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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 72

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 72

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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SUNDAY DaklanD OCTOBER 27, J929 ifflOTELON Si PABLO EDi (PARTS, AT EAST 19 ST. WASHER GO. ACQUIRED BY New Hotel on San Pablo Avenue Architect's drawing of the new hotel now in course of erection at San Pablo avenue and Chestnut street The building is being constructed by the contracting firm of Sommarstrom Brothers and contains nil up-to-date hotr features. Edna Apartments Open The apartments are located at 428 East Nineteenth street, close to all transportation facilities. Ray Hummel and Fritz Rinkert are the builders.

Facilities include a Johnson Full Automatic Oil-burning system, genuine Frigidaire and Marshall Stearns wall beds. ANNOUNCED OPEN TO APEX 3 6-M Ir f', Announcement of the opening of the Edna Apartments Is made by Ray Hummel and Fritz Rinkert. owners and builders. The structure The Eastbay Hotel corporation, announces a new addition to Oakland hotels at the intersection of San Pablo avenue and Chestnut streets. The new structure is to contain 150 guest-rooms all with bath, also 16 2-room apartments, it is stated.

A description reads: "The building Is a steel frame faced with pressed brick and art- is- located at 42S East Nineteenth street, near Park Boulevard and the Parkway shopping The exterior Is of pretentious appear rf 1 i ance in white stucco, with wide overhang-bay windows. A descrip tion of the building reads: wb "The lobby and entrance are richly decorated and designed. At I 1 one side of the lobby Is an arched reception alcove, attractively fur nished, while, a decorative gilded 51 fish pool is the central motif of -t frf the lobby itself. Lighting fixtures trtf of unusual design are also a fea ture. A winding staircase leads to stone.

The plans call for a specious lobby and lounge rooms, with a good sized ballroom adjoining the dkning room and coffee shop. The barbershop and beauty parlors are conveniently located with access both from street and lobby. On the mezzanine li located a small banquet room and the private office of the management. Tho building will be finished In hardwood throughout, each room will hav phone service, and each floor will have direct outside service from pay stations located in hallways. "There are to be ten stores on the San Pablo avenue side of the main floor, and 160 individual steel parages will adjoin the hotel for Vt-rr 71 i ILL Of In iin ni Fran- 'Vi nrii i In I ''ifi i I I 5 i The recent acquisition of John-son Washer Company (40th and Adeline streets, Oakland) by the Apea Electrical Manufacturing Company, of Cleveland, Ohio, has brought another national Industry to the East Bay.

An announcement reads: "The Apex Electrical Manufoc-turlng company Is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electrical appliances, making and distributing the well-known Aper and Rotarex lines of washing machines, ironing machines, vacuum cleaners, bench grinders and ventilating fans. "The Oakland plant will be operated under the name of The Johnson Washer Company, as a subsidiary of the eastern company." C. G. Frantz, president of the Apex Company has made the following statement relative to future operations: B. Schuyler is vice president and general manager of The Johnson Washer Company and he is retaining his entire organization, which will be merged with the Apex-Rotarex organizations on the coast.

The Johnson Washer Company will be the manufacturer and distributor of all Apex-Rotarex products andlt will continue to manufacture and sell the Johnson waher models as it has in the past. "As a result of this consolidation The Johnson Washer company will manufacture and distribute a most complete line of electrical 1 vewuKm (MWw the fifteen apartments above. These include both two and three room su4tes, available furnished and unfurnished. All hallways and living rooms have heavily padded and carpeted floors, while In the t' 1 bedrooms hardwood floors are 9 the accommodation of patrons. The approximate cost will be 1400,000 The building is built and financed by the contracting firm of Som marstrom Bros.

The hotel is Ing la well and in hit new position he will continue to assist architects, heating II leased for a number of years to an operator from Santa Cruz. uaed. The kitchens and breakfast rooms are floored with patterned Inlaid linoleum. "The kitchens are campactly arranged, but Include all facilities. Cabinet space Is ample.

There are genuine Frlgldaires, electrio ranges and the steam radiator in the breakfast room Insures warmth at all Brightly designed papers set off the walls of the breakfast rooms. "The living rooms are of good sire, and have large dressing closets with the latest type of Improved Murphy wallbeds from the Marshall Stearns Company, The bathrooms are tiled and have showers and a linen closet, and are entered from the recoption hallways. There Is steam heat In ev WES SALES MANAGER engineers, and contractors in the solution of their more difficult oil heating problems. "In fact," states Gordon; "the ac HTGHSO.V IMST. PnOKPKIlOCS.

Hughson, Stanislaus -county, Is attracting the attention of homo-seekers from all parts of the Inquiries are received daily RACT PINES cumulated information resulting by the chamber of commerce, and several families of farmers lately A. Bradley, rlce-presldent of Visitors to Claremont Tines who the 8. T. Johnson nationally have not seen the development re from the company's quarter of a century of experience in the exclusive manufacture of oil burning equipment, is at the disposal of anyone with heatng problems. Data may also be secured regardng the Approved and recommended known manufacturers of oil burn cently taking place will find a surprise awaiting them In the number ery room, provided by a Johnson nave settled In the district, alter acquainting themselves with Its opportunities.

Crops this year have been slightly off in yield, but high In quality and price, with reference particularly to apricots and peaches. The dairy and poultry Industries of the district are developing steadily. ers, announces the appointment of Frank Gordon, a sale manager Full Automatic oil aurner oys- PILOT TO SPEAK OH PROGRESS of homes that have been recently Frank Gordon who has been appointed tales manager of the Oakland retail sales department of the S. T. Johnson company.

of the company Oakland retail erected and now In course of con tem. Incinerator openings are conveniently located in each main hallway. vent or flue construction, also wir ales department. Gordon has been affiliated with structlon. As a matter of record, "A laundry room and storage the ti.

T. Johnson Co. In various room are provided In the basement and fireproof garages have been constructed at the rear of the building. the sales of the past few weeks are In excess' of $100,000, It Is stated. Some of the most attractive homes In the entire park are those now nearlng completion, and Ban Francisco's August total of 128 permits for new buildings to cost $3,096,638 Is 22 per cent below the July figure but 64 per cent above that of August last year.

ing diagrams and blue prints of typical oil burner installations under various conditions. "The company's down town sales room has been equipped with different types of furnaces and bollr ers, so that home owners, com), merclal and Industrial oil burner capacities since 1KH, and will now be located at the company's downtown display rooms, at 2100 Broadway. Gordon's ability as an oil heat- 111 "The Progress of Aviation "Furniture, draperies, and ear products on the Pacific coast. The Edna Apis. Another New Modern Apartment to be Heated with Illttd 8Uttdar by th TJndrwrllr' Liboratariu Mad in Oakland by tht S.

T. JOHNSON CO. ExclntWt Kuufsotnran tf OU Xurnari for Tr IS jMrt. Alto Dutributort of FURNACE OILS For Domestle, Commercial and Industrial Use. Day and Night Delivery Service Factory Display Room 2100 BROADWAY Phone GLencowt 6244 be the subject of a lecture to be given at the Oakland airport to pets have been carefully selected with a view to comfort and good among the sales recently made Is a charming Spanish home.

prospects, can now see the new taste. Living room sets Include Johnson Automatic oil burner In tables, desks, and chairs of walnut I IF A BOXY HOUSE actual operation. in addition to the over stunea "This new feature appeals es chesterfield sets. Public lnspec pecially to the home owner, Who Hon Is invited." ht no appeal to you, why not investigate Glendome homes? can now see why the Johnson Automatic oil burner 1 known universally as a most dependable and They're so pleasingly different and commodious! GOVERNMENT HOLDINGS. The federal government owns In morrow evening by George E.

Irvin, transport pilot In charge of service of the Richfield OH company. The general public Is Invited to attend this lecture which will be delivered In the hangar of the Western Air Express company at 7 p. m. In conjunction with his talk, Irvin will give one of the first showings of a special film covering the development and advancement of flying Just completed by Richfield under his supervision. Some of the "shots" are of the Wright Bros, flying at LaMans, France, in 190R.

scientifically constructed oil Built on large marine-view lots, facing Glendome Park, and tennis the state of Colorado property val ued at $935,6 1 2,431. This Includes "It also gives an opportunity to The location of Claremont Pines Is one of the most advantageous and delightful In the entire East-bay district. The proximity of the exclusive Claremont Golf and Country club; the glorious views of the bay, the Oolden Gate and the hills; and the class of Improvements Installed, all' add to the desirability and appeal of this property. One of the mont delightful homes now open for inspection Is a Spanish type residence that has a great number of unusual features. This homo Is open both day and evening, and visitors to Claremont l'lnrs will find a welcome at all hours.

national forests, unappropriated publlo lands, coal land, federal shale reserves, oil reserves, federal reclamation projects, and federal buildings. jj courts, featuring all that is new and meritorious sunken garden, roof garden, fisrhpools, unique bridge approach, Chinese pagoda, spiral stair cases, conservatory, tolariums, Gothic art glass windows, attractive social halls and card nooks, large rooms and many baths. frigidaire, dish washing machine and wagons, electric fixtures so California's total crop value ex the first sustained flight ever made by man; the first passenger carry-, Ing flight which took place from I the same field during that year: ceeded $498,000,000 and was harvested from 6,780,000 acres last year. see how 'quickly and easily the Johnson oil burner can be installed In all types of heating systems, and how, under the control of the thermostat, the Johnson Automatic oil burner will keep the home comfortably and economically heated at the exact temperature desired. "Fuel Is delivered In the cleanest possible way by on of the fleet of fuel delivery trucks operated by the company." Architect Will Deliver Lectures Wlllfnm T.

Onrrcn. A. T. well elaborate and unusual. Priced to low that you'll wonder how it can be done.

I'll explain. Park Dbi. to El CtnWo west to Clcndome Cercle SEE OWNER AND BUILDER scenes of flights taken by Farnam and Blerolt and other early pioneers; including some of Lincoln Heachy, the first man who ever deliberately stunted In a plane. Irvin has also pictures of other historic events In aviation; wartime planes; army and navy formation flying. In some of which Plastering tor the EDNA APTS.

A. CARDONI Plastering Contractor All work guaranteed and dose on short notice 5244 Lawton Ave. OLymplc 8383 seeoooeeeccooseoesoooooeoeooosooeoeseooeoeecoob To Del iver Lecture George E. Irvin, transportation pilot employed by the Richfield Oil company, who will deliver a lecture 'on "The Progress of Aviation" at the Oakland airport at 7 p. m.

tomorrow evening. The general public is invited to attend this lecture which will be delivered in an par of the' Western Air Express company. Col. Charles A. Lindbergh plavs a WAVWJWAVAVWWWAW.V.WA,j',,AV.".V known archlteot, will gfvs a series of three Illustrated lectures on modern architecture and conduct "NOTICE TO HOME-SEEKERS" Through our cooperstion with the best builders In the in- duitry, we hive acquired several beautiful new homes, i complete In every detail and located in the very best I districts.

"WHILE THEY LAST" these homes may be had at exceptionally low price, with prominent part, and other Outstanding performances. The Picture likewise displays, probably for the first time in America outside of news reels, movies of the Dornler 100 passenger flying boat with 12 -five hundred h. p. engines; and "takes" of actual refueling operations during the An-geleno record establishing sustained flight. Irvin carries department of com discussions in connection therewith, the first three Wednesday evenings In November at 8:30 p.

at the Blandlng Sloan Puppet theater, at 71S Montgomery street, San Francisco. Clarren, who Is editor of the modern section of the Architect and Engineer magazine, has unusually fine collection of illustrations for his talks, havlngoollect-ed them from many countries of the world. They cover the field of the modern movement In public buildhh, oMieelally the theater, merce transport license 919 and his experience covers not only consid unusual easy terms. 1 rices range from fiiti to 1 10,500. "A home to fit every family and purne." I'lione FH-3670 and 3671.

Evenings AN-0V15 Mr. Mulheny for appointment DUNER-MATIIENY SASH DOOR CO. 4200 East 14th Street erate service Dut years of com merclal flying and teaching. Dur Ing and following the meeting He will hold himself In readiness to answer questions of a technical or non-technical nature relative to any phase of flying; or mechanics churche and chools, as well as lis application to home building, WVrWWWWrWrVWV yV5 i- 'S r-. vv.1, toy, Open for Inspection The EDNA APTS.

428 E. 19th St. off Park Blvd. Two or three-room furnished or nnfur-nished. Every modern convenience steam heat, Frigidaire, electric ranges, etc.

All electrio charges included in the moderate rentals. Convenient to all transportation, local and S. F. Y2 block to fine shopping district. Ray Hummel and Fritz Rinkert Owners and Builders incidental This lecture will also be delivered at the LIvermore hospital for disabled war veterans on October 29, under the auspices of the Bill Er-wln Post of the American Legion.

Fine Ceiling Effects in Columbarium IP' STATION Soms rery remarkable celling treatments have recently been California Memorial Columbarium. Under the direction of Miss Julia lenuine Frigidaire Breuner's Birthday Gike Jean Emerson (left) and Carrie Anthony (right) are lighting candles on Breuner's birthday cake. This month Breuner's is celebrating 73 years in the home-furnishing business in California. Installed in the Edna Apartments The best refrigeration service any way you look at it. Greatest satisfaction to both owner and tenant.

Insist on the genuine Light Fresh Air Sunshine Morgan, architect, there have been built ceilings In ornamental, cast stone tracery, pierced for skylight illumination. Brilliant imported colored glass was used and set in color-chemes, which were laid out, piece by piece on the Job, by Prof. Marian Simpson, of the University of California art department. "This celling work Is not to be compared with ordinary art glass Installation," comments Lawrence P. Moore, manager.

"The glass Itself, which is of an antique texture and quality, at once shows Its European origin. The secret of making this epectal glass has been passed down through generations of craftsmen." "Beautiful ceilings of the same glass have been put into the memorial niches to throw soft colors upon the bronze monumental urns. "All of the niches in the new sun Frigidaire Corporation 2054 Broadway 1 CLencourl 9844 1 shine Columbarluma," said Moore, "Are neighbored by beautiful gardens. These gardens are roofed with huge moving skylights. In sunny weather Hie roofs are rolled off, bringing sunshine and fresh air into all parts of the Columbarium with remarkable effect.

Thousands of visitors are coming dally to see the Columbarium, which is open every day in the year. A I I A A A I I Your office in the Tribune Tower high above the noise and bustle of the street an attractive place to work and entertain your business guests amid congenial surroundings. Place your business home in this outstanding-structure of downtown Oakland the well-known Tribune Tower. For Darticulars, communicate with the Building Manager A.J. SLAGHT TRIBUNE TOWER LOBBY California's manufactured output totals 64 per cent of the entire production of the 11 western states, amounting to 13,422,952,000 in 1925.

E-RO-CO HEATING Electric Fixtures Plumbing Installation "KEEPS ROOMS COZEE" for the EDNA APTS, by F. ROEBER Plumbing Contractor i Builders' Hardware I for the I EDNA APTS. B. sTiMON 1 I HARDWARE CO. I I 7th and Broadway 4 I LA Iceside 7816 of distinctive design and the electrical installation for the Edna Apt, by D1MOND ELECTRIC CO.

2100 Hopkins St KT BO-CO CH initalliHt In Jimr flt ar prt-mNit In to IS HEAT COMFORT at tOW COST for jf.rf. Low cost to Install, t.iv paymentt if dMired. SEE THE LATEST in aci.atific, acononucal heatinf txfora vo'i tnttl'l your hratir.f. KE-RO-CO HEATER COMPANY, Inc. Bucwm.ors to Ward Turcica Co.

of Oakland liJ-IUi Kourtrt'iuli at Madlon t'lintie klnn.l Atameda, Rirhmonf', Sn Iarsdro 7818 Hillside St. SWeettcood 1239 FRwtvale 6161.

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