Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 11, 1930 · Page 16
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 16

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 11, 1930
Page 16
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afclattti t. Suite MAT 11, 1930 ft ,JM4WM'WI SUNDAY" OA HELP WANTCD FEMALE ;i J OQ, SALESPEOPLE L , V.' Needed by , : WHITTHORNE &" SWAN I. Trr Dollar Day Sals. - Those who nakt good will be put OB 4 extra exiling list. Extra particularly needed for: i YARD GOODS, GLOVES, CORSETS, ? HOSIERY. DRAPERIES. SHOES, - CHILDREN'S WEAR - ' W pay f of tlma spent to Instruction Apply Monday, 1-11 and 2- only, at Employment Office OMAN, 10-49, of pleasing per. aonalitv. Common school edu. rdmn' sufficient it applicant is billing to study and work foH w. ', f position with corp. doing; national . .,-. -de business. Box P3639, TrinNTEp apont.neou; jL'au Swedish or German V woman, housework and ears of, ' i lid, reference, $30 month, Sun "V ort, go noma nights. Apt, ,3 14th St. I 8 YOUNG WOMEN ho are willing to itart work at iont (at per week. Free train g. 1448 Webster St., Km. 16 vi GIRLS over IS. salary. Call mornings before 10. 849 Monad ,ncn uias-i can Francisco. HELP WANTED MALE FEMALE LDVERTiSING nan or woman , church work, conduct direct mi campaign for funds and at 'ids nee; arrange musical an ucntlonal proKrams. Protest i t church axp. preferred; large .i-nl acquaintance and fraternal ounectlona valuable.. Give a A.neno, education, salaries iwxived; full tlma Interesting; rtrK nox no. Miioei), Tribune, AMATEUR talent for radio wor. Mate what you ran do by let m box f axutvs. i rinune,. JAN or woman .call on trade On Ir" rood bustler need to in riy. HnVary, comm. C, Nelson, Box i.ivermore. .'HY work for others? Mak ? find sell your own goods. Box ujio, 'jriDune, li "AGENTS-SALESMEN ' WANTED miHm 8tr-e A SVertf seneat, , ,'snts New Bhtrt Froposltlon. r-ixo capital or experience i ruled. Commission In ad- eie. Samples Free. Madison ' lories, Broadway, . Hew irK, .GENTS Direct selling;. Exp. t unneo.s good com. Box BI2B11 rmune. i INSURANCE MEN 'c. WANTED - . Tlcre'B a Door-Onener Sterling Penny) A Day eocl nt policy, paying; maximum merits itl 1100 a month for 24 t.ntijs for Injury and $7500 for ..ili, offers you a quick selling -Miey witn a liners l uany in-me. ft IS the most liberal acol-nt policy aver offered at the 13.06 g year premium. Insurance men throughout the untry have been quick to real I he . possibilities as a "door k-i" and clientele builder. have a liberal agency con- t for brokers. Call or write pt. Sterling Fenny A Pay .' v, 1122 Commercial x- ' e lilrtg., Ios Anaeles. 1 fofOPLM, lucrative po uiis open. Call 426 'aa Pal . Albnny. . i i .H.V1K.N Commlnsion an cuaraotea. 1061 Webster J 2-4 pi. ..l..-, f wauled to a II blah i eecunty. Apply at m "V Hulkllngr. i ,-MKN to sell Uulckway mnae Julaer, new. l.A-4401, UTOMOBILE SAFETY HlVINd D1CV1CH. Salesmen: cvr irttia, Just arrlvedKvery au. .mobile needs It. Distributors d bu few dollars to handle, i's pje&h4ire profit Call at xciusiva -wnjtributors, il37 13. St., OS KIN' kVlAZINO scrAHvholdlns; screw ; ririvers! Bemov Insert screws Ktantly one-handVd! Factories, . rages, electrician, mechanics, i(o. radio owners mnton slKht ncltislve territory. Free trial! oic, 13C3 Wlnthro'p Bldf., owton. ' i. TO Seat Covers. Inexpensive. : Pays big nioney selling auto-direct. Elaborate samples it KB. Marvelo, 2S0I B. J, Wa- neia, jnicsgo. ' . !' COMM1HKION8 paid dally. I fiell printing every business - els. . Lowest" prices, highest jHlitles. Tesr round sales. En-i rlence unnecessary. Inter-State ' re as, lncj. 321 J Venice lllvd., Los i.MPKTK.NT. experienced print dug salesman fur Kastbay dl(- ir.. nox iMKZTiB, i Tinuno. hi;mical BALKSMAN for J asiUay territory.- Writ Box hsh7. Tribune. ; XPEJtllfiNCED solicitors draw. accounts for producers. ptllV 4 p. m, on lv. 607 IS St i KS to sell Graham eara. Eso Host have geod production and "usiness record. Monday 1216 ro5wv, Oakland. . . F.N to sajl blag, and loan aocts. : Good future to right men. enn nrn. Hnt P3K1E71. Trlb, 'iiable, old established concern ' m us or 2 salesmen. If not iper. but wllllna- to learn we m help you to make money, j ' Mr. Tufts. Thomaa Wbrldon Nntt Inc.. togs Phat'uck. Berk. .j-:n:KSK,VT factory. earn BKl Aiwar. Natlonall advertised 'o beat Covers. Tremendous l tmand. Lowest prices,. Largest mmlsslons. Complete outfit KKB. Buprems, 2228 Ogden Av., 'iii'sgp, KAL estate uUmi,., nw method; prospects furnished; ' ne usual commission ii iwin. v a. m. io p, ni- rin ". ivg rrannnn at. , SIGNIFICANT ' the fact that attorney's, den civil and mining inilinnri Ii school Drlncioala and teach. , railroad men and many oth-s have found the practice of leemanshlp with Wlckhani avens Inc. more oongenlnl and nfitsble and with greater pos-oiiltles than their former csll-;-.g. We train you whileyoa sell ' , help you sell more, we want o more men. He Mr, Gates, i " rranklln Ctreet. TWO r-t salesmen with care to naie the largest line In Amer i. Uing direct from faetorvto nsun.er. Three salesmen fnr . r, r Earning from $69 to $100 - k, Best eearon just start- Customer's list furnished ' ( ' " INAL TTTAH WOOLEN r 07 i intn street. men with good cars who e looking for permanent s work. Experience in our not ttarsiwRry as we train ii. If you have the ability to ow Instructions and work you i ears (hid per- weex and np. t ii show ou how. Manager, . 1 fflareph. . antpd, 6 Salesmen t pin ai-e irakfna; 850 to $109 k iM.nif a recognised ni i ' st i, original cott. Lare. sio- AppJy 19 a. . ' ' H '1. t e ' fc othersf 'VTntim-'1 Pots v ,:.i'ts. Box TStHil. 22 13 HELP W ANTED FEM A LE 15 AGENTS-SALESMEN WANTED fContlnued) convlnc nuNual do- strlon. tsox r jsbz. 'i rinune. YOU can make 60 week selling genuine Italian silk bedspreads. uaii sun iiz street. 16 EMPLOYMENT OFFICES At People'sAgcy.OA-4405 note I resi., etc. 17 ot. . AitTa & CRAFTS AGliNCV Graduate Nurses LA-J221 HO-1118 3DRP1AO of OCCUPATIONS DKIVBIISITT OF CALIFORNIA AH HRKRRV iJBS I Students available for Dart-tlm worx sienograpnera, o o a- Keepers, laborers. gardeners window washers, etc. university women available- to stay with children in the afternoon of evenings. NelsonV Agcy., OA.-1676 Select help. fed. Telegraph Bldg. STANDARD EMP. AGCY Office, hotel, restr.,' gen. help. 3 WsshiniBrton, GL encourt 0142 Women's Employment Bureau Frea flervlea ' Community Chest Agency T. W, C. A. Building. LA keslde 26H-7. Hal trained and xDsrlened stenographers, BooKkeepers, typ ists, general otnee assistants, waitresses and factory workers. WE can supply you with exps riencea seoreiariea. etenoara.i pliers, typists, bookkeepers. comptometer, telephone and add. Inn machine operators, blllers. clerical workers and all other office help within moment's notice ana without charge ta mulorer ar employee. State rree employment Hursau. WOMEN'S DIVISION 519 lth Htreet, Oakland. Tel Nos. UL, encourt 1864 and 2114 17-18,-!? wanted-male Position JBegrlaa Avertlseua(.! ANTTHINO, atudent will have to civs no education unless he nnas part time work for llvlna expenses while In college. Call i. a aesine zouu. ANtTHINU, night work, U. sal. AS-8399. StU. dent, mod. ANVTH1MJ Japansse boy, In a ramuy or apt. OA Kiand zv.iu ANVTUiNd, handy man. Amerl- can, ui. encout mm. UOOKKEEPINQ. a o o o un i ing part tune pos. GLenaourt 06811, CARETAKER, elderly couple, city or country, exner.. can milk, handy all round. Caretaker, zxu do Avenue. CHAUFFEUR, do not object to worn. Keierences, uox M1U6468 Tribune. CHAUFFEUR, waiter In hotel or house porter, s yrs. exp., good rsr., noy a. IjA gestae s5. CHAUFFEUR, prlv. fam. white uox MaMjiHi, trioune. COMPANION, nursing, reading, BOu hour. LA kenlde 1868. CHAUFFEUR and houseboy, Filipino. HOIIIday 1993. UKOCERY and fruit man, exp. j nover ss. HOUSEBOY, Japanese schoolboy uu encourt stua. HANDY MAN Apt. 2. la keslde 7391 HANDY man, reliable, referenoe Hl-ghgate 1354. 1067 I it , HANDY man, rel., white, good rer., sue hour, an dover 2366 JANITOR. Jananese. U day. mmnara, AS-3717 after T p. m. MECH. draftsman, exper. on mach. work. Married and de pendable, needs steady work badly. Good education. Also exner. oil refinery nriAcTAr .nil can drive eny-'maks ofcar. Any- ining wnera responsiointy is re- uirea, witn view to advance- ent. fi edmont 4S5SJ. SHIPPING clerk, five years' exp, in Kastbay. TH-8389. WASHMAN, experienced, wanti laundry Job. GL enrourt460S auto camp, hotel or apartment nouae manager experienced ank, or apartment house asso-iation references, bond If re. uired. Auto Camp pref. Box innoi, i rinune. ABLE young married man with cio. car, 7 vrs. machinery exper, el, $ yrs. efee. refrig, 1 r. actv. burn. Must have a Job. What ave you 7 OL-0063. ' CHICKEN ranch or other work in Alameda or Contra Costa county by middle aged man, reasonable wages. Box M326101, Tribune. EXPER. salesman, 10 yrs. on road, salary, comm. FR-3848W. GROCERY clerk, 12 yrs. exp PI-4669J, Local refs. Wlnfleld. HANDY man, odd bs. 462 28 St. iA-oz, call after 6 p. m. HANDY, man reliable, anything. LA keslde 7391. ORK wanted by young mi sere 21. ALs-meda 3970.1. EX-SERVICE MEN fALL" American Legion Veterans' Memorial Bldg. If you need skilled or un- sKiuen labor; or If you have vacancy: also let ns have yonr list. GL encourt 7 7 8 3.1 ANTTHINO, eashles, elevator operator. restaurant work: can drive car. Need work badly. 1 . 1. . l . ..-a A MAN In need of work, handv H857 Pno LA keslde ANYTHING, marrlsd man needn worn, jonn Kyriacoh, 868 Oak StretL JANITOR work, part time. Ex- penencea. la keslde 2682. WATCHMAN, steady and rellsble, or store or hotel elerk. Overseas world war veteran wants steady work to support family. Need work badly and will prove myself U given chance. Write M. M. Ciflysr, 42 Devlne SL, San Jose, Calif. ------------- - ' -ii'ii-irinrm-LrLnruri- 18 SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALE realties Begins Advertisement,! ACCOUNTING POS, pert time books efficiently kept. Mies zanders, Hij-miBl. even. OL-S148 ASSIST. 2 half days a week, col. gin, nrs-iviz. rfrrfk BOOKKEEPER, some typing, 1! yrs. in present position, ref Box MJ0S16. Tribune. COMPANION, mlddls-aged. will ing to help witn souseworg in amlly sdul's, S a wk and aar are. i'z iw.i '.M 18 SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALE (Continued) ' BEAUTY operator, beginner, all work. OLympic 3805. ' . CHILD'S nurse (German). ..2100 Second maid (French).... I 'JO Cook Swlss .$100 Cook, gardener, eouple $165 General maids, all prices, local re f . HOlIld ay 1 1 , Agency. COOK, young white, even, dinners, priv. fam. Box M 200760, Tribune. , COOK, restaurant, breakfast and lunch, experienced, reliable, reference. AN dover 0197. CArtJS of children by the hour, day, week or short' vacations. GL encourt 893 ! COMPANION or nurse. Christian Science. Prefer elderTyJ-Sa.(ly. rnuiivaie egsgw. COOK, reliable. Southern, col.. In desirable family. LA keslde aid. 14Z feraita Ht. COOK, nights. part time, work, stay la Kestoe s 1 16. ' COOKINO, hswrk., experienced. miqgie-agea. ijAyniil. COOK, lunch, dellc, cap, taking full chgr. A-l ref, TR-IB8S. COMPANION to refined lady, Ref. Jox MJJbllll, TTioune. CARE child, h. w., H. H. glrl.sft. sen, or oai. aoc nr. n-a(5BW. COOK, young, col., eve. meals or ngni nouseworR. TH-7008. COOK, exper private family; Al rci. pox wjtoiii, xripune. COOKINO or housework, morn-Ing or evening. LA keslde 8038 COOK, exper.r half days or even- ings. ar. an dover OBSZ, DENTAL assistant, experienced excellent references, reason able wage. Call HUmboldt 2789, DAT WORK by woman, house- wvtk. or laundry worx, if n uti vale S679J. DAY WORK, washlna. Ironlna- house cleaning. Nice Japanese gin, u mnc-ioi stwe. DAT WORK. Any spring clsan- ing rixpertiy aone. tjiv-szos DAT WORK, wash, Iron, Mon.- i ukb. ana r ri exp. J" it-6574 w. DAT WORK, Holland woman wash, Iron, clean TR-8918, DAT work. Rellablb white, best Mjiurenc,, a Kiann szzs. DAT WORK, washing woodwork comperenr woman, rtu-74. DAY work;, lady needs work, hour or day. FR ultvale 0340M. DAT WORK by a reliable white woman. Mg rritt 8247, DAT WORK . by day or hour HO-2748. colored woman. OA r WORK, any kind, paint, winnows wan n Ml. Ml-ZW2a. DAT WORK by hr white wo man, rer, mi mnoidt 80S4. HOUSEKEEPER, nurse. Bxner. cook. No encumbrance. Box MsasiBi, Tribune. HOUSEWORK, H day, rel. young German woman, to cts nr., car nx m innz, xnnuns. HSKPR,, exp,; fond of children havs son 9 vrs. or will ,l,v uy uniy. in lem St. uuusiuusiSFKH, reliable young woman, motherless home pref. jcjs ui.iuno i d, i rioune. HOUSEKEEPER, young woman motherless home car cnuarsn ny nr. P1-4258W. HOUSEWORK or waitress, al day or Dart tlma: nnl. rlrl 'f 1 ( . 1 , n i.rnwaii ennii, HOUSEWORK, plain cook, V, day iuii any, hi gngate Z6Z7. HSWK.Colored girl, cooking. wo ciLuaren. nrj-isiuj. HOUSE WORK day or hour, 60c. HHKPO., im. home, full manage, QI-4967 or BK-0817 evening" HSWK by day or hourj young, wiiiie, exp., rer. l.a-1761. HOUSEWORK, exper. rel.; stay iiignis. Kesiae 47JIH. HOUSEWORK, reliable with ref erenceS. HIghgate 2856. HOUSEWORK, day or hour, col HOUSEWORK or part-time, by rename gin, ri edmont 6167R HSWK., plain cook or chamber maid, col. LA-4287. Rm. 17. HOUSEWORK; good plain cook, an jviein. ua Keslde 0106. LAUNDRY or part time work. colored. Ref. in g Shgate 4868. LAUNDRESS, for Monday, exp., wiiiio women. l.a sestde 9130 MANAGER for apt. house, wife to manage, man to care for mi lining, experienced, references. in iniaao iuie. MANAGER apartment house exp. and ref. Box M826126. Trlb MOTHER'S helper, young col. ored girl. Stay nlgjits, 111-3681 mmk exp. for rms. or apts. very reas. wags-. 771 16 st. NURSE, prao, hskpr, seml-lnva-lid, assist In small Inst. Reasonable wares. Ref. Box MSlsitnil Tribune. NU11SE, give 2 wks. ser. for trip v.nicHgo, auto or irain. K ult vaie s v mw, tt. w. NURSH!, practical person, aged, menial case or motherless nnme. uox Mnooo2, Tribune. NURSE, prac, some housework maternity, convalescent or otner, 3 per day. iy,-2548R. NURSE Graduate, will care for maternity eases In nailant'a num., naywaro. boo. NURSE, experienced INFANTS nuree. can take run nharae clarences, ul encourt SBnl. NURSE, praotlcal, wishes can of elderly people or house keeping; reliable. 8475 82 ave. NURSE, hospital trained, adul ensea. 1 11 mined 4U4H. NURSE, prae. exp, 9-6. Most any case, iiei. L.A Kesme 7. NURSE, orac, exn.. references perm or temp. OA kland 4465 NURSE, practical, experienced any case, rK ultvlKf 244 care Irfvalii 1J NURSE, prae, care itfvallds. It. nswK. or nsKpr. HK-S288W NURSE. yng.( r dsy. It hswk,, chlldr. nr. AN dover 8276. NURSE, prac, any case. Ref. day r nmni, t-'i enmom ini.sj. NURSK Exp. undergrade told, ae; any cae. hk-h.t3. apt. 28 OFFICE work, bus. college grad. tip, siari small sal. cnance to advance. TR Intdsd 2116. STENOGRAPHER, beginner, opportunity to learn office rou tine means more than salary AN dover 0324. STENOGRAPHER. 4 yrs. exp law office. Jewell Currier, Mutford Gardens, Pan Leandro. SECT Y, Steno, bookkeeper, yng. Chinese girl, college grad. Box am a i :"4, 1 rinune. BTENO, young, 2 yrs. bank, bond exp. tfooa local rer. mk-hss. TYPING, gen, office wk, exper. Vt aay ptu. uuencourt .43S. WAITRESS, exp. wants work broken or steady. HO-9174. WALKER AVE, 1000, nr. Grand. Min. f. and unf, gar, rerfs. APT. house mgr, exch. furn. apt. small salary, exp, rel. ret. Box M3H5S02. Tribune. AFTERNOON work, good cook. exp. coi. woman, tiL,-!UM. tXFERIK.Nt D teacher wants Position as governess or com panion to elderly woman. . Box M ;i!i, j rinune. EXP. young woman, child to sup , port wishes cashier, sales wk, nurse. Dr. office or companion witk. vnympio aais. uikIa U. C. asperienee in ears or children. TR Inldsd 0827. TRAINED nurse, willing to be of practical assistance In C S. home THerawail 114L . is srruAtioNS wanted FEMALE (Continued)' Q EN. hawk., plain cook, city or country. No objection to cnu-dren. Agreeable, reliable. Ref AN dover 1G10 after Kunday. JAPANESE household work, wash, or Iron. HI-1649. SECOND maid, thoroughly exp., city, ref. PI ed m o nt E783W. U. C. girl wants summer work In K. bay or H. F.; gen office and doctor's assist, exp. AL-4391W. WANTED work mornings, 40c hour. PI edmont 90ij YOUNQ Irish girl wishes to learn second work or gen. house- worK. Moaeraie wages 10 sian. HOIIIday 1436. 20 ATASCADERO New apta., most beautiful In Oakland, large sunny rms., studio ceilings, hand painted walls, fireplaces, book cases, artistic buffets, large plate windows, commanding a perfect view, outside balcony to each apt., steam, heat. Frlgldalre, elevator, Janitor service. Fire proof garage. 700 H. 24th St.. cor. 7th ave. A1IOME APTS. NEW. $40 Up Z, I rooms, atnette, furnished or un furn.. magnlflcen lake view, solarium all electric, steam: heated o 1 o t h e s dryer, lawn tennis courts, social nan billiard room, fireproof garage, 1 blk. K. R. and cars. Everything included In rent. 1521 8rd Ave, ALAMEDA, U.S. GRANT APTS! 7S" Lincoln Ave., new 1T J. 0, Bunhv. elegant furn. 2- 3 rms., Frig., elec. ranges, son water Ind. gar., basement, roof laundry, Maytag wash, machines, Thor eleo. lronern, steam heat, hloolc to cars, tratna. stores, i mln. to Oak. Reas. rent. Adults Alameda, 916 Union SL CA8A OR AND APTS. Alameda's most artlstlo Spanish type apts. Ultra modern, elevator, nr. exclusive beach, all transp., 1 and S rms., furn. or unf., $45 to $75 mo., Incl. elect. ar, AJ-iameoa ooo. Alameda, Normandy Arms Apts 1440 Sixth St.. nr. Webster JUST OPENED Beautiful 2 and 3-rtn. suites; very attractive: Monterey mis sion furniture, .elec. stoves; Frield. elec Idrv. rm St. nt., gar., all incl, in rental; 7 mi. to Oak; 20 mln. to S. P.; 1 bk. to oars. Reas. ALTA VISTA APTS. rooms and dinette. Never been occupied. Entire 2nd floor. Prlv. entrance. Frlv.. heat. view, sun ny, inK aist., svu, garage, do" Valle Vista. GL encourt 0575. ALCATRAZ 840, nr. Telegraph, modern rur. or unrur. With nursery and playground facilities for small. CHILDREN Reas. rates, best transportation. AARON APTS, UNDF.R NEW MANAGEMENT. 3-8 sewly renovated, eleg. furn. apts, st ht., hot Wat,, eleo. re-frlg , nr. Key Route and cars, $35 ip. 721 4ii nt. near urove. ADAIR APARTMENTS 801 Erie at., eor. Man dan a. 4 rms, choice location, very attractive: adults can at apts. Alameda. 621 Central Furn. or unfurn. 2-$ rms, Incl elec. Frig. 'and all. Rens. ADAIR APARTMENTS 1801 Erie St, cor. Mandana, 4 rms.. choice location, .very at tractive! adults. Call at P. AMBASSADOR ARMS 414 Grand Ave, -2, 8- rms, gar.; view lake; elv, refrig.,- service ABBOTT APTS. 620 Fmltrale Ave, t-rm, fur. team heat, $35 mo. FR-4153. ART APTS, nr, lake, fur. front rms, porch, prlv. batn, 133. on rms.. so. exposure. Excellent surroundings. HOIIIday 4811. A Tin? Apta, 237 14th st, opp. J,IL,t, Hotel Oakland Mod I's. 8's, fur, st. ht.j wccn rstes. ALAMEDA BAY SHORE APTS. 2046 Clinton. Beau, new, 2-8-4- rm.. furn, -unr.. view, gar.; reas ALCATRAZ and Dover, newly decorated I rm. front apt,, gar All trans. 8306 Dover, ALM0NTne,Sur:!'n--( 2 rm. reas ALAMEDA, ' 716 Santa Clara- Beaut, fur-unrur. i-s rm. apt A I TCP 1627 Fully furnished ,' llKlj atenm heatJT.ctwiap rent APdAH. 833. nr. Telearf Heaut 7 new fur, 8-r.; reas. HU-8176. ARDMORE, 680 14 St, 2 rm. furn, Jan. st. nt, eiev. 33-j4i. All.. Nicely furn, 2 rms, mod, .HOna all trans. 1824 Linden. $30 ARBOR APTS, rms, mod. un Low rent. 2334 Park Blvd. BLISS COURT OAKLAND 6 rooms unfurnished. Most at tractive, Spanish type, homelike apta. In town. Every modern convenience: nar. au. i.a-ioos 3460 Richmond Blvd. orr rtea. av. BARCELONA APTS. Five rooms with large covered patio. 8 bedrms, large llv. and din. rm., tile bathroom, add toilet rm, large closets. Modern, new, garage. All services In reas. rent. ME rrltt 1396. BERKELEY 'estminster Manet 22 Domlneo Ave. and 4 rm. ants. 280-2110. At Aehby Ave. and Tunnel Rd BERKELEY, 2818 Telegraph-New 2-9 rms.. furn, stm. ht. cont. hot water, frigid.; free gar. All trans, 45 up, price pays an, BKrkely 8523R. BErkeley 31222621 Benvenue WIIITAKER ARMS . l-4-3-rm. furn, unfurn, Indlv. gar, sto, rm, Frlgldalre. BERKELEY 2 rms, newly fur. '0. a rms.. fur.. 125. unester fields In both. Nr. C. and trans. 2445 Derby. rif TT TOM 827 Warfield uuiiiuiti 3 rm. fur. or unfur.; st. ht.; Frlgldalre Lake view. Gar. HO-4788, HKRKELEY. 1942 Chanmn Way Hvatitlfui new. ana 4 rooni ants., furnished or unfurnished frieidalre, electric ranges, steam heat, close to campus, tj 1 U' il.i.trvlA9k.n.Hi New Z rms., St. neat, n. w, eicc. rr-frle- 4 lilks. n of campus, nr. S. b . trsns. 39 tip. BROADWAY, 2040, 8-2 rm, prlv. batn, completely lurn, nr. !- lla OnnJ ln, rani.. SIS tin. Call or phone Mgr., HO. 7694. BLACKMAN Apts, on on 41 it E. 14 Pt.. a f-oiojou rms. furn, private baths. Garage ft ERKELELY, 2538 Durant-r- r 2-3 rms, mod, near campus - THornwall 6S44. - Brooklyn Ave . 615 Leke view, 1-3 r, fur, f!6 up. BERKELEY, 1400 Arch St, 4 rm. turn, apt, sunny cor, view. Au- ults. .H1. AS hberry 162. BELLA VISTA 1031 Beautiful 2 rms, furn , chstfld- gar.: iiu. ME-2954 or UE-47S.0, eves. BERKELEY. 2921 Wheeler Phi)li rkley 2E04W.lden. $39 to til.iO. apartments to let (Continued) - BERKSHIRE APTS. 610 East-19th St. t and 4 room apts. MARVEIOUS LAICE VIEW v ' NEW LATEST IN MODERN CONVENIENCES 4 room apts. have t bedrooms. Near Park Blvd. Shopping Dlst. Theaters. Local and S. F. Transportation. BRIDGE, 1726-Attr. 3 rms., fur., nr. car, S3, gar. opt. AN-zuyti BERKELEVf 2437 Sliattuck, 2-rm..furn. St." ht. BK-4812VV. BERKELEY 2234 Grant St. furn. rms., kl.tch., fear. 227, Efl. Chateau de la Collene Greenwood1 and Norwood Ave., marvelous view, one-half acre of lawn and snruos. All apts. mou- ern In every detail. Elec. serv Ice, Janitor included ln rent. Lo cal and K. F. trains. Furnished 2's, $50 j 3's, $7!i. Park Blvd. car to Glenvlew dlst. or Lakeshore, train to unde.rh.llls. ME rrltt sn.ib CLEVELAND COURT Mod., beaut, furn.. 2 rm. ants electrical equfpt., etc, lee. living rm., bedrm., breakfast nit.. Kit chen. garage, every thing inc. ii rent; $70. 633 Cleveland ave. HO lllday 4832. -- CLAREMONT COURT 6050 Monroe av., J, 4 room, steam neat, not water, elec. stove; gar.; fronting Clarpmont golf links 200 feet east Bdwy.. Rock Ridge dlst., 240 tip. OLympIo Carolyn Court Apts. 4 rm. furn.. 845: large sunny and clean. Big courtyard. Close to transportat on and schools. 4130 Webster st. W. E. Coyte, HU m boldt 8806. - CATHERINE APTS. Newly furn. 8 rms., Chester., hdw. floors; nr. College, trains; 3u; sun, 8 rms. unf urn., hdw. firs., $25. TH-7576. 2446 Dfghy, Brk. Commodore ui son. New 2 ami 3 room apts., urn. or unfurn., steam, hot water, Janitor service, elec. rerrig., eievaior. CLAREMONT Chabot Rosd, 6024. clean 8 rooms, furn, or unfurn., elec. refrig, gar. L,ots or sun. Adults. CASTLE VISTANe" p ,Vk Blvd, Excel. 2-3 rm, all conv, ser.J Frig, gar, rens, ,4Z.iii) ana up. CANADA ARMS 49 St. nnv 2-8 rms, all conv. Inc. Frig, maid er, gar. Fur, or unf;, 140 to oo, CLAREMONT, 5467 New 4 rm sunny unfurn. ant., gar., nr. Key, CEDAR CHEST, pluasant, well-furn. apts., near cars, parking space, I20-IZ5. zois I3in Ave. CAPITAL ST, 478. Grand-Lk. dlst, nr Wesley 3 rm, fur. lovely view, st ht.; 4U mo. CHARLOTTE furm 2-r, heat COMPTON, 648 16 St. Sun. furn 2-rm, colorful klt.jat.ht Janltoi CLAREMONT AVE, 60092 and 8 room, garage, reas. rent. COLLEGE AV, 6217 2 rooms wall bed, hardwood floors. 124 DONNA LAKE APTS. 1918 Lakeshore ave., 2 and 8 rm. beautifully furnished of unfurn. elevator, janitor service. DORIS MAE APTS. 2 rms, beautifully furn. Kvery mod. conven, Jan, radio, billiard rm. Reas. PI (edmont 9271. DE ARMOND, 1455 1st ave. -Fur cars 8, 8 rms, st. heat; K. K. EniH ST. 832 Lakeshore District OFT MANDANA BLVD. Comfort of Apts. I large rooms, beautifully furnished. Strlotly modern. Steam heat. Kelvlnator. Garage. AH transportation. Moderate rents. HOLLIDAY 6819 ELWOODSRAND APTS. 3 sun, moti. rms. upr,, si. neai, Jan. serv, use laundry; frig, gar. Kent reas. nr. trans, snopping dlst. R. V. Dell. 3363 Grand Ave e. TL encourt 970S. "ECIIO GLEN Just Opened In exclusive dls 100 electric; elevator; garage, all In rent. 8408 Richmond Blvd. 1 blk. E. of Piedmont at Moss. E. 22ND ST.. 1901. cor. 19th Ave 4 large, sunny rooms, hdwd. floors, extra well furnished Only $35. Call 21 S 19th Ave Phone AN dover 0H25. EDGEMERE MANOR 2122 Lakeshore. HO-6236. Beaut located on lake. Unusually homelike. 2-3:4-6 rooms. EXCELHIOR. 693 Moving digs f pd, r. unf. front, excellent view. Frig, bkfst. nk. Ivory, 3 blks. Grand-Lake, trns, $18.50, gar. Incl. HO lllday 9428. E. 18 ST, 914 Nice 2-2 or 4 rm unfur. This Is very reas. to right parly, you must see It, $2 up. Adults. BLL1TA AVE, 473, nr. Grand av., lake 3. 4 rms.. unf ur. All conv Janitor, Reas. HOIIIday 4859, E. 27 ST., 1373 Clean, cosy apt. wall bed, phone, gas, garage reas. Adults. Private entrance. ERIE ST, 908 Lakvshore Di8t. 2 rm. turn., nr. all transp OL encourt 4438. EMERALD FT, 4172 3 r.. yd for sun baths, $20 .unf. HUm boldt 1411. EXCLUSIVE lake apts, 6 rms. ivly furn. home. GL-22SB. E. 15 KT, 1024 Front fur. 2 rms hath, par, sd. t;i.-s2'.'. FAIRFAX ARMS APT. New, 51 43 Bond Street." A V-3593 RICHARD ARMS New. 640 Brooklyn Ave. HO-911S9 Botn apt. new. z, i-rm. amies; all expenses Dd. by mr. Furn. or unfurnished. $4,1 to Ifi". FAIK.MOUNT AVE, 410 Just nnened. furn.. unfurn. I. 4 rms, dinette, view, sun; laKe dlst.: frig, st. ht., h. w, all in rent; all trans; $55, $C2.50. HO 1ST. FRUITVALE APT. Farnum St, 2314, Just n. of E 14th and e. from Fruitvale ave. 3 lurae. modern sunny rms. , FAIRMOU;T, 391 Julet, exclusive 2. 4 rooms, besn- tiful garden, sleeping decR. sui roof, elevator. HO llldsy 35 64. FOOTHILL Blvd., 2524 Mod. 2-3 rms, nicely rurn, stm. nt, nor wat, refrig. ballrm. roof gar- 20 apartments to LET (Continued) FOOTHILL BLVD., sunny t rms. fur. or unfur, nr. cars, S. P, Phone and water Incl. AN-4193. k-niiTHII.L BLVD.. 6462. 3. 4 rooms, fur.; newly renovated: $22.60 to 237.50. uarages. FOOTHILL. 23082 r., fur, Chst- flds, new mod. $27.50 up. FOOTHILL BLVD.. 6509 Z-room sunny apt, furnished, $18. GLENCAIRN APTS. 4256 Piedmont Ave, attractive 8 and 4 rms, si. neai. inspection Invited. HU mboldt 4137. PI-3084 GLENFIELD, blvd. 4-r. 1329, off Park unf, mod.: cars, schools, bus. dlst.; gar. r a Ull- vale 7480W. GRAND AVE, 145 Small sunny X rooms furn snea. noi waier, steam heat. Walking distance to town. Nr. all trans. ' nu'NVIF.W. 630 Modern 4 room unfurn. apt, nr. Grand Lake. I45-J50. AL ameaa naoow i:i.KJ!WOOD 1707 36Ave, n li-nnth ill. 2 rms.. urn, stra. nt. hot wat.; frigid. $35 up. AN-2169, GLEN AVE, 54, NR. 40th-Pied K. R. Fine furn. n-zia w. GENOA. 5H1S 2-room apt, sun-, ny, modern, rum, or uuiurn. GRAND AVE, 1252 rooms, fur. low rent; near Broadway HILLCREST APTS. New 2 rm, steam heated apt, ga tatlo'n, furn. or unfurn, 241 29th , era nattf ink nnn fl i transoor. street, . : Harrison Oowntown, steam heat. 2s, 2s, 4s. Furn, uniurn, priv. exenange. Hotel service, weekly rates. rT:L A 1715 High, bet. E. 14 and FthlJl. bes In dlstrlc; new furn, steam heat, frlgldalre, hot water; nr. 8. F, trans, $45-152.50 FR ultvale 8766 HOPKINS STREET 1617 and 3616 Hopkins: new and 3 rooms, furn. or unfurn. ll APVAPn Apts, 642 5 St bunny 2, I rms. Htm, ht., h. wat, nr. all trans. HADDON HO, Trestle Glen, IB,.. ,tii null, linn., uin. I ill.. gar, I oik. Key, cars. HO-8063. HADDON ROAD, 738, nr. Treat!. Glen. K. R. -Lakeshore Sunni 3 room apt. $35. (JL encourt 6551 HAM PEL ST, 1424, Park Blvd aist. jnsw rm. unr. apt., irig., gar, $45. HAWTHORNE, 8S6 2 rms. fur, or unf, view, st. ht, $36 up. HILL APT3. 1733 16 Ave. Furn. or unfur.. 225 up. 7 or 10 car, LHOPK1N8. 2848 New front three rm. npts.niceiy rurn, ;3D mo KESWICK APTS. Alameda, 2610 Central Ave, 1-3 rooms lurnisnea, irigiaaire, eiec trie range, $56 up. LAKE KNOLL APTS. Two and t rooms with dinette, steam heat, Frlgldalre, furnished or unrurnisned $40.00 and up 589 Morrltt Ave. LOWELL APTS. Newly renovated 8 rm. Comn furn, sunny, homelike apts. Lhesterfleld, 2 wall beds, walk-n g distance, $35, 1525 Market St, HOIIIday 8588! LAKESHORE APTS. On the shores of Lsks Merrltt 3 room sunny furn facing lske: stm. heat, hot w. Frigid.; garage. I sou LaKeshore Ave. Ems Apts, 1508 4 ave., nr. lake, new 2. $40; 3, $43.50; 6 rm. $55, fur, or unf, bedrms, steam, ht, hot wat. Frlgldalre. LANE APTS. SH0 Claremont ave. Attrso. fnrn 2 and 8 rms, strictly modern Refrig, elev, Jan. service, $4fl-$60 LAKE-PARK ave, 6734 rms., car.! water and garb: A blK Key, 18 cars; nr. shop, district. I run nuc a..n Ovm UUXUA, ,VH riouHliin uuu. 0 in.. prlv. ent, lawn, 132.60. HK-1132 Apartment Ilolel Fusli.oiiHlile on wmuw n apart' mauls with lake view. Maid switchboard, garage . services; 2 and 2 room anartinents. furnish ed and unfurnished. S75 mo. up. Also hotel rooms witn Dams, ou mo. up. HO lllday nw. 1100 Mndlson st l.akealde Drive IPs! M1RALTA APTS. 371 Belmont, between Perkins and Staten, one block north of Grand ave.) close to oars and Key Route; 4 rooms, unfurnished, strictly modern Janitor service, rnon nu uiaay mi. MORRISON MANOR New f. Fireproof Apts. 1, 1, 3 rooms. Beautifully furn, electrically equipped, steam heated. $35 v AH Extras Included. Nursery Service 12o Hour GRADUATE NURSE 628 28 St. MONTE BELL APTS. New. rlchlv furn. 2 rooms with dinette, steam hest, Frlgldalre, gar. Prises ras. 420 Hawthorne Ave, nr. 81st snd Telegraph. MARYLAND APTS. 1301 Teletrrsoh SUMMER rate Beau. sun. 4 -rm, cor.; also 2 3 rm. nt. ht, h. w.: fur, unfur.; 136 up MONTGOMERY, 4179 Lovely, new t rm. f cont unf., reas. Piedmont 6671W. D IJor Eleventh Ave." New. sun., furn.. attractive, !team heat, h. wtr. Frig. Reus MARLBOROUGH 4 rooms unfnrn. Janitor f. F. transp. 81 elmont. MARKET ST, 24iV Nice 3 rm front unfur.. nnK. R.. 21". MYRTLE. 2014 2' rms, water, gas, lights, garage, rent t2Q. NuRWOOD Road. 1122 Charming 8 rms. and breakfast nook nicely furnished. $. HO-SS.12. Owen ApVMo, eat. lv. 21st-Harrison d. ; 2 T 4 rms. Frig, heat. day, II. mo.; 140 up 0.. 14s4 36 eve, vacant May Sage IS. lovely S-nn, furn. ftm. heat, refrig.; nf. trans. Reas. Picardo Arms Apts. Ellsworth at Dwight Way Beautiful two and three rooms, furnished r unfurnished, $47. It up. Six story concrete and steel bldg. Elevator and Janitor service. Weeklv rate ta transients. AS hberry $KT. n,I, T , Apts . 415 Perkins t ark Lane Off Grand Avenue Rnerlal Rates. Besutlful new house. Lake District. 2-8-4 rooms, furn. antl un-, furnished 150 to in a mon PERKINS APTS. Off Grand Ave, view of lake: unny 4 rms. form, or unfurn. hest, Janitor, reduced rsatan 431 Fsrklne St. UL sneonrt 2w. 20 '20 APARTMENTS TO LET (Continued) The address of distinction. 315 Parkview Terrace Off Grand Ave. Special rates now In effect. Most beautiful apartment In Oakland at rentals beyond comparison. Two and three-room suites unfurnished and furnished. $65 up. New, seven-story steel building, elevator, maid service, all electric equipped. Lake and mountain view from every apartment All transportation at corner; We Invite comparison. Everything Included In tho rent. Prince George Apts. 1498 Jackson 6 blocks to Broad way. Sunny 2-3-r. furnished, $40 u p HO lllday zeva. PLACICO REAL 633 Alma Ave, Oakland's most exclusive -dlst.- Elaborate 2-3 rms, fur, unf., attractive rent. Janitor service, tiouiaay euoo. PARK BLVD., 4538 Four Targe unfurnished rooms, breakfast room, furnace, garage. PARK BLVD, 770. cor Emer sonModern 4 rooms, uniurn. Reautlfiil view. Sunny. All oon- ven. Near K. R. and cars. $50 Inc. heat, hot water, lights, gas, jrrig- Idalre. ARK VIEW TERRACE, 275. 4 rrts, sun, heat, hot water, Frig, service, $45, nr. lake, Key R. HO-2713. Pink Gables 'M. V,lI UQiT) BUI), UCBU. , v a. $l7,50-$62.60. All serv. FR-0851W f K t e furn Portland Sum. Rates $35, Including garage, two rooms, furn, Frlgldalre. 836 Portland, o; J,. 4163--Front a rms, riedmont sun, fnrn, $35; Inst. h. wat, bath; nr. Tech, K. R. PERRY ST, 60 2rroom, furn. rnPNrarriin. r 1 r 11 1 h ii mi moi Takt No. 11 car. PI edmont 779 8 PERRY, 1503 large' sun, furn. mod. front rms, 3t. nu-4ua PERKINS, 474, opp. park 3-riri. unr, sun.; garage; neat; sn. KOENH APTS, Berkeley 11 2586 Regent. Sunny new yl rm. attract, fur. apis.. 5 blks. U. C. All transp. Shopping. 335. AS-hberry 6168 UI"iClf A TJ Manor, 570 Excelsior iivKjiiixixiNew i to r, fur, unf. R;ll. --7 rm. $165 to 5326. ucftiuuo HOIIIday Z3BQ, SANTA CLAIR APTS. 716 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda Igrge, newly frn modern 2-31 rin. apts, shower, eleo. stoves, frlgldalre, steam heat, garage, roof lasindry. Janitor service, Must be seen to be appreciated. 2 Blks. Neptune Beach SHIRLEY 5300 Walnut St, Oakland, attractive, modern 8 room apartment steam beat, hot water, electric refrigeration. See Manager on iremlsos. FR ultvale 8663.1. 1290 26 Ave. Sunnv furn. 2' rms. t. nt. Frigid; gar; iiu. r n-gaaiw SHATTUCK AVE? 651 63. St Mod. low. 4 rms, gar. aouus $35. SAN PABLO, 2317 -r, sun.. fur, renov.; 92Z.6B np. iiA-m TELEDONIA APTS. Nsw 2 rooms; beautifully furn Spacious dinette, St. heat, frigid Maid service. $45 up. 529 25 St, off Telegraph. Tl l. Cor. 31st. Beaut, rur. ielegrapri4 r, or unf. donv for family. Stm. beat cus i si. TEMRAAPTS. New 1 room apts. Completely rurnisned f26. szzo ii. itjtn at. Fit ultvalo 2328. I'HELMA Apts, new 2 rms, completely furn, $30. 1237 Russell St. BKrkeley 1315W. TALMADGB Apts, 2517 Tele-rrsnh. Oak: mod. furn. I rms: 330. $35; 1 rms, $46; Frlgldalre TELEGRAPH, eor. 22. Oneida, fur, 2-2 r. $26-$35; ht, parking UNION, 2412 rm. furn, unfur, low rent. Free moving. k VUB DU LAC 804 Foothill; 2-2-room furn, stm. ht, hot water, $25 up. GL-6237. VERNON ST., 60 Walk dlst. 1-2-3-4 rm. New mod. furn, $20 mo. up. ' LARFlfc;L.I I a7l rm. fur I VJ heat, hot Janitor sc I ARFIELD AVE, 1021 2 urnlshed apts, atm hot water, Frlgldalre. service; rents ress. WAYNE AVE, 336. facing lake: a. I rm, 830. 3f furn.; unfurn: garages. GL-S846. rSABU ClANOR API fK tiiva, comp. turn, s mis, st. ht, el. refrig, Jan. aerv S. F. trans, $40. $42.60, $46. YORK ST, 832, off Mandana, bet. Grand and Lakeshore 2 furn. rms, frig, nr. Key Station, $37.50 up. Hij iiniay hy. 10 AVE, 2248 Nice I -room apte. furnished $26, with garage $30. Owner there Sunday, 10 ST.,- 71 on the lake, mod. 2's, 8's fu rn, reduced, stm. heat 11 AVE, 1615 Furn. 4-rra. apt.l 2 reg. bedrooms, pantry, laun-. ary. Aouus. a. m. to p. m. L3TH AVE., 2137 Furnished, sunny 3 room apt Private en trance, garage, 127. 14TH AVE, 2820, opp. Highland Hospital, 2-3 r. sunny apts, fur. Frig, st ht, etc, rent reas. IS ST, 834 Sun; 2 rms, well fur. phone inc., 822.50. LA-S68S. 14TH ST, 10J" 3 sunny rooms, fur, nnftir, $20, $25. LA-4094. 21 ST, 9713 rin. apt, nlcel furn, prlv. bath, gnrage, 825. II ST., 912, cor. Mkt 3, 2-rm apts,, 2 gar, 325. can sublet. 22 AVE, 19144 rms., sinny cor ner, unfur, new, 35. AN-2730 26TH AVE, 1929 2 room fur nished, st. heat, hot water; Frlgldalre. Incinerator, $35 to 140. Lights, pas. !8 ST, 371, off Bdwy. Cosy furn, J rms, st. heat, $25, gar. 18 ST, 615 4 nice clean rms., fur, or unfur, ress. Adults. 3 1ST ST., 577 Mod. sun. I and I rm. Chester field, gar.; nr. all transp.; 835 up S3RD ST- 670 Sunny front S rooms, newly turn, Cnester-fleld. garage, $35. 2 room apt. 327.50. 33 ST, 8142. 2 unfur, w. bed, bath. 820. 322.50. Newly ren. near school; water, Inc.; gar. $3.60 37 AVE. 1505 Sunny. 1 2-rm, 1 4-rm, garage, furnisnea, new lv renovated: very attractive. 37 AVE. 15"! 1 or 1 r- bath faund- hot wat srar 2-2 sdults. jo 'V 1M1 Class A new OO Al t. bldg, wall to wall carpets, stm. ht, refrig, large dress, room, launary; trans. iS ST, 96L 2 rooms, bath, wall ba, nice yaro; .'u. water, garbage free. 41 ST, 194. nr. 40th-Pied, Key Fur. 2-3 rm. bedrm ..ehesterf iem bed, st- ht, hot wat.; $19 to $3 ul AVE- 14481 san. rms. fur, bsta. kltch. nsw. reoev. Close It a 6. J. train, J0t 20 APARTMENTS TO LET (Continued) p9000009SOOe09090090S$ 1 v I A TJ....-f.,l TC, 0 I tX JJMUlUOl H-VT n I A , . TT. O lpai llllCLll jUVUOO District Tn the Sunshine belt Rockwell Apartments, 1767 zotn Ave. -cieautiiui a anu 8-room apartments'. Hot water, steam heat, Frlgldalre. . Prices range from $40 and up. Conveniently located, close O to schools, shopping sec- Q tlon, transportation. Q Garages Available Q Foothill BlvH & 26th Ave. S aeceoooecoeeeooaoeeS 44 ST, 484 8 large sunny furn. rooms, rent reaucea. 47 AVE, 1942 New 2 rms. comp turn, nr. all trans, gar, reas. 41 ST, 954 3-r. apt, wall b. stove,- gar.; low rent. FR-4613W. 33 ST., 614 2-3 unfur.. w. bed, bath, $20, $22.60, newly renov,, near school: water Inc.; gar. $3.50 65 ST, 638 Two 2-rm. furn. apts. ignt, wat., garp. inci, i i.iw-im Apts. De Lux Inspection Invited. Beautiful new apts, large sunny rms, mahogany finish, hand painted walls: beam ceilings, an ouut-in features: steamheat: Frlgldalre, ele vator; Janitor service. A perfect place to live; unexcelled view. Beaut, gardens, fireproof garage. 709 E. 24th st, cor. 7th ave. ATTRACTIVE rm. aot.. newlv decorated 8 blocks from center of town. Furnished. LA keslde 7942. ATTR. 4 rm, bath, mod.; nicely furn.iiJhesterneid, w. o, nr. k. R. 835, incl. gar. Olympic ison A LAKE district, 6 rm., mod ern apartment; water; gar. HOIIIday 1626 or OA kland 88Q A SUN flooded mod, clean, rms, porch, tzs.so. pt-ua. APT. mod. new, day,, wk. Berk, or Oakland, th-iozb BERKELEY Chandler Apts, 2449 Dwlght, t.t, 4 rm, lg. sun. rms. Inc. chestfl., st ht. ht. wt Frigid, Jan, serv. elec; 140 UP. , RUKINES3 girl with nice apt. wishes to share with youngi lady employed. Box M326079, Tribune. BEAUTIFUL, modern, 5 rooms, gar, near Grand ave. GL-6o22, Free Rent, $25, $30, $35 for 15 daysi 4 and B-room. apt. 6505 Telegraph. OL-2801. FINEST dlst, Oakland, 3 rms. unf.. hd. firs, 2 w. b- furn kit, $25-$27.50. 8278 Lakeshore GRAND LAKE DIST. Valle Vista, 621, beautiful 4 rms.i. mod, unfur, z w. peas, garuen. Tarage; near irnna. nu-oni. (IHANn-LAKE dlst, 840 York St nr. Mandana. New furn. and unfurn 2-3 rms. Large living rm col spring beds. Frlgldalre, stm. heat, ho lllday 4810. -' SPANISH BUNGALOW COURT I sunny rooms. Every mod-nrn convenience. Steam ht. 0' Refrig., gar. Included, $80. ft BLISS TERRACE 3 8460 Richmond Blvd, off A Piedmont. LA keslde 1558, y()()))C()-c: HOME place, E. No. 2, nr. McKln- ley, r.. si., ni. sun, r. "v- 6611. AKE DIST. uesiraDie new IB 1 3 rms, unfurn, large llv-IEI Ing room, bedroom, kltch-2en Splendid View. 110-914,;$ LAKE Dlst, 1001 Walker av. Mod. 4 rm, laice view, sun.. ,tm. ht.. Frig, gar.; nr. orana av. shop, dist; every conv,; reas. LAKE dlst, 8 sun. rms, new fur.. nr. trans, 845. 742 nana, tiu m boldt 6998. Mtrw s anil 1 room furnished nnrtm,nti! steam heat: frlg- Idalre as low as .. . . .... an. ,,1, B.l. e. FR Ultvale 3!i3iJ. NEW 2-S rms, fur. or unfur, st. ht.. hot water, rrig, nr. , can Pablo K. R. HUmboldt 106S. NEW APTS. Rentals 985 up. Take stncRS or oonas. ou vr30B433. Tribune. oooooooosccoocedo VISIT . Q Beautiful' O Bellevue Staten OAKLAND'S FINEST APTB. 4-S-S -nnma On the hankS of Lake Merrltt, Unob- O structed view of Bay and O uin. KOiv. laaned. I.V can tor uooKiei., x Fred T. Wood Co. Leasing ' Agents. HO lllday-6297. &O9t9OO0OO00e0OO085O0O0l, etc.. that you no longer need can be turned Into cash through a tribune, uiassmea, u. v" LA keslde 6000. VVAN"'"D A few more Jolly young couptvs in rms, Frigidalre, steam beat, elec tric wash rm, gas, eiee. inciuaeu in rent. 8S75 Ruby st near Tele graph at 40th. summer rates. 2 BEDROOMS JTJST COMPLETED, ULTRA MOD. 8-4 or s rooms. ML-iais. 3600 18 Ave, off Excelsior 3341 KEMPTON AVE. Rents Greatly Reduced Nicely furn. 8 rm. apts, close in high class district, 837.60. 3 ROOMS furnished at 5925 Foot- -hi 1 Blvd.. 830. OA kland 093S or TRINIDAD 4148. 3 ROOMS.abath, sunny, well furn ished, (30. 412 .bast 1Z HU C0(l'C()()7 This? Etfelfe XXOO 8 X Send er 8V Rates lowest In Oakland compared to what we give . you In service and comfort. N Located at Bellevue and N Staten Avenues. St i . 77 rm a new striciiy V"1'5'i modern apt. house, VSJll Chesterfields, wal- jfirWm nt bedrm. suites. TlV ,1.,., hreokfjlsl 20 APARTMENTS TO LET $Vs; $55 2 rtrls .furn. or uf fur"-! lake view, all electric, Jf"''0 serv, garage, electricty Included, 21 APARTMENT FLATS, h DUPLEXES, FOR RENT BROOKDALE, 2577i-Modern Jt rooms, .tnvga wall bed, garage E. 18 St, 3434 New four-room duplex with basement and garage. AU (modern improvements. Between two car lines, nr. stores. Rent reasonable. K. 27TH ST, 2130 Lovely un.l ,ii,,,.i,.i mnA a rm. - duplex. hdwd. firs, fire pi, wall bed la.. dining rm, gas, garage, view i... EVERETT $30; 8 rm AVE, 1008 Duple , stove.lllnol, gar. , FAIRMONT. 451 Mod. 4 sf-r gar, school, garden, uu-biqq. , GLEN AVE, 78-7Cor. ,41st inear Pied. Key R Warm belt. 4 sun. rms. Chestarfleld. Adults $3o GLEN VIEW AVE, 650 off Rand. U IE. II1UU. lino., vo.. nj nook, furnace: gar.; view., rv, nAr,7NrrA ST.. 3596. nr. Harrinff' ton St., 4 nice sun. rmB. gar.. KEITH AVE, 6970 Artlstlo bunc-alow flat, t rms.. furnace. stove, lln, gar, reas. rem. MANILA, 38053 rms, fur.or un nr. K. it. 6 car. ri-oi. MARKET, 1510, was $46 now fan,1 4 rms, enstt, renov.. nw. in. McAULEY ST, 459 E. of Teieg, 3 r. mod. duplex, eun. cur, , PARK BLVD., 4538 Four large unfurnisheo!, rooms, breakfast room, furnace, Rarage. I PARK BLVD. largsu Mu" 3 nlshed rooms, breakfast roomi. furnace, garage. PARK BLVD, 1944 Sunny 8 rnu furn. apt, chestfld, nr. trana $32.50. Garb, wat. pd. GL-4238. PARK BLVD. district, 1729 Wei-, ltngton St, mod. 4 rm, duplex.' close In, beautiful view. RUBY ST, 8946-r-Mod. $ rms. nr Tel. and 40th, reas. HU-693V SAN SEBASTIAN AVE, 4654 Beautifully fur., 4 rooms, sip. por, stm. ht, ht. w. rn-mj SH AFTER AVE, 6006 4-rm up.; like new;- Kit, rur.; u schools; gar.:' base. HU-8186. SAN LEANDRO, 110' Dutton rms, wall b., gar, .330, tk- ius VIEW ST, 4416 Attr. 4 rms, sun, unf, gar, trans. HU-0726, WALKER AV. Grand dlst, newly renov.; fireplace, tur . nace; garden. Nr. K. R. QL-8780, 4TH AVE, 1560 -Very attraotlv, 8 room flat, upper, BKfst. nooi h. w. floors, linoleum, range, $2 Sunny. 21 AVE, 1960, corner duplexj ha. t a f ran, raa a 27 AVE, 1733 Nice 4 rm. mod. duplex, garage, wash rm tauy 46 ST, 863 Mod. 2 rms, newHTj decorated; nr. trans,; reas. ) 49 ST, 620 Sunny 8-room, hard wood floors, moo. I w. Deas.i reno.; garage, sau. I 64 ST., 7472 and furn, rms, gar. Low, steam neat, ti. v rent. 65TH AVE, 2661 Lovely newl I. . i-nr dun.. Havenscourtl nr. S. P.; kltch. fur.; gar. Keas. 106 AVE.. 1256 Fur. 8-rm, bkft. rm, Chstfld, gar, nr. uuran DUPLEX, 4 rooms, fine view rent reasonaui. in namj st, TKlephone MB rrltt Z3ft3. . un in urt RWMT free Sunny 8 rm. unfurn. apt. flat, wis bed, lln, stove. $20. ME-0547. j 12 BUNGALOW COURTS at -a pita COURT. 1640 2$ Ave. nr. Footn II. New a rm, r ire- proof. Furn. unesiernem, BROOKDALE Ave, 3757 2s an 8s, furnished, 840 ana io, incu garage, STEAM H B i', t muiui AIRE, etc.: near Aiienaaie snop- nlng center. AiN aover ,an iiwifiHT WAY. 1815 New 8-rm, furn, unf, h. wtr, St. ht, real frig.; $35 up. TH ornwall 0667. E. 29 ST 1929A Caty sun. furn. u. nk,. bath. Must be seen to-be appreciated. FR, 8576B; MERRIT COURT, 1720 3rd Ave. j 8 rms, hdwd. firs, gs range. S F trans, nr. Lske Merrltt, I28 45 ST., 628 BUNGL. CT- Mod. I rms, rum, reas. t 64 ST.. 623. nr, Shattuck Fur. I un., mon. rrn-., un- um ' h . all . t-4- 1 $25 Fnr. mod. I rm. court apt. I60$i: 11 ave. no. ii car ai oi. 23f uu ,.ru u-,r i ' '" ' "'"' ALISO HOTEL APTS. ' E. 12 St. and Srd Ave. "j HO lllday 7847,. Lake dlst 2-8 rms, shower, Frigid, sieai-heat, elec, $35 up. Walking dle. tance. Also dally, wegfcly rate, Oar. In connection, f AVALON HOTEL, 20U0 Teleg. hot, cold water. 84 wk. up. i Broadway at 22nd I bL ; KEY ROUTE INN " ols "A GOOD FAMILY HOTEL." Large lobby, fireplace; best fun nishings, fr. $6 -wk, $22.50 ma. Free baths, coffee shop, garage. l-e MOtei. Bail rmiw California at 25 st. offers tt new hotel, serviced apts, and rmsy for Inspection. FEDERAL, 1558 Bdwy, new lobe bv and eievaior. mim. HOTEL OLYMPIC E. 12th and 2nd Ave. GL-248S. All bath and show.; $8 $9, $1 wk. Beau, furn.; fireproof gar. r 11)1 641 22 st, nr Grove LAlil All renov. outside rms, hot wat, EOo day OP. $3 wk. up, car sp. I A lr 1TC Tni? E. 12 snd 2 Ave. LAKCiOlJJC, GL-3471. Private and detaeh. bath, show, $6 wk, upT garage In connection. $1 wk. fiolew Hoiel Pi IP I 3451 Piedmont appointed, reas Piedmont ' Ave. Well appointed, reasonable rstee. American or European plan, near Key train and enrs. P1-X71. ,1 61 14 at Renov. $ il dajtlj $5 uni t u'"'" 14 wk. with bath CT 1 A pr Franklin at 12U SI.MAlXlV . miiv-Tourist, $35. $40 mo.; $40, 145, 550 with hath: gar. $6 mo. Louis Alier, Mgr, T, 16'h and Clay, $1.50 lOUrameto S5.5: also wkly. (Continued)

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