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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
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Wednesday, June 4, 1930
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D WEDNESDAY EVENING afclanO Crfftuite JUNE 4, 1930 REVERSES When Steamer Burned at Dock GIVEN BUMPED NOSE Within Law - MRS. RUTH VASQUES, who admitted that her Oakland apartment was visited by alleged baiiditf, but who said the refrained from taking any part in their activities. She declared that the thought of her husband and .child outweTghed any tendency she might have had to become a "bandit queen." TRIBUNE photo. Here w the tint photograph to reach the mainland of the "Clty of Honolulu as he wa burning beside her Wharf in Honolulu May 23. Shortly aftef the photograph was taken the vessel listed to her normal position and wa tunk in 32 feet of water to extinguish the flames. She was ordered sunk to prevent the explosion of 16.000 barrels of fuel oil .which she included in her cargo. A. P. photo. TO ASSIST CAUSES DEATH CURRY ICE OF MOTORIST :hinese NATIONALIST FORGES-SUFFER 'DINNER HRS.OWEI SWAMPS II I PHIS iwbiimhit -. UU y LIIHIFIL.il I I iIOPS FLEE L .:flf,l FOES i n; i , Japanese and Other Alien Nationals Are Evacuating J- Danger Zone as Northern RebeU Press On SHANGHAI. June 4. tW Jitp-"'iriese dispatches today stated that the Nationalist frovtrnmtnt armlet 'bad tuff ertd reverse throughout "ITonan province. The Northern Alliance rebels attacked In heavy force, compelling the Nationalist , to retreat, ..The Nationally In northern . thantung province, the Japanese dlnpatchee said, were withdrawing south of the Yellow river Before 3.-th advancing northerners. -. .Jt is reported that the Katlon- a lints, seeking to prevent the rebels from croselng the Tellow river, re- - moved a portion of the Trentsln-' l ukow Railway bridge, rendering the span Impassable. FOREIGNERS LEAVlJfG 6wlng to the Imminence of hos-i .iitles at Talnah, Bhantung prov-' l ice, many Japanese resldentsyhave taken refuge at Teingtao, tin the tunst. . ." . The American consular ftuthori-,.(,; at Nanking have advised their . nationals between that city and . t.he Bhantung province, ooraer o ..l av the area, declaring it a "dan .. etrr tone." Chinese advice concerning hostilities In Honan province along the Haichow-Tungkwan and Peip-f Ing-Hankow railways are hope- i. -ssly conflicting. Both Sides claim victories in the struggle involving .more than 400,000 men.. 'COJIMCWICATIONS CRIPPLED "- ConimunlcatlOhS with Hankow 'li central China are badly crip-" i , 1 due to bandit depredations in ,nhwel provino. ThS brigand i atroyed a large, tectldn of tele ,( jph lines. Th bandit also ppled telegraphlo communica tion in Klanesl province. Martial law has been declared In Amoy, Fuklen province, as a pre caution against communists. " -nope are patrolling atreeta. Conditions ' in the Interior ot ;"tiutherri Fuklen are said to be ' r' owing nior turbulent, The eris-" i. at Changchow, 80 mllei west of ..Anioy, due to It siege by Reds, us eased slightly. The mission sales remain at their post ther. : . El Cernto's City Engineer' Admits Bi , ,4 Fee in Paving Work c .i (Continued From Pg 1.) 'rVi drive, also testified as' to th ' to& quality of the paving Job. t lie refuted testimony previously j vprt to the effect that George (.wen. Droihoter for the construc tion company, had brought liquor n hnrrei lnt to her home and - there bottled It and parcelled It out to paving Inspectors. Bhe said the hod onlv seen Oreett oncei lour years ago, and declared he had " i !pvr come to her home, and that Xo "I""? was brought there. 8he Jrtid nhe had not seen any evidence cf llniior drinking on the lob. ' , ' "When the grand Jury of Contra . Cbnta cpunty was eking George . A, Oreen Jr. in connection with -. ravlna investigation, was It not .: fruit t)t Green wa found In your home?" was the first question war rei put to Calfea. FXPIATN8 To'ytjnY i lXDING OF GltEEN. ; - Calfee admitted Green was at his home, and then explained to the Jury that Councilman Phil A. Lee had . requested Calfee to locate ' Green and Calfee had found Green - .it Ban Jose . . .. Green 1 th roan alleged by "the --prosecution to have been the Call fornla. Construction company pre-'-moter who tent Councilman Lee IS75 in currency through the mails while acceptance of the El Cerrlto fnrintructlon Job was pending. l:ndr eroee examination by -' Tvarren, Calfe testified that he received a fee ef 122,411.11 from . the construction tfompany for his .duties. In connection with the Job. -, The fee, Calfee testified, represent ed 4 per cent of the contract price . - which was more than $363,000. The - total essessment cost of th work : wit t405.000. ( Crnrklng of the- concrete paving ; in the El Cerrlto Job had been ex-; .pialned by Calfee in his direct ex-; amleatlon by loche as having been ; mused by adobe and clay sub grade. .' l-'nder cross-examination by War- ren the witness admitted that such a sub grade was not good and was f onr construction work. "Can eoncrete paving be laid . fcnon any eub grade which will not r"ult In eracks appearing In the pavement T" Warren asked the wlt-: nss, and It wee here that Calfee . jiinde an answer, which gave the ' crowd Ms second thrill of the after-; T.uon. TMT.Tj BEAltrVG FOR : twixa rnoPOSED. - :'If you put ball bearings tinder j rnncrete paving It will not crack," ! Calfee's anser. t "iJld you ever see a concrete , 'Ting laid tipon ball bearlngsf'j arren questioned, and the witness i i t red no. At the conclusion of yesterday's i-'i!on Calfee was being questioned i n allured defects appearing in the oncrete Job shortly after the work 1 been accepted by Calfee. die said he would question Cal-. further in this regard at today's on of court. Ire defendants are being tried charge growing out ef a grand r Ir.TMtJratioa of paving In the vmtlan Park district In Oak-, but the El Cerrite paring Job i tro isht Into the ease by the , -u:!"o as part ef the trmt '3 tr'.S-'y and eonsplracy i - ' 1 la Cskiazl, I 2 FREED IN S.F. POLICE MURDER Six Witnesses of Iloldup Fail to Identify Men Held is Suspects. BAN FRANCISCO, - Jan . After being arrted tnfl frilled for several hour a "suspeota la a waterfront holdup five weeks ago In which FatrblmaH John W, Mai- colm was murdered, Roy Sommtr and George Oscar Mannon were ab solved of all eonnaotlon with the cass by police shortly before noon toaay. Max M. Kahn and f. M. Murphy, officials of the California Btevedore and Ballast company, from whom bandit took a $4000 payroll, and four othtr witnesses to the holdup and shooting, faced a lineup of prisoners this mornlne? which In cluded fiommers, an admitted dope addict, and Mannon, a stsvedore, They failed to plok out either man as the bandit, and could not Identify the suspects as the bandits even when they were separated from the other prisoner. They said that Bommera answered the general description ef th smaller bandit,' but that lie was not the man. . According to Captain of Detee-tlvst Charles Dullea, Bommere' physical condition would have pre vented hi participation In th crime, and Mannon has Proved that ne is sieaany employed. The two men and Mannon' wife. Mrs. Josephine Mannon, were still held in lieu of 11000 ball each aa vagrante, however. Malcolm was shot and instantly killed by one of the bandits when he crossed their path as they were running from the scene of the holdup to their get-away car. Taken before Police Judge Oeorre Stelger today, the cases Of Bommere, Mannon and Mrs, Mannon were continued until tomorrow. K technical booking of the trio "en froute to Lot Angele" was dismissed after Becgeant Thomas Mclnerney, one or the officer to make the ar rests, declared that he had an booked them because of 4 partial j Identification of the tuspeeti mad by Kahn and later repudiated. Po. nee aiso earn th 11000. ball against each of the three on the vagrancy charge might be reduced If the Judge saw fit. Booze Boats Seized OrtLakeSt. Clair WINDSOR. Ont Jun 44 Ontario provincial police today reported the first seizures n linnnr undr the new Canadian law whloti prohibits exporte Into the United States. The marre O. W.-a selied on Lake Bt. Cleir at Btony u.iii, iuoprciur eianey Oliver reported. Heesald 1500 f were found, , A speed boat atnn m aafuA ) Stony Point and three men ar- rested.1 OAKFjAJfIF,R8 IW CAPITJj WASHINGTON. June 4 rh.. ter R. Grlmmett of Oakland an Mrs. Grlmmett. who are In the east on a buflnese trip are vlnltlng Washington today.' Representative and Mrs. Carter have been ahow- ng them points of intereet. Figures From Census Tally ELIZABETH, N. J, 114.151; In. or ii,7t or II per eent. BLYTHEVILLE. ARK, lO.eti; increase of l4l, or (( per eent. POCATELLO, IDAHO. 11,111: Increase ltd ar per ceal NAUOATUCK. CONN, I4.ITT1 deoreaee TT4 er S.I per cent. ALBUQUERQUE, N. M, II III; intra 11 Jo r It per eent OIL crrr. PA. m,l increase 174 S per eeft. Xi.v.: ... ','.'.' ' tut '. ' s y T T 7 - 0 crrAt , ',. President's Kin Figure in Reno Divorce Court RKlfO, Jnno 4s Relative of two former presidents of thfl tlnltcd (states wero either directly or indirectly Involved In divorce court proceeding! here today. Mrs. Kdwlna A. Garfield, wife of Jamea A. Garfield, grandson of the assassinated president, hat obtained a divorce on grounds of extreme ernelty. Papers In the case were kept secret. Custody of two minor children was divided by agreement, and ar property settlement reached out of court, . Mr Helen Draper Taft Ayer, former wife of Walbrldge Tart, nephew of the late William It. la ft, has for the second time established residence here to obtain a divorce. In 1920 she came here to divorce Taft. Now she lg seeking separation from her second husbnnd, Nathaniel Ayer, Boston Financier. Mrs. Ayer I the danchter of Geo. A. Draper, Boston manufacturer, and is reputed! one of the wealthiest women In Massa- chnsctts. MrSi Aver came here from RantA Harhara. PEBJH mi Jury Still Incomplete In Con- tpiracy Case Before Judge Landis. With tht original Jury panel exhausted, a special venire of IS Jurora was to be brought before Superior Judge J. B. Landis today In the trial of Dwight and Hardy Hutehtnoi on charge of conspir acy to auborn perjury and Suborna tion ef perjury. Attorney began their attempts to obtain a Jury when tht hearing opened last Wednesday. The defense hat exercised IS challenges slnca that time, and the prosecu tion it. Ram side pas to challenges, end should alt be utilized, It appeared improbable today that testimony would begin for at least another day, Th Hutchinson are charged In the grand Jury Indictment against them with inducing employees to twear to false affidavits In connection with bonds' placed with the city as security for proper performance of paving contracts. Deputy sheriffs gathered the special venire from the streets. Frank Gardella Trial Continued Until July 8 Trial of Frank Gardella, alleged Llvermore bootlegger, waa continued until July S when he appeared today before Superior Judge J. B. Landis on a charge of bribery and conspiracy to bribe. Judge Landis is now conducting the trial ot Dwight and Hardy Hutchinson, paving contractors, and In consequence It was found ; Impossible to bear Gardella's case at present ' n he i Miss MacDuffie Sets June 14 as Nuptial Date Saturday afternoon, June 14, has beea att at the date for' the marriage ef Mls Edna Buell' McDuffle and Horace D. Lyon ef Englewood. N. J. at t quiet eerrlce for which the beautiful gardene ef Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McDufflt la Roble road. Claremont will be the setting. Mist McDuffle le the daughter tt Mrs, M. B. McTHiffle ef Avtlon j N '" 'jJ?' -- 1 - v :x A RICH FOILS P S. F. Resident Saves $800 Gems by Ruse at Point of Gun. . i- BAN FRANCISCO, Jun A courageous woman outwitted bandit In th darkened lobby of fashionable Marina apartment house early today, saving 1800 In gemt despite a threat to "blow her brains out." The hold-un victim wa MM. Mabel Kurt. ISO Alhambra street Shortly after f a. m. she stepped out of a cab In front ef the apart rnent and pressed the button to gain admittance. Her husband, awaiting ner ar rival, released the front door lock and Mrs. Kurtz stepped Inside th lobby, where tht lights had been turned low. "Don't' scream and don't run, you're held op!" This command brought Mrs. Kurts fnce to face with a long-barreled revolver la the hands of a thug. "You're not going to hurt nje?" the woman inquired, parrying for time as she loosened two gem-stud ded rings from her nngers. "I'll only blow your brains out If t don't get your valuables," the robber declared. Mrs. Knrta dropped the ring to the floor. They were accompanied by her apartment key Intended to deceive the bandit a to the nature of what had fallen. The bandit stooped and fonnd only the key. Ho contented himself with a few dollnrt from Mrs, Enrti's purse and fled. Mrs. Kurts rushed to her apart' ment, and police found the rlnge In the lobby. Vesuvius Spouts Lava After Year of Quiet NAPLES. Italy. June 4. UP) Lordly Vesuvius, qulscent for year, waa in intermittent eruption today, high fountains of lava frequently being shot Into the air. The eruptions, were visible for miles around. Earthworks were thrown up to prevent an outflow ow lava, despite predictions of Hie Vesuvius Operator that the eruptions win be less violent than those of last rear. Czech Pair Signed For Hollywood Film PRAGUE. June 4. A represen tative of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has Just signed "a contract here with the Csech actor, Jirl Sedlacek, and Miss Blavka Tauberova. a member of the Prague grand opera. The pair will sing in Berlin and London in the Czech language for an inter national talkie. "The Hollywood Revue," In which Greta Qarbo, Buster Keaton and Bessie Love also will take part. (Coprritht, 1930. by Ih Trltaa. H.T. Sua.) Tampico Bars Beach Bathing Suit Dances TAMPICO. Mexico. June 4-.0P) The municipal authorities have forbMden danrlng In bnthlng suits at Miramar Beach, principal eea-slde reoort at Tampico. The authorities have ruled the practice immoral. avenue, Claremont. and It a sister of Duncan McDuffle. who will give her in marriage. There WW be no attendants at the wedding. Invitations to which are being extended to only the members of the Immediate families and te a few Intimate friends of the couple. After their honeymoon the couple w'll be tt home after August 1 at Englewood, Jt, J, ... II 7 I Ml U Congressman in Re-election Campaign Honored at Oakland Banquet; Ydung Enters Rolph's Territory By DONALD E. CRtTZAN Although Congressman Charles T. Curry Is In Washington attending a session of congress, this did not deter his friends from gathering at a banquet in his honor last night, the occasion being the filing by Curry of his declaration of can didacy for re-election. Those pres ent pledged their support lnr hla campaign for re-election. Prominent among the guests were eome half-dozen newspaper publishers from Sacramento, Solano, Contra Costa, Napa, Yolo and San Joaquin counties. see Personal .entruiwe of Governor C. C. Toung In the San Francisco campaign for his re-election and for the Republican gubernatorial nomination will come Monday, June 28, when he la guest of honor at a luncheon at the St. Francis hotel. Representatives from all the various groups and district or ganlzationt that are supporting the governor will be, present. It Is estimated that 1000 persons will be present The committee In charge of th affair 1 composed ot Frank Sykes, harbor commissioner, chair map; Mrs. J. E. Butterfleld, James A. Johnston, 'director of the state department of penology; Mrs. John Bheehan Jr., Mr. Hamilton Rlgglns, Arthur H. Samlsh, E, Forrest Mitchell, state insurance commissioner! Mrs. A. E. Neuen burg, Bolah Chamberlain, M. A, Harris, -Mrs. W. B. Hamilton, Will J. French, director of the state de .partment ot. Industrial relations, and Jesse H. Stelnhart. Mayor Jamet Rolph QtH today announced the appointment of Attorney Walter Leeds at exeoutlve chairman of the southern campaign committee, Rolph will be the ehlef speaker lit the annual Pentecostal celebration at Turlock on Sunday. June IS, He will fly there from Catallna, where he will apeak June 14. A new Rolph organisation called tht Rolph Boottert association, hat Just bten formed, with Dr. Dora Berger at president and Jamea MoGranaghan as teoretary' treasurer. Th brief announce ment of the opening of headquar ters in the Paclfio building, San Francisco, says that the purpose la to "makt James Rolph Jr the next governor of California." e e e Senator B. H. "Tex" Hurley to day filed hla nomination papert for aenator-at-largt from Alameda county. Senator Hurley wat one ot thote whote district was changed by reapportionment and he it now seeking the county-wide seat, which after th present In cumbents have gone out of office will be tht only aenatorship from this county. Under the re-appor tlonment law there la only one sen ator from each eounty, regardless ef population. Others who have filed with County Clerk George Gross recent ly include Edward Planer who teeks to euceeed himself as tax collector, Eugene Rowland for re election aa assemblyman from the 17th district; M. N. Johnson and George Fitzgerald for the 19th district; Bert Hempstead for sher iff. e e e Lochlel M. King, ef Alameda, consulting engineer, has been ap pointed trafflo manager ot the Port of Ban Francisco, according to Major C. L. Tildsn, president of the harbor board. Among other things King will supervise the state'a new eold storage plant In China Basin, which Is the aubject of. considerable contention between the administration and tht agricultural Interests. - e e e Frank C. Jordan, who hat been tecretary ot state alnce 111, "haa filed his declaration of candidacy in Sacramento. Judge William M. Finch, presiding Justice ot the third district appellate court, also has declared. ' In Modesto Ray L. Riley, state controller, haa filed his papers for re-election. E. IL Zlon, Modesto attorney Is out for the assembly from that district; J. D. Black well la a candidate for Justice of the peace. m w m San Mateo county Is In the busi ness of re-locating its supervisorial district boundaries and as a result special election will bave te be held or the names of the candi dates will have to be written In on the August primary ballot. The ordinance defining tht new districts is expected to be passed next Monday, but cannot take effect Wor a month, which will be too late for filing nomination petitions. Dr. C. V. Thompson, present chairman of the board will be retired through the operation ot tbe ordinance which consolidate, the fourth and fifth districts. H has been supervisor for It years and as been a bitter opponent c the redisricting plan. t Maude W. MendenhaTiTTiea An geles realty broker, la the fftft woman to file declaration ot Intention to run for the assembly. She will contest' for the eeat in the sixty-seventh district. Her papers went on file In Sacramento today. Ten candidates have filed for the office of sheriff ef Marld county, the post held by Mrs. Ellen E. Keating, appointed te the office n the death of her husband. herlff Jack Keating. In nearly 11 of the other county officers face opposition for re-election. a Things are looking op In poli tics throughout the slate. Fur in stance, witness Butte county where two woiaen will battle tor the of- I S. F. Salesman Bleeds to Death After Driving 'Over Rough Road Before Eyes of His Wife Following is a tabulation revised daily of th number of per-ton killed 6r injur ed in Oakland, Ala-mtda and Berkeley automobile a c el-dent during 19S0. Total or the three. cities, including today are: OAK. AtA. BEX. 47 .1 S 941 '73 203 Killed , . injured ": . . GRASS VALLET, June 4. While his, terror-stricken wife watched, helplesa to aid,. James E. Hall, 64, San Francisco salesman, sat In his automobile on the main highway hear here this morning and slowly bled to death as the result of a superficial nasal Injury, Fifteen minutes earlier Hall, en ivjute to' Colfax,-" encountered a bumpy stretch of road. The car lurched and Hall struck his nose against the steering wheel. Blood trickled from his nose. As the flow increaipffil Mrs. Hall, S4, vainly tried to staunch the flow, - Within fifteen minutes after the accident Hall died in her arms from loss of blood. Hall lived at I8S0 California street. Ban Francisco. He was well known In the northern California district, which he had traveled to years aa representative o the Fair banks. Morse company. ' The body wat taktn te Grass Valley. Grid Star's Brother Iniured in Collision Robert W. Avery, SI, brother of Russ Avery, etar end of the Uni versity of California varsity squad, wat aeverely Injured today when the automobile he wat driving erashed into the rear of a California Transit company but at Thirtieth and Peralta streets. Police reported the bus was test Ing lta brakes at the time and that it halted suddenly In front of Averv. Ht wat taktn to Oakland emerg ency hospital and later to Fablola hospital. His Injuries consist ef a severely bruised Jaw, and lacerations of the chest and lega. Avery lives at t88 Prince street Berkeley, and is the ton of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Avery. One man Is held for Investigation and another is undergoing treat ment for cuts and brulsea as the result of an automobile smashup at Twenty-ninth and Webster streets today. Theodore Soller, who gave hit ad dress aa tht Merritt hospital, waa booked for Investigation when wit nessea told police he failed to stop after the accident. Henry Williams, S, of 1907 Myrtle street, riding in a car driven by Vincent Cortezzo, 2323 Myrtle street, was bruised and lacerated, Cortezzo was proceeding east on Twenty-ninth street and Soller was going north on Webster when the cart collided. Pedestrian Run Down By Machine Expires BAN FRANCISCO, June 4.-"-Mor- gan B. Wilson, 73, of the Hotel Henry, Sixth and Mission streets, died today at Franklin hospital from injuries suffered when he was run down at Franklin street and Golden Gate avenue by an automobile driven by Miss Suzanne Clausen, SS, of 1710 Pacific avenue. In hla dying statement he said he waa walking in a passenger lane when the accident occurred. How ever, witnesses supported Miss Clausen' contention that he stepped from behind a parkedear directly into the path or her machine, Lake Dragged for Auto Plunge Victim SAN MATEO, Jun 4. The rocky bottom of Crystal Springs lake is being dragged today by San Mateo county authorities in the belief that Samuel E. Harris, young San Francisco bank teller, whose automobile plunged from Skyline boulevard last Friday morning, was not alone when he went over the cliff to hit death In the waters below. flee of county auditor. Mrs. Luey A. Richards, of Orovtlle, the Incumbent will be opposed by -Mrs. Grace M. Strong of Chlco. . John E. Filler, Grldley businessman, hi out for th assembly from the fifth district He la a former mayor of Grldley. Carol F. Joy, eounty clerk, and Carl IL Abbott, sheriff, both will seek re-election In Monterey county. ' Three contests loom In Santa Crua county, Sheriff N. P. Sinnott faces opposition tor re-election with Art Haddleson, O. W. Dunlap, J. C. Geyer and Enoch Alxlna. of Santa Cruz, and A. T. Dresser of VVatsonvllle. all In the race against him. Frank Murphy and Adam Barker, of WBtonville, and George C teraham, of Santa Cruz, will Conteet for district, .attorney while , Dr. T". R. Congilon. coroner, will be opposed by John. Rhlen, of. Santa Crus. - . Frank B. Edson, veteran super- I visor In Telo county, haa an-' Bounced that he will make the race again. Hs la the first board , member te declare this yesr. j C. D. Locher, auditor of Placer, eounty, elected four years ago, Is. to bt a candidate again, , i ' 1 ' ' RESISTS BANDIT LURE Smiling Eyes of Young Son Cause Mother to Reject Robbery Thrill. BERKELEY, Jun 4. A pair of smiling blue eyes belonging to her 7-year-old son saved Mrs. Kutn V me ues, . 14, from becoming a "bandit queen." That and a husband In Lot An geles. When members of fhe gang of alleged "blue Jean" bandits. caught by Oakland and Berkeley police on Monday,- talked of their crimes at ner apartment ai t,ignin and Linden streets, Oakland, Mrs. Vasques felt the lure of "adventure" calling her. . Four members held In Berkeley today were held to answer after they Insisted on having an immediate preliminary examination, They confessed the Rhode-Jamie-son warehouse robbery in court, and, were held to answer to su perior court on louuu Dan eacn, They are Al Kayrose, 31, Anthony Fontes. 18. Vernon Stearns, ii and George DrUmmondo, 18. Miss Vasques was present, but was not called to the stand. ' FRIGHTENED. TEMPTED "I was frightened at what the boys were doing and urged them to stop," the told Berkeley . police veaterday. "Once or twice I was tempted to go with them for the thrill' of the thing. But then the olcture of my small son, "Sunny jlm,' came before me and I knew I could never hold him l,n my arms again with a clear . conscience If I did." Mrs. Vasques, coming from Los Angeles eight weeks ago on a visit to relatives, met members of the blue Jean" gang through a 18-year-old girl now being held. also as a material witness, In the detention home. DOT SEEKS THRILL "They were Just 'kids,' that't all; boys who wanted a thrill," she explained of the alleged four bandits being held in Berkeley; two others, ex-convicts, being in the custody of the. Oakland police. They were scared to death all of the time. One of tbe boys told me that he would give $1000 If he could go to his own home In Oakland for a few minutes. But he knew the "cops' were watching for them and he didn't dare. They splurged with silk shirts and ex pensive clothes. Strange, Just a day before they were caught, they blossomed out In completely new outfits. Lot of good the clothes will do them in Jail." CHIC talks WHAT'S tt IR-YOU'RE IN A PUNCTURED ZfiPPELIN WHERE ARE YOU? S c I V - J yon can e'lmo tires, tnd there Bnt if a Zeppelin gits punctured where are yea? Ton tint got any spare Zeppelin along. Jest imagine a Zeppelin with t eeuple of spare Zeppelins tied ea behind. It weald look like fly in' link sausage. Bryan's Daughter Is Assured 2nd Term in Congress as She Overwhelms Lawyer in -. Florida PollBackingRepeal JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 4. OP) Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owen, daughter of the late William Jennings Bryan, appeared assured today of a second term as member 1 congress from the Fourth Florida District. Unofficial returns from yester, day's primary gave her a wide margin over Dewltt T. Deen, her oppo nent for the Democratic nomination. Deen, a Daytona Beach attorney, campaigned on a platform calling for repeal of the eighteenth amendment. The vote from 261 ol 420 precincts In the Fourth District gave Mrs. Owen 29,406 and DeaB 6192. The Republican party held ftg first primary in the history of thj state, but with one exception did not offer" any candidates for eon' gress. EX-GOVERNOR BEHIND . The result of the other Demo, cratlo congressional contest was 111 doubt, with returns tabulated from 163 of the 285 precincts in the third district. Tom A. Ton, the Incunn bent, led Former Governor Sidney J. Catts by 8680 votes to 898 B. J. Harvey Baylies, former mayor c Pensacola.'had 1250 votes. Under the Florida system, a teej ond or run-off primary Is to be helq June 24 for the two highest cam dldates in races in. which non polled a majority. HOOVER DEMOCRAT FAILS Representative R. A. Green and Herbert J. Drane were unopposed for renomination In the Democrat!! primary, but L. S . Womack oi Tampa, the lone Republican eont gressiohal candidate, will contesj the right to represent the first dlt trlct with Drane In the general eleot tlon. State Senator Edgar waybrlghl of Jacksonville, one ot the principal leaders in the "Hoover Democrat" movement in 1928, was defeated for renomination In the Democratic primary by a large majority. Clark's Widow Is Given $4000 Monthly SAN FRANCISCO, June 4. Mrs Maude H. Clark, ot . 8500 Clat street, widow and chief heir ol Warren D. Clark, former presldenl of the California-Hawaiian Steami ship company, haa been granted I 140-00 monthly allowance In auperj lor court pending distribution ol the shipping magnate's (1,000,001 estate. The allowance order was madi by Superior Judge Thomas Graham at the time he admitted Clark'! will to probate. Clark's will gives half his 11,000,, 000 estate to his widow and divide) the balance between two eons, i daughter, several other relative! and. four charitable Institutions, Girl Cashier at Theater Held Up SAN FRANCISCO. June 4. Th daily-task (Tf Miss Ethel Wall, cash ter of the Harding theater at Divio, adero and Hayes street, In count ing up the box office receipts wa made easy last night by a youthful bandit. He shoved his pistol through a opening in the glass cage, ordered her to keep quiet, ecooped up all the money In sight and then fled Is an automobile he had left parked at the curb. A pedestrian who witnessed th robbery caught the license numbei of the machine as It drove off and turned it over to police. The theater's loss Is estimated ai between 8300 and 1500. Veteran of Crimean War Spry at 108 NORTH BAT. Ont.. June 4. tfl Still agile at 108, John Birch, Russian veteran of the Crimea war, observed his birthday today by doing light chores around thl farm on which he lives with hll two eons. OAKLAXDER SENTENCED SAN FRANCISCO, June 4. The odore McKenzle, Negro, 888 Market street, Oakland, was sentenced to sixty days in the Alameda coun- jall today by Federal Judgt Frank H. Kerrigan. He was convicted on a charge of possession ot liquor following a raid on hla place on May 21 last. S ALE about GOIN' ON rHrCAGO, June 4. It's gittin to In this world nobody ever finds a nickej or t dime en the sidewalk because everybody "ii watchin' sirplanei er Zeppelins. There's fellers right now who sre so interested in avistion they haven't even noticed the women are wearin' longer dresses. Now you take this big overgrown eifrar they call .the Graf Zeppelin. The first time von see it yon wipe off yonr Issses because you think there must ne s Dig mot ol ink on them. That Zeppelin it to blamed. big that when it passes ever a town the flies all rush inside the hon.es because thev thing it is goin' to rain. Veil, sir. when it comet to Zeppelins, Til take I en tutomobile. If yon git a puncture in tn into ! eut end put on one of your spare vea art.

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