Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1931 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1931
Page 5
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HOPE STAR AM &AILY PRBS8, «<W A«i£USAS ' . . „,. _,__ .~__», ... .,*.,.. .. .... * tmr:i,: rift liihtaHialAi in niri-nn.-nu»Bi..i 41Omvi LOMti A MAM RTHE TIME BEING •TOMffe' GIRL i BECAME WU, HE SIDti GLANCES By George Clark Ss-;-, te Mi •*'•'• ^r ,.;,V-I O 103t_pY NEA SERVICE. IMC. '*»»•''.»-S.-<Wj.Off. -THAT 5-ii WELL! ^^*. *firRK6V CF ^' t'ACK^'A'RI*?-^- iSM^t* t-f AB6LS-T TIME vcu WERE &&fii&G IT PREPARED "FOR -THAWKS'cSlUlMGi t? •MA. rr •ou© r 4Ti& MAv/e A.-FiM-e'* "FLAW6R, CQ^SIDBRI^e ALL- MV BREAKFAS-f 1^6GPS 'AMD CERV-ALS *THAT ^OiJ fEP IT f ARE VOU AX? SO A-T-TAC-l-lED- tg. i^-v. FoLUOUlS ME fcoiAiD -THe VARD uik'e A FAITHFUL -ref?f?iEte • •^« WD -THE WAV i-r OCKS AT ME UJrfW IT'S LOWING EWES' «•*-»• * An /WE **~ L fLU GlWE >"T A ?£PRIEV/E Ll\i-ni CHRISTMAS ' OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem OUf OUR WAY . -. . • - — • -, i ' •• • • • -' - ZZZ&r ~ :gjj? AH,M' 1 I>E-A'R 1 I (M^/&*Jrf THE HEART -To t»o rf f *w, fc&XT) ,-THg: BlRP MAS i p * COSAfe OM, KefeP UP ^^•^ >*sm : // ^^ • SS<a? &«W vj'j'^Vj ^ <z~ •' S?^l, HE MAS A IJ-T2-V ©1931 BY NtA SERVICE, INC. BtO. U, S. PAT. OFF. "THE. G -COURSE,. /<->« WASH TUBES IH At Ease! "Go.th! Wouldn't you be worri$dj£iQ.n'OQ}diat:tol(Lyoit. you /cere nearsighted!'* . ... . ' f MP. HOUSE BESIDE "WE LONELV ROAP pftovies t& Be AW iww, AMP VJASH BOLDLV ElMTSRS. AND L^6HT€R INSIDE C0/V\e To AM STOP. SIX. MEN.TURM SLOWtV AROUND, AM "UP AMP PO\MN,<>HTM tCV lMSOt.£MC£. UKST THt PROPRIETOR STEPS FORWARD, ANP eoMl/GRSAT(ON MeP'iM AN \JELU? VOT YOU ) OR P6RS A/AMT? / HA^A 1 N• 666S. . .... . Q RIC. u. a, HT.orr. ©1931 BY NEA SERVICE, I THREE )/, NO LUGGAGE. ORPERS! fej LIK6 TO^WVjKjj HMMM! "I _^ ' ' ' V-'! •-"'**-.•--• ---.V7.. ^SyT'TH' -poOdtV-l-^^lH 'W-EHTY-OFfl: " y-.\V:.&^ — ^ .- ' ..••:--?i?.S'ii§fi a o I 3 J^O ; rss MONEY!! O^EYES J SALESMAN SAM . • Very Close By Small BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Wotta Man *.."4**^1 ^m. ''^•'•: 1 _v-.^3 BUT- BoV! A CLOSe CAL(_1 <C3O-~ Keep 1M QIC?- SOLD Dec. ( S S V*> SWiOUP ". ftW' U66UK>—X? V CKVCH ftViV MOWt Of You c^ £^ . MOW I TH' Oi.' ?' *.~- "-^ v / 'X?» "ffa »SF.' OM TO ..^ l BV NE* SERVICE. IXC. REG. U. S.PAT. OfF. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Roll Call! ' crusT WHGM V« HAVE, ^fea MtMD OM OUR- BIGr-/ re.ST FOOTBAL oe= THe. ^BpuT?i .TUST SOLO Two » Tb TXf\T CinftMe.! WAsTH'cLose CALL! INSTRUCTED BY HIS FATHEK. TO UX3K TMROUSH iwe LOST >WD FOUMD COLU6AM, "<a FIWDTH6 OUMEG OP THE BIS Doe, 80 He CAM R6TUCM IT SHOCKS iTMBPZe ARC LOTS OF DOSS LOST-. BUT HOW VA3ULP ME MOST 4A^£ A MAMS ALL POOS JA^S MAMES u I I^MOvJ VMWAT I'LL. DO.-VtxJ SO ItJ AtOtS I^EEP A*-! EY£ OM /JIM^HILC x GO iM' *IV)6 )JEXT PJOOWV A^D CALL OUT THE MAWES FROM THESE ADS.... VjJATcH AM' SEE,IF H£ P6RKS OP MIS EARS AT OF 'EWv ,j£S^>^- ~^u THATS A PAUD IDEA/ FRECKLES u PERE LU^E... WERE TIP...' HECe QAM-MERE ROVER.. MERE FIPO... HERS HER6 SPOTTV... HEPS 808... MERE VJALDO... MECE AAIU:£... HEf SPARK >£S: \\ HE PO TAG? MO... HE (OEVER. eye LASH A/ By Blosser SWELL THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) First Is Last! By Cowan ' UADV VOHO UWeS R(G+tT DOOR. To WeRe. ;nisT i ' &QUCHVPe.M ! . VJELU, MV I AGREE PRETTY If f UR TfcllA OH ONE -SUE IT'S OU ME VPOCK- WAS •SO UOT - S JUST DRESS T'fA^VCE UP (AY MAWEM THE BOS AJntR WJU, 1 TWI

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