Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 24, 1931 · Page 17
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 17

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 17
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OafelanO Ctf&une DECEMBER 24, 1931 LUTHERANS OBSERVE DAY WITH YULETIDE SERVICES TIITTIISDAY EVENING Q NATIVITY TO BE THEME OF DR. TUBF.IT Christmas Matins Scheduled At St. Michael's Church; Nativity Play Set Sunday MANGER CHILD THEME The Nativity o. our Lord will lie observed in St. Michael's Lutheran i church. Alratraz and Benvetnie syenites, with a candlelight rhoral matin service at 6 a.m. The Kev. Earnest A. Trahert will give the Christmas message on "The Angels and the Babe.". Special music by the vested rholr under the direction of Harry Tripp., w.lll include "The Prince f Peace" (Wilson). "O Utile Town of Belhlehem" ( McOonnaughey ). and "Te Deuni in d" (Maunder). TThe church will be decorated with greenery and berries under the direction of Carl F. Martens. Berkeley artist. On the Sunday evening following Christmas, a Nativity play entitled "There Was One Who Have a Lamb," will be given by a group of 50 children from the primary and Intermediate grades of the Sunday school, assisted by Michael's choir. The order of service for Christmas matins will be: "Silent Night! Holy Night!" Franz Umber Organ prelude. "Pastorale" Kozeluch Come hither, St. the J . - :.:,:.::,,.,.:r:;::::-::.:r::: CAROL SEHVIGE OPENS TRINITY IE PROGRAM In a Child's World' to Be Sermou Them; Plan Communion Tomorrow Zion Lutheran church, Twelfth and Myrtle streets, where the pastor, Rev. George Mieger will conduct two services tomorrow morning, one in German at 10 and the other in English at 1 1 :l5 o'clock. Processional, hymn. ye faithful- Versiele In i 'I Bills A'enite ExultlnuiH Uuxsell Hymn. "It. came upon a midnight clear" Psalm. Gloria Patrl Cioodson First lesson, Isaiah ! : 2-7. Anthem, "The Prince of Peace".. Wilson Second lesson. Luke 2;1-14. Hvmn "Jov to the World" Sermon. "The Angels and the Babe' Kev. Earnest A. Trahert. Anthem, "O Little. Town 'f Bethlehem" McConnaughey Offering. "Te Deum In i!" Maunder Prayer. Lords Prayer. Coll"ct for Christinas. Fenedlcanms . Itecesslonal, hymn, "Hii rk! Inc. Herald Ang-ls Sing!" Organ postludc. "For Unto Us a Child Is Born" Handel "KcstlliK." "Tou are 'too tired to go to rhiirch?' That's sheer nonsense.. Their Isn't a place on the continent eo restful as the church. You are going 1o lie around the bouse all day. loll in a big rocking chair: go to sleep over a book. That isrt renting, that's loafing. Tell your-elf honestlv 'did y"'i p-vf ' loafer who didn't look tired all the time'.' " "About a year ago 1 stopped in a Boston street to watch a group of laborers. It was the noon hour. They had been at work air the morning digging a sewer excavation. Thev had eaten their lunch front the little tin palls, and now thev were 'resting.' Some of them were pitching horseshoes. They were working men 'resting.' And sitting on the curbstone Watching them too lazy to even stand up and look up and out at th.em vtefe the loafers who had been watching them work al It lie morning. These fellows were too tired to Join the game bv which the workers rested themselves. "You have no need to loaf all day Sunday. An hour In church, an hour In the quiet: the sermon, the reading; the uplift th'at comes from the new channej Into which jour thoughts are led these "will reM you more physically, morally. Intellectually, than nil the day spent in trying to 'rest.' " Robert J. Burdette. Hindus Honor Christian . For Agricultural Work John L. Cioheen, principal of the ances according to the scale of the Sangli Industrial and Agricultural' school of the Presbjterian Western India Mission, in which capacity he has introduced modern agricultural methods Into his section of India, has been made an adviser of the native state of Ichalkaranji, western India. The arrangement which has been entered Into between (ioheen and the chief of, the state has received the sanction of the government of Bombay and of the Presbyterian board of foreign missions. The chief of the slate of Ichalkaranji is a high caste Brahmin. He andu his queen have traveled abroad frequently, and he has done his utmost to administer the affairs of his state for the lasting good of his subjects.' They love him and admire him and place great trust In him. Ills state Is' one. of the smaller ones in India, with a total area of a pproxiriiately 2 50 square miles and a population of about uu.oon. KOI'dllT FULL 'IIMK. ' Originally the. chief of the stale approached (Ioheen with regard to full-time service Willi his state. It was a tempting offer, but Liobeen felt that it would not be right for him to sever his connection with the mission. The chief theft sug seated part-time service, and It was this second offer which has been approved. The official order of Jahaglrdar (chief) of Ichalkaranji announcing the appointment of (ioheen as adviser was promulgated July 2S. Hi30, and shortly thereafter (Ioheen began Ills service. Excerpts ftom this order follow: "J. L. (Joheen, a member of the American Presbyterian Mission, Sangli, has been appointed . . . for a period of three years, or according to the orders that may be passed hereafter, as an adviser . . . In the Internul administration of the Jahagir (feudatory state), (ioheen has to work on an average three days a week either at the heudquai ters here or in touring In the talukns (estates) of the state. In addition to bis salary, Uoheen is to lie paid (he traveling allow- Trinity Lutheran Church 825 Athens Ave., near 25th St. and San Pablo KEV. O. T. BRANDRUD, Pastor. rhone LA keslde 2877 Scandinavian Festival Service Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 11:00 a.m. Sermon: GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY Anthems: . O Utile Town of Bethlehem John Prlndle O Holy Night Adolph Adam Uer Hinges Paa .lord F. Melius Christiansen Trinity Lutheran Choir Sunday, December 27 Sunday School, 9 :45 a. m. Services, 1 1 :00 a. m. Children's Christmas Festival, 7:30 p.m. December 29 English Christmas Festival, 8:00 p.m. January 1, 1932 Norwegian Christmas Festival, 8:00 p.m. WM. C. ,AND MRS. VAUOHAN In Charge Christmas and New Year's Greetings to one and all Special Services for Christmas Night, 7:45 p. m. Featuring a Pianologue by Miss Florence Wahlgren : ' ' ;;. '"' Radio Artist ' ''Special Sermon by the "pastor ' ' ' " '. Other Special Number . A Joyful Welcome to All Glad Tidings Revival Mission 476 10th St. (Old Columbia Theater) mission. ADI VISOUY RANCiR "A,s an adviser. Cioheen is to exercise general supervision over all departments of the state: hut principally he Is to be in direct charge of the following departments; Public works., education ' (excepting the Kumar classes), registration, municipality, medicine, Ichalkaranji Bank and Cooperative Credit societies." The order then lists some of the powers granted to (ioheen in the discharge of ills official duties. Among these are the sanctioning of the estimates of public workB included in the budget exceeding 600 rupees, and of public works not included in the budget exceeding 100 rupees; the power to appropriate a sum not exceeding BOO rupees from a sanctioned but unspent budget of public work to another work of a. similar nature; supervision of the Kurans (pasture lands) and the gardens that are department. The midnight carol service at Trinity church. Telegraph avenue and Twenty-ninth street, will begin at 11 o'clock tonight, concluding shortly after midnight. The rector. Rev. Lloyd B. ThomasV will celebrate holy communion an6wlll preacla shot: ser mon on the theme "In a Child's World." With reference to this theme, the rector says: "The world, .as it Others about the manger, is a child's world. What is it like? Is It a world of fairies or of fellowship? As I see it. it is ii world of wonder, of good-will, and of generosity. This is the child's world, the world of the Nativity. It Is our business to make this sort of a wor'd for all children." The music of the service will be the familiar hymns "O Come. All Ye Faithful." "O Little Town of Bethlehem.", and "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear." The choir, chiefly of children, will sing carols in the old stvle, two traditional French 'settings. "Whom Shepherds Praia-led" and "Noel Let Us Ring:" the familiar Cierman carol Holy Night," and an old English carol "The First Nowell." Miss Daisy Foster will be at the organ. Tomorrow at 10:30 a. m. there will be a celebration of the holy communion and a sermon entitled "The Light of Men." Of this subject, Rector Thomas says: "Christmas represents something far deeper than the sacred-ness of childhood. We are concerned about hether the experience of life will justify that sense of sacredness, or thwart It. The accumulation o. years Is bound to bring disillusionment, and In the process, God Is driven far from life. Wo are tempted to try all sorts of expedients to re-establlHh contact with the divine. The Gospel of St. John goes deeper. It declares that humanity has In It something of the divine. God and man are not divorced. The universe does not thwart our best hopes. Tho Christmas Gospel is the religion of Jesus, Deaf Mutes to Enjoy Premier Yule Service "HAT is claimed to be die first Christmas service in the sign language ever to be held in Oakland is scheduled for the Deaf Mute Mission, which meets at the Zion Lutheran church, Twelfth and Myrtle streets, at 7:30 o'clock tomorrow evening. G. v Gaertner. formerly of Seattle, is pastor of the mission, which includes many of the deaf mutes of the FaMhav. Lutherans to Observe Yule The Christmas season will be celebrated with four festivals at Trinity Lutheran church. 823 Athens avenue. The festival service will be given Christmas day In the Scandinavian language. At this service the choir will sing several anthems nnd the pastor. Rev. O. T. Brandrud. will preach on the subject, "Good Tidings of Great Joy." The children's program will -be held next Sunday at 7:30 p. mH Tuesday night the Englieh young people of the congregation will have their entertainment. Finally on New Year's day In the evening the Norwegian Young people will hold their festival. Refreshments will be served at both entertainments of the young people. TWO SERVICES AT LUTHERAN At Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church, Seventeenth avenue and East Fifteenth street, tomorrow morning, -there w ill be two Christmas services, according to announcement by the Rev. It. Hase-rodt, pastor. A German service will be given at 10 a. m.. followed by a service in the English language at 11:15. The pastor will speak on the theme "Light and Life the Christ Child brings to Prince and Pauper." The choir will sing "Glory to God In the Highest" by Kcssel. Nejft Sunday there will be a German service at 10:30. At 7 p. m. the children's meeting will be held Under the lighted Christmas tree. A midnight, carol service will he conducted at Trinity Episcopal church tonight. The rector. Rev. Lloyd B. Thomas, will preach on the theme. "In a Child's World." "God and man are at one, and Jesus Is the light of men." The children will have their Christmas tree Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock. The program will be a song service with recitations entitled "The Road to Bethlehem." This song Bervice will be repeated Sunday at 1 1 a. m. In the evening, at 7:45 o'clock, there will be a carol servlce, when all may Join in singing hymns and carols of Christmas. The sermon will be on "The World's Peace," In which the rector will present the contribution which the church of Christ must make, toward disarmament and tho outlawry of war. Lutherans Plan Yuletide Honor There will be a service In honor of Christmas, In which all the Eastbay Lutheran churches will participate, sponsored by the Church of Our Redeemer. This ser-vice will be held in the Chapel of the Chimes, 4499 Piedmont avenue, at 10 a. m. . The Rev. H. Haedicke, pastor of the Church of Our Redeemer, is in charge and will give a brief message. KRE will broadcast. Unity Truth Center Plans Dawn Service TJNITY TRUTH CENTER of Oakland will usher in Christmas Day with a "World Christmas Tree Dawn Service," which will be held in the Chapel of the Chimes, -4499 Piedmont, .avenue, at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. KTAB and KRE will broadcast. Many well-known Eastbay musicians will give their services, among them the Unity trio, con sisting 'of violin, 'cello and piano. The Chimes organ will form the background for the mass singing of 250 voices, led by an octette of mixed voices. The Rev. Letitia Andrew;, leader of Oakland Unity Truth Center, will give a brief message on "The Spirit of Christmas." Berkeleyns to Hear Cajitata . The candle light service tonight at University Christian church, Berkeley, will feature the cantata "The Story of Christmas" by Matthews. At the conclusion around the midnight hour a communion service will be held. Soloists are: Miss Jean Whit-more, soprano; Mrs. Lois Harris, contralto: (ieortrm Prall. tenor: J.' Leslie Whitmore, bass. Amelia Lowe Richards, organist. MANGER CHILD MIEGER TOPIC Chrfetina day services will be held at SJion t Lutheran church, Twelfth and Myrtle streets, tonior-ronv inptnltlg. " " "The Rev. George Mieger, 'pastor, -will conduct a service In German at 10 o'clock. An English service will be. at 11:16. The pastor's theme will he "The. Glory 'of ' the Matter Child." A program for the children will he held at the church next Sunday at 7 p. m. Pastor Theiss Plans Service "The Unspeakable Christmas Gift," will be the topic of the aer-man to be preached tomorrow morning by the Rev. Herman C. Theiss, of St. Peter'a Lutheran church, Elmhurst. "God's greatest gift to mankind," said the Rev. Theiss, "is Jesus Christ, born to save his people front their sins. . Only he la truly rich and happy who accepts this gift In faith." A Christmas program of songs and recitations by members of St. Peter's Sunday school will be given Sunday at' 7:30 p. m. - FIRST ENGLISH LUTHERAN Sixteenth and Grove Streets 6: 1 5 A. M. Candle Light Service CHOIR CANTATA "KING ALL-GLORIOUS" : '. ' . Allow Christmas Day to have its richest meaning for you by sharing with us this most impressive service. We welcome you to "The Church of Friendly Fellowship" ') : MARK OWEN HELLER, Pastor , ' ' ' , i "W1 CHRISTMAS MATINS at 6:00 a.m. in St. Michael's Lutheran Church Alcatraz and Benvenue Avenues Christmas Message: "The Angels and the Babe By the Rev. Earnest A. Trabert, M. A. Special music by St. Michael's choir. FESTIVAL VESPERS SUNDAY. DECEMBER 27, at 7:30 p.m. Nativity Play: "There Was One Who Gave a Lamb' Our Savior. Danish Lutheran 7th Ave. and East 18th St. Christmas Services December 2Sth Full Danish Service.... 10:00 a.m. Full English Service ..11 :00 a. m. SPECIAL MUSIC AT BOTH SERVICES Dec. 27th S. S. Christmas Tree, 7:30 p.m. Dec. 30th Y. P. Christmas Tree. 8:00 p. m. II. M. hV'SEN, .Pastor, a07 Morrison Ave. r 2 IlliT i I in . Best Wishes for Christmas ; , and All Happiness During 1932 to Our v Many Friends Western .Book and Tract Co. Oakland! Leading Bible House 1 730 Telegraph Avenue. TE mplebar 2040 CHRISTMAS SERVICES at the MISSOURI SYNOD LUTHERAN CHURCHES In the Heart of the East Bay GRAND-LAKE LUTHERAN CHURCH 3255 Grand Avenue (Masonic Hall) . SUNDAY, DECEMBER 27 11:00 a. m, "Simeon's Christmas Joy" Sunday School, 9:45 a. m. W. Q. RUEHLE, Pastor The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer California Concordia College Auditorium Blxty-secnnd ' Avenue and Brann Street Morning Christmas Service 7:00 a. m. "The Savior Nativity" Choir Music Radio Program, 10 to 11 a.m. KRE ' FRfANK'A. HAEDICKE, Pastor Zion Lutheran Twelfth and Myrtle. Sts. REV. CEOROE MIEGER, . Pastor. , Christmas Day German Service, 10:00 a. m. English service, 11:15 a. m. Toplo: "THE GLORY OF1 , THE MANOER CHILD." i. Children's1 , Christmas t ;w'-Prograra':.'- -i. ' Sunday, Dec. 27. 7:00 P. M. Trinity Evangelical Lutheran 17 Ave. and E. 15 St. REV. II. HASERODT, Tastor Christmas Day Services 10:00 a. m. Gorman 11:18 a. m. English Topic: "LIGHT AND LIFE THE CHRIST CHILD BRINGS TO PRINCE AND PAUPER" Choir: "Glory to God In the HlKhst" (Knl) Sunday After Chrlstmaa December 27 7 00 p. m. Children's Service under lighted Christmas Tree . BETHLEHEM 1 LUTHERAN COLORED MISSION Sixteenth and Magnolia Sts. Extends cordial Christmas Greetings and announces a special Christmas Dawn Candlelight Service on Chrlstmaa Morning at 6:00 a. tn. Subject ot the Festival Sermon: "WHAT THE DAWN OF CHRISTMAS MORNING MEANS TO MANKIND" Christmas Carols will feature the ' program of music. OTTO H. THEISS, Pastor ' 2033 Madera Ave, Phone FR nltvsle 9260W DEAF MUTE MISSION Christmas , Day Services December 25th at 7:30 p. m. at the Zion Lutheran Church 1 2th and Myrtle Sts. The first Christmas ' service In the sign language ever held in Oakland. Deaf mutes of Bay District Invited . O. W. Gaertner, Pastor , BETHLEHEM LUTHERAN Ashby and Grove, M. EXCEL, Paster ' CHRISTMAS , DAY SERVICES: "Christ The. Immanuel , - The Savior." ' 10:00 a. m. (German, 11:15 a. tn.) All music In harmony with the occasion. We welcome you to real Merry Christmas Services h, , , Hopkins St. Lutheran Church 3829 Hopkins St. ORTWIN Tt. JANKK. Pastor Holiday Services Deo. 25, Chrlstmaa Day 11:00 A. M. Topic: "THE 'A NOELS' CHRISTMAS SERMON." . December 27 Sunday a(ter Christmas 10:00 a. m. Sunday School. 11:00 a. m. Divine Servloes. Toplo: "THE EXAMPLE OF SIMEON." 7:30 p. m. Children's Christmas program, January 1 New Tear's Day, 11:00 a.m. Topic: "THE CHRISTIAN PILGRIM." Special MuslO. St. Peter's Lutheran Church 84th Ave. & Plymouth --""'Street V' (2 blocks north of E, 14th) Extends to' all best wishes for a blessed Christmas and a hearty -Invitation to attend Its holiday services: Christmas 'Day f4 Deo, 25, at X1:0Q a. m. "t Sermon topic': "T ft B TN- speakable christmas '"' o-ift."' Children's Chrjstma - program Sunday, Deo. 27, at . ' 7:80 pvm. r ,;:, Herman C Thalss, pastor' f m IMI t . - II FIIiOKIM."-. II " " ' f. 1 II WW 4 i Wm -Jcryice ; , ., Bpeolai Muafo. , 1 Herman q TniB, paatorjj jpsjjjj iyT.y - f.

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