Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 30, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 30, 1931
Page 2
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irtttttSF at lift f*sfefitee at Hot*, The til fttws dispart*!** «N&ntf to It w and also the local tteVfcr published herein. will W fnitfe news coltSftfts to pKJWSSt theii* als. Thfe tfter disclaims man«9CTipts, . e,Chamber b/ Commerce. c 0 tf N T = oj ml-trtfftJrer toad-each yeir, to gradually reduce (he tatd economic support for every scientific n0Htt«Mtt«il i tt/ifck offers practical benefits W Hemjatetid county's greatest £M\ ' &'fliffaer organisations, believing that eo'Opewittoe effort " " (aiftisinJOMtt. STATE i the state highway program. ", a. more efficient government through ft* 'Arkansas 'from, iite tattle tick. Lewi»' Strange Fame |dkth the other-day of Colonel Isaac Newton Lewis is NliWiTMter of the^ueer kind of fame that some men win. Lttrts had fame—a great,deal of it—and it ""?.- Hi 8 h $*l 6 >°°M almos ! every page of any his, ; ^ .ae fighting i»*the World War; it will live, perhaps, Ifctfitaries, unless inert find some way* of doing without MiifiL »»*ies and military airplanes. Yet his name, in -j nothing'Whatever td the ordinary citizen. —y, Colonel#Lewis was the inventor of the Lewis , r ._-t gun., He resigned from the American army shortly !^fe the World war began, in order to submit his new <nmi ti> foreign governments—the United States govern- being able, at that time, to worlc up much interest piglish >army officers found in the gun just what they sell Ibolcing for. They "ordered thousands of the colonel's il^imply-tionstructed machine guns, and during the war WPjwi proved one df the British infantryman's best is.?;Aviators used them extensively; when America w£r the United States ordered quantities of them. ,, is Became exteremely wealthy; and his name got ^records of innumerable battles. Itfiat, when you stop to think abbut it, is a queer way 1 -to have one's name given to an instrument of in" ; a *^iojusanfi^knows anything about ..,.sr ttinMaB; bu) *veryone know! '$ottt,'1;he igwi.s tel Lewis s%ems destined to go dovifa to histoVy in faith the illustrious Dr. Guillotin of France, btte, except a historian, knows anything about Dr. i—but what literate human being has failed <to hear le<guillotftie?; The^Joetor,-as it happens, was a humane ****"-.« Who devised la beheading machine in order to deaths Of condemned criminals as tjuick and pain- as possible; a few years late"r the French Revolution came long, to make the instrument a world-famous symbol of 'ood and terror. are others in the same company. There is Colonel ,^_-.,oel, of the British army—you can guess what he in- Snted. There is Count von Zeppelin, whcv—during the war, rijeast—<was known for the horror that lurked in the night ies, . •,.... | Jt is a strange, rather uncomfortable way to win fame. &ttth Main st««t Hop* A&. AGO fiorn: f o Mr. and Mrs. Earl Spencer, on Tuesday, December 4, i son. E. T. Jones, | with the Hope Grocer Co., has accented a position with the Ihon Mountaift railroad at Arkansas. TIEN A«0 eldpra D^ ffrtKK&fl fts* W5d MflUitiy, _ i ^t^VfSFnSnGnt C. 1ft. fiuzbee, of Oiifln, was in town today. fever been able t6 provide."-C6k R. R. McCortnick. the Star** Platform ! trvurtieijwl power plant to develop of tfdpe. 1991, o*m improved Mrs. Willard Pollard and little son. Wllard, Jr., will arrive this Vfeek to remain over the holidays with her parents, Dr. and' Mrs. W r G. Allison, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Vestal, of Paris, Texas, are guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Reaves. Mr. and Mrs. James Stark spent Sunday with relatives at Preseott. Mrs. Thos. M.. Anderson returned last night from Bartlesville, Okla., where she has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Clarke White and Miss Emma May Wilsdn have returned from n Visit with the -mother of the former, Mrs. J. T. Shipman. Mrs. Will Allen and daughter, Ruth, left this morning for a visit to her brother at Wheatley. Paying Your Taxes - f , AVERAGE CITIZEN, who groans deeply whenever s has to pay his taxes, might be interested in this little 'about a Japanese truck gardener living near San Diego, iJaJit This Japanese had four children/ all of whom went to school. That seemed to him an inestimable privilege; so, one ay recently, he called at the office of the local school board ~ J amazed the members by handing them $100 as a free- offering—an expression of his appreciation of the bles- jngs of government. To be sure, he was already a taxpayer, "doing his full share toward supporting the school system. But he felt impelled to show his gratitude mcft-e amply. This little story points its own moral. How many'of us, pay our taxes with reluctance, ever stop to think of all Iv'that our tax money buys us? fc- Let Warriors War |R. WILLIAM MATHER LEWIS, president of Lafayette ', College, proposed the other day that if we ever have an- E _" ?r war the draft should apply only to men between 40 and fS() years of age, and that members of cabinets, parliaments ind congresses who brought about the war should be the first 5Q be called; and whatever objections there might be from I jnj|ita?y standpoint, this at least expresses a thought that j$ft Jot of people have been nourishing recently, *'•" "As Dr. Lewis points out, the men who make war never it In it. That job is reserved for the youngsters. The r ones ait safely at home and talk about "fighting the , ... to the last man." Whatever else you can say about it, iHfifs plan would at least make the distribution of burdens a iJi&te more equitable. ? «i ' Thirteenth His Lucky Day HARBOR VIEW, Ohio.-(yp)-L. K. Shovaf, four-term mayor of Harbor Village, believes Friday the 13th is a lucky day. Running for a fifth term, HAZEL HAlLEY ©Ml &YW Service tnt t<\ it- "Glorious Isolation?" W- GERARD, former ambassador to Germany, ad- in a recent speech that Uncle Sam maintain an ef 500,000 men, an adequate navy "and a resolution to ht and mind his own business." His formula is at least sjpiple snd easy to understand; the only trouble with it might % '^Bj$ from, an attempt to define just exactly what minding H|9 own business might include. Traditionally, nothing that happens beyond the seas is Uncle Saram's business. The fear of entangling foreign al- Jpnces reflects that feeling; presumably it was behind Mr. Gerard's advice. Yet it has become more and more evident, |# reeent years. tha$ the nation simpjy cannon shut its eyes ta events in Europe and Asia. Whether it likes it or not, the United States has a very direct coneefg in international af- |airs. Bankers and exporter to h^Jt ^fe» world—how is the gentleman going to ignore the flplnp of his neighbors? BEGITf HERB TODAT MAIUT HAlUCiraSS plot* «o en. •nave THE FlTf, who "framed" ker brotlrer, EDDIE, with «ha morder of MHS. JtJPlTEB and rau him down to keep him from telilnff. MR. JUPITER nidi her, •• doea BOWEN of the Slr.r. ETeryone «l»e believe* Eddie glilltrt Inetadlac HICK RT7Y- *HWik, Mary'* flanee, who.forbid* her to lwe*tlc*te farther. HI* family object*,to the notoriety, BRUCE! JUPITER and a qne«<. -tloaable 'Mend, COUNTESS LOUISE, tey to ront Mary, beller- lag *he I* a cold-digger trying to •teal Brace'* Inheritance. They follow The ITIy to Miami. Brnee vnrrela wltk 'Loaln over n dla- ,; mond bracelet glvea ,her by The ' Fiy a%>ec«rlty for • debt. She ...-•ay* u I* Jtary*. Broee';make« '*er grfve -It to Mary; who discover* It no« •folen from Mr*. Jupiter the night (he wn* killed. The bracelet I* locked op a* evidence. Wearing; the famon* Jnplrer necklace, Mary dunce* with The Ply. She 1* accidentally left alone with him with the necklace In her handbajr. Under'the' excn»e of protecting 'It for her, he put* It In hi* pocket. They do an exhibition dance during which he kl*ic* her. Dirk, who ha* come to Mlnmi with (he party of CORNELIA TABOR, Mary'* rival, knock* De Lonin down. Dirk twl»t» hi* ankle and faint*. Mnry ha* Mm carried to n cab. On tlie way The Fly *kln* with the handling In hi* pocket bnt a pollccmnn brine* him buck and make* him retnrn the handbag. WOW CO OH WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XLI «T OOK In your pocket—It mus have fallen out!" Mary ap pealed to De Loma. Had be bad time to extract tb necklace and bide It somewhere before the policeman saw him? Sh held her breath. "What must bav fallen out?" "Why—the necklace?" His eyebrows went up. "But yo told me Mr. Bates bad It!" Mary colored, but ber eyes neve left his face. The detective movec closer. "Come on." be said, roughly "fork up, If you've got It." Smiling venomously. De Loma drew his hand out of' bis pocket an handed her—the ruby necklace. Al most dizzy with relief, she dropped it into ber handbag again. The gaping bellboy and tte waiter she paid off, and they moved away un willingly—fascinated watchers o the Bfene. "Say!" snapped the h'otel detec live, "I've got a good mind to—" De Loma moved away from bis grasp fastidiously. He held up his hand. The consummate insolence of the man was astounding. ' "H was only a joke!" be insisted "She is too careless with ber jewels —I told her so. X merely wished to frighten her a bit, officer, that's all!' His patient Ingratiating air as be made this preposterous explanatiop of bis actions was very nearly convincing, The detective looked uncertainly at Mary. "Say is this guy on the level or not? If you say so {'II scare him 3 little bit—" "It's perfectly true what be says,' Mary assured him hurriedly and a trifle bautily. "This man is Count jDe Loma—he Is my escort and it's all quite true. Now, if you please, we Must hurry— » Her anxious eyes sought the cab. "Who'll help you down at the pier with that man?" the detective called after ber, dubiously. "J can manage—with a little help," the taxi-driver ofterd. "I'll look after this man/' De said loftily, climbing into the cab after her. " pses!" He continued to curse the police force In all Its branches, with heartfelt fervor for several blocks. Dirk: was stirring now » <. . lie looked about the dim interior of tha cab with a dazed expression, felt of the back ot his head, which had struck the floor soundly 'when he fainted. With amazement he recognized Mary, who returned bis look with pleading in her eyes. .'•',' '\ "Where are you taking me?" he' demanded, looking put the window, suspiciously. ?•>-•.••' -® "To a doctor. Please don't talklff She 'laid 'a pleading hand on his? tfe Jerked his band "away".*' "' "What is this?" he' blazed at her. "Kidnaping? Take me back to the hotel at once! As for yon, you dirty snake—" He glared at De Loma, who lifted supercilious eyebrows and continued to. gaze straight ahead. But the sudden movement had silenced Dirk; pafn, in the twisted ankle made him lean gether they peered over the rail Captain Hendricks came puffing up sure-footed as a mountain goa with the injured man a senseles burden In his arms. Mary ra along the deck opening doors nnt she found a cabin that was no occupied. The captain deposite his burden on the low bed an< stripping oft bis coat, prepared t make an examination. "How was he hurt?" he aske curlously. as he raised Dirk an slipped off his coat, unfastening hi back and draw his breath In an effort to avoid crying out. ; The cab stopped at the pier, and Mary peered out uncertainly lnt> the dark. A new danger presentee Itself—this deserted spot, a crip pled man on her hands, and no on but this unsuspecting cab-driver fo a protector, /~VUT of the shadows' a largo young man in sailor uniform appearei and touched his cap. "You for the' 'Gypsy'? I'm t take you aboard," Mary recognlzd a member ot th deck crew, and breathed a sigh o relief. The massive young man lifted Dirk as If he had been a baby and with very little aid got him Into the dinghy. Mary took, th precaution of going flrst. Ue Loma followed, hesitantly. Obviously h was more than anxious to com along, and merely waiting an Invitation to jump aboard, too. Mary gave it—enthusiastically enough now that she was so soon .to b safely on board'and this nightman of anxiety ended. "Do come!" slie begged, "There'l be cocktails. And the boat can bring you back whenever you like!' A second taxi drew up at the em of the pier. Before it could unloai its passengers, Mary cried, "Quick Before the reporters come!" With out a backward look, pe Loma stepped into the boat and they shoved off. The taxicah's passenger turnec out to be George Bowen. Mary could see the familiar slouchy figure plainly under the light, as he pale off his cab-driver, and ambled about the pier. She could not imagine wbat his errand was, and she had no time to find out. They must gel Dirk aboard and into a doctor's hands. He bad lapsed Into'uncon- sciousness again—which was mercl- 'ul—since the small boat bounded ike a cork. It was only a short row to the 'Gypsy" but it seemed miles to Mary with Dirk lying white and till against her shoulder. As the dinghy scraped along the side of he yacht a sailor ran down the luspended gangplank and pulled hem against the stage. Captain Hendricks was a step behind him. 'he sight of bis bulky figure was ike a lighthouse la a, storm to Mary. "Captain, it's Mr. Ruyther," she Imost sobbed. "He's hurt terribly." "There, now, Miss Mary," he said rusquely. "Everything will be all igbt. We'll fix him up. You and 10 gentleman climb out now and Jl take care .of the young man." Mary scrambled up the gang- lank, De Loma on her heels. To- it must be hta -leg, Cap fell—" • - • • "Get; me a knife." ' • • ran swiftly down the deck, and down the gangway to th 'galley. In the drawer she foun a butcher knife and hurried bac with it De Loma was leaning o the rail. She hailed a steward an told him (o take the man's order. "I hardly needed a knife e large;" Captain Hendricks smiled but ho accepted it, and Quickly cu Dlrlc's shoe 'laces and split tb opening larger. Dirk turned an moaned as the captain tugged a 'the shoe. "Bad sprain there." He rippe off the sock and disclosed an ankl already swollen and purple, "Ho packs for a few hours, plenty o rest and bo'll be all right." Ho ran for a steward and ordered a bow of hot water and towels. "Hello, our patient is coming to, he said as Dirk stirred uneasily "Hand me the decanter, pioase. An a glass." .jj With his arm under the younge man's shoulders he raised him to sitting position and held tho glas to his lips. Dirk opened hia eye slowly and took the offered 'drink Full consciousness returned and b looked around the room. His eye 'llghtei'i as they reached Mary, ail she started forward eagerly. 'Then his look hardened as he roniemberec the events of the evening and b fell back on the bed. "You run along, Miss Mary,' Captain Hendricks urged. "We'l take car« of your youmj man fo you." Mary was on the verge of crying as she sjepped out on deck, but she bad too much to think about to give way Just yet. There wag a light under Mr, Jupiter's door and her first act was to put the rubles In bis possession, with a breathless account of the evening's fright, and Bates' failure to show up. Once the rubles were locked up in the Cabinet safe, she felt better. Let The Fly get them now, if he could! "I've brought him on board, anc 1 thidk be means to stay," she tolc fcim. "But to tell the truth, I'm terribly frightened of him a devil he's She closed her eyes to shut out the vision of that grinning, lustful face above her own; involuntarily she drew her hand across her lips as if to wipe away ils kiss. ".Leave him to me!" Jupiter thundered. "By God, I can handle him! Can't shoot the fellow down in cold blood, but there are other ways— Where's Hendricks?" Suddenly be was a bundle ot energy, cracking out commands. 'Tell Hendricks to get up steam at one*. We sail at midnight. If Bates shows up then, O. K. If not we'll go without him." "Where to?'« Mary asked In amazement. "Tell him Dry Tortugas." •'You're going to take him— fishing with you?" The old man did not answer. A .emoniac gleam was in his eye. Til show him some—fishing," ha rpmised savagely. Wondering, Mary ran to carrjr his order to Captain Hendricks. "And captain, send a mail ashore to look for Mr. Bates and Bruce, if they don't return within the half hour. We dotft want tq be delayed waiting for them,'* ^ • .*. », : "i TTENDRICKS was deeply 1m- Ai pressed by the order. Re stood a moment lost in thought, but he did not seem Ill-pleased— on tiie contrary, strangely excited and-rather happy. "So—you've got him trapped, eh?',' he mused. He was a hearty, vital sort of'man, fond of life and with an insatiable love/of adventure which his seafaring life man* aged to satisfy only In parti He Was as interested in tlie capture of Mrs.^ Jupiter's murderer as any outsider could be. And as for the Imminent struggle with a dangerous criminal, Wary could have sworn .he was looking forward to it with keen anticipation! The Fly wheeled about as she came up behind him, with the alacrity of a man trained to keep his face toward his enemies. "You mustn't think of going ashore tonight," Mary told him. "I'll have the steward prepare one of the vacant staterooms foe you. Did you like your drink?" there was a faint suggestion ot archness, a softly caressing note In her voice that caught his ear instantly—the ear of a" born Don Juan, keenly attuned to such nuances. He began a conventional protest, but she Curried on: "Please! Mr. Jupiter is so anxious to avoid publicity and the reporters will pounce on you It you set foot ashore. If they come here, we can refuse to see them. But that one on the pior may still be waiting—there may be dozens, by now—" She shuddered, and moved a trifle nearer. "Besides—that girl on the root, the one for whom you danced?" He looked at her in surprise, and she shook a roguish finger at him. "Ah, you didn't tHink I knew? It you go back now, I shall thlnlc you go back to her!" His gallantry challenged, be spent the next half hour protest- Ing the charge, Inflamed with the ardor of the chase, held in spite of himself by the spell of this girl's loveliness, doubly potent in the cool moonlight. It was nearly midnight before Mary -could get away, utterly worn and nerve- wracued from the strain- ot being alluring without actually submitting to his advances. Finally she sent him to bis stateroom, in a steward's charge. Sbe undressed wearily. Thank" od, they would be under way socn. Bates bad not arrived, nor Bruce and the Countess. But any minute might bring them. She slipped on a negligee and went out on deck for a last look toward shore. The yacht was quiet except for a muffled pound- ng and stir below decks where be fireman was tending his oil burners under the boiler. Mr, Jupiter's room was Just around lie corner from ber own. One of its stateroom windows opened on he deck beside where she was landing. She slipped quietly Jong and stopped just by tin 'Orthole. A reassuring snore ounded within the stateroom and be sighed with relief. Stepping n around the corner she eaw rhat seemed to be a shadow dis- ppearing around the forward ulth-wd. stifling a scream sfea. rept back into the shadows. , * .(?.» Be pMHBHf^llg^ggg^^l^g^gl MB •T"~"HBiK i.__.t HboVer's brother-ln-lmv WBS nrf Bst- ed wllh 19 pints. He went the 18th amendment one better. Mstquls tfenry de la Falalse paid a dollar to be sure he was divorced m fclAHt 'SwftrMcin. It there isms ft reason, Constance may have Bennett. Headline: Alabama Toasts My gosh, is it still hot in And now that the depression has taken the place of lh« War, it's rttore dlfftcut (or army officers to Say, "Charge It." At least fire guy that's "just a gigolo" is making a living in jig time. Sing Sing prisftn has a football team. All you have to do to be eligible is confinit a crime. he found himself in a tie vote with an apponent. They drew lots on Friday the -8th. Shovar Won. f Club Aftt. Wom«n of trtfcfcwteffg n«ve «rtfifn1»rj a com* munity cfefc, WnfU* tJlrfccfidft of Mls« Mildred CBntlon, eotfnty aettionstra- tion agent. Officers *W»ea Wtifei JIHHh ft & Skifm'er, president; Mrs. LSttyil Block, .vice president; Mrs. Tom Pfeniw, secretary and treasurer, Mrs. H. M. Friday reporteY. •me Committee an plans MM, ST. L. Skinner, Mrs. L\eyA Mfl, Malcolm Ridley, Mrs. Mauldin ahd Mrs. Louis Wardlalh JGteeembet 9 is the date of fhfe (rt meeting of the organization. Th« meeting will be held in the burg high school auditorium. CHy Prodiiecs ValiinMe Crops LOS ANGELES.-(;pH8ased onth* figures as fixed by the federal census bureau, the metropolitan area of Los Angeles produced sllgh'tly mote than ?140,000,000 in crops and livestock re* ports. • ' A THREE DAYS COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL toughs and colds lead to Mrioua trouble. You can stop them now /whli Creomulsloft, aft emulsified creosote (bat fopfewant to take,Creomultlon is a now medical discoyery with two-fold action; ft soothes and heals the inflamed nembranes and inhibits germ growth. 'Of all-Known drugs, creosote is recog- •bed by high medical authorities as one of the greatest healing agencies for persistent coughs and colds and other forms of throat troubles. CreomuMon contains, Iftadditioti to crtoso»,oth«r healing elc- neati wbioB soothe and heal the infected membrane* and stop the irritation and inflammation, while the creotote goe» on to tho stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and checks the growth of the germs. Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other forms of respiratory diseases, and is 'excellent for building up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if any cough on cold, no matter of how lonfe standing, is not relieved after taking according to directions, Ask your druggist (ad».) CREOMULSION fOR THE COUGH OR COLA THAT HANG&ON INTIt FMIOIDAIRE'S CHRISTMAS PRIZE CONTEST FIRST PRIZE $I,OOO IN CASH! 6O OTHER VALUABLE PRIZES Tune in on the nation-wide N. B. C—WJZ Network for details of Frigidaire's Christmas prize contest; Programs «very Mon- day,Tu€id«y,W«dn«sday,Thor5- dsy at 4:45 P. M., E, S. T., «nd Friday at 5:15 P. M., E. S. T., TUNE IN KTHS November 30th to December 16th. Come into our showroom and see a Frigidaire demonstration so you will know what to do. Also get our convenient entry •blank; Let as explain details of contest and help you. Call nowj AT 3:45 P.m. SPECIAL CHRISTMAS TERMS To people who ict before Decent' ber 23rd, we are miking an unusual Chriitmis offer—making Frigid* •ire 10 e«jy to boy that you will ceruibly want to place your order while Ibis generous offer is still In effect. Remember, this offerapplicj to a genuine Frigidaire—product of General Motors. Delivery guaranteed before Christmas morning. FRIGIDAIRE GENERAL MOTORS VALUI I). B. Thompson & Co. Hope, Arkansas 1-1850 Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per lino, minimum 30c 5 insertions, 7c per line, minimum 50c 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOT E—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 Admit to Tuesday's show at the Soenger Mrs. John Ridgdill. FOB RENT—Five room- house on Highway 67, Magnolia Addition. Tele, phone 1612. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 6t Admit to Tuesday's show at the Srenger Mrs. J. K. Sales. FOR SALE FOR SALE — Accredited White Wyandotte Cockerels. $1.00 each. H. D. Chandler, Hope, Route 4. 27-3tp LOST FOR RENT FOB RENT—House, close in. See Mrs. Galester, 222 North Hervey street. 27-3t Admit to Tuesday's show at the Saenger Mrs. W. M. Ramsey. FOR RENT—8 room house, newly papered. Suitable for two families. 302 North McRae street. L. D. Reed. 27-3tc. FOR RENT — Furnished 4 room apartment, private bath. Phine 576. 23-6tp Admit to Tuesday's show 'at the Saneger Mrs. Martin Poole. ROR RENT—Two extra good homes. Phone 606 or 607. 21-6tc. FOR RENT—8 room house, newly >apered. Suitable for two families. 102 North McRae street. L. D. Reed. 30-6tc Admit to Tuesday's show at the Saenger JVfi's. Harry Shiver. LOST OR STOLEN-Mounted wheel from Willis Knight car, Wednesday night. Reward. J. E. Schooley,' phone 1612. 27-3tp Admit to Tuesday's show at the Saenger Mrs. Don Smith. LOST—Tan Keytainer with seven keys. Reward for return to the Hope Star. (dh) NOTICE NOTICE-You'll miss the best if .you doiVl take that business course at the Four States Commercial College at Texarkana. We accept cotton at 8c pound. Write for particulars, etc. J. W. Hill, mgr. 24-6t Admit to Tuesday's show at the Saenger Mrs. Fred Petre. WANTED Large Chicago Manufacturer has a Piano near Hope which is slightly used and partly paid for. We will sell this to a responsible party willing to complete small monthly payments. For full particulars address H. B. Burns, Auditor, Post Office Box 195, Chicago, Illinois. 31-3tc WANTED—Your stenographic work, typing and mimeograph work. Prices reasonable and all work guaranteed to please. Call 508 or 645. 27-3tp Admit to Tuesday's show at the Saenger Miss Dove Knotts.

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