Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 24, 1931 · Page 16
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 16

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1931
Page 16
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Crib tine - '- A - TUESDAY EVENING OaklanD ' C . Kj . ; D ' , : 7 - . I i . aaaaama FEBRUARY 24, 1931 AUG STATIC. F JIIJI IE FBESH HUB Held by Police MRS. HELEN BURKE, 25, and her husband, James Burke, ' arrested in Richmond, are being held by Federal au- ijhQiitira.on,,,CQuntexfeit, check charges. " Legislation Authorizes $H7,- 000 to Enable Scientists ' To Tackle Problems 24. failing those recep By ROBEIlT MACK. cu iVfiTO.N'i Feb .j . . . XTiTnctrpenetrate their mysteries. ....wl. the bu- Leg,-auon .t verUable house of wonder in . . - S reau """- wmhlncton . Ui a mote intensive "--: cnfholeted ana .i . ..henomena. nas ' " ' iAnoi mi rue Its conureitni"""' , p-p.i. iwalts only the algnature of Fresl 'uSo?UlnV M7.00 for two new experimental Nation, t. legislation w 1 enable the ';"' KnatiBti o tackle these problems with renewed vigor and with ample apparatus - EVISOV. And with thl. legislation, the tu-nu i to aid in the develop. television, now so expeii' .dly awaited by the P.vf " ' nnrt of its expansion of activities, the bureau'- radio laboratory pro-psProvde .co-tlnuou standard jrfqur.ui, , ..ki.i, .it illations on the air .v.. I- ,tunnM fit II 1)11 1 tV. nn. of television', big problem nnrHlntinn of trans' ' i.Ii racelvlntr auparatus, so "t at the device, wilt be in absolute synchronism and that the imM win he Identical with u... Th standard fre quenc-ervice-wlll permit precise calibration of television apparmu., ....n ..a ail niher station.. TV,. -4 nn naw ', Station. Will b -reeled In Isolated areas, free from ,..-iin nnil .nther disturbances. One will be of JO.000 watl. and the other of 20.000 watt.. Besides onriinv nut the continuous stand ard frequency servlcefor all sta tion, on the air. iney win db Employed In studying fudlng and iniln rYiiirnPterlHtlrs. a. well us the other ailment, and vugnrjes of radio. N. lADINO NEF.ftS STUDY. Dr. George K." Hurgjc.s, dlrectdr of the bureau., Informed congress In seeking passage of the legislation that fading Is one of the most nerloua limitations In radio and 'marl ainriv most urgently. "fcfatlo chantre. in direction of radio waves, which he .aid are of greut Importance In navigation of i ships and aircraft, and the he had or of the short waves, also are Included." . Accurate control of frequency to prevent - "wobbling, " Dr. , Burgess said. Is the key to efficient use of the limited number of radio channels. The algnal. to be transmitted continuously, once the new stations are Installed, will be checked against the bureau's master radio frequency standurd, accurate to one part In a million, he nld. 0nrrl(ht, 1881. for Tha TKIBVNE.) Oil, fcTATIO.N JtOBBKB ' BEKKKMfiV, Kb. 24. Burglary of u gasoline service station at Hearst avenue and Oxford street wa reported to police this morning by Wade Williams Jr., attend' ant The burglar, forced a door to the station and then lifted a trap, door leading to an air compressor and took a money bag containing (30.11, Williams told police. . 1 11 Tliore are 94,000 fewer people living within the London city limit, than ton yen re ago, ; i I 1 - V-U FAKED CHECKS 1510 C 54. Sufpect Bandit to Be Brought Back MODESTO, Feb. 24. Police Chief Lee E. Smith will leave tonight or tomorrow morning for St. Joseph, Mo., to return Russell ITU I, 86, ex-convlct, under arrest there as the bandit who held up the local branch of the American Trust company on February 6, to Modesto for trial. ' The formalities connected with getting extradition papers are expected to be cleared up on Tuesday. Another officer probably will accompany Chief Hmlth. K. W, Mathews, police chief of St. Josepn, has notified Modesto authorities thnt Bill will not oppose extradition. Hmlth, declaring that Hill "positively Is the Modesto bandit," will question the suspect In dotnll on his disposal of more than $1500, taken tn the holdup. Hill had about lUSO, mostly In onrrency, on his person WTien taken Into custody. After serving nine years in the slsle penitentiary it Nevada on a rliarge of 8Hault with Intent to murder, Hill wild released last No. vemher, Smith snid, and came to Modesto shortly thereafter Three Arrested On Driving Charge MAHTINEZ, Feb. , Thre'e persons wero arrusted bn Contra Costa county hlghwuy. ove the holiday period for reckless drlvfiilf. John Lee Janes, 21, of 226 West Ninth' street, I'lttsburg, was cited by.Stiite Traffic Officer. M. U Bar- bee and W. II. Kennerley on the Pinole highway. He will .appear before Justice of the Penno W. P. Terry at Pinole. Irwjn Role, 62, 3011 East Sixth street, Pittsburg, whs- arrested by Deputy Sheriff B. V, Page, and Edmund Drown was cited by" State Traffic Officer It, H. Trembath. Drown will face JrHilge George O, Duncan at Walnut Creek. SAX FRAXCISCO, Feb, Federal authorities today were holding Mrs. Helen Burke, 23. at tractive brunette, and her printer- husband. James Burke, while war rants sped across the continent from New York, Miami. Fla., nnd other eastesJu points, charging the couple with Issuing counterfeit travelers' checks. Richmond, Cal., seems to be about the only phife where the couple stopped nnd didn't cash any of Jhe worthies paper money, police said. ft was a large automobile with Miami license plates, seen on the streets of Richmond, that led police to raid the room occupied by the couple In the Oarqulnez hotel there. Burke, said to be an expert printer, had a complete miniature printing plant with him, and enough bankers' bond paper to print checks sufficient to keep Mm for years If police hadn't ln. fered. ' With Ms equipment. Burke -wan aide to counterfeit travelers' checks thnt successfully deceived bank cashiers nnd busineea men from the Atlantic to California police asserted. The couplflylJl be heJd-here by federal authorities untH warrants containing specific charge, aro ret ceivea. . Both Burke and, hi. wife main-tain -absol-iito . silence regarding their .activities. Forum to Sponsor Charter Study Meets The first of a series of four charter study group, sponsored by tahe departments of, municipal affair, and efficiency In government of the Oakland Forum and Kastbay League of Women Voters, Is scheduled for tomorrow, 10:30 a. m., Forum lecture room, Hotel Oakland. Alanson Sessions will be speaker at thl. first meeting, ac cording to Mr.. F, K. Yoakum, churrman, and his subject will be 'The Mayor and His Power.." The course of study meetings, open to the public and slated for four consecutive Wednesday mornings, will culminate in an evening muss meeting In the Hotel Oakland ballroom on Wednesday, March 25, Mrs. Yoakum said, whdn a comprehensive resume of the situation will be made. The entire course will be devoted to a comparison of the proposed freeholder charter und the city manager charter. Other speak ers at the morning metlngs-wlll be Markell Bner, Bestor , Koblnnon and Wade Hnook. Women Honor Two Friends at Party PITTSBURG, Feb. 24. Honor. Ing Mrs. Anna Frnlm and Mrs. Al bert Teakle oi the occasion of their birthdays, Mrs. 'alph Lne derlvh and Mrs. r,ouis Hchwnlholz were joint hostesses at a party recently. The affair wns held at the Laederlch home on Kast Santa Fe avenue. The rooms were .t-traetlvely decorated with tulips and daffodils. ..- RHtdue was the dltyfalon of the evening four tables t-elng In play. High, scores were made by Mrs. Amy McAvoy and Mrs. Irving Rlp- unp. t..ow scare went to Mrs, II. A. McVoy. "v Those present Tvere Mrs. W. K. Wcstover, Mrs. Thomas .Anderson, Mrs. O. C. Young, Mrs. Adrnlne Clement. Mrs. Mary McDonald. Mrs. Belle Smith, Mi's. Cleore.i Murray, Mrs. Ruby Zent, . Mrs. Leonard Smith, Mrs. Oswald Rber. Mrs. Kd Boyler Mrs. McAvoy. Mr.. McDonald and Mrs. McVny. Sandino Offers New 'Peace TermsrTo United States The present membership of the Socialist party in Great Britain is now about 2, lot), 000, whereas In 190 it was 4, 351), 000. - Plans for hydro-electric development of the La Cascada Falls, of the Rio Queq'uen Grande, in Ar gentina, are being made. By a new decree all tooth paste.) must be analyzed, proved and reg istered by the government befo they can be sow in Argentina, MEXICO CITY, Feb. 24. W OLDEN' GAT BROADWAY AT 16TH it Further drastic reductions for immediate clearance. Every woman owes it to herself to see these values tomorrow. Shop early. - 20 Odd COATS Formerly to $45 38 Fur-trimmed COATS Formerly to $39.50 . . VV . . . 41 Fur-trimmed DRESS COATS - Formerly to $49.50 1 . . . ......... . . , ... ;.. 20 Highest Type Novelty COATS Formerly $135 to $250. , . . ......... $15.75 $19.75 .50" Odd DRESSES Formerly Jo $25 .. . , 53 Silk DRESSES ( : ' Formerly to $19.75 43 Novelty DRESSES . Formerly to $49 SO . . C5 Early Spring DRESSES Regularly $19.75 529 Yi ott $5.00 Sg.75 $J7.95 13 .95 to Nicaragua was advanced yesterday by pr. Pedro Jose Zepeda foreign representative of the insurgent leader Augustino Sandino. His proposal Saturday that the United State. Marine. In Nicaragua withdraw Immediately, after which Sandino would cease his activities, met with a cold reception In Washington. . ' The new proposal is to betrln evacuation Immediately, or to agree to immediate evacuation, the Sandino faction to lay down its arms when notification Is given. Sandino- giving guarantees against resuming; hostilities. "A dispatch from Washington which say. that hostilities would cease the moment the rebels abandoned their arms somewhat perplexed me." Zepeda aald. "I wonder If thl. means the marines would be withdrawn so soon as Sandino lays down his weapons. "If such is the case, It seems to me there is a good-chance to bring about the pacification of the coun try. The fighting now ig growing more Intense and if It continues will mean the useless sacrifice of many lives. . "Would the United States anil the Moncada government agree to imnreaiate witnarawal of the mar. lne. if the Sandino faction laid down its arms and gave, adequate assurance mat it. would remain peaceful? "I assume that if this were done there would be assurance against any future intervention of American troops that Is. any unjustified intervention. Such an assurance, of course, wouLehbe necessary." The doctor declared that the only cause of warfare now in Nicaragua is the- presence of the marines, and that their departure will be a signal for. Immediate peace. . , 1 : w I 11 11 11 1 1 ---' 11 . m . . imii .mini asm 1 11 nil 1 W 1 II 1 $250,000 'Shadowing' Suit Declared Near Compromise CHICAGO. Feb. 24. (P) The $260,000 damage suit of Dr. John Wtreeter Hldley against Wr Perkins null,' K, c, who lies injured In a Toronto, Canada, hospital, may be settled out of. court within the next week. Jay Frederick Reeve, Bid-ley's attorney, revealed today. Dr. Sidney in- suing Sldlev for damages suffered, it is alleged, be cause Bull has employed private detectives to shadow the physician for three years. Attorney Reeve snld hi. client would receive a aet- tlement of between 1260,000 and S600.000. - Reeve felt reasonably sure that the settlement would take place before Wednesday, which I. the day scheduled for the hearing of a petition for Injunction brought by Dr. Sidney to restrain Bull from having him trailed by detectives. Reliez Valley Site ' For Summer Home WALNUT CRKEK, Feb. 24. Mrs. E. V. Rowla"nd, of Oakland, sister-in-law pf.Kdwc.-d R. Rowland, vice-president of the Greater Han Ramor. Valle. Chamber of Commerce, has purchased two acre, of land In the Rcllez Valley near here, and plan, to build a summer home. r CORNER 12" & WASHINGTON VOLUME BUYING PLUS CASH SELLING PRODUCES THIS REMARKABLE VALUE A.new l6w-priced suit, hand-' tailored, Worsted. 2 pairs pants! Shades and styles to please all. IS vi ill Wf BM-X Jiff ' . : fiot's the spirit that will assure success in our Community Chest Campaign. - Raising money for chafj itable purposes, emphatically is not a one-man or a one-organization jobits a city-wide, all- , inclusive, individual re-sponsibility. Let's not expect "George" to do it ' let's do it, ourselves. Organized Telief work js, moTe than ever, necessary when conditions are sub-noTmdLLet's not shirk' our duty. Let's individually say.arei9II Eielp! m SZgf1 jmrrmraimi 'mjvwrrm mvwKaqif r Extra .Fine Large and varied (.-liooec from, Values! sorlipnt to . All IK S Men's Sweatr Coats Welt made, durable iweater coats in new heather mixtures. These are $ry excep- liona values anjj -yorth a great deal more thaq this special cash price. $3.45 New Soniclblng Men' Slip-on SWEATERS With two! poeket. new solid shades. recently received Special -..- Alt Just MEN'S FANCY Broadcloth -SHdRTS With snteon. tops. Largo Special O contrasting variety. price, 65o for : 1 .2T JR1.95 Shade, of Tail EXTRA STAMPS With All Purchases If Accompanied By Coupon . 10 Extra St.mp.' wltk forch.i. of t 1.00 or Orw ih .r 9 1.60 or ovar St Extra 8unDi witB Furcha 00 Eitra Stampa with rurchat. of I i.00 or Over loe Zitra 1M Extra Btampa wftn Furchaa. ef 9 IB. 00 or Ott ( . c ion Xitra 1 UO Extra C00J only Wtinaiay, FEB. 25 ih Wool Knickers Sl.D.U Knit Boltnin. 100 Dora Brand New Z-PuIl-oVer Sweaters Round necks, plain shades and heathen, the season', popu lar weaves. $l.xn "J"!8- $1.15 100 Only Boj.' Nainsook Union Suits 3 91.00 Suits 1 40 Only Boy $1.50 CAPS 75c - Just Arrived 300 Boys'. "Van Huesen SHIRTS Junior sizes 6 to 1 4. Also 122to14!2. $1.50 values included. 75c 300 ralrt Boys' Genuine Rollins Sport Sox Sfany sample pairs included. S 7 to 10; regular J5e n - Cfl and 80c values, now; . J pre. OUC FIze. 200 Pain Boyi' Rayon Sox who wea'long panta ir Pys Exceptional vajue. K deliveries, a C. O. D no phettt urdrn, an thrt specials. The Safeguards that attract Banks and Insurance Companies, Investors need even more As business enterprises, Banks and Insurance Cpmpanies are-inferested in high yields, namralJy. But as custodians of the people's money, they are more interested in safety. Security of principal and assured interest payments is their first consideration. In Mercantile Building-Loan Certificates, good yield is happilycombined with more-than-adecjuate safeguards for pwncipal and interesr. " Funds "deposited here are loaned against first liens on select real estate. Properties are conservatively appraised and loans " are conservatively nude . . . The company's records are auto-, matic and afford instant information on the condition' of any loan, as well as orf the condition of the company. Independent Certified Public Accountants audit these records fre- K cjuently. Officers of seasoned judgjtieQt and unquestioned integrity manage the affairs of the company atid a well-known ' " d&ectorate Is constantly . . ."and actively vigUariivu ; These safeguards have attracted to the Mercantile Building-Loan Association the funds of many Banks, Insurance Com-panies, Corporations, Trustees, Guardians, Estate Managers and similar custodians of money. . In times when general investments are uncertain, these safeguards that satisfy the experts are needed even more by individual investors. - y i jVJ A 1712 Largest Savings and Building-Loan Corporation in Alameda County , 0 hl BUILDING-LOAN S S O C I ATI ON BROADWAY, OAKLAND Ttltpbont Ghtncturt 9266 ' Paid Monthly on sunn of 5,000 or more; tjuarterly on invest- S mcnt CeTtificttt. i a 4100 amounts; Sow-TmNaWionPiss-Book balances; cmptmLdt on Installment Cotif- icates.

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