Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1931
Page 4
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, HOPE,ARKAM8AS ems o- illfcH* H&ftfi TOD A t eft* |E fc«-hWtiNS*, nmracv ot old , aiM inter M» EMrtle tinted ««*. SIMS i* itidtd of IH« Slnr. Mttf* nCYTlIER. belfev** , ft* d« police. . „ UPlfBH retttrns not* WJtfc a Woman t rlendl Mild " ttttt hy hi» *nth«r, who t»ty, rtfco h« thlnka l» n u Diif'tt (ot DiaS • In city «m or cnntlnuc th* In- SB* »o«s to Rttaiul .-.Jiff yncht. having TH« be at HWItnh to arc hi* M«et« COfNT DD LOMA. It Hated as the oitner tit „ J home. SIR.- JUPfTEU *** »» th« Mine mahe n« by the mnrdrr*«-. but r ... «t wn» bought »o* e*Mental ptir|iff»n. H« flnd* »* O, U. for »13,000 lir a Ift tK» «"-. i o**»brt<-» Brace and «nnrretln«c b»cnu«« *ha iHMot explnlii where xhe got. a am<M4 lkfn**len Lflnlw »ny» It !,M««y%. Hrac« nmfce» her give k*n*>r«» to Mart, nhn dl»* * I? tm« •toleit from Mt«. cr «»* night «»« tm» killed. atof that The Ply I* In the • Mary *<»«•» to ytit the brnec- » ike hotel Htefe. CO> OJT WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XXXVI frightened heart thudded id her- ears tin she could hardly The operator's broad, ma- back was toward her, taut aaw wtth joy that he was r, husky and might be useful 1 startle you?" She hadn't Ken—only smiled, ratliur feebly. mC* she said quickly. "I just—thinking of something did startle you," the snave Mjjuirofce went on. "I'm sorry. Won't i$V you let. me make amends? Have i>M>HUr tea on the root and perhaps w» can practice a bit—for tonight!" ^ ijfractice a bit. indeed—Mary "> thought. That's Clever of you.) '* jShe said, "OX thank you, but I JJiaven't time. Time to dress for ;: dinner, t Just ran down to>—to get liny man." sfie was sorry for that • fib,'fop,she was sure De Loma had ber at the safe and was per- aware what her errand had Instinctively she clutched .handbag under her arm more 'tightly. Even a less interested and ; astute person than The Fly would caught the gesture-and been prxmiptly informed, that the bag •""^.VmltoWes^ Mary realized thts as her taut nerves betrayed r 1 tnto the give-away gestures she • th4 car stopped at ber floor. «sp "I'JI'see you tonight?" she said n5an*d«*raoved to leave the car. l-In-pressing his invitation, De Lo|'ma had stepped between ber and the door. He was facing ber, his in his hands. As it just aware lie was blocking her way, he "Oh, pardon me!" and id oft the car. Mary stepped ft," alter him. It was the only thing do, although she realized .„,,., .. V ,-J*'horror, even as she did so, ^Ji'tha't she was about to be left alone yHh the man there in the ball. . .The elevator operator was about 'close the door when De Loma He and bis plans abruptly. lifted his hat to the girl 2-.JJ stepped on the car again. "" "Tonight," he saltf gallantly, and sr ^.kls bow was cut short as the door ijr, j'slammed and the car shot upward. 'l It waa only then that Mary, ! slightly dazed by the.swiftness ot What had trappened, looked about and saw Bates. He was standing at one side, apparently waiting for a descending elevator. Hands in his trousers pockets, a Key ring Jingling, a low whistle coming from his lips, he was -apparently the most casual figure possible. "Oh," Mary Cried. "Oh!" She clasped the detective shamelessly about the neck and kissed him a resounding smack on either dusty cheek. "My hero! How did you happen to be there—you saved me— I'm sure be meant to get off, but when he saw you ho didn't—" "Just waiting for an elevator, believe it or not," Bates replied, "But why—what's he following you for?" Mary told him In a whisper. Not that whispering now would do the least good. Bates fooked grave. "You'd better sttefr pretty close to home base," he warned. "Didn't know you were getting that out yet. I'm getting the boys organized how. Was just going out to the yacht to see Hendricks." He stopped and chewed his tip thoughtfully. "But if you've got that here, I'd better stick around." • • • T"<HEY moved down the hall, talk•*• ing in undertones. "I'm sorry!" Mary apologized. "But I thought he was safe in his room. And I had some other things to lock up and it seemed like as good: a time as any—" back. all right," Bates "You were 0. K. muttered But you see I was right. He's on the prowl." "Oh. maybe it just happened. Maybe I just imagine — " Mary began. "Tut, tut, sister! Believe me when I say he probably knows as much about your affairs as you do, right now." "Now," Bates continued briskly. "I'll put you in your room and then I'll go summon the boys. We can have our little conference here as well as anywhere else — if we're careful about it." The detective entered hor room first and' looked about. He raised the window, lay across Its sill /on his back for some minutes nnd studied the surrounding windows. There was a fire-escape which zigzagged downward some distance away— from which it would be possible, for a man to swing to tile small, decorative iron balcony which enclosed tho lower half of her win* Bates pulled his head In, flushed with his -efforts, and brushed off his hands. "Well, I think you're safe enough from that direction," he said, and inspected the bathroom which had no other door. "Now, lock your door when I go Out and if you see or hear anything that frightens you I'll be rigbt in the next room. Pound on the wall." "Or telephone?" Mary suggested. Somehow tho wall-tapping business sounded too Mata Hari — she suspected detectives of going in for theatrical behavior where theatrical behavior was i»ot always strictly necessary. "And have your throat cut wbile you're trying to get the operator?" he said. "Come here and I'll show you how to lock this door." Now that the necklace was Immediately in his keeping, Bates was a different man from the loung- ing, Iflckadalsfcal "Inventor" be bad been impersonating for days. Ho manipulated the locks swiftly, and Mary watched.. When ha went out she obeyed meekly—pushing all the various catches several times to make certain they locked. As a matter of fact, in pushing them about she became confused and when she at last felt herself satisfied with them, she had really succeeded in unlocking the, door quite thoroughly, Mary did not realize thts for some time, however. Sue had bathed, done her nails and her hair, and had Just wriggled Into the Paris dress, when a tap came at the door. She did not answer. , The knob turned slowly. A S the doorknob turned, Mary watched in fascinated terror. She picked up the first heavy object her hand touched—a silver jewel box from her dresser—and waited, ready to hurl it if the Intruder were De Loma, The door opened and the Countess slipped in, looking backward Into the hall. "Oh!" Mary cried angrily. "You frightened me nail to death!" The Countess signaled {Or silence. "Let rno have it, quick!" she whispered, darting anxious glances into the hall. "Bruce is in the bath." "Have what? Oh, you mean the bracelet?" Mary asked. "Oh, my dear. 1 put it In the safe!" The Countess' head jerked about; her shocked eyes fastened on Mary suspiciously. "You don't think I'd leave it lying about, do you?" Mary laughed, mildly defensive. "In a hotel room?" The Countess closed the door. The blazing eyes had narrowed. Slowly bands on hips, she idled forward until she was within a foot ot the girl. "So!" she hissed. you will trick me, eh? "You think I knew you would try that. Well, you will return that bracelet to me now, or I will scratch your eyes out! Do yon understand?" "Why—how awful you are!" Mary gasped in horror that was real enough. "What are you suggesting? Of course you will have your bracelet—In the morning!" "Tonight!" Mary shook her head Inflexibly. The Frenchwoman breathed heavily for a minute, during which Mary knew actual bodily fear of the tigress she bad aroused. Then slowly the other woman relaxed-. A mocking smile curved the corners of her mouth down. "OU, nnno?" She rolled the consonant fearsomefully. Mary turned indifferently to the mirror, touched her. hair idly with her fingertips. Like a flash, a hand shot out and snatched the chamois bag lying on the dresser. The Intruder backed away swiftly to the door with it, laughing triumphantly. Mary threw herself at her but the other woman held her off, ripping open the talou fastener to plunge a swift white hand into the depths of the bag. She lifted her clenched hand from the bag and held it behind her while with the other she made an awkward search of the bag's emptiness for the bracelet.. Panting: with disappointment, she threw Mary off with a lunge of her elbow, and brought her right hand out to HAZEL, ROSS. BAILEY '©1931 &YN& Service IM spect the Jewels sue clutched, At sight oil them her mouth fell open. "Oh, oh— hoff beautiful!" she breathed, rapturously. "So that is what they are like— the Jupiter rubies! And they are yours—" Un« consciously she emphasized "yours." Mary nodded. "They are mine." She held out her hand. "Give them to me, please." The Countess Jerked the necklace back out ot reach. Her eyes wore coldly calculating. "Where is my bracelet?" "1 told you! It's In tho safe," Mary snapped. "Now give me thoso before I call the police." . Sulkily the other walked past her to the dresser, Jerked open its drawers, searched hastily among tho contents, slammed them shut Balked, she let the rubies fall slowly, musically, reluctantly, through her fingers to the glass dresser-top. Daughter of U. S Senator fe Artist IWfARY picked them up, slipped •*•" them gently into their case again. Hungrily, the green eyea watched them disappear. Mary tossed the bag into a drawer. She raised insolent eyes to the other's envious face. "What would I want with your silly bracelet?" she asked witheringly. The Countess straightened. Her teeth came together with a click. "Tomorrow, then," she said. "But no later!" Suddenly Mary drew the surprised Louise back into the room, and closed the door. "Would you really like to own those rubles?" she asked in a tense undertone. The other merely stared. She was too surprised to answer. "I'll give them to you — the day you sail for France and promise never to see Bruce Jupiter again." The Countess' eyes widened. Then she Jerked her arm away. Sho laughed, shortly. "So that is what you want? Well, you won't get it." She drew off and her contemptuous gaze swept the girl. "Why, Bruce wouldn't look at you, you— babyl If you knew how he despises you!"; Mary said patiently, "I don't want Bruce, but I don't suppose,.,! can convince you of that so L woif/t try. All I want is to save Mfc father's heart from breaking. A:a<|;it will break— if Bruce marries you!" This time the Countess could not trust herself to speak. She slamin ed out of the .room. Mary sat down, spent and weak, and laid her head on her arms folded upon the dressing-table. She would have given anything to be able to run away from the whole affair as fast as possible. But the curtain was about to go up on the last and most dramatic scene of all. Resolutely, she stood up and began to fasten the Jupiter neck* laco about her throat. How odd it made her lipstick look! She tried others but they were all too pale. The magnificent, sultry crimson of the gems brooked no competition. At last, with a disgusted gesture, she wiped the rouge off and left her lips natural. The rubles should have the stage tonight— not she. It was their right. If The Fly were lured to his ruin it would bo they, not she, who did it. She lifted them, cradled in her hand, and kissed them fiercely. It was like a dedication. (To lie Continued) Revenue Department ftum Permits Illegal SPRINGFIELD, 111.— (/p) -Revenue department liquor permits sometimes called "congressional permits" were Saturday ruled unconstitutional by Federal Judge Louis Fitsshenry, in the WilHsville Health is not so good at this writ- Ing. Several are having chills. Mr. and Mrs. Pascal Simpson spent Saturday night find Sunday with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Simp- case of Purity Bakery company ogainst son, Prohibition Administrator Yelldwtey. Mrs. Dora HoHamon of Texnrknna is visiting her daughter. Mrs. Emma Woodruff. Granny Martin is spending n few days with relatives of this place. Singing was well attended at Holly Springs church Sunday afternoon. Willisville hall teams played Emerson Friday night, winning all games. Political canvasses don't interest charming Helen Coolidge half so much as canvases for painting. Here the- young artist is at work in the Fitchburg, Mass., home of her father. Senator Marcus Coolidge. Bethelham Health in this place is good at this writing. Ivey Sutton, Thurman Landes are spending a few clays hunting and fishing at Red lake. Ray Williams of Shrevepotr, La., spent Wednesday night with his father-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Sam Crank. Mrs. J. T. Beavers spent Wednesday with Mrs. I. »/ Poweds. Mr. and Mrs. Dew Hall are the proud parents of a 8'^ pound son. Mr. and Mrs. Ovey Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Landes attended a dance at Mr. and Mrs. Duth Huckabee's last Saturday night. Miss Pearl Lewis spent Tuesday with her sister; Mrs. Lettie Landes. Mart Yocum and J. F. Galloway were peddling geef down here Tuesday. Patmos NOTICE OF REVISION OF : ASSESSMENT Notice is hereby given that the ~*Bpard of Assessors of Street Improve- nwnt 'District No. 3 in the City of Hope, Arkansas will meet at the of- Jil» of L- Carter Johnson, second floor of the Arkansas Bank & Trust Com- tow* Building in the City of Hope, Arkansas at JO o'clock A. M. Thurs- l <Say, December IT, 1931,. for the purpose of revising and readjusting the assessments of benefits against the real property in said district. «• An? persons desiring any revision 6 0* readjustment of his assessments, or any change in values, for improve- erected or removed, or any 'change whatsoever, may appear before {be Board and moke application there- 'for and! same will be considered. - This- 23rd day of November, 1931. CARTER JOHNSON FOLK SINGLETON EUGENE WHITE '' Board of Assessors. ' NOV, 24— Dec. 1-8. NOTICE OF REVISION OF 1 ASSESSMENT Notice is hereby given that the Board of Assessors of Street Improve roent District No. 3 in the City o Hope, Arkansas will meet at the of fice of L. Carter Johnson, second floo ef the Arkansas Bank & Trust Com pany Building in the City of Hope Arkansas at 10 o'clock A. M. Thurs day, December 17, 1931, for the pur of revising and readjusting th ts of benefits against the rea property in said district. 4ny persons desiring any revision pt readjustment of his assessments iff guy change in values, for improve- tnents erected or removed, or any eJxange whatsoever, may appear before the Board and make application there- for, and same will be considered. This 23rd day of November, 1931. CABTEB JOHNSON FOLK SINGLETON EUGENE WHITE Board of Assessors. v. 24-Dec.'l-8. The Defendants, Lucy Chambless Taylor and Girlie Chambless Turner, are warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, herein. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 31st day of October 931. (Seal) WILLIE HARRIS, Clerk Nov. 3-10-17-24. COMMISSIONER'S SALE El Paso School Wins District Championship EL FASO.—(#>)—Austin high school of El Paso was declared ftxjltball champion of district 11 of the interscholastic league Saturday after Bowie high and El Paso high had been disqualified from representing the district because they played ineligible men in early season games. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, made and entered on the 6th day of November, 1931, in a certain cause then pending therein between The Citizens National Bank of Hope, complainant, and T. L. Rhodes, et al., defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public venduc to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance to The Citizens National Bank building, in the City of Hope, in Hempstead CountyiyArkansas, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales on Thursday, the 10th day of December, 1931, the following described real estate, to-wit: The Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SW14 NE'/i) and the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SE'A NW',4 NEW of Secton Three (3), in Township Thirteen (13) South, Range Twenty-four (24) West, containing 50 acres, more or less. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decVee of said Court in said cause, with approved security, bearing interest at the rate of eight per cent (8%) per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to .secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 17th day of November 1931. , WILLIE HARRIS Commissioner in Chancery Nov 17, 24. COMMISSIONER'S SALE vember. 1931, in a certain cause then pending therein, between Peoples Building & Loan Asqciation, complainant, and R. Walkup et al., defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vendue to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance of the Citizens National Bank of Hope, in the City of Hope, in Hempstead County, Arkansas, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Thursday ,the 10th day of December, 1931, the following described real estate, to-wit: Part of the W"/ 2 W'/fc SWV4 of Section 28. Township 12 South, Range 24 West, described as follows: Begin al a point on the east boundary line of North Hcrvey Street (formerly Giles Avenue) in the City of Hope, Arkansas, 202 feet northerly from the northwest corner of Block 8 in said city and run thence east 17% degrees north, at right angles to the boundary line of said street, about 100 feet to a point in the center line running north Jots Around Shover Here is hoping everyone in need of a good 1 rain got it Tuesday morning. A generous portion came our way- just as the school children were on the road. A stiff wind and hard rain caught them and gave them quite an impromtu shower bath. We were glad to know that Joe Dorethy and family were visiting Sunday at the McMillan home, since Mr. Dorethy had been confined to his bed' so long with a lame knee. Harold Sanford and family were Saturday night and Sunday guests of his parents, Mr. and Mi-s. H. B. Sanford. Mrs. J. R. Gray has been quite ill for a few days but better at this time, Mr. and' Mrs. Lelman Ruggles and sister, Miss Forest Ruggles accompanied their mother, Mrs. Ida Ruggles to Prescott Sunday where she was entered ut the Cora Dounell Hospital for a 24-hour blood test. Miss Forest and mother returned home Monday. Mrs. Ruggles' many friends will he pleased to hear of a speedy recovei-y. Some of the ladies have had new cotton mattresses made at the end of the ginning season and are justly proud of their work. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Mitchell visited recently with Mrs. Mitchell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell, of near Bodcaw. Mr. Sheppard and family of Patmos, were Sunday visitors of the Kar- Mr. Erie McClellan of Camden, was visiting here Sunday. Mrs. John Laha returned home last week after spending several days with her sister, Mrs. Valda Rider, at Camden. Mr. Clyde Walker of Poteau, Oklahoma, called on friends and relatives here Monday and Sunday. Miss Dorothy Stopps of near Hope, and Miss Jarmon of Wheeling were visitors here Sunday. There will be singing here next Saturday night. Everyone come and bring your song books. Several from here attended singing at Hinton Sunday night. Joe Rider of Hope visited his mother here Sunday. Arkansas County Sues for Gas Tax Allotment LITTLE ROCK—(XP)-County Judge W. M. Trice of Arkansas county Saturday filed suit in Fulaski circui court against the Arkansas highway commission seeking to obtain through mandamus $3019.66 alleged due in gas oline tax allotment to his county. Judge Trice set out in his petition for a writ that under provisions of Act 63 of 1931 which provides an additional one cent gasoline tax for the various counties that up to Octobe: 1 an aggregate sum of $42414.27 ha£ passed to the credit of the county. He charged tha tthe commission insteac o fissuing warrants for ?42,414.27 had alloted only $39,394.61. [J'Jlilt 111 Ult£ UcllLCl 111 1C J. UlUlillg llUi H* *»•—••*» .. -.*, — .— . --- j and south through the Wt4 SW ] /4 of I her and Jordan families. Mr. ar.a located. don ot know where they have » HEREBY GIVEN, That . said Section 28, run thence north along < Mrs. Melba Jordan accompanied her said center line 55 feet, run- thence | parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard, home west, 17',2 degrees south, to a point on i for a few days visit. the east boundary line of North Hervey Street 54 feet northerly from the point of beginning, run thence southerly along the east boundary line of said North Hervey Street 54 feet back to the point of beginning. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, with approved security, bearing interest at the of nine per cent (9%) per annum from date of sale until paid, and a Ue» being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of th* fW chase Harmony school has organized a Literary Society with Berneil Otwell president. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd' Bailey of Gurdon and little niece, Mtfie Sue Ward of Prescott, spent a duy last week with Mrs. Bailey's sister, Mrs. Adell Sanford and family. Carl Reece was in this vicinity buying calves one day last week. Louie Bichadson and family have moved from the Walker Owen farm will be the r Sw was.- HEADACHE Due To Constipation OFTEN one of the first-felt effects of constipation is a HEADACHE. Get at the bottom, of the trouble with a dose or two of Thedford'a Black-Draught. Don't strangle nature's outcry with mere pain-killers, but relieve the constipation — enjoy the refreshing relief which thousands of people have reported from the use of Black- Draught in such conditions. Black-Draught is made of finely powdered leaves and roots of approved medicinal plants. Mr. L. P. Duncan, 329 W. Lincoln St., Tullahoma, Tenn., writes: "A few weeks ago I had headache. Having Black-Draught on hand and knowing it was good, I took It and it relieved me. A few nights ago, I took It again with splendid results." 1M-W THEDFORJVS BLACK-DRAUGHT Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per lim» minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line\ minimum 50c 6 insertions, 60 per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5^4 words to the line) NOT E—Went advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 s , They also played Village Saturady night. The boys won their game, but the girls were defeated. The high school will present a play Tuesday night. Everybody come, for I am sure you will be well entertained. Harold Martin spent Saturday night with his cousin J. T. Martin. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams are the proud parents of n son. Nichols Health in this community is goo at the present writing. Everyone Is through gathering thelrj crops in this port of the county. Misses Wilma Brown and Flora Co* rponl Tuesday night with Miss Adr Marlar. ... 9 the party that was givert by Mlssl Pearl Winberry last Tuesday night was attended by a large crowd and all reported a enjoyable "in*. Mr. and Mrs. Carl May and Vernlce Brown spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Winberry and daughter. Pearl. Mr. and Mrs. Mikle Winbmy spent a while Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Winberry. Miss Pearl Wiriberry took sUppM Sunday evening with Miss Wilma Brown of. Falcon- Misses Blanche McClure, Ophic Cox and Vera Pierce spent Tuesday night with Mr.'and MM, Mikle Winberry. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. May spent Sunday With Mr. and Mrs. Wikle Winberry. FOR RENT FOR RENT — Furnished 4 room pnrtment, private bath. Phine 576. 23-6tp Admit Saengcr, to "Transatlantic" at Mrs. W.R. Alexander. the FOR RENT—Nicely furnished apart- nent with adjoining bath. Bills paid, orage. 704 South Main street. 23-3tc FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, close n. 404 East Third street. 21-3tp. FOR RENT—New apartment, private bath, close in, modern, reasonable. G20 South Main street. 24-3tc. Admit to "Transatlantic" at the Saenger Mrs. A. M. Blevins • FOR SALE — Accredited White Wyandotte Cockerels. $1,000 each. H. D. Chandler, Hope, Route 4 24-3tp Admit to "Transatlantic" at Saenger, Mrs. T. R. Billingsley. the FOR RENT—Five room house on Highway 07, Magnolia Addition. Tele, phone 1612. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 6t FOR SALE FOR SALE—Mash fed, turkeys, for 20 cents a pound. Riley Lewallen, Hope Route 1. Itp Admit to "Transatlantic" at the Saenger, Mrs. Chas Bader. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Strawberry plants, Klondike variety. Mrs. H. B. Smith, Highway 29. 3tp LOST LOST—White gold Elgin Wristwatch Black and white facing with black and white link bracelet. Reward. Return to Hope Star. 23-3t LOST—Moon stone pin, on east side of Hope Post Office. Please return to Hope Star. 23-3tp Admit to ''Transatlantic" at the Saenger, Miss Sallie Allen Lost—Key ring and keys, with name plate M. S. BATES. Washington, Ark, Reward, Return to Hope Star. 21-3tc LOST—Black leather purse, zip closing, Monday night at Methodist church or between church and Citizens bank. Return to Hope Star. 3t NOTICE Admit to ''Transatlantic" at the Saenger, Mrs. C. A. Bridewell. NOTICE—You'll miss the best if you don't take that business course at the Four States Commercial College at Texarkana. We accept cotton at 8c pound. Write for particxilars, etc. J. W. Hill, mgr. 24-6t SWAP SWAP—Oood ns new Buckeye in- cubatnr, 110 egg size: fnr pHonocwnh. Also hand peanut shsller for saddle. J. M. Calhoun. Route 1, Hope. 21-3t SWAP—Klondike or excelsion plants for what have you? Phone 553. Mrs. A. R. Whitlow. South Main at city limits. 21-3t SPECIAL Thanksgiving Dinner 50c at Hotel Black, Washington, Arkansas 24-2tp. THANKSGIVING SPECIALS Store Will Be Closed All Day THURSDAY Fancy No; CRANBERRIES i i Large Bleached CELERY __«_»——* Red Emperor GRAPES 2 Ibs 25c . bunch lie Ib. 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE 3 Ibs. 9c 50c •••^ National Biscuit Co. CRACKERS 2 lb.box 21 c Del Monte _, PINEAPPLE No.2can 15c RAJAH Salad Dressing-8 oz. jar 12c Sour or Dill Pickles 2 25oz.bot. 25c Grandmother's Sliced Bread-16 oz. loaf 5c Dromedary DATES package 19c Del Monte RAISINS Seeded or Seedless—Package IQc Quaker Maid Pork and Beans—1 Ib. can 5c We Have a Good Supply of Turkeys and Chickens. See Us Before You Buy • PORK •SHOULDER ROAST-lb. 17c FRESH PORK HAM ROAST-lb. 25c SUNN YFI ELD SLICED BACON-lb. 29c F.XTRA .SFI..CT OYSTERS-pint 37c ARMOUR'S Cured Ham-Half 21c, whole 19c FAST GETAWAY MAGNOLIA -US.

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