Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1931
Page 2
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at Hem ArkarUM ^ tat til Wtwtw, readers develop by mod*n. cfttittttlaii to . ftf fosttr wimaeii'd* «d indus^y, thrcugft **nw*a McCteririck. u £?* ***nw*at which . R. ft to Advance): By city carrier, per in Hempstead, l cotintle* CLOft par year, elsewhere HOft The Star's Platform of Commerce. C O II Jt T If propram providing for the to** each Ve&r, to , el)er1 ' benefits j o H«np»tead count»'« greateit former tnrfftmigationt, bettering *that co-operative country as it is in town. •ww*" STATB . on the state highway program. from Me cattle tick. All records for high prices for cotton were smashed last Saturday when E, S. Greening, Jr., paid 23 cents a pound for some of the fleecy staple. C. M. Black sold two bales to Mr. Greening for one of which he received 23 cents a pound. The seed .was of the Allen Hybrid Variety, brought here from, the Mississippi delta. E. B. Black was down from Wash- ngton yesterday. W. J. Galti a prominent stockman from Mli Vernon, Tex., spent Srttur- day in this city. TEN YEARS AGO Paul Booker, an engineer on the Hope nnd Washington highway, was n the city this afternoon. Representative Tilman B, Parks, member of Congress from this dis- rict, will arrive home from Washing* on, D. C. tomorrow on- a visit, the trst since' )ody.. taking his sent in that Miss Emma Johnson, of Columbus, ,s visiting relatives here at the home if her aUnt, Mrs. S. H. Brisnt. Mish Edris Kennedy is entertaining Unopoken Romance man from Lowell M^ss., has. sailed his 32-foot New 7 York harbor after voyaginir all the OId in it; and the ^ ew Yorffewsa reporters to meet him, and gave him m which to describe his adventures n ,,~M*? voya ^ aro , und the globe in « tiny ketch ought to provide a lot of conversational material, ost interesting thing about the.published. interviews ing-.inan<is that he seems to have had a very hard an intimate, realistic account of his adventures. '">, he told in detail just where he went and what -uoned an attack by pirates in the Red Sea, a bouth Sea islands, an incident in which ra j 5™ A 01 ^' a first - na nd glimpse at such birds and volcanoes and water- r - ataa the like; but somehow the things we would really know— how it. feels to, be alone in mid-Pacific, what a yS. 1 ?*?? !l ke l n Samoa . what a man thinks about of that kind— they were left out. u "*? at a11 familiar with travelogues of this kind, realize at once that < that is, the way It usually is. aps^who make unspeakably romantic trips to far .tfever, or almost never; seems able to; getithe essence of into their narratives. ' he Matinee club this afternoon at er' home on Elm street. Dog Believed Infected With Rabies Bites Four NORTH LITTLE ROCK.-f/PJ-Four arsons, three children, and a man, vere bitten Saturday night by a dog elicved infected with rabies. Those bitten were Clarence Martin, 5, Phillip Chudy, 14, Elizabeth Lew- ten 14, and A. L. Schnipper, 30. A Wife said she would return to her husband If he wouldn't nag. But that would be a horse on him. Rats four feet hug have been found nlong the Amazon. Just the place fd« some 6f those South American cheese champions, Experts say this isn't the worst depression this country has known. But everybody will admit it's the best. The "perfect stenographer" says a powder puff is as Important to a woman's success as a typewriter. Yes, It helps her click. A movie star wns granted the right to be temperamental and given $34,000 besides. • In which it wasn't the principle, it was the money. Albert Fink, attorney for Al Capone, was held up and robbed. Convincing him, no doubt, that the one sure way to understand the underworld is to shoot the works. Columbus HAZEL, BQSS. HAILEY BEGIN BERK TODAY s' «t-r US -' ***$***• cata lpg-s of things seen and itiner- ;§S <# Places visited, and all the while they know, and' we sow^that they are not really getting over to us the true sig- ilcance of their experiences at all. ' iV TOE the real inwardness of any bit of romantic adventure !£ secret that is almost impossible to communicate. It has Pdo with something that happens within. V- W t mi ? ht Iike to know what i>rake saw in the Pacific, "T-what dream dazzled Raleigh in the South American ™~i j -' a " d ^ how Mai> co Polo felt when he entered the Asian !®wp»Vbut we never shall. Those who are lucky enough to on such things are seldom able to tell about them af ter- We have to go there ourselves to find out. More Brains—Less Muscle plote to en. . wfco "ftamed- •er brother, Eddie, nlth the mnr- ;der of MBS. JUPITER and ri» *J» <owj» to keep him from tell- 1 " o 1 ?**- JBPI TER Did* her, n* doe. BOWEN of <he 8«nr. Brery. one el.e believes Eddie gull IT, InclndlBR DIRK R D Y T H E R| Mnry'. nnnce. who forbid* her to Investlcnte fwthcr. Ill* family •bjeet* to the notoriety. JUPITER and • qoe*. friend. COUNTESS *«7 «» »oni Maiyi be. « to • «:old-«lft«er try. to Meal Brace'. InMerllance. *«ey follot* Tbe Ply to Miami. Braee qnnncla with Louise over • l S-.*'*5l?* ll 'Jl*"* elet *'»•» *«* by »•• ray. it I. Mary'.; ••»•» •!*• t«« bracelet •"•• "*• Mueawm It na. the rolled up bundle of napkin—i Sne looked like a slim boy In he unfolded it bit by bit in hla palm, that, until now?" Marj "You picked; up an ezntftj ,- Tie braeelet U locked ap •. evidence. the famou Jupiter •*«•"•«>. ««ry danee. with The Fly., who vet» It awny from her. He klue. her and Oirk knock. Mm down. Dirk tvrl.t. hi. nnkle ^?i. fn i" < ".: n * FI '' «et. away Trllh the hnndbng but I. frightened back by n policeman nnd return. It and the necklace. Mnry hn» Dirk, lake* on hoard the yacht, the "Gyp.y^ The fly B oe. !. agricultural depression has confronted the farmer i with a situation in which his own intelligence must be his lef reliance, says Dr. R. L. Adams, professor of farm man- [ement at the University of California. f " l » • • . i AdSrajsing the California Farm Bureau Federation re- ktiy, pr. Adams pointed out that farmers generally are ,, Dicing harder nowadays, and doing more of their own work tpan has been the case in years; and he added: r "Now,,more than ever before, it is imperative that more |J>rams be mixed with muscle in the art and business of farm- *fng. In good times, one part of brains and eleven parts of *nu8cle will do the trick. In times such as these, eleven parts j£ brains and one part of muscle will offer a better prescrip- »on for the iljs of agriculture." French Newspapers recent dea *h of Louis Loucheur, former French cabi- member and journalist, serves to call attention to the difference between French and American newspapers.' 81 "* 8 has a sre&t many newspapers. Most of them cov- news of the day in a way that would seem almost ab- to one brou ^ U P on newspapers in the ed States. They live by and for their editorial policies— .»«n e Papers which hardly.deserve the prefix, "news," at nave brilliant and influential writers to pleaa special :! TV, • v / ~., T "' nu rober receive government sub- ihei majority'will whip up public opinion much as the Bent desires. Some, indeed, receive money from few* governments^-with the effect on editorial policy that mjght be expected. " AH in all, the contrast is striking. French newspaper gn propagandize ably. In the field of gathering and distrih- news they fall far below the American standard. Faying For Depression i.RGbert*pn, chairman of the Railway Labor Executives Association, adopted a point of view that will find plenty "pnortfrs in his recent communication rejecting the pr~ 10 per cent railway wage reduction. &£ **Bfore than one-third of the employes of this industry are «H§j Md more than one-third of the capital in this industry *« 'd{e," he said. "Yo# are taking nothing from the earnings £pital to supfport the unemployed workers. You are ask* that the employed workers take 10 per cent of their earn r to. support idle capital." Ply is aboard." she "as 'my guest, and I Seldom has the WQfkjngman's point of view in time of financial depression b^en, better expressed. RTOW GO ON WITH THE STOIII CHAPTER XLII A3 Mary stood shivering with dread> uncertain what to do, aha heard the sound of oarlocks and the bump of a boat as It hit against the suspended gangway. Picking up her skirts she ran along the deck, and almost fell Into the arms of Bates, coming up the gangplank. She could have kissed him. "Oh, Bates, I'm scared I The whispered, think he's prowling around after the rubies. I just came out on deck and someone ratf from near Mr. Jupiter's door. I told him Mr. Jupiter had them!" "Stay here," Bates commanded. He unbuttoned hia coat and loosened the revolver from its holster under his arm. Staying In the shadow of tho upper deck he moved quietly along the bulkhead. She saw him stop and test Mr. Jupiter's door, then disappear around tba corner where the shadowy figure had run but two minutes before. Tbe seconds passed like hours as Mary leaned back against the wall, straining her ears to catch every sound. Then Bates reappeared ; o noiselessly that he startled her. "All serene," he reported, "The old man's door Is locked and The Fly Is. bapk In his stateroom- three, Isn't It?" Mary said "Yes," "I beard him moving around and there's a light under the door. You run along to bed now and old Henry Q. Bates will take care of things. I'll camp right up there on tbe upper deck In a cbalr where 1 can see both your stateroom door and Mr. Jupiter's. Run along, and pleasant dreams." saw that It was empty. A hor< rlble, pop-eyed expression froz« on his face. .> . /|"It's gone!" ha gasped. It .wjil like the last groan of a dying man, "Do you mean to say- you didn't know cried. napkin—I've got the necklace, fl'j in Mr. Jupiter's safe." f ••$' Devoutly, Bates ejaculated"Oh, my God!" His arms fell llmplj at his sides. "Well, how did you—what did you-—did you have any trouble—'' he stuttered, overcome with shame. "Plenty! I got back with It, but my hair's snow white. Tell you all about It In the mornlngi Now don't you fret—It wasn't your fault!" It was her turn id pat his shoulder reassuringly. help him subject. out, she changed the "Can we get under way at onctrt* Did you see Bruce and the Count-' ess anywhere?" "They're on the pier—the kid'd gono back for them now. By the way. here's something your fat friend seat you. He was sitting on the dock waiting when I came up—he.,wouldn't give it to the sailor." He handed Mary a thick envelop o v Curious, she took it to her, room. A single sheet of note paper held the words "Here's the dope. Keep these. I stole 'em out of the morgue, and I've got to return 'em. But I couldn't resist telling you tbe good news." There were clippings, yellowed, ringed about the word "De Loma" with a blue pencil and stamped on each clipping was a date—the date of its appearance in a Miami paper. The clippings, read in chronological order, gave tho newspaper account of the doingij of the celebrated French actress, Louise De Loma, on board a Havana line steamship way back in the year line and cerned had evidently'Succeeded In; 1924. The steamship all other parties bushing up thoroughly. the but matter pretty enough had leaked out through -the excited tales of fellow-passengers to show.' up the lady as an adventuress of: an old. familiar type. She was. not deported, but evidently shef had been only too happy to accept the bint of Miami police offl. cials and return to Havana immediately. At any rate, she went—threat-' ening that her husband would sue. There was no record in the' rumpled silk pajamas as she ran to tbe porthole and peered out. Bate? had vanished from; his post long since. Ear off on the horizon line was something that might bo cither olonds or land, but In between .was sea, a calm expanse with only hero and there a whitecap to break the bluetgreen. mlrror»like surface. There was an occasional roll ol the ship aa.lt w.aB,caught by^a half sea, and^m ritgJitijufVerorthe deck as the powerful engines drove them through the Atlantic at 15 knots. It was such a glorious morning, and she felt .so "invigorated by her night's sleep that the events of the night before retreated to th« back of her mind like a bad dream. Anything was possible—any nice thing, that is—on a day like this. Bven Dirk might have relented and forgiven her. She bummed "Happy Days" as she splashed, in the shower, then gave herself a drubbing with a towel, filled the air with an extravagant cloud of bath-powder, and set about dressing with a light heart. She donned a plain white linen frock, white shoes, a little blue coat with brass buttons and a blue beret. "And am I- hungry!" she exclaimed, as she strapped on her wrist watch, noting with surprise that It was almost 11 o'clock. There was no one on deck, so she went below .to the dining salon. Apparently she was not the only late sleeper. Sea air bad played its tricks on the rest, as well. She was hardly prepared, though, for the sctne that met her eyes. « • • 1QB LOMA sat stiffly In his chair, at the foot of the table, stabbing at his grapefruit with a vicious spoon. At his left Louise sat listlessly, looking, Mary thought, a little greenish about tbe mouth as though something eaten the night before and the roll of the boot were not agreeing, Quite. Bruce, bis face like a thunder-cloud, sat on Louise's right, and In the master's chair at the head of tbe table Mr. Jupiter "May I Inquire why you brought that man aboard?" Bruco demanded angrily as soon as De Loma had departed. "And .what does this sudden sailing mean?" With Loulso present, naturally It was Impossible to tell him of the night's events. Mary looked doubtfully at Mr. Jupiter, before replying. "Your father hopes to do a little flsuing, I think," she answered. "If he can get tbe right bait" Bruco looked from the girl to his father and back again, sensing a double meaning in the words. ''But why take De Loma of all people?" he asked, puzzled. JUPITER cleared his throat a'nd made his first contribution to tho conversation. He continued to look with Innocent, bland eyes at tho water decanter In the center of the table, as ho spoke. "Possibly as a companion for the Countess hero," he said. He turned :o her with elaborate courtesy. The man is an old friend of yours, I believe you told us?" Tho Countess' eyes flashed. She Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ellen hod ns guests Thanksgiving day Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Auten and Mr. nnd Mrs. E. N. Evans of Shreveport. Mrs. David Wilson spent Tuesday In Texarkana with Mrs. Jim Ferguson who is ill ma Texarkana hospital. Miss Virginia Johnson of DeQueon spent the Thanksgiving holidays with Mr. and Mrs. J. S> Wilson, Sr., an other relatives. Mrs. Marvin Dudney and Miss Mar Dudney of Stamps are the guests o Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Shepperson an Mrs. Lutn- Shepperson. John Wilson and Sidney Crubbs . Shreveport were visitors of Mr. an Mrs. David Wilson during Thanksgiv ing. Miss Frances Darnall spent Thanks giving in Foreman with Mr. and Mrs John Hawkins, Jr., and attended th dance at Idabel Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Fred White of Hopi were guests Friday of Mrs. D. W Hamilton. , Mr. and Mrs. B. 0. Mitchell. Mrs R. C. Reed, Mrs. Cora Abbott and David Mitchell spent Thursday with relatives at Haworth, Okla. Mrs. McGough of Houston, Tex., is visiting with her mother Mrs. Allie Wilson. Kennedy Taylor of Denver, .Colo., is visiting with his sister, Mrs. Herbert Sipes. Miss Mary Gaines Autrey spent Thanksgiving with friends in Arkadelphia and attended the Ouachita-Hen- .dcrson football game. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hill and children of Hope spent Thursday with Mrs. J. C. Hill and Mrs. T. C. Wilson. Miss Pauline Bolding and Ozro Bolding of Sherman. Texas, spent Thanksgiving here with their parents, Mr.- and' Mrs. R. A. Bolding. W. W. Ellen and Clarence Ellen were visitors to Camden, Friday. wither at thff pfa'cs for several d»V«. Health in this vicinity ts<very goM iti this writing!. Mr. sfid Mr*. HuffW Anderson of this pkes are *p*ftah1t R fey/ 'd with her brolher-oi Bodoaw No. 2. Miss Mario Reid of this place and Ben McKay of Shepherd were quietly married Friday night. W« Hop* toe them a long happy lite together. Miss fieulah Stevenson spent n few days last week with her aun{. Elbert Tarpley made a mulhets trip to Hop? Friday. Several from this place attended the school carnival at Spring Hill last •PrJd«y night. Miss fiat-ma Lee Oreer of Hope spent last week visiting relatives at this place. Mr. and Mrs. Hedm Anderson spent the week end with relatives at Bodcaw. Mrs. Ann and Irrun Smith and Mrs, Maggie Atkins were the Sunday afternoon guest of Mrs. H, E. Reid. Mrs. Tomlln and daughter Sjelln spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Joe Morton. H. E. Reid has completed' his new home and moved in last Monday, did not reply, it was not possible .or her to be longer deceived by ,he lambllko exterior be had shown her. The "sweet child" was not so guileless as she had believed. She waa beginning to have real qualms She was a lady not without experience, and she had read such signs before. Nervousness, combined with mal de mer, unmanned her for he time being. She rose and rushed from the room, Bruce following hastily, hurling a savage look at his parent as he did so. "Brute! To harass a helpless woman!" the look sold. Mr. Jupiter chewed industriously. His eye glinted humorously in Mary's direction. "Take COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, made and entered on the 6th day of November, A. D. 1031 in a certain cause (No. 2443) then pending therein between The Federal Land Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, complainant, and Archie P. Deloney, et al, defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vendue ot the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance of the Court House, Washington, Arkansas, in the County of Hempstead, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Tuesday, the 22nd day of December, A. D, 1931, the following described real estate, to-wit: The North Half (N%) of the Northeast Quarter (NEV^; the Southwest Fourth (SW%) of the Northeast Quarter (NEW; the Northwest Fourth (NWV 4 ) of the Southeast Quarter (SEVd^ and the Northwest Quarter (NW'/i); all in Section Four (4), Township Fourteen (14) South, of Range Twenty-five (25) West, of the Fifth Principal Meridian. Also the East Half (E 1 ^) of the Southwest Quarter (SW!4) of Section Thirty-three (33), in Township Thirteen (13) South, of Range Twenty-five (25) West of the NOTICE * The tax books for the collection of a special assessment upon the real properly in Water Improvement District No. One, City otHope, have be"6n placed in my hands. All owners of real property lying in said district are required to pay their assessments to me within thirty (30) days from January 1st 1932. If such payment are not made actfon will be commenced at the end of that time for collection of said assessments and for legal penalties and costs. Given under my hand this 1st day of December, 1931. W. P. AGEE, Collector Dec 1, 8. Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you selL 1 insertion, lOc per lina, minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per llnev - minimum 50c 6 .insertions, 6c per line, minimum ?1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum 54.00 (Average 5!£ words to the line) NOT E—Want advertisements. accepted over the telephone may be charged with the 1 ' understan'dlng that tho bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 FOR RENT Admit to "Touchdown" at Saenger Wednesday Mrs. Clarence Baker. FOR RENT — Furnished 4 room apartment, private bath. Phine 57G. 23-6tp Admit to "Touchdown" at Saenger Wednesday Mrs. Luther Holamon. ROR RENT-Two extra good homes. Phone 606 or 607. 21-6tc. FOR RENT—8 room house, newly papered. Suitable for two families. 302 North McRae street. L. D. Reed. 30-6tc . Admit to "Touchdown" at Saenger Wednesday Mrs. G. D. Compton. FOR RENT-Five room house on Highway 67, Magnolia Addition. Tele, phone 1612. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 6t Admit to "Touchdown" at Saenger Wednesday Mrs. J. G. Barber. clippings brought. of. any suit being' Mary wrung his band. "Bates, you're a darling! "Sure I am. But listen, what's the program now? We didn't flad » thing In De Loma's room. Not a- thing. Had to tear up carpets aad everything. That's what took jna «o long, you didn't worry, did *o»r Anyhow, your necklace to ^fr' 1 ! 1 " bere lj » °W B »'e«' po*ket." He reached Into 4 capa- clOM Jofler pocket, and drew out Mary put the clippings back In tbe envelope, and laid it under her pillow. Good old George Bowen— to give her this to sleep on! She went to tbe porthole and looked upward. There, on the sun deck, as aha could see In its steamer he bad promised, Bates' dark figure cbalr, silhouetted against tbe lighter sky. Sbo felt as though she had dropped a heavy burden from her, shoulders. TOE sun was shining In her stateroom porthole when she awoke.! Mary stretched, easlag her cramped' muscles. She bad been so exhaust-! ed that she bad slept without moving. With tbe action, vitality' rushed back Into her refreshed; roung body, and she bounded out of; ted, pushing her half out of her 1 eyes, applied himself steadily and not too silently to a generous plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. "Hello, everybody!" Mary called out brightly, "and a pleasant morning!" Her good humor brought no response. De Loma and Bruce barely nodded. • Tbe Countess did not even look up. Mary slipped Into a seat at Mr. Jupiter's left—tbe remaining cbalr was Captain Hendrlcks', but the doughty captain breakfasted at no such effete hour. "A glass of orange Juice, Frank, some thin brown toast and a soft- boiled egg—three minutes, Just." She beamed at tbe old steward. Do Loma pushed back his chair with a loud scrape. "You will ezcuse me, please," he said, bowing sarcastically. "I shall take a walk around the deck." He was taking It fairly well, at that, Mary decided, after a critical glance. She was curious to know what explanation bad been given him for this sudden sea-trip; surely be must have been dumbfounded to awaken and find himself shan& ever ers, 'Take back everything you've « an S e ^enty-fwe (25) West of the >r said about newspaper report- Principal Meridian. The lands i." Mary told him, "or I won't ? onve: [ ed containing in the aggregate ._ • _•. * 't»**»» tni 11' hi inrli'aH Fnnitr fl.. n 1 Irrt >i nn give you what I've got upstairs." "And what's that?" "The Countess' history—or part of it. All down in black and white. Newspaper clippings. And George Bowen is tho man you have to thank for it." "Is that so?" Delight made Itself evident 4n the old man's face. "Well, now, If we get rid of that hussy, we'll have to make that boy a little present." "Wedding present It will be, 1 think." baled to, fashion. any such high-banded Whatever It was, It wa» plain that he bad lost his taste tor red-haired young women with promises in their eyes and no Intention of keep- Ing tbem. Well, let him go. He would not be unobserved, wherever be went, even though too excellent Bates was in hU cabin, getting a little long-deferred sleep. He was « prifonep with every man on tbe yacht big jailer. Did be know it |f*ry could not tell. Why did she flush as she said It? George Bowen was nothing to her. It surprised her to find that sha missed the faithful lad's adoration, now that it was focussed on tbe attractive Miss Brown. Wanting only Dirk, she still would hav6 found it pleasant to keep Bowen at her chariot-wheels, too. What a little cat she was! It amazed her to discover this about herself. Was that—could it be—how Dirk felt about Cornelia's dogged pursuit? Was It merely human vanity in both of them? She began to see things in a clearer light Remembering Dirk sent her hurrying below to see how be was. The first cloud fell on her day as she opened the door and saw him lying, staring with wide, pained eyes at a comer of the empty cabin. Her heart turned over with pity for him. He looked gentler, somehow. Loneliness and helplessness can do that to the most stubborn Of U3. She went softly forward, and before he could object, put her arms about him and kissed him on the four hundred forty-five and 59-100 (445.59) more or less, in Hempstead County, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, with approved security, bearing interest at the rate of 10 per cent per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 30th day of November, A. D. 1931. (Seal) WILLIE HARRIS Commissioner in Chancery. (Dec. 1-15.) FOR SALE FOR SALE — Accredited White Wyandotte Cockerels. $1.00 each. H. D. Chandler, Hope, Route 4. 27-3tp LOST Admit to "Touchdown" at Saenger Wednesday Mrs, W. L. Carter. i,r J to '' Touehdown " at Saenger Wednesday Mrs. Bertie Sparks. LOST-Tan Keytainer with seven keys. Reward for return to the Hope Star. (dh) NOTICE lips. (To Be Continued) NOTICE OF REVISION OF ASSESSMENT Notice is hereby given that the Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. 3 in the City of Hope, Arkansas will meet at the office of L. Carter Johnson, second floor of the Arkansas Bank & Trust Company Building in the City of Hope, Arkansas at 10 o'clock A. M. Thursday, December 17, 1931, for the purpose of revising and readjusting the assessments of benefits against the real property in said district. Any persons desiring any revision or readjustment of his assessments, or any change in values, for improvements erected or removed, or any change whatsoever, may appear before the Board and make application there- for, and 1 same will be considered. This 23rd day of November, 1931. CARTiR JOHNSON POLK SINGLETON EUGENE WHITE .. „, „ Board of Assessors. Nov. 24—Dec. 1-8. « ADI ° SERVICE-A11 makes radio's repaired. Prompt and efficient service. Reasonable charges and satisfaction guaranteed. No charge made for testing tubes and estimating repairs needed. Phones 118 and f62 Hayes McRae. 1 . 6t0i NOTICE-You'll miss the best if you don't take, that business course at the Four States Commercial College at Texarkana. We accept cotton at for particulars, etc. 24-6t «•*.? mit , to "Touchdown" at Saenee7 Wednesday Mrs. V. E. Smith. J C W , J. W. Hill, nigr. ____^ Large Chicago Manufacturer has a Piano near Hope which is slightly used and partly paid f or . We will ^ ^ to a responsible party willing to com- P ete small monthly payments. Fo~r full particulars address H. B. Burns Auditor, Post Office Box 195, Chicago' 31-3to WANTED-Your stenographic work, typing and mimeograph work. Prices reasonable and all work guaranteed to please. Call 508 or 645. 27-3tp Admit to "Touchdown" at Saenger Wednesday Mrs. E. P. Stewart.

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