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Oakland, California
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DECEMBER "15, 1930 afelanO Crifiune -V II YllfrvifJll rjllll 1 -1 I 1 mm mm. MM I IK OAKLAND State Spends $11 9,599,302 During fiscal Year 1930; $11,442,378 for Colleges EJISTIffl LEADER lil PATRIDTJC MURDERED II BELIEVED IB BE ROBBER 11 u.s.nm FIB L. LOAN FIRM OPPOSED SACRAMENTO, Pec' 15 Tie stat of California per4 a total ol fU402J7 for cverJaent) function dnring the fiscal year ending Jon 30, 1930, according to figures made public today by State Controller Bay L. Riley. Of thi Sam, 12078854 went for higher edneation, syloms, lieepitala, prieoM, eorrectiv joditutiont, study of crime and narcotic law cnloroeaient Here are the item making np tks latter figare: AeylaiM, narcotic hospital, department institnUons $5,617,221.29 TraMportation of prisoners and insane.

200.S42.48 Prison, crime ttndyjapprebeniion of criminal, narcotic law enforcement 2,074,8442 Cbrrectivo lnititotion 14399.19 University of California, leschers' ceUeaes, special 1M2278.12 Sacrament and San Joaquin SACRAMENTO, The cost of stat government for th year ending June ao, 1010, was reported by Controller Ray L. Riley today a totaling $111, 07, an Increase of- over 1SI, more than th 1(28 tetal and 132,001,648.61 over the 1927 cost. Riley said the Increase during; th past year was largely due to th following lunations; administrative increase tl, 474. S6I; educational increase of which is due to increased fixed charge for elementary and high school apportionment to counties and th balance, duto Increased tat cost of administration and support of teachers' colleges. Protect! activities account for an increase of Riley aid, du largely tk purchas of Expense (or SACRAMENTO, H.t 8taU Controller Ray L.

Rilsy sti mated today California spent on It asylum, narcotic hospital and for administration of It department of Institution dor Ing th fiscal year ending June SO. 1930.. Thi. more than was spent during 1(2, Th total are divided Into operating expense and sum paid out for capital outlays, such a Ter-manent and equipment, Of thi total covered administrative cost of th depart- SHOW TO JANUARY 31 Six-in-Hand Teams of Draft Horses to be Feature This Year Oakland's National Horse show, one of the outstanding annual social and entertainment events of the- winter season, will open January 31 at the Municipal auditorium for one week. Announcement that all plans have been completed for the show was made today by A.

Mouel-Fen-ton. manager of this year's program. A spectacular feature of this season's show will bo the appearance of (dxln-hand teams of draft horses Pejrcherona, Belgians and Clydesdales, to huge wagons, painted i In circus colors. They will compete In driving contests. The prleo for the best team in this event is (1000 caeh.

Entries In this division will come to Oakland from Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle and eastern cities. A number of sensational features hav been Incorporated in this year's program. Mouel-Fenton said, and the show will cost more than $63,000 to -SURPLUS LAST YEAR. The show Is underwritten by a IiHt-of guarantor. These citizens believed that the program should be held this year to aid In th re lief of unemployment.

Last year program, according to Mouel-Fenton more than paid expenses and the surplus was given to tho Community Chest. (This seano the guarantor believed th show should be held he-cause of th additional money It cause to spent in Oakland. In a statement issued from th Hotel Oakland headquarter of th show, officials aald: "Approximately $1 1 0,0 0 0 1 pent in Oakland by th horse show people. Thousands of dollars are spent for labor and materials and thousand ar spent with local business men by wealthy exhibitors and. visitors attracted to the show.

WILIj PROVIDE JOBS. "The show will put money In circulation in Oakland, provide employment and furnish high class entertainment for thousands who enjoy the hors show more than any other event which Comes to tho community. The show comes under the list of projects which will help relieve unemployment and economic The lint of guarantors includes: Edson F. Adams, Wallace M. Alexander, George W.

Baker Charles D. Bates. C. L. Best.

Leon Bocqueraz, G. H. Bradt, 3. F. Carl ton, JVI (jamais, wimam cavalier, Thomas W.

Cushing, Stanley Dollnr, Harry H. (fair, R. M. FiUgerald, It. C.

Force, J. F. Hass-ler, Stuart 8. llawley, 13. A Howard, Italph W.

Kinney, Joseph R. Knowland, H. C. Capwell Alex Young Arnold Mount, H. M.

Lorber, J')r. John Loul Lohse, John P. Maxwell, Walton N. Moore, Harry A. Mosher, John A.

Mac-Gregor, H. P. Nichols, K. L. Oliver, Samuel Pond, Dr.

Wm. H. Porter, Roy L. Pratt, Frank H. Proctor, Harrison Robinson, Mrs.

W. P. Roth, Mr. W. P.

Roth, Clarence rihuey, Oscar Sutro, Sherwood' Swan, Arthur G. TnBheira, William a. Volkmann. Jean C. Witter, James II.

Tuttle. V. E. lireeden, Maxwell C. Milton.

Drainage District warrants, Apportionment to counties for highway increased -For eomparetiv purpose Riley ggV the following figure representing th cost of state government for the past thre years: 1(27 totaled 1(28 totaled and 192 totaled Th controller said that in analysing th increase of over th 1(27 period highway construction and maintenance account for apportionment to counties for highways apportionment- to counties (or elementary and high schools 11.621,(89.00, with the re-malnlng. (11,818,806.02 increase representing greater cost of all other tat government function during th four-year period. Institutions merit of Institution The tots! of was spent In th 1(2( fiscal year for this purpose. Following are comparative totals of all hospitals: noepttai Total 180 Total1950 Agnew 8 0.742.6 1 1 5 61, 11. 1 718,091.11 Napa 76S.370.S9 713,011.26 8padra), 1U.32(.34 641,184.48 677.597.61 Patton 917.167.20 761,206.65 Sonoma Hm 783,640.60 689,527.04 Stockton 899,178.86 888,817.32 Fac.

Colony 243,964.87 204,421.22 paid up to the end of the fiscal year. Improvements costing about $10,000 were made on the Stockton armory, Armory and administrative expense totaled (278,211. 92 making the total for th guard Itself Th states paid out 19515.64 for uniform and other, expense con-heated with the high school cadets during th fiscal year. About ten (ohool support the cadet contingent and send young men to the an Luis OMspo camp annually. Th total cost of the guard and cadet during th preceding fiscal year was Hastings College of Iaw In San Francisco.

The largest Increase Is represented In the amount spent for the University of California. The state expended "a total of $8,258,481.09 during the last fiscal year compared with $8,613,037.89 In the 1929 fiscal year. Of the 19.10 total expenses amounted to and capital outlay compared with (6.279,737,87 and $333,300.02 for expense and outlay respectively during the 1929 year. Following are tho totals by schools: National Guard Expenses In Theft Quiz MAkY WILMER. private secretary to Gilbert Beesemyer.

and C. C. BARNES. jUte building and loan examiner, questioned in connection with Beesemyer $7,600,000 thefts' from the Guaranty Building and Loan association. A.

P. pholot GETS DIVORCE On charges that the Rev. Essek Kenyon. former Oakland preacher who headed an evangelistic tabernacle here, tried to make love to his secretary ond other women, Mrs. Alice W.

Kenyon was granted a divorce) In Los Angeles today, according' to United Tress dispatches here. Mrs. Vivien V. Linn, the preacher's secretary, testlrted re1 gardlng the pastor's asserted flirtations, declared that the Rev. Ken-von tried to make love to her but that she repulsed him.

Mrs. Evelyn J. Nlttenger, next door neighbor ot the Kenyons in Los Angeles, had a Fimllar experience, according to Mrs. Kenyon. The pastor's wife that Mrs.

Nittenger' husband warned Kenyon after the "incident" that he would be "dealt with" If It ever happened aguin. Legion Commander To Be Welcomed SAN LEANDRO. Dec. IS. James Tierson, district commander of the American Legion, will be greeted here January JO at a special guthering of thojian Leandro Post 117, with representatives of every Alameda, county Legion post In attendance.

1'aul W. Brannon, adjutant of th San Leandro Post No. 117. is i nrharge of arrangements, aided by Commander Dexter Dye. Alameda county posts which will be represented will be: Col.

Charles Young I'ost ot West Oakland; Eastliay Women's I'ost, Albany. Berkeley. Alameda, Oakland I'ost No. Lake Merrill Post, Capt. Eiil Krwin Post, Llvermore.

I'leas-aiiton, Hayward and Washington Township Post of Nile. Woman Asks Return Of Petaluma Land FAIRFIELD, Dec. 15. A su.t whs filed in the office of the county clerk here yesterday by Mrs. Lucille H.

Whltten of FalrfiHd against Walter and Docile. The complaint alleges that several months hbo Mrs. iVrltten bought tho De Luxe Auto Camp and Hotel from the Dodgs fo the Mini of and as part payment gave them property In Petaluma valued at She claims that the Dodges misrepresented the value of the camp, that It was worth but instead of the und that they claimed that It hail a monthly income of $500, which was untrue. She nsks the court, to return her property In Petaluma which she has deeded to them. rt'Xl) GItOWK.

VA, Dec 1 5. Chrtetmas fund of the Associated -Charities was increased by substantial contributions -over the according- to J. Leonard, chairman. More than $40 was taken in by members of the committee on Saturday." I A A tri Z7fJ ft' r- mm km- -mm in mi in HE Sacramento, Deo. 15, -The.

rum wai estimated by Stat Controller Ray Riley to hav been spent by California during year ndlng June 10, 1830, for It National Guard nd Mgh school cadet mats, Riley's report Showed flll.llO.9T of th toUl to htv been expended for permanent Improvement. Th guard, commanded by Adjutant General E. Mlttelstaedt, erected a new arm cry at Long Beach costing 178.0(0, and purchased land for 1U Ban Lull Obispo camp at 110,000. A portion of th latter ftm was Veteran Found Lying JNear Warehouse With Money and Diamonds Gone SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 15.

Robbery is believed the motive for tho mnrder cf Virgil M. Turner, tt. war veteran and stevedore bosn, whose body was found yesterday huddled against a warehouse, furnished a mystery crime today that left police baffled. Tho only mark of violence On Turner's body was a bruise over tho left eye, but an autopsy Bhowed that he died of Cerebral hemorrhage, probably-caused by the blow. An empty wallet was found in his overcoat, and his watch and ring had been The body was identified at the tnorgue by his estranged wife, Mrs, Mildred Turner, night club entertainer.

She safjiftnrtalked to him at 5 o'clock Saturday night and at that time he was wearing! a valuable diamond stickpin and watch, an(l was carrying a considerable sum of money. Mrs. Turner makes her home at 760 Oeary street. A check by police showed that Turner, wtjo was also known as "Ernie' Johnson," left his hotel at Fourth and Mission streets in his coupe about 2 o'clock yesterday -morning. It was some three hours later that the bodywas found at Mariposa and Minnesota streets.

Turner and his wife. Who were married 11 years, have on child, Julia, Jean Turner, 8, living wltb. mends in Stockton. Fears Expressed for Missing Oaklander Sear that David F. Minney, Oakland realty dealer, missing Bine last Friday, may have been the victim of an accident during an amnesia lapse, was expressed today by relatives, after a hunt by the family and police had failed to disclose) a 'clue his whereabout.

check of the missing man's movements lost trace of him at o'olock Friday." Ho had suffered severe financial reverses recently, and it wa believed that worry twised 'him to winder away in a daze, members of the family said. The missing man has a wlfe Mrs. Edna E. Minney, and a son, Thomas, 25, and daughter. Molly, 20, living at 3766 Lakeshore avenue.

N. Y. Tourist Lost In Death Valley LOS ArTtTELES, Dec. 15. Fear for the life of Ralph G.

Farnum. New York theatrical agent, were expressed today when police were asked to Institute a search for him. Farnum left here a month ago for Death Valley in search of health, and outfitted himself with, a pack train at Death Valley One of hi burros appeared at Furitooe Creek ranch yesterday, em4clat3 and worn. There was no sign of Varnum, and desert men feared tllat he had been a victim of thofdistering salt bottom of the treacherous desert. Veterans' Alliance Accepts Two Gifts VALLEJO, Dec.

15. Two glfta were officially accepted by tho Veterans' Alliance Saturday night at a ceremony In the new Veterans' Memorial building. A radio loud speaker presented by HuiU Gen-ereux was accepted by Csrl H. Anderson, and a large oil painting, "Tho Angelus," the gift of O. K.

Mann, was accepted by UTlI. Cline. Frank M. Dickey, county recorder, was oust Minster at tho subsequent banquet. Fresh from the original vacuum pack that's Hills Bros Coffee No matter when of where yon buy Hills Bros.

Coffee it is as fresh as when it came from the roasters. By the vacuum-packing process, air, which destroys the flavor of coffee, is removed from the can and ktpt tut. No air-tight can will keep coffee iresh. It is easy to open a can of Hills Bros. Coffee with the key.

ConfrtlUi Rcasting pus Hilli Bni. Cifjtl fivsf ttbtr ft jlit bi. OIM0 tOOK FOR THB ARAB ON THB CAM U. Expenses Increased Ex-City EditQr Slayer of Wife, Dies in Prison Charles E. Chapin 'Asks to Be Buried hy Side of Slain Mate OSSINTNG, N.

Y- Dec. 15. UP) Charles B. Chapin will attain his last wish to sleep in oblivion he side the wife he killed twelve year ago. Chapin, one-time; city editor of th Evening World, died Saturday night in the Sing Sing death nous after" serving eleven years of a 28-year sentence for the slaying of Mrs.

Nellie Beebe Chapin, a grand-niece of Mrs. Russell Sage. He, was72. In his Will he expressed a desire to be burled In the family plot In Glenwood cemetery at Washington, D. in "the least expensive casket obtainable." He also asked that no service be held.

Warden Lewis Lawes received a letter last night from Miss Marlon Chapin, the dead man's sister, requesting that the body bo sent to Washington, and he planned to comply today. William Halpln-, a prison guard, and Chapln's friend, will accompany the casket. Chapin shot his wife while she slept because, he always i maintained, he was in financial difficulties and he loved her. too well to see her suffer from want. As "No.

69.696," he became editor of the prison paper and later -the prison gardener. He lived in the death house at his own request and never applied for a parol. "I want to die," often said. "I want to get it over with' fl fl KELEY BOY Dee, ,15. -Edward Torchlo, 8, 1236 Kains avenue, wa killed this morning when an auto-mobli crushed pirn against a telephone pole at San Pablo avenue and Oilman street.

L. F. McDonald, 34, driver Of the car, was questioned by police. Both, he and his Mrs, Lenore Goodwin, 43. 1458 Tenth street, were cut and brulHed when thrown against the windshield of their car? According to witnesses, the Torchlo boy, with three companions, was rolling old automobile tires along the street, when the lad was seen to dart Into the path' of the car.

McDonald said he swerved to ayold him, but was too late. Mrs. Goodwin was removed to Humboldt hospital In Albany with severe face and wounds. McDonald 1 a yard man for th Southern Pacific and lives at the U. C.

hotel, Ninth and University avenue. Witnesses said he was not speeding. Improvement Club Elects New Heads 8T0CKTON, Dec. 16. Ed Mo-Afee and Ed Ross have been nominated for the presidency of the Burkett Acres Improvement club with election set January 9.

Others nominated for office ar Mrs. Ed McAfee, treasurer, and Mrs. Mike Bronaick and Mrs. E. J.

KarnHWorth, treasurer. manager, Caplaln W. N. Lancaster, and John Liggett, III. Pittsburgh, backer of her recent flight to Havana.

They were en route to Washington by rail but returned here when Informed of tho accident. Yulcon Air Hero Engaged to Nurse WHITE HORSE, Yukon. Dec. Everett Wnsson nwalted favorable weather to fly back to the Liard river headquarters to take the body of Copt. E.

.1. A. Burke from Its temporary grave of logs, the 24-year-old California youth was being congratulated today on his betrothal to a nurse In a hospital here. Only a few after he was acclaimed ns a hero for finding and rescuing Emll Kadlng and Robert Marten, flying companions of Burke's who were lost two months In the Yukon wilderness, his engagement to Miss Florence Gertrude Jones was announced. Her parents, Mr.

ond Mrs. M. O. Jones, live in North Vancouver, H. v.

hading ana niurien, weakened by the long exposure and lack of food, which cost Burke his lit, are patients in the hospital here. Parachute Jumper Has Narrow Escape SAN DIEHO. Dec. 15,. Charles Weaver, parachute Juniper, wns nllve today after a 20.00 foot fall because bo forced his frozen fingers to loosen the release cerd on his 'chute.

Trying for nn altitude record with Major A. Ludoiix, of Long Beuch, the ship fultered at the high altitude' Snd Weaver climbed out on the wing to take up tho slack In tho frozen elevator wires. Ills fingers became frozen In making the repairs, his grasp on a strut became looseiKd and he fell into space. Weaver landed near Salton Sea, unhurt. He said he fell only 260 feet before Jerking the release cord.

Italian Airplane Armajta Halted omiOTELLO, Italy, Deo. 15. W) Adverse weather today forced Postponement of the start of 12 tallan seaplane on a flight to Cartagena, Hpnln. first lap of a transatlantic flight to Rio Do Janeiro, Brazil. The postponement, announced at midnight, Is until tomorrow or Wednesday, depending upon Improvement of flylntf conditions over the Mediterranean.

There whs still heavy Vt'fcnoWln here today. Tho 12 sen plrt nes will fly In three squadrons, Genera! Italo Bnl-do himself to be In command of the first group of four planes. Route of the flight Will be along the Mediterranean and African coast to Bnlama. Portuguese Guinea, from where th transatlantic part of the flight, to Port Natal, Brazil, will be attempted, CIRCLES IS Mrs. 'Christine Anlof WiW of Civil Wat Hcrv Passes at 77 Mr.

Christine Elisabeth MIckeT Anlotf. It. for panjr years a prominent worker in Eastbay pa- trlollc circles, died yesterday at the noma of her daughter, Mrs. Ella Wanter. Sinclair, 466 Fortieth atreet.

Mrs. Anloff had been a resident 'f Berkeley since 1892, coming to tha bay region from Seattle. Hera he organized tho Black Mar circle. Ladles of tho O. A.

serving president of this patriotic or Ionization for two terms. She was also past president of the. Berkeley Women's Relief corps, O. A. H.

The widow of Julius Anloff. Civil war. bero decorated by the United State for bravery, she was known as the "Mother of Company the only National Guard unit composed of Grand Army Veterans orsanlfted In Berkeley shortly after the flro of H0. Mrs. Anloff was a member of the O.

A. R. auxiliaries, Girls of '1 and 'Co. king a prominent part in the affairs of these, organizations for many years. For the last lv years she had been confined to her bed, the result of injuries received in an accident in 1925.

Mrs. Anloff has made her home with her daughter lino that time. Besides Mrs. Sinclair, she is survived by two other daughters and three sons, including Mrs. Msml B.

Reeves and Mrs. Emma Geller-' man of Seattle: Ed A. and John C. Fremont Anloff of Oakland, and Garrield Anloff of Hollywood. Privet funeral service were held this afternoon, i i 'i in i Oakland Physician Buys Napa Home ST.

HELENA, pro. II. K. Irclr has sold his handsome homo on Main street to Dr. H.

Jensen, of Oakland, who has already, taken possession. The Merrier home, built four years ego, Is considered one of the finest In the alley. Included In th sal was also several acres of young bearing' vineyard, adjoining th residence property at th rear. Merrier and his family are making fheir' home at Whit Bulphur firings. Charles A.

Davis has eg-changed his farm at Rutherford for on apartment house at lMf Ikeshore boulevard, Oakland, belonging to Mrs. Nellie Feeler. Th riew owners are already In possession. Davis and his wife aspect to return to HU Helena to reside early next year. Diane Ellis, Film Stair, Dies in India LOB ANGELES, Deo.

1 1. A brief cablegram received her today said Mra. Stephen C. Mlllett, the former Plan Ellis, Hollywood notion picture died in innii i Th actress was married In pari. France, two month ago to Stephen Mlllett, young and tkey left, fora honey-' melon trip 'which i to hav brought them to to AbMles by way of India, Egypt and Bpaln.

The actress; who worked In a tudlo as a stenographer, received one of the for which Hollywood Is famous, and was chosen by a director who saw, her at work at hr typewrlter to play a feature part. Cousins Stabbed In Family Quarrel A famlW quarrel between cousins may result fatally for one of them, Hnverlo Carnero, 84, of TT9 Fifth street, at whose home the fluarrel began last night during fiarty. Carnero is at Emergency hospital with knife wounds in th throat, cheek and rieck. His cousin, Ray Clomro, SS. 42 Market ireet.

has one ear almost Severed and wounds In th fatso and wrist. i PROBATION (RANTED John Contl. 27. today was granted five year probation on a charg St burglary by Huperlor Judge ohn J. Allen on hi plea of gull-IV to rifling a storage yard of P.

Controvlch. ItX Ninth street, of 430, pounds it copper. Valli-Farrell Wedding Slated: Date Undecided Slur Aflmilj Tliey May Be Married in Month, 'or It May Be Year'. IS. Vlrcfhla Valli and Charles motion rVfurfc players, sro to lie married nt nre undecided about the date, thev ndmllted todnv.

"We have no definite plans," Fsr-J fell nalfl. "We linvo talked about 'petting married, but we have not set any date, it mnv be a month. )t may be a ViTr. Hut It won't be tironnd ChriBttiins. as has been re-' ported.

I'm too buKv with a and If I get short vacation, I think I should like to go away for rent." The romance of the pnlr bognn four years ego when both Farrell f.nd Miss Vaill were working on lb Wllllnni Ffx lot and he wns Reining his first recognition In Heaven," Farrell wes at one tlnxe reiorted rngased to Jnnet Oaynor, who appeared with hint In a number of films, but--' Mis flaynor I.ydell Peck, young broker, while Ferrell continued hi romance with Wins Velll. I i AUVKHTISKStRNT NEURITIS AND RHEUMATISM CASBY'B COMPOITND Is effective, iiin reiiec ior rneumsusrn, neuri-. I in, liirnbi'iffs gout and Swelling of 'the limbs. Improve blood and Its clrrulaflon, dtlm-tilates the stomach, liver and kid-, levs to function naturally. Hunnlv.

Ing every Jnternal organ with riHture own tonlo wbloa drives out 1h uric acid poispii, purifying ths I'lood, restoring loss of appetite, wnk snd rundown condition. Jlr. V. Ms berry of HI. Helens, Otncon.

states bs suffered seven )iri from rheumatism; was given i a a hopeleas aat. After Inking ven battles Casey's Cempound Is a ll rnan and doing hard tnapual in a St. Helens saw mill. He w.mmnds It highly. per ii at Oegood Lrugglsts, Whitmore Asks, Court to Okeh State Control; Beese-myer's Plea Postponed LOS ANGELES.

Doc. 15. Charles A. Whltmorej state building and loan commissioner. today petitioned th superior court of Los Angeles county for approval and confirmation of his action in tak ing over the affair of tho Guaranty Building and Loan association, which was closed' last week after ito general manager, Gilbert H.

Beesemyer, admitted defalca tions of almost $8,000,000. Whltmore'a action wa interpreted as a move to prevent cer tain stockholders to have a federal receiver appointed for the organization. Whltmore's petition was filed L. G. 'Campbell and John M.

Altman, state' deputy attorney generals. CONTINUANCE GRANTED. Beesemyer today waa granted a 24-hour continuance' on his ar-. ralgnment and. plea to an indictment charging him with 10 counts of grand tHeft.

The was permitted when Beesmyer told Superior Judge Walton Wood that he had not retained counsel nd that he would like a little i morft, time to "atudy th His study of the situation, Beesemyer indicated, included a decision a to whether be would hire an attorney, i When th financier was arrested after he admitted the defalcations which caused the failure-of the building and loan association, he said he would not retain counsel and that' he would plead guilty to all the counts' of the. Indictment. Beesemyer was extremely nervous as he was led. into the courtroom. JIs first asked the court for a tew days "to think about the matter." PLEA SET TOMORROW.

'I don't v.lsh an attorney," he Bald. "I Just wish to have a few days for pleaJudge. If I can Just study this situation a little more I will know then what to do." "I prefeF that all defendants appearing in this court be represent ed by counsel," Judge Wood snld. "All I want Is Just a few days to study the thing," Beesemyer re-, peated. He was rubbing his hands togethen nervously.

o- you mean you want to go through tho whole thing without an attorney?" the court asked. "I don't think I mean that exactly," Beesemyer answered. The Judge then reset the date of arraignment and pleas' for tomorrow morning. BEESEMYER GCAKDED. Fearing thert some persons might seek to harm Beesemyer, seven bailiffs accompanied him into the crowded courtroom.

Many of the spectators were investors in the guaranty company. After his court Appearance Beesemyer was taken back to county Jail where he Is held under $250,000 bond. During the day, John McFaul, of tho state superintendent of banks department, announced that he had almost completed an Inventory of assets and liabilities ot the bank of Hollywood. Beesemyer was chairman of tho hoard of directors of Hie baik nnd It was the closing of the bank thnt brought on the Investigation which revealed tho condition of the guaranty. The bank was closed last by State Superintendent of Banks Will C.

Wood. Wood gave a seven day period to permit tho directors of the bank to submit a satisfactory plan of reorganization. He extended that period today until December 22. If no satisfactory plan has been submitted hy that time Wood- will liquidate the bank. San Leandro to Vote On City Charter SAN LEANDltO, Dec.

16. San Leandro citizens will vote one week from today whether they, will accept a city charter form of government nnd If the local Junior and senior high school units will remain under Oakland control or will be taken over by this community, "City Clerk Edgar V. llutchlngs Is' making Tina! preparations for the special election. Because of the Interest aroused locally In both Issues, a von is 1 expected, tflx polling places have been established, the customary 17 having been concent rated to reduce expense of the election. The city charter would effect a change of operation of the city council and would establish a civil service board for municipal employment.

y. m. c. ATciub to Hear Rotarian BERKELEY. Dec.

15. E. C. I.J'on. Oakland business man and a former district governor the Rotary, will address the youni? men's club the Berkeley V.

M. C. A. tomorrow nlpht on Investments. Francis Topkins.

render ond singer, will entertain. Two teams from the club will play a basketball game following the meeting, according to Bon E. Hlckli. membership secretary of me Berkeley Y. M.

C. A. and advisor of the club. Navy Plans Tests For Stenographers MARE I LAND, Dec. 15.

An examination for the posltibn of Junior stenographer and typist Is slated for Muft Island navy yard Janunry 13, according to Information received here today. Final applications must be filed before December 30 and full Befalls may bp obtained from the U. 8 Civil Service board. Specialize in XMAS TREK LIGHTING for outdoor and. indoor trees.

All of iflH auI equipment for All piiea of trri-i wild sr IntliillAd lit laodfral Kenyon Electric Co. 526 13th Street Hollies? ooih Girl Stowaway Halts Huge Plane's Endurance Cruise Sacramento, Dec. 18. Of)-California spent 111.442,(71.11 on the University of California, tsachers' college and special school during the year ending Jun 80, State Controller Ray 1 Riley entimated today. This 1 12,287.663.14 more than reported pent In th preceding fiscal year.

Th total of 811,442,173.12 Covers the cost ot and Improving th University of California, teacher colleges, th California Polytechnlo School, California School for th Deaf and Blind, the School for th Dent and th School for th Blind in Berkeley and th School Teach! Col. Chlco 1M0 $222,27141 III ICtfttiiKc Outlay Total 1030 1(30 448.001.70 131.388.00 250.718.47 878.7(7.40 221.60 223,746.09 i (.400.00 LOS ANGELES, 3c. 15. (P) The powerful engines of the largest trl-motored airplane In the which took ott yesterday in an attempt to establish a new endurance flight record, are silent today ond the flight has been Indefinitely postponed, because of aviation' first girl stowaway. Engine trouble was a contributing cause, While 10,000 spectators watched In dismay yesterday, the monster monoplane, with a crew of six men, all pilots, ended Its endurance attempt almost as soon as It had been begun.

Jt was up 2'2 minutes. When the ship- settled to the field st which the attempt was made the watchers were umased to see Miss Blllle Brown. 24-year-old parachute Jumper, alight from the cabin In the midst of the half dozen members of the crew. NO PliACF. FOR The pilots explained that the girl stowed away aboard the piano for the purpose of making a parachute leap, but as department of commerce rulos-4-equirn tho Jumper to wear two 'chutes and Miss Trtrown had only one, she could nut be permitted to Jump, nnd they pointed a plalio full of nmlos was no place for girl.

Some trouble with the motor In tho nose of the big ship could have been taken care of In the air, the filers wild, but there was no point In making repairs when the.Y, had to come down artyway, to let the girl utowaway "buil out" with one little foot on terra firms. Tho nose motor will be fixed while on the ground, now that they're down. Girl Flier's Necjc Broken in Crash CULVKR CITY, Dec. IB. Her neck broken nnd her wkull fractured, Jessie I.lKCitwood.

27, of Hollywood, wulked Into the emergency hospital here lust night to explain that she had suffered Injuries In nn aeroplane crush. Thirty minutes inter she was dead. The girl wns flying with Frank Bush," Hollywood, when he attempt-ed to land after dark on the unlit Culver City airport, Tpa landing wheels of the plane hit a hlRh tension wire surrounding the field, and rlie ship overturned. A Strang of wire caught the girl around the neck and caused the fracture, surgeon said. Bush received minor bruises.

Mrs.Keith-Miller In Crash Unhurt JACKSONVILLE. Dec. IS. The plane of Mrs. J.

M. Keith Milieu, Australian avlntrlx, en route to Washington, crashed here yester-day when the motor failed because Of faulty gasoline pump. The plana fell from a height of about 40 'feet, a few seconds after Its take-off. Mrs. Keith Miller was unhurt but the tinder-carriage and wings Of -the plan were demol ished.

She wa to confer today with her $179,276.61 300.387.37 103,029.07 S31.72O.80 238.273.85 328,416.05 192,499.43 $143,895.74 80,726.03 49,174.07 413,602.88 202,016.26 85,243.08 66,170.54 106,621.26 32.169.78 9,400.00 87,102.80 4.4 I $2,074,844 spent for operating and improving Folsom prison, Riley's, report showed. Of this sum $149,283.47 went for Improvements, the major Item being erection cf a new coll block. The state spent $67,948.21 during the 1980 flcl to enforce its narcotlo laws. Arresting end retun.lng criminals from without Its borders cord the state $47,763.87. compared to 780.31 expended for- this intlMJ preceding fiscal year.

The other Items contributing to the grand penal total were, department of penology, adminiMru- tlve expenses, bureau of criminal Identification (46.802.73 prison directors ad vlaory pardon board Cnl- liornla crime commission women' prison Boys' Sch ools than expended on the ohc-nifCiJur Ing the preceding flscl yar. Th total of $684,841.14 was spent during the last year on the Preston School of Industry; the Whlttler State School total was and th Ventura School for Girls had a total expenditure of $120,061.41. Carry Prisoners The controller's statement showing cost of governrient during the last flHcal year gave this figure. It exceeded by $12,678.39 the total spent for transporting these persons during the preceding year. sh Wi away from home sterday th thief brok Into her woodshed and atol two doien jars ot th prrve.

(31,118.40 46.2(t, 440,181.60 473.tt8.12 371,914.10 San Diego B. IT. San Jos 8. Barbara Cal. Poly.

Cat School for Deaf-Blind Hastings Col. Pch. for Deaf. Sch. for Blind Pris6ns Cost Sacramento, Deo.

It. fornla prison, th study of crime, apprehension of criminals and enforcement of narcotic law cost the stat $3,074,844.32 during th fiscal year ending June 10, 1930. This was the total announced today by State Controller Ray L. Riley in his tatement on th cost of government during th 12-month period. The total ot (1.76M81 was spent for thee purposes during the preceding fiscal year.

The largest ingl sum was spent for operation and at San Quentln prison where $1, 0(6. 225.92 wa needed for expense and expended for improvement fend equipment, making the total (1,221,78.91. compared with the 1929 fiscal year total of $1,090,664,40.. Th total of wa $1,043,299 for Sacramento, Dee. It.

-W State Controller Ray L. Riley estimated todsy California spnt $1,041.299. 1 during Ui fiscal year ending June for support and Improvement of the Preston and Whlttler schools for boy and the Ventura School for Olrls, all correctlva Institutions. This wa 1 $200,542 to Sacramento, Dec. 16.

M) it cost the state ot California to transport prisoners and Insane persons within It jurisdiction during th fiscal year ending Jun (0, 1930, Controller Ray L. Riley estimated today. PEARS STOLEN THfcRMALlTO Dec. IB, A thief enjoying preserved pears today at th expense of Mrs. Laurie Middliholf, local housewife.

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