The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1940
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 1940 JLTOIEVlLLKJA_RKJ_COUniER NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line lOo Two times per line per day—IM Three times per line per day... (too Six ltyiii'5 per line per (lay ubu Month rate per lino fiOc Cards of Thanks 50c & Vbc Minimum cnurae &uc. Ads ordticn lor t h r e o or ,slx limes and stopped btlore OAjhia- lion wnl Uc ciuiigecl ior the number of tunes tn& aucl iippeareu una adjustment 01 bill rmuic. Ail uJassilieti Aavmismg copy MiumHtca oy persons residing ua\- MIC. 01 thi; city must oe uccuin- IKimea by cash. Kniec, may ue eus- ' liy CWlipllltU iroilt nUCii-t moll-. WIYt-l Hams tnXJUl'tu Jor menial lii&truoiiB Hints me one timu u.^.-. MO ri'SpoiiBioniiy v,m ui- iiiMu Jor more tiLHii uuc iiiuivitiii in&ci- (jujj y) jjny i';Hu im Business Op'tumties Party to invest about SUM in lo- U(ii business enitriin.M! mat &uuui(l .pay tquRi munis each jtwr. m- \fcMintm imicuciUty gu«i,uati:u. May IRKC ucijvu PLUJL m hituia.^- mfcul 11 tKbU'cU. CjlLlie ttfcc, jr.ea- nlaiiUJi aooiit ycij. l-w Jnit-i vu-vv hUUi'tttS £OX "IUU" u/o wuunei For Rent GET OUK SPECIAL CAR * 1TF1M1S1L Of KR FOR MARCH AND APRIL ONLY We are going a long way to prove the liberality of our appraisals— to show what a good allowance we will make on your present car. Let us appraise your tor and we'll give you coupons good for four complete chassis lubrications. Don't miss this offer. Come in as soon as you can. For Sale Severn! young Jersey CO'.v.s will) Voting CttlVPs. C. 'p. Tucker, 4 miles soilllii'iisl of nh'tlievlllr. " 7-pk-M Email Studio rinlilwln pin no. Oood Condition. I'lionc 738-n. ftpk-i:! j LOST— One red sow. wi>l|jhl H25 I pounds. C.-ill R. (3. minis, I'liontf I '100. i B-ck-16 : Repairing -..-.- B«n repnlrliiB. Sea E. *L Damon n| tli<> niythcvillo Arm- I ory on Weclnestluys nnrt ' ' I . nr* [N YTHiNG $191 3 room ftirnlshed apartment. Newly cieconucd. tjiuuse. uiusc in. 120 l>u^an oireei, jviis. n^iii; svouci. Nice bedroom. 715 Ash atveei. 7-jik-ia a furnished rooms wHh jwivatc bain, i-iiuiie 100. i-en-u 2 .inrnlshecl rooms with bath. . Crucknstvwbu. b-p 4 room furnished apartment. Private bath. DeEjruole locanon, Call 280. 4-ck-tt 2 nicely furnished rooms, limcv- . spring muinf^-ses. Adjoining buui. All conveniences. Puone vw. •i-bu Comfortable front bedroom, out- SJQU entrance, t'none boi, ala W. Wainut. l-ck-ti a room lurnlshed apartmem. ItiOl W. ASll. 2U-CK-C1 J room modern furnished npari- rnein.T3l5 W. Mam. 2icK-cl Large eomfortaulc bedroom, iv beds. 2 closet*, steam heat-. Men preicma. Hione l, Mrs. J. G. s>uu- uury. vt-cK-it Rooins furnished or unfurnished. Ney/Jy decorated. lieasonnble. wn Heart). HB-pk-S-zB Heart). Nice bedroom convenient to bain. Stenm heat. Phone 280. lok-tt Room, close In, Mrs. Nolen, 310 Walnut at. 22-ck-tf Unfurnished apartment in Shane Apartment. Building on West Main Street.. Call 571 or 187. 1-ck-tf . Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING Urng line nnd heavy welding Barksdaie Mf g. Co Plinnc 19 or Kcs. 1019 $111 1939 FORD DELUXE FORDOR \Vhitc Sitlewitll Tires. Color Hliii'k. A line cnr. DOWN PAYMENT ONLY MONTHLY NOTES AS LOW AS ?2li.77 1938 CHEVROLET COACH i New black Finish. Motor and tires in A-l t'umiilinn DOWN PAYMENT ONLY PAY MONTHLY—JUST $in.<lf, 1936 STUDEBAKER COACH scat covers. Motor and tires A-l. Sec it today (PTC DOWN PAYMENT ONLY "'5/0 ANIJ PAY ONLY SHi.Iifl I'ER MONTH 1937 FORD DELUXE TUDOR with radio and healer. Color lilack. A car. DOWN PAYMENT ONLY MONTHLY NOTES AS LOW AS S2(l.i(i 1939 MERCURY FORDOR DELUXE , iaw flrKmsBS b(|iii|i|)e(l with heater, white side wall liros, driven only I bcr 51-086. c (i,000 miles. Kciiuliful Uoud-Mist Grey linish Bjgi snlm! !>>''unyinf powerful 95 horsepower motor ' "—-> — - ' Com ' ie '' NCM-S a DOWN PAYMENT ONLY PAY MONTHLY—ONLY ¥2(5.50 1935 FORD TUDOR (Hack color. Tires and motor in good condition CUE DOWN PAYMENT ONLY . ' $03 MONTHLY PAYMENTS AS LOW AS §14.55 JUST A FEW OF OUR MANY OTHER BARGAINS liMG Ford Deluxe Fordor. J(MO license. Clean Iliroughoul ONLY 1934; Port! Tudor. 1940 license. A good buy. ." ONLY 1937 Foi'd Tudor ONLY We call For & Deliver Bicycles, lions, Funs, Tonslers. Uot Plntrs, iJimps, UpholsleiliiB, Fur• nlttire. Slip covrrs or nnylhlng jou ml«iu litivo. Hlylhfiville Kiirnitiirc CD. 120 Knst Mnln Kt. Notice • TE"RM'iTE"S~ Work While Yon Slccpl Wake lip before they dnmnge youi' properly. For Free Inspection Cull 692-W. Walker and Archer State Licensed Operators 1940 Arkunsns \; ton Truck "license, Number 224-7'i3. Owner nifty liiU'c snuie by.pnvlng rust of llils nd. Courier News Office. j Block .'iwrrow Jiog. Wel|>h( I2!i Ib's. i D. S. Hny Proinl.vil Ijujd. 'Jnkll 1040 Arknnsus l.lrpnsc Tun number 51-086. Oivner tuny linvo ' ' linylng cost ol llil.s ml iHlce. Pn ul try Iliydicrllle Baby Chicks Custom Hnlcliing Marilyn Hatchery -'"• Hlwy. 01 North Room and Board Kooni [, 11( | board. Stenm h7nt~803 "'. Asti. piioiic ooa. ia-ck-3-l'J Personal lowers liusl [ O n t,, „ u-iKlei- (jowl, ivjin (wo white "»KV Will the person havl;-,g the >"'.vl plras.- nollfy m c ? 'ninnk yon * a Mvs, Samiirl F. Non-ls' I» bill- lo rid yourself U f constl- uii. tns yams, nnil llml. sour, K ri'i-tlng. rnkc one box o( K'llllY'S ACTlVk iJVKII l'IU,s 2 J>e nl (Ui Klrby Stores 1'l.ANTS: Onions-- JOwT "sOc"" 30(10 5100; U00(l $1,16. Ciibbng.— 10UC ';«•• 2000 $1.20. Nice lnr«,. plnntl. Nnw rejuly, \y. W. WniTtii, Cnrrlto "Iirlnss, Texns. Dll-pk-1'l Wasliing WaiUer.1 I'uiniiy i.iuitHlry. All dollies "wiTsii- «1 sppinntely. Mis. Mick, lilt) '• J| K<'. 4-pk-ll Sewiii" .. Mrs. rilnckwell, Arniorcl. I'lio '•'•"' 1-rk-1-1 i ..... ..... -------- — I "lit in (ii,. (||irii S|iilri'.s I-'LAOSTAFF', Ark. (UI')-CocO- iiini) niiinty Is (he lurgiisl. coiinly n> Ariuonn, contuiiilni; IB.IJKI 5 <mnrc tiiilrs-niHiosl. as linne us the (ilnlcs of Dcluwnre, nhodo Isluni), Connecticut ,Now Jersey nnil VcnnoiU combined. Moro Ihan 89 per cent of the county, however Is property of the l'\'<l<>rftl government. Dr. ,{. A. Saliba Announces (h e removal of M« offlM from Hie Jiicnim niiltdlngr to 184 II. Kimiueliy. Ki's. Phone 410; Ofllc-o I'll, 118 IHiESCRlPTiONS shest Stock U'cd Host I'nccs Drug Stores Wert Oplomctrisl "UK MAKES 'EM SHU" .Over J«o Isnucs' Sturr Phone 5'l() Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Safe Driving! Snfe niolorltii: Is the nlm ol every driver. Then. why not us- siire yourself of (his M ,f t ,i y ,, s fur ns yoiir niitouiolillc Is oon- ccrnctl. Drive In nml Irt our nicclmntes put your cnr In shniw for nny drlvlnp. The cost Is irasoiuible nnil the worh nilnr- iinlcccl, EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT Vwi'vo tried llio Koi.1, Now try lift IIKST CWAI. WESr A6H—IIIOKEST HEAT RED ASH S1O.O6 DIXIE QUALITY LP.'««•>.95 OI.DStll'KlllOtt ViVltll— TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS FOOD PLANT HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured pltml, sonvco of sweets. 0 11 is n well- known . or rccdy plant. 13 Aperient. Hl'arl of a shad. JC Picture border. 17 Hols flux. 181'orlico. Anjuver lo 1'rcvJous ruzzle 3T Auyury. IS Mesh o£ lure. ,„ ,. , . . ZOKxIei'lov of ™lTost Into. bark. 7.1 J'ljitform. 2%SUin!tt mistake. 24 To gnaw, 25 Knife. ZOJxuif! j; 27 Grain. aOHisn or enduring plmit. 30 1'rcposUlon. M South America. 'lOBywnyof. 41 Series ol movements; '12 To filch. -l-IJioiiil. 55 Its In-own syrup. 50 Lnlil nwny. VBRT.CAI. 1 Therefore. 15 Musical fiole. 16 Act ot selling. 1 9 Christmas envoi. ; 20 It grows In warm - . ' 21 Drono be«. 22 Parl of a rosary. 23 Us syrup is crystallised : or - . 25 Common verb ao Finger ornament. 20 Nullified. 30Un|l. -.,...; 31 cla » "nil-' . .. 2 G rent tumult. 37 To bribe. 32 To lonn. M Cuckoo, , 30 Ure;\ktiist food. . « Cubic. 47 Genus of tetuvceils. 02 Opposed lo even. 53 The island country, — rnisc.s 11 in tMirmtlllcs. 3 Alluvlnl mutter. •11'ismires. G Credit. 7 Wlllioul nn opinion. S Cupid. 0 To niovo onward. -. 10 To correct. 11 To surfeit. 12Slrccl. •10 Duct. n Completes. 44 Awkwiird •'•.' person'..':'. . • 48 Inferior, dog, •17 Form of ,"bc.'' •18 Dye. •lOSiingoc!. 50 Exists. • 51 Like, 52 Bono. • 53 Company. a) Pnld publlcily We Trade And Pay Top Prices For'Clean Trade-Ins PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut ,, h(mc Slu Farm Loans Drll, Ark. WASH TU1J1JS ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Now l.iiratnl In <!l c ii,.|, e ll u t,.| ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON DDWAHOS, l'r<i|irliilui- All fllnkcs ct Uclinlll Typ.Wllers, Ailrtlng Mr,,hl,, ts „,„) Cnlculntors—Hc|wlrliig_l'iu-ts— We S|ircial|y.c In SWEEPING COMPOUND Shousc-Hcnry Hdw. Co. ; ' Phono 35 Swinjv T ~vbu — V(-\ ^ •SPUTY COME Tb ARREST t SOM OM A For Sale or Trade ! 1937 G. M. C. PniW TrHclTMotor In excellent conclltlon. New PnlntJ . Bargain quick sale. Write Box 440,! WHOA; BY ©EORSE, I THIS BOTTOM SEBM5 TO BE NICffANO ... TOO PEEP, EITHER 1 HAVE DIFFICULTY FORDING THE STREAM j IF MV EXPEDITION UP THE HAW! JOST LIKE A DUCK'S FOOT 1M THE MUD! IT SURE is REMARKABLE WHAT THESE MOPERW CARS Will \OO! MOTHING CAN VSTOP THEM; WVER TO FIND OLD DOC. UAC OHM HA^S RUN - ,, ,"'111 trade for Mules, Cows, Qlythevillc, Ark j C:ittl(> . Corn, Hay am! I.unibrr. j Delta Implements, Inc. Salesmen Wauled I Scc ." wd slmfsm „. ck .J ..•.•-....-!*" -..-. :• .-•'^'-•'gjV..;r'.i,'.-jW'' 1^" '/GUILD ia '^f-i&stSiL:- CLOTHING SALESMAN' ' — FULL, OR PART TIME. Excellent com m ,-, J. I'CCS J< ()! niiMion ai»l bonus arrangement.' _ ............ ___ One of (he notion's Iratltne custom! Plant curly bearing pecan and made clothinp houses. Give full! Ircc.s now. Catalog free Bass Pc- ilclalls firrt letter. Box "C". Cour- can Company. Lumbcrton icr News. ROOTS AND HER RUDDIES BY ROY CRANK PAID VETAMO... HOLY MIKE! 1HERE FRBCKLKSANI> iris Kicks Thrm/gh I HEVER SAW V SUCH A SUV FOP \ TROUBLE! 1 .l I N\M<E FOB TH' / HY "MEPRILL BLOSSEK i TAKE W /s, UME SV»MH THIO cooetjiw IF J.II-.T; Vou.TUfcY'CU You WO :FI wt(Al •(CO WCAR / ^ I.IJV/ HUM. PALI'S Aft'-: ' I IMATS Jusr ir,' ir= WRY 1.1K.E MSJ, i ;LL p EJOW AMD OMe BOW WILL SMA7TtK PAR IN THESE RANrs ' CAMT F.'VC-M (3EMD OVER -••*" ^ per u't * '- . OUTGROWING I Put , if ir / _y OM .' i. JCOPB, !>M16>NH&tB\<Ct. IVi?. T. M, BI& U. S. Large or Small At Low Interest Rales. We nre equipncd to handle large or sninll loans im any sized traci of farm lann, ;,i loiv'cost. nncl al < low interest rntc TERRY ABSTRACT & REALW COMPANY 213 Walnut. St. Expert Electric ami Acetylene WELDING Drngllne and heavy welding onr specialty. D. W. CRANFOiD

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