Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1954 · Page 21
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 21

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1954
Page 21
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im today Ml , tightest i>«dtifcttofl lilted tffider fedei-al " the agriculture de* cohttols are ae* down t>roeit»euon surplus MJppiies The government at stocks in surplus cotton Hitred unde price Support *'A 20-state referendum f,-/ cotton wrdducers were Is $313,661 16 27.13S iri fa- 1 TketiBg quotas on their ,j; fav&rable margin of j,' far in excess of the nt necessary to make ciive. "Quotas on this crop had been ap" « _.. per'cent'bf the farm- Jg'in'i95& ' B|i? * referenda yesterday, "" 'proved marketing quo- yfiaf's crop of long bfr a small specialty at, dark ah>cured and i tobacco lesser types ^vxt- three years, |i& ty-s'tates in the cotton B v -included: IBS' 23,344 for, 1,403, Commandments Up''Dirtying ,&, YT! ' ' y> f' f "-. > fjl _ t ^ ^V'(tJP) / ' The' Na- i?rf»at$y* Council' offered fTer&"Conjm'a'ndrrients" for • "'"^fjroi"?' 8 : 10 ,. d °y toda y- cms if weather is • (jtir 1 fsoeod to road .„.; conditions. v Iv" 1 ,other; vehicles at e - 1 < jpete.in traffic. plner driver have the and you take the .sway. ' '-v'' hyialert,', Dont let dis- <''«take your, 'mind off 'even for ah inslant. without a sure i^ehans?' lanes' unless j,tiT v <mr.e 'iio ,'one is com- I h$jnd- you ', pep ^windshields?, clear £"Ui». chains for severe gd.'-ice 'conditions. Mqa' are a pedestrian. -nUrat- intersections and "*•- ,'green light. Watch »g traffic. ye if you drink. ^Tf be extra cau- .,.he other driver as Kim to treat'you. Post Off ice lin Howard p The Post Ipart'ment has announced &to! two fourth class post "'•Arkansas. Post Office in Howard tt-'close today, • rerouting (Mineral 'Springs. Clip in Scott 31, v/ili go to ER CHRISTMAS GIFTS Machines, Vacuum ra, Little Lady ma- Lots of gifts fpr CENTER moved my Dental from 117* West ! Street to my new lion at W, STRONG S. SIM STREET Luckier Not! ty percent of the pre» |6ris being filled today ot have been <j»5 ten years ago, t»e drugs prescribed , unknown PRESCRIPTION WORTH MORE IT fiUY§ MQRE rather §t , relieve, " PR|§CfllP ^"? ( ^^^ ul ' ll jj^|5*TTi^i*^^ *'*wr*"% £"•*' 3 *'*-T"- ~ ~ \vpri*\ v ^ ^ r c r ^ ^"^ "*"" MOM SfAft, HOM, Aft KANSAS ThuMtfdy, December 16,19S4 DO PRE-CHRISTMAS SALEM. These suits are reduced to sell* All sizes. MEN'S SHIRTS I f Men's Felt Hats One big table of these shirts that are regular 2.98 values. Reduced to sell » m Here are some real buys in hats that have been reduced to sell. Values to 3.98. Now 1.00 Here is a Pre-Christmas Sale that you can't afford to miss. You'll want to be here when the doors open Friday morning because it's your chance to save money on the things you need for Christmas and later. Buy now at these low prices. We appreciate your business and are givng you these Sow prices before Christmas. Hurry and don't miss this sale. MEN'S DRESS PANTS'S Corduroy Sport Caps One big table of dress pants that include values to 6.98. Now reduced to only MEN'S LEE HATS These famous Lee hats will please any man for Christmas only MEN'S RAYON ROBES These are idea! gifts for'any man's Christmas. oys Flannel Shirts 1 HEAVY DOMESTIC e shirts are in sizes 3 to 18. Regular $J Here is another real money saving value. yds, MEN'S BELTS These will make ideal Christmas gifts for Him. All widths and sizes Men's Flannel Shirts Ideal for Christmas gifts. Now reduced to only LADIES SLIPS These will make ideal gifts for her Christmas. Only I L79 MEN'S HOUSE SHOES | Ladies House Shoes f LADIES BED JACKETS These are leather house shoes that he will want. Now only 200 pairs of these house shoes that wil make ideal Christmas gifts. Only Another gift she will appreciate. Regular 2.98 values. Reduced to only 291 Jm** { MWs^OTSES-1 .Ladies Casual Shoes | LADIES FALL COATS MEN'S PAJAMAS Regular 3.98 and 4.98 pajamas that are going at this low price. Ideal for Christmas gifts Two big racks of these ties that will make ideal Christmas gifts About 200 pairs of these low heel casual shoes left. Regular 3.00 values now for only One group of these ladies coats that are regular 17.00 values now only I. MEN'S SWEATERS " LADIES FALL HATS These are 100% Orion sweaters. Only These are regular 4.98 dress hats that have been reduced to only Boys Western Shirts Ideal for Christmas gifts. Many styles and colors. Reduced to only 2. IO COWBOY SUITS I LADIES FALL HATS These boys and girls cowboy suits will make ideal Christmas gifts. These are regular 3.98 dress hats that have been reduced to only Men's Wool Plaid Shirts These are regular 6.00 values and any man will appreciate one of these. Now reduced to only I. One big group of these winter coals that are values to 8.00. Sizes 3 to 6 and most are 100% wool. Reduced to only LADIES DRESSES One big rack of these that include many styles and colors and values to 8.00, Now reduced to only Tom Sawyer Shirts f Ladies Flannel Gowns | LADIES DRESSES Boys Tom Sawyer dress shirts that ore jfS These will please ^ r a * ^ dris * m °ni y 9 " ° r & One bag rack of these dresses that incli values to 2.98. Reduced to ^ i.ya values reauceu iu u i y ^ O ur better dresses. Values to I J.00 i* Men's Sport Shirts One big table of these shirts^and we have all sizes. Only 7 Boys Flannel Robes Here is what they want for Christmas. A regular 2.49 value reduced-to fa 6 INCH CORDUROY * MISSES COATS H»«. ic n rpnl value in this corduroy. fS IVIl J^C J \*\Jf\ I J Here is a real value in this corduroy. Reduced to only yard 1.47 One big rack of these that include values to 15.00. Sizes 6 to 12. Reduced to only MEN'S SPORT CAPS filOYS3RBS|ANrrS I LADIES PANTIES Many styles in these and all sizes. ThesQ have been reduced to These dress pants are in sizes 8 to 16. Values to 3.98. Reduced to - These are nylonized panties that will make <| ! ideal gifts. Special $ 2.49 fa\ A 4 prs. 1. 3. Tuskish Face Towels Ideal for Christmas gifts for the home. They are 16x27 inches. Special for 1 MISSES DRESSES One rack of these pretty dresses that have been reduced to only m o FRIINPIY P^PARTMEHT STORI ^Sn^T^ ^?» »«?• ^* **»• ^* >^ ^** "^ ^** ^ ^ * —r. -T T. DOLLS DOLLS DOLLS, t Don'-t miss these dolls for the little girls, We $ have all kinds and sizes. Priced from A 1.19 to .& December 16,1fS4 HGM STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS i firr, f c,'«ifra .' '•• ' ' *':&% Both Sides Rest Cases in Sheppard Trial — J), O., (tjp) Soth , tested In the Sheppard murder trial today. Dr. Samuel H. Shepfcard, on trial for his life on * wife-murder charge, will know his late before the week is out. •The testimony unded on the 40th trial day in the middle of the hinth week of the sensational case in which the young osleopathic brain surgeon is accused of beating his wife to death after quar- telinf with her about his alien- Sms to olher -women. The jury of five women and seven men was excused by Judge Edward Blythin, who told them he and the attorneys "will now discuss among ourselves just how he shall close this chapter." As they left the room, the jurors had fresh in their minds the picture of the handsome, 80-year- old defendant weeping while his slain wife's aunt read to them a letter Marilyn Sheppard had written four days before her budgeon death laet July 4. The letter v/as read by Mrs. Mary Brown, a t.ister of Marilyn Shepard's mother, who died when Marilyn was six. In it, Mrs. Sheppard, 31, had announced she was oxpecting a baby. WORKER KILLED OSCEOLA Iff) James Wood- aid, 35-year-old Negro employe of Watson Coal Co., was killed instantly yesterday when a load of coal was released from a dump truck while he was underneath the truck. Iow-prfcQ(f r" Pope Believed to Be Steadily Weakening 8y PRANk §RUffO VATICAN CITY (ffi A source close to Pope Plus Xlt reported today that the gravely ailing head of the foman Catholic Church hag weakened percepitibly in the past 48 hours and his physicians fear he is threatened by anemia. Two medical consultations were scheduled today on tbe Condition of the 78-year-old pontiff, who suffered a serious collapse 12 days &go with a gastric ailment. The source said the Pope, who had showed a marked improvement after rallying from the colu- lapse, had been able to lake only small spoonfuls of food by mouth during the past two days. More nutrition has been given by tube. He was reported to have 'spent a somewhat less restful night last night. The first indication oi the Pope's increasing weakness was reported yesterday. II followed Sunday's consecration in St. Peter's Basilica* of Msgr. Giovann; Baltista Mon- lini as archbishop of Milan. The new nrchbishon was a close collaborator of Pius for many years and the pontiff listened to the ceremony by, radio from his pick bed. A Vatican source said he was profoundly moved. A fcur-minute radio' address recorded the day before, in which the Pope described Archbishop Montini as his "gift to the archdiocese of Milan," was a highlight of the ceremony. Some sources said his efforts in recording he speech his longest since his collapse : may have contributed to his increased fatigue. | A_^_ T i^Min-M •tiWlIr.fliUiai • i ' "*" K '•ff""J •?.-.•£.' •.!>'. tA f 'T" ^ ^^ ^^^^HE^^i^^**^^^^^ [,i*y FINE FOODS (ram JUP RIGHT NOW ami Stock up for th» HoUdojri : -w, "SUPER-RIGHT*' FULL-BREASTED/ DRESSED AND DRA> FRESH DRESSED HENS SLICED BACON •-•• :: PURE PORK SAUSAGE Lb. Lb. Toms Ib. 43 Hens ID*. i* t >• (-«.»T 5 v *' 'f/r? •>,?,' *MH Super Right Lb. Cello 39c 45c SUPER RIGHT SMOKED HA 29t "BS- 55c -Bg-lSe. ^31 Weighs Mly 20 Ib! • Orts within 1 inch «f grovnd! Saws full power in any position! N«w McCuf/ocfc Mocfe/ 33 is the only tow- priced chain jaw wUh all Jftese important fooivret: AwtomoHc dvkli . . . automatic* i rewind starter... oB-aear Irontmnuo*.** anti-friction bearings tiwb«gKowt...cw- craft-typ« corburetor... plated POST LIFE Feed Tax Bill to Be Introduced •If A DEMONSTRATION TODAY! PRESCOTT IMPLEMENT CO. PRESCOTT, ARK. WATCH FOR THE NEW McCULLQCH f WIN-ACTION SAFETY LAWN MOWER LITTLE ROCK W) A Benton County representative plans to introduce a bill in the 1955 Arkansas Legislature to exempt feed, seed and fertilizer from tha two per cent sales tax. Rep. Clayton Little said that he will sponsor a bill designed to rrske up the resulting loss'; in revenue. Gov. Francis Cherry vetoed a bill similar to Little's proposed feed, seed and fertilizer measure because no alternate measure had been proposed to rr\ake up for the loss in revenue. Little said the bill would substitute "credits" of from $15 to $35 on an individual's state income tax for the present exemptions of $1,500 and $2,500 on taxable income tax proposal would net tha satte $2,000,000. Enough tubing to equip the. heating and 'water system of .five six- room houses is used in a modern jet fighter plane. Wonderful Gift Idea ...an EXTENSION TELEPHONE A thoughtful, personal gift that is remembered and appreciated 365 days a year Think how many steps you could save a loved one every day of the year by making your Christmas gift an extension telephone. With an additional telephone, it's easier tp hear it ring... no missed calls ... saves time and steps in answering. A Bedside Extension Brings Real Peace of Mind, In case of sickness, fire, or burglars, a bedside extension telephone can truly be a life saver. And think how pleasant it would be to take late evening calls without getting out of a warm bed, Arrangements for Surprise Giving! We'll furnish you with a gift card. If you wish, we'll even gift wrap the extension telephone and delive? 'it to you before Christmas, Then we'll come back and connect it any time you say. Cp$t of extension telephone gift service j$ only $1.00 a month CML THI TitiPHQNI lUfJNftS OFFICE j« *n JANE PARKER ANGEL FOOD CAKE 49< JANI PARKER , . i ,..ft.i,,.......,.. i .. M ...,>. l .^i..,. i ,..,....... WIEKKY PIE PARKW *..*-.-,,»-..»..H«,.-«..>.,...n...«M. i Eachi*^- f\l-| |/^|^M|C ADDI CC RAISIN MINS35£= L .^29* DELICIOUS APPLES ^RA^CV- STUFFING BREADS •_ .'s20* WINESAP APPLES EXTRXFA^/f WHITE BREAD suszl S 20* FLORIDA TANGERINES DINNER ROLLS '3® JANE PARKER Pkg. BROWN 'N SERVE....,.....'. ,....„ of 13 t JANI PARKER JUMBO Pkg. BROWN 'N SERVE .-„•..„.; , ..of 2 PARTY RYE BREAD JANE •• WRKER ...... . i -.-__.- iS 16-ox. JANE PARKER SUNKIST ORANGES J9t TEXAS ORANGES GOLDEN BANANAS v-..;. < ( i FRUIT CAKE FRESH DATES Lb. Slb5. 149 3lb5. (Over % Fruits and Nuts) p FRESH COCONUTS PASCAL CELERY i > . TOILET SOAP IVORY ' O Medium Bar* A«S' TOILET SOAP IVORY li Larg* Bart «SO^ TOILET SOAP IVORY Personal Bart.. 21* GRANULATED SOAP IVORY SNOW 69* Giant Six*.. 99-44/100% PURE IVORY FLAKES 904 larg» Pkg .....;.... Mt 9 TOILET SOAP DIAL lath Bar».. 33* <! ^ lt . TOIIIT SOAP ^ y _. DIAL v 23* IAIADI OR CQOKINQ WESSON OIL M d OK T l« iHQRTfNIlNi SNOWDRIFT FESTIVE HOLIDAY FAVORITES GRAPE JUICE AAP Fancy;.,., RAINBOW PICKLES -$. CRISPY PIX RAJAH SHREDDED COCONUT SULTANA PLAIN OLIVES HI POLITE A&P CRUSHED 12 Oz 25c PINEAPPLE Jar i Lb. Pkg. OLD IVORY SPICED 2Tc PEACHES 'N°-*4 vOl "' Can. 4j OCEAN SPRAY "£: 55c CRANBERRY SAUCIcS THANK-U- _, ,. A ... « Marshmallow Greme p j? r 25c CRABAPPLES NABISCO VANILLA WAFERS 2 7 pV a °.?43f ANN PAGE GROUND CINNAMON NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT '^: 184 ANN PAGE GROUND NUTMEG NABISCO RITZ CRACKERS , $: 35* ANN PAGE WHOLE CLOVES BLEU CHEESE CRACKERS „,*,«. ^-.JW* ANN PAGE VANlllA STAR-KIST TUNA a «« UM 3 7 c"i $1.00 ANN PApE BUCK t ' CHOCOLATES ; o MINTS w ° rw " k " "'"• 3Q& rRFAMC W.rtb<n<.r. |fllHI9 Thin mm ».« Pkfl. W*T %iRBHItlJI Oumiond «.-.. 29| LUSTERS NESCAFE INSTANT COFFEE U-8I. CORTW TUNA OUARANTEEP ftyfrvi RICE Vmflft ltn'« 1 SAUSAGE ^^&?( fc ^ t' -A X jti IIC

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