Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 13, 1929 · Page 72
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 72

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1929
Page 72
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SUNDAY afelanD Cri&unr OCTOBER 13, 1929 8 f HEATER FIRM TO I AVE STORES HIE J STB J If Th K-Ro-Co Heater company, ' Incorporated, successor to the "Wtr4 Furnace company, thli week announced the 'opening of their Jflrtt jroup of branch store which :'ar leatd at convenient points In Alameda, Berkeley, Richmond and Ban Learidro. the opening of the new branch tftore la in keeping with the Ke-Tto-Co corporation' plan of manufacturing, eelllnjr and installing Ke-Re-Co home heatlnlr product oireot to tne user. i. It. D. Keppy, general mina-ter of the Xe-He-Co corporation. In eommentln; on the corporation's plana for expansion, stated: "Now that the Bay region and eentral California la assured of , natural aa In abundant supply, .-and that the Pacific (Jas Eleo-,- trie1 company ha already an- nounced a reduction, in aaa rate for consumer who u gas for heating purpose, natural gas will . be the fuel usel almost exclusively : for heating In the larger percent, gge of homes, apartment and flats. The problem nf economics heating of homes Is now eolved provided particular attention paid t the- selection of approved neating appliance with correct In ta nation. The buyer should pur cnase gas neating devices that wl operate continuously over a Ion period Of ytsrs rather than con aider a. small saving In first cost. Tii pew branch stores of the Ke-Re-cti corporation are located as foilow: Alameda,. 1411 Ranta Clara avenue; Berkeley. 121 Shut tuck avenuet Richmond, 351 Blxth street, corner Nevln; Han Laandro, J3S7 Washington street. ' The products of th corporation gr on display and demonstration at each of the new stores. Over 60 branch store are contemplated in ins sxnapsion ot the Ke-no-f.'o com pan v in the near future, cov ring natural gas district west of the Mississippi river, according to jisppy. Rudonia Apartments This structure at 3875 Ruby street, near Fortieth, is open for inspection. It comprises three-room units, furnished and unfurnished; steam heat is supplied by a Simplex Full Automatic Oil-burner ; genuine Frigidaire, and Spark ranges are alo among the conveniences. j,?4s 'iMflSJfl . ifl il f DMA OPENED APTS. T 01 Padre Apartments Open Bruce McColIum, owners' agent, announces (he completion of the Padrs apartments at 650 Thirty-fourth street, comer of Grove, S. B. Davis is the .builder. There are two-room units available, furnished, equipped with genuine Frigidaire and Spark ranges. A full automatic Johnson oil burner supplies steam heat. ma, mm rt. 114 , t in .1. IT! ' II I Is I Jlu 1 i 1 1 !. f ill- ZtiLZi 7 i .. r am GAG OITOVEG sPrladt in Oakland, r Used ail over the rr woriai KM Ml Ail II 1 1 jaiJL i 41 Turk Rug Weaver Shown at Breuner m On of the most Interesting ef many unusual features at Breun er's open house was the display or the new Oriental rug division. This display, consisting of a native weaver, smoking a Turkish water pip and Intently Working St his art. drew great Interest from the throng of guests. Tha natlv artlat, known as the Hedge," because of th sacrea 0Ott0OflOOOe30000O00600fK Roofing RUDONIA APTS. G. L TYLER Contracting Roofer 354 Hobart St. .jGbeittourt 7400 f,aejpaaepooooooociojBeocpweeoi9ooaooM Genuine FRIGIDAIRE Only genuine Frigidaire can give genuine atifaction td both apartment owner and tenant. Rigid economy and a maximum of performance. INSTALLED IN THE RUDONIA APTS. Frigidaire Corporation . 2054 Broadwav GL encourt 9844 ljtsjoooonorvififi mark on his arm which Is said to be born only by those who have made the pilgrimage to Mecca, gave th final touch of Far Eastern atmosphere to the extensive display of beautiful rugs In this department. The Ttudonia Apartments. 3 ? 75 Ruby street, just south of Fortieth street, are complete and open for inspection today. The owner is given as Elmer Frederick and K. C. Htevens as the builder. The location is one particularly convenient from the transportation standpoint and also enjoys proximity to the Monswood Park playground. A description reads: "The ' Kurtonia comprises 21 apartments of three rooms, available either furnixhed or unfurnished. The structure has soundproof walls and floors and the heavy carpets insure even greater silenre. The modern equipment include genuine Frigidaire. Spark gas ranges, steam heat and hot water from flimplei 'full automatic oil-burner equipment, an electric laundry and drying room, storage lockers, etc. The floor plan of the building affords entrance through convenient pass hails from dressing closets to the bathroom. "Interior finishes are stucco walls in the living rooms and bed rooms, with srtlstically designed wallpaper used in the breakfast rooms. The kitchens are enameled. The woodwork finishes are in both mahogany and enamels. "Furniture selections are com plete, Including mohair Chester field sets, maple breakfast sets, lamps, combination end-tables, oc casional chairs, etc." Mrs. Iria McClurg 1 resident manager. Calif ornia's Wealth Shows Vast Increase That the total Wealth of Cali fornia has increased mote than 171) times, or 17,000 per cent, since HfiO, and that the population of the statu has Increased f3 times, or h',Ui p r cent, In that time, are the BHtoundlna facta revealed In recent report to the Callfprnla ileal Kstate association by the slate board of equalization. The popti- latlon figures are from the IJ. R Census, except the estimate for the urient year, which was made hy Fred H. Drake, chairman ot the advertising and publicity commlt- ee of the California Keal Estate association. in 1860 the total taxable wealth In the state was 57.(i"0,68!l, and the popjulation total was 92,597-; In I860, the wealth wast 1 1 48,1 03,-640 snd population 37,9!l4. ' A r ' ' C4 II : : : I wv', 1 ' 1 ' s ' - y y I n imssiM.in hi f -" "' ' ' timurif x' imi em T ...x.. mmattmiii mi Rug Weaver at' Breuner's This native artist was one of the interesting features at Brenner's Open House display in the new Oriental rug division of the company. OAKLAND FIIIEN ROUTE TO HAS NFIV STOREiCONVENTIDN ' - The SIMPLEX full automatic OIL BURNER im tailed in the RUDONIA APTS. by the HEATING SERVICE CO. Di$tributor$ 71-73 I3THST. Seer Osk HOlliday 61 W gooooooooeooooaoBooaoos Builders' Hardware for THE RUDONIA APTS. from B. SIMON HARDWARE CO. ff holrsalf and Retail Tin and Rmartnsy CLranirt 7617 POOOOOOOOC Electrical Installation for THE RUDONIA APTS. DIMOND ELECTRIC CO. I00 HOrKI.VS ST. FH Bltvale C181 .88 An tneo Bed for every purpose INC0 BEDS Sold on Easy Terms The most complete line compact dlssppesrlng beds on the market. Many styles to choose from. See the latest invention of the INCOLATED BED before vou plan your future X huildln. O The Inco Red on a door-r- 'O Inco Closet Feds Auto Beds 8 I'ortsble Beds Iay Beds X Wall Beds Roll Beds Q Cots Pprlngs, ete. 8 Inco Wall Beds in V the Rudonia 8 INCO WALL BED R AGENCY O 1 110 MAIUSKV KT. y it klend 4.120 --OCCCCOCCOOOOOOCOOCOOOC I occooecoogoooogooooocoa Sheet Metal Work 8 for !8 THn RUDONIA APTS. 0 t k C. & R. 8 SHEET METAL 8 WORKS O 3907 Ti l H.K avk. X Hmnnl .'miir ;ecocccoocccCGee9 oseoosccoso Ornamental Iron for rut: rudonia GEO. ZINSLEN j Fire Escape, Stair Raili 3130 Cuthbert St. 8 Kit nltvalr :sil X I 1 T3TTr " 1 i-- . . in. !, y '".! . HI.- r I-'- fit 'il 'Mtt'M i W of i I - ll AKIi M. Frledm- ''oinpany, Oak land manufacturers ot the More wear line of paints, varnishes, enamels and lacquers, announce the openlnj? of their fourth store at their factory located at 2841 Feral-ta street. "Our industrial trade has ln-creaxed to such proportions' that It has necesfiltuted a store near our factory and laboratories, whero special paint problems and order can be quickly and efficiently worked out and handled," states M. Kriedman, In commenting upon the expansion. "The Friedman Taint company had its 'inception In Berkeley In 1!H3. starting with a small retail paint store on University svenuu and Kradually growing and expanding until in 1921 the organization consisted of three store In th KaHthay. "Our buainess grew to uch an i extent that in 1 925 w were com pelled to expand into manufacture lug our own line of paint, open- ng our first plant in Alameda, which we soon outgrew, moving into our larger plant on Veralt street the following year. We are the only paint manufacturers In Oakland manufacturing a complete lino of paints, varnishes, enamels and lacquers. , , John Dlestel will build and own a two-story concrete, warehouse on tlio southwest corner of Third and Alice Htreetaww.'X'h,,Uf rmlt,, value,, 37,600. XT!..V-&Jl' 'f' :K ' ifa li ii i t .wn( il i i I With the mot Important meeting in the history of the association scheduled to open in th Minneapolis Municipal auditorium to. morrow, a group of Oakland and Kastbay laundry owner are en route today to the 1629 convention of the Laundry Owntra National association. Th Oakland delegation I headed by Frank J. Muebich, president of the Laundry Owner Association of Northern California, president and largest or;- -r in th Contra Costa Laundry, pioneer steam laundry In California with 78 years of service behind it. Then there Is Camllle calou of th Oakland Laundry, A. .L Beldman of the Pioneer Laundry, Joseph N. Bur-rough of th California-Oakland Towel A Supply C'o-i Thoma B. Bibber and other. Th convention will rinse Oete- ber II and th laundry Owner Association of Alameda County, through President Martin Roger and Hecretary oenrg B. Ferguson, is planning A special meeting at which details of th convention will he given the local association members. Never before in the history ef the 'laundry business has there been so much interest In Progress and development. Every day new and r.evolutlonar yldeas in the best method of producing finer work are worked out In th scientific testing laborttorle of th national association. In thei laboratories th nwst In soaps and cleansers and in laundry machinery are put to cartful test betor approval is given. LOAN FACTS GAS FURNACE Natural Gas for Economy -Hams uas furnaces are operating" successfully and economically in Oakland's most exclusive homes with convenient - push-buttons to regulate high, low or medium heal. A size for every home and made and installed by us here in Oakland. Scientifically correct. Also a complete line of Williafnson coal and oil furnaces. For Information Phone OAkland 2480 THE HOUSE OF SERVICE r.1 - li..WURl ' I ri -l h 1 l.i ( I. ii giiamniecil by t in naif IH-alcrs' Association Definite Advantages in a SOUND 6 LOAN The sound, long-term 6 loan offers these five definite advantages to the owner of, home or income property: 1. A lower interest rate than the usual short-term loan. 2. Freedom from the trouble and ex pnse of periodical renewals. 3. Ten to fifteen years in which to pay off the loan in easy semi-annual installments. 4. A convenient method of systematic saving;. 5. A constantly increasing equity with eventual ownership of the property free and clear of encumbrance. Our loans are made promptly either for completed buildings or for construction operations ample funds 'being available at all times. 15-Year Residential Loans 10-Year Business Loans First-lien residence loans are made for 15 years at ro, repayable semi-annually. Under our "3-year-flat" feature on new homes, you may pay nothing on principal for 3 years. This allows time to discharge other obligations. Loans on flats, courts, apartments, are made for 10 years at 6 with a "1-year-flat" feature to defer principal payments. S Anolhtr Modem Oakland d Apt. teltctt the t JOHNSON f Full Automatic i Oil Burner J to furnish heal and hot water, J Inspect tht Pairs Apti. 5 today. i S. T. Johnson Co S 2 tOO Broidway S GLencourt 6244 Distributor ot Ditscl 2 nd ful eilt TO APARTMENTS Bruce JIcLollum. owner s agent, has opened the Padre Apartments at 660 Thirty-fourth street, corner of Grove, for public Inspection today. As the name Implies, the lerlor appearance Is suggestive of Bpaniah design carried out In whit stucco finish. The -building comprise 18 apartments of two-room units. According to fi. B. Davi, the builder, apartments ara available either furnished or unfurnished. A description reads: "The ornamental lobby is of an tique finish, as is the woodwork of the main hallway. The beams of the lobby and hallway are heavy and have the appearnce of old oak, an idea used also In the finish ot the front entrance door to each apartment. "Facilities of each unit are strlotly modern, event to having stsam heat in the kitchens. There are also Frigidaires and colored Spark ranges for each apartment. Tradesmen lockers are provided In the , rear hall. Apartment ar floored In hardwood and have colored tile and enamel woodwork In the kitchens and bath. "Individual fireproof garages at the side of the building are an appreciated feature because of their ease of entrance. The entire basement is used for storage locker space and for the steam heating and hot water plant. A Johnson oil burner, fully automatic, tup-plies the heat. "The location 1 only five minutes from the heart of the business district by Grove street cars. San Francisco trains are convenient." GAO MdtinOahUnd. Used til over th worldly j BRUCE McCOLLUM presents "Tile Padre" Two room suites with dinettes, electric refrigeration, -steam heat and every late feature. f Furnished and Unfurnished $40-00 to $50-00 AVAILABLE Sunday, October 13th 650 34th Street '" ' Corner of Grove Only five minute down town 1 f i Mortgage Guarantee loam reflect jears ! experience In analysing and meeting real estate loan requirement Using enr large rspllnl endushtly for (his porpose. Consult with or freely about adTantagtous loans made at 6 MORTGAGE GUARANTEE COMPANY Telephone DOugUi 6300 43 Sutter Street, San Francisco 1404 franklin Street, Oakland RESOURCES 85 MILLIONS Genuine Frigidaire S Selected by the Best Builders I FRIGIDAIRE is tht greatest single assurance an apartment owner can give his tenants of satisfaction. Stlecttd by S. B. Davis for the Padre Apartments Frigidaire Corporation 2054 Broadway : : GL encourt 9844 PLASTERING for tht Padre Aptt. J. L JONES Platlerint Contractor 3404 SUTER ST. FRuitvaU 9053-W Concrete Wor lot the Padre Aptt. by Allan MacDonald CWrefe Ctntraelor i 1539 39TH AVENUE H tRuittale IJ15W r. iiuuvaic IIIJVY A Builders HarivCart fnr the PADRE APTS. from B. SIMON HARDWARE CO. 7th and Broadway LA ktuie 7816 ; ARTISTIC TILING tor the Padre Aptt. SUPERIOR TILE & PRODUCTS CO. 3743 Broadway PI rdmtmt 2int 1 7

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