Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 27, 1931 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1931
Page 8
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_ to *U«M*iKt i ;'fib»n«M*hen ifcey arms hwe, fee* misery, educStlbnal ' hope to work their „ _ Fr(ftMch UniveJrSlyt* a* „ . America, will find It 1m- l«- NeW teeth in the kws _. Wortets and the'general : In, finding ertiployment make question for students to these difficulties the f bulwark of French culture, Hundred more foreign students t last y«ar. „-_— A Roonter Has Pair of Horn. tfEEN, Ark.-A seeming between a' Texas longhorn afid a white leghorn rooster by Pete Harris, resident community. The rooster is vetoped and normal in all _, except for the fact that .possesses two perfectly formed about an inch long. Ydrk and Illinois were the producers of sand 1 and gravel I in United States. Igoat In a park at El Paso, Texas, a lawn and a young ante- Rent It! Find It! It! Sell It! With OPE STAR ADS • W •**<$ , ,* ' The more you tell, ' L » The quicker you selL ^""L insertion, lOc per line minimum 30c ; 3 insertions, 7c per line, ^ ^ minimum 50c ' 6 insertions; 6c per line, T minimum $1.00 ,' 26 insertions, 5c per line, ^vCv minimum $4.00 j ^<Average 5% words to the line) SfO'f'Er— Want advertisements ac- 'cepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding ihat the bill is payable en presen- tiort of statement, the day of first ^publication. < '"*' Phone 768 Ships, and now hats, are launched'umier the names:of famous people. This lacy black creation, worn to one side of lovely Countess De Reldefs blonde head, is the "Hoover Hat," named after the American President; by the Parisian modiste'who designed it. , , ^ ' Vatican to Shuffle Popes Diplomats; U .£ Legatelii Line For High post • VATICAN CITY.—f/P)—A general shake-up of papal diplomats may-follow the consistory Which the pope is expected to call in December. It is Understood that Pope' Pius already has Intimated to some of the legates his intention to transfer them. They made personal reports to him tfiis summer and autumn. " Some of the papal ambassadors will be made cardwals and will retire from active diplomacy. Among these is said to be Archbishop Pietro Fumasoni- Biondt, apostolic delegate to .Washington. ' He stands a chance of eventually becoming papal secretary of state. """Others, wh ohave served long periods abroad will be brought, back to Rome' for: administrative service .or will be given posts in more important capitals. It is considered certain that Archbishop Tedeschini, papal nuncio td Spain, will come here as a cardinal. He has served nine years, lately under trying circumstances. Among others mentioned for change are: Archbishops Fellegrinetti, who has represented the Vatican in Jugoslavia since 1922; Micara, .in Belgium since 1923; Sibilia, in, Austria from 1923; Cento, five years in 'Argentina. Some of these prelates.are deans of the diplomatic corps in. their respective countries* -'••••',.•.'. ' - Man Is Shtft Down by Young Hitch-Hiker SHELBY, Miss-(^P)—Marlin T. jollier, 52, shot twice Wednesday night by a hitch'hiker who robbed him of $45,. was in a, serious condition at his home here Thursday. . ' Collier was shot through the chest and robbed by a'.young man he picked up at Cleveland, Miss., and conveyed to the' outskirts of Shelby. «ji»• The 31st U. S; infantry has never, been in the United States, having served continuously.jsince its organization 15 years ago in, foreign countries or the Philippines.' TORRENT , RENT—House, close in. See f Galester, 222 North Hervey •'• * 2T-3t „.,, to Saturday's show at the CjSaepger, Sirs. D. M. Finley. RENT—Underwood typewriter desk. Jim Briant. It. v , - room house, newly . >j»p$ced. Suitable for two families. ^ 302'^orth McRae street. , L. D. Reed. s . FOB RENT —Furnished 4 room (•'anartment, priva'te bath. Phine 57ft. ^-'"^ 23-6tp A&nl^ to Saturday's show at the Mrs. J. W. Frith. J'FpR RENT—Nicely furnished apart r Vfj flicnt With adjoining bath. Bjlls paid. |r,t Garage. 704 South Main street. 23-3tc '.Admit to Saturday's show at the r, Mrs. Thos. Kinser. fr 1 't' >OR RENT—New apartment, private *' i v bath, close in, modern, reasonable. LJl 620 South Main street. 34-3t" Adinit to Saturday's show at ' Saenger, Mrs. Dan Godbold. the FOB BENT—Five room house on iHighway 67, Magnolia Addition. Tele, phone 1612. Mrs. J. E. Schooley, 61 Admit to Saturday's show at the Saenger, Mrs, M, V. Gunn Here's a New, Type of Airship ' Room with board for rent. December 1. Mrs, S. R. Young. 320 South fine. Phone 374W _ 25-3tp FOR SALE FOR SALE — Accredited White Wyandotte Cockerels, 'Jl.OO each. H. D. Chandler, Hope, Route 4. 27-3tp ~~ LOST LOST OR STOLEN—Mounted wheel from Willis Knight, car, Wednesday rH?f>t. Reward. J. E. Schooley, phone JfEA. Los AngflQS Bureau This weird device Is a cross between an airplane and a. helicopter and Is called a "mobilopter." Harry Cordy ot Bl Monte, Calif., seea at its aide, ia its designer. The wings fold in and flatten i»ut as thj gliip rises and descends. Those air .screw discs on tne top pull if upward, and the propeller pa»» it forward. Cordy expect* to test it soon. Acfmit to Saturday's show at the gaenger, Mrs. Ched. Hall. T— White gold Elgin Wrist watch and white facing with black and White link bracelet. Reward. Return to Hppe Star. 23-3t to Saturday's show at the Saepger, Mrs. Frip Hill. LOST—Moon stone pin, on east side rrf Hope Post Office. Please return to Hope Star. 33-3tp NOTICE NOTICE—You'll miss the best if you don't take that business course at the four States Commercial College a/. Tjjxarkana. We accept cotton at 8c pound. Write for particulars, etc. f W. Hill, mgr. 24-6t Student, 14, Admits He Is Regular Bootlegger EVANSTON, 111.—(^P)—Arrest Wednesday in his class room at a grade school after a quantity of liquor was found in his desk Robert Roman, 14, confessed juvenile authorities said, that he was a full-fledged bootlegger. Roman was quoted as saying he brewed wine in a basement at his home, game it away, sold it to cronies and sometimes "traded it for tops and jacknives." The denouncement came when tne boy appeared at school Wednesday slightly intoxicated. He was placed on probation in care of his parents who were ignorant of his abilities as a vinter. Industrial enterprises in Palestine have increased more than six-fold in number since . the end of the world war. Admit to Saturdav's show at Saenger, Mrs. L. A. Keith. the WANTED buy a second hand ico. M"St he !•» jpv'd condition. -ise state cash price. Box 338, Hope '.. 25-3tc '"ANT^O—Your rt Iv 'o« *ind mifii^T -(,- -nable and all w#rk to l.r.ise, CalJ 508 or 845. work. Pric<- Piles All Gone Without Salves or Cutting Itching, bleeding, protruding piles go quickly and don't come back, if you remove the caues. Bad blood cir- culatipn in the hemorrhoidal veins causes piles by making the affected parts weak, flabby, almost dead. Salyes and cutting fail because only an internal medicine can actually correct the cause of piles. Dr. J. S. Lepnr hardt discovered a real internal Pile remedy. After prescribing it for l.OCO patients with success in 960 cases, he nam#d it HEM-ROID. Ward and Sop say ope bottle of HEM-ROID Tablets mart end 1 your Pile misery or money Adv. IAS Sill Vtcclnation Completed by Nursi Dr, tJoft Smifli, county health doctor tind Miss Pauline Mitchell, county health mt«e ( have completed 70 vaccinations for diphtheria at the Spring Hill school. Harrowed Putter Solve* Shute't Greens Problem DAYTON, Ohio.^ (ff>) — One reason why Denny Shute, of Cleveland 1 , made such a surprising bid for the national P. G. A. title has just come to light. It Is a borrowed putter. Denny had been having trouble al 1 season with his putting, and it seemed he would not qualify for the United States Ryder Cup team. One of Scioto's golfers loaned Denny a putter. Denny began • dropping them, qualified and won his match. In, the cup competition. When he went to the professional championship tournament he took his new-found putter along and dropped, among others, Tommy Armour, Brit* ish open champion, and BUHe Burke, United States open champion. Shutc still has the putter and 1 the owner is unable to get It back. The owner, who once shot consistently In the lower 70's, now has trouble breaking 80. ; ; : • Associated students of the University of California have contributed a fund to finance research work on "athlete's feet." It b no wonder if Fascism Wins many new acnerents in Italy now. For the features of Yolanda Lavezzari, above, beautiful Milanese girl, appears on the Fascist medal.which is given to all new recruits. Series' Hero Is Back Home " "• TPeppcr"l/fartin is back homejn Oklahoma City again, and' from now on it's going to be one big hunting"party after another until the call comes to moy,e south-with the Cardinals..'-»<Phe above photo shows the Martin family reunion. Left to right, Mrs. Pepfaer Martin, Alyne Martin, 2; Pepper's mother, Mrsi' Celia Martin, ajid the Cardinals' world series hero himself. NEXT time you are out of fix as the -result of irregular or faulty bowel movement, try Tberjford's Black- Draught for the refreshing relief it gives thousands who take it. Mr, E. W. Cecil, » construction superintendent in Pulaski, Va., says; "When I get constipated, my head aches, and I have that dull, tired feeling—Just not equal to my work. J don't feel hungry and I know that J need something to cleanse my system, so I take Black- praught. Can sure say we have found it a great help." THEDFORD'S "' Black-Draught Don't Be Mis-lead Just a Few of Our Many Bargains Listed Below. Grape Fr't Marsh Seedless. FaFncy Size—4 for We Appl es Fancy Winesap and Jonathan—Nice Size. Dozen 15c Flour Gold Medal—Kitchen Ttested—24 Lb. Sack 69c 12 Found Sack 38c Pancake Flour—Washburn's 15c Size—2 packages 16c Old Dutch "Chases Dirl" 2 Cans for 15c PET MILK Makes better dinners— From Soup to Dessert 3 Tall or 6 Small Cans Mackerel Fat Boston Beauties New Catch—Extra Special—2 for 25c Dill Pickles Heinz—Large Size 3 for We Catsup Heinz and Club House Large 21c—Small Uc Bacon lowana Best Sugar Cured and Rindless—Lb. 28c Lard Mrs. Tucker's Shortening. 4 Lbs. 39c—8 Lbs. Limit 69c Salt Meat For Boiling—Pound 8V2C R, L, Patterson's Phone Free Delivery F»uf Cucumber Seed! Sttrtft Firmer'. Income HOfceoN, Okta.-(^)-F^«" four sm«W seed* sent him from Sytla seven years ago Simon Bouzldoti, 89, Woods county fafnifcr and former peddler, has built an income of $10 Oa month, fl>* four seeds of Syrian cucumbers were planted in fertile soil and by the second year yielded several bushels of seed. ill Bouiidon has sold his crops for an average of 52.50 a bushel. Florida Co.ch Prai»et PA1US -$V. JulM the flying! fffaetijMdt cracked the world 1 ! record re* tttt mile, Is turning to M&by. He recently rejected a number o requests to run In exhibition*, and OB talned a footballer** -IteCfuM, atiftoune ing a barnstorming 1 toUT ,0* *ht provinces es a member of the & A. S O, club. French sports followers, however i believe that thecountry's greatest run >ner of all time soon will return to the cinder paths. GAINESVILLE, Fla, -(#•)- Cbach Charles i Bachrhan of Florida thinks Ed Parnell of his 1931 football team Is otto of the best ends he ever coached. "I have nevter seen anyone who played With the fire and determination of Parnell," he said, "and he has meant more than anyone possibly can say to our team 1 ." Parnell 1* a senior. He is rated as one of the best pass receivers in Dixie. DIXILAND S FAVORITE FUNSTERS CHICAGO FOLLIES (In Person) SAENGER COMING Stolen Checks AH checks wished by us or In payment for foods Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 1», » and 21st, wett stolen In the safe robbery occurring In our store November 21st, Mid we will very much appreciate If any one for whom we cashed a check or exchanged goods therefor will call around, to our place of business nnd give us the amount of check. Your co-operation In this will be appreciated. Landes Supply Co. By L. W. Clements, Mgr. Seasonable Foods A&P stores are bountifully stocked with a conplete line of seasonable foods which are reasonable priced. Make an A&P store your food headquarters. lona Peaches-Sliced or halves, No. 2^ can 15c Van Camp's Hominy Medium can 5c SAUERKRAUT 3 Med.cans 19c Sparkle-Gelatin Desert, Asst. Flavors, package 5c Preserves—Assorted Flavors, 16 6z. jar 19c *;' '(t' "<:/•- *'•'.• M* "••-' ' •'•' ''•'*• Hf : ' i • ' - ; • . Ann Page Pure Fruit Quaker Oats—large pkg ......23c Almonds—pound ..,..19c u.m. oeeucu rv»i»m» — pi D.M. Seedless Raisins—] Youkon Gingerale— 2 hot r^K*»i-ri*»* ^ f\T lintff'lf^K A&P Mince Meat— pkg. Cooking Figs — 3 Ib. pkg P*irr Pi irf flinty— -fAn jkg 10c Chestnuts — pound .23c 29c Large Brazil Nuts — pound 19c ttles 25c Large Pecant^- — pound -...20c 12c Raisins — 4 Ib package ..32c lOc Chocolate Drops — pound .15c 33c Cranberry Sauce — can 19c ^ 17c Plum Puddinar — can 17e RMK Grape Jelly-2oz. jars 2 3c IGozjar 23c Glaze Cherries — package : 18c Glaze Pineapple — package 18c Lemon or Orange Peel package 1 3p Citron Peel — package ,18c Currants- — package lOc NATIONAL BISCUIT CO. EXCEL CRACKERS 2 pound box 21 c 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE Largest Seller in the World Lb 19c RED CIRCLE COFFEE Rich and Full Flavored Lb 25c BOKAR COFFEE Supreme Lb 29C MEAT SPECIALS ON U. S. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED MEAT DRY SALT BACON Lb 9c Armour's CHILE tb 17c Veal or Beef Seven Steak Lb 12c Cured Ham Center Sliced lb 25c i Decker's Tall Korn Sliced Bacon Lb 16c Fancy Beef Round Steak Lb 19c Pork Steak Pound 14c ARMOUR'S Cured Ham 5 to 7 Ib. average End Cuts 4 « A Pound....... !*^ 100% Pure Pork SAUSAGE Lb 10c Boneless Shoulder Clod Roast Lb 15c Pork Shoulder ROAST End Cuts 1 A* Pound.... IVIf Extra Select OYSTERS pw 39c ; .1 '' •'-'-• ----•* - ' - -i-* 1 ra-ww , ..UIR UlP-fc ** { J- , 't - '' . . ...'•:-•.. , . - !i Jt.... ii ...

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