Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1931
Page 3
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w»< . p<a **> V'*! IfrH ' ^7? "* '*4i,' 'ftrftfl/ JM I Mra Sid Henry M y&u want to live In the kind ofr a town Like the kind of a town yeu like, YcW needn't slip youf olMhbl In a grip Aftd stnrt on a long, long, hike, You'll only find what you'lfttt-bebfadf Ft* there's'nothing that's really now, It s a knock at yourself when you knock your town, It Isn't the town—it's you! , Real towns arc not made by men afraid Lefet somebody else gets ahead. When everyone works and nobody shirks You can raise n town from the dead. Add If while you maho your personal stake ' I Your neighbors can make one, too, f Your town will be what you mant «o * .see— ... , It Isn't the town—It's you! —Selected. Jim Briant has returned from n few days visit In Little Rock, . Mr. nnd Mrs. W. N, Alexander had as week end guests, Miss Fay Peloubet and little Clyde Watson Jr., of Little Rock. folcpHone 821 """ " i isaagaiga Bodcaw and Fa Icon P.-T. AJjold Meet Officer* Elected—Regular Meetings to Be Held Each M nth Bodeaw and Falcon Parent Teachers association met at Bodcaw Thursday afternoon with over seventy-five patrons present. The. following officer* were elected: Mwh Cora Martin, president, Mrs. w! Mi Munn, vice president; Miss Willis May, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Harlie Cox, reporter. A very Interesting Thanksgiving program was presented by the first and fifth grade pupils, including a play "The First Thanksgiving." It was decided the monthly meetings will be held the first Thursday afternoon in each, month at 2:30. School Names Honor _________ Ten Pupil! Are Awarded Certificates of Honor La«tWeek of the intermediate d* .partmetit of the Columbus schofcl were ownrde'd certificates of honor last month, ending November 20, ttr making "B" or belter in their studies, deportment and attendance, They are the following: Fifth grade—Ophelia floldtng,.Jant6B Caldwell, Allene Walker, Martha Griffin, Wilma Neal and Calvin CaW- well. Sixth grade—Isabelle Boyce, Rupert Blackwoodi Andrew Caldwell, Mary Kathleen Woolsey and Troy Stout, ' QUARANTINE LIFTED (Continued from page one) •s><wVi Jack Mr. and Mrs. Pat Casey spent Thanksgiving and the,week end vjs- itinfcwith Mrs. Casey's parents, Mr. and'Mrs. J. S. Jacks in Texarkana. The Pat Cleburne Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy will meet on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Edgar Briant on South Elm street. They will entertain ut their annual Christ- was program and each member is requested to bring an inexpensive gift. The Paisley P. T. A. will hold their regular meeting on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the school. All ' mothers are urged to be^present. Miss Anna Norton left Monday for few days visit in Texarkana. Mrs. Linda Lambeth Jones of Alexandria, La,, spent the week end visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Milam. Benjamin Haynes and Farren Green of Ouachitn ColTege, Arkadelphla spent the week end visiting, with home folks. The Womans Missionary Society of the First Baptist Church held their regular meeting on Monday afternoon, with the president, Mrs. Cleve Andres presiding. During the business session it was decided that the society would have a "Lottie Moon" Christmas program, on Friday, December 4, with a pot luck dinner at noon, a shower will be ehld. for the Baptist hospital in Little Rook, and all mem- bars are requested to bring either linens or canned fruits. A most inspiring devotional on "Peace" was led by Mrs. Anna Likins. Mrs. J/T,''Vest and Miss flattie Ann Feild spent the week end visiting with friends in Little Rock. Columbus Tigers To Meet Ashdown Gerald Gilbert Is Elected Captain of Basket Ball v T e a m In a recent election, the Columbus cagers chose Gerald 1 Gilbert at Tiger captain for this season. Carl Gilbert was elected sub-captain. These two boys are the only lettermen left of the "lucky seven" of last year, the other five members having graduated from the Columbus High School last spring. Charlie Griffin and Lee Abbott, who were subs on the team- are back in school now. These two youths, with the Gilbert brothers leading will furnish the nucleus around which the 'Tiger coach expects to build another strong quintette. Robert Griffin, Otis Blackwood, Mrs. Chas,. Haynes and Mrs. J. A. enry were dinner guests of Mrs. Tal- "bot Feild in Texarkana on Saturday. The Bay View Reading Club will hold their meeting Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Steve Carrigan, Jr., on Fulton street. Tobogganing For Students MINNEAPOLIS, Mmn.-(ff>)— As part of its plans for winter sports the intramural department of the University of Minnesota will place skiis and toboggans at the disposal of students and faculty members, , Marcus Caldwell, Carl Hicks, Dan Hamilton and Harvey Caldwell, juniors of 1930-31; are battling like old tigers for a premanent -berth on the coveted, first-team line up. Compe- tetion is keen and the will to win is strong among: these contenders, having won all three practice games prior to this date. When the Columbus Tigers journey to Ashdown next Saturday, December 5, they expect to meet a formidable foe in the basketball tosscrs of that city. With luck on their side, the Hempstead county lads hope to wipe-out a defeat handed them by the Little River cagers year before last. No matter, how the final score counts, the Ashdown tea mwill realize that they have fought a worthy enemy when they try to down the 1931 district champions. Accuracy In Prescription Compounding O'ur prescription department is an object lesson in accuracy, not the ordinary kind, but that in which one hundredth of a grain in weight means-much. In this work "CONSCIENCIOUS- NESS" is our slogan—no such words as "guess" or "nearly enough" are known here—everything is positive. Our prescription work is carefully gone over and checked. Accurately and Dependably—all for your protection. Ward & Son The Leading Druggists "We've Got It" PHONE 62 Motor Cycle Delivery College Girls Eat Lamb Stew, Thus Aiding Poor SOUTH HADLEY, Mass.—(/P)—The girls at Mount Holyoke College—1,050 of them—ate beans and lamb stew Sunday and thereby contributed several hundred dollars for the assistance of unfortunate children. Usually the girls dine upon chicken, ice cream and other delicacies on Sunday. But this Sunday two simple menus were substituted, the savings in the cost of the meal going to the Golden Rule Foundation in New York. They had their choice of beans and brown bread, or lamb stew with biscuits. The stew met with slightly greater favor than the beans. "Cowboy" Rusell, mat artist who came out of the west, is 6 feet inches tall and weighs .240 pounds. ant years work of my life." This county is now tick free. It remains § for the citizens- to keep it s4. People who move live stock' here froih an infested area should be reported at once. One animal coming from a county that is not free from tl6ks might infest an entire herd. For this reason all people are urged' to co> operate in .reporting any stock, shipped or driven into this 'county from a source of infestation, There are three pastures, . two west and one south of Hope, where ticks were found 1 late this summer, Stock in these .pastures are still under local quarantine, according to Mr. Aid*ridge. The owners will be required, to dip or spray this stock every 28 days during the winter months, and every 14 days up until the first of July. Afti- er this the entire county will be free from ticks, Mr. Aldrtdge and- his family will move from Hope to Ashley county within the next two weeks where he will take up a similar work there, beginning about the first of March, There are five counties in the Southeast corner of the state in which eradication work will be carried out next year. Along the Ashley county and the Louisiana state line it is the plan of the government to build 2o miles of fence to protect the cattlemen in Arkansas against infestation from Louisiana as this is not a tick free state. A great work has been accomplished in Hempstead county. Folks for years have known that when the tick eradication program was launched there would be lots of hard work required. There were some doubters, who said that it could>not be done, but it Is finished and now everybody is thankful that there will not be any more dipping days. C. Rhonemus, 96, of Clinton county, Ohio, has voted for eighteen Democratic candidates for president NOTICE OF REVISION OF ASSESSMENT Notice is hereby given that the Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. 3 in the City of Hope, Arkansas will meet at the office of L. Carter Johnson, second floor of the Arkansas Bank & Trust Company Building in the City of Hope, Arkansas at 10 o'clock A. M. Thursday, December 17, 1931, for the pun- pose of revising and readjusting the assessments of benefits against the real property in said district. Any persons desiring any revision or readjustment of his assessment*, or any change in values, for Improve. ments erected or removed, or any change whatsoever, may appear before the Board and make application there- for, and same will be considered, This 23rd day of November, 1931, CARTER JOHNSON , POLK SINGLETON EUGENE WHITE | Board of Assessors, 'Nov. 24-Dec. 1-8. Sensational Discovery, 666 Salve A Doctor's Prescription for Treating Colds External!? Everybody Using It—Telling Their Friends $5,000 Cash Prizes For Best Answers "Why You Prefer G66 Salve for Colds" The Answer ID Easy After You Have Tried It Ask Your Druggist First Prize $500.00| Next ten Prizes ?100.00 each; Next Twenty Prizes J50.00 each; Next forty Prizes 525.00 each; Next-one hundred Prizes $10.00 each; Next one hundred Prizes ?5.00 each. In case of a tie identical Prizes will be awarded. Rules: Write on one side of paper only. Lot your letter contain no more than fifty words. Tear off Top of 666 Salve Carton and mail with letter to 666 Salve Contest, Jacksonville, Florida. All letters must in by midnight, January 31, 1932. Your Druggist will have list of winners by February 15th. 666 Liquid or Tablets with 666 Salve Makes a Complete Internal and External Treatment. Adv, HUBBY! HURRY! POSITIVELY LAST TIMES TUESDAY The Grandest Show of the Season "Over the Hill'' JAMES DUNN SALLY EJLEBS [t Speaks the Language of Your Heart. SAENGER MONDAY-TUESDAY "Me" SAYS Watch Your Radiator With every five gallon purchase of Standard Gasoline we offer you ONE GALLON PYRO 188 PROOF DENATURED ALCOHOL Valued at $1.50 per gallon for only 55c McPherson Seavice Station We»t Third Street ' Highway 67 ¥<j e»j<ty a football-game as nd dtai***ftteT, even the most few Witt stadlum-sater, coold enjoy It i the grivil«0» offered 1 to audiences by tto SBfcngef Thbatre in the nresents* tlon thfert Wednesday and Thursday Of "fftudNdtrwrd" Fof tWs picture, devised and played by the most Impressive assemblage of tridiron and film authorities ever to be called Into a "Huddle" on a pjg« kin-screen production, takes the beholder right into the hearts of those excited H^MS and near-heroes wh*> preftMt end serve up the great American Sittwdajr afternoon thrlll-daih, "Tftuchd&wri!" Is a football stdry Which (»t last) does not attain Its ef- f**ts through a last-minute, heroic dtmh acroH the opponents' grimly-defended goal-posts. The glory and ex* altatlon rather, is wholly moral; and unattended 1 'by the customary winning of th* crudal game. In fact, in "Touchdown!" the home team actually loses the final game. By employing the talents of men who' know their football and who know their human-nature. Paramount here presents, in effectively-touching realism, the inside goings-on/ the fears and joys, the pain and glory of an heroic national pastime. Arlen, himself a college befor* Joining the aviation forces in the Wbrld War, i« the central figure in the stery-a coach who Builds up a great team; and loses His *** game because of a moral pre 1 Charles Starrett; who played 1 varsity 'football at Dartmouth, I* the leading plater-interest in the tafe as the braiher of Peggy SHatinon, daughtei? df George Barbier, wealthy football fan; who has built the big, stadium for his alma. mater, Midwest. As the coach at Midwest, Artwi fells In lave with Peggy, and almost loses her When he loses the final gam'a by refusing to let Starrett play because of art Injury. But because of; his tenacity to this high principle, Arlen In effect saves t Starrett from being a permanent cripple—and the denoument with Peggy is a happy one when she real- lies the full importance of the situation. Francis Wallace,, who was Knute Rockne's press' representative for several of his most successful years as the world's greatest football coach, wrote the story. Hfe is an eminent authority on, football, and'has written two noVels, "Huddle" and- "Stadium," about the grid! game. eHrt. In addition 'tftfre rti noteblttMifi.lhe i|J r "'""'i»' them are Howard ~fiy, U> S> C. football coach) taut u, ». & BlI'Aftierlc«n grWflers—Mor* ley feUfy ftuss Sounders, Jesse Hibbs and Nate Barrager; Dale Van Syekle, all-A'ttelcart end'fw Florida in 1929; »«|rti«tvBrtX, Washington tackle in 192?}, Roy Riegels, California varsity .captain in 1920; Tom Lieb, chief afcsist- :ftttt; to KnUte Roeknw in 1929; Jim Carlisle Indian, Olympics ._., and rated as the greatest ._,—..;'ofrmb*dern times—and many .others; /•,'.', •.-'•; ' flfdmmn MfiLeod, director of! "Mon- *ey Su;slft(6S4" and many bthers*him- jMlf a/itlbtball player In his; Under- graduatedays^ at the ^University of WasKIhgtbHj directed "Tbuchdownt" " THE CHICAGO FOLLIES The Chicago Follies, which Will' be the added "stage - attraction at Saeriger Theatre for two days beginning Wed. nesday, Is noted for the unusual ex- cenferiee of Its talent, > The fast musical revue is headed by Ches Davis, a blackface comedian without a peer, who has been th'e star of his own attractions for many-years. Gene "Honey CM' Cobb shares Stellar honors with Chesitiavis in,the Chicago Follies and will be rememHer- ed as a; featured 1 artist vfilh Neil O'Brien's Minstrels 'and many other bfWWlflfttffioL ported By fi e»mpany of tvehft' Bate, prenifc.. first attracted attention as & of the Vanities and Wittt*tn6 Brothers In Coconuts in Wwlfr anfl Jier rythm dances are different frdm fiftything ever seen , loyally. Critics IW oiher Southern praised Kit work as superior to any danclnfe seen In years, DOlly Taylor is an exponent of hat will captivate. Buddy "" vides melody and steps. The Chicago Follies Singing'stage band provides the musical complement for this attraction. Thefff are- »W bands on tour with the versatllBy" necessary to combine real. ha#rflony singing with red 1 hot rylhm, jfitd tKese joys are among the select" fd^t ' ' , Feminine pulchritude In abundance will be found In the Sight Dancing Dixie Darlings who know and show" heir stuff. The Chicago Folfies 1 , were • first irought South for a limited engagement of-six weeks in Mobile,-New 3rleans, Shreveport, and Jackson, Mississippi. So instantaneous Was heir success that engagements were extended and routes enlarged until hey have now exeeo*e"ed sixty consee*. utive weeks in the South, and the end s not in sight. , (Ssn«ra% fai? ..„„ WISH teana compete u>- ahUtt*^,^ -' wal u*e the Olmpie*. the tax Books fdr fl xspeclal assessment! property placed in «y prflperty lying in-said- quired to pay/their e&, Within thirty (30) dSys st 1932,' K stfch tetf 1 made Sctldn will, be >.— he end of; that tinte ft* . jiAd assesstnenW and for Ities and costs. ; ' Given under my hand f December-, 1931. , ^ Dec 1, 8. A GRAND EXTRAVAGANZA QHARM AND BEAUTY "CHICAGO FOLLIES fS jr f '>J CHES DAVIS -- HONEY GAL COBB - 10 - DANCING DARLINGS - 1 Chicago Stage Band ON THE SCREEN "TOUCHDOWN" with RICHARD ARLEN 20 People 20 SAEN6ER -n! n\ / . '^ .*?$& "I have always used Luckies—as far as I am concerned there are no better cigarettes — congratulations also on your improved Cellophane wrapper with that little tab that opens your package so easily/' 4t ee In one blazing year Robert Montgomery zoomed into stardom — the answer to many a film fan's prayer, admired for his smart acting and boyish charm. The stage's loss was Hollywood's gain—and ours. Bob will soon be seen in "Private Lives" for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. ****** Made of the finest tobaccos— The Cream of many Crops—LUCKY STRIKE alone offers the throat protection of the exclusive "TOASTING" Process which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays —the process that expels certain harsh, biting irritants naturally present in every tobacco loaft These expelled irritants are not-present in your LUCKY STRIKE. "They're £H!""J2 *fr«y can'f be in/" No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. It's toasted' Your Throat Frot»rtlon»»agalntt Irritation ^ggoinst cough wP^^^W MHMHVfRW' iWfllMWWWff^^ ^^^"fP 1 ^^" ^^"^^^^•^™R«^"* ^"^S^™^"^^^ •••^••^P^ And Moisture-Proof Cellophane Keeps th9t ''Toasted" Flavor Eyer Fresh \ TUNS |tjf ONWCKV STRIKE; 60 modem raiiiuu. with the world's /mut dance cvtry Twttfay, "Ihunduy and SvUitrday evening vw N. S- C. newiurlu. A-lsMr. Montgomery'* Statement Paid for? '' You may be Interested in ' knowing that not oria cent was paid to Mr. Montgom« ery^to make the above- statement.Mr, Montgomery has been a smpker af LUCKY STRIKE elgar«!tei for 6 or 7 years. We 1 hope . the publicity herewith given will be as beneficial • to him and toM-G-M; his , \ producers, as his endorse* rnenl of LUCKIES is tp you J and'fo (it. ' ' i ' v:^ !*$ i yw ,< r,wt -43 Copr., 1931. The AiBotlcm Tuti&cvo Co. MOISTURE-PROOF CELLOPHANE . The Unique Humidor Package Zip—And if9 opwJ S«e the new notched fab on the top of Hit package. Hold down one half with your thumb. Tear off the other half. Simple. Quick. Zip I That's all. Unlove | Wrapped in dwt-proof, moisture- proof, germ-proof Cellophane. Clean, protected/ neat> FRESH I-what cogld be more modern than lUCKIES' improved Humidor package—$9 ea*y to open I Ladies* t/te LUCKY TAB is-your finger nail protection.

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