Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1931 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1931
Page 10
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KtVMl.'l'XlVC^/^S,^V;S-'.^^^® :f ^ft, »4:1£41,^^K<K1 . ' " " &3$jjjjjfh V , :•' //'-%•;" ^'-*'* • *'^||gg,>- v • - •'•.»jgjpf'>^ ^*«| **'*' ! .*>jpj^' ', ''''J'z V '- "Jf bmes eRfe Ast6iiriiin§ Climax To TnS Greatest History S. W. Arkansas' Sreafcfes Fine Coats Cost Less Ih This Sale This Sale off ers great exciteitteiilj fbf the ladies who kre needing C0ats# for, we have assernjbled one of the Dest and inost striking displays eW shown at sueh low prices ! One lot special piltchase, $1.50 values, "November . Clearance Sate price Indies $10.80 Coats, In our November Clernance Sale only , ... Ladles' '$15.0* Coat* in (Mr November Clearance Sale only $9.98 $20.00 Klgli grade Coats, In our November Clearance Sale only >I4.85 S25.00 high grade Coats, in our November Claerance Sale only $19.85 m Other Coats during our November Clearance Sale, up to 1 * .50 New For Thanksgiving Wear If we cou$ catf theroll'. . . satta*. wooleni, crepes. velVets, pepKSis, bead trimming, contracts, Empire, effect); arid ever so many others . . . every smart fasnion.of fUe season w6uld answer present. ' You need only to visit this one unique sale, make your selections from among these unusual values, and you will nave a winter wardrobe to be proud of! Ladies $5.00 value ilk Dresses, November Clear- ranee Sale price only $2.98 Ladies' $7,50 Silk Dresses priced in our November Clearance Sale at $4.98 Ladles' J15.00 Silk Dresses going In our November Clearance Sale at $9.98 Big stock of new Winter House Dresses for Ladles and Misses; long aod short sleeves; November Clearance Sale only 98c 4 > 4 > 4 K 1 r Winter Suits The popular costume of the season—Ladies' and Misses Wool Knit, three piece Suits, consisting of short coat, pull-over blouse and skirt, in green, tan, gray, burgundy, black and navy; J7.50 values. November Clearance Sale price only MILLINERY It's time to blossom out in a new hat for Winter. Try one of these smart Turbans, one of the new Bicornes or recent Derby effects. They just came in from New York. 98c $1.98 $8.98 andup l " $4.98 Ladies' Hose Regular $1.«0 Ladles Full Fashioned Hftse, silk toToe, In ifght service weight, 14 different shades, H»ht or dark; sizes 8& to 10, pair 49c nown Pho« le; (hilt fin 98c Also the Nationally known Phoenix Hose of the better ^ Kind; they d» not slilne; dull finisii, per pair , *« Blankets Chi** tHI oh yotir needs and take advantage »f tlMM savings before cold weatnc* sends pyfees higher, fluffy Blankets to keep you warm tKe coldest nights. ,.. Part wo« Blankets very wrfrm and comfortable, ih bur November Clearance Sale, only ' One lot part Wool Blnnkeft, jus the thing for the Winter weather, in our November Clearance Sale only 98c ancl Kitchen Cltfcfc FREE! FREt! . i . • *•.''**.* lOtir customer* may owti <ht* nttac* live time keeper. Just life (nAtg for the kitchen. Ask mir del** how ymi may get one FREE. f Shirts and Shorts Men's and Boys' Shirts and Shorts ,fl large assortment to choose.from, In our November Clearance Sale, per garment, only Bloomers 25c '% ' if Knit Underwear Ladies' and Misses Knit Underwear, Winter weight. Sale price 49c and 75c Realizing the handicap of the people of thi» section this year, we have fougM harder than eve buying power have been able to buy goods at prices which enable us to passthem dn s6 your c pie many thousands of dollars, and will save them many thousands. ,more in tnU great event. t • - ,•"•.. reduced prices on the necessary articles of apparel, etc., for the family and through our great or produce dollar will wrap up as much goods as usual. We have have staved thousands of peo* these prices—then buy. ^ ^ BEGINNING FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2oth. Sweaters A big lot of Sweaters for Mcrt and' Young Men, In coat or slip-over styles, in our November 1 Clear- .aiicc Sale, only Ladies' Sweaters One lot Ladies', and Misses' Sweaters, in coat and slip-over styles, in our November Sale only 98c to $2.98 Misses Sweaters Little Misses' Sweaters* a good assortment. Sale price l *49c Dress Socks Men's Dress Socks— plain and fancy silk rayon and silk lisle, rgctilarly 25c, now, per pair .... 15c Silverware Genuine Rogers $5.00 Silverware -guaranteed for life; 6 dinner knives and forks, G (able spoons, Otaespoons, 1 butter knife, 1 sugar shell $2.98 House Sho Ladles House Shoes— c lal table of fells and broken sizes in many c values, November < Sole, per pair, only 49c Clearance Cretonne Crclonne—500 yards of bcaiitl designs, .18 Inches wide, value, In our November Clei •Mice Sale, per yard only Matches C boxes of good Mutches, Sale price 23c C boxes FREE. They're good! New Silks Our fine new Silks offer quality and value worth talking about when you come to yow Winter sewing. They were selected with the greatest care of their splendid color and adaptability—and what prices. One big assortment of new Fall . One big assortment of new Fall and Winter patterns in Silk, values and Winter patterns in Silk, values ot $250 in our November Clear- to $1.50 in our November Clearance Sale only »"«« Sale, only $1.48 98c A splendid assortment of Silks—some exceptional values In tho group- in our November Sale only 69c Piece Goods Savings You wouldn't be feminine if you didn't feel the call of the sewing machine and work basket when you see this lovely, sparkling array of new patterns, rich colors and unusual weaves. Just the thing for that chic Eugenic frock, that slim suit, dress or graceful, trailing evening gown that you have been wanting for so long. New Footwear Some of the prettiest tics we've ever shown. Also several Interesting new styles in Pumps and Straps. These are the famous Friedman-Shelby "Foot Fashion" Shoes, of known quality and style. Many are trimmed in reptile. $4.98 * Pretty Styles Sporty looking ties, new straps and : pumps. Many arc trimmed in Suede, or in Reptile. Featuring Prado Brown and Black leathers. High or low heels. All are of finest leathers. All sizes. Bargains, too, at, per pair $3.98 9-4 Pepperell Sheeting, Sale price per yard 25c 36-inch Sheeting, Sale price pel yard only Play Cloth, regular 17V4c value, Sale price, per yard 12!/ 2 c 36-inch Bleaching, in our November Sale, per yard 8</ 2 c 50c Prints, in figured design, big assortment, Sale price, yard 25c 9-4 Brown Sheeting, November Clearance Sale, per yard 19c Quilt Calico, in all Colors, November Sale, per yard Dress Linens, in all the popular shades, Sale price, yard 39c Outing, light or dark patterns, Sale price, per yard 8c 30-inch Outing, in a good 17'Ac value, Sale price, per yard lOc Brown Domestic, 36-inches wide, Sole price, per yard 5c 8»/ 2 c 15? Shirting, 36 inches wide, Sale price, per yard lOc Prints, in all colors, values to 25c, Sale price, per yard 19c Bed Ticking, good mattress ticking, Sale price, per yard lOc Good 8 02. Feather Ticking, Sale price per yard, only 19c Quilt Bundles, a money saving value in bur Sale, per bundle * 35c Smart Oxfords Ladles' fancy and solid pattern dress. Oxfords, with leath'ef sole and rubber heel, or with rubber sole. In Brown or Black. All sizes AAA to C. $4.00 values. Sale price, pair $2.98 Newest Novelties A pretty block patent leather number, with black and white Llzzard trimmings at tho toe and heel. Also several other good styles., Medium o»- low heels. 52.50 values. Sale price, per pair Pretty Mary Jane straps, and Ince Oxfords for the growing miss. Slr.es 2 to 8. This Is an excellent shoe for th eschool girl. 52.50 value, In this sale per pair— $1.98 Closing Out Two Groups Slippers Unusual Bargains In Notions Williams' 25c Talcum lOc Ipana Tooth Paste, 50c Palm Olive Soap, 2 bars for... 15 Talcum Powder, big can We Bath Salts, in nice jar. , 25c Narcissus 25c Perfume lOc Almond 25c Cold Cream lOc 15c Scrim, colored ruffled border, per yard We Bath Towels, fancy borders lOc Face Towels, each lOc Sheets, 72x90, aech 75c J. &. P. Coats Thread ner spool * c Silk Thread, only 5c Oil Cloth, good grade, per yard 25° Umbrellas, fl.50 values 98c Kotex, special foe - 35c 3 Packages lot - H-W Pondg Cold and Vanishing Cream, 35« value 19c tube, for only 25c Ked Goose School Tablets big and thick, 2 for 6c Men's Dress Socks—plain and fancy silk rayon and silk lisle, 25c value 15c Boys' Cloth Crush Hats, 50c value 25c Boys' Overalls and Coveralls, long sleeves, hickory stripe, only. 49c Men's and Boys' Caps in awide range of colors 49l Men's Grey Wojrk Socks- heavy weight, 2 pairs for 25i Men's and Boys' Shirts and fancy colored Shorts, 50c value, Sato price 25c Baby Rubber Pants, flesh and white, pure gum rubber, Sale price, pair lOc Black Patent, White and Blonde iKid and many other patterns. Odds and ends of our shoe department. Out they go in this Sale for only 98c—See them on the tables. All are good styles—worth the money— 98c One lot of Ladies' Patent Shoes and, u few goo<l styles in Kid Pumps and Straps, consisting of values up to $3.00 and more. Low, medium or high heels. Sizes 2 to 8. A clearance of styles we are closing out- $1.48 Fine quality $3.00 black cafl fords for boys dress up •.went excellent value at "this sale Built for service. Sale price ALL LEATHER Bleaching Hope Bleaching, 30 Inches wide, in our November Sole, yard lOc House Dresses (V big lot of Ladies' Short Sleeve House Dresses—just the thing for your work about the housti —going in our November Clearance Sale at only 49c House Shoes A big assortment of Ladie«f House Shoes, in $1.50 values, going in our big November Clearance Sale for only 98c 98c $2.98 / • / , Boys' Shirts Boys' School Shirts In genuine Broadcloth) Sale price Red Goose Shoes are made of all leather throughout, and are so guaranteed; made for growing feet. Red Goose Shoes for the little tots—all leather Shoes, built for comfort and for hard wear. High top or.low Shoes, five groups- Shoes Black or Brown Oxfords for dress and school wear, for the growing boy. In all sixes. Will stand hard usage. Sulc price, per pair $1.98 ?3.50 values in blnck and tan all leather Misses' Shoes, per pair... 53.00 values in black and tan all leather Misses' Shoes, per pair.. 54.00 Crepe Sole,Oxfords in ' Brown or Tan at, per pair $2.48 $1.48 $2.98 Boys' High Top Sho Regular $2.50 values in boys' brcsj or black high top shoes. In nil sii Sale price, the pair Moccasin Toe Shoes Men's black or brown moccasin toe Shoes, made bluchcr style. Iri all sizes. Heavy grade—well made. ?4.00 values. Sale price, per pair $2.48 Men's Scout Shoes, Also boys' Scout Shoes. An cellent Shoe, in black or bro Stitched clown composition and rubber heel. Bill-gains at, $1.48 High Top Shoes Just the thing for the school children. Sizes 5 to 2. Comfortable and serviceable; per pair only— 98c W Prescott v»cm», v«v •»..•"• - - ^•HMMBHBOBWI*"* , ^_________^ - Boys' Shoes Boys' ?3.00 values in, black Shoes and Oxfords, per pair .53.50 values in black or tan for growing Coys, per pair . $1.98 $2.48 Men's Dress Shoes An outstanding opportunity to own a good pair of Shoes nt a price that is almost back to pre-war basis. The Fall and Winter styles in smart Oxfords—wide < or narrow t oc s_black or brown—calf or kid. Rubber or hard heels. Styles for the colle- ginte, or the more conservative. Bargains at, per pair $3.98 Men's a*d young men's Oxfords, with hard or rubber heels. The famous Endicott- Johnson brand—well known the world over. In all sizes. 54.00 values, Sale price, per pair $2.98 Men's and young men's ?3.50 Oxfords, with hard or rubber 'heels. Endicot-Johnson brand. Black or brown—all sizes and lasts. Buy now ana! save; pair $2.48 Men's Boots Men's black or tan Boots, full eighteen inch size. Moccasin or plain toes, of good leather. In all sizes. Made for hard service. Sale price, per pair $2.98 Boys Boots Boys' high top winter Boots—made just like Dad's. Sizes 12 to 2. Sale price, per pair $2.98 Boys Boots Same as above, in sizes 2 to (i. Sale price, per pair $3.98 Dress Oxfords Men's Oxfords, made Blucher style, in black kid leather. A 52.50 value. Comfortable last. Sale price, pair $1.98 Men's Hi-Tops Men's blucher style high top Shoes, in black cal£. An extra special value, in a good, comfortable Shoe. Sale price, per pair $1.98 One Lot Baby Shoes Excellent values in Baby high top Shoes, leather soles, worth Jl.OO and more; made for growing feet. Lpts of different styles to choose from; Sale price, per pair School Pants ' \ • Boys' School Pants Boys' School Pants, in sizes from 4 to f8,'ih^aU'the-latest- patterns, in our November Clearance Sale, per pair 98c UP Boy's Suits We have an exceptionally fine line of Boys' Fall and Winter Suits, wth both long and golf pants, in this Sale, per suit— $3.98 $4.98-$7.98 Work Shirts Men's Red Kap Work Shirts, 98c values, Sale price only '/ 75c "The Leading I apartment Store" ison C I-»PE o. Nashville Overalls- Jumpers Made o£ 220 weight Blue Denim. High or suspender back. Extra large pantaloon legs, triple stitched throughout. In all sizes. $1.00 values, Sale price, each gurment, 49c, the Suit, 98c. ^^^^^^^^^^~ ^^BI^^HF In Men's Winter Suits .The most extensive snow!** we've covering more 1 tyjJcr of Suited greater V*Hety ttf > fabrics from monrc sources, and a greater scow »i pattern scfectfon—wlln prices lowef iftaii evtt BiWHK Extra Special-Shoeing hundreds of patterns to select from, in Tweeds and Casslmers, and many WbfsWds in this special group. Styles particular for College. They are smart, they are partiiiUlar, thpy are durable fc* School, for sport, for business; in all the new winter shades—browns, blues and the,gary mixtures, We challenge comparison to all Southwest Arkansas. Sizes 35 to 44, values up to 119,85, extra special in our / November Clearance Sale, at, per Suit $9.85 Big showing' in Men's!and Young Men's Suits, con- servotive styles, new winter patterns, values Up to $12.00, Sale price only KIRSCHBAUM CLOTHES-Men, this is the pride of the clothing department. In this line you'll find the best tailoring, the finest fabrics made in America. Styles for the Young Men as Well as for the conserv- __ ative Men of affairs. Value standards are new this Winter. Not in years has the dollar had more buying power. You must see the clothes to appreciate the value. In our November Clearance Sale, prices up no At Remarkable Savings Richly textured, rightly styles, ruggedly made for warmth wear . . . they are profiuctlon masterpieces frwn mastertjf i**«* ... values that even surpass our own p*lt stattfajfrfs. •' New lot of regular $25.00 Overcoats, in our November Clearance Sale, only /\ $19 One lot of Overcoats, 520.00 values, in. ou? November f Clerance Sale, only ,- '• £ Jf $ Men's Hats A special purchase of silk lined Felts, In many shapes in browns and grays, values up to ?4,00, in our November Clearance Sale, only 98c to $2.98 Men's Dress Shirts Attached collars, broadcloth and madras, well tailored, neat figured designs and combination colors, in this Sale, only 49c Men's Ties A big assortment of beautiful ties for Men and Boys, macfe of the finest silks ana in the best and most wanted Fall and Winluin- patterns* regular $1,00 values, in our November Clearance Sale, only 25c Union Suits t Men's heavy ribbed Union Suits, tailored to perfect com- for, all sizes, $1.00 values, Sale price, per suit 75c 50c values in Boys' and Misses Union Suits, sizes 4 to Hi. Sale price, per suit 39c 75c values i» Boys' and Misses Union Suits, sizes 4 to Tfi. Sale price, per suit 49c

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