The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE six Is Practically Unanimous' Clioicc; One Junior On Slar Team ; l!y Jt'llHV llltO\'l)f!i:i.l) t KEA Service Sports Wrttet liefe (hey are—the hot-shots of ' Hie 1839-JO basketoall season. j Tlie annual NEA Service Ah- ' America learn, based on rcsiomincn- ! diitions of conches und spans writ- era all over the country, is marked by two out.s'Lindmjj lustics—Hie unanimity of opinion over Ralph j Vaughn, Southern Cnlffojniii's urcai ;' forward, and (hi- torrid battle for (lie center job, finally uwnrrtcrf to Noah Carolina's towering Cieor/c- I Oi.imack. OtJomck, incidentally, is the | only ju.iior on die first live. Tim J cihers are .seniors. • This year's All-Anmlta has f-vcrythliij!—brilliant, t.corin.. ability ,11 nil positions-.' plenty nf hcighl, speed and above ' ml 1 superb bj)l handling. Taci'e mijjiii' be murmurs of dissent litre ;ii:cl there, but tlie five mwi chosen represent the utmost in conxfsletiev, which possibly is Hie U cs( measure of true stardom. 1UPAO SETS NEW LEAGUE SCO«IN(! MAJSK Vaughn, at one forward, was well-nigh unstoppable nil season A.six-root southpaw from Frankfort, Ind., he averaged 15 points n some. He holds tlie coast Icasii" scoring record for «• single contest with 3(> points. A ramirkablc dribbler, he pops 'em in with cither hand. This Booster trickster was the impetus on which Southern California, rode to cosisl league supremacy. Some critics regard the Trojans ns (he linest team in the notion. Bill Hapac, Illinois captain and Big Ten scoring citammi)., ..^L:, i t other forward post. SijAcel 2 COURIER-NEWS- Today's Sport Parade By HEN&X MeJLKMOlU mmm __SATURDAY, MARCH .n;.'.10.'loi Hc 9 s Big Business Man - MONTGOMERY, Ala., March S.j <up>—Having seen ijuite a bit of- Wtlby Van Horn while I was In; UK Angeles, and having had llmi oppoitunlty of getting lo know the youngster pretty well, I nun' only hope that lie doesn't read vital (he newspapers report that Hill Tlldon has been saying, about him. If 'I'llden , wn.s reported correctly, nd 1 liave no doubt but that )« was. he s-aid that Van Horn Had tno colonial an ego Ior his c wn good." When I think back to lhe luncheon conversation I had v.iili the gangling 19-year-old [iKSter a few weeks Him nothing he could read about] I inisdl could hurl him any worse. Hccause. like every boy who ever i I ved, Wclhy Van Horn has his idol. And his idol happens to be Bill - . nalicn I'roin the Ilrst day lie pound Chief Of Staff , Warns Funds Needed To Insure Security «V THOMAS M..'JOHNSON *>;A SfrviCft Military Wrilor °1 all groups in America, the most Intent on keeping our country om of war arc Congress and lhe olllcm of the army," said Gen George C. Marshall, the army's ••'—•' of staff. "Now is a critical Upon the action taken in wUKiiingip,, there next few v/eeKs "my well depend lhe future security of our peace-loving people General Marshall feck till Bobby Mocrs , Guard Texas 7939-40 THE PAYOFF tJ i,,, v . i_ji,v ICUI £., Hapac. u Cicero, III., product, also holds a league ..point, mark. His M points against Minnesota tnis winter represents (he Bis; Ten record. .-Doug Mills, Illinois coach, calls "mi the most finished player in the country and others agree' lie is easily the outstanding man in the Big Ten. He's cool and smart arid has averaged 10 |>oints a same HOOKS PIVOT SHOTS 1VITH EITHER HANI) Glamack got the cemin . posU i mi by the mrvovcsi of margins over Jack Harvey of Colorado and Virgil Wilkcrson oi Southern Methodist. The North Carolina junior, fiom . Joliiistown, Pa., stands 6 feet 3 and * '•'f, «-» an'^insly successful pivot -g-,*ot,with either hand. Most of his J£«a points this year were scored in .that manner. His average is a frae- Ijetter than IB a game Despite his size Olamai -.. .noves . and goes great on rework, critics rated him lhe '"'"£ Soulhcni Conference Player of the last 10 years as the ^Tarheels captured the league Bobby Mocrs, Texas' coiUrlbution at one guard. Is from Houston and at 5 feet 10.4 inches is , hc snm! ,. esl of (he five. They call him Bounalng Bobby and the name typifies his play. Southwest Conference coaches say lip l s the greatest ball-handler ever to perform in the cireuii. Ufr, l!I.i^f Vei> ' l!ny n " d avcrn ged 10 points a game, remarkablv hi-li 'or a guard. ' CHOCTAW INDIAN GETS t OTHER GUAKII POST Jew Rcniek of Oklahoma A and M. at the other smrd. was lhe' outstanding member of Henrv IbaN srcat ((uiiuet which'lost its'oucnc- L K £T i , a ' 1( v tl1 ™ wou 24 st ™ i s»t. the best slrcnk in the country Renick, a cho^u- In(1 ,£' frn from tf arietta. Okln., te's the best guard Valley circuit lia; s 6 teel ">e Mis- play hc mn , ..~l. , ^N.H iv/ BY .1KKKY UKONDl-TtXD NKA Scrvoce Spurts Writer Short and to the point: Catchers are preferred as conches in the American League, every club Iniv- liiB at least one. . . . White Sox Imve Moddy Ruel; Heel Sox have Tom Daley; Indians list Luke Sew- cll; Tigers have Merwyn Shea; Vnnkces have Johnny Schiilie; Alhlelics employ Charley Berry; Browns have Fred Hoffman ami Washington has Benny Ocngough. Leo niiiTCher, who was tossed Wit of nine games last year, snllls ut Jimmy Dykes' six ejections. . . . Now that Frank Frtsch returns to the wars with Pittsburgh it'll be n three-cornered vac-c ior honors. such ns they are. Bob Ft Her. who lias won 55 fames in his fust four years with Cleveland, must- average 24 victories a season for the next 19 years to equal Cy Young's record of 51! triumphs. . . . it isn't likely he'll do It. . . . Nor docs It appear he'll niBlch Walter Johnson's strikeout lotnl of 3-ID7. The. . . . . . Big Train averaged 1C7 n season and nHhoiifh Feller has averaged 114 he'd have to be in the big leagues'Tor another 21 yours to equal Johnson's murk. WONDEH IF UAC11UNOK EVER MKT MOK IJIillO? bet Phil Cnvarctla nnd Billy Herman $2.50 against ihelr two-bits each that he wouldn't yet seasick :iossing tiie channel to their Cain- inn Island training camp. And lost when they encountered Lew Jenkins Knocks Cut Tippy Lai-kin In First Round NEW YORK, March 9 (UP)The lightweight division at lust, has produced a challenger who may Ins champion Lou Ambers with his first knockout. Lethal Lew Jenkins of Texas stuck a stick of dynamite right under Amber* 1 eromi hist night at Madison Square Garden when lie clinched a liilc shot wllli (lie 135- pound kinj; by knocking out Tippy Jess Renick Guard Oklahoma A. & M. Blakely, Dillman To Meet Oene Blakely, Texas headlwk specialist, will be the opponent o "Dynamite" Jo? nillnmn. veteran Greek grappler, in one of the hvo wrestling matches at the American Legion arena Monday night. Blukc- ly lias been unusually successful since he began appearing here sum lime ago and Dillman, an old fu- vorite with Biyllievillu fans," In; always been a tough one lo luuuili' The mutch should provide ti lot cl enlerliiinnicnt for those: who iollnv the mat sport. A new lace will be seen on .Monday's icked ti]i a fucquel, on a public, • course, lie has patterned lit; jjnme after Tilden's lo the test of ills ability. He was diffident, f sk«l him (|ueslfom alioul hLs own n ame and wlint lie thought the future held for him. Tlie only ihins he seemed proud of. was (he i ict (hat he had met Tilden, talk- id to him, and seen him play. "Gosh." Wclby said, his smile i almost going up to his cowlick, Gosh, even right now he could bent almost anybody, f don't suppose anybody could beat dim If (lie match was only a set or two." So I rep3tit i hope Welby doesn't ee Tilden's criticism of him. But- I do hope that Bill fees this and believes me when 1 tell dim that lie has Wclby Van Horn pegged iil] wrong. ' Here's n boy, Bill, who Isn't living elf his reputation as n tennis plnyer, despite the fact that he ivent to the round of the is sit- deeply, bin he does ».ot , Ihe table like a movie "general. He speaks in a voice quiet and pleasant as his manner ami appearance,'and in his dark business suit looks like the more vig- oroiis type of "intellectual." "The army and Congress are working together today." he continued. "Not In the mocd of 25 years ago when we tried to keep out oi war by being weak. Thai would be futile now, as ninny nations have found WANTS STRENGTH WITHOUT AGGRESSION "Since desire for peace seems not to guarantee peace, and since science and invention are narrowing our protecting oceans we must be strong, but not bulkv or bullying. The army is not preparing to make war on anyone- it wishes only to do what it' is sure our people want 'done—to set o\ir defensive house in ordo T so that in these lawless times no marauder will try to force it." "Our preparedness measures must be positive, and for (lie fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, we are now discussing with Congress an appropriation of about S84G-. 000,000. That is a lot of money, national championship at Forest Hills Inst j'ear. and was acclaimed by the gallery and Hie press 'as the boy wonder of the year, lie didn't let it go lo his head. Furthermore, he didn't try to cash in . . on it. and you know better than but our need foz 1 it today dates I, Bill, the .many who have. back lo 1018." Where do you think lie is right now, bragging, boasting, swaggering around some resort where tennis players with u national reputation can make a living? No, he isn't, Bill. Ho is in Los Angeles, working eight lo len hours a day with a meat packing plant, where - .—„ „.,.. Bl ,,_ his father worked before. He is l™'',". J' 1SL a £ Pershing followed a novice salesman and lie isn't."" 1 "" 1 '" making much money. What he Larkin of New Jersey in 24i"o"f burly " A,T TMO , ' I"""'""*, tMfcles Uiimlnghan^'bad (Micht „( imL?'* r ? £ ! r « l .« ie »- "My, Floyd Byrd. in another b.ittle (Wight at Jenkins qmek victory, Both matches will be two out of llOlnOler Mike ,I»rnh<j ,\vn,i,*n,i Ifhipp full .,rr,i, nn nini. lan .iiiiiii.s. so minute time lakes, hoxvever, goes io help support his widowed mother and a sister with whom he lives. He has a pre.tly steady head for a 19-ycnr-old boy, wlio could have .rd when Jack Montana, -c \ \ x en blinded" bT^he'spoti'ight 'that Heavyweight from Unite. I Wlls suddenly 'turned on him lost ibout the press rows shouting that Jenkins would be thrown into the Garden ring with Champion Ambers on May 10, with ll )c lightweight Diadem at stake. hummer at Forest Hills. I saw him that day in the locker room before lie went out. io play Bobby Biggs in the lina!. You could scarcely On iliat date, slender, savnge- looking Jenkins will get a chance to explode his dynamite under Amber's chin, tie will have an oppor- Blll NIehoW Cub" outiielder. ISj '° ^"v" 1 th0 r ° 118 "' lc " sh „„,< ,„„.. „„_ Hcrknnsr. N. Y.. jumping jack, who never lias failed (o lasl (be distance In right years of busy warfare ' Jenkins proved himself n »enu- iue menace as he registered his seventh straight kayo, by beltln^ awl the fust-stepping Uikin in the first. Heat of a scheduled 15-round Curiosity Kills Bull; ; Head Fast in Bucket average seven score enough to points a game. Among tbe forwards «-ho rated consideration but fell just short of top ranking were Frank Carswell °f Hiccs Southwest Conference champions, and John Dick, lankv pregon star who might have been the hottest thing ,„ lhe ^'l nan rtn Vi^.i n . . . J (he roughest wealher of (lie year. . . Steve Racliunok, Dodger rookie, says Ills roommate Sam Nahcm is (lie most .scholarly ball ilnycr lie has ever met. . . . Na- lem is a lawyer, reads Shakespeare and attends lectures on nusic whenever possible. Whitlow Wyatl, Dodger pitcher, lopes his victories this season will ualch the 21 stitches he had taken u iiis knee when operated on lasl all. . . . Louis (Buddy), Blair. Yankees' classy infield rookie from Newark, passed up a berth with the American Olympic (cam which I went to Berlin in 19M in order to become n Yankee farmhand with Akron. Ed Levy, whom the —— "*. i,» , iinutii in Phils bought from Newark, will bu tbe biggest first baseman In the majors if j lc makes the gi-jui,, • - . He's U feet 0, ! (HANTS PRACTICING "INSIDE" K.YSKHAU. Bill Terry has the Ginnls practicing sliding Into a sandpit, for John MC- ""«5 u) tj(t .. country -•-•••& .141,111^ nuw n nan he had the support of a lcam| tlle rirsl "»'e since like last year's Wcbfcct. ] Oraw's regime. . . . Ai.^..^ wlm Hai-d to leave off, ai so , were i in the Po 'o Grounders'camp is (he r r, , crcUs> ' captain and guard ' usc of a "bal-bak." a ciirvcd'wood- who \ • E ' S B ' 5 TC " cllai »Ploiw ' C " • contrapUo " wlllch niilomallcally S-" n 01 , 1 , and outw °ife Southern '5; line Ue ' s warming up. . . . Bw.'dv ^als Ralph Vaughn u, is „,,„„,. Hosar. Yankee second-string rnuii' and Ben Auerbach. most valuable "' is 'nakin B a lead-filled tat for cog in N. Y. u.'s great quintet <wciso purpascs. „ , , — ' Onl >' '"^ior league headlinm to Marble Tournament In™^To Begin March 11 ^d,^ 10 ^ ^ -roun bmu. His right flsl smashed into iippy's elusive chin with such bul- et-hke speed nnd impetus that Half the experts at. (he ringside were uncertain as to wcacllv what had happened. Even Liukin didn't know what had hit him as his knees buckled and Ins body wilted toward the canvas. But. before his direct fall could be completed, a following ••cfl jolt whammed into his face and KMtscd him sidewise into the' ropes of his own corner I Referee Pete Hm-llcy" arni«i olt j lhe full 10-coum. but lie could I have counted up i o 100. That's how J«r Lnrkin hnd penetrated into thc land of larks and other birdies His seconds rlls | 1C(1 „,,, drnBew| h , nl to his coiner and finally revived The quickness of Ibis kayo was entirely unexpected, although jcn- o. (UP»_You have heard lhe old adage about curiosity killing (h c cal Bu , ,, ere is a story aboiit.;ciirioslty killing a Jerry. Hoche. a fanner, had a prize lied Polled bull. The animal's curiosity led it to poke Us head into a g.illou syrup bucket. The harder Ibe bull worked to SCI thc bucket oil. the tighter il stuck. When Roche went iin 0 u, e rield to check up on his herd he tomm his bull dead of suffocation Senator's Wife reach him for the bnck-slapners and the people wlio \vere trying III endear themselves to a future champion. He just had a I'liiinv, little smile through it all, and 11 "ceded money. will always remember ills parting j "Suppose." said General Marshall won fame overseas as a coo) planner nnd driving executive who was very influential in winning our greatest victory in the Meuse-Aigonne tattle. He returned home chief aide to General Pershing, whom he now follows as our only "four-star general," just as Pershing followed Washington, Grant, Sherman -and Sheridan. I)KCI,AKES FINN'S BETTER PREPARED THAN V. s. "At the Armistice we had piles of equipment made hastily and wastefully," he exclaimed. ""From these .piles, even after they were obsolete, we largely equipped an army that was a skeleton. "Today we are catching up, but are still less ready for action than was Finland, which now desperately needs help. Today our army is 25 per cent ready for immediate action; to make it 100 per cent will take 18 months—if it gels the Gen. George c. Marshall, the army .chief of stall who looks Me abusiness man, off on n 5000-mile flight to inspect ftrmy del cases. „ " remark to me as he left the club for tlie stadium. "Gee. Henry," hc said, "there sure are. a lot of iolks who wanl to live your life for you, aren't (here?" Young Welby seems to have ' Tv - *•"" ^^ i"^ ^'i gone on leading his own life. And " shrinking ocean, il isn't the easily promoted .life "f-tvv. wvnv .\ to ease too many young tennis players choose. If Welby Van the general, 'that- one of our cities decided to cut its police force lo 25 per cent of full efficiency. Criminals would flock; tljere would be a crime wave; then a public demand for protection — and quite naturally. We can see the crime wave across EVERY AMERICAN CHANCE TOR HIS UFF." "Now is the time lo gel 100 , y i *•"« i.-> ua: nine io gei a Horn is egotistical then cither you [per,cent police force. And like a 01 I. mil. don't know the mean-i Police force, an army consists of ing of the word. ' men, who con protect their com- And as for your picking Fred i munlty at minimum loss lo them- Echroeder as (he best tennis pros- selves if there arc enough of them, pcct kin had assured his admirers that lie would try lo dispose of Lnrkin m the first heat, just us he had taken care of his last opponent— j-hino Alvarez oi Tampa, whom he Rayoeil in IS seconds at Dallas Tex., in January. L.irkin had been kayoed only once before in GD engagements and then by a wcltcrweight_Al Davis of Brcoklyn_\vh Cn Ti ,, |)v s i cl )j )ctt of his claw on Dec 15 Davis ass- ar!a ' ^th i.1 Memo, baseball ma* and.ment! " sert in thc »- - r, —.... drawing a en te of about $10,000 because both have such large fallowings. UM night's gross gate was $J8,4'20 oe- ratise of thc comparallvelv' low prices. Jenkins weighed 131', pounds last night, Just a pound lew than Lnrkin. Tax ints Alimony Payers i SALEM, Ore. <UP) - There Jusi Isn't such nothing as alimony, ai' |-r s:'~: ; ; 1 Mrs. Robert Ohio senator, , i far as taxation is concerned" the - u «..P«F"n the country, would yon'well-trained enough, and well like to make a small bet with me j equipped enough. We entered tlie that he lasts longer than Wclby' World War with n skeleton army does at Forest Hills next Scpteni- which we had to fill up hurriedly her? J am renlly what you are looking for in the way of an egotist, because I will back my tennis judgment against yours. ; with men partially trained and | variously nrtncd, largely by our al- 1 lies. : "Today, trying not to make the jjsame mWoke twice, vie count nci- ; iher on allies nor on unnecessary 1 losses. We wnnt lo give every Ain| ei-lcnn every chance for his life il war comc.s, by thorough, realistic training. the first time in peace," Basketball Tourney Opens On Monday i »"* luf JJI.M unit. 1 in peace," CARUniERSVILLE. Mo., March I General Marshall emphasized, "as 9—The annual independent basket- , many as possible of our regular ball invitational tournament for soldiers and officers who have been Southeast Missouri will get under ' scattered over the country piece- way here next Monday, it was an- meal, have been concentrated in nounccd ycslerdny. Preliminary the" sort of unit in which they games will be played Monday nnd would fight, a battle tenm ' r """' -•'-•" - ' " " ' " U. S. HAS MIDGET TEAM IN MILITARY GAME ,-••- "Learning teamwork In maneuv- rwelve teams have been invited crs now under way in tlie south, .to participate, including PIggott they will tcncli all (he rest of us and Rector. Ark., and Decrtng, for with (heir practical experience ; Hayti. Gideon. Warden. Stcele, we can eliminate theory, and vital; Pnrnia. Campbell, of Southeast ize the whole army. I Missouri, (he three independent "Our battle tcaiii is even now : CsiutheisviUe teams — thc Baptist by European standards, only a ! Bn.iketu'is, Brown Shoe Factory, midget team." said the general, , mid HebeLs teams. • who is a former football player al i Di'lmar -Kid" Pritchard will re- Virginia Mililnry Institute ! ferce nil games, nnd sizeable cash "But it w ill' inclc.dc. infantry. ; awards will lie given to the first cavalry, mechanized force—every Tuesday nights, and finals the following Monday night, March I8th. nnd .second pl.tcc winners. Sailors Safer On N : ivy S;ii;i. MARE ISLAND. Cal. (UP)-^SIa- tistic.s of the navy show that more accidents and fatalities occur t-- sailors on shore leave than when aboard ship. Motorcycles and milos nrc especially dangerous, according lo the navy yard here. ildng—Integrated into corps. There i will be 70.000 enlisted regulars of j our total of 227,000. but of our National Guardsmen none of the 235,000 enlisted men and only a few higher officers, can'be present" WILL "ANOTHER.SHOCK" INCREASE ARMY? Although the regular arniy and National Guard combined lotnl 462,000. only 400.000 would be available initially as n protective force for the continental United States, mid this Ls hardly enough, in this writer's opinion. Its Increase to near n million, including reserves, seemed probable after Poland's downfall shocked the country into realizing its weakness. Now, probably another shock is needed to turn the 227000 regulars into the 280.000 authorized by law—and.essential. But that shock—the spring offensive in i Europe—may force Congress lo consider such an increase. • "Congress and the army realize." said General Marshall, "that it is easier to recruit and train soldiers by our new streamlined melhods, than to provide proper supplies of weapons and various critical and strategic Items of equipment used only in war, and noi immediately available. Often it takes, from the placing of BU order, 18 months until it- Is filled. We are just- supplying the troops with first lols of new weapons, but to equip even our small force will take time— And all the money we ciin get." I the meeting attended by 21! incm-j ters and one visitor. Mrs. W. Lj Smith of Annorel. Mrs. H. E.i Meek Is a new member of the? group. || Mrs. J. D. Smith, clothing chair-i man. had charge of the program] and talked on styles of 1940 and? demonstrated several dresses. Mrs. 1 ! W. L. Smith after discussing the play tournament to be held during Better Homes week which is the last week ol April and the buying of 1910 yearbooks, also demonstrated dresses. The program was opened with a i discussion ol the song of tlie month. "Oil Susannah" by Mrs. Arch Lindsey and afterwards sung by the group. The creed was said in unison. Mrs. Lee Styles gave the devotional and , each member an- sivcred roll call by telling what '• slie would do for Better Homes, week. - :;,- ' ;'• >-|j It was announced that thc Yar< bro club will have its radio program Wednesday at H-.30 o'clock. Tiie > tneeling was closed with the poem of i the month given by Mrs. Eugene; McGulrc and lhe leading of (he' collect. - ' • During tiie social hour, Mrs. A. \ R. Chapnmn directed the games in i which Mrs. B. A. Bugg was the winner. The hostess, assisted by j tune— M,. S [jindsey, served refreshments..'.; The next meeting will be March '. : 13 at the home of Mrs. C. Schenrer. - Demonstration Club News Notes Plan Uingo Party A bingo party will be given Wednesday night at the Catholic Hall, •^cording to announcement iiii«U by officers of tlie Ynvbro Home ••.Miicnslration club following a meeting of dial group Tuesday r,(- ternoor. at tlie home ol Mrs J D Smith. <•-•»'.• hundred nnd fifty prizes in j iddition to dressed chickens, homemade cakes, butter and esgs and at her products to be given" by the dub members have been secured for the party, it was s(;U<jd. Mrs. Erncsl French presided over STANDARD TIRE$ Washer Need Tuning Up? JUST GIVE US A CAMJ FOR BXPKRT WASHING MACHINE 'SERVICK —AH Makes— PHONE 233 We have secured the services of Mr. Phillip Frie. a factorv trained Maytag Service Maii. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. v Service On All Makes Radios—Refrigerators 20G W. Main Phone 2.13 fROPORTIONATElY LOW/. AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As Low As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, ,, |A(OW II (JlJJ'IH^ alimony is not entitled to deduct it from hi.; Income and It Is not subject lo the Income tax bv tlie person receiving i(. knitting needles as she si support lo her husband'., ,, m , 01 . the [Republican prcsltlniii ;l ] „„„,..) IMStllMX I '* active bid for SPECIAL! I/.I More for the. same moi\cy Johnson's Wax and Glo-Coat SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 KEYSTONE ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS BABY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co, PURINA TEEOS Phone !S4 WRESTLING JOE OILLMAN vs. GENE BLAKELY JACK MONTANA vs. FLOYD BYRD Americnn Legion Arena Monday 8 p.

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