Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 27, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1931
Page 4
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M»ia itttfel MoiJ*, At ftss is exclusively dispatch*, credited to Tf lecal new published hereto hereto are also reserved. t on«i ycaf JS.OO, By mall, in **«*» win ba made for all tribute*, cards ft « mc « ni ?8 the *P«W. Co «»« *«WS wlumns to protect their f ?« m « i fe 1 * Th« Star disclaims responsibility of aa» maolidtcd manuscripts. t^J**?^* 1 **el°P«d ^ modert civilization to "»y, to foster comhjerce and Industry, through widely ZlZt^ ""^ be * ft ^ to P f °Vide."-C6l. R. & MeCorinick? The Star'* Platform " nd ,. ewno * ni f *upport /or enery scientific offer, ptflcficol tenefit* to Hetnpead , 6e{ie»in0 in town. inued progress on the state highway program. from hte cattle tick. •) " Transcontinental Road ' ' ' • --'* Corker th6 other dayi : suggested the ° f a " ei ^-b"lion-dollar toll highway across States; and while the nation could do with an ad- by tffrj jy.. T, "™ **»»*»**-« «-*J-/£/C*J141.1£g, r ,- g^lis highway would,have 10 traffic Uihes in each di- SRSi W i th , the s P« ed J»niits^on certain lanes ranging up to ftmilea an rmtm it ™,,M BA.U-W., ith 300 modern hotels course, an affair like this would make transconti- motormg a swift and easy procedure. But there can irJS* a / ood thin *' The law of diminishing returns R&u 3 '! ° roads as wel ! as t° anything else. J What motorist, desiring to drive across the country f4 care to hit- a 100-mile clip? What motorist, in: his "*r; out of them, would care to travel from one ocean T.on a strip of concrete 500 feet wide? What citizen, lie drives an auto or not, can contemplate a highway ^without feeling af little bit dizzy? - Toys of touring flo not arise splely from/a smooth 'and .high speed. In constantly-increasing num- —bije owners are beginning to discover that a trip rof-rra-fr"^' much more enjoyable if the broad, Avell-paved id^eavily-traveled main highways are dodged altogether. 1 ft nck/,to the 1 back roads, taking stretches of gravel, worn- racadam and plain dirt as they come, may be to travel [? nd & to Set a bit of a jolting; but it is also a fine way iymg the open country and making the trip mean some•tore than a mere progression from one spot to another. teadx the craze for rapid travel is beginning to.dimin- ^ ndvelty of the automobile has worn off, and people „ sing that the pleasure of a cross-country drive from trk to San Francisco,'and plans to rival the speed of qscontinental trains, might better .stay at home. The who doesn't care how long it takes him, has an in- ,,t,_.u.__ tim6i Do You TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO MARRIED;—Mr. J. N. Montgomery ;f this city, and Mrs. Lula Jus'.us, oi DeQueen, were married at the home of the bride in that city, Monday, December 3, 1906. BORN:—Ho Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gibson, yesterday, a son. Wr . ,_ '4 <•> Filene and the Dole A. FILBI^E, the well-known Boston merchant, business man who, is not frightened by that dreacl- ti 63cpression, "the dole." Appearing before a Senate com- t£ee recently, he declared that every employer should be [uired to provide employment insurance for his wage-earn; either on a private system or on one established through IB gdvernment. ' The chief.benefits of this, he believes, would be indi srest. The man out of a job would have an income, to be sure •^gpt Mr, Filene holds that the chief effect of this system would jpe to make employers take extra pains to stabilize business jSP that unemployment would be materially reduced. J& Whether you agree with him or not, you must admit that jjhe is at least a forward-looking business leader who has de- Jypted some serious thought to one of the nation's most problems. Mr. T. S. FitzSimmons gave a stag inner to several of his friend's'at the Barlow Hotel last night., His guests .were J. S. Wilson,' Chas.-IWhiteside, W. M. Cantley, Tqnvlfteadors, Lynn McRae, C. 'A. Sampson; '' ; Ed : Brown and J. D. Barlow. - *' TEN YEARS AGO J. W. Norwood, merchant of Ozan, was a business visitor to Hope today.' Harold King is spending (he week-' end jat Hot Springs, the guest of Parker Henderson, a former schoolmate at Miami, Florida. Miss Chloe Smith, who was guest cf Mrs. O. A. Graves over. Thanksgiving, has returned to .hir. home at Nashville. . ' "*K : Miss Mary 'Deavers is spending a few days with relatives at Prescott, the guest of her aunt, Mrs. J. D. Wilson. After Yeggs Capture Town College "Professionalism" H ARVARD UNIVERSITY athletic authorities have barred from Harvard Stadium a radio announcer who recently •referred to the playing of a Harvard football star as "putrid. 1 'In making public this action, the authorities pointed out fhat college football players, after all, are young amateurs, and that it is quite out of place to comment on their performances as one would in the case of professionals. / This is quite true; and yet the growing tendency on J!*e part of announcers, sports writers and the general public •tjO treat college football players as professionals seems to us to, be at least as much the colleges' fault as anyone's, No law ^compels any college to build a million-dollar stadium, to retain dozen coaches on its staff or to hire a press agent to get about its team in the papers. When a college does these T ^s, can it really protest very voncincingly when an un- rting world applies the standards of professionalism in Iging the work of its athletes \ British Dirigibles 'HEN the British air ministry ordered the big dirigible ^, R-100 sold for junk the other day, it emphasized once Bdore the rather surprising fact that only the Germans—and, |f$§Jy, Jet us say with pride, the Americans—seem to be able » : build big dirigibles and make them work. p'.] The British have had shockingly bad luck with their liytgibies. They have sent several on spectacular flights over Jje Atlantic, but their disasters have outweighed their suc- :«gs$g, and few Englishmen will object to the discarding of He R-100. The French and Italians have had an equal lack f success with the big ships. But the Germans seem able'to build dirigibles that are minently safe and utilitarian. Under German tutelage, tmericans have learned the lesson ,t.oo. Whe her the future of the dirigible may be. ii is evident that it will be " almost solely by Germans and Americans. J Rocky Mound Glad to report Jessie Pickard who has' been confined to his home ths past week is improving. Rev. Bearden of Spring Hill filled his regular appointment here Sunday. Miss Beryl Pickard who was confined to her home the past week was able to return to school at Bodcaw Monday. Roy Purtle and wife- of Texarkana were the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Monts. Nute Mullins and George Pickard of Bodcaw visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Pickards Friday. Mrs. J. F. Harris of Sutton spent the past week with her daughter, Marion Bailey, 77-year-old, president of the State Ba'nk of Lizton, Ind., near Indianapolis, is shown here with his shotgun with which he fought a gun battle against cracksmen who blusted two safes, wrecked the interior of the bank and fled with $4300 in cash and securities after isolating the town by cutting telephone and telegraph wires. Above is George Hubcr, cashier, standing beside the wrecked cake in th bank. Mrs. Durham. Married at the home of Eld. E. C. Bright of Sutton last Thursday night, Ivy Mitchell and Miss Vila Pickard the only attendcnts were Ralph Hunt, Miss Chirley Bearden, Miss Beryl and Norene Pickard. They have many friends that wish them a long and THIS CURIOUS.WORLD prosperious life. Thurman Rhodes and wife of Hope attended singing her Sunday nignt. Miss Emogene Durham entertained guile a number of her friends Friday night with a birthday party. After several cnterisling games were played, two nice birthday cakes were served. All present reported a nice 3 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING and Otto Hill operating on that double-bass I Window shades that flutter —cats on rhe backyard lence and similar noises are lota war ie than Octo, however. We think they sound as though some- one-well.a burglary insurance policy cosls so little. Roy Anderson & Co, Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas tiftie., nighf with M£ atjcf Srfc'S."**? ttit zafd, Benton Htiddi«att6h and family o tovideneft mnt Sunday in the hom« of Mr. and MM. 0. Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Butler visited with relatives at tteton Sunday, ' Mr. and MM, Hazel flowden o Green Laseter were the Sunday din». cr ^»m « t ' s °wden'8 mother Mrs. Will Durham. Mr. and Mrs. Alvlrt William of Hope visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs Jeff Wright, Sunday afternoon. Harmony We are having som eralny weather of late. Harley Vines called on Bessie Me- Millen Monday morning. George Karger called to see Joe Daugherty Sunday morning. We are sorry to report that he is ill again at his home here. The Misses Onis and Edgel Mitchell Madm Huekabee, and Harley Vines attended church at Shovor Sunday night. • Mr. and^Mrs. Tom Vines and children of Ebenezar spent Sunday with Mrs. Ella Hodnett. Miss Bessie McMlllen spent Saturday night with Mrs. Violet Daugherty. Mr. and Mrs. George Karber and family were visitors at the Whits THE SEASON'S GAYEST MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA! CHICAGO FOLLIES (In Person) S A N G E R COMING! £',4»M i*mfR.^.. uf- t 3E** M * * WB * 1 ****" AfcWidfitii Mverai day* with Mir «"U W/- and Mrs.'Mont he*n Wimas. ttfrtfly of Hopfc Emma fcbliril anil children., ' Closing Out Sale! SATURDAY SPECIALS Mouse Dressts ,E«ch ; Sweaters «9c and Ladles felt -Hats ,98c and Children's Hose Pair Sheets 72 x 90 .; A Shoes, one Jot, your choice Double. Blankets Each Double Blankets Part wool Knit Bloomers Pair Ladies Coats $1.95 and Children's Coats Each ; . Men's Dress Pants Pair ...: 49c 49c 25c So 43e lOc 98c $1.69 25c $1.00 $1.00 $1.49 Men's Dress Shoes Pair-,. • Men's Union Suits darment Men's Suits only Boy;* 1 Overalls Pair :...; Men's Overalls ahd Jumpers,' each ..;;.Men's Laceleg Pants $1.95 values .-., $1.89 69c $3.95 49c 69c 49c -GROCERIES- Paloma Soap 10 Bars COFFEE 9 Pounds Clothes Pins 2 -Dozen LARD 8- Pound Bucket , SNUFF In Bottles 25c $1.00 ^ 5c 69c 28c Walker Sales Co. Your first thought ,s self-protection. Why not protect yourself against inferior quality by buying your food re quireinentg from piGGLY WIGGLY. We _g,ve you price plu. quality. Shop here .and .ave the difference for Christmas Money! • Flo Country Club—Guaran- UI teed or Money Back Lb. Sack 79c No. 2 J / 2 Del Monte Pineapple CRUSHED OR SLICED 19c 8lbs. Shortening Armour's Vegetole .630 r '12 Lbs.—Peck 39c | Potatoes : «.10',»17c No. 2 Can Jewel Coffee 3 Lte 55c French Coffee 5c ' Pound 29c Cabbage 10 LBS 19c | Soap Crystal White 10 25c Hominy-No. 2 J /2 can for 25c Macaroni, Spaghetti-Pokadot 3 for lOc Celery Ncie Firm Stalk 9c I Lettuce Firm Heads 7c Apples ROMAN BEAUTIES-King of all Bakers 4 ^s 19c TURNP Greens No. 2'^ Can Fancy Jonothan—Pound 5c Corn No. 2 Can *5 For CO C No. 2 GREEN Beans 3 25c Cranberries Pound Rice Whole Grain 6 25c Picnic Hams POUND Roast THICK RIB POUND \\ l /2 LAMB CHOPS Pound 20 Brisket BOAST OR STEW lOc Frank FURTERS 2 POUNDS 25c Bolog na ALL MEAT POUND I5c Butter GOOD CREAMERY POUND 28c PORK Chops Steak Bacon POUND I5c RONUD OR LOIN POUND 2Oc SLICED LAYERS POUND 25c Lamb Shoulders Pound 15c BULK KRAUT Pound 5c MACKEREL Fat—2S-15c and lOc Peanut Butter . Bulk 25c BACON Melro«e in Strip—Lb. 20

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