Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 30, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1931
Page 3
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r ? Setoe dSy, name distant day, th* tfrtnd shall know Th% AUM of ail the beauty thftt S seeks, Ahtijthoufchta, freed o! thMr flesh, shall go. Llghfly as butterflies to petaled peaks t)f truth Ifi slinllt ga*aeh% olt tomorrow: Thfc mind shall know the Secret o the skies, The wind's confession, aWd Mie gentle sorrow x Of nncfent cedars <wh«n the daylight dies. O heart that yearns 16 know-^the hour will come fWhen every leaf shall tell Its long 1 hushed story, 9 Each star reveal Its far elyslum , Each moon proclaim Its dim, forgotten glory, Over the mind's dark sen, the •Will's dismay, Beauty shall -break like dffwn, some distant day—Selected. The B. tt'P.-Vr. Club will hold their regular meeting on Tuesday evening nt 7 o'clock «t Hotel Barlow, Mrs. W. P. Herman has returned frdm a Thanksgiving visit spent with Rev. W. P. Herman, In Terrall, Tex. Mr. and Mrs. John Green and Miss Evelyn Green have returned to their home in Little Rock after a ^Thanksgiving visit with Mrs. Alice McMath nnd other relatives. An announcement that will be of interest to many friends in this city, is that made, by Mr. nnd Mrs. George Brannan of Little Rock of the engagement and approaching marriage o) their daughter, Miss Geraldine Brannan, to John W. Atkinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman H. Atkinson of ^Little Rock. The wedding will be ^solemnized on Saturday afternoon, December 19, at 'the First Methodisl Episcopal church, South in Little Rock. Miss Marguerite Taylor has returned from a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Wood in Malvern. Mr. and Mrs. J. Proctor Hill had as week end guests, Mr. and,Mrs. Proctor Taylor of El Dorado. Miss Mary Billingsly had as week end guest. Miss Mildred Marshall erf Lewisville. Mrs. C. B. • Presley has returned from a Thanksgiving visit spent \vith friends and relatives in Little Rock. Miss Mary Billingsly of the tewis- ville Public School faculty spent the Thanksgiving holidays visiting with her patents, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. BH1- ingsly. Mr. and .Mrs. C. B. Presley have as house guest, Mrs. Lawson Harris of Little Rook. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Clark have returned to their home in Dallas, after a visit wtih Mr. Clark's sister, Mrs. '"!. G. Coop and-Mr. Coop. Ruffin Boyett has returned to his home in Little Rock after a 'Thanksgiving visit with his parents, Capt. and Mrs. R. A. Boyett, Miss Hardean Thornton who spent the week end visiting with Miss Claudia Coop has returned to her home in Texarkana. The Pat Cieburne' Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy will hold their regular monthly meeting on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Edgar Briant on South Elm street, with Miss Zenobia Reed, Miss Mary Carrigan and Mrs. CUT. Wp«rtb M associate oess »* «to*to* frill have their flnnon Chriftmw ir&tfttni, and each ntembe tai Wilted «» WHjg Bh' inexpensiv gift, ' the City t». 9. A. Council 'will mee on Tnei&as? 'iftetfWHJn 1rt 3:16 in th« bmrV fttoiw 6f life n ew high school Miss Bertha Turned IcRae of Hen. derson State Teachei . college spen Sunday visltfng wtlh • ar parents, Mr and Mrs. DoVsey McR:.e. Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Wilson nnd children, Glehdon, Josephine and William Paul, have returned to their home In Alexandria, La., after a few days vlsi here with Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Patten and family. i Mrs. C. G. Anderson of Texarkaha spent the Thanksgiving holidays in his city the guest b{ her daughter Mrs. Floyd HintOn and Mr. Hinton . -• I'. d»>»l MARRIED Aaron, Anderson and Miss Lillle Wedley of Texairkana Were married n TexarkaYia Saturday afternoon and spent Saturday night and Sunday in this city, 'gu&fts in the home of his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd 1 Hinton. Small Hot Springs Bank CfoftesMonday HURRY! HURRY! Only Two More Days The Grandest Show of the Season "Over the Hill" —With- JAMES DUNN SALLY EILERS (Sweethearts of "Bad Girl") —And— MAE MARSH SAENGER- MONDAY-TUESDAY HOT SPRINGS, Ark.-(#)—The Jommuhlty Batik a"nd 'Trust Colttpany, he city's smallest banking institution, oca ted in an outlying district closed Monday for liquidation. 'This bank was. established a few years ago fcy the late Hamp Williams, had deposits'-Of slightly less than a million dollars. Judge Probes Alleged Fraud in Court Suit VAN BUREN-(/P)-A man' who, under the name of Buddy White, alleged deaf r mute, received a $1000 cer- dict in circuit court recently against the Frisco railroad, was ordered -held Friday by Judge J. 'O. Kincannon pending investigation of an affidavit received from South Jacksonville, Fla., saying he is not a deaf-mute and that his real name is Clayton Carder. White was awarded the verdict for injuries received when he allegedly was shot by a special agent after being put off a train, ' The affidavit to .Judge Kincannon was signed, "J. Guille," Who said he is the stepfather of White, or Carder,, The affidavit said "the person awarded. $1000 in" your court October 20,' is not a deaf-mute, nor is his name Buddy "White." The affidavit accompanied a letter from the South Jacksonville chief of police. Judge Kincannon said the judgment will be set aside if "it is shown' the court has been imposed upon." Fewer Acres Yield! Aflll Ate Better . system 'of farming pays-«nd pays even- in hard times, Georgia farmers, nnd those of 'CO-lqfaltt cdunty, whose cttltural pldn attracted nationdl attention last year, hava found that 'if 'few* er Seres are' tiled the ' farm has 'shrunk" somewhat— as to land uricfe* cultivation. B"ut fewer acres can be tended wrtt less work ohd 'expense, ««d Ool^affl fartrters have found "they can make more on fewer acres thafl on the bigger area bebause oif the concentratec effort and fertilization and attention generally. ' Oolquitt county produded more cotton this year than ever, though the acreage had! been reduced. Greater voluwie of at least four or five other crops was also produced on fewei? acres. Colquitt's plan for diversification of crops has been copied in many southern states, and inquiries have ;beeti received from all parts of the nation. Commenting on this year's -work in the county, a Colquitt farm leader said: Diversification :seems to Interfere very little with cotton production We had this year about the largest watermelon crop We ever had. We iad as much tobadco as v/e ever had, and possibly more. "We had the biggest peanut crop in liStory. The Corn crop was"Ss largb as usual, and there was a large po- :ato crop with a lot of hay that followed oats. It did not prevent thb {rowing of cotton, though it meant hat the cotton must be made on fewer acres than we used a. few years ago for the same sized crop." wounding him in the left arm. The irm was amputated but failed 'to save iis life. He was the son of, Mr, and Mrs. W. R. Summit of Sims, Ark. Flurries of Stock Market Can't Hurt These Shares CINCINNATI, Ohio— (ff)— Shares of the "Herald," besides soaring in value, continue to pay increased dividends and never have taken a tumble on the "market." The "Herald" is a real newspaper published by sixth grade students of a school here^. with a mimeograph press, city desk and 'shares of stock. One dollar -was the capital stock, consisting of 20 shares of five cents each. Stock went xip to ten cents a share, and the children voted a dividend of two cents. More than $2 is in the treasury. 'Sight-Saving' Classes Escape Study at Home COLUMBUS, Ohi o. — Twenty-ight students in Columbus public scholos are forbidden by school authorities to do any homework. After they pass the fourth grade they are required to use typewriters Instead of pen and ink. Instead of reading textbooks they study pictures and model in clay. 'They are members of "sight-saving" classes, created especially for children of sub-normal vision. AH school work requiring close use of the eyes is done in a room having a white ceiling, buff-colored walls and dull-finished' woodwork. Hunting Accident Ends Life of Arkansas Youth HOT SPRINGS—^)—Dan Robert Summit, 15, lost his life in a Thanksgiving 'Day hunting accident near here. His gun was discharged accidentally in COMING! ON THE STAGE THE CHICAGO FOLLIES (In Person) -With-, Ches Davis Honey Gal Cobb A tuneful big earful... the show from the Golden West. Beautiful settings ,,. gorgeous gowns .. Infectious song hits ... cyclonic dances ,,, viotos comedy. A Grand Extravagijuza of Youth, Charm and f Dancing Darlings 10 Stolen Checks All checks cashed by us or in payment for goods Thursday, Friday and -Saturday, November 19, 20 and 21st, .were stolen in the safe robbery occurring in 'owe store November 21st, nnd we will very much appreciate if any one for whom we cashed a check or.ex- changed goods therefor will call around to our place of business and tell us -the amount of -check. Your co-operation in this will lie appreciated. Landes Supply Co. By L. W. Clements, Mgr, BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE (orovtr 4O /f's c/oubk acting OUNCf 5 FOR i ytcrft MILLIONSOF POUNDS USED BV OUR COVFRNN/IPNT How CARDUI Helps Women «I WAS passing through a critical time in my life, and I suffered a great deal," says Mrs. Mat Howard, of< Quilan, Texas. "I improved very much after I had taken Cardui for a while. Since, then, I have given Cardui to my five daughters. Aa each one of them arrived at wom-.j anhood, I gave her Cardui lor several months. I fount}, they were less nervous felt stronger. All o; them have continued the use of Cardui in their homes, In my home we have all teen better for having taken it." »"«•» CARDUI SOLD AT PRJJO ST Follies to Be printed Here iet DttttTtAnttKn* HU Crttttp bf Oan^sr* to ' Wedftfefcday tte Chicago F611HS, which wii1il'l~ r the adde'd attraction, at the Snenger Thetrttt Ifdf a two days engag^itieftt beigJIiftilfti WedBfeday will be'foiMJ.'S" fast, IftWloOStntidiey of songs and steps liberally tfarhWhtd with comedy of the sure ,'ftre? side ''spHtthTg variety, and setvtffl with % lavish Investitufe o^ fcosttlfees-arfd istieYiry. Ches Dftvls and 6ene "Money GaV't, Cobb occupjf ttfeflar positions, Davis has been at the 1 head-of-his own shoWs for many yfears and is well known throughout Ihe Sotffh. ^obb will be- reMemberted' «is having been last fea^; tutdd ^ith Keil O'Brien's Minstrels.. The blacTcface comedy'Oif fills pair is. without a p'eer and has hever failed toJhid instant faVor: with Audiences. ifhe Chicago Follies Singing Stage Bartd .icortib'ines delightful,^harmony i^lng with her hot tythm and furn^ ishfl* the musical complement tff flfe Viewed from any angle, 8ie ten Ih* name implies. Thfey are the per* sonlfiee(tic(n of yrfuth, beauty and fteji arttt will shqw Saenger audiences,what stepping stetjpfers etfn h»ally do. Oolly Taylor brings a band 'Of j^gt all her own, and Buddy ftyan furn- -Islfts ttoVe light «ritefta1nment. ' ; ;5|ie Ghieago Follies has played ttit more than 60 consecutive weeks in ISWle aftd has nioi*e return enSagt- miSiSts'and niroe shattered aftenaffrtcf reeords to its credit than any show, "leteft Jbtfally in niany years. Pa*t and Preient 'Bama Star* Play fttr Charily 1 TtlSCALOOSA, Ala, ,.., Tide foo'tbatl /stars, ji'ast aM tlommon TiMe Salt Often Helps Stomach ; Brink plenty Of wifter v^ith pinch of salt.. If bloated With gas add a spoon o£j Adlerika. This washes-out BdTH stomach and fobwels and rids you Of an'gas. Johh-'S, Gibson Drug Company, .-.;•• Adv. N'oW and then kn em- ; ergency arisies.... and there' is no otie to send to the ditag store'. You- < ponder' aftd are puis- Kl«d but if you 'call us' <CX% f^ ^Cve wii'l -c*6me to your • ] aid immediately. Start an 'Account December "1st Jno. P. Gox D^ug Go. Phone 84 '• ' We : Give Eagle Stamps aid Of Ohe fhW year's team will play &fefcH*. noogauniversity at this Teftneftfce Wy t DeewfWr -5. an-a one *Heefc lat* the stars » of J?30 will Bwlftg into aettbn 6gairHi WflBhrngtOn. 'firm team 1h« fefeated Wh*hiftgt<»n &at«'ift the ttosb' Bowl last year Ml face three teams at Washington, play- WSg » SWttrtes fcac'h aj&nSt Gecfrgfe* ,1<JwtiHftilvasfty, CaflfbHc university md, .Gei>rfe Washington university, rve! strength wfll tse tirawn 'frotn ^hU 'wtffe gWdufcted in 1888 fflittCc *Jft fi m&l&lf day ies ye* under fttthority of No. 49, ^orft of procedtife lh covrtfe, WKd Auction in ffcft*fal ty ex*«rts*s«of $13,500 get fluted by the eouft *h* m«tte« -ita the nature in an ains at In all kinds of Vv^atheK, dfepeiid m fdods, at reasoftAWe, pfic«8< : .. '.._. ... . . . „. I ! f .. f. u .1^>J, PECANS APPLES GOOD RED Dozen itc—Peek iUTTER Best Creamery Pound ' GOLD MEDAL 12 Lbs. 35c-24 1A«, "^" * -« V/!,rfi ^Ji.'UAft Remember— W« Are a* Near ** r*^^f : W f » Mid d I eb rooks Grocery Chase A C^txyrfi T>* an I 4 **•> j Tm like most pw\ who read the newspapers* I DON'T read d// the ads, any nibre than I read the whole of any ne*$paper or magazine. But I do read a good many ttf thwn. "Recently I've been readirtgawrethan tiMial, and I certainly like whatChetterfieid has to«*y and the way it is^aid. 1 wbuld probably &e the cigarette, to^, but somehow I just h»ven''t got "round to trjnng it. • "Come to think of it, I can 1 * tell ytfu wHy I smoke this other cigarette. It's more from tabit, I suppose, than for any real reason. "I'd never thought about it before, but last night, at a party, I noticed eight of my friends —five men and three girls •*• who had «hanged to Chesterfields. They told me that Chesterfields are milder, that they taste better, that they just seem to satisfy. "Of course, cigarettes are a srtiaH thing, but, after all, they give me a lot of pleasure, and a cigarette like Chesterfield that you hfli>r such good things about, must be good, Any way, I've just bought my fim jHickage pf tChesteridds, and I believe I'll find them just lik« the *di say «-milder—taste better«-ure'*'WJ, 1 ' * "I 11931, LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO Co.

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