Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1954
Page 6
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HOM StAft, HdM, ARKANSAS Friday, DeSeitibef- \1, 1954 .^ ,. teaching of determined by ac< ttfclfitfftfc in Its action Is My Fa said r( John 15:« ; -so .^bringing- Christmas lhl*9t)ttinjt It Jnto v olir i^rtstiita, Oreourse r the .**.. w- '^gjSoWhad LordJ-They {ft the heavetts the awe «™ «.,M«==iy o! the tHvirie. the joy tS th* world iri the Coming of our ' givior. But, tt we rlsally /fffelettCe IS 8 Vital experience MS«f6t'i wdrdd to,His disciples hlftg. glairy Will be ouf call tei and our guide. will be fof u* not on* /oft'tile hills of Tales« ^..«, Shftels sang but a glory feal antf'flear as cuf lives bear the test Of flJSclpleship, the bear- Ing Of mttfch fruit. What dfifts It mean to bear much w%lt tot Odd our Father? It is the lftlltfulrte*& of gracious living. It Is the frutthilness toward the Father, Which tne&ns frultfulness toward jjtift, children; brotherly love and kindness;, the helping hand; bring* toi others" Into the Joy of any blessedness ol religion that we oufsel- Ve's have found; fellowship in seeking lor ourselves &hd others higher attainments in the Christian way: and fulfilling the Master's commission in Winning the world lor Him. It is a large and unlimited task (6r sholuld wo call it a privilege) ol bearing fruit lor God. But Christmas, as it emphasizes the task. gives resources lor its fulfillment. The task and the fulfillment lles-'ln the round ol daily privilege and duty* "Wee Magregor" in a famous Scottish story asked his lather, "Whit way does Christmas come but once a year?" Older folk might well ask it in all seriousness. Jror Christmas belongs to the whole yejr, or it has no really Christian significance at all. ; I have never^lorgotten how once In, the hymns lor an ordinary Sunday Service I.had selected a hymn IromUhe "Christmas" section -ol the hymn book*. My organist protested, "But "it isn't, Christmas," MARKETS St. t SfOCKYARO ffl, ffetl },WB? bulk 150-216 IB 18.00-SO, latter choice ixu i w **i»wv~wvf *t* !•*«••. II1UH i*j rtt)-2lO lb; Choice too. 1 an-1 . ^Suftd 190 lb 18.60; 320-240 lb il9.00»i8.W, largely 117S down; 240-260 lb 18.60-l?.SSj 260-300 lb 15.7316.2 SOWS 4dO lb down mostly 1.25-75, ^ew, down ta 15.00; heftv ler sows mostly Il25>14,75; boats 10.0-13,00., ' .-,., Cattle'8dO, halves 400; commercial ahdgood 16.00-20.00; coS utility and commercial fi.00-ll.50; fefains. Wheat clnred l%-2 higher, December $2.25, corn unchanged to % higher December $1.53% oats »/ 4 -l? higher December 81'/4-., rye 2 to 2 higher, December $1.13 • AN.D X soybeafls unchanged to 3'/ z highe r, January $2.80 $2.811/4. + Wheat: Mbrt;e. Corn: Ko. 3 yel low- 1,58-56;-:No, : 4 1.411,4-46721 No. '6.-1.37. Oats:- No, 1 extra heavy white. 89&; no.. .1 white 87'/a. Single Film Developed the Movie Industry By 608 THOMAS H6LLVWOOD WOn the Fourth of July, 1914, a movie maker hamod David Wark Griffith began a project that was to help build a new ? industry and styrlle natibn. canwers nhd cutters fl.90-0 00; UHl Ity and oommei'eial bulls 1KOO- 13.00; catirter and cutter bulls S.OOt 10.00; Shipper demand taking lew prime veafers to 39.00; eood and choeie vealers 21.00-27.00; comtne?' cial rtnd goods vealers 14.00-20.00; commerftftl and good slaughter calves ib.00-18.00. heep 300; lambs active, strong to 50 higher; choice 18.50-19,0.0, sprinkling utility to good 16.0018.00; rHost culls and' other throw outs 10.00-15.00; aged rheep steady; ewes' 4.0d-5".00. Etf'ejr nominal; Malting choice 1.30-53; .fe,ed-:l.'.iOrl0. . After six weeks • of ' re'ne'arshl, irKfith' began the fiiming : ' : of 'a LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS! REMEMBER . . . Orders accepted for CHRISTMAS DELIVERY g$u 15.' li S4A SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. Catalog Sales Office NKW YORK STOCKS E WSTQRK Rallro&ds Were exfc'optiohally rtrong today in an advancing stock market. Gains ;n the early afternoon ran to cround 8 points at ;he outside. Losnes aelddm reach & point. - A few werei sharply lower, ••> Gains of 3 >tc B points were made by Sante Fe, Union Pacific ahd the Nashville Chattanooga fit St, Louis. Amerada Petroleum was up, between *? and 8 points and las Aircraft added 8 points. POULTRY AND PRODUCE ," CHICAGO, W) Live ' poultry; about- steady; rcceiots £56 coopls' (yesterday 725 coops, 183,876 Ibsi: fio.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens' 17-18.5; light herts 12.513.5; fryers and broiler* 21-25; old roohters 12-12.5; cagonettes 26-37; hen turkeys 37.5; young torn tm'- keys 2326; ducklings 30; farmer cucks" over lb 22 undo lb IS- geese 324. Butte irregular; receipts 928.13; wholesale baying prices V 4 lower'to Vi higher; 93 -score AA 5925; '93 A 58.75;-90 B 58; 89 C 6.5: (Jars 90 B 8.; 89 C 7. EggP irregular; receipts 9,430 wholesale buying prices ] / 2 to higher; U. S. large, whites 31.7 miz,ed 31.75: mediums 2:8.5; stand br'ds 218,5; i ' r currVnt"""feceipts dirfies 22; checks 22. Court Asked to kcvicw Cose LITTLE ROCK UP The Arkansas Supreme Court has bnen asked lo review a $3200 personal' injury suit against John Duane Duggar of Payetteville. Duggar was charged with negligence in the handling of sn automobile in which Grady Crews, a pasrengcr also of Fayettevillo, was injured. The vehicle struck a culvert West of FayetteviUc.' Crews testified that Duggar, despite repeated warnings, drove at speeds of 85 miles an hour. DUJjgar lost control of the cnr When a tire blew out. The accident happened . in November, 1953. Naval Officer Helps Save Salt Miner W1NNFIELD, La.'-Iff) — A naval officer-home on leave and a miner went down 800 feet into a salt mine esterday with portable oxygen (juipiineht' ar.rl brought up anoth- r miner just before their oxygen ave out. The rescued man, Julius Smith 0, was overcome by carbon-diox- de fumes after an explosion ant laced almost certain death. He was eported' in "fairly good shape" a a hospital. Lt. Billy Scrpggins had been demonstrating new oxygen equip merit to firemen when word-,of th, jlaft reached him. He took th equipment without which th rescue would have been impossibl —tc .the mine and descended Chester Camp. movie that was to become 'famous as "The Bllth .of a-'Nation/'-.H»: ricked a'siRriificant day'for it.'For his film was to -nark tlie 'independence of* the movie industry froin thn staee. nnd all other fdrrns of entertainment. : • '.-••'"'• The story was dear" to 1 Griffith's heart. He had been bdrr. into a. nnhv Kentucky family in 1880. his father having been a loud-voiced Confederate colonel nicknamed "Thurider Jake." His father had Instilled in David the pride of the South, as well as some of Us prriudice?. When he began writing and di reeling movies; in 1907, Griffith soon showed his genius. He bn- came the spark of the Biograph Company, grinding-' out dozens of films a year. Staritng with potboil «rs like "The Adventures of Dolly' and "The Bandit's Waterloo," he kept refining his methods until he turned out classics like "The Tarn ng of the Shrew' and "Enoci Arden " He yearned for something great- r. A writer told him rbout the Thomas Dixon novel. • "The Clans- nan," which told of the Civil War more ready cash." ] Griffith hocked everything he owned. But it still wasn't enough. •Je Was farced to bell rights to the Mni to theater men in certain states. One 'operator put up the final $35,000 -to. finish it. Donald OrlSp, who also appeared in the film, estimates that the moheyman earned 5.. million from his investment. ' The movie was finally finished cftet nirie weeks of shooting. The cost: $110,000. That was five- time? What any previous film had cost, the lbut.it would scarcely pay for the (•cheapest quickie today. The final product ran 2 hours .nd 43 minutes, on. the screen. It York Match 3, 1915, as "The Birth| of a Nation." And from ils premiere, it was destined to have a stormy, history. There are between 2,000,000 and •7,000,000 lepers in the world, accor-, ding to the World Health Organization. SINGER CHRISTMAS GIFTS Sftwiirg Machines. Vacuum • Cleaners, Little; L *$LftT&[ chirtefc' Lots bf gifts 1 for | lad '*SfeWING CENf 6R 10S S. eirn , December 17, 19S4 HOPE STAR, HOPIV ARKANSAS FOR QUALITY and , Let us fill (has* Vital Prescription! for sp'eedy delivery 'from 7 a. m. .to 7 p; m. DEPENDABILITY Crescent Drug 225 S, MAIN tlHJi liJ 1II in uvt;o_ »_u* , vi*v- tiw..*-—.-. — was the first movie to sell reserved edts, to charge $2 a head, to have scheduled performances, to offer ferams, to feature an orchestral overture • and • its own .musical ;core. • The film 'was still called "The Clansman" when it opened Feb. 3, 91!i, at dune's Auditorium in Los Angeles. Some authorities claim DiXort SaW it in New York and cxfclsimed that it needed a less tame title. Crisp declares mat-a visiting Englishwoman remarked that the film depicted "the birth.of your nation." • . ' T A.t any rate, it opened ih New Get the belt in tow coit, trtinporlilion—io Cuitimln. SOCIETY isited for 2$ cents each. li-E homes of Mrs. Roy Duke, Ais. J. C. Stripling, Mrs. J. ft. emis ahd Mrs. tt. tt. McKehzie ill be visited. Phbns 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P* M, ilcndar »y,Dec6mbep 17 ||lier:Fldelis Sunday School Class Ithe FlrSt Methodist Church wUl Christmas party Friday er 17, at 7 ip. m. at S". hohie of Mrs. Forrest Hairr, ' i*ark Drive. All members are id ; to' bring a gift, not exceeding $1.00, for exchange. On December . 17, between the hours of 3 and 5 and 7 and 9 p. m., the Prescott Federated Garden Clubs will have the annual "Holiday House." Four homes will be visited, all of which ate on Main street in Prescott. Tickets can be bought at any of the homos The Friday Music Club will have :s Christmas party at the home of tfrs. Gf. f. Cannon, Friday, De- ember 17, at 7:30 p. m. Co- ostesses are Mrs. McDowell Turner and Mrs. James McLarty. Iveryone, please bring a gift for needy family instead of tha sual gift for exchange, and Reconstruction from a Southern viewpoint. He bought ' the •ights, along with another Dixon ;ook, "The Leopard's Spots." He added to the story his own vemem- jrances of life in the postwar South.' The picture was £• headache from the start. It. was far bigger than any other film: yet made, and money was a. constant problem. Lacking the money for an outright purchase. Griffith gave Dixon $2,fiOO . plus 25 per cent of - the profits. ... "We. were always runinrfi out o: money," recalls Raoul Walsh, .who acted in the film and is now .a movie director. "Then we'd hay^ to stop and turn out some one anc twp-reelers in. order .to get. .somi BOB'S CUSHMAN SALES ; 2016 New Boston Road TEXARKANA U. S. A. PILLOW'S GIFT SHOP i personalized Christmas Cards . » Open every Wednesday Night 7:30- 9 P. M. 305 8. Laurel ~BD.Y!BTISfI'il<-' IIIFI Weighs only 20 lb! Cuts within 1 inch of ground! Saws full power in any position! ,^ew M.cCu;/ocn.Mode/ 33 is fhe only low- priced chain saw.w/fh all these important features: Automatic clutch ... automatic- rewind starter... all-gear transmission... anti-friction bearings throughout...aircraft-type carburetor...plated blade, handlebar, and muffler. SEE A DEMONSTRATION TODAY! PRESCOTT IMPLEMENT CO. PRESCOTT, ARK. WATCH FOR THE NEW ^cCULLOCH TWIN-ACTION SAFETY LAWN MOWER SAENGER • TODAY & A SATURDAY w BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM * HE ESCAPED INTO AN ENEMY PRISON CAM Pi" Prisoner For the Choice Features NEW YORK COTTON " NEW YORK, (m Cotton fu tures turned irregular today.Price flipped sjightly at 1 tho start, o hedging and liquidation.' The ma ket recovered miMly on trad eand commission house buying, but- the cdvance failed to hold" in "the , face of hedging. < ^"'ft&ff^VSl ". Late afternoon p.i:ice,syw!re '^ 15 cents a bale lower -to'p pents higher than the previous close. March 34.62, may 34.91 arid 'JJy' 35.00. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO UP) Wheat pouiided out sizable gains on the Board' of Trade today and the ,rest of the merket also was 'mostly higher. Onlyi soybeans lagged, Th*re was a- demand for both old 'and new crop wchat" futures. I The old crop months wore aided by export business in 'both wheat and- flour while a forecast fnr little or no moisture in the- Southwest over the next five days created demand for new crop months. Tplk'of possible .erports of com ond oats to Turkey aided those to which I replied: .."It's Always Christmas." And by that I still stand. To my readers I wish.not only a merry, but a spiritually happy .Christmas and may it last always! You con solve your Christmas Gift problems too ... by ) giving a LEWIS - McLARTY i gift certificate -- , -. r's' 1 '';)?''"' 1 " l t^£ir ' * Chevrolet trii^k? alpne . ; S Ive' ^>M'these . featMrei ; l.h«it, mean more work per day . worlf .per. .'5 > they're JOB-TAILORED HIGH.COMPRESSION PQWtRt ' , ' You get exactly the v . * • , right power for your job. AH, three great" valve-in*h<;ad engine? deliver, gas -saving, hour-saving high-coin. pression performance 1 EXTRA • RUCGEDNES5 1 AND RELIABILITY Sturdy single unit tubular steel rear axle housings! Strong, rigid frames! Diaphragm^ Spring Clutches with high torque capacities and built-in long life. MORE - COMFORT, CONVENIENCE, SAfiJYI Cabs have efficient ventilation and insulation; mountings that cushion frame vib'ra- .,, tions; one-piece curved windshield with full* width defroster outlet. ADVANCED FEATURES FOR EASIER DRIVING! Less effort needed with efficient Recircu- lating Ball Steering Gear; Torque^Action and Twin-Action brake design helps you stop surely and easily. Ronald Steve Dewey REAGAN-FORREST-MARTIN Oscar HOMOLKA ' •^ >, ALIEN MIII • ««H t, ANDREW MARION • MM » HENRY BERMAN ' • -A • ALSO • GUNSLINGERS BEWARE! *'- : V' '• " •' *un» BEVERLY GARLAND PLUS FINAL CHAPTER i "MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE" & POPEYE COLOR CARTOON Monday, December 20 The Business Women's Circle of he First Baptist Church will have Christmas party December 20, t 7:45 p. m. at the home of Mrs. tT; S. Bates, 1510 S. Elm. All mem- ers are urged to attend and bring heir Lottie Moon Christmas offer- ng. Sunday OecftmbSr 28 ; A cantata, "Carols c-f CMIstmas" will be prtsehted by the choir ol the Presbyterian Church at 5 p. ta. Sunday, December 26. Gardenia Garden Club Has December Meettnfl The home of Mrs. R. D. Franklin was attractively decorated'in thft Christmas motif for the December meeting of the Gardenia Garden Club, Assisting Mrs. Franklin la the duties of hostess was Mrs. C C. Lewis. Mrs. Sam Strong, presided over the business session, and Mrs. P H. Webb voiced the opening prayer. The minutes were read by the secretary, Mrs. Eddie Whitman, and bj> eahdleS, ftompletecl thd Mrift- gement. Beginning at l:3d, MfS. Dougla* presided over the business session. Folowihg the routine bti<« Iness, "Joy To fhe World" was sung. The program entitled "ttow Is It To Bethlehem Town?" was presented and printed programs, in the shape of stars were given t6 each lady. The leader gave the devotional, "Bethlehem's Star" and the group sang "O Little Town of Bethlehem." "How Fat To Bethlehem" Was discussed by Mrs. Hervey Holt, and "The Last ttdad to Bethlehem" was given by Mrs. George Young. Mrs. Denver Hor* naday gave "Christmas and Home" with Mrs. Henry Haynes giving "Seeking The Road Back*" Julia Admitted! Hope. guys home and W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monlay, December 20, at 7:30 p. m. for he annual Christmas party in the lome of Mrs. Claude Tillery with Miss Carolyn Mann and Mesdames Leota Futrell and Clifton Ellis as o-hostesses. Mrs. Lloyd Guerin ill tell the Christmas story and Mrs. Howard Byers will give the prayer. Members are asked to ring a special Christmas offering or Wanda Staley, missionary to ndia, and a gift not to exceed 75 cents for exchange. the treasurer's report was given' by Mrs. Albert Jewell. Mrs. J. .W,, Perkins, chairman of the Junior garden club, told of her work with the Junior Gardeners of Paisley School, After the business session, Mrs. Strong Introduced Miss Clarfce Cannon who . gave the story, "Drums Beat for Christmas," by Bess Streeter Aldrich, | After prayer and quiet meditation The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Monday, 'December 20, at 7:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. harles Taylor, 222 East Avenue i. Mrs. Ben Edmiaston and Mrs. laymond Jones are co-hostesses. All members are requested to at- end, and bring a gift for the tree. Monday December 20 The annual formal dance for college students will be held Monday night, December 20, at the Hope Country Club at 9 o'clock. Hosts are Mr. and Mrs. Royce Weisenberger and Mrs. Richards Howard. The with program was concluded a Christmas game with Mrs. Leonard Ellis winning the prize. An exchange of gifts followed tho program. . The hostesses served a salad plate to 13 members and one guest, Miss Cannon. W. M. S. Has Roya! Service Program The December' Royal ' Service program of the Women's Missionary Society was under the direction of Mrs. L. F. Higgason, as program chairman of the Hazel Sorrels Circle. The center of interest was a table draped with a white cloth centered with a large open Bible. A picture of Christ, flanked Tuesday December 21 The Christmas program at the Oakgrove Methodist Church will be held Tuesday, December 21. a1 7:30 p. m, The Lilac Garden Club of DeAno will meet in the home of Mrs. Car Coffee Tuesday, December 21, a 7:30 p. m. for its annual Christmas party. . *'.i*&H each lady was given an opportunity :o come and lay her Lottie Moon Christmas Foregin Mission Offer- ng on the open Bible as her gift to the Christ Child on His Birthday. January's program entitled "P inting The Chosen People To The Way" will be under the direction of Mrs. F-loyd Osborn, program chairman of the Catherine Hatton Circle. Coming and Going Miss Roberta Howard will arrive Saturday, to spend the Christmas holidays with her mother, Mrs. Catherine Richards. Howard. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gentry and Alice are leaving Friday afternoon to spend the Christmas holidays with their son, Lt. B. J. ;Gentry, in San Diego, Calif. Enroute they Wi* visit friends and retlatives in Dal las. Mr., and Mrs. Owen Atkins will spend the-holidays with their son Jimmy, in Long Beach, Calif Hospftdl Notes ftt Di S&ttfncfl* Boyle Continued from Pig* Ont htffl hes doing with a clothes tack in his living room, and he replies Indignantly: ,, What do you mean clothes tack? Thats our Christmas tnrtft, To make one of these modern. istic Christmas tfeeS, th elast hing in the 'world you Wftht is »n actual tree. FitSt you heed a course in expressibnism In the nearest art school. Then you take a stuffed moose, head, and lay a piece of bone-white driftwood across its widespread antlers. Nekt you tear apart an old mattress, theft attach friS Coals of the iihtief 4 with & |dt «iest tr«t;«ft th* block evcft ,lf you haV* plain to the neighbors what it is. f he same situation fields '' with Christmas Cfijfdfc. fhtf e a Ume *hen you Cbuid pieK uji Christmds cdfd &hd tell «fhat ft was by hdw it looked and the sage printed on it. If you cWi do that today, the card is tegatded as a flop. ' > I just opened aft feiiveiopi] en my desk a moment ago. It hSld a card showing a clown, seated oft , an old soda fountain chair and this iriesrage: "Ah, fnerriethlh." 1 assume this a Christmas card: and not an invitation to the circus, merely because this is December and the circus isn't In town. . Well, maybe I'm just getting to be a middle-aged fogy. But don't most of us look back,t& a time when Christmas, always a, season of the flowering spirit, had more tWKW*********************^ For a Last Minute PERMANENT Call 7-4511 CREAM OIL Were8:50.. Now7.00 COLD WAVES Were 12.50 Now 10.00 %, •Were 10.00 Now 8.50 LOIS'S BEAUTY SHOP 117 W. Front" »>>>*»>l»»M»>l*»»**>>l»fc*******»^>*»«W3 • Sft- 1 s4*r$fc3i >»>', tell tKSnTtffint 4MOIPS/' 1 . ,vv'i'{4 SUNDAY & MONDAY! the*man she was waiting for . ^ man who was waiting former . , ? TOM & JERRY tOLOR CARTOON SHORTS: NEWS OF THE DAY THIS TIME GIVE THEATRE BOOKS OF HAPPINESS RIALTO • Saturday & Sunday • A Gripping Adventure « in Imagination! ^ . . . Out of Your Own World of Tomorrow! • ALSO • CHARLES STARRETT BARBARA WEEKS & Sons of the Pioneers "The Old Wyoming Trail" • PLUS • Chap. 7, "TRADER TOM OF CHINA SEAS" & Popeye Color Cartoon *-'*V* y *y T i 4 * ** *^* »*T-"-' . » • f*f i *-»x 4, jrj AA^I^ Make Pwembw 15 and every day SApB-PWVJNG AMERICA'S FIRST CHOICE TRUCK I Cfcevrotef i« tint in fate* In oW Ifiet« weight /114^2 fpiiil YOUNG CHEVEftET CO 300 Eatf Second 5t SUGGESTION DOWN COMFORT Prices Reduced VALUES $24.95 to $35.00 . •J t *" *• J * trr fjjjAf^sJjt f * *& 1 ^4«w^jA£d t. i,* every - r j •' fiif tfc r- ,' • - ? : TO^. for Christiriat,;'' : • " , - * ' * (i " v , I "*•*•< l A. * *- 'V^| Atrov Sport Shirts , In ii'tiftpfy' holiday Sfel plaids, checks, solid colors— in every fabric a l&g ' 1 want All with the extra-neat, collar. won't shrink more than 1%. JLrrow Ties in the smartest colors and.patt yvf , jiw> . ^, . season. Wrinkle-resistant.., easy-tP boot ^f^m^4 ^^,$o>p,^?4i p ^t t White.., white with coloreiJ twrder^, *«1 Buy them by the boxful.'"", - • Arrow (/ntfprwear—first choice for the man. Arrow Shorts, d?si|ne4 for comfort wi^^^j^!^^ , teat, pleated crotch, no irvtatlnV'center *««^L50u«^Us Arrpw T-Shirts Arrow- r» ,,^'^'/|'1 #'\W&£ r ' ^v//^! ,-M^%*if mif^rw^ fc / s " ^d&jj , ^1. &'&. ' * t$ ?4W^ 1 ^ n i \ *-*i%*t; l*\ f^ f V/ •« j*fc * l '<!>• S I t for "^M -^'J '•*,'', "j ^*,"u v ^fWl? , W^-J^I^^W^ "*. Vi **^m

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