Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 1, 1929 · Page 86
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 86

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 1, 1929
Page 86
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OaUanU Ctibum SEPTEMBER 1, 1929 M-3 ES OF PECK & HILLS SALES in Entrance to Moraga Oak Knoll Home This attractive residence -recently purchased by F., A. Lorentz in Oak Knoll is one of, the many fine homes which have recently been fold in this exclusive country club community. TRACT One of the imposing entrance gates that will mark the entrance to Encinas de Moraga, the new and exclusive estate subdivision just placed on the market by A. H. Breed & Sons Inc. j TED1UT . .. SUNDAY ' IMG UNY HOMES BEING BOUGHT wm IT Accessibility, good climate, paved roads, unspoiled natural surroundings and assurance of good neighbors, are all features In favor of Enctnas de Moraga', the new estate tract Just opened on the Moraga highway. A.' H. Breed and Sons, line, maicaie. , f The fact that the new tract, 1 Which offers rural estates for nvcuiy-ini ee owners, is wiinin a few minutes drive ot Oakland and Berkeley over the Tunnel highway cr the Fish Ranch road is perhaps one or ine strongest arguments in Its favor; it was said vesterdav. It is situated on the Moraga highway near the Junction of the Orinda, Tunnel and Moraga highways, and Is the first of the 10,000 acres in the old Moraga ranch to be placed on the market. An announcement reads: "Construction of the entrance cates, and other development work, is going rapidly forward. Roads have been built through the prop- erty. Arrangements are completed fofturning over a five acre park tract to the dwners by the estate owners. Each owner will have from one to three acres in his own private estate, with the park as an added feature. "Growing on the estate are many varieties of California trees and shrubs, including white oak, black oak, live oak, buckeye, laurel, bay, maple, willow, wild blackberry and wild rose. The property is to be developed without damaging the natural growth, leaving the building sites in as near their original condition as possible for improvement and development by . the wners. "Definite building restrictions 17111 assure all owners of good Neighbors. There will be restrictions nm to placement and design and all elans will have, to be submitted before contracts are let. The improvements in the tract will include hard urfaced roads, a water system ahd electricity. "Large numbers of interested men and, women are inspecting the property every Sunday afternoon," Chemists Make - Wool From Slag Chemists with their wizardry liavs once more achieved the seemingly impossible. They have taken waste slag, by-product of lead refineries, for which no use has ever Ijtem found before, and have made wool of it! This wool, soft fluffy, light, will not bum or melt at less than 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists who have experimented jTwtth it call it one of the best Insulating materials ever discovered, It is stated. The only plant in the world manufacturing, it so far on a commercial scale is in Alton, 111., where It is being operated in connection with the- giant refinery ot me American Hmeltlng and Refining Company. Here millions of tons of raw materials have been piling up for many years. Other Viilllons of ton can be found near zlno and - lead refineries in otherelttes throughout the United States. ' Approximately 60 tons of this material is now being turned out dally in Alton and very soon this output will be Increased. The product Is being sold under the trade name of Therm-O-Proof. It will be marketed n four forms as loose wool, the blanket form, In boards and bricks. 1 Principal uses are In building .Insulation, high and low temperature insulation, sound deadening or acoustics and flreprooflng. The company is specializing for the present in the insulation of homes already built, usually with inadequate insulation. The Therm-O-Proof Insulation 7 Co. of Chicago, has worked out a blower device which operates on a truck and with this the mineral wool Is blown Into side wall . spaces and between attic Joists giving up to in many cases four Inches of insulation. New Furnace Line by Hill r And Stoops Hill and Stoops, local distributors for Fraser gas appliances, an-nonnce that a new and improved line of furnaces, with thermostatic control and electric ignition, is now ready for distribution. The hew furnaces come In twelve sizes or 1 capacities, with a type suitaoie xo I properly heat any size home, store. : lodge room or theater. The announcement states: "Fraser circulating cabinet heat-' ers, floor and basement furnaces are heavily constructed of Armco rust-proof iron and all seams and joints are welded, making a per-Xect gas-tight Job. The furnaces ' are guaranteed gas-tight for a period of ten years, and are the result ef years of scientific development. They have been tested and approved by the highest authorities tn the gas engineering field. Their .dependability, efficiency and durability cannot be questioned. . "For home owners having base-Jnent furnace problem, Fraser has developed a line of central base-Sment furnaces to meet any requlre--ment. These are solid welded throughout aind have no bolted or 3cck seam Joints, insuring freedom vSTom burned ases or dampness. -"The patented fire travel gives Fra er furnaces a perfectly balanced "hot air takeoff, and a long fire travel which makes them highly : efficient, with perfect distribution . of heat to every room. All floor furnaces are vented into the chimney, the heated air going into the room being clean and pure, never coming into contact with the gas . flame. The cabinet heaters ars highly decorative, finished in wal- nut porcelain enamel, rich in . design, blending' with any furniture and adding to the attractiveness of the room." ' These various heating . device -are exhibited In the display rooms -of Hill and Stoops at 4214 Broad- way. The firm also distributes Wayne oil burning equipment. Camp.Umcnts of Sunset Plating & Manufacturing Co. PLUMBERS TUBULAR BRASS GOODS 355 Tehama Street Telophase KFIarif 5411 fnnwhr CHf. In St. James Wood Model Home View of dining room of the beautiful model home now opened to the public in St. James Wood,, the exclusive subdivision of L'Hommedieu & Dunann Inc. The home is sponsored by the Oakland TRIBUNE and was designed by Miller 6c Warnecke. i i ' ft rf! ih l il, i f. f " if? , i 1 e ; .. 1 1 ":- " In iff 4' ,i $1ft.'s&fc t, ' it. QISPLflY HUME DHWTID1S The artistry in the design of the TRIBUNE-MIIler & Warnecke display home In St. James Wood excites the admiration of all who see It, according to -M. A. Murphy, secretary-manager of L'Hommedieu, Inc., under whose auspices the home Is being shown to visitors this week. "We have shown many homes In the last few years," says the Murphy statment. "But never have we had the pleasure of showing a home that Is mote comfortably and attractively furnished than this one. . "The unusual entrance way, with the three floor levels, hallway, living room 'and dining room, Is the first striking feature as one enters. The breakfast room, conveniently located between' the dining room and kitchen, makes serving guests exceptionally easy, and the beautiful court on which face the dining room, breakfast j-com and kitchen, with the loggia forming one side of the court, permits a maximum of -sunlight into the home.. "The living 'room, beautifully beamed with hand-decorated ceiling, has light from three sides, while the' entire upstairs Is so designed as to admit sunlight throughout the day. , "One of the 'most unusual features of this artistic home le the effect of, remoteness from the street given by the landscaping. No driveway mars the front or sides of the lot, since the garage is entered from a rear street. New Cowling for Radial Engines Making an airplane develop 20 more miles an hour without In creasing its motor power or ma terially altering Its design. Is a fact that would almost startle ny person who has made a .study or aeronautics. But that is the accomplishment reported by the national advisory committee for aeronautics in the development of a new type of cowling for. radial engines. The cowling is a stream-line covering for the motor, and when Captain Frank Hawks, supervisor of the . aviation division for the Texas company with headquarters at New York, first put the new-device to a practical test by shatter ing the non-stop speed record, Los Angeles to New York, with a stock model Lockheed plane, the Impres. alon was given that the feat was made possible by the reduction of head resistance. The company by which Hawks Is employed purchased the craft after the famous flight of last February. Kirk and Parentice have leased floor space at 194 Eleventh street. Oakland, where they will conduct the business of distributing "Acrre Valvoil." Northern California will be served from this location. A. R Kirk and A. F. Parentice are theowners. The plane was named the Texaco No. 5. and Hawks set out the latter part of June to give the N. AwO, At cowling nnotner test, lie iiruKe in New York- Lots Angeles non-stop Cj A CHARMING SPANISH HOME IN , OAKLAND'S MOST EXCLUSIVE RESIDENTIAL PARK Claremonfitie , (FORMERLY BOWLES ESTATE) Completely finished and ready for immediate occupancy. Convenient Terms may be arranged. Miradero is located on Margarido Drive, in 'Beautiful Claremont Pines. This exquisite home, overlooks the fairways of the exclusive Claremont Country Club and enjoys an uninterrupted view of the Golden Gate,' San Francisco Bay and the surrounding country. The home is open for inspection dailv. NIGHTLY SHOWING FROM 8 TO 10 O'CLOCK CLAREMONT PINES Broadway Terrace and Country Club Drive : Telephone, PI edinont 1038 ' - fJarrmont Pjnei i esi!y resched by aute or Mreet car. Drive out liroadwiy," er tste; No.-, Cellea-Avenue car, to Brosdwsy Terrace, then Broadway Terrace to Clareuiont Tines hirh is only three hlorks from BrotJwav. spoed record, shattered his own mark, I.Os Angeles to Jfcrw York, nl,,tlft."ton!l'1e tsjiiurels for a one-stop, rsiiBHr H-ipif "w I to Los Angeles and return. One of the Most Exquisite True Spanish Homes ever offered to the public of the East Bay District. 1 - One of the A new trend in residential development is seen In the many large home which -are now being purchased in Oak Knoll, the East-bay's close-in, country club district. ' Only a few -weeks ago the Oak Knoll Land Corporation caused wide-spread interest by the opening ot Fair Estates an exclusive home community adjoining the K'lf couifio of the Oak Knoll Country club. From the first this residential district has attracted purchaser! of homcsites and many homes have recently been purchased in Oak Knoll, according to officials 6f the corporation. "The present purchasing activity In Fairway Estates and other eec-tion of Oak Knoll is duo to the fact that people of means are show ing a decided preference for the country-club type of close-in, home community," stated M'e officials of the Oak Knoll Land'Corporation. "Many Eastbay residents returning from, their vacations quickly appreciato tho advantages of this district which enables them to enjoy outdoor recreation all tho year 'round, at home, and within the city -limits. Fairway Estates, midway between the Oak Knoll Country club, offers an Ideal country club environment and country club recreational facilities to mem bers. Here both young and old may enjoy outdoor freedom, a matchless view and a wealth of sunshine and flowers. Fairway Estates is only 20 minutes from the heart of the Oakland business district. "Another reason Is tho beautiful scIUng of Fairway Estates with Its rolling, oak-clad hills overlooking on one eide, the rich green of the golf course on the other a sweep ing panorama of hills, harbor, the bay cities and Golden Gate. This exclusive home community with' Its building sites of generous size, high-class improvements, and carefully-drawn restrictions naturally attracts people of prominence in I'.antbay .business nnrt social life who mako extremely desirable neighbors." .-Among those who have pur chased homes in Fairway .""tates Xgl otner sectimiH or OuK Kmill wlllTin the past six weeks are: A. J. Harrell, A. Jlarqucs, F. A. Lorentz, A. Phillips, V. V. Coek, C. B. Kennedy, W. M. Carmhn. J. A. Craig. It i expected that thta week Will see even more visitors tathe prop erty. Improvement Under Way on College The woi;lc of overhauling the Key System street car tracks and repairing the pavement between tho rails on College avenue Is un der way ami partially completed It was announced today by H. I' Bell, vice-president In charge ot engineering for tbe transit com pany. All of the rails and the ad joining pavement on College ave nue, from Broadway to Bancroft, will bo carefully gone over and re paired wherever necessary, Bell says. To dato work has progressed as far north as Webster street, he states. Have You Seen Oakmore Highlands at Night? Hundreds of people who love the unusual and the beautiful have formed a habit of coming to Oakmore Highlands frequently to see the breath-taking view of Oakland, the bay, San Francisco and Marin county, .which. stretches. away below them. .Tonight and every night next week a new-and delightful experience awaits them. Three new homes are open in Oakmore and they will be lighted with unusual effects, inside and out. Let as many as can conveniently do so; come out tonight and see these homes as well as tKe beautiful view that stretches out Below them. " JUST ACtOSS THE BRIDGE AT END Of PARK iOULEVAID BENTON KEF STORE Tom Benton, well known hatter and sportsman of the Eastbay, has again opened his own business in a location opposite the new Financial Center, building at 404 Fourteenth street. Benton was a member of the firm of Benton & Parker for eight years, and has been connected with the hat busi-ess for somo fifteen years. . The new store, which" opened Saturday, will feature popular priced hats with Benton himself in charge to greet and serve his many old friends and customers. To Be Represented At National Meet Sunset Mausoleum, the beautiful community memorial in tho Berkeley hills, facing the Golden Qute, will bp represented by Fred A. Purncr. general manager, at three annuaf meetings to be held in Los ' Angeles from be pt ember 2 to 0. - Superintendents of cemeteries from all parts of the United States will attend their national associa tion convention,' and they have been invited to inspect Sunset Mausoleum on their way borne. The California Interment Association and the Cremation Association ot America will also meet. Implacenient above ground jn community mausoleum will come in for discussion on the "urogram. There are four hundred cities iri the United States that now have one or more community mausoleums, , EXPANSION. A. Bapnes Wright, manufacturer of shirts, neckwear and doctors' and nurses' uniforms, has recently moved into new and larger quar ters at 2210 Broadway, Oakland. Ten people are employed at .the present time. - This firm was formerly located at 88 Rio Vista avenue, Oakland. A. Barnes Wright is owner and manager. ' Oi C. J. Griffin Sales manager : for Peck & Hills' Furniture . company, who reports prosperous conditions in Sacramento valley. ) f: " . ; ' '.!: ::-r-:;r:;-;::-l . ':' ': 'ZM " '"Ufifu, AK KM0JL GLORIOUS aun-lit mornings in your own garden . . a brisk game of golf or tennis . .'gay parties on lawn or porch . . . every day brings real vaca- ' tion joys in Fairway Estates. 'TO-REACH OAK KNOLL F , m Dowit.wi Oakland Drlva out Foothill Boulevard or East Fourteenth Street to Bllbtr - second Avenue into Golf Links Road. Prom ?Crtli Oak- laaa, Plramoat ar Berkeley i Drive out Mor(ra to Joaquin Road Millar Mountain Boule vard tor Knoll. Oak Oak Knoll Land Corporation 1150 Harrison Street Telephone OA Hand 0.19 TRACT OFFICFi Oak KH A- Maal Mn'.r. C. J. Griffin, "sales manager for Peck & Hills Furniture Company of Oakland,, has just returned from a two weeks' trip through the Sacramento valley and reports conditions generally improved over the same period of last year. Furniture dealers In this section reported a general pick-up in sales, and expressed confidence of a fins fall business. Sacramento, particularly, looked goad and business was on the upward trend. The fruit crop loss has been overestimated, .says Griffin, as the growers are getting a larger yield thaa first anticipated. This, together with fair prices for fruit this year, has generally improved business conditions in the valley. Peck & Hills Furniture Company have, for the past year, operated a sales floor in Sacramento. The company-reports that the business for the past year exceeded expectations with ' monthly sales rapidly increasing. BUY YOUR HOME IN Beautiful 55th Avenue Terrace See This One Today! at 5421 BRANN ST. English style, stucco, Philippine mahogany woodwork; 6 rooms and breakfast room; 3 bedrooms, tile bathroom and gas furnace. Poublj garage. Near school and S;"P. trains. $7250.00 Easy . Terms 0. L. BURRITT Owner and Builder Sirs The better things of life that some enjoy for only week or two can be yours the whole year 'round in Fairway Estates. Learn the facts now concerning this distinctive country club community only 20 minutes from downtown Oakland. Drive out Sunday. 3 I

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