kqulr- rcls, He fed me mils and wus mad when I cliciml 11 hole In his desk to gi-t ,ii n crnckcr, He mis look- IIIB ti|i ii n'clpi! /or Wcnssec when Mr. Twliord crime iiloiifj nnd told him It ii|;nli).sl ihe liuv lo bmi)|) off red fox squirrels In Ciil- Ifornln. So (he mm; snld. "Okiiy. I'll B lvc you our hide woods cousin, nml she ran ml your desk." He did and i did. I put llic bllo on Mr, me to Hollywood.Twifoid's desk to get n piece of Mrs. Sara Lynn, 77, Dies Al Osceola O.SCKOLA, Ark., March 11.—Mrs, 5-nrn Lynn, mother of Mrs, Tn). nmtlgo Toii^iiti;, died Sunday mor.i- ln:<, o o'clock, in her home liei-ff uflcr u brief Illness, filie wns 17 years old. 1-lincrnl riles will be conductwl Tucsdiiy aflmioan, 2:30 o'clock, at tilt.' C'hiiteii "by (lie Kcv. run) Cinllowiiy. pastor, n.wl.'itcd by (lie liev. Jim-old li, Tilluuii' pastor of linplW, church, Uiirlal will be iniule In VioU-l Ci'iiKUery. Active pnllbwirers will be l.c.j K'.'hrek-k, L, w. Waller Jr., K, 1>, llradley. l). H, u m .y, D,.,I MM\VI; tlodlrey While. Mllirm j'ope, Fnber While. Koily-lwo frli.niK of the lamlly hnve bien invited in .-,(-rve us hon- onuy imllljenrt-rs. A luillve nf Pniliicali, ICy,, wlifru .'-lie was ri-nri-d, Mr:;, j.ynn hn.-i resided In Osi-cuhi lor Ihe pasl H5 ycurs, .She i:; also Miivivcd liy one son. Ootiald Ht-iidri.-'r'.Mjn. who is d» (K'eled (a iirrlve lad- innlidu froiii Ills home In Mure HHVCII, Hn. A V.riin:! dniwlili'i-, Mr,-,. \v. K. inm- Inp, Mr, Dinilap nnd thd) IIVD chlldien, of rildiii'ly. Tcnn,, hnvo alicndy arrived. Hwlft l-'unoiiil Home Is In i-harno. "My'Skin Was Full of " Pimples and Blemishes" says Vcrnn K.: "Since iislns; Ad- lerllin tlio |ilni|i!es nro gone. My skin Is smooth «nd glows with hi'.'illli." Adlerlkd hcljis wnsh MOTH bowels, nnd' relieves (em- pon\ry coiuttpnllon Ihnl often ng- i!iiivntes bad i'0in])lexlon. Klrby Hros. DI-UB CO., and Robinson's " "H CO, Iliildc (he plimnlinj of future liltjh- wny Improvements In •!(! slnles nnd Ihc District of Coltiinlilii. Tlie surveys nre Jointly llciiinced mid con- cliicled by (lie I'ubllo Homls Ad- inlnlslmlion nml .slnle )il«)nvii.v ile- Dnilmenl.s. Simple Ringworm Itch To get relief from Iho Itching; (iiul iiiiriilni; dlscomforta nnd uorii- nusH of sliniilo ringworm, line lllnclc find While. Ointment, the. soothlnif, cooling nntlsorillc drodalnu tlmt ilcslroy.s llio rcsnonslblo fungi uiion nctuul conlnct. Uuo with fiinious Ulnelt uud Wliito Hlclti Boiip. Bui ins iSw, automobile dealeis sold 4029 per cent more new pas- senijer curs thnn they did diirlng IMS. The figures were 2,053,317 for IM9 ns compared lo 1,881,021 .for Rend C'.urler fiewf aant ads, Lemon Juice Recip« Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you suffer from rheumatic, ar- Ihrllls or noiirltl's pain, try Ihls Blinptii Iticxpenstve home recipe tlmt thousands nre using. <3ct a pncfcnuo 01 Hu-Eji Coinpouml today. Mix It with ii (|imrl of water, udd llic Juice of 4 lemons. TVs c'isy. No (rouble ul all and pleasant. You need only 2 (ulilcspoonsrul .two llme.s n day. often within 40 hours — sometimes overnlelil — .splendid rcsnlls urn obtained. If the pains dti no^ quickly leave nnd If you do not fed littler, mi-Ex will cost you nolhlni', to try as It Is sold by your dnijjijIsL under an absolute money-back guarantee. Rn-Kx (,'omi)oiiiut Is for .sale and recom- me;jd«l by Klrtiy nros. Driin Co. nnd Hood drut; stores uvcrywltcic. KHYfiTONK ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS HAKV CHICKS L. K. Ashcralt Co. 1'URINA I'KEDS IHinne 151 WHAT MCK-ACJ-TE MAY MEAN Mai,, m. DKS. NIES & NIES siiftf* :•"•-', •?£• |B^ ':"•'""•'' "V" ' ' TIIEVRP, Ol 7 J''-oj| Ihu mile-lmig Ml. Van Ilnnveiihrrg run :it I.nku Placid, N. V. iviili "Kiieky 11 \\'(..|J S ,l r ivin s . Fifteen Walli-taki'tig turns to B o. Fifiircii i-liaiifM In lasie (lie. supreme llirills of speed. Dm in iniokiiig il's iliffornil. Ii's slnt,> Imriiing ihai makes a rieaiclle tick willi ii».," "Mucky" says. Anil he means wlinl lie says, l» lie's Einokeil slow.|iiirniii B Camels for Irn ycrrrj. "Oi\E-TWO-BOB! ONE-TWO-BOB!" As H,c crew bol, s , "Ducky" picks up speed ... 80-70-80 miles an hour, driving l,i g |, „„ ,l, c W(1 |[ 0 | i( . c .„ |, e sWKigs Ihc quarter-ton slcel sled around ll, c cnn-e. Rm i,i ligarcllcs, daring speedster gives the laurels to jloic.lnmmig Camels. You can tell l,y llu'ir mild, incII 0 w,li, s ( c thai Camels burn cooler, slower-ami scu ,ts have confirmed Ihis: Camels burned slowest of all ;,, rmm tl . 5ts . ($,,,. ,, mtl l M oll ..) t FOR THE THRILLS AND'eXTRAS'lN SMOKING- EXTRA MILDNESS EXTRA COOLNESS EXTRA FLAVOR AND EXTRA S/V10KING_I PICK THE SLOW-BURNING CIGARETTE ... CAMEL In recent bboraiory tcsls, CAMELS liurncd 7^ sooner llirin llie average of llic IS olliftr of llic lnr^i:si'fclliui; brands tested—slower titan ntty nf them. That means, on die average, a smoking ;I/<M cqu.-il to 5 EXTRA SMOKES I'l'll PACK! 1SIO. n. J. Kowl'hToliicrt Coaapiny. WlrUcn-PiUm, N. C. MORE F1EASVRE PER PUFF MORE runs PER PACK! f muds I F you waul io know Imw il feels to go ilO miles an hour on a racing hoJj-slcd, "Ducky" \Vcll3 of Kcenc Va)lcj-, N. Y. ran lei! yon. Hm , v li e ii it conies lo cigarellcs, "Rncky" Wells is on llic slow j^ido ... the sluH'-tmrning side. Thai means Cumels! "I know iliiii Camels inirn slower," "Bncky" says. "There's cool coniforl in ;i slo\v-)»irning Camel. iMildnces-niore flavor. Kvory tnifT is a fresh treat to the taste, and—get lliis-llierc are many more (>»[Ts to enjoy in ;t Camel. Slow burning means e.tfro Miotiiig. Til walk n mile for a '" Kvcii if n {.'nsl of wind did carry away "HiickyV !ast word, nol many jieoplc wnuW fail lo realize il was C-A-Jf-K-L. Camels arc maiie from coallier toliaccos—drawn from l!ie greatest treasure of mellowed tobaccos ever brought together in one place in llic whole world. the cigarette of Costlier tobaccos

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