Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 28, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1931
Page 2
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flu AsaxiaUd fftlf Is **cluMt«l>> ' *V6l6ped fey modern dvllfctttlon bJnmerde and fetuif*, thfotlgh *uj < *L iuhfis * 1 that check upon government which to provide."-Col. £ a fit* StarVPUtform a/ Commerce. ' / c d u » 1 /or to coitwfuettai of a , ift« country as ft is in town. from toe ajtfte Romance Passes Oi wbKtt •ft, IM i.-. Mtf,wiu»,i church hire Mrs. David eral day* In , Hospital, filled hi* Baptist Is spending sev- ana With Mrs. Who is 4 patient at a aftd !• ""*"^* p M. Wit y with pring Hill, R. T. ttrttm MM Sd *fete«n of Hope were vtoltftrj h«r e MoHdly, Mr. and Mrs. C. ft White attended the funeral of Miss Ndna Hale at Mineral SpHB»r, 8u«aay. Miss Hale WM English Chahttel boats which operate Solent af e to be changed from sail-driven cut,tugs t isn t particularly important, on this side A lew people, though, will read it with regret iBr,^-i* pasS W ofj?0he of th e last strongholds of 'Jinspike seamanship of ,the old days. j 61.*'*,,»«. K^ n pi ] ot bo '^ tg . n the g 0 i erlt , eVerl ginc e ' Miss Florence Hudson is visiting merchant ships to distant seas- and | telatives at Texarkana this week. t ~*&&sar^&&\£&!~ :: *z«*>-' at sea m any kind of weathr. jcourae, the new steam tugs will breed seamen, just as Mike'Thompson was down from the „ • thfe, change marks the loss by the old- county capital al™ V a ? 0ther , Province—almost its. last. The j. S . Monroe was down from Wash- .almost universal now., One more link connecting ington Thursday. s da y Wl "i the age of dipper ships is being snapped. —o— p^siife, is inevitable; and it may be that We TEN YEARS Ado & . *-V™ e ™ &n is f°°' dfor us *" lamenting the change Chatlie *tuZZM~<**t* «* n. ^picturesque and^romantic old ways to the ett^lJlw^S&f^.&S; IAI. ''t. A I-* " , * f been given the position of right guard l, tnese,,changes are taking place, and there isn't on the all-state nigh school football .<Jah dO afaoUt it except make" tile best Of it' 'We team announced by the Arkansas Ga- patream, no matter how mudh we might like to. r ette {M a mi io St; Lo<)lfc ffi* 6 ™ I™*/ hay eIiV6d I" a *° rid t ha t WaS kore Mr. and Mrs. Lake Greene, after a tve cant get bac kto it. J visit with Relatives in Hope, left yes- Verv liply Cheating .ourselves when we lerday afternoon for their homer; In »f ine'sailift'g.vessel,}Me stage coach, the Miss Nina Knighton. who is teaching in the public schools in Little Rock, spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Eugenia Knighton. Miss Blanche Atkinson returned to Saratoga yesterday after a week-end visit to relatives here. ,. . . . iissippi riVer steamboat and those other adjuncts r ' Ke £Pi.ng our eyes on "them,' we fail to see the tt things, that our own age provides. 01? ins * ance > ^ more purely romantic than an ' 8 P littin g the ^ at midnight, its motor droning villages? Can't a railway train, symbol ed power, be a thing of beauty? Isn't the man who a j wo " weel<s ' auto tour doing something for which the jgttt the old days would devoutly ,envy him? Football Fatalities disturbing to read that more than a score of American boys have been killed in the game of football this K 1 ' i \ t football, in many ways, is"h very'fine game. Certainly it p|des pleasure and wholesome recreation for many thous- 2L of / oungsters each year - And - considering the numbers ^Tidulge in it y the fatality list is not indicative of such a rap|y.,rag'h percentage of risk. "ii3 yet—rthat toll is a dreadful load for any game to It is a load no other sport has to carry. It is hard, see just how the game can be modified to renjove the ent of risk. Football is essentially a game of violent dily collisions. Remove them, and it is no longer football. B-; A country that kills 30,000 people a year with its autos ijejjn't worry much about fatal accidents. But the football uation is beginning to be extremely disturbing. Revolutionized War Columbus Miss Mary Hall Hamilton of Memphis, Tenn., who has been the guest of, Mrs. Jim Wilson, Jr., has returned home. Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Green of Shreveport spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Green and family. Mrs. j. R. Autrey spent several days last week with friends in New Or- ledns. Mrs. John B. Hicks and son, Ernest Hicks, of Detroit, Mich., are visiting with Mrs, £uld Gilbert and other relatives at Liberty. Miss Verda McCorkle spent the last «h »u1omobUe accident In TeXdrkalta Thursday. Mr*. E. N,' Evans of ShrevejWft is ?». «W£ phrents - Mr - aftd Ml«s JMle Jehnaon, Mrs. J. R. AU" trfty and Mrs. C. H. White wero visiting In Hope Monday. Mfir, Carl Campbell and baby o Texarkana are the guests of Mrs L. K. Boyce, i ,Mr. and Mrs, R. E. JnckSOn were vlsltotti W Hope Saturday. , Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilson, St., Miss Mary Hall Hamilton and Miss Janle Johnson were visitors to Hope Tuesday night. Mr, and Mrs. Jote Wilson spent Sun day with Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Levins ------ - ~-" — —»i "*• W^SLIIISJ A•!••» Jlm« Wright Was the Sunday dl«« >er guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank »oberls. Walker McNMt called «t tiw WWW at Wnshington. Mr. and Mrs. 3. K. Johnson and Julius Johnson of Broken Sow, Okld., visited with friends here Monday. Evening Shade Health Is good in this community at this writing. The many friends of Miss Edna Httckabee of Liberty Mill are glad to know that she Is much Improved, after being carried to the hospital 'or treatment. The singing was rained out last tTiursday night but we are looking forwafd to the coming Thursday night for singing. Frank Kearney and Delma Wright were shopping in Hope Saturday. Miss Cozette Wiggins spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walker Wiggins. Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Nichols spent Sunday visiting relatives at Patmos, Herbert Anderson of Guernsey is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. j of Itonk IfcAwfa Monday everting. x J. B. Wright and sons, John and J. f., of Cfenttwilfe spent Monday at the hotn« ol Mr. and Mrs. W. .W. Wright Arid John Wttlht called ,tu see Frank Robot* John Odorrt upent Mdhd»y aftefhWm In }he home- of Mf, arid MM. W, W, Wright, returning front an ovedllfht visit with relatives near Htnton, Prayer meeting WHS well att«md«d here Sunday night, fivefybddy MWe back next Sunday, mm\ni would M tor « ihrfttfMs Th* prografn eofwtiiu** wtn to meet November & arid decide on tome form of amusement. The following! program Was BffiedUpon: Song* by a dnitfstlert of .candy h1ifcH«-_».™ Goodwin and Helen Knight, Deitfon- sttatldn ofhaftdkefcfiiet boy—Pauline Martin. Talk on Christmas tffU-Mlss Lillian Tyson, Christmas rwltfli^ Mabel Rodclen. -Radio ialk 6* Chrllt- rtial glfti-Hazel drain ilttj AMI* CaUdle. Talk on Origin of CHfis«flI« Lee Kttmddy, Sortf will be preiWH all, tH§- Bodcaw The bays basketball team played Rocky Mound on ^ their home court Friday. The women • of the, Sodcaw community organised a Women's club on Wednesday, Novembsr. 18. with the following officers: Miss Lillian Tyson, p&ft'ideht; Mrs. Marlcy Rampf, Vlce- prcstdentj Mrs. Dean MaflUon, *ecrc- taryj Mrs. Howell Herring, treasurer; Mrs. Will Grain, rtporter; Mrs. Will Munn, Mrs. Irl Herring, Mrs. Ctirl Mitchell, Mrs. W. fl: Mattlsan, program ddmmtttee. committee, The club meets the second Thursday in each month in the home economics room. Miss Lillian Tyson, home economic teacher, has. organized a class in foods and school lunches which weets each Friday at 1:30 and a class in dome numlng which meets at 1:30 on Wednesday. Each Woman in the community Is urged to attend. |The ilasscs will meet each week for ten to twelve .weeks. Mrs, Ji V. Rogers of Prescott visited ler sister, Miss Elizabeth Anderson the past week end. The High School Booster club is banning a homecoming program for an early date, A program is given at assembly every two weeks on Friday at 11:30 anyone who wishes may attend. llookn »l)t Bnss ^^ BAGMELL, Mo.-(/pi-H. L. Jarboe of Kansas City recently pulled a 414* pound smaii'mouthed bass out of tho Lake of the Owirks. Morrla Towne dnught a 63*pound'cnlflsh, four feet Inog. Notice There, will be a public graveyard working at Holly Springs, NeVad* county, Tuesday, December 1, Please take notice and come and bfIng tools to work with, RED HOT RVTIIM, YOUTH, BEAUTY, CHARM CHICAGO FOLLIES (In Person) —S A E N G E R— COMING! HAZEL Flo Ziegfeld 3aid there would always be stage-door- Johnnies, and that's why there would always "Follies." And what follies! be r PICTURE page from the Illustrated London News „..._ I photographs of the way in which British troops were tak- oo the Island of Cyprus by airplane to put down the recent lots there; and the whole thing provides a striking example • uf the way in which warfare has been revolutionized, •* The revolution, it seems, has operated chiefly in favor of the strong. What chance has an insurrectionist movement, when the ruling class can call down troops By this time U is evident that in the Manchurian theater of war China has missed her queue. John H. Raskob is petitioning 90,000 Democrats as ot their views on prohibition. Looks like something is going to be soaked. Grape juice companies are still paying dividends, though packing companies are probably having a hard time trying to make both ends meat. Dino Grand! eluded 50 New York detectives and police. Why, you might think he was in Chicago, A New Jersey woman sued for divorce, naming a game of cards as co- respondent. Evidently she didn't stack Up so well. then w«lti.out of here, Add be damnfd quick about it" 'There was an eJchange of something (root band to bftfld—Da Loma looked about and shifted restltBsiy, At any motnent ha Wight bolt for It. She realized suddenly that they did not know of tbe presence of her handbag In UI« docket, of .they would ndt let him go id eaatty. It was up to her to stop him. "Don't leave nlel" she cried, leap- ing'iip and graiping hit arm/ "Help fflt'get Him to a doctor—thera must be One in the hotel somewhere—" Dirk's bloodless face frightened her. The portly • manager arose from having made a gentle thumb* Ing of the hurt ankle, and reported, Vtte's just wrenched It. Don't try Guernsey Work is progressing nicely on Mr Ada Hopson's home. The old hous nd is being re A u j equipped With Biplanes? , , I Don Kitchens was a business A band of fighting men today is helpless unless it is tor in sheppard Monday. Hipped with all of the most modern inventions, Those who Lafit Thursda y and Fridav were th pect such a country as India, for instance, to break away r^Av" 1 ?ys jrom the.JBritish empire by force might ponder on that fact | Thursday his farm. Miss Allem* Wylie, a student in Hop<? High School spent the week enc with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. S Wylie. Mr. DeLay has returned from Drei«er's Investigation J3 American public, very likely, would like to know Lpkasant visit in Hot springs, the Wbetner there is any truth in the state of Kentucky's 8U ^, 8t of i he Pa y tore tam '^- W that Theodore Dreiser has been guilty" oTimmoral I vSS. "° nes Was a vi8U ° f in .:, criminal syndicalism, and so on. But first it would Mr. Boa and sons, of ozan, were ttly Rrefer to learn whether there is any truth in Dreiser's Sunday visitors here, 'gen against the Kentucky coal barons. A - Hicks of Nash viiie was buying ~ • r charges'flatly that striking miner.' r,nm M *r* C6ws here Wed ^»y- and burned, that children in the coal fields are at the rate of seven or eight a week of undernourish- that local officials regard themselves as agents of the iwners and that the pay of the miners has been forced to 80 cents a day. Those charges are exceedingly serious. The public woulcj to know if any or all of them are true--and it is willing it the counter-charges against Dreiser rest until it finds Urg«u Player-Managers INDEPENDENCE, Kan.-(£>)—With cut from 15 to 14 as an economy measure, President Dale Gear has urged " clubs to hire player-managers. Nine state historians will prepare a I list of 1,000 authentic landmarks per! laining to California history. ,8BGIl« HBHB MARY HARKlfESS plota to en. anare THE frLY.'Who aha believe* "franea" He*, bretber, bDblK, With lae mardev «f old MHB,, JtPITRR, afcd late* ra* niadto <t«wn aa« hlllca alM. aba la aifle* by BOWflN •< fte iuift ririnee, OIRK HVTt'tttAtbi Eddie anility, aa do police. wa« •rive «p (be iBTeetitfatldM, BnUGG! JUPITER, In ill* fat! bad cracce, vowa I* rant who be belle-re*' la a Kold- Jnplter baa made Mnry bl« belr. Dick order* Haftr-io. 4bandoa the Inve^tltfatlea, bnl abe' i ««ta ta Miami on the J«kl(er f««b<, hMr< la*- Tbe Fly will be at Blafcnb to aee hi* korid rnal. ' v She Mee<« COUNT Od . LOMA. old aoqatllntattce nf COUNTESS LOUISIS, Brace'* friend. De Loma I* Ilitcd aa lb« owner of The Ply'* horke. ' MR. JUPITER buy* • •econd-aaitd eat 1 M Ike aaMe mnke a* Hint daed by • tbe mar- deter, nrtd rind* Eddle'e L O, U. for »15.00U In II. Bruce and Lanlte Hh»rr«l be- eauie* *he cannot explain where abe a;ot a diamond bracelet, LevJie aay* K I* Mary'*, Brace make* ber elve the braeelet to Mary, wbo diteover* It wa* iiel** from Mr*. Jupiter the alibi abe wa* killed. MarV locka It In the bdt*l •afe and take* ont tbe ruble* io wear at a hotel fete. Dirk ar> rlvea with the party ot CORNS* LIA TABOR. Mary'. rUihL WearlaB tbe famona Jnplter necklace, Mary donee* wllb The fly. Bhe la accidentally left alane with him with tbe neeklaee In ber baudnart. Under tb* ezcnie •* prpteelln* -It for ber, be pal* It In hi. packet. They dance and he kl**e* her. Dirk, who a few mlnale* before had r ent Mary dead, knock* D* Lama down. NOW CO ON WITH THE ItOrlt CHAPTE3R XL FOR the apace ot a breath, Mary could not look.' Pure terror, •nd the certainty tbat Dirk was about to be killed, paralyzed her. She beard a rush of footsteps, then a heavy thud, and opened her eyei •lowly. Dirk lay on the floor, doubled up, his face contorted with pain. Aa she looked, bis face turned a dull greenish white and be toppled limply over on bid face, "Fainted!" "My God, he's broken bis leg!" "Get a doctor, quick!" A chorus of alarmed cries went up, Several men bounded forward. De I half-hidden pupils. He looked lik Loma, who was slowly backing to- an animal about to charge. ward tbe door, whirled about Tbe Although he had made no pro sight of tbe circle of men In •ve-jff 8 ^ t ^. e . m ? Da .?? r ? el)ed . a ^ nlm 8 ning-dress wbo were closing la on him gave an edge of panic to blsjl don'T* care.' voice. . .. - try to bride him to! He's better Off that way Until he's moved." He dusted off his hands briskly. "Lift him, you two." be Indicated tbe stalwart gentlemen who had been flanking De Loma with gentle but firm insistence, "Now, where to? What's his room number? Anybody know? Where've bia friends tone?'" Where, Indeed? For the first time Mary remembered Cornelia and Ethel. They had disappeared. "I'll take care of him," Mary put In. .. ' * e • ''THE manager caught a glimpse of x pleading, tear-fllled eyes. A glance showed him that Dirk still was unconscious. Tbe man must be gotten out of there quickly—It little mattered where. Most of the diners bad already returned to their tables but the party would be ruined If tbe dancing was not quickly resumed. Anger followed alarm, and he fairly snapped out: "Well, I don't care where you take him, lust so you get him out of here! And you, tool" He whirled on De Loma, who was standing by, only too pleased to get off without a more rigorous calling to accounts. What was this puffy little manager's Ire, against a olean getaway with the Jupiter rubies In hi pocket? He could -afford to stain and take itf be did so, holding him self In tightly, the muddy yellow of his eyeballs showing bejow th Her etara for this Heavensent opportunity of making herself "soHd 1 «ith the right set. What she did not know, however, was that tbe flower of the fabor clan tomorrow would not be able to recall" having mot hei*. In the meantime, Cornelia and her chum would have sneaked away from the sordid scene of battle, and by the time the newspapers got wind of the affair, they would bo safely entrenched behiud^tbelr locked nOtel- room doors. Dirk could look after himself! It was hid fault, for Having precipitated sucb a scene. His fault! it was her own fault, Mary know. And although she despised Cornelia for her heartless- lag to put his weight under Dirk') limn shoulder, "it's all rlfcht Mr; Jupiter paid It Take hold ot blr legs, there, brother. That's it! " "Bay!" the tall man Interjected-. bo was, ai ih« dl«co»ered later, th« boude detective— "there'i a dootoi also own ness "aad self-interest, she burned with shame for her part In the ugly business. Now Dirk was hers, for the time being. She would take care'of him until the foot healed, at least. Then If he chose to go back to Cornelia, she would have to let hinl go, Sb« hugged to her heart fiercely the hope that this time they would never be parted again. • • • ''pHB manager dog-trotted ahead of them, clearing the way for the two men who Were carrying Dirk—a waiter, and a tall young man with the build of a football player, help. who had volunteered to The dowager, secretly hoping that the man wus a repqrter no doubt, threw ber arms about tbe shoving them behind her. girls, "Sir! Those young women have nothing to do with it I refuse to permit them to be annoyed!" "Madam, I don't know what you're talking about, but stand back away from the elevator, plaase. This man must be taken to a doc- right here In th« b.OUL Why Hit him any farther?" " H »'« u f Ith My party on th« •Gypsy," Mary Interrupted hurriedly. "Tne captain is a Tery good doctor. If we can just gjet him otij there—before any reporters come. It would ' embarrass bis family friehtfully--to aay nothing of me—" The bouse detective hunched bit shoulders Indifferently. "Anything you please, Hare you got a cab?'< T\fi LOMA, who had been borer. ••"' Ing restlessly nearby, now start' ed forward as If galvanized. "I'll get one!" be called back, and ran swiftly to tbe door, Before she could cry out, be bad pushed past the gaping doorman And plunged into the street. "Stop that man! Ob, stop him!" "What?" The detective frowned. 'I took bis gun off, of him, sister-, he's harmless—" She nearly choked trying to explain to him in time that De Loma had her handbag and that it held • necklace worth hundreds of thou* sands of dollars. She ran after De Loma, tbe slow«wltted detective fol. Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 Insertion, lOc per Jine> minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per lino, minimum son 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum 94,00 (Average 5Vs words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication, Phone 768 FOR RENT FOJt RENTf&ouse, close In. Sfte Mrs. Galestei*,' 222 North Mervey street. * 27-3t Admit to the Saenger Theatre Monday Mrs. R. T. Jackson. FOR RENT—8 room house, newly papered. Suitable for two families. 302 North McRae street. L. D. Reed. 27-3tc. . FOR RENT — Furnished 4 room apartment, private bath. Phine 576. 23-Stp lowing, behind mouthed waiter them and an open* bellhop tor." Miffed, the lady huddled ber chicks a few feet away, lifted into tlm car and Dirk was let down fiut If was you're stll Here in'five minutes I'll call the "I didn't touch him!" be kept re- police—the lot of you! Where do yflft think you are? You New York peatlng. "You touch him!" "That's all right. saw me—I didn't rowdies come down here and think you can—" Not your | #U muttering trailed off as be fault!" several of them reassured M>uit!«d ***?• scattering a gaping him. "He Juat Hipped, Not your srovf °* w » iter « wUb snarled corn- fault!" manda, vigorously nodding to the Rut fhAv « mo i n ^ » »,• ,u orchestra leader who obediently But they remained at his elbows, struck up a noisy jazs number, An at least two of them did. Mary excltfld buzz of conversation rose in began to guess they were eltber tb * dtalng-room as they left, sur- men whom Bat«s bad wnployed to* guard the e,it, in case of fusl sucb r l er of bavlns heen ******** an emergency as tbl« or employes the Instinct of self-preservation rls- of the bottil. De Loma watched them N* 4b « v 9 ey wy other consideration, warily, apparently feeling a healthy they had allowed themselves tP b« gently on the elevator man's stool. Dirk's, eyes were closed and his lips drawn tightly back with the effort not to cry out. Mary could not bear tlio sight; be looked as If he might be • dead, cruelly. Her heart constricted She stepped on the elevator quickly, and beckoned De Loma after her, He hesitated, then followed, It was at this point that Cornelia became aware of what was happening. In her desire to avoid desirable notoriety, she had noticed Mary's presence in the party until she was already on the car. Jea|ousy overcame discretion, and' un< not -------- — „ struggled slowly along with Dirk groaning In their arms, But when sho had gained the sidewalk, she was surprised to see De Loma walking toward ber at a restrained pace. He was perspiring, as if he had been running— but apparently he bad looked In the wrong direction for a cab, for one was already drawn up at the curb, Waiting. ' Mary simply could not figure It out. He bad started out on the run -why should be be walking back so sedately? She gave the deteo. live a puzzled look, aad be looked at ber as if he thought she must be drunk—or crazy. Then around tb* corner of tbe hotel a, policeman walked, billy Jn hand> V Heera ™ preached and eyqd the group suspiciously. "' * He tapped De Loma on the arm, Admit to the Saenger Theatre Monday Mrs. Anna Judson. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished apartment with adjoining bath. Bills paid. Garage. 704 South Main street. 2S-3tc Admit to the Saenger Theatre Monday- Mrs. Harry Lemley. FOR RENT—New apartment, private bath, close in, modern, reasonable, 620 South Main street. 24-3tc. Admit to the Saenger Theatre Monday Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp. respect for them, for be bad quickly l » k * B ln covered tbat tell-tale reach lor his a * er> wb ° un. b y a glittering dow taking it upon b«r- One of the men spoke to him out j S«!f to *e» that they were shielded WPlwwatness. Mary recog- Cornelia rushed out, crying sharply 'Stop! Don't let her—" "All right, George," the tall man said hurriedly under his. breath, and the elevator dropped suddenly, cutting off her words in mid-air. ?ha oar's plunge awung Dirk about, tud he moaned faintly. Mary, clasp- ng bis shoulders with fingers like teel, to hold him motionless tbe operator to gc Tbe car steadied, ra-wled smoothly down, bounded e ttle at the bottom, and that stage f the painful trip was completed. "Now where to, lady?" "Can you carry him a little farther-p-just to a taxi?" She remembered suddenly that there bad been a dinner-party before all this happened. "The check," she cried, Impatiently. "Did anyono pay It?" leaded with more slowly. ,,tr L 3 j. -—— WM i.uo At U4« Hey, buddy, where were you goin«- In^sucu a hurry?" * * "I told you!" De Loma snarled. To find a cab for this man here—" he indicated Dirk Just being lifted out tbe doorway. The policeman looked at the house detective. "0. K."'he said and moved off. "Now," said th* house detective to Mary, "what's all this about your handbag?" Mary reddened, as she looked at De Loma. She was In the right, but they made her feel as if aha were in the wrong. "I—thought J'd lost It," she stan> mered. "J forgot you had it!" There was nothing to do but hand It over, which Dv Loma did grlmjy, Mary opened U—there was tbe ei« cusa that she bad to tip the waiter and the bellboy, wbo were mopping their brow* and panting »a tb« curb, after having got Dirk safely into the waiting ts»l. Her hand, searched the silken depths 4e»- peratejpr. The necklace was no$ : there! (To 80 FOR RENT—Five room house on Highway 67, Magnolia Addition. Tele., phone 1612. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 6t Admit to the Saenger Theatre Monday Mrs. G. J. McGregor. Room with board for rent. December 1, Mrs. S. R. Young. 320 South Pine. Phone 374W 25-3tp FOR SALE FOR SALE — Accredited White Wyandotte Cockerels. $1.00 each. H. D, Chandler, Hope, Route 4. 27-3tp LOST LOST OR STOLEN-Mounted wheel from Willis Knight car, Wednesday night. Reward. J. E. Schooley, phone 2- 27-3tp Admit to the Snenger Theatre Mon" day Mrs, J. G. Martindale. LOST-Whlte gold Elgin Wrlstwatch If-? ? nclwhlt e facing with black and white link bracelet. Reward. Return to Hope Star. 23-3t Admit to the Saenger Theatre MoiT- day Mrs. Geo. H. Meehan.. t LOST—Moon stone pin, on east side •Post Office. Please return to lope Star. 23-3tp NOTICE NOTICE-You'll miss the best if _ou dont take that business course at he Four States Commercial College t Texarkana. We accept cotton at ? P? u " d - Write for particulars, etc. T W. Hill, rngr. 24-6t WANTED .p . - --' - ".jond hand Must be in good condition, lease state cash price. Box 338 Hope ' rk :_^ 2S-3tc WANTED-Your stenographic work, ypmg and mimeosraph work. Prices easonable and all work guaranteed o please. Call 508 or 645. 27.3*0 •t M '

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