Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 16, 1930 · Page 20
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 20

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 16, 1930
Page 20
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SUNDAY DaHanO Crfbtmc FEBRUARY 16, 1930 is m f Very often our most beautiful flowers are handicapped with un pronounceable scientific name and ti thla class is .the Salplglossls, i : h Is more' commonly referred in the western state as painted . .-tea. Does not this latter name i ijure up a vision of beauty? balplglossis, a most beautiful garden flower, yet little known, would l a a delightful addition to any Barren. It la an annual growing- to a helrht of about three feet and bearing trumpet-shaped blossoms ' richest shades in combinations f brown and gold, crimson and rold, velvety reds and many other s riking colors. . As they are slightly difficult to transplant, the seed should be sown in the open ground where the plants are to remain. The seeds sown in freshly turned, moist soli will germinate readily if the i '' Phont OA Man 0765 ' 'Nursery H.K.D. J, Box f Sin Leandro, CaL Phons HVWB tin ion, Florist 1531 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, Calif. DIG SALE-20 HURRY! IP ft- : ... 0 " ' ! Trees, Shrubbery and Plants ; Bedding Plant and Shrubbery at Reasonable Price ORIENTAL NURSERY O. YOSHIDA, Prop. Wholesale and Retail 1 All Kinds of Fertilizer CLAREMONT, NEAR COLLEGE AVE., OAKLAND Ttltphont PI tdmont 1019 . N Fujii Nursery Co. Rose BushesFruit Trees AH Kinds of Bedding Plant and Shrubs 1534 Oregon St., Berkeley, Calif. PAone TH ornwdll 2426 THE IOKI. NURSERV and Gold Fish Hatchery Special Sale Feb. 16th to . March 10th ! J Drive out and save! Direct from Grower to Buyer Drive Out Landscape Engineer Lowest prices for Nursery Stock Our New Nursery -is located at 13850 East 14th Street, San Leandro, near the City Limits Phone FR uitvale 6124 5599 FOOTHILL BOULEVARD Layout. of Garden - Takes Some Study The layout of lawn, shrubbery and garden requires a little study tor the home owner. It wllV -provide Interesting evenings of penciling and planning, if one wishes to tackle the oroble min earnest. But the maintenance of the plants tnemselves is now a simple, easy matter....... , All vine seers are tender and should not be without protection if planted early. surface Is not sprinkled and a crust allowed to form. Because they do not require "an flhlinHflnna f m nf.t i r a thai. mr particularly adapted to' pie seml- only occasional Irrigation and with frequent cultivation, ' they will thrlv anrl nrnilii ihm rlrh wm tones that make them one of the showiest cut flowers for indoor decoration, and their slender wil- loWV atema rnfllr tham nonllalu well adapted to bouquet and basket arrangements. The flowers of salplglossls are so strikingly rich In color, with veined Petals, that their will l (- v, .a miration of all who see them. NEW LOCATION 522 ;8TH STREET er Telegraph Avenue Cooper's Canary Cottage BIRDSFISHPETS '; Bmna boarded - - ; Mary A. Cooper Phone , Prop. HOUiday 9847 -OtkhadCsVd. zrT 2311 73 Ave,, Oakland Phont Elmhurst 0547 R HAYASHI &CO. Wholesale Growers of Bedding Plant. Polnsettlas, Cyclamens, Begonias - Easter Lilies. Rambler Roses : terns, ICtc. DISCOUNT New Rote; Flowtring Trees anct Clean Shrubs of all hinds Bedding Plants at Low Price Delphinium Plants $1.00 do. W makt Fish Ponds and Rock Gardens Gold Fish WE DELIVER T. HARA & CO. Nurserymen and Florists 1701-03 PARK STREET, ALAMEDA ' Phont Alameda 0584 East ltnTNear Knox Av. L' t i ri: San Leandro, Calif. Ornamental Shrubs Roses, Beddingr Plants, and Rock Plants, Goldfish, .Water Lilies, at Introductory Prices. : Phone . - SW eetwood 1527 and Visit Our Nursery and Save West Nursery PEAT MOSS IS IRE OF ADOBE SOIL Decomposed Vegetable Mat ter Held Finest FertiJraer For This Region. With ths eomlnr of spring- much Interest will be centered In garden Insr of all varieties. Naturally, thers are many who are anxious to find a method for Improving the black, heavy, adobe soli found In this section. This "dobie"oll lacKs minv finalities necessary for me finest results, but by uslnir Import ed German Beat moss the local soil becomes rich and productive. Thl. nartlcular tvne of peat moss Js found as a natural aepoaic in m hlg-h moors of northern, uermany. It Is a decomposed vefreiaoio rom- tmr. maa till lrIV Clt SPhSltnUn, sedges,, rushes. and water lilies and ! mniiiv located In boes at a rfenth of four to thirty feet in old lake beds. It Is estimated that these peat boss are approximately 50,000 years In forming:, conse- quentiy notnins win wrb h vta. in the soil for making humus. A hundred pounds of-derman peat moss will absorb 1600 pound of water. T7Fm IK irrrnnpE. i. In -European countries . peat 1 used extensively as a fuel and for Imnrovlns and cultivating lands, and It was found that German peat moss had . many advantages over other iso-called peat. It will hold more moisture, has an appreciably lighter, aclentlflc -weight. Is -Xres from dust, sand and dirt, and absorbs more dissolved fertilizer and plant food, besides being absolutely sterile ana not a weea spreaaer, The use of German peat moss Improves the mechanical condition of every soil, promotes aereauon and drainage. It also hastens de composition by providing a suit able medium for the activity of soil bacteria that work only in humus, unaer proper moisture mm ibjii nerature. ' - For the .'most.', effective tie of German peat moss the directions are simple, on light sanay sous neat moss should be "dug In to a depth of four to six Inches, but for th heavier and JTiors compact aoll found In this vIMnlty the peat Is scattered over the surface and men harrowed or raked. FOR TRANSPLANTING. In transplanting there Is no finer material to pack around the roots as it .help to maintain a depend able supply of moisture and en courages root growth. If a liberal supply of peat moss Is used in the sofl, plants can be transplanted without fear of Injury to the root system. . f op luxuriant lawns ana garaen use. a mixture of equal parts of good aoll and fine peat moss. For roses, shrubs, ornamental and fruit trees a covering of fins imported German peat moss one to three In ches In depth around the stems or roots is recommended. Thorough watering during the warm period of the growing season will keep the roots cool, kill the weed growth make the garden more attractive and reduce, tremenduously, the quantity of water required. Don' ts' Listed For Guidance Of Bird Lover The condition of canary reflects proper . or improper ' treatment.. Here are some "dont's": Don't have him in too. light a place If you want soft sweet songs from your bird. Birds sing sweetest In the dusk. No one wants a canary that yells and shrieks. Don't leave the bird In the room In the winter when you open the windows and doors to air. Don't leave your bird in the room while you are sweeping and dusting. Dust Injures his throat. Don't keep your bird In the kitchen where there Is steam or darhp air.' Don't under any consideration give your bird any sweets. S Don't hang the cage In the sun shine, except for a short time after bath. All birds continue in better health if not near a window and too much sunshine is bad for them. Don't fall to sea that your bird has plenty of gravel in his. cage. Don't allow your bird to have any hemp seed, everything possibly two or three seeds a week from your hand to tame him. Don't let your bird bathe more than two or three times a week. This Is sufficient tovkeep him In good health, and does not debilitate him. Don't feed your bird common or uneleaned bird seed. Dusty, dry, stale, inferior seeds ruin the bird's son,", and affect his health, and while the effect does not show at oi.e, much of the severity of the mmilts that canaries have is due to Inferior food and othlng else. Don't hang sulphur in the cage. Don't feed too much red pepper. To conserve space In ths garden, sow seeds of-radlahes and carrots together. : ThS radishes will pave the waj for the carrots and may be pulled within a few weeks. You can sow poppy seed out In the open any time you get it. Merely scatter It upon the soil some quiet day so the wind won't do too good a Job of scattering it. Kills SNAILS V and SLUGS SNAIL-FOIL Is guaranteed to free your garden of snails and slugs. An Improved bait In the all red and white package. Note low cost at Florists, Oarden Supply, Hardware, or Drug Stores, or AX-FO Mfg. Co., Oakland NOTE! ',ow Cost I 'i lbs. J5e 4 lbs. 7r It lbs. $3.50 poison pa ! 1 Eastbay Beauty Spot- ' This fish pond at the Ioki nursery is one of the outstanding beauty jpoU among the gardens of. the Eastbay. ' The scheme is Japanese throughout Tiny arched bridges, temples and other architectural details are in harmony with the Oriental idea. " fei - - By A. M. WOODMAN " Landscape Engineer This article is written chiefly to help home , owners having small properties, with-the house usually extending from 25 to SS feet from the front sidewalk. i The front garden open to public, view should present a pleasing ap pearance. An . open lawn provides breadth and forms an Ideal setting for shrubbery and flowers. The walk to the house should usually be straight, but may be slightly curved. Straight cement ts not as pleasing as cement .flagstones or blocks of natural atone, .with moss or grass planted in between. A grass panel between me runways of the garage driveway is good. .The shrub border at the souse hould varv from five to six feet at the" corners and on euner sias i the entrance. for -double planting of shrubs; three to four feet Is good between the corner and entrance. HEDGE. SUGGESTED There are several ways of treat ing sides" of property; a formal clipped, hedge along the property line: grass coming up to hedge; shrubs planted close to boundary line, but left unpruned to form a loose hedge; an Informal shrub border bordering the lawn. The garden bordering either aide of the driveway may be treated In a similar manner, depending, of course, upon space a.vaiiaDie ior nlsntlnar. Sneclmen trees of shrub with symmetrical shape and unus ual texture of foliage may oe planted at intersections of walks and driveways, and on the lawn at the sides framing the house, never In the center of the lawn. It Is imnortant near the house to use shrubs having symmetrical nd fine texture of foliage, never using loss, sprawling shrubs -el coarse texture of foliage. It Is possible to have many fine combinations of shrubs with the wonderful resources at our command. Shrubs at the corners and at the entrance may be either of the vertical or round heaBed type. ' ; SHRUBS LISTED . Appropriate shrubs for these po sitions are: Italian Cypress, Irish Juniper, Irish Yew; Thuya bever-leyensls, with low Creeping Junipers or Erica medlMfrranea at the base: Eugenia myrtlfolia, Escal- lonla montevldensls or Plttosporum in variety, with Dwarf Myrtles or Veronicas at the base; the tall pink Heather' (Erica melanthera), with low-growing Ericas,. or Dlosma. at the base. In between such shrubs use car- win Barberry, Mabtfnia, Erica re- germtnans, . Bekaf persoluta alba. A' Mia, species or unamaecyparis fJaDsnese conifers), and Plmeua. These are a few Indications of good groupings. May is Month For Planting of Chrysanthemums Br WALTER L: BATES One does not have to go beyond the Eastbay cities to discover the Interest taken In chrysanthemums. Enthuslnsm becomes stronger each year.- We Rnow.thls to be a fact by flie Increase of visitors, who call to see the-fldwers -In 'bloonv In October and November. . and also to get the names of the varieties they admire. May is the month to plant, -Ordi nary care will give an abundance of bloom In the fall of the year when practically all other flowers have passed on for tha.season. There Is no limit to the anantltv of varieties .listed throughout the world and each year brings many new ones. Not only In the exhibitions of Japanese Hybrids, but also In the singles. nomDOns. riirlnnltle and In the recent Introductions of anemone flowered type, there are some marvelous ones. These new Anemnnea ran h. disbudded and grown five to eight inches aerOas. Most of these recent varieties have a verv full cushion of dlso florets mostly of n distinct color to the outer or' tubular ray florets. They are very artistic and unusual. There Is a book nnhiiih.j k,. Elmer D. Smith, who has mode specialty of chrysanthemum culture for the past thirty-five years. This book treats the suhlert in concise yet lucid mftnner. covering tne whole work from the care of staging of blooms. ORH FHONT-GARDEN j California Goldfish Hatchery Co. ! ywv Fancy Gold Fish I I jvy , I, ' : For Sale f I Jfc- ' - 7; Over fj Million . ......;.'' v : ; -'V t also handle JLff. : ,t Onid Fish Food . - V -V lre. Gol Fish f. 1 : ' , - X I eHes la the state. X! " i " VJ Hiywir. f.l Kile. I j k A Vax . . wille fraia the aJ at I I ""Ha r a r 4 CarHne. I i - ' Fhaaa Hnwird SIS. I 1 f K - .'jferj BETTERS Who. does . not enjoy a pretty lawn? The reason so few are seen Is because of lack of time, consequently the lawn1 receives haphaz ard attention. Wonderful results are produced In desert regions with proper irrigation the same gratifying results wij appear through proper watering of the lawn. 'V The system of concealed water fountains below the mowing line wll equally distribute the water, add a greater amount of Indispensable oxygen, and cause the water to fall upon the lawn as a soft spring shower. And water spells life to grass. It brings out the healthy green . color and adds vitality, Sprinkle twice a week over a 20-minute period and each time approximately one half-Inch of water will have fallen. This will improve that old lawn and add value and appeasance to property. . i BErkeley 14 76 is the number of a well-known .Nursery... We arow a lars-e rollrctlnir of trees, shrubs, bedding and rock plants, (Seed and Fertilizers) A Tree or Shrub Given ; FREE to every customer who finds oat the correct name and cslls at our nursery. Fertilizer for Sale Rosario Fibre Nursery LANDSCAPE GARDENING, LAWNS, BULBS, , SHRUBS W IptoUUi la BoiwooJ, Crstp- ms jumper, uimeus aaa Iriih Yew ; 3291 School Street, Oakland, Calif. )k PHOR ANOOVRR 1521 impaction of Pltnti and Sbrubl ( Saturday and. Sunday Delivered! Packet of fresh e-narantecd Vegetable Seed He each. Money refunded If they don't grow. H. A. Longfellow 9634 E. 14th St TR inldad 0800 B The Bloomin' Flower Shop Art Baskets x Cut Flowers Floral Designs Potted Plants 3909 GROVE ST. Phone PI edmont 1417 llliimimtiiittTTT ITER mi UN (MANURE 5fcSacE 1 NURSERY i 8 Orders taken for all kind of plant promfJtly filled. 8 8 Nursery stock of all kinds in' g S season. Drive out to 'the ff 2 nursery and save.. Nile Road I J has SIM Heal J 0 . Pfceae Hay ward K g Soil Called Pantry Of All Plant Life v. The soil Is the plants' pantry. Plants draw f on it continuously during the growing season. In one year-alone they consume enor mous quantities of plant food. No wonder that Old Mother Nature's cupboard gets pretty bare. Every thing is taken from it, nothing re turned. Book orders for your new dahlias early. They won t be-dellvered until the weather Is seasonable but earry ordering is the only way to be sure of getting some of the newest varieties. E.MMES Wholesale Grower ' of Palms, Ferns . , . and Flowering Plants 8635 Foothill Boulevard Oakland, Calif. Plant Now! and enjoy . Beautiful Grounds this Summer RIGHT NOW Is the time to set out trees, shrubs, " fruits - and flown .i. If they are to receive the full benefit of the spring growing season. ACT NOW and you will enjoy beautiful homd grounds this summer to delay further .Is to risk losing an entire season In the realization of your planting WE CAN HELP YOU Let us helu you with your planting plans help you select exactly the right variety for each location, and tell you how to plant and care for It to Insure success. Simply write, phone or call. There Is no charge for this valuable advisory service. Choice Plants for Your Garden Telephone: Tllornivall 0603 Berkeley Horticultural Nursery A 1310 McGee Avenue at Hopkins GEORGE BUUGFV. OttBSS ' nerjteiey, aiiirnil We Sell Vigoro FRED R. BAMMAN HARDWARE- 4032 Kant 14th Street (IHKI.ROSKt FR altvale OOSS. $0 for Flowers and Vegetables Our new Spring catalogue fully illustrated and with a beaotlful colored cover of Sweet Peaa la now ready for distribution and will be mailed on request- - hmr fine atorks of Alfalfa, Clow, " Graaa and oDbtsr Kirm S9eda and Law GrasSed Also tools, InwirtJcid?, fprtllisera, and many otbr garden requiaiu-a. C. C. MtDRSE & CO., General Office 74 Front St. SAN RANCI!HX io garden tesis! VOU ran quickly rid your garden of , snails,slugs,sowbuKS,eDtworina, earwigs, etc jf you use SNAROL, the ready prepared meal, according to simple directions. Pests eat it at night . in preference to any other food. Your garden is soon free from their ravages! Snarol has S distinct qdvanlagsat 1. 'Will not harm vejretatioB. 2. Requires do preparation .U ' easy to tase. 3. Safest to use. 4. Effectiveness not lessened by rain or sprinkling. 5. Mora economical, brrsnsa ' h lasts longer. JVe low pridFt this year make Sna-rol more economical than ever I rariraadr&le. hwtMMM W hi Mir pnrtect jomr gmrca. - nj s iptj m ti JIM Qmirtlr JrOl. gmm A.vtrol Labojutories. inc. Sec, IB.tel lE-uuSt,Loi Ar,riri,Cal i tn-,,l m DDE ATM --a s I Look over the notebook of last j summer to see what newJrUas you want to try this year. If you didn't keep a notebook, start one. You f Dick up much Information that i "semi u noted down at the time. If you didn't get the garden cleared last fall because of the unseasonable cold snap, take It by ?.aSy ?8;e",anv day that It is fairly warmvfor the season. B. Simon Hardware SENSATIONAL S OF GARDEN , - . , AT ; - 808 BROADWAY Telephone GL eneourt 7695 n . Lawn mowers n bearing 10-Inch wheel regular 15.00 IS In. ball bearing 4 ie In. plain bearing. r,enroT:....$7095 .o'" ..... MM Garden Hose 25 h - . - double col Genuine Boston' Nozzle regular price 85c T? o 13 No Charges, "B. xm HARDWARE CO. Main Store Southwest Corner .Seventh and Broadway 2V FEED your lawn! Grass like all living things will thrive only when given the proper Food. You will get a richer, greener, more velvety lawn, better root systems, thicker growth, if you apply Vigoro. It takes only a little time and effort to give your lawn this scientific aid. The method, as shown here, is simple. Results will amaze you. " Vigoro is the largest-selling plant food 2,000,000 users have proved its success on lawns, flowers, gardens, shrubs and trees. Complete, scientific, properly balanced. Clean and odorless, pleasant to handle, easy to apply. And inexpensive! " ' Your dealer in lawn and garden supplies has Vigoro. Order from him today. Swift & Company VUarn rrjum In I, S$, mmdSSIb. hmf.4 in lb. mmrkmrm. AUa in th. mm it os. aarlrnse for MtM plant ana wiMwi km. For rt rm.lt, b m tm aranr 1nl A product of Complete plant food for . latent, fyieoaol'; ' 1 "VIGORO" Sold By CHAS. C NAVLET CO. 518 12th Street, Bet. Wash, and Clay Sts. Telephone LA heside 8074 Even Tiny Garden , Will Do Wonders What a Uttle careful planning can accomplish has been demonstrated in the "before and after" treatments exhibited at the gar den snows, witn a space as smaii as ten by twenty feet, seeming wonders have been accomplished. Co. Bargain Branch TOOLS .. . - inch 4-bide Winchester ball t1A nf 3)11.515 double . $2.23 53c aSWBBBaW I " double coupled . . . . . Spaing Forks 89c Ladles Forks 87. Winchester, short hndl. $1.35) , SpadwrKndi: Shovels' SdH,S-89r , : Ladies' Floral Shovel flflrj , HnPS "Winchester. OO 1V?S Socket Shank... OOC Ladles' Hoes T7 Inch. . .89c Ladles' hedge shears, 70c Hedge shenra, g-lnrh blade. $1.60 Kraas shenra, Mr Holier Klenn Klip, 80c Hand Trowels, 12e Weeders 15e Prnhlna hear 0e Prnnlns; saws 33e. OnrOWtniiiplele line Includes all garden tools. X Cash Only, Free Deliveries SIMON r I I Read simple directions Broadcast Vigoro evenly ITet down thoroughly Get Vigoro where ' you buy Lawn and Garden Supplies Swift & Company gardens, flatters, trees, shrubs

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