Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 18, 1930 · Page 41
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 41

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 18, 1930
Page 41
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tSj , " " ;.. nrrt r r- r , yn : r-iiiujijunrrii r rrrrT r" " f ' ' n,n. w-""wyM ..... wy. ... i wwp. s . 1111 W- Ffpw T 1 OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. MAY 18, 1930 H U I Mil IV iKMW US?. Xsssf JUL . A4. A M I EXSERVICE MEN BUY ilniOIES-l AUMEDA COUNTY WITH STATE AID O Value of Property Acquired Under Bond Issue Placed at $5,4 10,5 15 Former service men in Alameda county have bought 1131 homes and two farm.8 ata total cost of $5,410,513 through the state veterans' welfare board since 1921, it was' revealed today by George M. Stout, secretary of the board at Sacramento. The.tojal cost of-homes purchased in Alameda county up to May 1 of this year is $5,403,065, Stout repdrted, and the cost of the two farms amounted to $7450. Alameda county ranks second among the counties ot the state In the number of homes and farms purchased by veterans through" the -welfare board, being surpassed only by Los Angeles county where 2466 homes and six farms have been purchased at a total cost of $11,867,-127. San, Francisco ranks third wfUi 881 homes bought costing $4,-318,B26,,. - In the state at large a total of $35,510,872 has been spent by war veterans for 7155 homes and 290 farms. Alpine and Sierra counties are the only ones in the states not represented. The total cost of homes was $33,918,235, giving an average of $4740. The 290 farms pur-Chased cost a total of $l,E92,B3rrr an average of $5491. The rush of former service men "back to the land" has slowed up considerably, Stout said, only one farm having been purchased by the board since February 1. Fresno, Imperial, San Joaquin and Tulare counties have been favored by veterans in the selection of farms. Fol- -lowingys a complete tabulation ol the Investments by counties: County, Amador . . . . Butte ....... Calaveras . . . Colusa ...... Contra Costa Del Norte 7. . El Dorado . . Fresno . . . , ,,. filenn Humboldt , . , Kern ...... Kings Lake ...... Lassen IOS Angeles Madera Marin Mendocino. , Modoc Mono . Napa I 1 Nevada , if. Placer ........ ' Orange I'lumas Riverside Sacramento' San Benito ','.., Sun Harnardjno San Diego . . . , . San Francisco , , f) Ran Luis 'Obispo San Mateo Santa Barbara , Santa Clara . . . . Santa Cruz . . . . Shasta Siskiyou Solano . . , ... ... Sonoma Stanislaus Sutter Tehama , Trinity Tulnre Tuolumne ...... Ventura-Yolo .... . .Yuba TotalB : . .7155 If nines Homes Farms Farms H. F. Total Cost of Total Cost of Ttl. Cost of ..1131 $ 5,403,065 2 $ 7,450 $ 5,410,515 .. 1 , 7,600 7.500 . . 53 236,140 7 - 35,420 271,560 , . 1 3,100 . . 3,100 3 13,500 4 27,000 40,500 ..121 560,350 2 15,000 581,850 1 5,000 . . 5,000 . , 6 28,200 a 10,500 88,700 . . 1ST' S01, 350 3!) 213,945 1,015,205 . . 4 . 19,500 4 26,260 45,760 . , 18 . 56,400 . . . . 56,401) 10 70,950 .HI 130,775- 201,725 . .- H)6 248;or.O 12 64,600 . 812,660 . . 19 84,150 6 32,000 116,150 2 9,400 1 6,700 16,100 fi 23,500 23,500 . .2-MiO.. 11,828,460 6 38,667 11,867,127 ,.15 68,200 12 69,150 137,350 "8 363,925 1 3,550 367,475 . 8 36,400 36,400 . 26 115,850 7 44,500 160,350 1 3,000 1 6,500 9,600 . .. - , . , ,-t. , . , 1 6,000 6,000 . 14 63,975 3 12,760 76,726 . ,6 " . 23,200 3 15,787 38,967 3 11,600 , 11,500 . 21 96,400 2 , ,500 105,900 . 64 : 298,680 ) 19,600 318,280 . . . 1 7,600 7.600 . 78 350,585 18 104,05ft 454,636 . 618 2,941,370 3 - 15,200 2,956,670 .' ... 2 16,000 15,000 . 101 '450,100 15) ' 93,030 . . 643,130 . 1 94 897,025 5 22,100 919,126 . 881 4,818,525 .. 4,318,625 ,1114 906,120 24- 138,910 1,045,030 . 11 61,500 ........ 61,500 , 170 ,824,500 .'. .... 824,600 . 53 247,425 1 '7,600 254,925 . 175 816,210 , . ... . 816,210 . 21 - 98,500 4 28,260 124,760 18,500 1S.500 . 17 70,280 . . ,. 70,280 . 33 156,400 3 18,000 174,400 . 22 100,950 6 I. 22,463 123,413 .- 65 254,800 15 78.164 32,984 .'13 51,850 7 . 48.125 99,975 8 38,350 4 , .22,550 , 60,900 " ' 6,500 . - 6,500 . 81 345,250 24 . 131.700 476,950 6,000 .. ,. 0 000 f 2,1,350 1 - 7,500 278,850 . 34 160,950 - 4 IS, 450 180 400 1-.. 64,450 2 6,500 70,950 .7155 $35,91 8,235 290 $1, 592.636 $35,610,872 New Units of Diversified Eastbay Industrial and Trade Plants Developments in the Eastbay industrial and trading world, covering a wide field of activity, and costing hundred of thousands of dollars, are under construction in widely' separated areas, of the industrial section skirting this side of the bay. A few of the many new plants are shown here. At the left is the new $80,000 Earle M. Jorgenson company warehouse on Third street, between Washington and Clav streets, while at the right is an aerial view of the $150,000 Rheem Manufacturing company properties in Richmond. The oval shows the new $73,500 municipal garage at fifth avenue and East Seventh street. Below are the $200,000 American Creamery company plant now under construction at Fourteenth and Poplar streets, at the left, and the $50,000 wholesale paper establishment of the Blake, Moffitt and Towne company at Sixth, and Webster streets, at the risflit. TRIBUNE photos. ' '' - '-'''' - Los Angeles Realtors To Compete at Golf DEL MONTE, May 17. Not to be outdone by San Francisco bay realtors, the Los Angeles Kealty board Is actively engaged In sending- up entries for the California - Realtors' golf tournament at Del Monte May 23 to 25. According'to reportSr aiv-imusHally-etrong contingent from Los Angeles will compete, this year. Harold G. Ferguson, president of the Los Angeles Realty board, has named the. following committee to gather' southern entries: XV. E. Dimmick, chairman; Robert Mason. Clarence tean, E. M. Loftus. Frank Greve, . W.. Grant, C, -C. C. Tatum. Louis Best Oak Flooring Obtainable , Mfg. by INLAID FLOOR COMPANY 40fi7 WATTS ST,, KMKKl'VIIXK OLympic 7150 5-16 in. by 2 In. Jst Gr PI W at, M 5-18 In. by 2 tn. 2nd Gr PI W af, 31. , 5-18 In. by 7-8 Jn. 2nd Gr PI at, M Lonjrer Ivnictli ihnn averngr. J-'nll thlcknesM, utralwht. 2 10 days SO day lift Ifss $3.00 la.i $10Q.OO '60 Permanent Offices By Horse" Show Here The ' Oakland National Horse snow wm maintain permanent offices in the city for the administration of next year's event, it was announced aunnjr the past week by R. Stanley Dollar, new presj- uem or inn organization. At the annual election. Dollar was chosen president and ... William G. Volkmann named first vice-president. The new executive committee consists of George W. Baker Jr.. R. A. Carrlngton, William Cavalier, Harry H. Fair, Stuart S. Hawley, Ralph W. Kinney, Joseph R. Knowland, Harry A. Mosher, Frank H. Proctor and Sherwood Swan. BIG CITRUS DEAL One of the largest citrus acreage iransiers in several months was made recently when Arthur S. Hoi den and Frank Hudson ot River siaa sola tneir 117-acre orange grove to Charles Latimer of Ontario at a reported price of $2000 per acre. The orchard.. one of the choicest in the Riverside district, consists of 8t acres of navels and 25 acres of valenciasrwith 11 acres occupied, by buildings. Uncle Sam's big- family has an Income close to 100 billions of dollars, of which 50 billions were earned by the work -a-day .world,, This places a big value on the nation's bread winners. Speculators and investors cut a big dash In commercial world affairs, but there is nothing, like wages and salaries to keep money In circulation. With $5,000,000 In building permits actually issued for 1929, in addition to more than L3. 000.000 of development on the university j cinnpufs uemeiey. nas enjoyea one of her most successful building years. - --z i J H-l 1 M f . ....... IWwi8?i)swftwfliSMiri&, - I 1 yT ' . , GEWSLER-LEE With the announcement made today by G. J. Gensler, president, that the Gensler-Lee J-ewelry com pany has purchased the Simon Jewelry company, a three-store California chain, the Gensler-Lee stores now total sixteen In number. The newly acquired unils are lo cated in San Jose, Stockton and Modesto. An announcement-by the Gens ler-Lee Jewelry company reHils: 'Founded in Han -Francisco thirty years ago, the Gensler-Lee Jewelry company entered the chain Rtoro field in 1921, when this type of organization was in its Irtfancy, A rapid period of expansion has followed, reaching a high point dur ing the .past year in which eight stores have been added, including units In Philadelphia. Boston, and New York. California stores, numbering eleven, are in San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, Sacramento, Han .lone. Stockton. Modesto, Fresno, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. Denver and Chicago span the continent to the stores on the Atlantic side. G. J. Gensler,. president, and Ralph C. Lee,ae& retary,' are sole stockholders. Realty Commissioners To Meet in Northwest Following the plan proposed at the last annual convention of the California Real Estate association when real estate license law offi cials of the western states were in conference, the Pacific Northwest Real Estate association, which wan voted the next meejin of the com missioners, has extended an invitation to these officio Is to met-t Longvlew, Washington, August 17 to 20, in conjunction with the an nual convention of that body. The invitation was signed by C. John-ion, rhalrnmn. Western States License Law Officials. ubo deputy real estate commlrfsoner of Oregon. A program of peclal nterest is being prepared tor the visiting officials. Advantages of Port of Oakland Told in Booklet "The Port of Oakland, Oakland, California Unique Western Terminus for Air, Sea, Rail, Highway," Is the title of a comprehensive and artijtio booklet Just Issued by the board of port commissioners of the city of Oakland. The publication wan edited and compiled by Hal . Wiltermood, advertising representative for the port of Oakland, at the direction of the board of port commissioners, and contains 40 pages of both text and illustrations. Particularly impressive among the illustrations are photographs of the motorship "Ojlkland" of the llambure-Amer- loan line, and a huge map showing the port of Oakland and its improvements. The Oakland municipal airport is also exhaustively dealt with, and this Section of the booklet is illustrated with .numerous reproductions of harjgars, of administrative offices, etc' Under the chapter "Industrial Advantages," it is stated: "Oakland's immediate trade area embraces all of the territory west of the Rocky mountains, which has a opulation of more than 12,000,000 people. Low production costs and adequate rail and water transportation facilities, however, make BUILDING PERMITS. The summary of applications for building permits .for the week end ing .Wednesday, May 7, 1930, was 70 permits totaling $99,855. COME TO THE BARGAIN SPOT, New Garage Doors Special 6 lights glazed !i 7 T7 pair . 77Vo?r 7tx7:S linlr New 3-Piece Plumbing " Set Complete to the rough plumbing Good I Toilet Seats Garden Hose, Extra quality. almost new, ft. Only ?46'50 Homeloaris Flat or yC Installment 'The Disappearing mortgage Bonded Insured S. FRIEDMAN CO. - F 2200 E. 12th St wreckers FR uitvale 1SS1 l-.faynMfnts only S10.00 per iuou4iu. Inclnding interest. 2. Loaus - running until paid with No Due Date. - S. Prc-psyment privilege wlth- - out penalty. 4. No Life Insurance required. Flioa H. W. will Uil nak iuwt ba at ecoa without cost to you. Otklsad OffiM 4404 Franklin St. GZ. oaooart S7SS Borkol.oy Offloo 505 American Trut Building SErkoloy 1331 F.E. FORBES COMPANY Lw "a It possible for local manufacturers to compete with eastern- manufacturers in the markets east of the Rocky mountains and west of the Mississippi river. "From the freight rate standpoint, Oakland serves 72.2 per cent of the 8,800,000 population of the states of -Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico at less cost than Oregon and Washington shipping points, and 57.4 per cent of this population at less cost than Southern California commercial' centers. Oakland is immediately adjacent 'to approximately 1,730,000 people in the San Francisco bay district and an additional 1,480,000 persons In California's rich agriculturalltistricts, the Sacramento, San Joaquin, Sonoma and Santa Clara valleys. This city and neighboring communities are IS per cent closer to the entire Pacific) slope population tnan any other district on the Pacific coast." PIPE HI GETS WIN The Hazel-Atlas Glass company of California, Lt., manufactures glass bottles. Jars and tumblers, and has an investment In excess of $1,000,000 with an annual payroll exceeding zo,aoo. ' ' re loujer than -years . Reasonable ' lo .A.' R' " A Investment Fr6pertks., advise the tyP' suited for U best Harry C. Knight it BUILDER OAKLAND TUpkm HOHid.y 1785 00,000 with ari sedlng $200,000, ARI The American Concrete Pipe company recently announced the appointment of V. D. Case as dls-' trlct manager. Al B, Smith, formerly In charge of this district, has been transferred to South America, it 1b stated. The American Concrete Pipe company has long been noted aa a pioneer in the manufacture of Hume centritugally spun reinforced concrete pipe, and its activities extend to all parts of the Pacific Coast, in connection with water and sewer systems. The firm recently completed the Installation of more- than 40,000 feet, of outfall Bewer pipe for the city of Berkeley, it is reported. BIO BUILDING PROGRAM Plans for the expenditure of $4,-000,000 In an expansive building program were recently announced by Mills College. Some of the new projects under sonelderatlon are an administration building, library, Infirmary, recitation hall and acl-ence-and art-units.- EAL BARGAIN 1 j J Hi; FOR SALE TOD AY New, Artistic, Well-Built AN UNUSUAL value this fine, new 6-room English residence." 'It has three bedrooms, entry hall, breakfast room, large laundry, storage room, and 2 -car garage. There are clear oak floors in living rooci and dining room; full tiled bathroom and shower room, automatic gas furnace; frigidaire, linoleum. Near grammar and high schools . . . fast, frequent Southern Pacific local and transbay transportation. Surrounded by fine gardens and residences in the $10,000 class a fully "established, restricted district. The type of home usually built for a private owner. An unusual value at $8,750. Located at 761 Lee Avenue, Broadmoor Park. 'Inquire al Iravl, office. Come earlg. ....'. E. B. FIELD CO. Bzk! Owners and Developers of l)u",n ,4vti r ' turn left to Rroad- T" 1 TT -f moor P mrk, or . Broadmoor rark as snZz f ci 15 electric warn 593 Dutton Avenue .Du"m ,Av- Phone SWeetwood 20S0 . VJu. Brocdmoor DELIVERY DEPOT N EARS FISH Construction of a new $50,000 delivery depot at Twenty-fourth street and Orln drive, between Val-dez and Harrison avenues, for the United Parcel Service company, now is nearing completion and Russell Guerne De Lappe, architect, announces it will bo ready tor occupancy about July 10. The depot will hoime $20,000 worth of equipment, as well as a feet of 70 delivery vehicles. The equipment will be of the most modern inventions to facilitate the distribution of parcels. The building, two stories high and of reinforced concrete con struction, will have 30,000 square feet of floor space. It rests on a foundation of piling. OF EASTBAY EXPANDING Factories aad Business Concerns Enlarge Plants to Care for Increased Business in Many Trade Lines Keeping abreast of extensive developments in the Eastbay's diversified business and industrial activities, many manufacturing and business firms now are engaged in expansion and construction programs involving hundreds of thou sands of dollars. - ine aeveiop-ment also includes additions to the Eastbay axir transportation facilities. These new centers, when completed and thrown Into operation, - will add materially to the already large annual receipts from Eastbay products sent into the marts of the world, and will result in large increases in the. payrolls of the business houses and factories worklnr at top speed to maintain the flow of Eastbay articles Into trade channels. Some of the newer construction projects, completed1 or In course of construction, Include: The new $150,000 Rheem Manufacturing company service station equipment factory In Richmond. The $200,000 plant of the American Creamery company at Fourteenth and Poplar streets. The $80,000 Earle M. Jorgenson company steel' product ware-, house at Third street between Washington and Clay streets. . The $60,000 wholesale paper warehouse and dlatribution plant of the Blake. Moffittt and Towne company, at Sixth and Webster streets. lMSTRIBPTlON UNITS. The first unit of the United States Refining company's Northern California distribution center, which will be located on the Alameda side of the estuary between Blanding and Oak streets, and which will cost $75,000. The new municipal garage at East Seventh street and Fifth avenue and which will cost $73,640. The San Francisco Bay Airdrome located in the center of Alameda's rapidly developing industrial area. The Rheem company's plant, which is already occupied. Is one Lot the most modern service sta- tion equipment manufacturing establishments in the west. It now gives employment to more than 100 men, but the working force will be Increased to more ths 160 men when additional equipment and manufacturing facilities are installeaBo Thei company, which maintains , its 1 general headquarters in Oakland, serves eleven western states. COVERS SIX ACRES. The property where the plant 1 located formerly was occupied by the Public Steel Package plant, it contains more than six acres. The plant proper, 200 feet long and 135 feet wide, was erected by H. J. Chrlstensen with A. Fro-berg is the architect, and Is of class C construction. It includes ail the late facilities for the convenience of workers, -who will do the greater part of their work without the aid of artificial light. Tre American Creamery plant will be completed about August 1. and when ready for occupancy will offer greater facilities for the discontinued on Next Page.) 1 aft S RATES A LOW AS MONTHLY PER 1000 Including All Interest, Too NO CHARGE FOR INVESTIGATION THE WESTERN Has assets of over $29,000,000.00, and having been in successful operation for over 37 years, our experience and ability to properly serve should strongly appeal to you as a prospective borrower. Plenty of time for repayment Plenty of money to loan WESTERN LOANS ARE PLEASING THOUSANDS i "" .'-.-.,.' .- If you intend to L Buy, Build, Improve or Refinance Better See Us OAKLAND BRANCH ' Western Loan & Biiilding Cen?::v rsTABLISHKU 1S2 FOI JiDKD Bit P. W. Mi' S (Head Offlceai Salt Lake CI It I , , Assets over $29,000,000X3 C. H. McEntyre, District ?!;--r 1930 Broadway .

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