The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS *T*VI1P TVM^f I'M AMT utmiier* A tit^rt f*.n k.>yxnmiT« * tsm ...... .. • «^^^«^» W W T^^^r THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 301. Blythevllle Dally News BlylhevJUe Courier Mississippi valley Leader Blytiifvlltc Herald AHKANSAS, SATURDAY, MAIiCU 9, 19<IO RUSSO-FINNISH Hitler Is To Speak Sunday, May Talk On War In Far North SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO. STICE TALK GROWS noon HMN, March 9. (UP)—Adolf [-filler will speak at tomorrow (5 a.m. CST) at a "heroes' memorial day" ceremony at the Berlin armory museum, it was announced today as Joachim von Riljbentrop, hi.s fora^n minister, left Tor Rome to confer with Italian leaders. Hibbenlrop, with his personal stall', left for Rome by train at 0:15 a.m. and was due in Rome late tomorrow. At noon It wns announced that* -- __ Hitler would spent al the memo"' -• ..... Motherly Smile rial ceremony. It was believed Dint he might make a declaration of world Importance on European problems, centering on the Kiisso- Flnnlsh mediation negotiations, though at previous meetings speeches had been restricted to honoring the dead and paying tribute to the strength of the army. Until today, Meld Marshal Her- guarantee the security of Leningrad. ! 2—Cession of some poinl—un- specified—near the mouth of the Gulf of Finland, to serve as a Russian naval base. It wns said that both points were flexible and that tlie position and amount of territory might be freely decided In negotiation. Youth. Al First Believed Unhurt, Collapses After Crash man Goering, Nazi No. 2, had been programmed ns the principal . speaker. Memorial Day is observed annually as a solemn act of state. Heretofore it liad been held at the state opera house. Hitler liad been the speaker at two services, .Goering at one, Grand-Admiral Erich Racdcr, commander in cnief of the navy at one and Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg, former war minister, at one. It was Indicated -that the Russo- , Finnish war, and the clanger thai! tlie allies might land troops in ,.„-__, _,_-„ Scandinavia unless current peace 1 ob 7cur^ ' negotiations succeeded, was a prime • ,,^,,„,,, . i reason for Ribbentron's visit to ! .5^'" J"^' ns " l ' A . at « 1C Rome. Other J topics for discussion vrere the seizure of German export coal en route to Italy by the British, American Under Secretary of State Sunnier Welles' visit to Europe and tlie engine range of German-Italian political relations. : Ribbehliop was understood to have .conferred, ,wllh Adolf Hitler . ^st-" .ftjght And to have received- final instructions for his talks, after his arrival at Rome tomorrow, with premier Benito Mussolini and Count Galeazzo minister. Ciano, Italian foreign CAUUTIfERSVlLLE, Mo, March D.—Eric Tnvlor Alexander, ?2, died at 7:15 o'clock lost iiijihl, a row minutes lifter his car had struck a parked machine in iviint first appeared lo be a minor accident The verdict of (lie coroner';; In- ouest was thai he died from shock but a later examination disclosed nn Injury lo his abdomen from the steel-ins wheel which may have caused n hemorrhage. There were no external Injuries, j Tlie accident occurred on West Seventh .street ns young Alexander ivns driving cast at 7 o'clock. Alone in Ills car. It is not known • whether IHits from an approach-: ing car blinded him or whether; he had a heart attack to cause him to lose control of his car which struck n machine parked In front of the residence of Mr. nnd Mrs. Lllbourn Green. There were no eye witnesses. Although the car was damaged to some extent, it is not believed that he was speeding, it is said. After the collision he was removed from the machine and stood up as if uninjured but fell unconscious In n few minutes. Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon. 2:30 o'clock, nt tlio Baptist, church with the Rev. D. K. Foster, pastor, officiating. Pallbearers will be: Charles Grlgory, Dwlght Nlckens. John Hoslcy Jr.. J. I,. Roebuck. Leon Scott and J. W. Moad. Born In Newbern. Tcnn. May Une.'ii- 28. 1917. he was the son of Mr. „„,!',, . "'T irlY-W 011 ! «n<l Mrs. O. .B. Alexander who ami;.ine Arkansas otate Employ- moved to^Curuthcrsville two years mcnt Service r all,ol which receive ] D [er.- aff spent -his entire life here federal grants, since n director Having 'graduated from the Canith- was not appointed until Inte hi ersvllle - high school j February, the plan is not. hi, ac-i He Is also survived by one sister,] Mrs. Alma Faye Walker, of Ten- Merit System Rules Prohibit 980 State Em- From Activity ,, B- elmise In the new state instance of the Federal Social Security Board, prohibit . ap- proximatcly 980 state employes from actively participating in stale politics this summer. Thc merit system went Into effect January 1 in the Welfare and Health .Departments, thc S^:'V*^.V>:.A::^f. ! ^r i ::^^^\>.C?:^^^ Ever hear n hlppopotnmus crow? That's Jusl about wlinl the prlcleiu) smile of Ilannnh, Washington Zoo hippo amounts to as she stands over her iveck-old baby. At formal chrlsfenlng party, offspring wns named "Chocolate Drop". E. II. CaldweH Now Constable; Lindsey Deputy SllOVV Monday Nlghl Toj U was revealed today r 'thaf Qov. Hi-iwo'-' Tn TkL Cml E.',. Bailey hn'n^iipojnlcd E. H. UllV.e in Itll.? cntdwell. fnnncr, to fill- the . vi\- Cotinty " opcrut'on, Governor Bniley described the German Inspired newspapers eni- phasizAi interest: in ,the alleged plans of the allies to demand that Norway and Sweden permit the passage of allied troops nnd munitions across their territory to Finland. . It appeared that this possibility overshadowed the efforts being made at present, with Stockholm the negotiating center, to bring thc Russo-Finnlsh war tp nn end. Any allied landing 'in Scandinavia, it was held, must involve northern Europe In a genera! war; Authorized informants now admit that Germany made representations lo Sweden to,prevent the transit 1 of allied troops and numitlons across Swedish territory. "Even those whose eyes have been closed so far now see clearly that England does not bother about for- "no politics" ban in the state departments as "very much like (he Hatch act," which orders federal Grants Rehearing In mgag Crowe And Ring Cases thc forthcoming state the governor said It ion but governor said It was his opln- ,.".„, a "'v < -'"-« that It would prevent employes """"' b>> "'' lhf» nfT(Vlml <to<lr,».trnn T1 tt. f.-n.,, ^"llrL, I1JUC [) of the affected departments from ' "taking an active part hi a polltl- " eitnn i eal campaign." About 400 employes of the Wei- I' 1 " |° a slntemcut yesterday from fare Department, 300 of the Health _f...l\ v , arm .° f V y ard ,*, Department and 280 of the two "" " Labor Department divisions affected by the ruling. Just how much Mississippi County will aid in relieving'the Finnish War sufferers will depend on the response of its people between now and Monday night when n campaign for funds will be climaxed with a benefit motion picture show. Thc local committee has raised $145 in Blytheville through the sale of special tickets nt $5 each but no report has yet been sent In from other parts of the county. In addition to",this, sale, geuernl admission tickets' of 25 nnd 35 cents each will be sold for the show and lecture at the Rosy Theater ^ >tj when H. Canfleld Cook, world-wide counsel for thc two" defendants' i ktlowl1 Canadian traveler, lecturer nnd journalist, will talk of Finland Mo., March -Amiel Ring nnd Cleve Crowe, whose sentences were recently nf- •Slfite Supreme been given n new g on their motion for new trial by the Supreme Court, accord- rung and Crowe have been allowed bond pending the re-hearing and nml Mbs Kntl Haapkylu, Finland's at liberty. ' representative lo the New york Stage Drive Against 'License-less' Drivers A concerted drive to compel mo- mal declarations or agreements torisls to purchase state automobile when its egotistical Interests are' and drivers' licenses for 1940 was involved," said the Voelikscher BCD- i made In Mississippi County this bactvter, official Nnzi party organ. "In England's eyes these interests demand In all circumstances the week by Arkansas state Rcvenu Department inspectors and Arkansas State Highway police who is- extension of the war to Scnndinn- sued court summons to those found via." I not to have these licenses. "We leave the question of what • In all instances the licenses were matters of .common interest the] obtained and no one wns (rled in Oeiman foreign minister will dis-1 Municipal Court, cuss with Count Ciano to the bad I While there were several automo- conciejices of certain western Eu- j bile owners' who had not yet ob- ropean lands," said the Boersen- Zeitung. Two men believed lo be playing a part in ellorls to end the Husso- war were now in Berlin, i tained their car licenses, most of the offenders had failed lo obtain drivers' licenses. The speclnl crew of Inspectors, Jeff Davis of Little Rock, J. W. 35 minutes of film having boon " mdc jr ''- Cook wll ° htl s ( ' one Ring nnd Crowe were lound gull- 1 world ' s (nlr . will answer questions ly nnd sentenced following thclr "" "May costumes worn by the trials In circuit court here for peo " 1e of hcr lnnd their alleged part in connection' ' Ihc lnu ' cI °Sue, in color, will dc- wlth the death of Nathan Teroy ' Finland as It was before the Pascoln. Mo., youth who wns said ^ usslan Invasion, the oi'.e hour and to linvc died from Injuries sustained In a fight with Ring. Crowe Arnold Tucker and Robert Prlvett "' OIK of "" s k!ml for " "«ni«cr of nt a rondhouse In the west part of ycn _ rs this county about two years ago expenses of the i>erforinancc are _^ . ' being kept at u minimum. The theater was donated by Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCulclicii, the cm- arc giving their services . cost. Mr. Cook Is louring the United Stntcs with his film to Per svinhufvud, former president ] f vsh ' ey ° f Sa 'f' a " a B - Hollnn <l of of Finland, nnd Sven Hedln, fa-! West Memphis, who asslsled in the raous Swedish explorer, svinhufvud 1 ° nv . c ' * enl , from M1s s'sslPl>i Coun- was expected to continue on to | <?'. to Corning, Ark., for a similar Italy, alone. Hedtn, believed to be acting for the Swedish government, has seen both Hitler and Field Mar. ! drive. They will probably return here within a few days for n final shal Hermann Goering, Nnzi No. i. i " c , le , il ." up '" Slate Poiice Eugene Dickinson and John W. Faulkner, who are stationed here, assisted In the drive. and Is expected to see bolb again. Apparently by coincidence, a delegation of officials of the Russian commissariat for foreign trade arrived yesterday, lo discuss details I of deliveries of German industrial , products to Russia. i There was no evidence that Oer-j A - T. & T 174 3-4 many was taking a direct part in : Am - Tobacco 90 Russo-Finnlsh war ncgolinttons.' Anaconda Copper 29 1- Stock Prices However, Germany naturally would welcome [he termination of the Belli. Steel 75 1-1 Chrysler 55 3.4 war, not only because U entalk the Cities Service 41-2 danger of allied Intervention but Coca Cola 1203-4 because Germany needs Swedish iron ore and because Russia would Gen'l. Elect 395. Qcn'l. Motors ] 531-4 be able to pay more attention to Int - Harvester ........... 55 1-1 exporting raw materials lo Ger- Mont. Ward ............. 541-8 many. The German position lias North Am. Aviation ..... 251-3 been dellcale. Privately, Germans Packard . > ............... 33.4 express sympathy for the Finns, Phillips ................... 38 3-4 but Russia's friendship Is important. Radl ° ................ ... 55-3 Latest report, here were that the Russian peace terms were spe- clfic only on two points: sd of > W i-Ccsslonby Finland of al l«ail Texas Corp,'..;!'''/"-':".' 44 1-2 apart of the Karelian Isthmus, "lo 'tj. s. st*el"!... . '} • 59 1-! Drainage Districts Pay Off Bonds Early CARUTHEHS^IE, MO.. March nte"^^^^^" B-Dmmagc Districts Six and Eight sat lon, Miss Haapky a is e ving have completed paying off 522,000 her services bonds which would not In come di'e for almost five years yet. It was announced here yesterday by County Clerk E. 8. Huffman. Di'trict Six paid up $13.000 which would nol have fallen due unlil 1042, placing the 'district, with thc exception of one thoilsand-dollar- boud. three years ahead of Us schedule, and leaving nn outstand- 'ng-principal Indebtedness of $325.00 in the dlstricl. Dislrict Eight paid off $9.000 in bonds which would not have been due until 1945, placing this district paid up until April. 1945. nnd leaving the principal Indebtedness in this district at 8170,000. lo her native Innd, of the county committee nnd other individuals arc contributing their time. Thc show will begin promptly at 7:30 o'clock nnd there will be no second showing. Value of the performance to students and others Interested In the world situation today was pointed out by members of the committee In discussing the opportunity this event will afford citizens of Mississippi County. FIRS! WF[ Winer 'Men Ial Prtlienl' Shoots 'Successor' In Back, Then In Chest GmUMIHA, 8. 0., Mureli 0. (UP)—Police eot only sullen. Incoherent statements todny from Mr*. Miute Wulker ninteon wlio .shot to dentlj the sodnlly-proinlneiit woman who succeeded her us the wife of Col. lildinrd c. HurK'son, .iriny artillery expert, "Call my mother," .she snld again and auntn, But her mother luul been dead for more (him a year .ind In n letter to tho sluln womun three months dgo, (lie first Mrs. Burlcson hiid licensed her o( "sending my mother (o the grave In jrlef." The .shooting In the Hotel Jcf- (crson cnfeleriu yesterday iifleinonu .vlnle tlie -second Mrs. Burleson wns cnllnu n Jnlo lunch nlone, climaxed u prolonged domestle irinr- .'dy In the life of Col. Hurlc.wn, Met nrtlllcry advisor of die Sixth Division of tlie army stationed nl Clump Jnckson, near here. Fellow officers said tho llrsl Mrs. llurleson nnd been nil eccentric, Lyrannlcn! woman who had nearly ruined her Inisbiind's cnrcer nnd hiul uoltcn herself bnrred from army posts. Col. Burleson was on duty at the time. Urlg. Clen. Clement A. Troll, Commanding officer nl Cinnp Jackson, deslgimtcd Co). S. U. Buckncr, chief of stuff of tlie Sixth Division, to Jipcnk for Col. IJuilesun. "This Is a personal affair and hns nothing lo do with tiie military," Col. nuckncr Mild, "Burle- son'ti career hn.s liocn nearly ruined by tills nnd wlinl lias none on before. . . . Col. Burleson wns a long • suffering, niai),'--' • • ' He said -tho first•' Mrs. Burleson lind boon compelled to llvo outside the iirmy posts nl which he hat! been stationed because or her "personal peculiarities," which Included demands lo qunrlermnsleifi to move her lurnlliuc, bring mull to her and perform other errands which lliey were not obliged lo do. The Ilrsl Mrs. Burleson Is 51. He- ports from Onivcston said slic had been confined In mental hospitals three times In the past year. Col. nurlcson married his second wife In 1038, a year niter his tlrsl wife hud obtained n 'divorce In n counter-suit to his divorce petition. Tho second Mrs. Burleson was the widow of the lute Prank W. Knowl- p • • . c j. jlton, Boston attorney. Contract IS Mudied. The colonel nnd Mrs. Burlcson I moved lo the Hotel Jefferson last Capitals Of Europe Are Intently Watching Latest Developments: STOCKHOLM, Mmvli !). (Ul')—lltissinn sources here today mud tlml UiiKwi-l^innisli jicuoliutions' for nil armistice now wore ill MlwCOW. No won] HH to wJiiil lo iinnicdinloly, Hie Ihissiiuin liml liucn matle was nva^l- Woman In Serious Coucli- iton From Knife Wounds; Estranged Husband' Meld Mrs. Jewel Ueuimer. 21), la. in cimcy in the office.; of cltlcknsawbn. lowiishlp constable created by tho death of Jim p. Burns. mmedinlely upon taking thc oiith and making bond us required by law Mr. Caldwell appointed Arch Llndsey, deputy under Mr. Burns, ns Ills deputy nud said ho would piibtnl no other deputy, All criminal mid civil process and oilier (iutle.s of the office will bo entirely In the hands af Mr. Llnd- sey, Mr. Cnldwcll staled, [le si\I<I he believed lie was following tlie wishes of residents of the township In naming Mr Undsey us his sole deputy. New Street Lighting condition hospital from knife leged to have been Indicted by her estranged hiisbmid. Kilty ijcnimci', 4S, who Is held In'thc city Jnll. A| . »ly United 1'rcss Diplomatic activity In Scnndinn- vln, Moscow, nerlin, Rome, Paris nnd London Indicated today Hint n decision, momentous to tho course of events In Europe, Is about nt hand. '['here was no longer nny doubt lhal an effort to mediate the Russian-Finnish wm- wns lu progiess with Sweden the prospective mediator. All (he capitals .mentioned, us well as Washington, were 'Intently watching the outcome. The i'cporlcd Russian lenns woic described us so hnvsli that the Finns were not likely lo accept Ulylhcvlllo them, in Helsinki Finns snld they would rallier fight on iigiilnst any wounds al- odds rather thair accept anything but nil honorable pence Foreign Minister -V. A. Tanner forainl charge will not be loilRcd of Kinluml (old tho United Press against him for tlm present iiend- 'HH outcome of Mrs. rtcmmer's injuries. Slabbed three times with a ruily knife, .she tins n out in her right lirensl extending to her rlgct side; a cut In the right shoulder which extends to her mm pits nnd n slash neroas thc oul.slde of Hie left wrist. Tho knldug is said to have oo- ciin-ed ycslcrdny nftcnioon when Mrs. llcmmer wns cnrouto from her Is n trnns-AUantlo telciihono co( vcrsatlon . thai n decision on tlie pence proposals would be reached by Monday or Tuesday. If Finland llnds the proposals unacceptable, ho said, llic Finns will conliiiuc flshtliig.- He added that the peace tnltt has in no way dl- nilnlsliRd the hostilities 'i'hc London - and Paris cablnetii Bravely considered tlie pioblcm 01 whether they would have lo send organized military, aid lo Finland „..„ nt 410 Eaut Bycnmore street den and how It could be done If to n grocery store. City police s;ild i thai Ilcmmer told them lie went In tin- house lo visit his son ami thai, .hu nnd his wife began an arounicnl, The (lli(urbi|')icd occurred wllhln n short' 1 nine. nnd Norway refused . to be Kansas City's New ', Police Chief Indicted chief of police when' control of Ihe CARUTHEftsvUiLE, Mo., MnrcJi '"" when he wns transferred to department wns Irnnsfeira! from ' """ ' , ., a.— The Arkansas-Missouri' Power Camp Jackson from Fort I^wls, New York Cotton Mnr. May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. open 1097 1076 1041 984 969 966 Prev. high low close close 1058 1095 1098 IPS7 1071 1015 1077 1075 1040 10-12 1040 98.1 985 983 985 974 970 969 966 974 970 969 985 New Orleans Cotton Mar. May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jon. open 1107 1081 1051 935 1107 1087 1054 089 Piev. low close close. 1103 1107 1106 Corp. will lower the light rales on city whltewny and street lights, according to figures submitted In i new contract to the city council, It was announced here yesterday by Alderman Wyman Dlllmnn, chairman of the street committee. The new contract calls for n reduction of 25 cents on each plain overhead light, and 50 cents reduction on the whltewny lights. The city now pays 51.50 per month for each overhead light, nnd $2.01) lo/ each whilewny light. The new contract nlso proposes to burn the whilewjy lights from dusk to dawn Instead ol only until midnight, as Is now practiced. No aclion has been taken on the new contract ns yet, the mayor nnd council preferring to study It over awhile, u was Indicated the council would prefer a one-yen contract, whereas the one submitted calls for five yjars with nn automatic renewal clause. Soft-Voiced Girl Holds Family Will Abandon Bergdoll Castle Home PHILADELPHIA f UP)—Mrs. Bcrla Bergdoll. German-born wife, of draft-dodger Graver Cleveland Bergdoll, plans to move thclr fam- Post as Truant Officer " eyr _ l ° a 11CW homc '" Wcst C|1CS " __,,,„._ ~ I The deed to the $45.000 country BELMONT, Mass. (UP) - No ,,, scc hfls b(:cn lrimsterr(!(1 formally longer Is thc truant omcer n per- to Ulc Bercdolls. llic former own- Wnshlngton. Tlie first Mrs. Burlcson checked Into the same hotel Wednesday under the -1101110 "Mrs. Ruth Gordon, Wntcrboro, a. C." At 0:30 yesterday morning shc paid her bill nnd checked out. She loitered around the lobby nil morning, much of the lime on the mciuiiiilnc floor from where she had n view of the lobby. Apparently she was walling for the second Mrs. Burlcson. Thc second Mrs. Uurleson was eating her dessert when Mrs. Mazle Wnlksr Burleson walked lip behind her and shot hcr in the back with n rusty old revolver-which she held concealed In a handbag. As hcr victim slumped in hcr chair. Hi" first Mrs. Hurleson walked around thc table nnd shot her ngnln In the chest. The real ol thc patrons lied but Mrs. Durleson dropped hcr gun and stood by the dying woman until n hotel clerk seized her. For hours Mrs. Hurleson would say nothing. Her identity was established through keys In her handbag marked with the name Mrs. J. c. Walker, hcr dead moth Cialvestou. city officials to Clo*'. Lloyd Stark, drawn Inlo a general"wai. • '.Diplomatic activity in Moscov mis Intense. Much Intercut wns attached lo a visit, by Lauicnce A "" , Auicrjcan, .ambassador^ -- -r'nhdx-Itorclgn Mlnlsfei V. M. Molotov,. irrpiicji'jioitrces reported thai Premier RIslo K)ll of Finland »ml jforra'er Premier J K Piinslklvl. ho'w minister wllhoiit portfolio In llic Finnish ; 'cabinet, had arrived .In Moscow by an- plnne from Stockholm 1 . , Mo,. March 0.| [„ London the British wai cnbt- , ° i, ? Ll B - Uml , net " lcl wll « Hie chiefs of the wns indicted Ijy n county fighting forces lo discuss Britain's giiind Jury on three charges of course • oppression In office. | TH[!- hcn(Is of Ulo Br , (Kh fl0v . 'Hie Jury nlso Indicted Paul \. eminent were lu close contact with Bnrnctl, prominent attorney, .and Pails where u .formal- council of Waller iillss. a former Immlgin- ininlslers mel under President Al- Ilon agent, on charges of ntlempt- berl l^brlin. The- cnblnet wns lining lo Jnllucjicc a previous (jrnnri oirstood to have dkciisaej nil pos- Jm-y. sIMIUIcs of altllnx Finland Inolud- Reed, former Fcdernl Durenu ol '"« thc P a «' b 'c dlspntch of an Investigation agent, wns named «l'«»tlonary force. In (he midst of the tension all sorl.s of rumors were circulated.-A , Danish tiewtpapcr- reported Ujat Russia had called bis cliivres ,.of men to the colors. Intense Activity Noted ^ MOSCOW, Mnrch 9 (UP)—lii- lense diplomalic activity was noted In Moscow today. Numerous embassies and legations established conlact with the'-American Embassy in connection with n twb- liour (nlk with American ambas- iiidor Laurence A. Stehihnrdt had yesterday willi Viachcslnv Molotov 1 ! Russian Premier nnd foreign coin mlssni 1 . Contncl was established also,".by Foreign envoys, with the Swedish i Cation, > Stehihnrdt bad talked also to Swedish Minister P. V. G. Asssrs- k n yesterday. II was assumed that the diplomatic talks- concerned efforts re- j ported from Scandinavian capllals to end the Russo-Flnnish war, but participants maintained secrecy. .Sweden represents Finnish interests here during the war, and As- sarsson Is a key man In any negotiations. Translates Mail For President Aged Man Held To Court In Shooting I. H. Mercer, 69, was held to circuit court nils week on B charge of assault with Intent to kill in cntl tn hn fn».-r,,l r,. .1 .,,«- ~v> b uu.*.'. vi n. ,~....v.. .,„.,- «, uMULIlk wiUI IlllUlt IO Kl 1 111 son to be feared, for Ihe super- . Brs lnhlng „ $30000 j) rst mor , gBgCi „ s } looUllf of Meilvin Hllg i ies ' atlei schools Is a 15 man with blu -.'oicc. . B( ' I " 10nt " S - ' noijnd young wo- sald shc ailcl hcr slx chlldrcll wonW e eyes and a soft move to the country home from the "Bergdoll Castle" here, al- Mtss Eleanor McCormack has though It may be many years beheld the position for six months f ore Beredoll Is released from prls- has tound only 25 truancy on and can see the 214 -story store cases In 500 investigated. She "tries and frame dwelling on a 250-acrc lo bring a friendly feeling to the work" and wherever possible makes. Dirjonal visits Instead of uslns the telephone. payment. Mrs. Dergdoll :• 27. who was wounded Jan. 31 by 984 971 1082 1050 935 972 "964 1087 1053 989 076 071 1083 1051 983 Oil HARRINGTON, R. I. (UP)-Bar- rlnglon High school pupils apparently are modest—they asked the school committee to abandon all medits and awards given to pupils tract In an Isolated section. LONDON (UI'I—Stamp collectors and dealers have been caught oft their guard by the war's first "provisional Issue." Delayed mails caused a recent shortage In Newfoundland 'Of 2-cent and 4-cetit stamps, Royal Visit commemorative, stamps had lo be purchased lo 983 i by organizations and Individual*,' mcet'uie'dema'ncl. the elder man. Preliminary hearing had been postponed pending outcome of Mr. Hughes Injuries. He Is now recov- cilng from B wound Infllclcd In Ms hip. Mcrctr wlio has been held in Ihe Wor days havc bccn b ectmly Jail following his arrest Ior Emerson B. Christie, head the shooting, has not yet o t the State Department's trans- made bond. Officers said that he shot the younger-man from'the back after, nn argument with Mr. Hughei and Ills brother In which ho threatened killing them. Tlio s trouble Is said to have started over sonin work on the Hughes t«rm wiiero Morcer la employed. lating bureau, whose job It is to translate foreign language messages sent to President Roosevelt Hts staff, skilled in 24 languages, has been pulling into English some 375,000 .words a month from diplomats,. would- bo counsellors, .victims of perse- vuUw, cranks, and beggars. Senate Committee Restores Farm Funds WASHINGTON, March 9. (TJP> —The senate appropriations committee today approved an agrlcul- luial appropriation bill increased J2!7,OCO,OCO above the house totn! and including funds for parity |:njments and for the surplus commodities program. Two motions by Senator Frederick Hnlc (Rep.. Maine), to cut the bill, were defeated decisively WEATHER i Arkansas — Partly cloudy ; and warmer, showers in northwest portion tonight, Sunday considerable cloudiness, cooler In west and .central portions, showers In east and. north portions. Memphis and vtclnltj—Pair and warmer tonight, lowest temperature about 40, Sunday cloudy, w»rmtr, light rains Sunday aftwnoqn »n'd

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