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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 68

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 68

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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aklantr Ctftune DECEMBER 7, 1930 M-3 GONSERVATIQNlNELSON BROS. Products of Local Factory The Hammer-Bray company, Oakland stove manufacturer, producing new Spark circulating heaters in large numbers. (Above) Heaters at the factory ready to be crated for interstate shipment, and (below) a local display at Jackson's of this product. Two New Apartments Botb these structures are located near Mosswood parity (Above The Senator Apartments at 488 Thirty-fifth street, built and owned by Nelson Brothers, and equipped with Spark ranges, Marshall and Stearnsiwall beds and genuine Frigidaires. (Below) The Alturas Apartments at 3764 Shatter avenue, built by N.

EL. Rockwell and equipped with genuine Frigidaires and Spark ranges. Chester Treichel was the architect in each case. Public inspection i invited. IN OIL TO OPEN NEW HASHUGETOTAt APARTMENT Natural Gas Causes Big Interest in Late Style Furances.

Many Millions Retained in Building With Eighteen Alturas on Shafler Avenue Power-for State -Users Units Will Be Shown Public Contains Twentynone Units SUNDAY FIRM PLAGES fill llPIWnn APARTMENT Mi I III A Tift I 1111 II I I- 1 1 111 I1L1I IILni LII Ml HERE Jy ri Rw 1 Wy Announcement is made of -the WASHINGTON', Dec. B. While Another Nelson Bros, "apartment am The Hammer-Bray company, Oakland manufacturer of stoves end ranges under the trade name of have taken advantage of public Interest in natural ftas velopfnerit to placed Jpt a new model circulating gas neater. The product has met with immediate success, it is reported, and already a separate manufacturing department la necessary to care for the demand. A statement from the factor' official rends: "The new circulating gas and patents pending, is designed and finished in the appearance of a radio cabinet.

Its mechanical construction is unique among small home heaters. is compact in "size, Pleasuring over alU19H by by 32 inches high and stands 0 inches from the floor. heating unit embodies a new principle, which quickly circulates a largo volume of warni'alr with low fuel consumption. The inner walls of this unit, which includes a built-in diverter that prevents flame from being extinguished by down-draughtu, slope upward toward the center and receive the heat at an angle. Even-bait absorption is caused by -a series of vertical, radiating fins welded to the inner shell, and no heut is retarded at, the top." I 8 LIS- Advice Given Eastbay Rose Growers; City Found Ideal By.

UEOKGE TIOF.DIKG 3Tt. President California Nursery Company A i Crown City will be given a new- Santa Fe passenger station as well as new freight handling faculties. ROOFING Rough and Ry-Lock HARDWARE for the 'ALTURAS and SENATOR APTS. Marcus Hardware 7th Washington Sts. Oakland 1 HO lllduy 85H A Special Rates for Local Dried Fruits Special Christmas rates are ajrain available on dried fruit, can- red' -goons and vegetables, via.

tne railway, express agency, for Christ-ntjfis shipment, according to word received by the chamber of commerce. The express company offers special rates every year during the holiday season in order that gifts of California products may be shipped to various parts of the United States at the lowest possible charge. These special rates are substantially lower than are usually in effect, and, In addition to providing more expeditious service, include pick-up and delivery. Addl-tipnal information concerning this special service may be obtained upon request, from the traffic department. RECORD PEACH CROP The largest CallfpBnla peach crop' on record was the past season.

With harvest completed, the production of Ming-stones was estimated nt 482,000 turns, while freestones totnlod tons. This made California the giatent peach producing state in lift Union. n0a MEMPHIS TlNNESfK Hardwood Mastic Floors Laid Directly-on Concrete In -the SENATOR ALTURAS APTS. by Rex Floor Co. 2468 65th Ave.

TR inidad 9562 California, has for years been cla- merlng for the development of the Colorado river that it might Jaave cheap power, it has, by a wasteful conservation policy, been permit-tine twice as much energy aa. Hoo ver dam produce to be irretrievably lost through the wan ton waste of gas in the Kettleman Hills district, according to secretary of the Interior Wilbur, who uses this instance in his annual re-nort as lustifvintr Jhe oil conserva tion policy of the Hoover adminis tration. Under authority granted by con gress the Interior department is even now trying to correct some of the errors of the past, more par ticularly in California thari in other siaies. mis conservation mu-v e. sponsored by the president.

Secretary Wilbur says: "Negotiations are now under way for a unit agreement in Kettleman Hills, whose production ot high-grade oil. if allowed to flow-under the ordinary old-fashioned wasteful conditions from score of ready and waiting wells, would flood the oil market with gasoline exceeding in quantity the entire wasted from that field each day ex ceeds 450,000,000 cubic feet, al though only 6 out of about 30 wells are being allowed to produce. Each year the waste, of energy from Ket tleman Hills laborer twice the trftal expected annual electrical output Hoover dam. Callfornlans who for years have urged the development of the Colorado vlier as a weat new source of enery prob ably do not realise that failure to enforce strict conservation measures is coating them annually twice as much irreplaceable energy as the Hoover dam tvlll be able to make good. LIMIT DRILLING.

"The second Important piece of legislation authorized the extension ot prospecting permits, in the secretary's discretion and on condi tions which he may impose. This has made possible the insertion In most ot the extensions or prospect ing' permits requirement that no drilling or production shall be ef fected until permitted or required by tne secretary. "When the president's oil conser vation policy was put Jnto effect on Marcn iz, 1828, there were ap proximately 17,500 outstanding prospecting permits. On July 1, 1330, the number outstanding had been reduced to 5094. Yet, during iimi nine permits naa Deen granted and permits extended wherever equities demanded it, and In no case, had any permit been cancelod where there ImtUbeen compliance with thn requirements of law.

Nev ertheless, over 12,000 permits were round delinquent and canceled. The conservation policy has resulted in blowing a great deal of speculative paper otf the public domain WELLS SHUT.IN. "But there has been no real. In jury to the oil industry thereby In publlc-'andilute ing the last three years more wells nave been shut In because ot lock of market than have been brought lntpjproductlon. On July 1, 1930, there wero shut In, in these seven states, 6190 wells, including 699 on the public domain; whereas new wells brought into production during all of 1929 and the first six montns of 1930 numbered only 1898, includlnir.

282 on nubile land. In other words, over three times as many wells were shut in on July 1 as naa Deen Drougnt into produc tion during the preceding 18 months. If wells were being shut in more rapiaiy man- new wells were being produced it is not ap- parent that further DtosDectlnor would result in anything but an economic waste of any oil which Miftui ui uuue, jvna in every state except Idaho the number of J- iv. was greater than the number shut In on the day when the conservation nollcv yttii.o onouuve. ji wouio.

oe un- tair, nowever, to make the infer- wuui. iiiriw iigures ioo aweep- ing in view of the vety large factor mayeci oy tne single state of Call- for 2431 of the shut-In wells and 1GB2 of the new ones. But even if Call fSlnif, the itt th. 7 i r. ln the new wells brought Into nroduc.

Hon ouring me period mentioned." Incoming President To Vistf Local Boards following precedent long estab lished In the California' Heal Estate Association, the Incoming president of the Realtors, Dudley Dean Wat- ton, of Brentwood, Contra Costa county, will pay an official visit to central California real estate boards during the week of December 1 to 5 inclusive. He will ad dress the Vallejo, Richmond. Ber Tracy, Lodl, Mo desto, Merced, visalla, Tulare and Bakersfield boards and on December 6 will attend a meeting of the Realtors' advisory council to the state Ileal Estate Commis sioner. Beginning Saturday, December 13, with a regional meeting at the Los Angeles Realty Board rooms, President-elect Wafson will visit Whlttler and Pasadfcna, December IS; 1'ornona and Long Beach, Do coluber 101 Glendale and Hlvm- side December li; Santa Monica and Santa Ana, December The Realtors' Interchange and the opening of the Alturas Apartments, at 3764 Shafter avenue, near Moss-wood Park. N.

E. Rockwell was the builder, and W. II. Kelley Is "the owner. The uutlding comprise twenty-one three room unlgs, and with all modern conveniences auch as genuine Frigidaires.

colored Spark gaa anges, steam heat and hot water system, and a fully-equipped electric laundry. Chester Treichel was the architect, Rockwell states: "The decorative scheme of 'the Alturas is replete with color. Such color schemes as orchid and green, green, white and buff, orchid white and tan, and buff, red and green are carried out in the mottled tlle work of the kitchen and 'bathroom. with the decorative enamels and woodwork finishes in two-toned combinations. The carpets and linoleums are also patterned In bright colors.

Highly polished hardwood floors are used on the first floor i level, with the second and third floor levels heavily carpeted to increase the sound-proof quality of the building. "The -furnished suites have mohair chesterfields, and all the other individual pieces necessary to create homelike comfort, Th draperies aro of r'Ch velour, hung from wrought-lvon rods, and all furnishings are of superior grade. The windows are unusually, large, and of the casement Thereare service doors for tradee, men from the hallways to kitchen cabinets, and there are an average of four large closets for each, suite. The three-room 'unit consist ot kitchen, breakfast toow, living room with wall bath room, bedroom, and reception There are built-in dressers, mirrors, shoe cabinetSj etc. In the ample) dressing closets.

I. "A beautifully tiled lobby, cheerfullx decorated, creates an Inviting i atmosphere when entering the building. The Alturas is excellently' locate ed as to transportation facilities. close to Broadway and Telegtapa avenues for local cars and busaeev and convenient to -the Fortieth, street Key Foute trains. Inspection is invitea oy tne owner.

GOOD FISHING Colorado has some 10,000 miles of trout streams and more than 1000 trout lakes. Last year 110,000 resident fishing and hunting licenses were sold and several thousand non-resident licenses in addition. The state hatchet-ies have a total oapaalty of eggs. More than 30,000,000 ringeriinr size fish from the hatoheries were planted In the streams, WE GAG STOVEO Product of Uamuicr-Bray Co. 1 Mad in Oakland Used all over th world! Reinforcing Steel for tht ALTURAS APTS.

furnished and installed McGRATH STEEL GO. 354 HOBART ST. VL encourt 7400 -vi- CABINET WORK For the Alturas Apts. H. -e! SAWYER 2948 6 1 it Avenue TR inidad $377 plVmbing "1-- for the ALTURAS APTS.

A. ROWE Contractor 978 APGAR ST. IWmboldt 5307 building will be opened today on 4SS ThirtyTtifth street, 'just Telegraph. The building contains eighteen" two and three room units, available furnished or unfurnished. Chester Treichel was "The' archi tect.

The rentals are stated to be all inclusive, and moderate, to meet the, present economic needs' of the average family. A description reads: "Every apartment has two en trances and the front apartments have separate dinettes. "The apartments, to be known as the Senator, have been built with a full concrete garage, so arranged tnat parmng ts not interferred with by pillars or other cars. lev In clude all recognised modern conveniences such as genuine Frlgid- atres. Marshall Stearns wall beds, vestibule house telephone system, electric laundry, plenty of auto matic steam heat, and a hot water system.

AH kitchens and bathrooms are finished with washable texture glaze walls. Inlaid linoleum and colored Spark ranges complete the Kltcnens. Beautiful damask, In newest patterns, drapes and living 'Shopping district. transDorta. tion, theaters, churches and schools are all within easy reach.

Moss- wood near by. "One very essential feature of apartment houses Is sound-deaden ing. This has been taken caroof in he Senator apartmentB by employ ing the best Known mothod of etrlpplng and elevating the hard wood floors, thus completely separating the finished floor from the "The building. Is be managed by Mrs. Jane Burney, an experienced and successful apartment manag er of Berkeley.

Special Inducements are offered te tenants making Im mediate' reservations. Savings Gain In Country 1929 Savings in the United States have shown an upward trend. The present total of savings of all forms, In the United States is 1121. 409.156,000. The- savings bank total, which stands first, is (figures compiled on a fiscal year basis, ending June 30): building and loan, $8,000,000,000 (fiscal year, ending June 80k new capl tal Issues for 1929.

000- life Insurance assets (on basis of reports from companies having about 98 per cent of all assets of preceding yeai'J, $17 800.000.000. rhe- remainder or the tola! or savings is made up of a variety Items. Brazil, Chile Acfl) Outlets For U.S. Autos Growing Importance of South America Aids fhe steadily growing Importance of Brazil and Chile as outlets for United States motor vehlclos Is strikingly revealed In studies of those markets which the commerce department has just released nn. i-t of the world both these markets have- felt the effects of the general trade depres- ni niinntinn lias nean reflected in a marked falling off their Imports of automobiles, Boti, Brazil and Chile are rich in r.unnvnM wbleh uwalt de- I velonment.

and In each an ejten- Uwe road-construction prograim has been inaugurated. It is piDbubie; therefore, that, when economic conditions right themselves the Lam(, trend of automotive in i.i. Brazil has always been the sec- ond most important South Amerl van, iu wiui'su mobiles and trucks, and has consistently ranked among the ten leading export outlets for these, products. At the present time approximately SS per cent of all the passenger cars in use in that coun try are of American make, al. though prior to 1916 nearly two- thirds of Brazilian automotive Im ports came from Europe.

The rapid development ot the market is snown by the fact that passen ger car exports from this country to Brazil rose from- S389 In 1424 to 22,711 in 1038, while during the same period truck shipments in creased rrom less' than 1700 to 14,000. Last year 18,856 trucks ana 1 7,350 passenger cars were lm ported from the United States. Over 80 per 'cent of the Dansen ger cars sold In Brazil In 1928 were in the price class under $1000, with about 16 per cent representing- cars priced from $1000 to 82000. Until tnat year, DO per cent of the pas sengcr cars sold in Brazil wen open models, but since-then thr has been a marked increase of the closed-model types In the states of Sao Paulo, Rio Janeiro and the south. Until 10511 r'Ml.

i -vi was a further advance of 40 per cent. Sales of United States trucks iu i-ijiip nnowea a similar advance the 1820 figure of 2378 units bolus 180 per cent higher than that of 1027. American make account for about 96 per cents, of Chile's total motor vehicle Imports. 62 P' cent of Bta, Passenger cars sold i 'Tn' Pc class under 81000. while 44 per were tn btwen liooo-v and 82000.

The principal demand in the undeveloned clnn republic during the next few 1 'rs, win probably caja, which will it cwntert any tendency. 'Mrm'' WKhly developed sec. tion. toward cars of the medium. ciuss.

viosea, cars com-menred to enter the Chilean mar-1 luantlUe In, i7i and slnV then thsre" has den rapid Increase In ealca of thia type In all sections ct the country eicept the north. 1-' BUM mm a. depth of one foot. If well rot ted cow manure- is.iavallable work Ic into the lower six inches of soil Do not allow any fresh manure to come in contact with the roots as it will burn them. Plant roses early.

January is the best month. Remove all bruised and broken roots and shorten1 in branches to six or eight Inches. Not more than three branches should be allowed to remain on the new bushes. Gpread the roots well in planting. The bush should be set in the ground so that the bud union is even with the levelled surface, of the soil.

The bud-union in that slight swelling of the main stem of the bush between the roots and the main branches. A suhny, airy spot sheltered from heavy winds is an ideal place for a rose garden. There should be good ulr drainage, however, for it roses are planted in a small plot of ground entirely shut in 'by hedges or walls there will be considerable trouble with mildew. Mildew can be controlled to great extent by duatlnc every two weeks with a dust mado from nine parts of dusting sulphur to one part of arsenate of lead. This dust ing should begin as soon as the young growth starts in spring and before mildew becomes apparent.

Hose lice or aphis can be kept in check by vigorous hosing and spraying with soap' suds or with "Black Leaf 40." Rural Homes On Market at Bargain Price Houses Cheaper- Now Than For, Next Ten Years, Say Dealers CHICAGO, 111., Dec. 6. Flat- dwellers who have been sitting around and waiting for bargains in country cottages can do their shop ping, for houses aro cheaper now than they wilt be or the next ten rears, according tost-. report on homo markets issued yesterday by the board of directors of the United States Building and Loan leaguo. Signed by men from all parts of the country, headed by -Ernest A.

I laic, past president of the league from Boston, and L. f. McCullough, Columbus, Ohio, the report states that there is a decided "buyers' market" for homes of all types in almost any community. "Real estate it at rock-bottom prices" says McCullough In a portion of the report. "Building materials and labor are at minimum prices.

With these conditions pre vailing, the prospective home buyer or builder also faces a favorable home financing condition "Money is plentiful in nearly-all building and loan associations, and available at low rates, together with usual liberal repayrnent terms of theso association, le, the amounts paid monthly, the payments Including interest as well as part or tne principal. "Probably there will, be no better time than the present for the buy Ing of a home within the next de cade or two." McCullough, who conferred Secretary of Commerce Lamont re cently on the home financing srtun-tlon for the country at the later's Invitation, is considered an author ity In this field. "There hn not been such a good time for many years for the family wishing to purchase or build' a home," says 13. A. Hale past presi dent of the league.

"The tromend ous shortage of homo dwellings created during the war period has oeen overcome, ana any surplus dwelling properties created by over building has been substantially ab- sorbed during the, past two years, With the decreasing cost it ma terials and labor, it is time for'ffioie contemplating home building to get busy now. "Not only will sucb an etfort help, the general business -situation by putting many people to -work. but more may be obtained for one's mnnov than Inv mnnv VMri riant Discussing what a family shouldi pay for a home. Hale said that al though it is generally conceded that shelter should take only one week's Inoome-for the It fair to add a little to this amount In the purchase ot a home because of the equity being, built up. and because when the home is paid for, the shelter Item probably will considerably less than one-fourth of Income.

He said that at no time should a family, undertake the purchase of ft home costing ore than twa and halt times the annual family Income, of MONTHLY UT Tho first of a series ot month ly meetings of real estate board secretaries was held at the head quarters of the California Heal Estate Association In Los Angeles. The next meeting1 will take place in October. Taxation and legislation, prop erty owner affiliations, state con-, venlion, and real estate education Were the topics for tllncu8slon. The following secretaries -'-were in attendance: Tom Ingersoll, Los Angeles: u. 1'otts, Fsiidenu; V.

Jf. Croddyi Santa Ana; Ernest Blenkhorn, Hantu "Monica; Thonms O. I'icton, South Pnsadonii: nnd D. Jenkins, Whlttler. Ulenn D.

Wlllaman, stato secretary, ami Clifford Burr, director ot 'leal estate education, attended. DIG PHOGRAM. One of the largest construction programs brought forward in California this year.Jmd ono of the mos-t unique undertakings of Its kind In modern railroading, Is that which the Santa Ke proposes to carry out In Pasadena. Under the plan, as announced by YV. K.

IStter, general manager, some forty grade crossings In and adjacent to Pasadena will be eliminated, nnd the Painting and Decorating for the ALTURAS APTS. by Golden Gate Decorating Go. 2212 E. 20th St. IR-l'JIOR ME 0182 Electrical Installation for the ALTURAS APTS' by B.

R. FRITZ ELECTRICAL CO; 838 WEBSTER LAktside 1825 Cement Work for the- ALTURAS APTS. P. BAR ALE 123 E. 15th Street GL encourt 8321 IPsfilSlilli' POPULARITY ATTESTS Oakland and Uio- other Eastbay cities should have lovely rose gardens.

The soil nnd climate nro ideal for rose growing. Care should be taken to select strong, budded rosebushes for planting. Many of the older varieties will do -faii-ly well oh their, on roots but the. larger pftrt of fW beautiful new roses in the popular gold ami copper shades will not grow successfully unless budded plants are used. Many rose authorities formerly advised preparing rose beds by digging the soil two feet deep and fertilizing the lower foot of soli.

Whilo deep digging of the. soil is always beneficial to lnsur.o good drain-ago it is not advisable to fertilize soij at this depth 'tis rose roots seldom go deeper than one foot and most of the feeder roots are within six inches of the surface. The soil should bu stirred for rose beds 98 Product of Ilummcr-rtray Co. Made in Oakland Used all over the world Electrical Installation for the by B. R.FRITZ ELECTRICAL CO.

838 WEBSTER ST. LAkeide. 1825 GAS I Reinforcing Steel' SENATOR APtS. McGRATH .1 STEEL ST. GL encourt 7400 Genuine Frigidaires Alturas Apartments selected for the SATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE Public approval has recognized the outstanding merits of Genuine Frigidaire, the most popular mechanical refrigeration.

Selected for the Senator Apartments FRIGIDAIRE CORP. 2054 Broadway GL encourt 9844 Frigidaire quality is appreciated by both tenants and owners. FRIGIDAIRE CORP. 2054 Broadway OLyropic 9700 Realtors' Exchange and the South- a minor South American market east Realty Board at Huntington but In that year American ship-Park. December 10.

ments tof passenger cr to that are under way to make area rose to 4000 units a figure the meeting on December 13 Ht more than double that of the Tre-Los Angeles an informal reception codlnc vnr whiia tr. n6 tnr thn iA I I IK fX 'V i 4 I TILING or the Alturas Apta SUPERIOR TILE PRODUCTS CO. 37 13 Broadway Piedmont 2468 Electric Fixtures for the Alturas I pis. manufactured and installed by 1209 8th Avenue' GLencourt 5381 ''Sash for'lhi: ALTURAS Atkinson Mill Mfg. Co.

2985 Chapman Street i AS dover 0t86 Mr MED1S 2427 Scenic Avenue I FRuilvale 5460 I i PLUMBING for the Ji SENATOR A A 71 S- 4 0 which plans will be discussed for the enactment of the legislative ouu iuauuu fiutiam i n. ests or real ana propony 1-omierTj. MINERALS NfMEUOUS California produces airmost as many different minerals as It has counties, ifty-lour mineral sud- stances are recorded' among the state's natural resources, exclusive of a group of stones classified as gems. All of the 68 counties except one contribute to the. states min eral production which last year was valued at 1 GET NEW -EACTOKV A $250,000 electric atbve factory soon1 win be erected at vniario.

Accordinit to A. D. vice president Of Edison General Electric Appliance' company. new taotory will constituie- an aa dltlon to the present Hotpoint plant and- will give employment to- -180 persons. -Production la expected' to lari.witmn an 4 402 Castro Street" 4 Hlghgate 3550 I.

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