The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1940
Page 8
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I PAGE RIGHT BLYTTIEVIU,E (ARK.) COURIKR NEWS They Word For McCarthy Must Play 'B Successive Again g Three' On Week c n <l s By J. P. BlythevlUe High school's Chickasaw football plcvc'i will i.icklc itw of the mast ambitious schedules In the history of the institution this fnll, Head Coach Jo? Di!;!y rovralnl todny when he unuoimvnl 111:, incomplete list, Eleven games will be played, on<> less Oifin last your, Ni.TC ;try ter- taiii to be with Arkansas High School Conference toes. with n possibility of n tentli bciii>; added. All but one already nrc under contract raid the other is expected lo Ije closed within a short time. Big 15 contests include Clurks- ville. Little Rock, pine Bluff, North Little Rock, Pordyce. Hope. Jones- lioro, Ritsseilvllle mid Forrest City. For the open dale the Big ch'sf is dickering with Hot Springs officials in an effort to brhi» the Ti-o- jn'.ss here the week before Thanksgiving. After an absence of sis years. •Tech High Yellow .Jackets of Memphis return to the st'licdiita, 'Hie Chicks Inaugurate Hie season agiiinst Coach Chsrlcy Jnw'e-p 1 -'.-. FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 19'IO Today's Sport Parade By HKKt.r MeLEMOKX Concen- Yankee Chieftain i r a I e s In Developin Charley Stanteau. Mukt'.s ig jump from Ul>igluini|)luii. Tommy ftcls Tommy Hois. Loader In Wert "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 EXPERT BEAUTY WORK CALL 106 Appointment Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP REDUCE SBNSIK1A' Swedish Massage. Vnp. Balbs Mrs. Ruth l,awlion I I 1. GUARD Only Gradu.tte Optometrist in BlytheviUe. Glasses Fitted Correctly — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription 1 ' Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Phone 141 I-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry iind Cleaning Service Jackets under tiie lights at Crump StatlHnn in the liluff City, oeptem- Iber 20. II will be the first appearance of n Wnroo.i nnd White lo;im In Memphis .since 1935 when the Lee High Generals of Columbus, Miss., trimmed Coa'.'h Carney Lislie's chicks. 7-0. In « post season ame. The defeat win: th= first lifter n sensational run of ''S straight victories a-d the first suffered by a l.aslie-coached team. 11 marked the first tltnc in 4-) straight names that a lilylhi'i'ili • eleven had failed to score. The lone newcomer to the schedule is Pordyce. A ono-titne jreal power in the stale when if buiivlcd the Jordan Twins uiul «'s cu:i::hcil by Bill Cowan, r.ow at North Little Rock, Pordyce will play at llaby Weld the nlahl of Octnlicr 25. Clarksville comss back into the folrl (o pry off the lid on (he home games, September 27. If Hot Sprins.'! can be scoured for the November 22 date. It will mark the third team that wasn't included on the 1039 register. For the third successive season the Chicks must tackle Hie Big Three—Little Rock, Pine 131nff and North Uttle Hock—on successive week-ends. They go lo the capital city for tlie third game of the season and travel to Pine Bluff the next Friday. October ts, just seven days later North Uttle Hock pays back a home nnd home ngreemci.v. by coining to Hlythevllle. Co.ich Dlldy said he made n determined attempt lo move at lensl one. preferably Pine Bluff, to the firm' month of the compiusn. But a! three coaches sukl that previous contract;; \vov\kt not permit. «uch v change this season. However, they promised they would "try to re- arranse their dates next year.' 1 The 1941) prospects, already nrenl- ly weakened by the loss of tlie majority of the starling lineup and reserves of last year's scruad, received n serious jolt when L. C. Johnson, l!)8-pouml tackle, was declared ineligible for further prep school football. Records show that Johnson already tins been In high school eight mum under j Four Rookie Slars ! ST. PETEHSHUna. F| ilp , March 8.—The Yankees are rcnilnilful ol u Florida hotel or apartment licmsc nt this, tlie peak of the season: No Vacancies. Tin 1 Rupprrl Rifles lire so llnii- ! ly set baseball writers already an' liiKilnt; ^ tou&li to write soiai'- 1 thing new about tliein. Yft no one associated with the ! Now '/ark elub .seems to have !)»• ; sllghlest feeling of complacency, i least of all Joseph Vincent McCii 1 ! tliy. ! Veterans know tlie liijjhly elti- 1 cient organisation lias remavkabli- (youngsters itching for an oppui- ] llinlty to rupture them. Yet no one associated with the SHREVEPORT, La., Mnrcli H! illl')—If this be cynicism ! am uj cynic;. J3a.sebal! iioliJouls, or at, least I 09 per cent of them, are shams, (rands, and nothing but. a play for publicity. Mind you, I don't go around doubling many things. As far as T :ini concerned Easter rabbits Iny colored eggs. J believe that a lootli hidden under a pillow brines a present in tlie morning, add Hen'.•('ii knows how many times I have submitted to arrest by a police dog without- ever challenging his authority. , However, l have swallowed my last baseball holdout. They are not fe'oiiif to sell me that gag any more. Remember tlie three act plays that fintoc Hiitli and Colonel Jake Ruppert used to stage under Ihe palms of St. Petersburg? It was the smash notices they got on tlii'ir little annual tlramu that paved the way for tlie present day iUHtc.s between the owners and the players. Take, for example, the business semesters, the ncvi the rules which go into elfect Oils fall. The only member of the first string line counted on lo return, Johnson was expected lo be the nucleus for Hits year's forward wall, i Us played for the first lime in a ' Maroon uniform last season and j did such a swell job that Coach I Dilily felt no concern over left j tackle. Fans here predicted that : Dtrrmld, he would be n strong candidate for Mwpliy ull-sliue honors, based on his :m(1 rapid development and progress. Johnson's loss means that the entire line must be yen). Caplnlii Danny ............ Nev: York club seems to have ilu-'ihat is now yoiiig on between lightest feeling of complacency. ' Branch Rickey of tlie St. Louis least of all Joseph Vincent McCui- 1 Cardinals and Ducky Medwick of Ihy. jllie same club. Anil when 1 say laxe Veterans know Ihe highly elli-! iL > I wash you'd take it as far away i-icnt organisation has remarkable I from me us you can. Here we have youngsters Itching for an oppcr- 1 Rickey, admittedly one of bnse- umlly to replace them. And reyardless of what Stall's smartest, shrewdest dealers, nnycni'! waiting until the zero hour to ap- ilse may llilnk—with Riming, Go- j proacli Medwick, for and away his Pearson, Hartley, Hildebrniiii.' ^tegest individual holding and one five most vi\lual;le It doesn't add up in any sense, l Warritiglon, right end, Alvln "Man Mountain" Justice, right tackle, Long John I'aulk. right guard; "Wild Bill" Cioilwlu, center, and Raymond Hickcrslatf. left gu:ird, have grad- Sundra, Russo, Chandler.'"I baseball's and Grissom nt his b<rt i players, cull—Joe McCarthy fears a pitching problem. [die can hardly imagine that the Everything else is lovely, w |th; solid business man and the $200,- robulll" tiiis' mbc Dnhlyren, Joe Gordon, Frank i COD property have not menlioned Crosctti and Red Rolfc in the »)-! coulrnct or salary since the 1M9 field, kirk Joe DiMagglo, George mid Charley Keller in Scl- season ended last September. At tlie ' that time, mote than five months outfield, and the Incomparable Bill "Bo, Rickey knew exactly what Dickey behind the bat, "We were sitting on a keg ol Uatcd, and Untidy n.ixto;-. icffi 1 . l j powder for one long stretch last WHS also ciuiglit'ln the new rule, 'summer when everybody believed The touchdown twins Noruuui we vvore sailing Hlong smoothly,' "Monk" M'osley and Mayficld ( sn ' ls tlle niifalo Irlshmiin who lias "Sonny" Lloyd are the on'--- . j guided the Colonel Jakes to four ers left, and the tcnm will have lo be constructed around them. Eugene Hood, blocking back.<!d at mid-term nnd Hugh "Tex" liar- bert, halfback, receives his sheepskin In May. Paul "Bucky" Bluet- wood, who blossomed out Into n top-flight fullback before the last campaign was over and was believed to be eligible for niinth"' 1 season, will not return. He would nol have been eligible, it was hnrncd. The entire schedule: September 20-Tech High (Mom- phis), there. September 21—Clnrksvllle, here October 4—Llttlu Hock, (hero October U—IMnc Dluff, there October is—North Little Kock, here October 25—1'ordycc. here November 1—Hope, there November 8—Jocesboro, here November 15 - iliissellville, here November 22—Hot Springs, here (tentative) November 28—Forrest consecutive world titles. HUFFING, GAME'/, NKAIt F.N1> OF TilEIK STUING U Is for this reason that four young right-handers of slue . . . Marvin Bieiier, Tom Keis, Charles Stnnccu and Ernest Bonham Medwlck was worth to him for.the 1940 season, and Medwick knew exactly what salary he was going to demand for the season coming up. We »re expected to believe, however, thai they were both so coy ami shy that not a word was spoken, or a letter written between them, on the crude subject of money until, n few days ago. Then, all of a sudden, they emerged from tlieir dream worlds, and cams down to what Gertrude Stein arc being given an unusual amount | always calls brass tacks-lacks— of attention. , brass tacks—alas. McCarthy seeks to develop sonic- | Nuts. Pistachio, English walnut, one capable of stepping In when hickory, pecan and almond. Charley Rulling and Vernon Go- 1 1 don't believe a word of It. me?, leave off. j Rickey is too smart a man to Rufcus the Red Finding nnd Let- I wail until spring training starts, ty Gomez have been the Yankee: and (he season only a few. weeks pitching aces . . . the kind who [ away, to settle, one way or an- lake their regular turn win 20 or i other, the status of his most valu- mpre games' . . . keep a club out' able player. Besides, he would have of losing streaks. But Huffing is 3B and 1ms ueeii on the firing line 17 years jsettlcti the question long ago" so jthfll if Medwick did develop into [a stubborn holdout, he co'uld be Try One of Our Delicious , PIG SANDWICHKS 0!e Hickory Inn Across From Ilicli School GUJNMORESHvcrLnucl (90 Proof) now advances to the ngc of bonded whiskey—bui stilt is ho I Lied »t lower proof for the millions who prefer a lighter drink, Olhr^Milfa More Millow • NO, INCREASE IN PRICE Pints Sl.OO Qls. S1.9S si KM KENTUCKY Straiht if OH yet mote Citv bagged seven straight last year with i sold mm the $200.000 he is worth was Stage such thai he willingly look, a S5000 cut. i u . Other Yankee dealers are getting old, loo. Bump ftadlcy is 35. Oral liildcbrand is 33. Mon'le I Pearson has been firing a lump on his arm. And the 1D30 ) brought into the cash box. It I'm record of Goofy Oomez. who has not right then Sam Breadon been slinging the sphere 12 years, ' io move in and fire that Rickey on sight, l never was sole owner and operator of any bigger business in my life tliaa the lemonade stand I used to run in front of the house Motor Busses Now Use Coaches' Dock! one IC S' cft rsand for Ihe last three ions and sugar seasons hasn't been n standout all even 1 wouldn'l FREDERICKSntlRG. Tex. (UP) —Sleek motor busses now run into the same corral here where dusty stage coaches once delivered passengers-. The corral >var, ;u the Nlinitz Hole!, a landmark on the western train across Texas. Founded by a German sea captain, the hotel was built ship-shape. It's register, still preserved, shows that Gen. Robert E. Lee (then Lieut. R. E. Lee, U.S.A.) was an occasional guest. O. Henry often tiliuhted from the stiige there. the hard , when I could wheedle enough lem- '"•"-• "•"' " - out of mama, but t give Medwick this Ihe way along "tlie route despite i dumb treatment, brilliant Hashes. | As for Medwick, he Isn't- so fm- RKIS KNTKItEO 1>KO , nueliilly secure thai he can scoft I!A1.1, HIGH SCHOOL jnl » salary of $18,000 a year. He Rfeht now. Marvin Breuer is llie ; Isn't prepared to go into the ciiplo- big boy McCarthy is counting on, 1 nintlc corps, say, if baseball was with Tommy ReLs not far behind. | llot available. Both copped n for Kansas city In j Bllt alack . nud nlas, I believe I 1939. Reis topped the American ;'«'ve made my point. If 1 haven't Association iti winning percentage, " is " 1 because I nin not an efll- losing only four to Breucr's six. c ' cl11 business man. My puppy used They finished one-two In the im- l(> drink freely from, nnd step into, my lemonade If York Can Hold Down 1 Firsl Tigers Should Be ; Set I LAKELAND, Fl«.. March 8. (UP) 1 —The tall guy luped back to Iliej left field fence and picked off u ll!ic drive will) all the skill of a Tris Speaker. Riding the crest of a great career. Hank Greenberi; has switched from first base lo the outfield—trip most daring experiment of the I'JMJ baseball season. Ball players who have f.l-Jirei! in two positions are rave. fiuutty Walters, a so-so third baseman, de- velrme:! into a great pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, jimmy Foxx, a iintiiriil ball player, would be a .-.tar at first base, third base or behind the pliiie. There arc a few other;,, but any maiia-jcr who takes an outstanding first bjstman switches him to Hie outfield Is taking a ions gamble. Manager Del Baker of Hie Detroit Tigers took that gamble in an attempt to make a place in his lineup for Rudy York, the belting In- rtinn «'ho may be_o-.:e of the Inrdest hitlers of the last five years. York was tried as an outfielder and a catcher, and he wasn't a ball of fire at cither job. First base seemed to bs the only phce where lie ivoul:) fit, but standing on first base for he Ti»ers was Hankus Pankiis iibert', a savage hitter, a sweet fielder—n man who was voted the most valuable player in Hie American League in 1935. During the winter Greenberg was called to Detroit. Everyone thought l was to discuss salary—Hank Is •unong the highest paid players in he name—so there was no little surprise when the announcement was made that York was the first baseman this season for the Tigers and that Greenberg was golii" to the outfield. "I'll do my best out there," Hank said. Today he is doing his best and it looks pretty good. Harry Heilmann, the great' outfielder for Detroit years ago who litul the misfortune to be overshadowed by Ty cobb. is down here and he peered out through the sun as Greenberg snagged one fly ball after another. "He'll do all right," said Hcll- mann. -He's n great ball player." Manager Baker is not the least bit worried about Greenberg and does nol believe that the switch to the outfield will adect Hank's halting eye. "Grccnbevg is a natural bal' player." Baker said. "He's the kind thht never has any trouble pickin- up new techntnue. No manager halo worry atom a man who play- ball by instinct and that's tiv- kind of a fellow Grecnbevg is." Spring training is only about a week ol.l, but everybody takes it far gnntccl thai Greenberg will make good. The basebull writers wh- choso the American and National League nli-stnr teams to play In Tampa for flic Finnish relief j'n-i on March n put Greenberg on the squad as an outfielder allhou?!- none of them had ever seen him play away from first base. Greenberg's future, obviously, r, linked with York. Bets are bjr.i made that York's fieldino will ua( be good enough and that Greei:- nt earned-run depa r tin e n t- •2.23 and 2.30. my still had business, but- I faithful customers and Read the required speed a curve as though STANDARD TIRES .Both have and break of the ball were rolling olT a table. Breuer Is a graduate of the Missouri School of Mines, but did not play baseball while in college. He is an excellent engineer during Ihe olt-.seasou. Reis stepped directly into professional ball from Newport, Ky.. High Schonl. Charley Stanceau won only nine while dropping seven decisions tor the fitlh place Blnghamlon club nnd Ernie Uouham's record with Kansas City wasn't nearly as impressive as those of Dreucr nnd Reis. but belli have the latent ability demanded of » major league pitcher. Perhaps one of these young men v.ill gel Joe McCarthy ofl thai keg cf powder. If he doesn't Yankee Miom.s will continue the search until !)>ry someone who will. made a clean i?) profit of a penny a glass. berg will be back on first by 4. But nobody is betting Greenberg won't turn into a class outfielder. July that iil'4'.i According to the British Air Ministry, wind moving at an average rale of G8 miles an hour is a "storm"; above 75. it Is a "hurricane." One public department in Holland has Hie business of protecting the land from Hooding, .OTHER SIZES PROPORTIONATELY LOW AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! 50 BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. As Low As 1'cr Week On Our Washer Need Tuning Up? JUST GIVE US A C.U.I, FOR EXI'HUT WASHINi; MACH1NK SKRVKT —All Makes— PHONE 233 We IIBVC secured the M'rvi.y.s O j Mr. Phillip Frle. a faclory Irnin- cd Mnytng Service 'Man. Al'l'LIANCK CO. Sen-Ice On All Makc* Radios—Rcfrljteralors 208 W. Main rimiir 2:1 FLAVOR ' QUALITY PRICE -flRCflDlft- COMPANY, Exclusive Dlstrlnntors rtne Blnff, Dermolt, for Fort MEAD'S: •.,. .•• '• .9«rmu</»; excess —•? •'•'""• " ' ' " . ;'yO(f jfi/& around during the 'warm ^ Switch to a lightweight Gulfweight fay HART SCHAFFNER & MARX — and discover how comfortable you can he from March to October! i''' Ever weigh your clothes? You'd lie aniiizttl at the actual poundage of a "regular weight" suit of clothes ... no wonder such clothes hog you down in warm weather, and steam the life out of you. Remember, you're carrying excess baggage if you wear a suil—from March to October— thai weighs more than <IS ounces! For IS ounces is the weight of one of our Giilfweiffhls—the perfect-weight suif for spring, summer and early fall! Forty and eight has a new meaning to America's legions of well-dressed mtn since they have discovered this three- season suit. Guifwcights—designed and tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marx—are now ready for you in '<• wide collection of new colors and patterns. Their price is only— As Usual the Newest at S 315 MAIN 315 '-'

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