Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1954 · Page 26
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 26

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1954
Page 26
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*' f STAR, HOPE, Aft KANSAS etter . television sfet is, ttie mUbns 4 it jrSa get fern 't, Wife* call ihe y(iiii»uinK:.v^jua mafltuS* C, Id bii the all" gevfn i total of We and thrfco tlg£ ^*'c£. * W i****%l * f *** *" rtMS hS lias beeh flying .the eovtatry ebcli week hcife and hH „ 4he l^aee mit rvw. ,w.. N^C-TV, i^ltjons * naturally arise " 'Vs,heavy pace: 1. Wfty i"it? &. r i,,A- can he sland i* |i* ttMMt to tht ftat [Saturday night. Lste Saturday and spol on Uj» to- he thinks Us gool . . BUt, he says odee he's achieved that puFpOBt* .,1 don't think it would be Wise {6 continue to overexpose myself." "My own ideal is tc be on the fit a couple of times a week" he adds. Ciille'n's present schedule includes: Tuesday .Stop the Music, CBS Vadio; Wednesday. Walk a Mile on NBC radio and I've Got a Secret on CBS-TV; Thutsday. Name That Tune or. CBS-TV anJ a flight to Los Angeles to prepare d 4v«l^llV **^ *_«vr^ -....9 —. — .r -— f • —r tot Placs the Face on NBC-TV gpafnc. And he is seen In SOPIQ titles ih 15-mlnute filr-.ed programs, Professor Ves. 'n' No. ALC Discussing Mlitary Budget LITTLE ROCK W) , Legislative Coihcil.merribers studying Arkafi- sas Military Department budget, today msde a tour of the department's facilities in the greater Lit- lld Rook area, MJ. Gen. Lucicn Abrpham, state adjutant, led the group in its visits to Adams Field and Camp Robinson. ilW LOW PRICES FOR CHRISTMAS... Beautiful • K f wKwi F r & f r~ fff & f f $y±. '&$&*<&**?<& ^pps?*.^ \i?f,^-£M*xftel 4^T"*>T*" T»J-' 5 f s ?'> !<»"*. v -•^ «•«* v_»v -r ,-«^_ .-^— -^__ 7 |- 4«;st took atJiiesG fe^tutes; ! f Rolling Bpsket-prawer; » Fast-Freese Shelves t Separate Pas<ry RackV It Frwen Jwice Con Hplderl |» Removable Door Shelves! • Dulwx or Porcelain Exterior, • Righl or left-opening doorj ^ pt no extra cost t Drpp-leaf Grille Fronts^ \ • Colorful interlor-with rich golden trim _, w Food Index .V'. .,„,.. J in Freezer, and where [• Automatic Interior Light. * Target Light Safety SignaH * Holds up to 437 Ibs. frozen food ""* *^ * Only 33Vi inches'wlde in! See! Cpmpare! Tt'Tthe best valuo tp>Ffowniti T. f S«fifcfif4tUl4<flti "YOUNG TENDER, VALUE PRICE PORK LIVER SWIFT PREMIUM •'.-.'.'.... BOLOGNA SPICED LUNCHEON u DELICIOUS WITH PORK CHOPS- • SAUERKRAUT Q, Time to enjoy tender, juicy pork! Buy at KROGER and get more meat for your money! FRESH PORK 7 RIB CUT 25c FIRM; ECONOMICAL PURE LARD COOKED, JUST HEAT AND EAT 39c FISH STICKS ._ CLEANED, PAN READY. 47c WHITING FISH FRES-SHORE STANDARDS 29c OYSTERS lOOz. AQ r Pkg. HYC Lb. Pt. PORK CHOPS SSb* PORK SAUSAGE Armour or Swift Lb. Lb. ' Roll 59c 37c s Alma, cooked, heat and serve. Ocean Spray, Jellied No. 2 Cons No, 300 Cans EATMORE BRAND Special Price Lbs. KROGER BLUE LAKE. CUT KROGER CRUSHED GREENBEANS 2c^39c PINEAPPLE No. 2 Can DEL MONTE BRAND BROWN or POWDERED GREEN PEAS 2 3 c°o 3 ns39c SUGAR NO: 2 SEIVE ••'•••• KROGER PEAS 2 KROGER VAC. PACK YELLOW KROGER BRAND FRUIT COCKTAIL 2 EVAPORATED ENRICHED No. 303 Cons ,HARD CANDY . 25c 'HOLIDAY MIX ASSORTED CHRISTMAS CANDY 25c CREMETOYS KROGER BRAND CHOCOLATE 49c DROPS CHRISTMAS CANDY CORN KROGER FANCY QUALITY PUMPKIN KROGER BRAND APPLESAUCE 2 303 YY t.Y/^rwr\rAiuu/i_i^iNiVw.iiL.t-/ . %_• •• ^. ^ ..... — — ^^« 2^330 KROGER MILK 2£123c JELLY TOYS 303 Can KROGER FRESH BAKED BREAD KRAFT RINDLESS CANDY FILLED CHRISTMAS 2 ££.37c STOCKING 140z Con s29c BLOCK CHEESE Lb KROGER BRAND ASSORTED 49c CHOCOLATES Size Box ,,$410,95 MODEU HR92 9 FT. Was,,. $324,95 Now $289.95 MODEL. HR132 13 FT, W0s,,,$W,95 Now $329.95 n ?«„ ^B^^ff- W ' '^^P fl| fll ^PjP ffP ™ ^l^^^ ^^^ ^RP^ w PHONE 7-5581 S. MAIN SUGAR GODCHAUX KROGER ENRICHED >c CORN MEAL 1.69 PET MILK ~— Can FILL A FRUIT AND NUT BOWL BANANAS ARKANSAS BLONDI1 chfefc WE'RE JUST WINDOW-) (ooAiitet :uoDDiMC..vm i t-—>i VPRfMlbt =={ OH, MRS. BUMSTEAD-HERES llS THE ANGORA SWEATER ^^^^^ " -VOU ASKED METO '-ORDER F6RVOU F ^i I '-<^£ Girls and Boys "Answer td Previoiit Punic Long golden fingers ripened to perfection in Kroger's own ripening rooms. YOU SAVE AT KROGERS Lbs. U, S, Utilities PASCAL A CELERY Lb. 49c CRANBERRIES WINPSAP Ub. 25c FLORIPA 2»di.25c ORANGES nRfcjt"! i-* - - i;j--i Y "• „ ^^ TANGERINES P* 33c CjDCpNUTS ^ 15c APPUES ^^: «*, J9c^ ACROSS I Feminine appellation 5 Masculine appellation 8 Lohengrin's . . bride 12 Sea eagle 13 First woman 14 Large tubs 15 Surface a street 16 Sickness (med.) 17 Encourage 18 Greek letter 19 Ailing 20 Mineral rock 21 Rat 24 Frightener 27 City in Nevada 28 Sound of disapproval 29 Pedal digit 31 Sorrowful 32 Doctrine 33 Individual 34 Challenge • 36 Seize 39 Fondle 41 Irritate 43 Entire 44 Brazilian macaw 46 Golf mound 47 Pace 49 Decay 50 Perches 51 Girl's name 52 Peer Gynt's mother 53 Shield bearing 54 To cut 53 Fowl > 56 Vegetable' CARNIVAL DOWN 1 Victim of leprosy 2 Speaker 3 Assail 4 Observe 5 Send payment 6 Ellipsoidal 7 Shouts 8 Uncle Tom'i » friend 30 Type measure 9 Toils '31 Thus 10 Cubic meters -34 The 11 Fall flower 22 All 23 Hangman's knots 25 Alter 26 Helpers brothers I 35 Feminine name 37 Dress 38 Insect 39HurJs 40 Wife of Abraham 41 Communion plate 42 Set anew •45 "Abie's Irish i ii •48 Pastry 50 Weep 11 -,. '" 17 34 w 19 iu 10. 1 0 3 10 16 If Dick t«ni«r T. M. Rfg. U. S. Pat. Olf. X Ccpr. 1954 by NEA Srrvice, Inc. "Oh, dear! I forgot something for you—give me a couple ; of dollars!" SIDE GLANCES G«lbr«Mi it-it, 1r> M- (!«£• U- $• PAV Oil. N Ccpf 1»8« by N£A Stryici. Inc. "Know what? I discoverefl why he fpltt «w$ Wi he reallv like? «hilj cpn cirn*J", OH.THANK ^UU-U'W'd'wv^JU',^ GIVE HER TWELVE rXJLLARSJ OUt OUR WAV A i^iuc* i ww irMw-ii^ti, r jrs «:.?5. l .v*-^ r ^ ^530^ By J. R, Wllliami OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major *n YAAA n YOu-ReNsmERe, I tat/mc:. *>a TWVM FOPJIXC/P- ^^ o^, ^^AN$TA is Me.? rte 5AAiTA."l*5UST PCOAM5SD A MftMA I? LlTTLe<5iKL A YAAA ft VOu-ReWHEReTM WHAT, A SIS FAT J\ HERE, .11 H£ ' OLD DU/AMY/ <||i LITTCe Jf MSEC* I AC.T S/CA»O T WlUffir UAtt/ LX »^T-A — - — - - -- /^-V • '"» o.t> DU/AMY/ <^urrtte LAST YEAR X \W MAN/ A5kEO FOR AM P'HMUSTrfl MAN.' .«jft.te-A ftMETO iMUSTtfT ffCAT-0. Vfia/ < \&Ot&M fM £ * tf t-^E * Ur\^( TC-f^t^ 1. VBU A5keo POR AM P 6LEPHAMT, AW 7 • A-^-x>»i &r~\m.r3 MuViiv ATCW t>UN\V Ahf A PiAWO AMD x rievei FUNNY BUSINESS By HerahberaM "He's been picketing us ever since he lost his iiatjn here!.?; SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seller 02AKI III ~< W"Wt ^TpAfiJ^^a f-q* f.i U-* *-£i—'*S* i '- 4fcg.> Vr I^ r "' L! *&$'*% -* •>' --cj-^y- v»^-»^ -ft, -*—*« 1 AJeus»^>*» OFP, PUMT, / SUBfe Of OUR , Pit' YOU SEE TH6 A MAW UNL66& iw>: WASH TUBBS THE LITTLE TU68S F/kkMLV .TW<ESIMALL. THE SIGHTS. TRUDfiB UP 12 &WK1E_ . . ••- CROWN..|, J -m? 600T5 AND HER BUDDIES fi'1»5»ftlf BK*-<WyW-<iWgL*-*l**»•"»•** s/^r^^SlHS v <?-& ffi U3S&» r^ •»* A*"-^ ^\\K«l*SSS«ff BUGS BUNNY ,uoox:s LIKE , PETUNIA'S ^ VVOBBIED ABOUT SETTIN' ACROSSTHAT PUDDLE 1 12-16 ALLEY OOf PRISCILLA'S POP CHist when Iin settled by; the fire, ^ ... Half r sleeping ,; when I start a pleasant dream Of^juicy T'bpn^ ^^^^TiT^'^r^fy^ll , J ./:SvA^;,V<^TO^ -^il^iP Sj * s ^ ^fp-y w Thrtjaswfrr ji'weHptrf OF MARTHA TO BOTHER ' -- ' '' '•^^

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