Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1954
Page 7
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• V v - Rvr fi V 4 "': * '' \-'.',/'"•'=:•"'• ,f]f-w^m '{» x V HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ttiuHcJdy, Beceffifeef 16/ MARKETS \L6UIS VAHBS, 111.' Mogs 8.5WH slow, loweH 150210 ib 18,60-50; 220-240 , -i^lSlft.60; -240260 Ib 160017.^; ' 2§0300 Ib 13.5S-18.7S; iS.2S.75; hcav 0 13.2514.75; boars 10.50- 2000 ' ca | vos fio0; little done tm steers; _, _,-™, .receipts MSB; ifcsale fouyittij prices urt _.. e flged; U.S. large Whites 31; irilxed 31 j mediums 28; standards 28.6; • euttent' tcfcipts 25; ditties 32; chocks 212. utI Racing >n Turned Down Cpmniisslon .has * «quest from Hot ,,businessmen ,for _a longer Reason, at Oaklawn ' ' e Commission vfttrd, \o approve Feb. 19 through ' -racing- date,s. 'men ,had psked sdn be-lcngtheiied from "* ' ' "'•' commercial ,cows 9.00- nners cutlers NEW YORK NEW YORK COTTON Cotton futures &ifitlmled ffom fag* &&» front, appeared close to the ontmbling point. Some politicians, businessmen, and triple-dome economic crystal Razors v/ere already woirying about a possible postwar depressio Lawmakers With Chinese By JACK BELL WASHINGTON Wl Several key ci,n-oi-.u... lawmakers said today they favor Then Hitler's legions struck. ,and efforts to exchange 35 .Chihose stu- • • dents in this country for 57 Ameri- r . utility and cor.imorcial bulls MiOd-13.00; sanifcrs arid cutters 8.0010.00; good and 'choice vealers 21.00-27.00: Individual head prime to 29.00; commercial and good venlci'R 13.0020.00; commercial and good slaughter calves 1S.OO- J9 00. iSheep 1,000; Ir.mbs steady • to iqwor; bulk choice to prime woolci lambs 18.00-75; top .19,00 sparingly for well so: ted lots with strong prime end; Rood and choice 17.50 IB.Od; cull and utility 15.00-17.00; ' displayed early Easiness today on hedging and liquidation and then improved as the selling dried Up. giippbtt came through trt.de and New Orleans buying. •Lale Afternoon prices were -un* changed to 45 cents a bale higher then 4he previous close. March S4.C3,' May 34.91 and July 34,94. 6BAIN AND PROVISION CHICAGO M 'Most culls 10.00-14.CO; moMly 4.005.00. ewes ( toady, NEW YORK STOCKS :NEW -YORK The .Stock Starkot bounced vigorously afiead in the early .afternoon today. , Many individual stocks Wdre'urt : usually strong, and ga'ns between. l,and 2 points were frequent.'••',' ' Steels,-rails and oils were in«1o- mafld. Some divisions wore qui&tly Steady, -but iidnc*was backward:. ' POULTRY AI^D PRO.PUCE \ CHICAGO WT', Live poultry,:, gbthoted a little strength toward ;he close on the Bord of trade to- dpy sitter having spent most of the josslon fluctuating around previous closing prices. January soybeans again v/ere ajdod -by short covering. Responding t onews cash beans were tie- ing shipped from Chicagc t oNew Orleans. January wheat also oame cjicad. k on short covering late, • in the 6"ny. ' ' ' his waves of panzers crashed through the thin, stretched out U.S. line as if it were an ngpshell. in 48 hours th* American public rto longer was concnrned about postwar problems. 'It was praying for the men at the front. It is only fair to those men at the front to. say they never had quite shared the Unrestrained optimism of the rear area and home doxtghboy must always .regard the outcome of his next stop as doubtful. But even our most veteran bat- grains tlefield troops were dazed by the might of the Nazi attack. And the Belgian oeoplc, who have the least cans detained, in Red China, in eluding ,!l airmen imprisoned by the Communists- as "fsptes." Rep. Joseph W. Martin of Massa- churetts, retiring speaker 'of ; th>5 House, .said that if the students Want to go to Red China he wouk welcome any might lead to negotiations tha such an exchange under estimate the of Germany, were . , ' Prjc&'changes in feed ^ s nature,.. f»t V tf Vr^l!^!' » 1 T"l"* ...--,- c)6nt -higher, > pecembcr- 79c, reason to strength numbed. A nightmare o.uality of unreality hung over the entire situation. "Where did the Germans manage to get all those troops and all those tanks?' ' •No one knew. After the war it Was learned Hitler had secretly been planning the counter offensive fbr months, had drained other :battlefronts to flesh it with muscle barely steady; '.^csterday 980 »i lower'.to >/ 2 -hjghcr, December Sl.H t an.d f lov/er'to receipts- 725 coops ,.„*.„ , — coops, 153,515 IDS) i JIT.O.B. payirjg 'prices .Vy lower to •1-higher; heavy Ihens ,17-18,3;-light hens 12.5-13.5 j fryers and troilers 2125; i old roosters 1212.5; capon-, eUes'2027; hen tut keys 37.5: young torn turkeys 3326; ducklings 30; fdrmet ducks over -5 Ib 22, lunder 5 Ib -18; geese 23-24. Butter weak; recicpts 836,507; Butter weak; receipt? 886,567; wholesale prices >/ 4 to -1 lower; 03 score AA 56.25,59.5; 32 A 58.75; 90» jS^Hhipr- -89 C i '6.6,9.;- 82 A 8.75; \ 90 B,,57.75; 89 0,56,5; cans y i • 5 T { • - % and • steel and ; ccver rLiiftwaffn's wings. it v;ilh ,..„ ._.,_ l'"higher, Jffhuary $2.83-$2.B3. ,-WTient:' Non.e. Copn: No. 3. -yellow ' ,1.47^51; -No. -4 1.40^4^! No. 5 1.38y 4 '; sample grade 1.33/- L Oats: 'No. 1 .heavy .mixed 87^}4; No. 1 heavy white' 8888 Val No.: 1 white 85; -No. 1 extra heavy wh'ite 8aV 4 -'/2V ' ' : Barley nomfnal: Malting choice 1.^0-52; fe^erf 1.10-19. ' five to six weeks bycvttiftg one day,per week from .the present alx day araclng t week. . , Man <5cts Life for Killing His Wife ART'S tky STORE Jeweler* EXPERT serute FORQUALitVond Let us fill thpM Vital Prescriptions for speedy delivery from 7 a. m. to 7 p. irf. ' r , . . Reflistered PrugBltt.on fluty at alt times. Call PR 7-34Z4 PEPENDABIJ.ITY 225 S. MAIN i, W) DcWay.nc Tatum, 27, "has been given a ..life Een.ten.ce: for the murder of his pregnant -Wife ,— who ,died .whjch hpj$n^ ,a ^-month-old .baty injher ..„ aUmake .Greene 'County-^Circuit .Court'jury'deliberated for,h«)f an hour, .recessed >?pr Cupper, ,'jliid- then deliberated another half Hoj^r, . ffhe thins is: He had been nbte to. do 'the unexpected. Ke didn't win the Battle of the. Bulge; .but }>e .threw a mighty scare into the Allies. He left sad memories- in many American homes, and would have left a lot more if the luck pf the battlefield had gone; more in his favor. ' Remember how many 'people jeered at ' Hitler's bombastic Iir,omi<--es he .would unleash secr«t r.ew weapons? H e did , come up With a few the buzz bomb, the V-E rocket, the jetplape. And he had more planned. Remember after the war the jokes about the supposedly mechanically ignorant Russians? How they could build .great' 'planes-except they forgot to build the en- ginef.? But they produced a fine fighter. plane in Korea, and came .up fast with the atom and hydrogen bomb. It^is never a-mtrk of intelligence But he and Sen. Ferguson (R Mich.) retiring head of the Senhtu Republican Policy. Committee, saii there must be no deal \vhich woulc force the return to his homelan: of sny Chinese who wished to re main in this, country. The State Department indicate through Press Officer Lined! White yesterday that the Unite States migh*. consider any offe forthcoming from Red China t exchange for the Americans Ch nese stxidents- who have- applied fo exit permits but thus far hnve bee denied them; Sen. Sparkman (D-Ala), a mem ber of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said, he' knew, of no reason why thiS"governmertt should insist on koeplng ' in this' 'country any students who .wanted to'.rcturn to. r .China. .-•.'..".'• •.'.,'•'•'.• •• ' .'The State Department has, said tije 35 involved have not been per- inittcd to leave because specialized ckijls they acquired here Might be valuable to .the Communists from ;h)ilitary standpoint... "The fact that these students iray have learned, some .valuable technique does not .justify holding „,, MOP Should Be Out of Court SIT. LOUiS Mfl Guy A. fhoitip on trustee for the Missouri Pa- ific Railroad, said at a hearing Sresterday it was "in the public in- erest" that the railroad "be tak- .n out of court as soon as possi ble." The railroad has been in bank- uptcy for 20 years. The public hearing before fed' eral judge Georg6 H. Moore con .inues through tomorrow. It com corns a reorganization plan for the >yslem. Ihompson ard Paul J. Neff, MIS sour! Pa'cifie chief executive off! cer . were the only two wi nesses yesterday. Eight groups of slock and bond holders have filed objections t( the "agreed system" plan of reor ganizatoin' which was approved b: the Interstate Commerce Com mission last July. They will b heard at the current hearing. Thompson asked and received permission from Judge Moore last January, to. personally expedite the reorganization after he said some parties had attributed delay to him and his attorney, Russell L. Deormont. ,Neff, urging the reorganization Ian be' completed ar.d adopted without further delay, scid mem- ers of "The Missouri Pacific fam- y" feared, the system might ecome :three weak' railroads'' in' tcsd of .one strong line. Bravo del Norte, or "fierce river if the north." light. U SCOTT S STORE May we offer you a few of *uf .many .gift suggestion*. Come ;in and shop the entire Store. Nylonized panties : in small, medium and large si*es. •'• For thorn in this country, if they wish to ".return to China," Sparkmah said. CAN'T ESCAPE CHICAGO (UP) There suspect cd pickpockets sought retuge in .a men's rest room at a subway sta- ion when they were followed by ,wo policewomen. One police\yoman stood guard outside the door while the other •elephoned for help. Two male of- 'icers responded to the call and arrested the suspects. t;ef0i;e saiicr,'. 'guilty "^'Sq, ,,apd t Itfe , im . TatUnjwas sKotjn'the h with? a !23fc\Hbe.r rifje as she s, qn.tfie .steps, p ,fthe Cox,,Gropery Sto.se j in • Paragould. H'atum _ >yfts coptur*d'a^ey,-mijmtes later after t-n ^vrtpniQbJle cbase . Much, of.4he t ,argument r tWord8y 4r|al Jnvolve4 a insanity ,by ^hc .defense. Dr. M.A;.McKelvey, o Iciclan at Arkansas , State Et.IyiUle, -Rock. 'testified that Iwas 'Jqienl^lly ,W °n Oct. j the -day' th e ^hooting, occurred. ";H r e paid tftpt^T^um vas foynd s'arte ajtt^r p> recent SOday examination. to. ( l?.ugh at the other fellovv's ignorance. He may just be play ing possum. Every pound pf real common sense is leavened by an ounce, of caution. And so, jn the anniversary _pf t in the morning -Hitler delivered his surprise package, it is a good occasion to take up our pencils' and write 100 times: '•I won't be afraid J>f .the other guy, but I'll never underestimate him either; 1 ' ^ / / It's something,worth memorizing thfs lesson that as a people we often forget so easily. Firm Goods May Continued from Page One Dope's Ailments Are Diagnosed .VATICAN CITY UPiDetailed .X rays of ,78year-old Pope .Pius ol showed today that he is suffering from a 'Small hernia in the ,dia phr&gm arid gastritis, hi;; doctor announced. , . . . _ •Specialists • planned ,to make • a detailed 'study ' oi! • the • X-rays pic tures later today, after 'which" a medical bulletin -may be issue'd. : I appeared „ likely tha t th e doctor would decide" on '-an' operation, .t correct the hernia. . • , VDr. Raffaele Paolucci ^di Vataa; giore, -famous surgeon. ,whc> ha been a consultant on the. Pope' case'; said last. wee(c .that .such.a .»=ATAL^ITT^E ROCK Iff) oil • Drye,-llTy«ar-old Mr; and' Mrs. R. 1 r* , f «* * Lir.do Car- died operation would be a "very minor and local affair" which the ..serious ly ill' pontiff could survive. PILLOW'S GIFT SHOP • Personalized . Christmas , ' r . Cards';; •; • Open levery ,Wedne«{fay Nloht 7:30-•§ P. M. 305 S. 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"Maximum prqgres will ccme Only if agriculture is free and farmers can make their own management decisions on their own farms with a very minimum of government regulation and con- troj," he, said.' More Cuts in Military Is Planned By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON W) The Penta gon is planning a furthei reduction in the nation's military man power, with the builk of the out coming in Army ranks, Secretary of Defense Wilson told ncwsrhen last night the total strength of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and 'Air Force would'be "something less" htan the figure of 3,047,000 at which it had been planned previously to level off in the fiscal year starting next July ' Wilson declined to give specific figures. President Eisenhower gave a non-commital reply when asked at his news conference yesterday about a report that the new decrease might amount to about 100,000 men. When the Korean fighting halted a year and half ago, military manpower strength was a b o u t 3558000. Then a slow, steady cut back was started. Until yesterday, the program apparently wts Banned at reducing the force to 3,047,000. of which 1,73,000 could be m the Army and maintaining it *hero for an indefinite period. At his news conference Eisenhower said tHe active armed forces should he backed by an effective reserve, for which a program was outlined by the President to congressional leaders at a White House meeting Tuesday. When Mich P ressrve wa,s produced, the President sett, it would be possl- We to cut bjick on i»Ot»Yfc personnel. However, Wijapn's dJ3closure of intention to go thrfiHgn with a re> - '•* indlcWj the decjeion h»d • : Air-Step • ; Life Stride '99 For Him Pedwjn Smart, comfortable Jfite4ife slippers tre sure to please at Christmas, Everyone warns gift slippers and we have the largest selection in towo, Come in:now, while our stocks are >'/• '• // complete-^you'li solve many ;g»ft .problems in our slipper departmentr For Children » Buster Brown it 4 /! A '* iHMi<^ 1125, MOJO St^ft YOU'LL PtiA5E.H|R\WITH Holeproof Nytoii Hose — ALL SIZES to 1.65 Pair ' mm •ftWr^j. ^7^T;;p%- v ( |»pi '^iq^Si^^M^^M Thursday, Decembet 1 16,1954 HOPt STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS CIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday December 16 Friday December 1 17 The Fidelis Sunday School Class tend, and bring a gift for the tren. Sunday becember 26 A cantata, "Carols of Christmas" will be presented by the choir of the Presbyterian Church at 5 p. m. Sunday, December 26. Mrs. Harold Brentt Entertains Bereart Sunday School'Class Gibson—Reppond Wedding Announced The wedding of Miss Ruth Ellen Gibson and Lester Reppond of Litof the First Methodist Church will! tie Rock, was performed Satur- Brookwood Brownie Troop will have a Christmas party Friday j day at 8 a. m. in Greenville, Miss, have a Christmas party this Thurs-1 December 17, at 7 p. m. atj The bride, a graduate ^ of Pat- day, December 16, after school at. the home of Mrs. Forrest Hairr, — • - • - ....... -•. ^...,._i ,the_ home of Pat Rogers, with Diane j 901 Park prive. All members are asked to bring a gift, not exceeding His and Susan Cook as hostesses. The Ruth Class of the First Baptist Church will have a Christmas party at the home of Mrs. F. J. Burroughs on Thursday, December 18, at 7:30. All members are urged to come. Mrs. Thelma M 001 ' e and Mrs. Foster Wigeins are co- hostesses. SHEHGER * TUFftTR-f* • LAST DAY • • FEATURE TIMES • 2:40 - 4:50 - 7:00 - 9:10 Violent Love and Violent Adventure Filmed High in the Wild Andes! "When Harry Kisses me . . ..I know l.'m His Kind ; of woman ..". Ba'd! • $1.00, for exchange. On December 17, between the hours of 3 and 5 and 7 and 9 p. m., the Prescott Federated Garden Clubs will have the annual "Holiday House." Four homes will be visited, all of which are can be bought at any of the homos visited for 25 cents each. THE homes of Mrs. Roy Duke, Mrs. J. D. Stripling, Mrs. J. R. Bemis and Mrs. H. H. McKenzie will be visited. High School, attended Capitol Business College at Little Rock. be! Ethridge. program chairman ifreshments served to 19 members for the day. presented an article;and four guests. Xjroup sponsor is from the Reader's Digest about Mrs. ,Ted Purtlfi Christmas. A trio, composed of .Jo The Berean Sunday School Class 'Beth Rettig, Carolyn Story and of the First Baptist Church 'met, p a tsy Bright, sang Christmas car- Ttifsday evening in Oakhaven at! o j s accompanied by Luther Holthe home of Mrs. Harold Brents, jlamon. Mrs. Edmund- 3 arid The entrance to the Brents home. presented was hung with a chandelier Christ- j es - Mrs. J. T. Greene of Greenville, Pendleton; S Carolina, has arrived to spend mas arrangement. The mirror a- Two new members, MrS. Jim bove the fireplace was decorated:Cole an( j Mrs g y/. Edwards, \Verc 1 with a spiral star arrangement welcomed into the club, buests of with other Christmas arrange- j the club were Mrs. Garrett Story ments placed at vantage points ant j Mrs. Raymond Robins. True Christmas Stor- lhe christnias holidays . with, her sister, Miss Lulie Allen. throughout the house. At the conclusion of the program, Mrs. Brents, as president, pre-| gifts w cre exchanged, and after this sided over the business session. | a short business session was held, ________ _____ „_ , After a short wedding trip thR Year books, made by Mrs. Bob w (th Mrs. P. C. Sepherts giving the couple will be at home in Little Rock, where both are employed. Willing Workers Sunday School Class Has Party Massingill. were distributed, and report of the last meeting, and Mrs. appropriate games were enjoyed. I Lloyd Kinard. treasurer, giving the Instead of the usual gift exchang-j treasurer's report, ing each member gave to the Lottie Moon offering. The hostess served home baked pie and drinks to Mrs. W. M. Bar- On Tuesday night December 14, reltj Mrs Woodnrd Cox, Mrs. A. !mes Braden entertained the Will- ^ ^ ing Workers Sunday School Class; ji m "ja"mes,"~Mrs. Bob Massingill, G. A.'s Meet In Home of Geneva Cash The Girl's Auxiliary of the Gar __ _ _ _ rett Memorial Baptist Church met of the Garrett Memorial Baptist! jiij'g "Georiee'Thompson Mrs. "Ed in the home- of Geneva Cash on „, ,. ,.,_ _ -,,...,„, r,._,.. _ t i -e _. 'Monday night. The meeting was opened with the The Blevins P. T. A. will hold its annual Christinas potluck supper Thursday night, December 16, at 7 p. m. in the school cafeteria. All parents and patrons are in- ited to be present. ECRiToF f Doni Dickinson. changed. I. Late News Events. 2. Cartoon; "Bored Gopher' • Fri. & So*. « TWO GUNS and a BADGE ALSO Prisoner Of War FORREST : B..«, WIN The annual Christmas party of he Fulton Rose Garden Club will e held Thursday, December 16, at :30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. W. 2. Cox, Jr. Co-hostesses will be VIrs. Charles Rowland and Mrs. Gifts will be .ex- Miss Martha Wray, bride-elect of Snsign Lawrence W. Hazzard, will >e honored with a gift tea at the lome of Mrs. Elbert O'Steen on Thursday afternoon, December 6, between the hours of 2 and 4 p. m. The Hobby Club will meet Thursday, December 16, at 2 p. m. at the lome of Mrs. Arch. Wylie. >vill be exchanged. Gifts — — F- i[V115. OCUl £U 1 llUllI^aWll, HJLAil. J-JV* with a Christmas Party a» |Ogran Mvs Pod Rogers, Mrs. J, •--' ' Station recreation | B> Mal . t i n , Mrs. Jewel V. Moore, Jr., and the teacher of the class, if ' " .--"I Violet Tonnemaker, president, lad charge of the program. Mrs. James Braden led the group in Braver, followed by singing of hristmas carols led by Patsy Beard, accompanied by Darlene Braden at the piano. The birth of Jesus as recorded in Luke 2 was read by Sylvia Yocum. Gifts were exchanged and refreshments served to the following: Naomi Sinclair. Violet Tonnemak- er, Linda Clark. Sylvia Yocum. Penny Roberts, Patsy Beard, Darlene Braden, Mary C&sh. Janie May. .Brenda Mitchell. Margar ete Cash, Rosanne Freeman, Vi Mrs. Windell Thompson Loyal Ladles Sunday School Class Has Annual Christmas Party Sgt. Bei-ley H. Clayton of Fort Hucachuca, Arizona, is visiting relatives in Hooe. Currv of Son vaBtilr, Hospital Notes V; Julia fehetfeF * ' , ,^" : ^ Admitted: Mr/fr«nces Andres, Mrs. Viola Fore of Houston, Texas, is the guest at friends and relatives in Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Nealy Parker. for> mff residents of Hope, spent the \veok-erid in Mr. and Mrs. L. Tompklns of Tavlor, visited Relatives in Hope last Sunday. Nellie Timmons of Texarkana, was the.- week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Clay- group singing, "Hark the Herald! ton. Other guests in the Clayton Angels Sing", followed with prayer led by Valdcan Tonnemaker. The devotional was given by Melba Russell. . The following program was pre- Tuesday night members of thcj^nted: First part, Jewel Shope; a Loyal Ladies Sunday School Class! duet ' Sl jent Night' by Penny Ro of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle met in the Fellowship Hall of the Church for a Christmas party. The hall was decorated in the Yule'tide motif. The meeting was opened with r the president, Mrs. A. B. Mhoon, giving a talk on the "Spirit of Christ". Mrs. W. W. While, teacher, led in icrts and Dnrlene Braden; second aart, Betty Beard; poem, Valdean ^onnemaker; third part, 'Alice (rant; group song, "Away in a Manger"; fourth part, Vivian Ton- nemaker. Janelle Warren led the closing prayer. Gifts were exchanged and re- ete• uasn, Kosnme rreenmu, v...-, d M Glonn E asterling gima Church, Linda Chance and f .* fh ' „,..„„ in sineine . song . Cynthia Harrison. The Friday Music Club will have ts Christmas party at the home of Mrs. G. T. Cannon, Friday, December 17, at 7:30 p. m. Co- lostesses are Mrs. McDowell Turner and Mrs. James McLarty. Everyone, please bring a gift for a needy family instead of .tha.' Usual gift fbr exchange. Dr. and Mrs. Guerin Entertain D. C. C. I. Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Guerin entertained members of % the Dale Carnegie Course International with a Christmas party at their homo in Qakhaven on Wednesday evening. Dahlia Garden Club will have its annual Christmas luncheon Friday, December 17, at 12:30 at the home of- Mrs. B. F. Johnson. AST sisting Mrs. Johnson will be Mrs Beverly Johnson, Mrs. Guy Linaker, Mrs. Edwin Powell, and Miss Lulle Allen, ' A mixer game was conducted by the host, followed by two memory games. Luther Hollamon and Dick Johnson were winners. Mrs. Vic Cobb cave a Christmas story- Mrs. Herbert Stephens opened the business meeting with prayer, and Vic Cobb, president, conducted the short business session. Graydon Anthony, playing Santa Clau's, distributed gifts from the tree, and Luther Hollamon accompanied the group sinaing. Christmas carols. Mrs. Guerin invited the guests into the dining room where they were served refreshments. The led the group in singing a song Mrs. Louis Sutton presented 'the program. 42 members and guests were served refreshments, and gifts were exchanged. Lilac Garden Club Has Christmas Party In Home of Mrs. Rettig • The Christmas motif was effectively carried out in the arrangements which decorated the home of Mrs. B. L. Rettig, when she entertained the Lilac Garden Club with a luncheon on Wednesday, at 1 p. m. ... In the living room the large light ed fir tree was the center of inter est, ante in the .dining room a cen ter of interest was the buffet Which held a sugar plum cake. Luncheon was served from the dining table covered with a damask cloth anc centered with an attractive ar rangement of Magnolia leaves Christmas berries and candles. The guests were seated; at quartet 't home are J. W. HaWlhorne of Fulton, the Rev. W. J. Hawthorne and the RP.V V. Ts Williams. Mrs. Julia Chandler of Bastrop, TJI.. is visitine her sister, Mrs. Alice Clayton. Spending the weekend With 'Mrs. Clayton were her sons, Sidney Clayton of Dallas, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clayton of San Antonio, Texas Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Henry; of Oakhaven have as their guests for the holidays, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. To Our Effective December 31, W. .... the business known fof thfe past % ^ears RETTIG NASH MOTORS. We 'tttk'e ,thf§''" tunity to thank all who, by/thdrfc6tfc|$i friendship, have mode this busin&s |>o$$!bid», „;; ' * • ' , i *' I-* We are hot being forced .out.., We"' Ow*eS nobody. We are merely exercising '" ' American privilege of doing < ' we have. BERT arid ONLY $2.50 Monday, December 20 The Business ; Worhen's Circle 6f the First Baptist Church will have a Christmas party December 20, at 7:45 p. m. at the home of Mrs. W. S. Bates, 1510 S. Elm. All members are urged to attend and bring their Lottie Moon Christmas offering. W. S., C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet: Monday, December 20, at 7:30 p. m. for the annual Christmas party in the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery with Miss Carolyn Mann and Mesdames Leota Futrell and Clifton Ellis as co-hostesses. Mrs. Lloyd Guerin will tell the Christmas story and Mrs. Howard Byers will give the prayer. Members are asked to bring a special Christmas offering for Wanda Staley, missionary to India, and a gift not to exceed <75 cents for exchange. home was decorated throughout in.bles. the Christmas motif. I Following the luncheon, Miss Ma- The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Monday, December 20, at 7:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Charles Taylor, 222 East Avenue B. Mrs. Ben Edmiaston and Mrs. Raymond Jones are co-hostesses! All members are requested to at- the automatic "does everything" NECCHI STILL LOOKING FOR A GIFT For the Girls and Women in your family See our large assortment of gift selections which have just arrived. Best Loved , are our short and long sleeve Blouses of nylon and cotton the "magic brain" portable If Jewelry is Her Favorite see our* large variety for all ages. WRAPPING rl at, , , * . HAIL- McNEILL From firs! jeom to final trim the AUTOMATIC NICCHI end flNA do *very Jtitch of the work,,-Sew straight and *ig*o0< forward and reverse «Y«r«a*t $e«mt» blindttitch hem*, hemstitch, mend and darn, sew on buttons, make bvttonholes, applicjwe, monpgrqm, and make dozens of beautiful embroidery pitches, WITHOWT ATTACHMiHTf! Th*f e'f a NSCCHI t« $^» every hpme, ^v«ry feudgej; ftreight *H»?h mQdel 1C 9"ly l¥l.T9 F»r Fill rffmonitr^Hsn MU 9' Yli» Necchi-EIno Sewing Circle JOHN P. CQX BR FOR HER We Give Eagle Stamps The Perfect Gift for Evcry:\Vonwn GLORY Full-Fashioned NYLON HOSIERY r'ElliabetHKA Sl-jraujjc QQc 60-Kaiisc UO- Wear a Holiday Bright CHRISTMAS CORSAGE 35'*69 A Practical -HandspmcjCi/t ELECTRIC HAIR DRYER With stand . . . Dries with hot or cold air, powerful, quiet motor Can be held by handle or attached to stand. AC only. We have a beautiful selection of colorful corsages that are sure to brighten up your coat and spirit' ' , Helena Rubinstej Terrific Values to $2.98 BEAUTIFUL COMPACTS QQ wU Brownie Hawkeye Camera 6.95 PopularLoBof style. Tip-proof . . Your choice . . The latest styles including /eweled, finishes, filagrees, etc. All hawe puff, filter and full mirror. s 1 Sqmpe most fcirnous cagcl Flash Attachment $4.00 Extra * •/ Ideal for Horn.! Bullet Type Mite-Beam BED LAMP Walnut grain. 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