The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1940
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1940 BLYTHEVI1.LE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive insertions: One time per line ....... '. ...... lOc Two limes per line ptr clay ____ Uou Three limes l>er line per uay.,.Uoc Sljf times per Hue per oay ..... too Month rnte pee line ............ 60c Cnros of ThanKs ........ 5Uc & 'I6c Minimum charge bOc Ads orfltven lor i n r e c or six limes mjd stopped before e/.|mu- tion win ne ciiBised ior the number ol times tne aud appeal eu aim flcijuMmvni o! bill muue. rtil omsslned Aavmisiue copy siiomiueu oy paauns resitting wn.- MCIU ut tile cuy must, uu accompanied by cash, rtaws may ub fn»- uy coinpiHcu nuia uyovij LA^JU. juiveuuing OKK-rtu lur irregular insei lions luKea Nu rtspmiiid lOr I1101C Iliuil tiuji 01 any clu mi: one lime in \\iit Business Op'tumlies Parly to Invest iitont S100U in l<>- cai business enteriMLse uiai snoiuu pay vtsimtwt May iaKe uunve pan in nhuiu^- iiu'Jit n desired. Jaime age, p. «- fni omi)miujii aim oitu-r nuo*'- numou aouuc. stflr. 1-ur jutei VK-\V CrET OUR SPECIAL CAR , Several young Jersey C'jws with Young Cnlves. C. P. Tinker. \ miles sotidiensl of Blytlicvllle, j __ 7-pk-H I Small Slwllo Bnhlwln piuno. Uooct Condition. Phone 738-R. 5pk-ia FOR MARCH AND APRIL ONLY We are going a long way to prove the liberality of our appraisals —to show what a good allow- once we will make on your present ear. Let us . appraise your ear and we'll give you coupons good for four complete chassis lubrications, Don't miss Ihis offer. Come in as soon as you can. 1939 FORD DELUXE FORDOR White Sidcwal! Tires. Color Hlack. A line car. Ciflt DOWN PAYMENT ONLY 5191 MONTHLY NOTES AS LOW AS $26.77 1938 CHEVROLET COACH I LOST—One red sow. weight 325 | pounds, Cull R. s. Hiirrls, I'houe I -100. 8-ck-in Repairing Expert gun repairing. Sec E. M i Damon »t the Blythevtlte Armory on Wednesdays mid Thursdays. i WE FIX "ANYTHING" 1 Wo Cnll For A; Deliver Bicycles. Irons, Tans, Tcwslers, Hot Plates, Lamps, Upholstering, Fur- iiilure, Slip COVITS or anything you might, liavc. Blytheville I'lirnltui-c Co. 128 East Muln St. Notice and Uonnl. Slemn lieia'TO A,sh, phonn 093. 12-ck-3-12 Personal I liave forgotten \vhcr7 i~7ook7unH' Minvcts last lull In u pinkish bveiMKr ijoivl, W | ti , ( W(( ..,,., notify me? Tlmuk you. !•'• Norris. t cons| j. uniion, gas pains, nmi Hint sour, i»mk reeling, Tui;,, 01 , B i, 0 j; ot KIKllY'S 1MI.LS e ut lu. IClrby atona i O, urli'i Ni'\v> »,nii. mi.-, 3a\\\Wt A -Slipcovers, Mi-is. vSi Mrs. nlnrkwcll, Armore), ±^iir^ e f« r ;.t^' New 1)lilek finish - M » 1 "'- »"'! "res in A-l Condition. For Kent 3 loom furnished apartment, hu ly uei.'oiau'u. Oaut^t. uiose ^ Nice bedroom. 115 A-sn bireel. 3 I'uniiijlied rooms wiih 'private OU'UI. i'liuLie ioy. i-cK-lii 2 fiiniished rooms with litiUi. Wi cnleKusawbn. b-pk-i/ 4 room furntslicd apartment. Private bath. Desii-aole location. Call 280. t-ck-U 2 nicely furnished rooms. Innerspring matin'ises. Adjoining bittn, All conveniences. I'lioue u^o. •1-bn ComforlaUlc front bedroom, oiil- sicle t'lurance. fnone abi, alo W. Walnut. l-ct-u '!. room furnished apartment. 1601 W. Ash. a0-CK-it 2 room modern furnished armu- menl. 1315 W. Main. 24ck-U k, beds, 2 closets, steam heat. Men preferred. Phone 1, Mrs. J. O. Hu«- ou'ry. 27-ck-ii Rooms furnished or unfurnished, Newly decorated. Reasonable. 9H Hearn. 2ti-pk-3-a« Nice bedroom convenient lo bath. Steam heat. Phone 280. Ick-U Room,'close In, Mrs. Nolen, 310 Walnut St. M-ck-tf Unfurnished apartmer.t In Shane Apartment Building on West Mam Street.. Call 571 or 137. 1-ck-tf Welding EXPERT KLECTIUC & ACETYLENE 1 WELDING Drag Hnc and heavy welding a specialty. . Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 or Res, 1019 Expcri Kleclric and Accfvlene WELDING Dragline and heavy \veldlng otn .specialty. D. W. CRANFORD Dell, Arh. riionr g-*'-i> $111 TERMITES Work While You Sleep! Wnkc «l> before they dsmiiec your iiroperty. For Free Inspection Cnll 502-W. Walker and Archer SliUe Licensed Operators t'OUUO 1040 ArkiuiKHs li ton Truck license. Number 224.Ti;i. owner mny hnvo sniiic by paying cost of nils i«l. Courier News Older. X- burrow liog. Weight 125 Ibs. D. S. Hny Promlxcil l,nnd. -UJkll 1010 ArkniiEns License TUB nnm- ber Sl-080. Owner mny have this no. DOWN PAYMENT ONI A PAY MONTHLY—JUS'l' S19.95 1936 STUDEBAKER COACH New sent covers. Motor and tires A-l. Sec it today C7C DOWN PAYMENT ONLY " $lO AND PAY ONLY ?1B.;!<! PER MONTH 1937 FORD DELUXE TUDOR Equipped with radio and healer. Color black. A clean car. DOWN PAYMENT ONLY . MONTHLY NOTES AS LOW AS S20.1G 1939 MERCURY FORDOR DELUXE .„ ..„...,„ „,„, - 1B: E(]iii|)i}i'd ivilli heater, white sidcwall lircs driven only bcl ' sl -° 8(i . Owner may 0,000 miles. Jtaiuliftil Cloud-Mist Orey iinish. ti{ K \ scn '"l. b ^'"'f^n'f 1 '" ' powerful 9S horscpowiT motor. ~ —--" DOWN PAYMENT ONLY PAY MONTHLY—ONLY 526.00 1935 FORD TUDOR Itlttek color. Tires and motor in j;ood condition DOWN PAYMENT ONLY MONTHLY PAYMENTS AS LOW AS 514.55 JUST A FEW OF OUR MANY OTHER BARGAINS 138C Ford Deluxe h'ordor. JSMQ license. (;ie;tn throughout ONLY 1934 Ford Tudnr. 1'J.lll license. v ^'^SoHtl Imy. i ONLY Ttt<, -193Y- $266 $124 $98 Poultry Baby Chicks Ctisfom Jialehi:ij> Marilyn Hatchery Biyilicvill* niwy. fi| Nnrih Hard \varc We Trade And Pay Top Prices For Clean Trade-Ins SWEEPING COMPOUND Sh(iusc-Heiu.v Iltlw. Co. I'lionc |!5 Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Safe Driving! Soli' motoring is the aim ol every driver, Then, ivliv not ns*'«!• yourself of this surety as inr as your automobile Is oon- reiwd, o,.|vc In anil lot, our int'chimlcs put your cur in slinne tot any driving. .The cosl js reasonable und llic work nuiir- aniced. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED HORIZONTAL 1 Legendary founder nnd king of Home. 7 In - ho was llirown Into the Tiber river. IS Molding. 14 Possessed, WEEK END SPECIALS '31 Doj'ge Sedan Motor Overhauled $135 '34 Chevrolet Coupe Real Buy $99 '31 Chevrolet Coach Special $85 '32 Ford V-8 Coupe Rf<u',y to Go $89 '29 Dodge Sedan New Tires Only $49 '34 Chevrolet Coach Bargain $99 '36 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck Red Color $145;^H^L '37 Ford V-8 Pick-up Extra Special '. $279 '34 Ford V-8 Tudor Looks Good as Is ... $59 Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays Now I.ucaUU In Olcncoc Hold IHUg ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EIMVAKiJS, Proprietor. l Makes of Kcbulll Typewriters, Adding Machines and Culculalorsi—)!i>|iulrjji|[—I'arls—Mlbbonj FOUNDER OF ROME Aaswer to Previous 1'uitle ornament, 1'JMolnl string. 18 Apple centers, 20 Hull. 21 Compass point. 2 2 To share. 2'1 Southwest. SO Overseers. 25 Musical note. 52 To excavate. ~ 53 Silkworm. 5'l His (win brother,.—— shared his fate. !iG Government estates. 58 Valuable property. •10 Exclnmtillon. VKKTICAf. •t'l Adult mule. 1 [.Inc. 18 Mounloln ash. 2 A ' f , 2V Iniquities i 'iO Doctor. 31 Performer. 33 LeH-hnml capsule, H Greater in size. •1 Rubber ii'cc, •tO).,iuif>lilcr sound. '12 Plenum)!. •13 Mother. •M Ualng. 59 Ho wns rescued rind —— by a she-wolf. 0 Const. '/Thoughts, B Foot. 0 Sloths. 10 Wamten'njf dancers. 11 Mote. 12 To burl!. lli Work ol skill. 57 Ictnnl. wheel. 10 Kind of snow j shoe. : 22 Type pi perfection. ,'/' 23 Letter cover. ' 25 His . was' • Mars, god ','; o! war. . 20Rail (bird), . •• 28 Withered, 30 He wns -i doilied by • • ••• Iho , 32 Toward. 34 Railway. . . 38Credit. .... 37 Pronoun. ,', 38Soul. ' : 'i 30 flcccded. •11 Positive Plcclrlr terminals. •13 Sailor. .;:." •15 Moves flsh- fasbion, "•'", '17 Defaults. •IDSlalc of chill. ., SI Half.. 54 Sun god. 55Strco(. SOhnvn. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut \'[wnv S1U WMMAktYOfrA DIAl YOU CAKTHEFUSE Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Rates. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract ol farm land, he low cost, and al WASH TUI3ISS LITTLE (MWOLET GO. PHILIPS MOTOR CO. 'm tried thn llcsl, Now (r THK BBKST LOWEST ASH-lliOUCST HEAT REDASHJfitO.OO DIXIE QUALITY LP. S6.95 OI,1).S1H'BI![OU VAKll-l'IlONIO 7IIII For Sale or Trade 1937 G. M. c. Panel Truck. Motorj ALLEY OOP in excellent, condition, New Paint. Bargain milck safe. Write Box 446, WE'VE REACHED THE SUMMIT OF THE PASS, ^WO LOOK, DOCTOR, ISM'T TI-iKT THE RIVER ITHE SEA,WE SHOWN ON t-rSvX CAN'T MISS ULYSSES' MAP? A9PUMIM6 THE lOS-T DR. BROMSON AND PARTY TO BE UPRIVER FROM T1AE PLWNJ Of TROY, G.OSC^R BOOM HI5 STATION) WWSOW IM THAT CTRECTIOM MEAMWHILE, FAR UPS1REA.M IM TUE SHA.POW OF MOOMT IDA Will (rade for Mules, Cows, HOBS,! Cattle, Corn, Hay and Lumber. | Delta Implements, Inc. Sec Floyd Simpson 8-cfc-tl | PLANTS: onions-1000 soc; 30(101 Washing Wanted I Sl.CO: (JOOO S1.75. Cabbagu—1000 5 . .. ?5c. 2000 Sl.iiO. Nice large plants. Family Laundry. All dollies wnsh- Now i-cady. VV. W. Warren. Carrlzo| ed separately. Mrs Mick 6IG ' HY EDGAR' MARTIN' -: - BY ROY CRAN On (lie liuldm ; rae fjo OME, wo MATTER HOW PRO VOICED. HA6 EVER DARBD WURU A> SU\ OF «££P. IOTP THE f \CE OF RQtSRUM TOE EVIL FRECKLES'"A"ND~His" KUIKNns MCE TRAFFIC JAfA ~<DU HAVB MtRE MILLIQAN I YOU CAW GO, --- 1'Ll. TALK TO "WE YGV>I<3 MAM / COMB OVER. HERE . MY Sou i FAPADES , AMD TOIMK HOW V/r CAN WAKE ~lttls OM6 LEGAL / WMAt X SAID MOVE JUO36 WANTS TO PLAY' THE TUBA!! , JUDGE .' MAVIMG HIMStLF A PARADfc' WITHOUf A PERMIT I J , .1 low interest rale. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blythevllle, Ark Plants For Sale

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