Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 18, 1930 · Page 42
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 42

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 18, 1930
Page 42
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SUNDAY Oaklanti Ciibunt MAY 18, 1930 UTO RJCD .TO CEL. SWOT. OFUDEII I In Model Home The K. A. Johamon-Seara, Roebuck model home at 4507 Allendale avenue it attracting many viitor. The furniture display feature a domestic Oriental rag, a Khoehler cheiterfield et, a Bigelow-Hart-ford Axmintter rug, a Silvertone radio of exdutive Sears, Roebuck pattern, a wetern-made walnut dining-room et, and draperies from the local decorating department of the Koebuck company. Oakland Product New Market Vest Indies. Creates in Gorc t C. Feldman.'Nreneral di rector of sales for the Golden went Brswfns com Dan v. on of Oak land' plonser Industrie, recent- ly received an order for tie ship ment of a carload of "Golden Glow." consigned to Porto Rico. The shipment te feeing mad via the steamer "Sydney Hauptman" of the McCormlck Bteamship company, and is acheduled to leave Oakland. Mar 22. "A significant fact In connection with thle shipment to that "Golden Glow" was chosen In competition with manufacturers throughout the ation." states Feldman. Golden Glow. It is stated. Is now being distribnted as far north as Juneau. Alaska, and as far soutn the Mexican border, as well as In Nevada, Arizona, Texas and the Hawaiian Islands. The business of the Golden T7est Brewlna; company has grown to such an extent that the company Is now recognized as on of the largest and most progressive man nfacturers of beverages in the country. . Tho pUnF of tBsTirm isTTocated at Seventh and Klrkham streets, Oakland, and is equipped with the latest machinery. Many New Buildings Here Are Expanding (Continfted from Preceding Page,) trtbntlon of that firm's products than the present establishment at 143 3 Cypress street. Tho plant proper will be a two- story building of reinforced con crete. It will be equipped wUh the most modern machinery for the sanitary handling of dairy pro- fleets. Electrically operated doors are the outstanding features of the Jorgenson warehouse, made nec-euary by the rapid expansion of the company's business since It lo cated in Oakland two years ago. The building runs through the entire block from Third to Second streets, between Washington and Clay streets, and will house a stock of steel products aggregating more than 1000 tons. The Blake, Moffltt and Towns company also is occupying its new headquarters, erected so It could better serve its customers in the 1 antbsy area. Two stories high, the building, a class C structure, la designed so the heavy wood frame supporting the second floor will carry a superficial load of -200 pound per square foot. The city's new garage on Fifth avenue Is a reinforced concrete fireproof structure 200 feet long and 200 feet wide. It has sufficient floor spacs for all the equipment of the street department and In addition provides for washrooms, paint shops, service stations and repair ehops. Rodman, Harding, Folak Com pany, ua Nortiiarn California dis joining company, ars the IIRD I V ' n CROWDS V S T WARD S NAMES NEWEXECUTIVE MODEL HOI K, A, Johanson, Oakland builder, reports that hundreds visited the Johanson-Sears, Roebuck model home on Allendale avenue last Sundsy. The entire group of homes recently completed by Johanson, was viewed by the visitors. The model rurnisned nome was the center of Interest. It waa furnished under direction of G. A. Vandernyne of the local Sears, Roe buck store, and it embodies the latest ideas in home decoration Expense has been kept at a mini mum. according to Vandernyne. Preparations are being made to take care of an even larger crowa today. The houses are located on Allendale avenue, and are reacneo bv driving out E. Fourteenth to High street and North on High to Allendale. H. ti. Brown, manager of Mont gomery Ward . Company's retail atores, announces the appointment io f R. B. nnrt is ranldlv taking shape as modsrnly equipped landing field and will be ready for flying opera tions about July 1, The first unit of development a large rectangular nangar feat lona- and 120 feet wide, al ready Is under construction. The foundation has been poured and the structural ateei columns are being erected. , It will have a housing capacity sufficiently large trlhutors for the Utt1 Spates Reft accommodate 60 small ships or fining company, ara the' builders of the new estuary gasoline and oil distributing center. At present the plant Includes four 20,000 gallon tanks, but work is In prngreas to augment these with an 160.009 gallonstorage tank. - The oil station, covering several acres of ground, is served by both spur tracks and a marine terminal. The flan Francisco Bay Airdrome six of the new 22-passenger Fok ker planes being used by Western Air Express. ' The surfacing of the landing field and runways la of washed oyster shells dredged from San Francisco bay. Two shell runways have been laid out, one running north and south and the other east and weet. The north and south runway la lSBO feet long and sou feet wide, and the other is 1800 feet long and 400 feet wide. if REMAR BREAD SELECTED BECAUSE OF ITS HIGH QUALITY AND DELL CIOUS FLAVOR TO BE . SERVED IN THE GRILL OF THE CALIFORNIA HOTEL i jooeccoooooeopeoooooooooooeoec 1 i M acAUiater a sales pro motion and n d vertlslng manager of the retail store. Mao Alllster will s u c c s d George A. W h Itcomb, who is t ransferrcd to the Sacra m e n t o store. In .' a nnounclng 'j the appoint- m e n i, rown said: MacAllls- ter has been ! with the company for the past five years in the advertising and sales pro motion department. The promotion Is based entirely on meri torious service. During the five years MacAlllster has been with the company he has fully demon strated his loyalty and capability. The position he la now filling requires a man who has a thorough knowledge not only of advertising, but also of merchandising." OPEN 11 OF ETO 0 1 NEW HOTEL Structure Entirely " Modern and Will Be Part of, - Chain System. California Hotel Opens Today This one hundred and seventy-five-room hostelry on San Pablo at Thirty-fifth street is holding "open house" today. The location on San Pablo avenue was. selected to cater to travelers entering Oakland from the north. The Eastbay Hotel Corporation is the owner and Axel Bern (inset) is the manager. The California Poppy- Girls orchestra is supplying the - music - for - the - "open house"- ceremonies. Clay ButtcII was the architect for the building, and the Wonderlite company made the electric signs. Br w. niriMi. .... An "Open House" program at the new California Hotel on San Pablo at Thirty-fifth street, today marks the inauguration of a new hotel chain for ThS' Pacific Coast, according to Axel Bern, the man ager. The new hotel comprises one hundred and seventy-five rooms, of which one hundred and fifty are hotel rooms and the balance apart; ment suites. The owner Is the Eastbay Hotel Corporation, in which Edward Sommarstrom, Hugo Sommarstrom, J.' Ooldsteln and Axel Bern are principal stockhold ers. An announcement reads: 'The California Hotel represents an Investment of approximately four hundred thousand dollars and Is to be operated as a first-class hostelry at moderate rates. Axel Bern, the manager. Is an experi enced hotel man, having been in the hotel business in Stockholm, Sweden, in Los Angeles, in Santa Barbara and Watsonvllle. Herbert Hoppe, assistant manager, was formerly with the Harrison Hotel in Oakland and prior to that was wlth.ib.a )ikA HoULtjChlca BANQET BOOMS. Benasstnl brothers will operate a coffee shop in the hotel, and will also be caterers in the large ban quet room on special occasions. The banquet room will be available for clubs, conventions and public gatherings. A tea room for small lun- heon clubs, and for afternoon teas, Ur located on the mezzanine floor, adjacent to the muslo bal cony. Immediately off the main lobby is a rustlo patio which also forma a side entrance to the hotel. Free garage accommodations are provided. On the roof of the build ing are two observation towars, from which a panorama of the entire San Francisco Bay aera may be enloyed. . "The furnishings Include heavy silken draperies and furniture of mahogany in - modified Spanish tyle. All rooms are maintained automatically at a constant tern perature. Other facilities Include fast Spencer elevator service, genuine Frlgldalre in the dining rooms and apartment suites, Graybar Crawford electrio ranges, Marshall and Stearns beds, and other con veniences. " BTEEL CONSTTiCCnOX. "The-hotel is of steel frame con structlon, fire-proof, with all floors covered with asbestos. The walls and floors have been thoroughly sound-proofed, and there Is positively no sound passage through them. The beautiful terrazzo floors of the main lobby, reception rooms and stairways, the mahog any woodwork and the crystal pen dant lighting fixtures should, also be mentioned. "Transportation facilities are Wrf ' V C , . 1 ti MV ' 1 Iflu:, K 9'- ill' X in kMii HOTEL-LIFTS. STYLE ID I Vngipaai J s r i -Mi. ; ' tt. - ml ; ho ' f 1 i . ' i -' ' ..... t . i riilJiinii.inl t I A feature of the modern equipment installed in the new Cali-'ornia hotel on Ban Pablo avenue the Bpencer elevator service; A .m i'rrintion of the eaulpment reads: "This service consists of an elec-li lc passenger elevator designed to -arry approximately 12 people at a peed of 300feet per minute. It is operated automatically from push buttons. J "Noteworthy in the construction. "f the control equipment ltseit ie he-utilization of "Rectox." This patented- Westlnghouse feature en-bles the use of direct current to 'iperate the elevator controller and brake, thereby obtaining a prac-,. . ticallv noiseless and smooth op- i ration for this type of installation; i ihile alternating current Is re- :i mined for operation of the motor. . hlch is the latest achievement in fp modern elevator science, will be y handled exclusively throughout j Northern California by the Spen- ii cer Elevator company of San Francisco." PHOENIX WIMj CELEBRATE. Plans are being made by the Phoenix chamber of commerce for ik golden anniversary of the founding of Phoenix on February 6, 1931. The city will reach Its half century mark on that date. particularly convenient, the hotel being near the main Santa Fe depot, a block from the -Key Route trcjns to San Francisco, a mock frtfm ths main thoroughfare to the Ban Francisco auto ferry. Four Oakland carllnes pass the door." Company Opens Headquarters Tltogen Corporation has estab lished headquarters at S601 East Fourteenth street where It will dis tribute a product known as "Ylvo-gen." "Vlvogen". is a synthetic beverage which is sold In five-gallon bottles. In the past, this product has been shipped to local users from southern California, but because of the increased number of consumers in this territory it was decided to establish a branch here. The local office will serve northern California. The Pacific coast headquarters Is maintained In Pasadena,- and distributors are also located In Han Diego, Banta Ana, and Riverside. Samuel Zion, the local manager. states that If the northern California market warrants it, a fac tory will be constructed in the Eastbay district. Naturally . . ..the unusual NEON SI HERKICK IRON WORKS Bnalnavrs. Fabricators. Manu facturers, Structural Hteel for iuIlUlnga, Industrial Build- QUICK DELIVERIES FROM STOCK 18th and Campbell Sit.', Oakland ;aoooooocooooooooooocooca Atop the Hotel California are by - The word Wonderlite on Neon signs Is like that of Tiffany on Jewelry or Ktelnway on planus. Yet Wonderlite Neon Signs cost no more than ordinary Neon signs and often are lower In price. Their superiority is due to the fact that Wonderlite alone controls the brilliant inventions of Metcalf. of Cummlngs and Fmlth. They are giving satisfaction to large numbers of California's outstanding Institutions such as these in the East Bay: Atameds Title Ineurano Co. Cslifornls Hotel 6brmn Clsy and Ce. Rocsil's Motor Eleetrls Co. Stadium Gsrags Dursnt Motor Co, Factory Neih Motors Berkeley Motor Hotel Alameda, Fax Theater Wonderllte's Pan Francisco factory provides rapid eervtc to ail of Northern California, manufacturing signs that rar.ee In price from Hi te KS.00S and are sold on the em, eat of terms. Write or telephone Wonderlite about your Keoa si ga requirements. Our designers and engineers will be glad te serve you at ao cost to you. MORWEAR PAINTS SUNTESTED WALL PAPERS for the California Hotel y from M. Friedman & COMPANY JT storks jar Oakiaad. Hrrkeley A' Frnltvale A f ZfOtOCCGGCGGOSC THE CALIFORNIA HOTEL EQUIPPED WITH THE LATEST INVENTIVE DEVELOPMENT IN PERFECTED LOCKS ADAPTABLE to reildWei, apartments, stores, hotels and office buildings... with a type of lock especially designed for each installation. A quality lock at a moderate price. Manufactured by J- Ry-Lock Co. Ltd. 2485 Washington Ave. San Leandro SW tttcood X369 coeeoeeooooeeosogoooo California Grill at the California Hotel 35th and San Pablo featuring Italian de Luxe and Steak DINNERS Special inducements for clubi, lodges and private parties. BENASSINI BROS., Props. Phone Piedmont 2485 JCOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOv Lamp Changers Protect Fliers Automatic lamp -changers have been installed on the 2,000,000 beam candlepower beacon lights on transcontinental and Faclflo toast mall passenger lines, ao that It a lamp burns out, another one i automatically-- placed in circuit within a fraction of a second. Boeing System, which files the lighted airways between Oakland and Chicago; has just received word of the installation by the department of commerce, which provide the lighting. Astronomic time clocks have also been in stalled at all beacons connected with commercial power. These clocks switch on the current at sunset and off at sunrise. Ten Per Cent Reduction in Costs A debt limit which may be placed against real property for taxes, the use of employees of the city and county law and engineering depart ments througnsut the state to do the work of preparing the legal and engineering features of improve ment work, rather than having this work done privately, are some of the recommendations made by the special assessment committee of the California Keal Estate association. The chairman stated that the latter suggestion would result In a saving of approximately 10 per cent of the cost of the work. "The Hlghts," except slong Palo Seco creek, was barren of trees at he time it was purchased by Joaquin Miller. He planted about 75,000 hardy trees, such as the ronterev cypress. Eucaiymr-ana - Acacias, and the park Is now a real forest. seceoseeooesc Served exclusively at i WANSEW 8 CALIFORNIA GRILL AMERICAN Creamery Co. MILK, CREAM BUTTER & EGGS Delivered in all Eastbay Cities vaooooooocoooooooooooocfl FRUITS AND VEGETABLES for On CALIFORNIA GRILL . fom -Angeli Bros. 220 Franklin. St. FRankliti4330 QOOSOQOC Success to the , California Hotel and : Congratulations to AXEL BERN, Mgr. from (he Union Pacific Lauridry and ToweT Supply Co. 830-34 28th St. fcsooooooccoooooooooooooca FRIGID AIRE Genuine Frigidairo refrigeration service it provided in the suites and grill of the ' California Hotel The best refrigeration in any way you look al it FRIGID AIRE CORPORATION 2054 Broadway OLympic 9700 uoooooeeoeooooeocoooeQeoooeeooooec 0O0O0OOOSO00O0OOSOOO0OOO0000SSO80000! You Are Invited to "OPEN HOUSE" ' AT THE CALIFORNIA HOTEL 35tFi and San Pablo Avenue Saturday and Sunday March 17th and 18th Music by ' ... i "California Poppy Girls' Orchestra Inspect this new beautiful notel on Oakland's main artery to the north, 1 75 rooms and baths, fire and quake proof, lobby and lounge, writing rooms, reception and banquet rooms, dining room, coffee shop, observation towers, and free garage service. Also completely furnished apartments with full hotel service. Excellent San Francisco and Oakland transportation. Satisfied guests will be our greatest satisfaction S . Piedmont 2485 abooaoeceoeccooooeccooogcooooeooeoooooooge GRAYBAR. CRAWFORD ELECTRIC RANGES Selected for the California Hotel "THE DUROSPEED RANGE" GRAYBAR ELECTRIC CO. 222 9th Street. HOlliday 3939 If ICt Electric It', Modern mm SpencerElevator Go. ) Ififi.lflfl SEVENTH ST. V 166-180 SEVENTH ST. SAN FRANCISCO.CAUE K 9 I Entire HARDWARE and Light Fixtures in the New California Hotel Furnished by w it v Washington, 13th and 14th Stt. Q THE CALIFORNIA HOTEL S quipped throughout with q Kramer Flush Valves I 8 MANUFACTURED BY S KRAMER VALVE CO. S C ELECTRICAL & k 6 CONTRACTOR 6 8 I- a WL R for sV" RING find RADIO jj 4he California Hotel 634 E.17th St. GL tneourt 9561 wooeoooooocoeoooeocccoea Decorative Tile for Baths, Sinks and Store Fr o n t s RIGNEY TILE CO. 3012 Harrison Blvd. ;joooeoeoooee AH Millwcrk, Cabinets, Sash and Doors from CLINTON MILL o i triinrn re O Foot of Fourth Ave. LCOOSOSCOSCOdSOC ORNAMENTAL IRON forth Californim Hotel by th LIBERTY ! ORNAMENTAL IRON AND WIRE WORKS Inc. 2 1 st and Filbert Sts. ElghgattUa eoooooaocoi'Xgooocoooas FLOORS & STAIRS for the California Hotel by OAKLAND 8 - CONCRETE TERAZZO i b A lrtrt.-i.- V IF 1 P 1 and m CO. S I I 0 SUCCESS - to the . Builders & Owners ' of the California Hotel B. SIGWALD HANSON 7J yl c. 6 .'.Vt. iiri- ; r t Clementina ocreer 2227 Market 170 CTit ST. SAN F3ANCISCO HEML0cm33O SAN FRANCISCO OA U 2i52 X O A " ' "-- jooooooooooooocccccooooooooooacocosceoocoocooecc3 1 i.sjcscsscjcoccos' fcO90S00O000CCO900SSSCOS. UH AMbUIC O 1 I st 8

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