Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1931
Page 2
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^^^^%^^^1^^^P V.fei*^-^^.^HfewAa '' ' ' ' " _ Co., te& Mate stfWt, Hope, Afft posttrfflee at Mop*, Arkansas The Ass^iated Press ,is iNto*** «** the local news publis herein, US; one ' ' in Bcmp*i« a d ( - NeVadfl ifnade 1^-til ttlbuirt, cards the departW, M to prof&tf ihe Star disclaims unsolicited » aja UisUttrtloh Developed by ttiedem civilization fc •to faster commerce and indiutry, through widely fro W ftlrflish that check upon government whlc '* able to pr6vide."—CoL R. R.'McCormlck, The Star'* Platform " f , tf tht ClTIf revenues of the municipal power plant to develop the ' . t 'J rt MiB » ond >«nwotted sanitary condition* in cfc- o/ - . „ for the cbnsrtuction of a \er road each year, to gradually reduce the .Economic, tupport for every scientific agricultural 'jets practical .benefits to Hempstead county's greatest Jf<«nwir organteationi, believing that co-operative effort BfHifc country as it to in town. StAT'E rfftogrti* on the state highway program, ^rpiorm, and a more efficient government through the -< of expenditure*. > •from -hie cattle tick. ,,...,. Who I* Responsible ? [TBBRidue to a misunderstanding or deliberate refus- M*^ U pruiq Court failed to appropriate expense money xroeiMumcipal Court—and MunicipalJudge U. A. ^ujt against the county, utting the" establishment pf municipal that they would take the place of police ;of the peace trials in cities where the vol- busmeas warranted the employment of a rec- ney as judge. continued to return to both city and county gov- ?t"those revenues wHich their respective officers gRT-ST'T tonginar pffenders before the hew court. At the |P?n.e»(tne,law compelled the-city and county to share the iaaeiQf the jiew court—which in view of the division of aae, was to be (expected. |Ma a- significant fact that while the Quorum Court re- fl*'YQt^an appropriation for the Municipal Court, it l,the.appropriation for justice of the peace trials from reported that of last year's, $2,000 appropriation, ^* 8 c Q nsumed b y Justice trials . jicDgRpanitown- r justices whpm^the iMunicipal Gpurt has now ref ore It would ^eem that although the Quorum -Jiaye voted withopt knowledge of the law, the fpr^'ustice pf ;the peace trials was skillfully drawn to h ntage of .the saving provided by the Hope Municipal 'may suppose that when this. saving had b.een forced budget, the members of the Quorum Court were to vote -against the Municipal Court appropria- s someone decided .it would be just as well to ve-fhe justices""holding the bag" in case the county could- t;get t awa3rwith its "mooching" policy. is likely to happen is this : The higher courts will Quorum Court into special session and conipel it to propriate for the Municipal Court. You can't pocket $1,000 ?tBense u mQney and expect to , get away with. the same rant '6f -revenue while someone else covers ypur share of j expense. » e Quorum Court didn't understand. Neither would -l, 'unless somone looked up the law and told you. rieqne is- supposed to advise the Quorum Court regarding ;|je<Jaw. , a matters rest now, Heinpstead county stands a right chance of paying, out another lawyers' fee, court costs, e expense of a special sessipn of the Quorum Court, and 'ull amount of the bill to boot. .'';';"-' . Some day The Star is going to look up the amount that la.w 'fees have cost this county. At the present rate it is go- to make good reading. ia ||h rth in Humnnity , says Professor Kenneth g. Latourette of ; ,,V Yale, may be on the verge of a new "dark ages." Within a ;</few years, or even a few months, he says, society may col- > lapse and its fragments may be drawn into a whirlpool of ,, ^misery and chaos unparalleled in modern history. S • What makes his prediction so ominous is the fact fhat 't^lis schqlar is not alone in his pessimism. Some of the wisest of our "time, looking tp the future, can see nothing but 1 ?r, Any thinking man must have moments in which hing ahead seems exceedingly gloomy. The only comfort is that things are hardly ever quite as afc they seem. Human beings, somehow, have a' way of WWg destruction lying \i\ wait just around the corner. They •ajisg, without realizing it, have a may of muddling through, a ^yryiving when survival seems highly improbable, And o.ne reason why the darkest prophecies so seldom e true is probably that most of us, deep in our hearts, do not really believe in them. Deeply embedded in man's con. Wousness, ilJpgical but enduring, is the unspoken conviction that he is on eajth, a s the phrase used to go, for a purpose ; that Jbe ia slowly and painfully moving upward, and will continue to dp so, not because he is wise and far-seeing but aimply because he is riding a current that wells up from the very fountajnhead O f the universe. We seldom talk about that feeling. It is seldom ex- prejised ijipubjic speeches, in newspaper articles, in books or in magazines^-rranfl, when it is, the intellectuals promptly fruph it to scorn. Yet the feeling persists. No age has entirely lack/ad it. We are confident of oiu- destiny. th'' ccpfid^nce. in Jts turn, breeds courage; the ''rage which enables th£ race to live through its world wars, Its financial breakdowns, its disillusionmentt; and its bajck «atas- "c-hcs. The -aby.es may Jie just uhc-ud, but beypnd it ther* id ^ new slppg to surmount, on which th light will be ctearer. That,- or something like it, is what most of us believe. We J may be wrong-^~but the belief at least keeps us from panic, i Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With The 'more you tell, The quipkei! you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per lin% minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per linft :',', minimum 50c •'•'•' .6 insertions, 6c per line, •.' minimum ?1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum J4.00 (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE-^Want advertisements accepted over the 'telephone may .:be charged with the understanding that "the bill is payable on presentation of statement,' the day of first publication. . FOR RENT , FOR RENT — Furnished 4 room apartment, private bath. Phine 576. 23-6tp FOR RENT—Nicely 'furnished apartment with adjoining -bath. -Bills .paid. Garage. 704 South Main street. 23-3tc FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, close n. 404 East Third street. 21-3tp. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Straw- jerry plants, Klondike variety. Mrs. H. B. Smith, Highway 29. 3tp. LOST—White gold Elgin Wristwatch Black and 1 white facing with black and white .link 'bracelet. ; Reward. Return>. o Hqpe Star. ' 23-3t ( LOST LOST—Moon' stone .pin, on east side f Hope Post Office. Please return to Hope'Star. 23-3tp Lost—Key ring and keys, with name plate M. S. BATES, Washington, Ark, leward, Return to Hope Star. 21-3tc LQST—Strayer or Stolen—Small Walker hound, white and black spots. Reward for return. Collar with name, 'Wall Gwin." Phone 840. ,20-3tc LOST—Black leather purse, zip closing, Monday night at Methodist church or between church and Citizens bank. .Return to Hop6 Star. 3t WANTED HELP WANTED—"Sell Pecan Trees, 50% commission and free trees for next 30 days. Write Stewart Pecan •o., Valdosta, Ga," 20-3t NOTICE NOTICE—You'll miss the best if ou don't take that business course at he Four States Commercial College at Texarkana. We accept cotton at c pound. Write for particulars, etc. J. W. Hill, mgr. 24-6t SWAP SWAP—Good as new Buckeye incubator, 110 egg size; for phonograph. Also hand peanut shelter for saddle. J. M. Calhoun. Route J, Hope. 21-3t SWAP—Klondike or excelsion plants for what, have you? Phone 553. Mrs. A. R. Whitlow. South Main at city limits. 21-St WANTED Sweet Sum and Red Gum Blocks and Logs Peljvere.d to this Mill Yuj'd. For prices and specification;!, appjy • Hope Heading Co. Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas Lost Prairie Luther Sutton, - .children and Tom Vickers made a business trip to Garland City, Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anderson and children of Texarkana, visited Mr. and Mrs. .W. T. Vickers Sunday-. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cornelius of Battle Field are visiting relatives at this place. Vernard Vickers spent Saturday night and Sunday with his cousin, Stacy Wilson of near Garland City. The church and dinner on the Mrs. K. O. McRao has been visiting relatives In Little Rock this week. With the. Arkadelphia football team Thanksgiving JQay were: JEarl Golden, Forrest Hutledge, Jesse Cannon, Frank Williams, Claude Murray, Frank Finger, Charlie Wallis, Arthur Carter, Bennie Graves, £d. Bro\vn, Howard Cargile. VolHe ^arsons, Milton Cannon and Prof, W. A. Crawford. TEN YEARS AGO Miss Helen Hunter will visit with friends at Afkadelphia over Thanksgiving, attending the annual football game between- Henderson-Brown and Ouochitoi Ralph Routon, C. F. Routon, Chns. iRouton, Jr., Arch Moore, E, McCorkle, E. P. Stewart and Dr. E. Y. Cloud were among those who spent Thanksgiving Day huriting ducks on Grassy -Lake. Jim Reed was in :own from his farm four miles nofth of Hope this mbrn- •ing. Eskridge Kniglitpn and Charlie Taylor attended the football game at Arkadelphia yesterday. Lake Greene, connected with, the claim department of the Missouri Pacific at St. Louis, arrived yesterday to join Mrs. Greene on a visit with relatives in Hope. No More Dirigibles LONDON.—Drastic economy measures have caused England to abandon all hopes of constructing more dirigibles and to announce that the R-100, its largest, will be disposed of in the interests of economy. This is the ship which made the successful flight to Canada and back. ground at this place Sunday was enjoyed by a large crowd. Mr. and Mrs., Luther Sutton, children, ohd Mrs. J. H. Atkins were shopping in Texarkana, Friday. A Minnesota man, arrested uiider a bed, said 1 he was "looking for n former sweetheart." Probably thought 'He'd find her wandering around under there. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Newton D. Baker seem to have the inside track as Democratic preidentlal possibilities. But "Alfalfa Bill" Murray still has 6 show. Soccer is .the most popxtlar International sport. Looks like it ought to be sockim, But unless La Belle France becomes more agreeable, the world will probably soccer. Laughter shook the rafters in a courtroom when Eddie Caittor • testified. Nearly brought the house down. With King Carol, Queen Marie Prince Nicholas or Princess Ilena making page one every day, looks like California's press agents are little potatoes beside Rumania's. Guir «nUt d pur* and t USE t l«<ithan«f high prlc«d br«nd*!i Heed Promptly Kidney and liladdor IrregiilarU'tcn I F botlicrcd with bfntldcr ir- ccgulnritica, ungHing l>:ink- acho and n tircil, nervous* <lf- prosscd feeling duo to disordered ludiicy nctioit or lilutldcr irrila* . lion, don't delay. Users everywhere rely an Doitn'x nils. 1'rnisud for Jiioro , than 50 years. Ki-cottiincntled tliti country over. A Diurc\ic for the Kidneys by slicking .«r - - : ; : • ' ' ^B^ "I can't afford io take chances with my voice. So I play safe by sticking to Luckies —they ! re always kind to my throat. And I'm doubly grateful for your improved Cellophane wrapper which opens so easily with that clover little tab." Lovely woman and richly endowed actress, Mary Actor has come into her own as one of Hollywood's truly great. Forgotten the roles that were hers in silent days — now she's doing big things grandly! "Smart Woman/' a Radio Picture, is her latest. ****** Made of the finest tobaccos— The Cream of many Crops—LUCKY STRIKE alone offers the throat protection of the exclusive "TOASTING" Process which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays the process that expels certain harsh, biting irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf, These expelled irritants are not present in your IUOCY STRIKE, "They're ou{-£0 they can't he [n_/" No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat* *l« Miss Aster's Statement Paid For? You may be interested in knowing that not one cent Was paid to Miti Altar to make tfte above statement. WJjss Astor ha> been a smoker of LUCKY STRIKE cigarettes for oyor c year. We hope Ihe pub- licit/herewith given will be ai beneficial to her and to Radio Pictures, her producers, os her endorsement of IUCKIES Itloyouandlout. "It's toasted' 1 Vour ?hr»qt Protection*»»qolo<t Irritation •> qaoinit couajh Gellophane ^Toasted" Flavor Ever TUNE IN ON LUCKY STK(KE|60 modern minute, uUh the tvarU't Hoot dance , «nd Walter Wiiicht". tvbotf <oj»ip of today becoinvt the n«ui» of MOISTURE-PROOF CELLOPHANE Seaf*«f TigM ~fv»rRltM . The Unique Humidor Package Zip—And it's open! See the new notched tab on the top of the package. Hold down one half with your thunjb. Tear off the other half. Simple. Quick. Zip I That's all. Unique! Wrcpped In dust-pmof, moisture- proof, germ-proof Cellophane. Clean, protected, neat, FRESH I -p what could be more modern than LUCKIES' im* proved Humidor package-so 0g$ytOQp#ni Ladies-* the LUCKV TAB is«*yout f/ujger n»il protection. LtO Cu.

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