The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1940
Page 6
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R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 19-10 Published Every Friday In (lie Interest of Farm Families of Thi« .Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS - FEATURES Enter the PlanUo-t'rosper Contests sponsored by the Courier and Commercial Appeal. Courier News.Is To Be Co-Sponsor Of f Plant-To-Prosper c \Vith -tlie liope of liriiiging a Kroatcr inciisni-u of pro perky (o (he mini |>o|it „,., ut mis suction through improved iiffricultm-ttl |)r.tctic-cs, sl;tbilix;ition ol' (lit' fitnil income and production of ,-uilVk-ienl food and feed for hoiw consumption, Die (,'onriei- New.s u'ill join the CommciTi.'it Appeal in .sponsoring the 1!)-J() PI,'iiit-lo-IYo.s|ior competition in Mississippi County. •:•- — Harry W. Hnines. publisher of! v ,. )lk ,,, j,,,,,,,,,,, n|)|) , oml orBcllw , 198 Families Enter In Tlant-To-Prosper' Contest From District: ihe Courier News who conferred with Waller Durham. Pliim-lo- I'rosper editor of the Commercial Appeal, several days 1150 concerning cooperation o! the uvo news- liaptrs in the contest, will offer u total of $CO In c;ish prt/es to v.'in- m-r.s i» Mississippi County ns determined by tlie official iMniu-lo- I'rosper Judges. This amount will swell the total to approximately SS.efiO In cash ami valuable mcr- c'liiitiriise which will be given lo fnrm families in flic four .states who make (he best records in Hie competition; and will menu yrciuer inducement to /arm families fit Mississippi County to participate in the contest. 11JU1L- IM;J UL- no fnim operator These additional cash prizes of- nivisiou this year ns all farm op- fered by the Courier News will cover orators can qualify In one or the contests for tjoth while and negro ; ether divisions farmers and will be awarded us | To be eligible to win one of the follows: $10 first prize and $5 sec- j many cns h prizes, Hie fnnii family To Prosper of rotation, cover crops, terrucliig and other programs approved by the State Extension Services ol Hie Mt.-l-Somh. Home Mniiaxoineiit, 20 |x:r cent, whkh moans improvement o! the fnrm home as fnr as faun income nit! jii.stlty.und the kccpliip, of the riant To I'rosper lieconi Hook. The Plant To I'rrxspfr jiiul Llve- Al-Home Competitions IliLs year will have two divisions. Tenant or sharecropper division teiinnts. .sharecroppers or Landowner division for nil Innd- owncrs who fuvm their land with 1 or without (ennuis or sharecroppers. There will be no Farm Operator ! And Wallace 'IV Re Chief Speakers To- niglil WASHINGTON lUi'l-Fuuners tlmmsliout the nation will gather tonight at hundreds of dinners to lull: of fnrm problems and politics, ami hear 1'reslclent lloosevull uiul Secretary of 'Agriculture in-nrv A. Wallani). The dinners—first of the kirat i-vci held—will conuncmoriiti: Ihe mcelii!'.; of farm leaders here on March 0, 1933, lo formulaic the first New Deal fnrm program—the original Agricultural Adjustment Ael. Although the dinner.s come on the eve of the Presidential cam, p.iign In which Hie fnrm vote will ; play nn Imporlniit part, administration farm otflchls said they will lie "uon-politleal" ntul Dint President Roosevelt's and Wallace's speeches will be "non-partisan." Not Federally .Sponsored Although Wallace's office has been consulted on plans for the dinner.s in every stale, offlehls Asjni-intr to the liirKtoil win the swepstitkt'.s honors for h;iv- of fiinwrs entered in tho Aixl- ['liml-lo-Prospav- Contest for 1!)10, extension Tennessee and Missouri. tin.- enrollment, will not 198 , ond prize in the tenant division, must fill out the plant o rosper ench for whites and negroes. $10 enrollment blank, which may be Five entries in ;my division qualifies the county ill that division. All c-ountles In the four slates may i|iia!ify in all divisions. The comity which lias the largest first prize ami $5 secon-J pite In obtained from the county or home the. fnrm operators division, each n ec iil, PSA office or at this ncws- for whites- and negroes, or a total rmnsi- office of $60 In casli prizes. This will constitute n total of eight prizes whlcli will be i:i addition to those nl- icady offered by the Commercial Appeal and other donors. "We are sponsoring the contest enrollment on the basis of fnrm in this county in an effort to help population will be awarded the make 'living at home' the creed and Plant To Prosper Enrollment Tra- practlce ol every farm family in pliy. Mississippi County," Mr. Halncs Cash awards will include $500 said. "With the objectives of the cash ami a new tractor complete Plant-to-Prosper contest achieved, with accessories to the tenant or there will be no reason to fear for landowner making the bos', rjcoril; the future of this or any other S250 to (he le:)iint making (lie best i county in the Mid-South and we record; $100 to the tenant making are glad to join the Commercial the best home improvement record. Appeal In promoting a movement, and $25 each to stale winner in the that will mean so much to our. Home Improvement Division; state section." • landowner awards ol $100. $15 and In charge of the contest in Mis- S50. nnd state tenant awards of sissippi comity will be Jim J. She same amounts. Pickren mid E. H. Burns, county, Farmers who plan lo compete fnrm agents; Misses qora Lee' for prte this should enroll Coleman and Inez Klnctiid, home' Hi the contest Immediately n«covd demonstration agents, and R, W.j Books will be provided by April 1 Scfiroeder, assistant farm agent. | Mr. Pickren and Miss Colemaii (ire in'charge of the north portion of the. county and Mr. Burns and Miss Klncald .the south portion. Also taking part, in the contest will be officials.of the Farm Security Administration. 'Die winners of the contest In this county will be awarded the Plnnt To Prosper Certificate of Honor, testifying to llielr abilities as farmers, and will be Invited to attend th? Mid-South Farm Forum iiivd plant To Prosper Rally in Memphis in December. ^Families competing for tlje prizes tliis year will be urged to live at ' liorue, diversify their crops, con- '• serve (heir soil and improve llielr farm homes and farm juanngcim-iu. .winders will be selected on Ihe following basis: , : Livin« at home, -10 per cent, which includes the raising of the fnrm family's vegetables and meats and feed for livestock. .Diversification. 20 per cent, which means the raising of more iiinn one money crop. :Soil conservation, -JO per conl. emphasized thai (lie Idea was of private nri°ln ami Is belli? curried out bv Individuals independent of Hie administration. The idea for (he dinners was sniii lo have originated with f.inii lenders In lown nnd Nebraska last fall. Wallace was consulted ami he gave his approval, Wallace look Hie Idea (o the White House, where Mr. Roosevelt was said to hiive agreed enthusiastically lo speak. John Nolan, described here ns a Nebraska farmer, is the chief promoter of (lie dinners, lie established headquarters in Die Lincoln Hotel in Lincoln, Neb., lo dir<-:l the national organization work preparatory lo the dinners. County committees were orgim- iMd throughout the country lo direct the dinners. Agricultural officials said that some of Ihe com- iiiltteeineii are Federal employes on AAA county cniimiHii'e.s, but, thai Uiey did not ucl in nil official capacity. KcpuMlcaiUi Also Join The first suggestion was for a partisan "booster" dinner for the New Deal farm program. Wallace by his aides to have of Mississippi County have for finlritts. Mississippi County lias won the i „,;,,;.,,>.„,„. ' " ""••'"-""• sUu'led on thu <|rive O. A. Brooks, S, J. enrollment lioiiors ami trophy sev-'',?' 1 '!""T"n' ,, „ ., ------- -• »• eral times although last year the IV P'i mr,,' " c . 5 ? l '"!"-,?- l/le Koo '«*. margin was close- with several other I „,,,,;, y, .,"; i> n°'' m ° n ' nai " countics in Ari,msas. Ml^sl,,,,,.!^! ^ #. „. ^ a"» '"•line. C. E. Han, j. w. Walters Hiley Watson, w. E. Moi-ela'nd' Mints Ciitht'v. W. II. Williamson' be complete tor a few weeks, .„„ , fiuini'is in tile vicinity of oK/ilie- , vllle unit west lo Manila and .Lvachvllk- liuve .shown much itilei- est In being among the first lo • .slgn-ii)i. | l-'iimilies already sinned up who! have Hlytlieville for their pnsi- • ollk'e address are: A. P. Mooney T. n, Smith, W. E. Felghnm. Francis Douner, L. C. Uovris, Greene Payne, Ernest Dnbbs, W. A. Smith. D. c. Gwm, Charles Stromirc, A. c. IJUclos, Charlie May, A. L. Chitman, J. W. andy, Sherman Colben, W. U. Dlckson, Ernest. Wil- soti, E. A. Jordan, W. A. Thompson, L. C. Johnson, J. M. Hnrdin, S. M. Necdliam. Otis Lewis, E. t,. Davis, L. C. Davis, Willie E. Marshall! Fnnl Wiiidham, F. O. Decker, lien , H. Nichols, Potf, Llllie Walters, M. p. 1. Galnes, Oscar Ingrain — >•" "J "...i iitui-A lu IHIVU Australia H.-is "IJIood iiauk" ''vetoed" that. Many of those spon- SYDNEY, N. S. W. (UP).- The'soring the, dinners are Republicans first ' blood bank" in Australia, and ' it was said. probably the flrsl. In the southern i Arrangements have been made hemisphere, has been opened hi. for l.ical and state farm leaders to • "bank." which proves ' address .constant supply of blood for Turn Norton, J. H. Emery, H. F. Cash. Ed Spain, w. E. Shelton, Roller! Bcnelicld, J. P. While, Will Shellou. Harry Slianeyfelt, R. c. BetK-IieUI. J. K. Johnston, E. B, Walker. Homer Mosley, J. W. Portlock, Tom Widncr, C. C. Sipes. R. L. Maxwell. Edgar Posey, T. L. .,, ». ™. u.utKL-r, i\ Kariies; Mrs. Lei- Hill, 0. E. Cook, I( - Byrel, Mnnnie Lyerlv Wnrdnitli Harvey Hart, Nora Robertson, w. I Ward. J. L. Langley," J. W Mc- E. Loll, George nutin, A. L. Chit- Uanicl, E. D. Uhles.'T. U. Reeves mail, J. L. McBricie, Mrs. Roy Pru- ; -Mannfc Brown, Charley Smith M lit. John Widsom. Mrs. J. H. Gray.; BJOIVII. V. O. Richardson Fred Mrs. Prank Lcdbetter, I,. H. Ver- j U.ivis. Ludy Ellis, T. M. Staley Ot- non, Rube Bevill. Mervtn Cook, El- 'is Galyean, C. E. Buck W G vis Rush. Charles Cain, jack Harkey, E. A. Pish, w. M. Will- Nrom Manila; Tom Husler, Luke l-'ii'BUson, Will MeCrnw. ,1. n. l-ri'i-ce, K. s. Loveless, Russell Mas- •i'V. I'l-ecinan Mnssey, S. VV. Price, ini'V Massey, L. .1 Brown,'J. w' Woilhorn, Enrl Williams. Waller Htv-man, Mrs. Nova Lee Gunn, F 1!. Short. Sam Bollinger R A (ininc-s, W. M. Neelcy, Herman Williams, Frank Short, Bert Kcl- liy. Laster Stutls. Henry Briukley inliii rieemnn, Pnt Gunn. n Wells Melvm Bollliigei-, Ltician Broom j' K. Russell. ' ' From Lenchvllle: c. B Padcers iii'iice Gulp. B. T. Arnold R w' l.indley. O. B, Brooks. H. A.' iX'ivlifll, Carl carter, A. D TII- 'iieaH, Add Buck, G. W. Parsley T«l S. Smith, J. w. Wells, Gil-' >il Decker, W. F. Carnal, Ted fc'.'i'.itli, Harry Nunncy, B. T. Ar- nolrl. n. P. Reeves, Sherman Hack- wai-lh, E. D. Hahn, E. B. Rodgers It. L. Edgln, G. w. Parsley. Glen C, Mallieny, J. w. McDaniel. J 13 (irady, P. M. Bleaker M L. Cade 4-H Cage Tourney Underway At ' wa ' ; ''"-"/""'w lroin ™riy in reb- • riiary because o: adverse weather . . , . . - ywil. E. L. Galyean. D, H. Buck, J. C. Young, M. Hicks, M. Poe, F. W. Westmoreland, J. B. Bolen. "AI- Floyd Hackwortli. Moody, J. 11. Powell, J. C. Eubanks, B, L. Eubanks, F. A. Dormer, Charles T. Grimes. Mrs. W. D. Hawkins. E. W. Gray, Henry Ham. ,""i -vmju, i-iuyu nncKworin c Glen Alexander, R. L. Storey, RJl'. Eliis, D. A. Patton. A. J. Blyeth S. Lane. Hnrve Bdldrirtge, J. W. J. II. Haggard, J. M. Barber, is L — ; Galyean, Homer Stevenson, No permanent organization, how-1 From Armorel; Guy Walker ever, has been set up. 1 horn near Stecle.' Oliver Fisher' .Tlie depression was at its low I from Dell, Hurley Stark point when farm lenders were I called to Washington four days' after President Roosevelt took of- lice. The fnrm problem wns one of the most critical of many •.intiwiK. tils. About 50 men. all familiar with practical agriculture, answered Hie j '940 AAA Program Being | J.'.xplained Al Coinnuin-i .ily lVlf:elin(/s j The 10.000 runners in Mississippi! county sliuiild attend ow> of HIP! special meetings being 1,01,1 tills week and through next Tuesday tf, fill out tin- new AAA farm pliui '.voj-k sheets, according to the county extension ufienl.s. who arc in i charge of this activity . i In addition to explaining Ihe new plan to be used by Ihe AAA in 1946. the county agents nnd AAA officials are «lso nxpliiliiuiK Hie Plani-to-Prospei Contest nnd the ovclmrd campaign for promotion of home orchards in this .sec- lion. Jim J. Pickren. (lip new agricultural agent in i! le Northern District, and E. H. Bums, ngrieulUir- n! agent in Hie Southern District, are presiding al (lie meetings at which Coy Scifres. AAA assistant in charge of Mississippi County, and George Roth, new manager of the Blytlieville AAA office, are instructing the farmers in tlie filling) out of the' tar tnnlan worksheets. In tlie northern district, meetings held Tuesday in remote sec- lions showed an average attendance. At Box Elder there were 46 present; f>0 at Brown nnd 84 at Manila. Attendance records were not available for the meetings Wednesday al Whisp, BoynloJi nnd Leacli- villc. or at Brown, Shady Grove and Blnckwaler on Thursday. Today's meetings for this end of the county are at Half Moon. -Lost Cane and Dell. KKYSTONE ALFALFA SEEDS AI,r, KINDS FIELD SEEDS IJARY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. PURINA FEEDS Phone 154 'I'he a.?nuu] uoj : , ;1 iui Girls 4-H I K««l C.iirier News r.ant lids HiisJ:elba|| lonrnajucni for SoiiDi • " - .......... ~ ------ ........ MissLssl]ipi County | s i> r -inv i K -ld at i ''>''•:« loility mid tomoirow Winner'i ! | TERMINATES !>^ championship. ''*'"• -"oiith comity loiu-nament ' ^RUCE-MErVIPMtS Get Ready For Spring Plowing Wiih Harness And Farm Hardware You'll find everything you need right in our store . . . <rooil harness uiu! other plowing eo|tiil>- nient, in fact hundreds of farm necessities. Plant- to- Prosper eulratits arc especially invited to make Hubbard's their headquarters for hardware. FOR THE GARDENER — We have a Mi; supply of hot's, rakes, spade 1 :; and olher tools fnr working the vanl and Sarden. KEYSTONE FIELD & GARDEN SEED HUBBA^D HARDWARE CO. I'hone 32 ^ Quality, \'ariety and Values transfusions in time'of emergency, will always have available IB pints ol blood of different classes. The. first i-ncogiii/.cd allied nir raid on German territory occurred Jour moiitlis afier the beginning of the World War. President's call. Sis dnys later they tlie dinner meetings in person. President Roosevelt am! i plan thnt was incorporated into Wallace will speak from Washing-1 the first Agricultural Adjustment ton over national radio hookups | Administration Confess e-!acte(l dui-lng the evening. ; it in to l^.v two months later."mter it Is tentatively planned to make i amendments, after the Supreme March 8 the date for nationwide I Court Invalidated the procossiiv farm dinners annually. Jnsl as the | lax. changed the form bin not the Lcmocrats observe Jackson's- and substance of the plan that conier- tlie Republicans Lincoln's birthday. cnce developed. THKEEBEARS r r - .<*!8rfl i^m^ltir^ THE NEW SMALL FARMALL-A with "CULTI-VfSJON" Power, spcci), cconomj-, nod "Culii-Vhhn" all ID one coni[>.ift little traccor, ilie new srnull FARMALL-A. Built to do all the work on the small farm, or to replace the last team on the Ini; farm, llorsclen farming a com- ptelely practical u-hcn yon h,nt., Far mall la do Ihe irork, Direct- attachable machines aval (able for all row crops, including vegetables. Ask us about this c.isy riding l-ro\v tracior. Attention! t-to-Pr & fe^ir I I SEE US FOR PARTICULARS REGARDING THE EQUIPMENT • EverybcKlyis talldngaW the new FARMALLS! Have you seen them? There is a whole family of them and a whole family of efficient machines for easy vsc. w ith each'tractor. Up-to-the-mmme in appearance, these new FARMALLS arc away out ahead ,„ field performance. They arc practical trac- Ihcml PraCt <UCStCd m * ll!nc) *™ ">& (of " sc «'ith NEW Middle Size FARMALL-H through us paces. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone 8Uii flLLIS-CHflLMERS '~--- ''- -. ' v .- -'-_ _."c-.-~. ' *., -*V' ./ .-.. ; --'' ^;*i.- .^ir ' WILL AWARD AND DELIVER FREE OF ALL COST TO THE 1940 PLANT-TO-PROSPER ionship Winner As determined by the Official "Plant-to-Prosper" Judges and as will be announced in December 1940 by the Blytheville Courier News and by the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Think of it — A MODEL "B"TRACTOR Complete with Plow — Disc Harrow — Cultivator and. Mower. IT CAN ALL KE YOURS! "Plan To Prosper With A-C Power" Allis-Chalmers Dealer - - Blytheville, Ark.

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