Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1931
Page 4
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To Cotton Parlev „ « and South Carolina Governor. Will Attend Jackson Meeting , Miss.— (jp) — Governors , two cotton states thus far Have ac ipWrf the invltatioft of Gov. Tfceodor , BilbO of Mississippi and Gov. Har Parnell of Arkansas to attend th cotton legislation round tabl here November 23 and of other Southern cotton _ _ states will send rCpfesentn Jlws, Governor Bilbo's office an Bounced Wednesday. ,%<jtov. irba Blackwtxtf of South Caro- O»a i&nd Gov. Richard Russell Jr., of '* J - 'a have promised to attend telegraphed invitations to the governors of 11 cotton-growing states, urging their presence. TiV* Mississippi bankers were ap- polnted by the governors to represent the state's banks at the meeting. All fire members of the state bankers as, SOclation which co-operated with oth .. er banking associations in Southern states in a pledge ,to hold 3,500,000 tales of cotton from'the market until -next July. JTHe five bankers selected were J. W. , Slaughter. Columbus; Frank Foote, ' 'tiattiesburg; Melchoir Beltzehoover, Natchez; Floyd Parker, Canton, and Thad Lampton. Jackson. ; 5? Wf r^ Twin Co-Eds Are Ltfe Severs at, the Vnfasrsity of Missouri, Ame and Catherine Roach, torn co-eds, preside owr the life saving The twins art hete. Anne,- left, and Catherine, right. Their home it Kansdt City. HOPfi S*AH AND Small Hitch Hiker Held at Hot Springs lO^ear-oidBoyTelltOf ficer* of Friend in West Texas HOT SPRINOS-(XP)—A 10-year-ol 3oy who ran awny from home an< litch-hiked nearly a thousand mile n two days is being held here pend ng word from his relatives. The boy. Audie Parks, a clean cut, osy cheeked litlte chap was on hi way to "west Texas." He didn't know who it was he wanted to see excep !iat it was a man by the name o Baker. He explained that Baker lived in "west Texas" and was a frienc of his uncle. . "But west Texas is a big place.' officers here told him, "and how do you expect to find this man if you don't know where he lives." "Well, that's all right," Audie explained, ''if I don't find him, I'll look around for some other good family that needs a little boy and who will send me to school." And then came a story from the little fellow of how, because of conditions he was unable to go to school. He left his mother, six brothers and two sisters, he said, because he didn't want to be dependent on his uncle who was supporting the family. You know," he mused, "I ought to be in school." P O I O Minus thevPonies NEA. Atlanta Bitrea* Skinned knees and bruised heads are all a part of the game for these Atlanta society girls, shown above playing the new game of midget polo. They use wooden ponies mounted on wheels. The lit* tie ««P« are a necesimry part of the polo costumes, the girls sajr. Lucky Landing ; For Tea-Totalers ' LONDON, England.—To supply the ' 'Briton's often-expressed need for tea ">• immediately upon awakening, a new alarm clock which will do that very - thing is on the market. This clock is set on retiring at night then, in the morning, at the proper time, an electric current lights the gas to boil the Georgia has the largest forest area The Minges oak of Hamilton county, kettle, the teapot is filled automati- of any state in the United States withO., has limbs spreading 105 feet, cov- caDy, and the tea made. more than 23,000,000 acres. - ering-a cottage on either side. Engine Sales NEW YORK.—Sale of commercial and military airplanes and engines during the first eight months of 1931 were valued at more than $250,458,300. the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce reports. This value is below that of the first eight months of 1930— $27,060,900. A castor bean plant grew to height of 1C feet at Columbus, 0. HAZEL ROSS "WAILEY ©Ml &YW Service Inc. BEGIN HERE TODAY MARY HARKNESS plots to en- nine THE FLY. Who ike belleTea "trumf*" her brother. EDDIE, yjtt the murder of old MRS. JUPITER, aad later ran Eddie, dona M« killed hint. She la aided by •OWEN of the Star. Mary'i «an«e.. DIRK RUYTHER, belleTM Eddie Cnllt7. mm do nollee who .drop the BRUCE JUPITER. Ionic abient, tftmrmm tram Europe with • w«- mm» friend. HI* father order* Mat oat and make* Mary his heir. Brace reform, vowing to root •Mary, who he thinks la a ajold- "••er. ' * IMrk forbid* Mary to see Bowea i •» eoatlnae the Investigation. He y «ay* If *he Boe« <o Ulaml on the Japlter yacht he will believe 'Brace's charst*. Mary roe* became Bowen tell* her The Fly •ay be at Blalenh when hi* hone ' imam. Dirk *how* attention* to hi* former, •weethenrt, COIi- HCLIA TABOn, * Mary I* Introduced to COUNT DC LOMA. De Lama I* listed as owner* of The Fly's horse. She * :*eea De Lomn nnil COUNTESS LOUISE. Brace'* friend. In secret «a»Y«r»a»lon, She also learn* that MR. JUPITER has a car of the same make as that which the •Muderer osed- In his get-away and which later killed Eddie. Mr. Japltcr explain* the ear was boagat for experimental purposes In his business. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XXXIII OTTHAT had happened at Hilltop " Inn, as Bowen told it. was this After waiting In vain for Mary *,o telephone him, he had hired ear and driven out the Dixle,.High . way to the- Inn to see Cor hlmsel •/hat happened to her. He fount ihe place empty except for the pro', prietor and went inside the frame shack to telephone the Ambassador and ask If she was there. While standing at the wall tele phone he heard a party arrive ant seat themselves at a porch table They were quiet enough at first ordering soft drinks over which the woman cooed with Interest, bu presently their voices rose excitedly Bowen, who was enduring one of those interminable waits which seem .o ensue whenever a hole :lerk is assailed by a request for information, exchanged a m u s e (J glances with the waiter, and they both frankly listened, Tbe argument'seemed to be over a diamond bracelet which fell out of the woman's 'handbag when she took out powder and lipstick to refresh her jaded complexion, accord Ing to the man behind tbe counter, who enjoyed a full view of the fra can, "Who gave it to you? Who gave It tp you?" the woman's companion demanded repeatedly, grasping her wrist "But it Is not wbat you think!" tbe woman protested. "It was given to me to hold as security for a loan of money. When the money is paid back, I give back tbe bracelet!" Tbe quiet this statement induced in the infuriated lover was mqre pmlnous than his rage, however. "Yon—loaned—my—money? To whom? Pe Loma?" "Your money?" the Countess retorted with spirit and perhaps wltb justice, for Bruce's allowance was far from princely these days. "When do I ever see your money? No, it way tbe money I won on tbe horse- race. And I loaned it to a woman- no t a man. You are mad it you say I—" "You gave It to De Loma," Bruce repeated calmly. "It was a woman, I tell you! Stupid, wbat would a man be doing with a bracelet like tbat?" "I am wondering," Bruce replied- Bowen, who bad now possessed himself of a knothole view of tlja. proceedings, was convinced by tfte uj; l:j; rdBexs of JVwa tu<tt ike had opened a new vein of thought to tbe young man—and one which might prove fruitful. The Countess, obviously .frightened, resorted to tears/recriminations, pouts and sobs. There were wails of: "You are a beast. You do not love me!" "Oh, yes, I. love you, my dear Louise.' But If Moved you twice as much, I still shouldn't put up with your lies." "You don't believe me?" "No, my dear Louise, I do not." • • • AT this point dear Louise quite •" lost her head, and. hurled a vol ley of gutter French at her erst while lover, who sat calmly sucking at the straw of hft lemon soda until her outburst was over. Not too lost to reason to be crafty, the Countess abandoned her tirade as suddenly as she began It and sank into her chair, trembling and tearful. "Well, then, I will tell you," she said. "I promised to say nothing to anyone. But, since you are such a pig, I break that promise. When wo get back to tbe hotel, I show her to you.' 1 "Her—who?" "The one I loan money to—the one whose'bracelet it la!" Bruce was puzzled but uncon vinced. "All. right, who was it?' he snapped. "Well, then—If I must tell you— Miss Harkness! But please—do not let her know I say this—" Bruce digested this a moment. "What would Mary Harkness be doing with a bracelet like that 9 That's worth $5000 If It's worth a cent! And why should she borrow money from you when she couk pa,wn It? And why should she neec money anyway?' Tbe Countess shrugged, "How do I know where she gets the bracelet? Perhaps some man gives It to her . . . perhaps your father?" Bruce snapped "You're crazy!" But his laugh did not carry con viction. "She does not wish to pawn it because of tbe sent.iment the Countess continued, "so Bruce snorted incredulously. "She'd pawn it before she'd let you have U," he decided. "She hates you, you know, because she thinks I'm going to marry you." He realized his error in bringing up tbe subject of marriage, evidently, by the quick flush that overspread his face. The Countess' steady look did not waver. And , , .?' she purred significantly. "We'll not talk about that," Bruce cut her off. "We've talked it all out before a dozen times. I owe something to my father's wishes. And besides, as I've told you, for me to do that would simply mean bat be would cut me off without a penny. Life In a Paris garret holds no charms for me, and as for you, my dear Louise—" be threw back bis bead and laughed boisterously. "Pah! You make always the e»- cuse." Louise replied coldly "But I no longer believe that Le papa Is not »u ogre such as you paint him—be is a tweet enfant, that papa of yours! He is not bad like you say!" "No? Call him father, and see wbat a sweet infant be is. Don't be fooled simply because be hasn't ttirof j» you out of the house. He's too wise for that. But let the wedding {Mils tinkle ever so little, and you'd «e! Besides. I have an idea in bif own sweet time be ts to put the skid* under Jj^tjf romance auyijt'v—'' "If we marry first and tell him when It is done—" Louise persisted "No, I tell you!" "Very well, then." Somethln, about her deadly quiet should hav warned him. "Very well. The suppose 1 tell you it was De Loma? Her tone changed to a shrill fishwife scream. "Why should I no help him when be Is in trouble Is it nothing that once we wer lovers? Ha, you did not know tbat did you? I tell you this now— loved him more than, ever I" hav loved you! At least he Is a man of his word and tbat is more than you are, Monsieur Bruce Jupiter the artist!" rpHRUSTING the bracelet defiant •*• ly on her white arm, tbe thor oughly heated young woman flounced off in high dudgeon. Afte a brief Interval there sounded from the road the low chuckle and roa of the Lorlmor's engine starting up and' the diminishing sound of Its passage Into the distance. Bruce continued to smoke and t sip his drink in silence, making ni move to follow. If Louise's taun had Jarred him he did not show it. His bland and unruffled coun tenance was as carefree, his man ner as debonair as If he were seal ed at a sidewalk table of one of hi own Paris cafes. Bowen began t fear tbat he was to be kept smotber ing behind the hot wooden wall o the shack Indefinitely, until a qulc reconnaissance showed that h could leave by the far door an gain his own car without being seen by the preoccupied Bruce. It was a low trick to go.off an leave the other man marooned in that out-of-the-way spot but he dli not relish being caught In the rol of eavesdropper. And he fancle Bruce would not care for the idea either. Besides, Bowen had a notion thi would be an excellent time to secure a snapshot of tbe lady—whil her cavalier was far away, and In no mood for smashing cameras o Impertinent reporters' noses. "She got away from me, though,' Bowen concluded sadly. "The Lori mor went away from there like a bat out of hell. That coughing oh taxi of mine couldn't even sigh it. But I'm laying for her just the same. Borrowed a grades from one of the picture men on tbe News and I'll be banging around tbe Front door of the Ambassador un less they chase me away. And I don't think they will. I've oiled the doorman with a tip on (he fourth race tomorrow and a pass to the track, and we're old college chums now. "Listen, chase her out to me, can't you? It's a swell chance. Tbe sun's right, everything's 0. K. I've got a hunch I can dig up some dirt on her if the boys in the police morgue get a good look at her." Mary was more than dubious; she was frightened. "She wouldn't do anything for me," she objected. "I'm afraid of tbat woman, to tell the truth! And from wild! "Ob, have a heart! your account, sbe must be Yell 'fire* or something! Shoo her out here just long enough for me to get a picture. I'll wait. Better burry, though, before Bruce gets back and makes it up with her, the sap." "I don't promise anything," Mury said, "I can try, but that's all." *0, K." Mary replaced the receiver on the hook thoughtfully. After a moment sbe took It down again and asked the clerk if the Countee* hVl come '» >'«'• Toi.i that sbe bad. ebe I asked for ruoui service and or- dered sandwiches and Iced drinks sent up to her own room. Then, with trepidation turning her knees to Jelly, she went down the hall and tapped on tbe other woman's door. If she lost a moment, sbe knew her courage would ooze away, entirely. "Who Is It?" came In muffled tones after a moment's pause. "It's I," Mary said gently, trying to soften the blow. Louise must have hoped to hear Bruce's voice, contrite and pleading. - • "What do you want?" The door was jerked open about a foot, revealing tbe Countess in lieelless mules and a thin green silk robe, her thick black hair pushed back as she wiped cold-cream from he*; cheeks with a towel. Wiped clean' of make-up, she 'looked younger than Mary had ever seen her—like a sulky, sensuous child. Her eyes bore the traces of recent tears. "I've sent for some tea—I thought you'd like some—I didn't know you weren't feeling well," Mary stammered. »pHE Countess averted her tell••• tale eyes. She walked about the room restlessly, stopping to shake an empty packet of cigarcts. She tossed It away angrily. "Come Just as you are," Mary urged. "There's no one about." Perhaps Louise surprised herself as well as Mary, but she came, wrapping her robe more securely about her. Perhaps her tiff with Bruce had made her welcome female company for a change. "Tea?" she exclaimed scornfully. "In this weather? Horrible idea!" "Iced tea. The American version. It's really very good. Try it." With a pronounced sneer on her lips, Louise stretched out a white bare arm and accepted a glass gin. gerly. Midway of the soft round forearm flashed a beautiful diamond bracelet. "Oh, what a divine bracelet!" Mary exclaimed. "Have I seen it before?" At tbe same moment that the words came from her lips, the real- izatlon came to her that she had seen It before—on the arm of Mrs. Jupiter! Of course, that was what happened. Tbe Fly, unable to dispose of the loot-because of tbe tremendous publicity given the case, together with a minute description of the jewels, was reduced to the expedient of borrowing on it from bis erstwhile love. He must have been Jjard pressed for money, and probably risked letting it out of his possession only on that hard, headed business woman's insistence. But chance bad foiled their In- :ention of secrecy. Or bad the Countess let the beautiful bauble )e seen deliberately? Bruce's affections needed whipping up, if Mary was any judge. And a little discreet jealousy would do the trick! The Countess stood without replying. Sbe bad no idea bow De ionia had come by the bracelet and tbe thought that Mary might >e speaking seriously disquieted her. This was only for a moment. "Do you like it?" she said negligently. "It was a present rom my—from my former bus>and." Mary felt a choking sense of ex- Itement. Sbe must get that brace- etf It would be damning evidence gainst The Fly—perhaps enough, n Itself to bang him for Mrs, upiter's murder. As she stood turning the circlet 9 her fingers, pretending to earn lue it, there came a loud rap at u -door. Boto •women jumped. (To Be Continued) MILWAUKEE, Wls.-Gliding to a landing nt the Fond du Lac Airport, James Hansen and a passenger had n miraculous escape from death when they crashed through high tension wires carrying 66.000 volts of electricity. • As the wires parted under the impact . of the plane, there was n blinding flash as the current short- circuited. Lights in the neighborhood were out for hours after the crash before the damage could" be repair ed. Hansen managed to Innd safely after the crash. WASHINGTON.—South America is now completely circled by American air lines as the result of the inauguration of a new service from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires. The new route, extending from Miami, Florida south, is the longest over-water line in the world. SED Baking Darwin Stores Co. MARKET BASKET SAVINGS Coff ee Detsy Ross Brand Lb. 29c—3 Lb. can 87c Turnips and Greens—Green Pepperi Kraut Blue Mountain No. 2V4 cnn Pineapple Reman Gold Brand No. 2',a can sliced 18c No. 2 can I3c Sardines California in Tomato Sauce—15 oz. can 8c Cabbage—Carrots-—Mustard Greens Lemons SUNKIST-Large Dozen I7c Celery—Lettuce—Cranberries Meal New Crop 24 Lb. Sack 29c BARGAINS! BARGAINS! Relish Hcinz Sandwich Spread 8V-! ounce Jar I9c Cocoa Dining Car Brand '/I Lb. 7c—Vfe Lb. 13c Pound 23c FLOUR Just Received Another Ca of Flour and Feed. Get Our Prices. MARKET SPECIALS HAMS Decker's Korn Kist—Whole or Half. Ib. 15c Sliced Bacon Rindlcss, C to 8 Lb. Size—Lb. 18c Brookf ield Sausage 1 Lb. Cartons 22c BEEF STEW 3 pounds 25c| SPARE RIBS Pound 12C Sliced Fresh Side Pork-lb. 15c Ground Loaf Meat Pork Added 2 25c Lion wants your business, not only because Lion's payroll and income helps maintain Southern prosperity, but because the extra mileage in Lion gasoline means dollars saved. SOLD IN ALL LION STATIONS VV/ITH a soft whirring of excited wings the ^^ drove of ducks banks sharply upward from the disclosed hunter and speeds like cannon shot to the safety of low-hanging clouds. * * Such lightning-like speed is available for the motor of your car in each tank of Lion gasoline you buy. With this smooth-burning and perfectly timed fuel, you are able to dart in and out of traffic at will. * * Both the quality of the Smackover crudes used in"t-ion production and the care with which Lion is made adds to Liorrspeed. ' Buy Lion gasoline today and enjoy this added speed yourself. ouAurr riHNlvwANU oik CAILID THE ilST MOTOR OIL IN TNI WORLD OIL SALES CO. • SUBSIDIARY LION Oil. REFINING CO. £1 Dorado.Ark. MISSISSIPPI SUBSIDIARIES ? Oil C«mp«ny, Tttp*!* Superior Oil Compiny, Culfpork STATIONS IN ARKANSAS. AUIAMA, LOUISIANA. MISSISSIPPI AND TiNNfSSif SOUTHERN MAPE FOR $ 0 U T H E R N U" R A D i

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