Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1931
Page 3
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appr 0 f V *f/%f;f*/', •,»' .i). 1 *'', t OETY NEWS Mrs. Sid Henry Today alone Is yours: • the winged hours Leave in your wake the things yesterday, With the rose petals scattered -by/ breeze; . Tomorrow will \ bring roses fust as fair As those red blossoms, kissed with gun and dew In that dear garden of ,your early years. Regret for yesterday, or anxious thought ( For what the morrow may dole oul to you Is waste of time,- and drains your Intent powers. . Meet each new morning with a sacred 'joy; Embrace it as the ,. deadest of aji friends, For in between the rise end set of sun A world of gladness may be crowded. —Selected. Mr. and Mrs.'M. U, Smith of Tex- nrknnn were Sunday guests of their daughter, Mrs. B. A. Buchanan and Mr. Buchanan. }' Miss Bertlin Turner McRrie' of Henderson State Teachers College was-the .wcok end guest of her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Dorsey McRno. Miss Gencvieve Dpdd of the Magnolia A. & M. spent the wcok end Cream Wanted SWEET OR SOUR Highest Market Price A better test A better price HOPE ICE CREAM & CREAMERY CO. Ill East Third Phone 733 visiting with jiDtno fo)k<;. Mrs. E, H. Young and Mrs. C. .Cobk sperit WTonday Visiting with friends'in Texarkana. ; p i : Mrs. A. 'D.'B'ranhan Was hostess on Friday afternoon to the members o the Friday Auction_ Bridge club a her home on Bast .Third street. -Thi roomi were aglow wi''? a quantity of lovely pltik roses, njaking a beautifu floral back ground If the five tables arranged «fpr the pla> ars. Tlie prb.es beautiful potted pliinls went to Mrs Chas. Harrell fpr the guests and to Mrs. C, B. Presfey. for the club. At the conclusion of the game, the hostess served a mqst tempting plote lunch with hot coffee. Miss Flora Hart ,of Texarknna was the week end guest of Mr. and Mrs B. L, Heltlg. ; i I Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Haynes and family wer,e'. Sunday guests pf rela lives In Boughton. Mr. and Mrs. B\ L. Rettig visited with friends in Texarkana on Sunday. • . ' ,fg Mrs. T. A. .Turner, Mrs. D. L. Bush and Mrs. B. L. Rettig entertained at a most attractive bridge party on Saturday evening at the home of -Mrs. Turner on 'North Walnut street. Quantities of lovely fall flowers were used throughout the rooms, with chrysanthemums carrying out 'the color scheme of yellow and white predominating. Thanksgiving motif was observed in the tallies and score pads of the six tables arranged for the players. In the score count, the ladies jrize went^to Mrs. Sid Bundy and S. J. Murphey scored high for the gentlemen. A most attractive plate lunch wns served at midnight. Personal Mention) In Pictures Now! George White's "FLYIN6 HIGH" Laugh with Bert Lahr in the funniest picture to reach the talkies! Some fun! Some fun! Then thrill to the glorious tunes of "Dance Until the Dawn." "Happy Landings and other new Song smashes. —With— BERT LAHR CHARLOTTE GREENWYVOD SAENGER LAST TIMES MONDAY ***** Playing For High Stakes on High Sens! "TRANSATLANTIC" A VOYAGE YOU'LL NEVER FORGET Up the gangplank and into the swift, luxurious, cosmopolitan life on a great liner. Teeming, throbbing, glittering mystery and romance—where men risk all, if or a thrill, for a miljjph, for a woman's smile. —With— Lois Moran Edmund Lowe/ Myrna Loy SAENGER TUESDAY ***** Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Stanley, and children of Norphlet, Ark.,'are the guests of friends and relatives on Hope route 1 and Patmos this-.week. Too Late to Classify WANTED-Mrs.' A; L., Black to send one dress' to J.-L. Green .Cleaning Co. to bo cleaned' and pressed absolutely free on Tuesday, November 24., It Mrs. Mollie Burke Is Dead at Nash, Texas Mrs. Mollie Burke', of Holly Grove widow of Wi D. Burke, died \yednes- daV, November ,18, in the home of her son, L. F. Burke, at Nash, Texas. She was sury'ivedi by two sons, W. H. BurfceT of DeAnn, and L. F. 1 Burke, of Nash, Texas, twelve grandchildren and many: other relatives.*. • Funeral services were conducted at ;he-Methodist church,-Holly Grove,-by he. Rev. M...E. Scott, of Em'met, and he Rev. LeRoy Samuel, of DeAnn. A talk.was made by Jack Hartsfield. Bodenhamer Silent on Running for Congress EL DORADO.— (#>)— Returning home Saturday from Indianapolis, Major O. L. Bodenhamer, former national commander of the American Legion, said $2.95 One hundred pairs of high grade, good styles in Ladies Pumps, Straps and Oxfords. Sizes AAA to C. Lots of large sizes, Such bargains won't last long. Ladies SpecialtyShop BEWARE THE COUGH OR COLD THAT HANGS ON coughs and cold* le»d to! •erious trouble. You pan stop them now with Creomulaion, an emulsified creosote t > that ja pleasant to take. Creonmbioa is a new medical discovery with two-fold action; it soothes and heals the inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosotelia recognized by high medical authoritiei «t one of the greatest healing agencies for per•latent coughs and colds and other forms «{throat troubles. Creomulsion contains, in addition to creosote, other healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membttnes and stop the irritation and inflammation, while the crepsote goes on to the stomach, is absorbed into tne bipod, attacks the seat of the trouble and (shocks the growth of the germs. Qeomulsiop is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent couch* tnd colds, bronchial Mfhnw. bronchitis and other forms of respiratory djttftte*, «n4 is Mcellent for budding up the system after cold* or fin. Honey refunded if any cough <wt cold, up matter of how long standing, i* npt relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist (adv.)' dents which soothe and heal the infected to directions. Ask your druggist (adv.)' CREOMULSION Jfti fft£ 4»0tV£# 0/9 COW WAT HAHG9 QM Organize Regular Meetings to fie Held During Winter Months On November 18, 1931 the women pf Bodcaw community met and organ- izen the Women's club. The officers elected were as follows: Miss JjfUlan'^Tyson, president; Mrs. H. J. tJahi'pf), Vice president; Mrs. Dean Mattlson, secretary; Mrs. Delia Herring, treasurer, and Mrs. Wi M. Craln, reporter; The club will meet.each Wednesday and'Friday fit 1:36 o'clock.' Wedne,s- day wlU'ba thp day for home nurslhg and phild care, and Friday 'fpod and school Junches will be discussed. ' .There shall also be a meeting pn every second Tuesday. Miss -Lillian Tyson is instructor for all classes.' ' Texas Mian Killed as His Auto Hit. Truck SWEETWATER.-(XP)-0. MT. /pub- berly, districj. plerk pf Howard Bounty, was:' killed instantly and his wife died in a hospital here .shortly after their automobile had crashed into the back of'a truck parked on the highway near Trent, about 2 a. jn." Saturday. Their daughter, Janie 'Begs, isUn the hospital with a fractured thigh and injured collarbone.' She' will re- cqyer, attendants saicT. ' he did not care to make a statement "at this early date" as to his Intention .of making the race for tJnited States- senate at the August democratic primary. "While I am keenly appreciative of the iriendship of those Who are urging that I make the, race,"'he said, "and though interested, I do riot care to make a statement at this early date," Many letters and telegrams urging him to run for the six-year unexplred term awaited him upon his returp from a business trip of several days duration. e Court to Whether Dry Agents May Seize Spe»kea«y Prpp- erty «t Issue iWASHl[I*aTO>*..(/!p)-A{ter all these years ,a 'prohibition case' is one 6!; the most important among the 40 the 'Supreme Court is expected to deqlde as it resumes Tuesday after a three ; weeks recess. ;It is not, hpwever, an attack upon the Volstead : act or th.e Eighteenth amendment, for 11 years,, these have advanced on the court, augmented by resounding arguments, only- to^dissipate under the srcutiny of the "l«s- tlces. The present case is concerned with liquor law enforcement. : The government argues, that ,dry agents •dlA the right hting in Butte, Mont., when they stripped two speka- easles of ' their furnishings, tables, chairs, mirrors and even the bars, '1!he' prohibition Bureau believes it has the right under the intrenal rev- etjue Jaw.;to confiscate personal property in places where liquor is" sojd. If the .courts' uphold that viewpoint, it will be n hard blow to speakeasy operators the country over. iSintie its establishment, the Interstate Commerce Commission has caused the court a good deal pf worjii Sev : eral railroad cases now are ready for disposal. One is whether New.OrlearjS ano* railroads serving it are entitled t'othe same inland: rates on foreign and coastwise commerce as Galveswn and other T« xa s Gulf ports. 'Trunk' line railroads are awaiting .a ruling on their protest against a commission order reducing the rates .whiph short-line raih-oads must pay them for the use of their freight cars. Noted Americans Sail for Scene of War VANCOUVER, B. C.— (A>)— Two noted .-Americans, Will Rogers, humorist, and Floyd Gibbons,. war correspondent and author, sailed on the steamer Empress of Russia Saturday, for China. Both intend to go to the scene of hostilities in' Manchuria. "^j£ ,Y ITOyfigi l^j^a^jjyj^^gi^riSAji^^aj^^ 94 Room Present Splendid Program Thanksgiving Is Subject From Which Presentation I« Taken The 9A Home Room <jf the Junior* Senior High school, which ,|s' jjnder the supervision 6f'Mr/Paul 1. 'Hiiiaht, g'ave fl -very interesting Thanksgiving program Monday morning jn the High School auditorium. . " The program' as presented was as' follows: • 1. Qur First Thanksgiving-rSue El- leti Jones. " / 2. Thanksgiving • Story-*-E r a n c e s Bryant. . • '8. farmer Brown's Thanksgiving—' Nolan Cargile. ' ' ' . • 4. A.Good Thanksgiving—V e r n a Oreenlee. -' ••5. A Real Thanksgiving—One Act Play. Cast Mother .: Bobble Goble Father : Steven ijader Alice( daughter)..Mary Delia Carrlgan Jack (son) .;....'...; Paul Jphps Ben (son) ,•»,.... Rufus-Herndon Each Monday morning during the semester .the 9A group has presented art interesting and worthwhile prp* gram. Every member has had or will have an opportunity to take part in the programs. 'The subject for stud,y next week, Npvember'^29,,. as announced by -the program chairman, Elpy Mae Weisrier, ',V?ill be : "Co-Operatiyeness." * Tennessee Legisalture Ad jourri»; ; Fix Finance NASHVILtE, Tenn.-(>!]R)—The Ten- nessqq general assembly adjourned its extraordinary session Saturday . after arranging to pull the state treasury balance up to'the surface-and to'keep it there through a tightening of the purse strings at a second emergency .meeting in January. t I)urihg the interim a joint finapce ways arid means cominlttee will 'study .methods for balancing-the'budget and T^pbrt.recommendations for new taxes and cut to the bone' appropriations when the legislature reconvenes. .$? •'#'' ,*. V A v MBrOffw Afc Believe Stain in Gang iKHW / NiW. :SfOMtC,4-(/P)^two ytsung men wij;h ,ip|}gf pajl.qe r<r<jord» .fere shot ,td dWth andithrown from an automob|Ie ear,ly. ^uti(Jay In a detierte^ section Of tfje city. ' A policeman found their bodies; ; M&nwHlle a third" man dipd ffoni a 'Stab.. wound received in an undeteiip'- '•' •'' •"'" ' ' v ' the • Vrafh Ihe moment fid a suave arid cTebonafr gabb aboard the S, $. fffaflsittefltjc, to *** cape the district attorney's *afj. probe Until thts'odeafi greyhotthd ftKR* fct'its European port things begin 15 pen rapidly, afld not only to Low**, but to his fellow passengers who irtelude Lois Moran as the daughter "" man lens grinder, impers Jean Hersholt, ano* an a barker, piayed by John Hal|l*»y whose nefarious operations havg cost efrbolt fjls life savings, " To Sdd to the complications Hf»H- as Mljchaej J. Atoarn, "b.quilcef" ! and tfohn Lynch, aso 26, reported -to^havfe been a :member of a Po)lce. investigations were conduct-' ed along l,wo, lines— «ne that they. y,rere jkifled In .a: speakeasy brawl and the lofher 'that they were victims of ; gangland ,vengeance. Supporting this theory was- (the fact both were shot in. the " Th«l stab victim, tWllliam .Graham, 30, .-'died 1hree hours after he was found unconscious on a sidewalk in ilatlem. He djdn9t,regain,conscious* ness. ' x l '• '.-.; In- Brqoklyn, •'Batrplman Alexander Fraser, off .duty end in civilian clothes, shot two ;pf .fourViTfen h£ saw 'coming out of a place, the patTtolipan said they were' robbing. He captured "a •" third .also. ' ' ' '.-'' ' /'' ''.'' ' (The wounded-,men. gave their names s as .Evpreit 'Eritzi ;?8, shot in .the right arm and- lj»f jk^arVflpd:Edward;Segalls, •2$, shot ,;in''theVn.eqk,;iBild.;,left .jtnee. • The man, ,08jitviri^^as^HltHoiiy ' Andrews,'22. K; ' '::'•• /•!"!••••.•*":"•' Sea Drama H;des Wave* of Applause Anchors aweigh!. Full .speed* ahead Those .whqi,like th?ir thrills and'rpm- anqe sprayed'With fhesbriiie"pf "ijie sea and flayored with the iluxury pf a deluxe ocean liner are recbmmerided Tt/T BBRB MAAY HARKNtoSB «lo<« to en. •nnre THE FI/if. who Ike believe* "ttmnted" kti brother, EDDIE, SvKh the maraer of old Bins. JUPITER, Mitd U«*r ran Eddto down and killed klm. She U nldctf l»y DOWE5T at the Star. Bfi«r7'« flnnce, DIRK RVYTHBR. beliera ISddle KUlltr, »• do police. 11HUCE JUPITEIl xtituin* iiom Knrope 'wHB--«-'TToinnn f rleno «B<I in ordered out by III* 'fniher, wnb >niike> Mnrr •!• heir. 'Bruce vow« tu rout Unrr, Avko he think* l» • Kold-djlBiter.' Dirk forbid* 9Inry 1o nee Jloirrn or continue the In- vcMtlirntlon. She teat* to Mlaiul on the Junller yncht, hotline The Fly will bent lllnlcnli to »ee hi* home run. She meet* COUNT DE LOMA. l>c Lomn I* lUtcd n* the owner ot The l<'ly'« hor«c. J>in. JUl'J'l'Ell hn* n cur of the miiue ninke n* that u*cd bj the murderer, but lie explain* It wq* bouicht for experimental uur|ip»e*. Dowen oyerheur* Ilruce and LouUo quarreling bcqnu«e *he cannot explafn where *he not u dinniond bracelet. LipuUe -»ny» It I* Mary'*. Ilruce make* her give the bracelet to Mary, who din- cover* It wu« *tolcn from • Itl^n. Jupller the nliflit ihe wa» killed. NOW GO ON WITH THE 8TOKY CHAPTER XXXV R. HJDNR.Y BATES, det.ectlve, stood for a moment deep In thought. What ho had just seen puzzled him greatly, apparently, and his watchers knew he would never rest until the meaning of those events was clear. "Now what," he mused aloud, "what makes The Fly act dopey like that? Just looking at a courthouse Steeple?" Neither Mary nor Mr, Jupiter had any explanation to offer. Bates Jerked himself. up. "Well," he said briskly, "I'll be toddjlng along. I'll tell you what I find la Jiere — It I find anything." He Indicated the package of torn pieces qf cardboard in his coat pocket. "But—" he paused again, impreq- aively, in the doorway. "I'll say this much right now— you're not going to see much more ot him around here. He's got the jitters qyer something. I look for him to take a run-out on us, maybe tonight. I'll bet 1C you were to go up to his room right now, you'd flrid him packing his grips." Ppvm came |#r, Jupiter's stock- inged feet. "You thlqjs so?" "I do." It 8oiju4e0 |jlce »fi pafli. Mary drew a depn Ijjreath. f'Well," slia said resolutely, "here's qne thing that w.QU't go with him!" She held out the bracelet. "Why, that's-c-Mamma's!" Tfir. Jupiter exclaimed hoarsely. "Where did you get it?" Mary told. As he listened, bliqk- iug from her to th<J bracelet and buck again, a light hardly paue came into the old wftfl's ey$s apd spots of red burned in his faded cheeks. Ha reached for the neck- laco and his hand shqok. "Here, yo.u dpu't Jjfaqt. that, bpsp." Bates Intercepted jt, quJtUly. liuluied it tiud Uau.ded it biick u> Mary, winking sigijitjcajjtly as he did so. "You'd bettor put that in Hie safe, sister. You're liable to lose it' if you'lieare it'lying; around your room tonight" He tried to mask the quick alarm in his eye as ihe added "Does The Fly. know you've got that?" TJATES drew & hreathi ''Better •*-* lock It up-before he-flnds out.' He turned to-Junite£.'-''WlIO l liuarirt- Jaxejfov bit Tiut wad-still" white a a sheet. -"There's your. case. You can send him up on that, and 1 you take my advice you'll do it and not monkey around any longer He's liable to get ugly it be has any suBpiciop, 'you're laying fpr him—" Ho stopped and slapped a fist into his ppcn palm. VListen! It never struck me he'c bo fool enough to *keep the stuff ot him. But if he hasn't disposed o it yet, then maybe it's in his room When he's on the root tonight -with you, Miss Harkness, I'll : make search. If it's there, we'll wait right there and nab him when be comes down. If It Isn't—" "Nab him anyhow," Jupiter fin ishpc). "By God, I'll make him .eat that bracelet, chain^and all!'' "He couldn't claim, could he," Mary suggested, ''that Eddie did II for him and turned the stuff over to him? ..I want .to see him sent up, but I don't want tbpre to be any,doubt, either, about whether It was he, or Eddie, who did the killing—" "You'll have to take a chance on your jury," Bates said. ''That's all you can do. If he can make them think it was Eddie, of course he'd beat the murder rap—" "He mustn't! He mustn't!" Mary cried. "We can't let him get away with that!" "Well, well," Bates soothed her, Drawing her into the jiallway, "it's not likely." He called a cheerful goodby to the old man, who was pacing about, obylougly excited. "Mary!" Jupiter called out sharply after her. "You need any money for anything?" Mary felt an impulse to laugh and cry at ouce. It was his way of thanking her for what she had done. "No," she said. "Not that i know Of, thanks." "You'd better have some, you can't tell what you're going to need It for," Jupiter insisted. The em- ?arrassment of taking it was some- low alleviated by Bates' presence. She would have refuse!}, but she iney/ that it pleased him to give it to her. Bates closed the door and drew her away a few paces. "That old man's npt going to last if >ve don't set this Fly Iqcked up ;iretty soon," he sa}d. "His arteries aren't what tp,ey useij to be, If I'm •my Judge, Jiest keep him as quiet as you can, ajicj tonight.!'!! get the oqds on that crook if they're In this bqte}. Leave jt to me." Mary 'felt undecided, and faintly rebellious. ''We're not foing to hurry things .00 fast!'* she warned bin). "Wait aud see what happens tonight. I'm lot telling Mr. Jupiter, but—I'm going to wear the ruby necklace!" B.ates stared. "You'll be there, aud Bruce. Why ihould I be afrai.d?" she added. "Nobody would shoot into a mob, ike that and be<J know it!" Bates objected. "I could put a man on bot|) exits, thpugty—" "Do it. I'm not ready to lose the necklace— yet. But if The Fly Is jittery as you say. the sight ot it I might—steady tljlnk?" him, don't yoi considered. "Might," to conceded. "If he wants it bai enough. Only he's liable to make ; wild grab lor It and anybody tha trie (H to stop him-. 1 would fie at I wouldn't fire a gun in that-mob I know that." "He won't try-there. Leave It t me. What's the matter with taking him out to the yacht?'' "You think you ccrald?" Mary ^shrugged. "My'blood's up I feel as if I could do the impossible tonight." .J'£hen go ahead. I'll play ball.' The'prospect thrilled him, she could see. "We'll let It stand this way, Mary told him. "Ypu .search his rooms, and whether you find the rest pf the plunder or not, wail there. If lie comes, H will mean I've failed. And if I fall'with h|m tonight it's not likely I could sue coed another time. Arrest him. II ho doesn't pome, you'll know we've gone out to the yacht. Better have a man on the roof to tell you thp moment we leave, anfl you follow Is that clear?" 'Right. -Want me to go down with you until you stow that stuff away?" • "Thanks, no. I don't think there Is any danger—yet." "Walt." He stepped Into his own room which was on the other side of-Mary's, and took down the receiver. "Is Mr. fle Loma in his room, do you know? No, don't ring him! merely wanted to know whether— oh, you ass!" Furious, he started to hang up, then changed his mind and held his hand qver the mouth ilece until a man's voice answered. Then, disguising his voice, ho shouted at the top of his lungs, Hello? Hello, Bill? Is this you, Bill? What? IB Bill Jones there? Hello!" A grin overspread his face as he hung up. "Phew! He's there, a)I right. And mad! You should have heard vhat he called me!" Bates rubbed an ear tenderly. "Well, run along. You know he's not In the lobby, at any rate." Mary walked across the half- empty lobb.y to the desk, stopping at the window to ask for her mall. Dirk ha4 not written. S)ie ex- lerienced the old, familiar sickness hat swept over her whenever she et herself stop to think of him, to ace the awful possibility that he lid not mean to write. Aloud she said to the day clerk, vho looked up startled at the depth }f tragedy in the gray eyes turned o his, "I want to put some valuables in the safe." "Will you just step around to the manager's office, please?" He iudi- ated a door at the side which of protection, rather.than a danger. • The safe .was at all times plainly; visible. In fact, a light was kept burning above it day and night . .Moreover, Th? Fly was not a safecracker. It might have been among his random accomplishments, "but it was certainly not his Bpeclaity, so that in placing the bracelet and tho it. o. -tr. uemua IIB nt«» ay ioti« she -was making fthem as safe from The Fly's depredations as any place could .be. When she had dropped the envelope containing her two precious objects into the metal box held for It, and saw it tucked away in its pigeonhole, Mary began-to breaths more freely. The necklace was in there, too, somewhere, she remem- bred. It occurred, to her that this might be a good time to take it out, as she must do soon if she-meant to* wear it'tonight. ' Impulsively, she asked for it, and when It had been located, and she had signed the slip, she tucked it Into her handbag carefully. It might have been better to have had someone with her, she reflected * trifle uneasily. On the other hand, it might be better tactics to 4o it in -the most obvious manner possible. The fascinating psychology of "Jhe Purloined Letter" had left its Impress on her, too. , An Jnstant laiter she was to doubt her Foe and rqgret that she had ever heard of him. For as she turned about, through the open door she saw De .Loma standing at the desk!' Apparently he had not seen her. He was standing with 1 his jack half-turned ayvay, looking out nto the lobby. But she could not be sure that he had not turned about just an instant before she .lerself had turned. Why, he could not have, helped seeing her If he liad faced the desk! The scene Jn. .lie manager's office was directly in front of his eyes. How had he conve there so quick- y, and why? Perhaps it was mere- y chance. Perhaps he bad not been 'ooled by that telephone call of Sates"—had suspected it was mere- y an attempt to locate him while he necklace was in transit. But, what to dp now? If she reached the elevator, she would have to cross 1(19 lobby and he would see her. She might,ask the manager to accompany her to her. oom. She was about to ask his assist* nee when a second glance through he doorway showed that Pe Lonia ad gone. She waited 9. few minutes in the omi-darkness just outside the manger's office, to give Da Loma, time leave the place. Then she took deep breath, like a swimmer bout to plunge in, and stepped out oldly on a straight line for the levator. She was holding her reath until that haven was cached, and when she set foot in at lust, and saw that it was tlm* «*»£- v and'48avl; hr"-' 1 — U-4 r t ,'*) if HEFT to a btirglar !«• seri-j lousobrofcgfiQn. Sentiment <? W |n»e-up »nd sp's home is the one .„ , fora yitit to-night — maybe it will be your^home to-morrow night/ A burglary insurance'policy! i? positive security against! .fjnancpaj loss at least. ^ RoyAnderson&Co. Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas a muweablt, W* ** Waycrosa, Ofe* weak, I could WM nentroiu ftnd.ftll, heart, getting v«ry <f aged with my cotidit _ "A iripnd t>f BUM^ how miserable I never ceased to bej for-I ielt bitter v time I began takli "I kept on taking CarduH until I felt -well * and strong. l'\ .was W ner-!| Tons and was soon enjoying good health." \ Sold at drug stores. Falling iHiir Don't neglect ^ouivhair! Shampoo regularij^fl and use a good hair tonic. GOOD BRANDS TO'USp Fitr>h Shampoo (-witW Pitch Halt Packer's Tar Shampoo Vaseline Hair Tonic :. -40c ra (Large Bottle'70c) ~»Vj? Wildroot Hair Tonic , Jno. P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give uimediately behind the desk aud it tootl open now. Mary saw the leek head of the 'manager beiit ver his books. Obediently, she valked around to the side door aud utered. PIIE hotel safe was in the man•*- user's oflico, in plain sight o!' anyone standing at the des!!, Mnry noticed a trifle nervously. Tlioii she realized that this was a means sigli, and sagged against the wall of the elevator. Now, if the operator would only hurry. ... He did— but not iu time. A tall ligure entered, removed his hat at sight of a woman passenger, looked again, apparently became aware of her identity for the first time, mid exclaimed, "tyllss Hark- JIMS! How nice to see you again!" li was De Loma. (To Be Continued) * Radiapt Living Room Heater; ' , , A beautiful heater that would add to the attractiveness of any room. Scientifically built tQ give maximum heat witji minimum gp, .Ten radiant models, with andirons, which were as high as $85.00 a few years ago, now _ up Bunsen Burner* Asbestos back Gunsen Guniers, the kind thai 1 burn all the gas without leaving fumes, as low as \ $4.OO Up A large assortment of bathroom heaters in colors. Hope Furniture Co. CALL FIVE "4 «i "^ ' 1

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