The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1940
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 0,. 10-10 lEB'S CHII SES BI-YTHKVn,LR (ARK.) COURIER 'Gone iWilh The WimP Hailed As Tribute ?V| o Pi-oducer Who Overcomrs Numerous Problems Government Hun</s In Bal- iince Because Of Unprc- p.areclncss Charges ' Hy. JAMKS .MONTACJSKS ' .VKA Service s'prdai C'oricsiiomlcnl [ TORONTO, Oi>t., Alitrcli a.—An i army overcoat lias become the sym- I iKil of the Issue on which This Premier Got Sore and Put * , '^i' .loinl May Soon Have Own Coiti-in-Slol Talkies' r, Odd Job Man May Re Orchestra Member Off Duly . II. O. ittl'l — Itesl- ueiilK 01 Vancouver limy b<. S |,,. plumtx i or tin- odd job nmn nskrcl 10 repair t(| u . rurmu-i! ' |l u . HY I'Al'l, HAIIHI.SOS' i NKA Smlre Sliill' Ci>rrfj,|innileiil ; MOI.LVWOOI) -Jimmy H,>n S ev,.|i. | hasn't produced any ptolims vet. 1)111 1 eiUl tell you iibOIll |ln> kind uf movies \vlili which lie will foe Ifji'iilldcil. I hnv<> JHSI pret-iv live of (hem. nil in 15 mlmiK's- hllt tliul would huve bcni UIIK enough (o curl ihe hair ul III Hnys office piiilsi.s. 'l'\vo of Ihe Illms feutnred ilii 1 torso losslni; anil otlu Vivien Leigh uixl Clink G;iolc in "Clone with Hie Wind". Mitchell T. Hepburn k "Ovenunenl will stand or f;Ul at the t'lcction Marcli 2C. It Ls Hie coat Una Lieut. Colin Campbell didn't get. At least he didn't get it in time. The missing K'eutccat has grown into an —Prime Minister On,the Spot—*, No mare challenging assignment has ever been set before a lloily- WCOLI studio than (lie task of transferring "Uone with (he Wind" 1'rom the printed page, u ineditiin In which it had set a new American publishing record, io the motion picture screen. The long-awaited picture will he shown .startms 'lues- day, March 2G at the KHz Theater, The manner in which the Amcr- icnn public had taken the book to its heart, and the intense amount of speculation us to who would play the leading roles, placed ati unparalleled responsibility on Hie shoulders ol Ihe film producer. David O. Selzitlck. who paid $50,000 in July of ISM for (he film rljjhls (o Margaret Mitchell's afo- sorfolng story of Civil War aixl reconstruction days, made no nttumpl lo dodge any of the inillcon-atid- one problems that were showered on him. He invited everyone who Intel read (he book to continue sug- jjeslions of favored players for the leading characters; he began intensive research in all phases of life in (lie Georgia of seventy-five' years lie launched a V search of unprecedented scope to find the right actress for Ihe role of Scarlett O'Hara. Finding a Scarlett No fictional characterization of modem times had attracted so much reader interest, and it was Mr. Sclzulck's feeling from the start that it would be preferable to find • ah'actress who wns not identified in ihe public mind with too many earlier parts. Qualifications of every eligible j stage and screen plnycr. as well as ' 1400 "unknown" aspirants for the part, were weighed and silted, at a production cost, approaching SlfiO.- 000. Al Ihe end of two and a hnlf years the role was still unfilled. With the camera grinding on the Initial sequences of the story January day in 1939, there was still on .1 no Scarlett O'llara. Then, as if Uy belated intervention of Fate, came Vivien Leigh, a little known fin^lish actress svhose ccslry and physical lumily an- appearance j.rovidecl a startling counterpart of Miss Mitchell's Civil War heroine. To add nn Ironic twisl, she was introduced to Mr. .SelxnieJ: by his brother Myron, a well-known audit who hiul been turning California upside down for thirty months try- -i«j unsuccessfully to 'help solve Ihe -amily dilemma. Miss . Lcifjh was .iivcn a screen LesL shortly alter Air. Setaiick had met her. and the results definitely assured her of the most eagerly contested role of the decade. OaMi.' Iilral Choice An overwhelming public demand had reinforced Mr. Si-lunick's con- lldence that Clark Gable wus the ideal choice for (he part or nhelt Duller. Ever since publication of the novel, a steadily rising stream of fellers had been rinding their way lo Hollywood suggesting, pleading and insisting that Clable oe given the part of (he iirespon- sitle, dashing, irresistible Georgian who scorned the conventions ot his era. Extensive Tests Leslie Howard was selected for (he part ol Ashley Wilkcs, and Olivia de Havillnnd lo play the role of Mfrliinie Hamilton, while thirty- six other featured players were hand-picked from Hollywood and New York casting nies. Extensive character tests in costume were re- cuiired before fiiliiig each ot these keenly etched supplementary roles. It was the producer's professed aspiration to preserve the spirit and flavor of the novel in every detail. Mr. Sclznick worked tire? Icssly with the late Sidney Howard, noted playwright, on Ihe screen transcription of "Gone with the Wind" lor n' full year. He realized that it would bn unfair to Die novel .mil Ihe wailing public lo arli- lU'lnlly .trim the original I0:)7-page story lo nn arbitrary lenuDi. Approximately Wu'.OOO feel of .'oolajjc wns siiot dining llic tight months the picture WHS before (he Technicolor cameras, of which 20,•300 Icct were retained for the fnml release print, This inns lor throe .lo.irs and fony-five minutes on Ihe screen. Victor Fleming, one of' Hollywood's oiitstandlns directors, .was assigned lo Hie directorial helm of •Gone with the Wind." S|irr.liiruliir Seem- Of the ninety sequences making up tlie framework of the motion picture story, Ihc most visually spectacular is the scene ot Ihe burning of tile Confederate inlll- AtlinilH, while besieged the Georgian capital and the army of (he South was In relrcnt. A million feel of lumber went into the sets of "done with the Wind," and 12,000 days of employ- mint were given to the extfiis and bit players who made tip tlie "net- ing population" of the picture. tmy supplies in Northern hoops £i reason. U they huiulrc'd they ml«hl even be- more Miipilsi'd lo llml )«- l.s n manlier of Ihe Icx-nt «ym- phony ciHic'.slrn. KOI tlin Vmicmi- vcr Symphony draws lioiu nil dns.Ms nnd ocuipalioiw for its mi'mbm. The violinist In Immiie- uliilii while lie Htm tails m llv ,. x . change his dress ior ovcrafls In es'cryit.iy [i]\._ Wnabii- to drilvr „ llvc'liliom! from (radiiiii; and playlnii In Ihc ell)', iniiiiy mnnbns of Ihc Vuu- comrr .Symphony. Immnis up , im l i "V,';:."'; 1 ,., down the piidilc, ply man- j t \ H . av ,.. „', ual Ir;ul^s dining tin* dav and practice on their Insmminils. al Waller T. CoultiiK sorls plunks at n lucnl supnlll where ln< is a griulcr (liulii;! (he day. But once » week in- piny.,. Die obw In (he symphony. PlayliiK u Preni-h bom in U 10 oreliesira Is George ICilpln. C on- sltaoc! one of the luillon's OIH- slandlu;; iiistiumrntnllsis in this field, nut nu workdays Ivilpln repairs roofs, mends leaky coffeepots and docs n hundred other odd Jobs. Other mnubers of the group likewise me forced lo put aside Ilieh- instruments during Hie week. Among these is uu automobile mechanic. » landscups! gardener, a dentist's luislslunl, nn automobile salesman, and others who have various occupations. .Several members have deserted the of more hicriitive "swiuy" bands hula-Lulu. Another Sturm! Hott'lund. Ktilp-iiudlsl mid illli'i'il of (he Folllis IJurli- Tlien I here wuv ".Sailboat Dreams," which, liralili'.s llic slnn- inn of llinx Crosby, conlidiii'd .v voluptuous mermaid posing pec,- lonijly Mi.'iulwiiKl. l-'jfih Him yar, a niniiocumis lioin enlKM'ucd by Klhi !*KLIII'S warbUmi and an inn- ply cliui ciide in u boudoir. Vhrsi' plL-lmi'.s mr bi-lnn exhlb- ilc'd ixpi'i'imontally In a Holly- wc.oil ciirklnll lounxc. When a liatK.n pills n dime In u slot-- probiibly n nickel. i'Vi!iilunlly--iui ijrctlon m uc hi in: will) screen. Tlie device Is ex- j ireiurly popular, inul nil the regu- j Inr ciisloini'i.-i of ll»> c'sliilillsli- mrnt uir clamoriiiK (or new (lluis. DKMAN'il V.\l'KCTl:n TO UK THKMUNIIOUS Tills i'ciulpment wus not InslalU'd by tho Mills Novelty Comiuiny. with which Hooscvc'll is associated as 11 producer of slol-innchliii! movies. Hut Ihe Illms btliiK shown wen- mnde by Neil McCHilre. who Is e.viwcled lo (tun mil (lie short shorts lo be used In llic Mills- lloosi-vell enlcrprlse, lie, or somebody, will have a grenl ninny plctdtes (o make because there sevnvt little doubt Hint most ol Ihc big Juke-box concerns such as WmllUer will have l" compete In I lie new Held whether they like It or not, Al H'usl throe coiiipr.ulcs already are preparing to Jump In, H's 1'iisy to Imiigliie the obsolescence of nil the hmi- for ilmlr first love, the symphony, drcds or thousands of record-play- I3u( once a week during the winter season overalls and tools urc put away mid out co|"c white lies and tails. And difficult il Is for local residents lo recognize the mini behind Die violin in the front row us the worker who cleaned their the day before. Three technical specialists, who j tu / : " ni had never in their lives dreamed of being summoned to me picture | Federal Census Taken capital, were brought from Uii! I South by Mr. Sclwick for "Gone! wltli the Wind." They were Wilbur Ci. Kurtz, whose ADanl.i neighbors call him "tlie walking history of HID Civil War"; Susnn Myrlck, famous writer mid voice teacher who has won the sobriquet of "the Emily Posl. or Dixie"; nnd Will A. tut! nuiclilnes now In bure and ros- ntirt roudhouscs when people din buy Ihe same music alonit wllh vlsunl diversion. Kvery beer and hauibiuner joint I'rlni'i-ss l.uiin.i . . . |ilnn m - s i :lr lu rnlii-ln.sini clnc'mii vcnliirc. would become u sort of cnbnrcl, with n wall show Instead of a floor shoo.: Ti ie r e mlgln tie somu difficulties will) municipal license lows, nltiioiigh mom of them do nol restrict the showing of IC-mm film, which is (he size to be ased In .slol mnchlnefl. Cwisorshlp is not expected to be a handicap cither. Ill': iioilon belni- ihat in night clubs nnij toi's, which are not frc- (inojilcd by minors anyway, movies could enjoy Hboul the some prlvi- leifc In sons lyrics and nudity as live enlerlnlncrs now. have. Nell McCIuirc ha.s been a clne- malouraplier, special clfects expert mid producer of short subjects for •JO yours, and he pioneered a sood many of the methods now In ordinary use. McOiiire liilrodiicrc Impjosslon- Ism and nmiislni; tricks such as ImvliiK n liny dancer performing in it magic bottle on a bar. Bathroom* Have Use For Waterproofing Water . resl-ilaiiL iijaterlnls nrc paillculnrly ndnptnljle for use iu biithrooms. Linoleum, wnlerproofrd H.-illpappr, nsliestos miliuicotln^. nsphnu-ilic (loorliij, nictnl llle, and rcrninl; mill gluss tile can be used lo iidviiiiliixe. Funds for Ihe In- .'l.illiillon of (i MKW «'ali:rproof wnil or Moor In a ballitoom may be h- liilncd from prlvnte lending Insll- Hillnns npiirort'd by the Federnl licinliiu Admlnlsliiitlo:! imder Us Model nlmillon Credit I'lnn. Sloli'ii t'oul; I'll Assured PAI.h lilVKR, Mass. (UP)—Aflcr a ihlcf stole a. $75 overcoat from lie store of ihiikc. Inc., Secretary t'dwnrd J. Prciich nnnouncol "If the thief who stole mi overcoat lust iillihl fl.Hls (he uuvmeiu Is nol the risjhl si/,e, we will glndlj 1 - PRESCRIPTIONS— Snfe - - Accurate Your Prescription DruygJst Fowler Drug Co, [«ln & First I'hnne 141' H APPY OUR MKT. DCUVK&V W. MMn St, Phout Prlce of McComb, Mississippi, also fowl survey, a voice tocher. Bolli Miss Myrlck ' and Mr. Price coached Miss Lc'.gh on Ihe fine points of an authentic Southern accent, a job that was greatly accelerated and nidVd by Of Grounded Waterfowl WASHINGTON (U(') — Uccuusi- migratory chicks, gcosc and .swans are "grounded" during January nnd l-'i'bruary of cuch .yeiu 1 , Sam Im.s lo take lo ihe"iilr'ii's (t means of making his annual waler- Ihe the similarities existing . between speech or northern England sue (hat promises to go down ..., (history with Britain's famous i liaki election" after the World • .War. | Campbell, a Cornier colleague of j Premier Mitchell P. Hepburn of' You May Rolled On Woisi'erd's Fate And Learn Freedom's Meaning Mr. J. Graham Sudbuvy Editor Courier News Blylhcville, Ark., U. S. A. Dear Mr. Sudbury: I wonder when you hear wise cracks about President Roosevelt and other prominent^ or see them you i lampooned in, films, whether j realize how thut spells- freedom? I I am led to this speculation by tlie reported fate ol Weissfcrdl. Maybe you never heard or him. He never made a film. He never appeared outside of Munich. Btit in Munich he was an institution. He was as much a part of the Bavarian capital as the cathedral or the palace of the former Bavarian kings. In the years after Germany lost the World War he was a joy and n consolation lo Ihc Bavarians. His stage was a Munich beer hall. You King. Ontario Premier Hepburn, though himself a Liberal, is here allied in Ontario wilh the Con! servativc opposition to King. The Conservatives charye that the Liberal government did not take adequate preparedness steps Lieutenant Colin Campbell Ontario, tnlisted as soon as Canada entered the war. But through the bitter-cold days of October ond November, Lisut. Campbell couldn't get an overcoat. He caught a severe cold. That set Premier Hepburn lo investigating CHAHGES CANADA XOT PREPARED He charged that the lack of that coat typified a lamentable lack of prcparalion for the war that lwent all tlie way down the lino. And he used it as the basis of a broad, attack on the dominion government-. of Premier Mackenzie A Pl | paid no entrance fee. You just went in "lid sal down. The most that was required of you was that you .should buy a .stein of beer. If yon felt like going the whole thing, you could get huge slices of rye bread and a Munich version of hot dogs. Only (hey were very fill—these hoi dogs. Then you could do like the natives of Munich, sit back and wail for Weissfcrdl. He never used much makeup. His funny, round, ruddy face was Kood enoiiB)) in itself for any comedian. He was usually garbed as a Bavarian peasant. He spoke and sang in a very broad Bavarian dialect. Ami always there were shrewd hits at topical subjects- taxes, manners, customs, Ihc government. Now lhat was al) very well cinder Ihe republic. Bui when the Nazis came inlo power, Wcissferdl had lo watch his step. Several times he forgot himself nnd was warned. He was only warned because his slips were very little ones. Amazingly enough Weissfcrdl once got away ... with tills: "I sec Die Fuehrer got a during the two years preceding vote of confidence amounting lo the declaration of war, nor since!08 per cent of the people Dul the ; H began. • ' Conservatives also claim that 10.000 dependents or soldiers and sailors are not gelling sufficient I separation pay, and that mothers I ami wives of men overseas surfer j hardships because there is too much red tape between them and dependents' allowances. ELECTION TESTS KINO'S MAJORITY Premier King's Liberals had a big j majority in the Parllnmenl j, ls t dissolved as one of the last acls of Governor-General Lord Twcedsmuir before his death. They defend their war-effort, record as including: completion of Canada's coast, defenses, sending of Ihree contingents of trained troops to England, getting 90,000 men under arms, completing plans for training a huge air force and successful war financUiy plans Premier King's conservative opponent for the premiership Is Dr. Robert J. Manion, who started out as a Liberal in 1917, became a Conservative in 1021, and has ?M8 1 ™" Cr ° f Ulat " my bi " Ce vote of confidence amounting lo 08 per cent of the people. Dut the funny thing is that I am always meeting the other two!" But now comes the news given for what it is worth—thai poor old "Ferdr has been sent to prison for one year. The man had the audacity nnd Ihe American South, it is printed. If. n. comedian wants to crack a comic rhyme"'about 1 the government or , Parliament, he docs io niul gels laughs. Nor is ' tlie altermath arrest, trial ..and imprisonment. Maybe Instead of declaring tlvis a war lo save republican institutions, the British and French could save time and breath by saying: "We want to make tlie world sale for jokesmlths.' ' Best regards, MILTON BRONNER, Harbor Pilot Enjoys Vacation by Accident NORTH SYDNEY. N, S. (Ul'l- "Gonc the wind" ts whul happened to Capt. David Urcnlon, pilot and harbor master ol Port a«x Basques, Newfoundland. Breiiton passed through here on his way home utter traveling -1,500 miles on a trip (hat. was expected to be only two inilc.s at the outset. He piloted a sleamcr out lo sea and when he Attempted lo get aboard the pilot boal to go ashore, heavy winter winds kicked up Ihe seas so lhal he had to ntaiuloti his plans. There \vns nothing to cto but stay aboard the steamer and continue on to Florida, the ship's destination. Although such trips have disadvantages, mainly through limited wardrobe. Brenton was able to have a nice southern vacation with full pay and got a Florida tan in the bargain. to say: "In tlie olden days we couldn't complain: everything was all right Now everything is even better, but how happy we would be if everv- thiiig was all right." So he is a martyr to his joke Weissferdl will have n whole year In which to reflect that life is earnest under the Nazis. Fie made the fatal mistake of nol being born an American or even an Englishman. For, though Britain Is at war. if a David lx>w wants to make a deadly carlcalure of Pre mlcr Chamberlain, he does so and J. L GUARD Optomefmt Only Graduate Optometrist In BlythevJllc. Glasses Fitted Correctly CLEVELAND, O. (UP)—The city iof Cleveland owns a safe lliat nobody can open. No one even knows what's in it. Tltc new- city clerk, Christian J. Bannlck, discovered the safe. Inquiry disclosed that none of (hem remembered what was in it or know how to oneti It. I; Blimps, iniloylros and airplanes are used by the Bureau of ulolnc- Ical Survey in estimating the waterfowl population while (hoy arc wintering. In some of the districts boats, automobiles, snowshoes and skis^arc also used by. the bureau's 3,000 "census takers." Tlie 1938 survey report, used'.(6 draft hunting, regulations, estimated that 'there were, between 55.000.COO' and 00,000,000 migratory waterfowl on Ihe: conllneiit. Home Economics Baby ' Has 8 Foster Mothers 'AUBUnX Ani; (UP)—Baby Ora- dy Leon Young hasn't become -spoiled—despite (he attentions of bis "eight mothers." Baby Leon lives in the college liotne management house at Alabama Polytechnic Institute. His eight "mothers" are home economics seniors studying Infinil care. The youngster's parenls. ,'ilso students nt Ihe college, lenl Ihclr baby lo the management house ul of Mrs. Marlon Spindle, the school of home eco- request dean of nomics, to permit home economics students lo get practical training in care of babies. Kiss To lie nemcniTicrctl FILEY, EIIB. (UP)—Eileen Uoyn- lon received ,1 kiss she will reiuem- ber nil her life, standing in front of a gns fire saying goodnight to her .sweetheart, Eileen found flames leaping up behind her. She dashed into the garden and jumped into a barrel of water, she wns unharmed. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service WHAT BACK-ACHE MAY MEAN H^k.-iH,,- .runny mcoin a Mninrd o r .mcw-lline join.. -Ui.ils -./ Ik.- ri'iKf -ire Mibjeel In mof.h «™ !c no.! rj., on k ,train. Thmis«n<l« <i( Mil- «porl» shw how vntchul I.-MOIH (atrslns <.r -liKl.l iimpUM- nrals) olltcl .ligcM.on ?u l lc r«lc, lerrclloa ol various nhnfe. 'i»i»n >n.| <•«» fanrtionlnj of tko bNln. Tliey rtiue uvere fc«difl.«, Ai.lnrl,- t<l rjfl'lc [imtUlmlng, jci«lic« »«<! iMoy olher pllnlul iHrvniin border,. Correction or rroinral of lie )f,io n by rinqir.iil.lteo » l(i« logical »nd raou rftecllve, Imlmem. SH Mi In St. DRS. NIES & NIES AH, Do you suffer from SPRING FERVOR? You know the symptoms! A sudden unexplainahle restlessness. . . spells of day-dreaming- . . . the urge to dig in the still-frozen ground. Old things are drab and tiresome. Prenziedly you want new clothes, new drapes, new men us, new ideas Tor entertaining- and decorating-. Leaf through this paper's advertising pages. You'll find the advertisements have anticipated your desires. They're brimming-with latest style news for Easier paniders . . . helpful hints for homemakers . . . grand values in garden gear, house paint, Venetian blinds, to put the house in step with spring! Check- what's offered with what you need. You'll be surprised how economically you can do all the things you want to do. Yes, dollars s-t-r-e-t-c-h unbelievably far for ad-wise shoppers! Read the advertisements before you bun. \

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