Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 19, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1931
Page 2
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•» ' •* * ,, '5 ':- / - ifv?'-'> * ^'j " . i tf ' ' > i ' - ' tOPE STAU AND DAILY %^WW^'W^ ; '" ' , «»{• s , £ • > 1\"-> , If OPE, ARKANSAS iji A star ' weefc-<tey afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. 1 «f Ale*.' a. Washbum fit 21T South Main street, Hope, Ark. f H. WASttflURN, Editor and PuMfefcef I •* «*eond-«tes9 matter at tfte postoffic* »* Hof*, ArWkrtsM Under the Act of March 3,18«. A«Mctai«d Pr«Mt The Associated Pr*M i t to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to it or " IH& credited in this paper and abo the local news published herein. f of reproduction of special dispatches herein are also reserved. Rules (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per iMftf six months J2.75J one year $5.00.. By mall, in Hemprtead, Nevada, , iffiller and Lafayette counties. $3.00 per year, elsewhere J5.QO. is an institution developed by mod«rn citittatfcti to of the day, to foster commerce and industry, through widely jments, and to furnish that check upon government whicl i ever been able to provide."—Col. R. ft. McCormiek. on tributes, Etc.: Charges wilV be made for all tributes, eard resolutions, or memorials, coneeining the departed. Commercial hold to this policy in the news columns to pmtent their reader A deluge of Space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibilit, tfi* safe-keeping or reutrn of any unsolicited manuscripts. ' •. The Star's Platform '< t >> CltTt the revenue* of the municipal power plant to develop fli* Ittstrial and social resources of Hope. More city pavement in 1931, and improved sanitary ctndirlont in the. alters and business back-yards. Support the Chamber of Commerce. COUNTY A county highway program providing for the eorwrrurtion of a dertarn amout of all-weather road each year, to gradually reduce tht dirt-road wtZeaffs. rV * Political and economic support for every scientific agricultural program which offers practical benefits to Hempstead county's greatest VtHdwsrfr. ir farmer organizations, believing that co-operative effort i ti as practical in the country as it is in town. STATE , Continued progress on the state highway program. 'Fearless tax reform, and a more efficient government through the budget system of expenditures. ; Free Arkansas ffom hte cattle tick. • Dust and Star Dust "Lexicographer 1932: Caste, for Society, forecast, for Politics; recast for Business. Having been disarmed by the polite Japanese, the League -Nations is going to explain that anyway there wasn't a u ' chance. And now some poisonous Republican worries us Demo- fats with a story that the Literary Digest is going to call Iff-.tne presidential straw-vote in 1932. Representative Garner »ys the Democrats will organize le new Congress in two hotirs. And what the gentleman "om Texas means is the kind'of organization that will give "Republicans the right to wtfrk over-time. Highway Mjaintenanc« gUsT the . ^ .,-,-_ — „ the achievements of the"engineers,'wfe bugh^'to';repbrt that on a uajness trip to Camden ^ednesday ?we' found Engineer ^—^ord'^^maoatehan^crew hard at work on highway 24 ^KflhMttM^^wj^i^.'c^chita^ county jline/ wjhere his District. state road had'been bladed rain.' Crossing the county- found the Camden district's xxmMi 1M m t*Gtty;lriowe >a*A not', so? .good. . .-s • • • $$:&,', of ) the'Maintenance force in that district; 1 how- jfrjeported engaged in maintaining costly new dumps on feiiighways-north and east of Camden, which are not Jly" paved. <" . Nothing throws ou> new system of highways into sharp rajst with the did, dike turning off the new secondary road into the qld^p'rimary road No. 67 especially on the .... j'eWron just northeast of Hope. Although only a minor Tfor local traffic between Prescott and Camden, No. 24 I'irfar straighter and safer than the old route of 67, although ' L - A -- built a decade ago tjus was designed to carry through ic on one of the important tourist routea of the world. Of course, for the most part No. 67 is now a paved high- fjway of boulevard proportions. 'But the last old link, between ^Kjmnet and Hope, stands,in striking contrast with new con- gtj;uction, even when one-has'come off only a secondary [^ road, but built to moderti; specifications. •' ., Such a Brave, Brave Man! S OME crack-pot has taken.the better part of an hour to write iis ah anpnym'ous letter concerning our 'editorial November 13th on ffee railroads. ''Do you," he writes, "have the nerve to investigate and publish this? Who is he to question anybody's nerve—who Wasn't the nepve to sign his name to an hour's hard work? ' Consider for a jnpmeht the institution he has addressed. < Here is a newspaper with a big plant, on a prominent street, everyone frpin' the proprietor on down is known to of the city and countryside—and some weazel comes up. to speak, if you please, through the key-hole an anonymous letter! If you're going to talk to a newspaper, don't whisper — shout! Damn whisperers. Ninety per cent of the rottenness in th3s world is aided ajid abetted by whisperers, All down through the history of civilization it has been the syblime duty of: newspapers to let daylight into dark placea, and with 'a sharp, 4oud word put to rout those who, if thejt have something to say but are unwilling fc to say it in A publfp place, at 'least have nothing in favor of the public interest - last place on earth even a fool would address with an anonymous letter, ja a newspaper. Our Airmail Incentive m f^EVELOPMENT of the air mail system at government F 1^1 expense has probably done more than any other factor ^ Jo promote the rise of commercial aviation lines in the United f&ates. Yet the whole vast job has really cost the taxpayers eemparativeiy little. Charles L. Lawrence, president of the Aeronautical Ch'-naber of Corameree of America, Inc., revealed the other day that in the last 14 years the federal government has i). Int a little less than $67,000,000 on its airmail system. jjiis includes everything, from operation coats to the estab- L,' ;ncnt and maintenance of the great lighted airways. Considering th# jfterviee that the airmail has rendered, together with the extensive spread of privately owned coin- air tines, it is m»y \& see that Uncle Sam got full Can't Kill a Tree With RooiiTLike That! Do You TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO Born:—To Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sisson, of Newport, October 13, 1906, a daughter. Mrs. Sisson was Miss Lillic Cershaw of this city. Sam McGil, of Okalona, was in the city Monday. .. . <-"f Misses Carrie./and. Janette McRae eft Monday 'for'an extended visit to relatives at Washington, D. C. TEN YEA^S AQQ Born:—A son, November J8th,-to;;Mr d Mrs. Chester Lester,^'Mrs. Leister was formerly Miss Mary-.Wliit'e.^ v Mr. and Mrs. R. M. LaGrone and daughter, Mrs. William L. Clarke, who s visiting them from Tullahoma, Tennessee, motored' ot Emmet yesterday or a visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McRae and ittle son, Duncan, Jr., of Prescott, were guests in the home of Mr. and Wrs. John D. Barlow yesterday. Mrs. Caswell McRae has returned rom a week-end visit to relatives in 'exarkana, guest of Mr. and Mrs. tuart Wilson. BARK Deserts cover only 24 per cent of he earth's surface. But Volstead still las ambitions. Ralph (Bottles) Capone was taken o Leavenworth in logiirons. Indicat- ng that the law is still above boot- eg. - "Bottles" Capone was called the champagne king." But he sort of mbbled over. At least nowadays your business man can't be spoofing the missus about working overtime on'big orders at the offite. Newspapers the country over say loria Swanson may be bigamous. 3ut ten million people will be going o the movies to see for themselves. I United States Ship That Picked Up 11 Men Adrift In Caribbean Rescue of eleven men adrift in thej Caribbean Sea'was reported by the U. S. S. Swan, a submarine tender pictured above. The men were found alive in a lifeboat from the Costa Rican steamer Baden Baden. Airplanes and ships had been searching the waters off Cartagena, Colombia, for several days after the castaways had been sighted-by a mail plane, pilot. Mt. Olive Mrs. Johnnie Atkins is still on the sick list. We hope she will soon have her wanted health again. Guests at Mr. and Mrs. Bud Thompsons Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. George Elmore and Mr. and Mrs. Kellog. Edgar Bustin and wife made a business trip to hope Monday. Mrs. Sherman Sutton of Bluff Springs is spending this week at the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Fore, who has been on the sick list for several days. Sunday school was postponed here 1 Sunday on account of the showers. Next Sunday is regular preaching clay. Bro. J. W. Ervin will be here if not'hndered, so let us'meet early for Sunday school. Lupe Velez has just got her second sister jnto the movies. That's knocking the public for a Lupe. Just Speak to It LONDON.—A radio receiving set on display at th'e recent Wireless Exhibition needs only ot be told to .bring in a certain station, and it does so automatically. The set has a small microphone inside which is tuned to certain consonants of speech. The various sounds will bring in various stations automatically. Need New Shoes TURLOCK, Cal.—Ed Schneider, proprietor of a shoe store here .tells of the clever way in which a supposed customer recently stole a pair of shoes. He had them tried on and asked to be allowed to walk up and down the aisle to test their fit. In his walk he leisurely left the store without paying for the shoes. Navy League Chiefs Who Back Fight on Hoover rarTthe executives of the Navy League as they met in Washington," P. C, with their president, W»U«p Hcv/ard G*rdmti \vhom they voted tc suppcrt in h : s statement that President Hooter was "abysmally ignorant JJ* nlvaJ ^ions. Sitting, left to right, are: Nelson Macy of New York, William How«rd Gardiner, Walter B. Hove ^LirB^ of the executive committee; N. M. Hubbard of Chi^o.. Standing., Wt_ ^^t^Jam^ W.^vo^ y<?rk, theodurc ROJJUJSW, former secretary of U« navy; J and Gives Hoboes Food in Return for Work Hoover'* Ho me .Town Solve* Problem of Hobo Citizenship ty PHIL SWffOTT NBA Settle* Writer FALO ALTO, Cal.-PTesIdent Hoover's home town Is handling one of its social problems In a purely sociological way. Instead of attempting to banish its hoboes ,it Is utilizing and making a place for them. This city, residence of President Hoover and seat of Stanford University, has made this disposition of the problem: "Build a hotel for these men, make them stay In these better quarters, nnd earn their way—or move on!" And the plan Is working. The idea for the plan occurred to Mrs. J. W. Glover, wife of a retired sea captain. She had seen the great influx of unemployed into California to escape.the rigors of the eastern and northern winter. In the nearby San Francisquita Creek "jungle" she had seen men mending their clothes, cooking "mulligan" over bonfires, washing their clothes in big kerosene cans, and washing themselves in the river. Instead of banishing these men, it would be better to banish the jungle, she decided. She and her husband "sold" the city officials of Palo Alto on the plan of converting an unused warehouse into a hostelry to help the jobless and eliminate the beggars. The plan caught on. Instead of "Hotel de Gink," the place was called "Hotel de Zink," being made of corrugated iron. Canning firms? donated cases of tinned foods. Orchard owners-sent in tons of fruit. Other staple foods poured in. Then came, clothes, shoes, lumber and plumbing supplies. The hotel started operations without a deficit. Captain Glover will;be in active charge of the hotel'He's putting things shipshape in more ways than one. The-guests: Will be divided into two watches, just"; like shipboard. The starboard'watch and the port .watch will each. Work three hours it day to get .three!.'meals. The grounds of a nearby pork and hospital will be'im- proved; by this labor. Already, several have left the "jun- gks" to help in the work. Several carpenters and other artisans are aiding in erecting an addition to'the hotel to house lavatories,'kitchen, :and deluosing plant. Two shoemakers are using tools bought.for the hotel to put into proper condition the footwear donated for the jobless. The Palo Alto- plan i« attracting considerable attention all over California, for soon'there will be the annual migration of itinerants from the chilly eastern winters to live m«re comfortably in California.' State welfare agents are studying the plan here with a view to its adoption by other California communities desirous of aiding the jobless workers and ridding themselves of the professional hobo. There is considerable discussion in the San Francisquita Creek "jungle" Meet Alter 16 Year* , Ala.-Afterltfyiar* two brothers met each other here but- side a courtroom where one of them was a witness. The brothers are G. S< nnd J. F. Hacker. Sixteen years ago the family wag separated when th« father and mother died". Until the brothers met here, no one knew the whereabouts of th« others. There ore three dlsters who |ave nlso been "lost" for 16 years. Falling Into Se* BERLIN.—Heligolahd Is slowly falling into the . sea. Despite enormous sums of money spent on construction work desgined to prevent erosion; the sea still continues steadily to wash nway that rocky, island la- the jJorlh Sea. Geologists believe nothing can be done to stop the Island from eventually disappearing. Hunts Ancient Tomb LONDON.—Howard Carter, famous Egyptologist, Is on the hunt ngaln. His success a few years ago in finding and unearthing the tomb of the ancient King Tutankhamen, has spur- red him on to March ftf the tomb of Alexander t%OM»i£lfilt 6< *JlcJ edon abWit 5M J. C, CirUr believes he will find ^txandWs tolflb at Soli Minor. :. or WtHtnt ToPay MILWAUKEE, Wls.-Mer husband must have been a big liability Witt*. Lena Belckter, for she recently. of fer- «d to pay to get him to l*av« .her home. She appeared In courV^Wi, through her attorney, pre«eht«rf n tUp* ulatlon In Which she agreed bt p«y her husband $fS a week with temporary alimony providing he length* house and rtever cam* back. about the plan, and it'isn't unanim ous. The old "gay cat" or "bidle stiff": doesn't take; kindly to the idea, for .there! ls''a>mddicum of work attached to remaining, in the "hotel." ''But the man : . who •< is •' a "jungle denl/en" through no fault of his own—this chap is entHusiastic 'over the opportunity to work for his board and room. Just ii Moment Everyone in the community has- a chance at circulating money. A bill past due is frozen money. It chills every man, woman and child in the commurtity. Hence, it is to the interest of : every man, wpnian and ; child in the cottimuhiiyUhat bilFs be paid Closing Out Sale Specials Saturday, November 21 Ladies Silk Hose Pair Fepperell Sheeting Nine-quarter, yard Domestic, 36-inch, yard Cotton 3 pound roll Ladies Shoes, • Pair Children's Shoes Pair •_:... Men's Dress Shoes Pair Men's Rubber Boots, Pair : Children's Coats, Dnly Ladies Coats Only .*. O. K. Diamond Flour, 48 'pound sack 5c 22c 4c 25c 98c 79c $1.89 $2.45 $1.00 $1.00 83c O. K.. Diamond Flour, 24 pound sack Lard, CQf* 8 Ib. bucket .....: IwW coffee, ci nn g pounds * I.WV Snuff. • . Ogg Bottle ....I I-"* Extra Specials 3:00 P, M. Salunliy Men's Scout Shoes £'4 ', A A Only * I«UU Oil Cloth Yard -..Sugar, ; ,'ifl; pound sack L«|rd. ; 8 pound bucket .......... lOc Outing 27-inch, yard jingham, Xard 15c 25c 50c 2c 2c ..- .»-..... • _ •.:--• ' ( , Walker Sales Co. Famous Store Building • ; i •.•.!( •. • You pay us for the use of vur service t,, • ' -• ' ' • r US YtttJ for the use of Your Money TUB lib IlI KATtOMAJL BANK *« f**M W OULD you like to be on the Associated Gas & Electric System payroll? Over 230,000 investors are. They receive interest or dividend checks at regular intervals. You get interest at the rate of 6V2% when you invest in Associated Gas and Electric Company Convertible Certificates. You also receive sound security. The Associated Company was incorporated a quarter of a century ago in. 1906, and includes operating properties that were organized as early as 1852. During the past ten years number of customers and gross and net earnings have more than doubled. About half of Associated security holders are also users of Associated service, indicating a wide spread faith in the Associated Company by its customers who know it most intimately. EXACTLY TWELVE'.....i>oi.LAR8AND FIFTY CENTS ...... JOHN H JONES /fT 273 LOCUST DR EPENOHO HUM ^ „ ^800^.00*1 AKeEucmic COMMIT »awa Associated Gai and Electric Securities Company, Inc. P?.t Simpson, Manager Phouo 7! Witliuut MoJ two furilier io- is Enough to Start It is easy to invest in these 6Vz% Convertible Certificates. You merely make a first payment of $10 on each |100 certificate and then pay $10 a month. At 6 l /z% interest, money doubles in only 11 years if interestis reinvested. In addition, you have an investment in an industry which is nnrivalled in its growth possibilities, *nd in a Company which is one of the strongest units of that industry, Any employee that calls at your home, or anyone at the nearest Associated System office serving you will be glad to give you further infornuuion—or JlU out and mail the coupon below. Associated Gas uud Electric Securities Co. Incorporated Office of Southern Ice and Utilities Company

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