Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 11, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1896
Page 4
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brays CORNER. On fall ami winter underwear, he lias now cornered Hu> largest lot of underwear ever brought to T.ogansport at hard limes prices tor cash. These good.s are direct from the factories and of the best values In all lines for ladies, gents'and children; go and Investigate and it will not take yon long to decide where to buy your underwear. >A;-.:- W A • £• every day in the w«ek (except by'the Lojransport Journal Company. ~.-TT.. .President Vice Pre»l<lent ".'," Secretary equal power of every dollar at nil times in the markets and in payment ot debt, ami wo demand that all paper currency shall he kept at par with and redeemable lu such coin. WE'MUST INSIST U'PON THIS rOMCV AS ESPECIALLY NECESSARY FOK Till? [-KOTEOTION OF THE FARMED \ND LABORING CLASSES. THE F1HST AND MOST DE1-ENSELESS -VICTIMS'OF- UNSTABLE MONEY AND A?' FLUCTUATING. _. CUtt- IIFNCY —Democratic' platform; -1802, Ah, ha, Mr. Brush! Ah, 'ha, Mr ARE IN THE LEAD Cleveland Wins/the Cincinnati's , , Lose and the Stuff is Off. KEEP UP THE ; LICK And That Temple Cup Will Stay in the Forest —' ' " $4 80 :»rlc« per Annum "• ; 40 •rrtce per Month REPUBLICAN TICKET. ji,, of Shelby County. the Appellate Court. w. COMSTOCK D fwayne County. County. JONES. For Congress GEORGE W. STEELS. ror Keprewntatlve-CHABLES B LONG- COMPARE THEM "The Republican party is" unreservedly for sound money. It caused-the enactment^ the law providing for the resumption of specie payments in 18T9; since thi'D every,dollar has been as good as;.goid. -, . . "We -'aV*- unalterably opposed to every measure calculated.-, to debase our currency or'Impair the credit of our country. We are therefore opposed to the free coinage of silver except by international agreement with the leading commercial nations or the world, which we pledge ourselves to .promote, and until then such gold standard must be preserved. :" "All our silver and paper currency must be maintained at parity with gold, and we favor all measures designed to maintain inviolably the obligations of the United States and all our money, whether coin or paper, at the present'standard, the standard of. the most enlightened nations of the earth." —Republican platform..'- ' • ". "We demand the free and unlimited coinage of both gold and, silver-at the present legal ratio o£ 10 to 1. without waiting for the aid or'consent of any Other nation? We "demand-that the standard silver dollar shall be a full legal tender, equally with gold, for all debts, public and private, and we favor such legislation as-will prevent the demonetization of any kind of legal tender-money by private contract."— DemofU'aHc platform. "Wo demand free and unlimited colnage : of silver.and gold at the present legal ratio, of 1C to l.'I-Fopullst platform,,:1S02, • "We hold to thc'usc'of both gold and silver as the standard'-jmoney of the country,' and to the cd'inagc. of both gold and .silver, without discriminating against either metal or cnarge for mintage.'but the dollar unit of coinage Of ; both metals must be of equal Intrinsic and exchangeable value or be adjusted 'through international agreement or by such safeguards of legislation as shall Insure the maintenance of the parity ptthe two metals and the THE 'AARON OF TODAY. r.y the'elect ion. oC William V.ry'an, it is proposed TO mako about .f;.!.UOO.OOO,000 worth of mclal worth W 000,000.000. That is-simply a'start- i-r for- Mr. Bryan. How'does ho propose- to accomplish It?! Has he a rational or even a plausible plan on. which to proceed? -Has his plan been n-iod.aiul found successful? These arc pertinent questions-that million* ui-o asking. Mr. Bryan says-the open- in-r of the mints of quo country, the United States, and the coining of silver ;it 1C! to I will bolster silver up In the world's markets, -and hold it at .$l-.2ft. an ounce, when its real value is about (;," cents. siV\ The men who urged the passage -off tlii- Sherman law said the law wotild perform the same miracle. For a time after its passage silver reared pu Us toes-and touched at one stage.SO cenis, and then collapsed. Its fall was rapid and steady. Mr. Bryan's suggestion is not practiy c-u It has been tried in other coun-. trios to the lasting regret of the vie- timv It -has been tested in America at an honest ratio. His 10 to l heresy will never be (noil in ntiy country where missionaries arc not a crying need. Not only is his claim false, it Is visionary 'At th« same time he promises, without wan-ant or basic argument, to double the'value of ?3,000,000,000 of sM-.vir, he proposes to make th.e value •$-..000,000,060 of American wages, equal, in purchasing; power, only to $"000000,000, He proposes to cut off- ihe ability of the working mon of .the- country to purchase the products of the farming classes. Not only mis. he propscs to lessen the chances for the securing .of a common school education for the laboring man's children. His plan would mean-the inability, of • wage earners to patronize the merchant as formerly, and'thc lack of custom would extend to the jobber*, to the factories,- affecting'still another C l ni » s of workingmcn, through^-rtwrn the farmers, nnd'on around the'chdMss Cl The man .who stands oa his demand tha t the hidustrics::6f the country be looted to before '-new ml«te aro^s- ftbllshcd, is the country's hope. The silver industry gives employment to about 40,000 men/ These thousands would gain no increase- . of. wi^es In any case. In manufacturing alone there were in 1S92 over '.4;.000i:> 000 men employed. .WhlcW is^thc roost Important? >hlch must receive flrst consideration, the wages of the millions, or the chance of enriching tl^ employers of the thousands? These; J\u, lit'- -'•*• l • -------- Ewlng, :iud the rest of you descendants^ of thufjuncd Cinciuiuiius!, Yp 1 :!,'^-" 01 . i,, IL :uiy looser. From'now'cu-miti!- the <-losc of the season, oi-c week-frum- TVOSU Si.ndfiy, you will please necr.-pr- 'tlic pliuio. tlni-d' from Hie" tdpl 'Mini when the final day shall come to biitv!•> for i lie rciil championship of-'the United Sbitos on the base bull field.'- VOUCH n occupy reserved seats -'on ''h;i ble-achors and witness the Cleveland^ erstwhile cnlbl the "Spiders," Wriik.ii the eternal stnlling out of the iinlri- mores, whose pisTOUomlc'nl lin'aie is shortened to the "Orioles." ''Tempi* Cup moneyV WelI,..V<*!' The Spiders will be in on tlni.t divide, nnd t.liey'11 hnvc n rich slice ot the plum duff at Hint, while you sit back .and lick yoiu dry'lips and pull the-belt that girds yo'nr ill-fed paunch one hole tighter to stay the pangs of gnawing. Hunger When the smell'of that rich pasty has (tied in your nostrils, think hack on tin time when the Spiders, despised o£ yon and your proud supporters, were stnis ' mg to retaiii a foot-hold on-:the lad-j ,..":,t-the top of which Hie pennnut, /and the eud-of-lhc-scason honor,-ami; inonoy were temptingly perched,.-a.n in- ee'ntivc' to you to continue the'plienoin-j en-ill work of winning games. .'I'lmu; you looked down upon your'stcnsgllui; rivals anil sneered in ill-disguised-exultation ait their hnrd efforts to reach rlie proud eminence yon' had. attained at the head of the list. Pride' goeth ').> fore 11'fall, and the truth-of this -olf truism was never, more fittingly- >drt to be rendered Sept. Oth, of the iiiojrress made, Ait the meeting held Wednesday evening for this purpose, arty-seven new members were report>d in addition to a small amount of money from subscriptions ami. other sources. /While the amount of cash to be im- ijcdlAtely realized from -the new 1110111- lors is not sufficient to wholly cover ,lio cost of the improvements, the Di- •ectors fck justified In.ordering three tov porcelain ba.th tubs, a new shower 'athiand thn painting'nnd papering of Jio room's a.t o.uce. ; Some time must necessarily elapse before the bath tubs can be obtained firom the .factory, and the interval will bo used to push the work of increasing <hc nicuiibcrS'bip a.nd by other means oW-ilnine the balance of the funds needed to pay for the improvements. I The association is not run for prolit. bio 'Manual dues to railroad men arc but. $3, which may be paid In tri- bpntlily Installm-oiiis, a.nd the- Directors -hope that their efforts will meet ' such substantial and hearty ru- Highetf of all in Leavening Power^Latest U.S. Gov't Report ^ %i h I < » au I 9 ^r^ • • — ABSOLUTELY PURE » {aces Next Week Will Attract Many Fast Ones. o l.l.UlCiiii'''"'- 1 *'' 1 * than. In this case, where your pqrcuip tendencies received 1 He" proper :rebul;jO nnd you were relegated to''the'rear, .w-liero. you properly belong, ..None, of. the friends of Cleveland . have ever doubted her ultimate success over von Though the Spiders, have-been quiet and unassuming under the taunts you flung out in the hour ot yxnu- .victory, they liave cherished the -feeling that in the end victory. would/be'iShcivs. and this feeling Is all but a -ccrtaliny 'of success at this very time. .-. ,\ • in the games yesterday • Cleveland defeated the St. Louis aggregation by the score of five to two. On the-othm- -hand, the rorlcopolLtans lost••to/the Colonels by a score of six -to two. And this victory and'defeat glves,the Sfiid- cfs the much-coveted lead.over^iudin- nnti.- Following is the score -iOf fhe- games played yesterday: :••••••': •<•"• '.j ,_ .AtjClcvehuid-St, Louis i 2^-CKjre- 5 .''•'• -.';'*••'' I < .•:5--:;BQlti- cmployers 01 u.u """" -" ' ~ lnn .silver bugs are already worth $5uO,000,- ; 000 It Is very apparent that the toil- Ing millions should be considered first. IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT .THE NEXT TIOUSB WILL HAVE A MAJORITY FAVORABLE TO THE FR2E COINAGE OF SIL< VER AT A. RATIO ..OF 16 TO 1. WHEN IT BECOMES A DEMONSTRATED FACT THAT THERE IS NO DANGER OF; THIS COUNTRZ ADOPTING THE SILVER STANDARD IN CONDUCTING THE BUSINESS OF THE COUNTRY, PROSPERITY WILL COME A.GAIN AND, WITH LOWER TAXES ON THE NECESSARIES OF LIFE,' EyBRY KIND OF BUSINESS; WILL BOOM AGAIN.—Pharos editorial, March_'-'2. 1806. . :' .- '•'... •' '||; :/| It Is a significant fact that : fttrtlie three-jrenrs of the Sherman laWifdur- Ing Which time treasury notes' \vjeJe W- sued on purchased silver bullion $** 1 * rate of $4,500,000 a month; there, j-..,--^ pumped into .the circulation $\.ii$M%< 000 of this pnper money, and thatjdur^ Ing the same period, the net esporU-.ojt 1 gold were .$150,000,000, while the.-goW in the treasury was depleted lu the.: sum of ?13G,000,000. While the.forc^ ing of the certificates probably did- not cause all this outflow of gold, and '•depletion, it was In' largo part responsible for it. ' .;'' . ' At. Baltimore—Brooklyn more Ii." " • ; i At' Washington-Philadelphia | 4;- 'washl-ngtotfO. -'•' .""'•'' l !..'.. ;-. At' Pittsbui-g-Chicago-i' 2.v"l Itts- burg'O..-.' - . •'. . '" ; •" : "'"'" J...--. At '~Ncw . York-Boston--'3;:'.- >ew Yorkil2. "- " -•'•""-' : '" v:; ' j .;..'., At Louisville-Cincinnati'.-.2v':^u.is- villoO. • ' '• ! ' : "-'" : ".;,) . ,, STANDING OF THE CLUBS.) ' Clubs . Won Lost.lPe^Qt. -Baltimore..-,.--34;-"'3*^1^' Cleveland '.:'..73 • •'-••:^r". < .010 siwnse that they may be enabled to carry out other plans under consideration, which If carried- out will add greatly 'to. the beuofit.s derived from a membership. ''A. membership card is also issued to traveling men «t 53 per auuiim, which entitles the holder to all privileges at nearly fifteen hundred associations in the United States and Canada. Sev oral of our local traveling men have recently taken out memberships, am an effort is being mndc to increase the patronage of this class. ' ADDITIONAL LOCALS. •''w'hoatland sacred concert tonight. ' N, Y. Counts oysters bulk, Ilotliernicl . w'au'ted.-A servant at 210 Eightl street. Must conic well recommended No washing or jroniug. '.Tohu and Mrs. Lurch of near Adams boro, arc the proud parents of a bount ioig boy baby since, last night. Miss Bessie Day entertained at her .home on Spear-street Wednesday 'u'ig'ht, a largo company of ; young friends. Do not fail to get a set of plates at 'the : Fair Saturday afternoon at o'clock. All plates from 30c to 75c, go for 13c per sot. The funeral of the infant daughter of Ma- and Mrs. Lewis Bante was held yesterday afternoon at the residence 011 Hclin street. Frank Fuller, while whitewashing afhls home,ia -the Eastend Wednesday dropped some lime in his eye. The eye may be blinded. He is being attended by Dr. BarnCeld. Mrs. Charles Amick of Burneltsvllle, who died Wednesday at Indianapolis, was taken bonne yesterday -for interment. A husband and. two small children mourn her. loss. " '^e-funeral of the late Fred Taylor will occur today at 3 o'clock p. in., at the residence on Broadway. The services-will be conducted by the Rev. i. S. Gut-brie of Indianapolis. ••It was reported last evening that the condition of John'Wilts, the saloonist, who hna for some time been at St. Joseph's hospital,-was very serious, and that his recovery seemed doubtful. There seems now to be no possible lonbt of the success ot the race meet icxt wcQk at the driving park. There will Ix; a long list of entries before the book is closed Saturday night. From ill around there are 1 inquiries coming Hi, a,ud entries follow in large numbers from every direction. F. A. Dykcman was at CrsLwfords- .illo'Wednesday, and secured fourteen K ood enti'les, and the assurance of many more. Bert Tomliuson made a trip to South Bend Wednesday in 1ho interests of the races, and secured many entries and other substantial encouragement from the horsemen in that .section of the S-bU:o, A letter from Dallas Cutter, who has Coleridge entered at ITuntinglon in the free-for-all pace, to como off Saturday, for a purse of $400. snys that he has secured several entries, and that the horsemen, at tbat place Hi-is week will attend the races here next week in a body. • - Tihc many privileges during the meet have been disposed of to advantage, and the purses are already assured. The prospects for .a very successful series of races arc very bright, and ea.ch day grow more encouraging. The opening day will be "Ladies Day," and nil ladies will be admitted free. The same day, Tuesday, the .principal event of special local interest will be the county trot, and in this much lively interest is shown. The speeders of Frank Kistler, Pat Graney, Harry Elliott Will Welch .and Earl Stewart will start, and it will be a con•test 'for gore from the word to the wire. How are Your Kidneys? Uric Acid in your blood causes pain, misery and rheumatism. Diabetes, Brigbt's Disease, etc. Your filtcrs-the kidneys- nre s'.ck. To get rid of such misery i-akeDr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney PHls which drive out the Uric Acid by making well the kidneys. For sale In Lo- piusport by B^en Fisher and.John F. Coulsbn, druggists. KITE FOR WEATHER BUREAU. by Signal-S«™- er-UM-.'cl suit against James Hartley : alU-ved crufilty. to .their boy, who shout 13 years old. Willie has been cin- piovecl by Hartley as n "printer. Ue°M! " It seemed impossible for him to Jo unvthing- in a hurry. Mr. Hartley tried to frighten the boy into activity. CDC day he- seized a lighted gasoline uuO chased Willie about, the office with it. Willie ran, nlroost, scared to death.-and several times the flames came near enough to touch his legs, where they left a mark. Alderman Burns fined Hartley five dollars and costs. Hartley paid the fine and discharged the boy- All would nave been well had not Mrs. Smith said ihe fire cure for slowness was a wondcnul success and that Willie had become a re- markably'bright boy in ™^ ac ™; He is now a quick-witted, hustling boj, and will, she thinks, distinguish himself.. When Hartley heard these stones he began to think it unjust that he had been compelled to pay a fine for working such a miracle, nnd he entered suit ogainst the parents to recover vhe fine and costs paid by him. FINDS A GOLDEN FORTUNE. Wife of Counterfeiter Nln C cr -Not So Poor u.» Sappo*"' 1 Five thousand dollars in gold coin was found under the cellar floor of the cottage at Flagtown, N. J., occupied by Mrs. Kinger, wife of the celebrated counterfeiter, who is now m Elmira penitentiary for his crime. Mrs. Isin- frer was just about to move. She called in a trusted neighbor to oid. her m taking- up. the cellar floor and the golden hoard was revealed. • The secret service. agonts :n. their search explored every" nook and corner of the cottage. They confiscated several thousaud dollars in bank note* and bonds, and it was believed tha+.Mrs. Sinter was left almost penniless. Mrs. Ninger's neighbors were . severely, shocked when''it became known that instead of being poverty stricken $0,000 had been saved from the wreck of the penman's fortune. Gustavus Wiedenmnyer, the philanthropic Xewark brewer, bought Ixin- (rcr's cottage from his wife, greatly to the joy of jMrs. Ninger, who, with her children, will find a home near the penitentiary, and there she will live and visit her husband** often as she is Allowed to until .he 1 las; serve* h« _ sijc'years' sentence. ABOUT; THE -.(SLOI-RER.' Cincinnati ... : Chicago '...'.'.. ; ..'.••0»." Boston .. ,••'•... .. ; ...67. Plttsburg -62 New ..York .'.';.. .^"'.'..'.'SO' rhliadelphia ...—37' Brooklyn .,...,....54, W'oshlngton ; ..yl St. TxmLs •'..:.36. Louisville ..'..•.......30 .72^-'.-- -'41} < 02 02 .613 !5-4 •520 ".'479 j .300 -&'•' . TLAY AT. MONTICBnL'6. . ; -'(, '. The Boston Lights' go; to"'th'e ! ;CapJtifr of White County for a Qarilc'To|ny:'. " The Boston'Lights go to Jfoiitlceijo today for two games,-playing ttfcre to 1 -' day and tomorrow: • The "games between the two clubs a-re'a''stand-off'so far, and the local club''will try. their best to take both in •tWs'seW*,'that .they may be called the best.'"' j v _"\ 'WHAT ONE MAN .CAN DO. "Wftbash Tribune: -In all TCahnsh there is not a more zealous advocate of McKinley and prosperity than,Jim Adams; ot the Hi C. Uudcrwood. factory " He is not one of those unreasonable' llep'ublicaus who vote the ticket because'bls parents did before him, but is i Republican' from convl.ctlon and 'Wcausc be knows'it, is right. Since ,thb opening of the campaign Jim has Vi-id 'everything he could get hold pt ^vlilch'treated on the subject of sound m'o'liey as against free silver, and there. Is' P/.I-IKIPS, no better posted, man -In fh' (; cl'iy than 7im on the political te- 'siies of the dn-y. ' ' ' ; ' By his clear, convincing arguments,. free from all abuse and bulldozing, it is retried that he has bepu the.means 'oi' converting throe silvcrltes co the L'dod cause. Let every raau in .^Vabash •do the woi'k which Jim Adams-' hns for thc'good cause and the Bryan- on.. or '•Ites will be scarcer than Muebells a-' Chris'mns. Li .Hung Chang is for Bryan -and 'free silver. Ho will make no speeches for the cause, but If he did, his' words, without an interpreter, would be as forcible and Intelligent; to the American people as some of the argument offered on the silver stump. ."''.. The Pharos attempts a very 'ffljmsy fraud In' the publication of the For- ,syth« letter to'R/C.' Bell.; Any intelll : . gent man can see that this was'.'written by a free silver Democrat; The trick attempted'shows that mahy of the free sUverltea'.depend, upon fooling the" peopfe: ^.^.'V^^^frH^^-'i'^'IAfi^ Business'Transacled by the'Di- Wctors—iniprovementls. 'Last week at the regular.September meeting of the Board, of '.Management. 'of tn« K.- K..i./-a. Si-;.- 1 -. • v .\~r.ri.v-,t:'~ the question ofilmproveineii'.ts |ame .up. for discussion. It was. found ^.making a careful estimate '.ot.thq income, and running expenses.fo^ffiejremain- der 'of the year that the Iorni*r r ,^puld. barely suffice to ~"" f '*" '»«*-'=««»Ing that the future .- eociatlon depended - ; ^..... u meats- contemplate^;. *"» membeM of the>Board p^??l . amounts to the "Improvemef t. L '. ' i.t *.T _«.w.AA\n1''-tYt'odTiai tVP. lA .from •:a' : -re- SICK HEADACHE Positively cared by these tittle Pills. • They ako relieve Distress from DyspepsU, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A per- fcct remedy for' Dizziness, Nausea, Drown- new, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue ! &Sh in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They S^ilafc the Bowelii Purely Vegetable. • f mall Fill. •m*«il>o«e. '"' " tmallFrlof Ice Officer — Edward iYHulbert, of Detroit, Mich., connected with the Detroit weather bureau, who has ben making experiments in kite fiyinff for the purpose of get- .tine- wind variations at great elevations, has succeeded in producing; a kite 12 feet high, having 132 sqnarafeet ft sail. The frame is so shaped and .placed fhat it bends readily in one di. ieetlon and is braced r.feidly m the ether, so that a slifrhlly concave shape .s obtained. The weight, of the lute is three, pounds and eight ounces, so distributed that it is balanced equally from, a common center. The apparatus, resembling two diamond-shaped cambric boxes joined by slender rods, with no tail, h« been given its first test. A breeze of six miles »-n hour was blowing, but it flew the kite nearly overhead, the angle- being between 75 w>d oO de- tfrees and carrying only two feet slack L 600 feet of line. The strain on the cord was betweeix 50 and 100. pounds, 'too great to be held in the hands. It is Mr. Itilhwrf. .intention to fly lie kite with piano wire a* soon as it can be obtained. No eord of suffic,ent strength ran be found to hold the kite, except in ,a very light breeze. As soon as tie. ^Ire is obtained it will be used many kind of wind, and recording instruments will 'fee sent up. KAFTON FORETELLS HIS END. D«th Follow. » V~l»oro~u. Pr.y« Iniplred by F*M of Coml»« DU.olutlon. John Krafton had a premonition that he would die the .other day, and spent, •ihe afternoon praying. . In * h "«Wf • be expired in, a room at 00 South 'Clinton street, while on h,s Knees. In'the room at the time, was I'rtz Poschman. his. roommate, who wo> making an effort to sleep, occasional I v arousing, himself to abuse Krafton Tor making a "disturbance. » During the af tamowx the »en were ta their room together, Poschman ly lie- upo-i the lied and Kiuf ton reading a newspaper. Suddenly the latter sank to-his kr-ees and began-to pray. "Come off de floor!" tbouted Poseh- mstn "Vy don't you let roc sleep? S yon Just bray, go by the alley and bray all you vaBt." _ The interruption had no effect on Kralton, who kept on praying. 1 °scn- .mon upbraided.him frequently for the disturbance, but finally gave it up useless and turned over to go Suddenly the praying ceosea «? , ton fell to tie floor. Poschma.n jumped up and ran downstairs shoutingtbat .Us roommate was dying. A I " JI " bel !{" persons in the house rushed to tne room, but Kralton had expired. I1U t»el«« »n . "That man is a slopper," remarked » police oiEcer .to a Washington SUr «Titer a. few mornipgs since, and he and his eloSs give,™ any »»««M£ ti-ouble. Ii he stole^we could. Teach him by law, but as heonly finds-vye can- iot- easily reach him.-' >.^ her j*" planntion he said: "A alopperis a man Iho searches through-tbe ec*™- i. lt healley S iathereaTof ing hou S e a and. private : house* for spoons, .knives and forte s by careless .Bervants, lor that ther«-«« mon, silver spoon* on d knives and forks thrown away with the garbage than are sto en ^by servants, though the contrary .tegen orally believed. The slopper is ge^er- ally an hour or so aheod-of the garbage collector and he i- often more regutar and careful in Us rounds than the gar- we thrive,' as tbe U» (n the copy-books used U> ~ bv industry on. a gooA west lly «e whidi takes to a o boarding hou^s or hotels a slop- can'find enough tableware to pay expensea of to" toar. Often ^ ea arich find. Very frequetttlyb* hopennission to 'slop' the can from ,£ owners of the houBe themsdve^ for hi tells them he is.on the lookout for .not or do not at times w Among the big wholesale houses in the Citv of London athletics is ca.-eful- y'fostld by asytcmof chibs wbg y the pn.tror.agc and support of the of the various firms. It would i^e most people to learn how many •brilliant athletes are trfbe found among the ranks ot.dry goods clerks lu the = Eritish metropolis. Awarded Highest Konars—World's Fair. •DR; .MADE WU.LIE A BRIGHT BOY. CREAM ^m •^uf y ^ um*- ^—^—— MOST PERFECT MADE.

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