Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1931
Page 4
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* V, y>?n<V?;, K 1 ' ft" ' \ -"fO <?»" f Hi* ,, / &* ^ .' ^•\ ! ' ? i *w*?-M''*if,.j« * ^ - •* >Vw s ^ ' V > 4 ' ' ' tniJHona he* did's got." said hr*a9n't ott 'tttt*y ffiiffiey,'' DiMe rousea fiiiddeilly, ofHShed but his put Ua arms arouni tfoy aw ^ convinced beyond any tftt 'that the Count Enri<|ii8 ier. • ;\uui ivny are f we uu^fil ibout .them, sweetheart?" ha sal< ' - — a ft' w a tfclklng at Why,,lade^df,,Matt thought hap- .after several Blissful, speech' - minutes* This .was what she had beeii longing, for, for days. HoW lad SHa ever llfed through them -tyne? She sighed deeply. Well, it&at was-all over now— Then she remembered, (Tomorrow she was going away! Her heart cried out against separation from Dirk again. She clutched-him tightly, "Come ttng With'us/' ehe'begged. "1 Can't beaf to go unless you do!" s Dirk stroked her hair gently, "You really wani'mei" " J Her'eyes ansWefe'd him. --- ——-— ~) —w.re. Yflu'd h&va t !&:?* ?? tt !f!' *** ft^as you did what i-« ««• sake of sentlfljeittt. it would .help to auash fon a t,ont you to have— " _ , ary * * 4 "* ««fl¥n't do that. Dirk. 1-aid chooBA^e necklace." "Oh, »*ary.» It was almost A tfoan. ' . this gott-diggia* that everybody infatu* the Ply: Arid dor- , had barely missed hav- fit her abuse 'fls A week- . "Better stMl," he suggested, "don't : Sta !« ^ frightful, ,and It was able. But most of all It opened te'wvvlew'of The Fly and his Js v Sii that .was.his game— -JfetMy 'society girls>with the {T,Xold .title racket! Whether his was /eally De Loma did not „ >rr probably It was an alias. 6?,Jt, Was,a,new one, for Bowen learched police flies'for *a rec- 1 «*a,,.man by that name and i., nothing. Also-rand this renewed heart for, the i .-, - - /*? Droba tyy the name he Ud continue to use. ' he dared not.tell Dirk what she ^thinking. He would think her i - B/ ~-"%looking for The Fly him In every stranger her But there simply had „ see" f ' film,, at , all— De ' _ dldnft glve.Ethel his picture go:' S£a£ nere. v „ "Everything's ready. I've got td go. Besides^ I'Ve jfust learned some things,that may be, of great value, There's too ,much at stake, now. Dirk," she turned toward him suddenly, an agony, of pleading'in her face. "Dirk, don't you believe In what-I'm trying to do at all?" ' * • • TT was very still In the room, .which was lighted only by dim wall brackets and the flicker of a small wood-fire. "1 believe jn you,'/ Dirk said, presently. Mary's searching eyes saw,his face contorted with the effort 1 to apeak fairly and' plainly, "That Is, -when I'm with you. When Im away from you, l! get—wild Ideas. Other people say things, and It—hurts. I shouldn't listen, I know. But~^ do. Because It's "It w-ls had tasto but I need It. I have to have It When The Fly's been caught with It, It can go to the mttdtti 'of the sea for all I care. Why .yott make so much of it, hough, is beyond me "You're feolng io wear it, in pubic, where people cad see?" He aid It as" If he were asking whether he Meant to go out naked. "Later, perhaps— but not now, surely." "Now, if necessary. Whenever I must." She felt as if she must ed, "and fleltheic 44 *6ti, jfto* Ion* has lila .Wife been dead? months. Well, tie knows than to make a pass at you 8d loon, He knots the sort ot girl yotf that A false jmavs would r«(i«f smiled, but there was ao • humor in. the smile. "The* you don't bellev* l«« M bad as Bruce and othef peopla g&» 1 am?" . . > ' Dirk glowered mutinously. H« gathered her roughly Into htMjwng. (eld her cramped and breathless &• f he would aeter let her go?' " •*" — •* »**»» WS> 44. DUO AUUDb burst Into uncontrollable laughter. "Dirk," she said, "this is the iridst ridiculous thing I ever heard of It's such a little thing to cause siiclKa big rumpus. And what's Wfong • with the Jupiter motley'} Don't you want me to have It?" • • • • TTE turned his distorted face toward her. "I daresay it's small of me," he said sarcastically, "but I don't! How do I know what that old fool thinks he's buying when he turns was almost Insane* with Jealous anger she saw when he i ^Then he added pettishly. you care, anyhow? Not H too- are you?" ,.„ ;But 1 pucker did,not leave wii.dld he call up and tell her ' did," Dirk an- moment's considera- , rii Bhe said he failed to ^and'when she'called his -ing-out they told her about berrying and bis having to _—4» to look after the estate." -looked at her.''"Yoir'-think he [Tan. out. on her? " Maybe ho : Lord, I'd go to South myself to'get away from catamount. No matter - *• • —*MV-^ ui/» jJcuauDo Jb o you." His hand gripped hers un til her benumbed fingers ached wit] the pain. "You mean so m'tfch 'to me^that the least breath—the leas suspicion—" He stopped and helc his lower lip with, his teeth like a man In physical pain. Mary was appalled. "What do they say?" she whispered. "Oh, nothinfe that's true—at least; 1 4k. 4« T .1 t* *._«» .. . * , —a eas; ffjit-is I don't believe you realize It. I..think you're perfectly, innocenl about jt. That the Jupiter money :_ < ™ iT w « .•tv*" ••"» tfujjiusr money has, turned your head^i-tnlt yqu'ra being nice to the old man'Just-for WBat you can get outJofehIm;.*Goa. II rKn*' £n*«U., _>.>.:... -ttJSf' '_±...i>' rf _ i " -'—'if - F »Mw-n - wuuub«i.uait H witl a Wlin( a jabber there'd be! And of course that newspaper story about you last weA was Just about the last straw —coming right put with the intima- tion'that you'd liad the rotten bad taste-, to choose that horrible neck,lace . . ,"< * , ' Mary was silent, stunned. '" "There's nothing I can say," she Altered, as Dirk seemed to be wait- Ins for some comment "My idea* was," he went on, "for you to give out a statement—just a few lines, no more—denying It in, a his entire fortune over to you? How Jo I know his son Isn't right when ie tells Masterson, the critic, that he's too busy to have an exhibit now—he's got to rout his father's mistress? How do I know the old reprobate didn't shoot his own wife to get rid of her? He stopped the police Investigation, didn't he? And why did he do that? Because it threatened you, or himself ? I don't know.^I wish to God I did! ""That wlld'kid'brother of yours and his threats when Jupiter refused him money make a handy .peg to hang the murder on. Maybe he really did it Maybe he only knew who did it! Eddie was killed purposely, perhaps, by someone who wanted to shut him up. You .want me to think some mysterious gunman .-was r responsible for it, for the first murder and Eddie's,- too. , And you wonder why.rdon't fall InVlth "Come on ,away with tteV* ha •egged, "out of this house.- Damn t, It hurta me every time -I-com* ere to sea Vou, .It's ugly, for all he money that went Into It. Mayba because of the money that went into it. And its ugliness has come oft on. you. , You're going to ba smeared, with It and I can't get you away. . . , I can't make you see." He i was breathing hoarsely, almost crying. ''But what about Bowen T Ha couldn't be In the plot, even if the rest were true. And it isn't . . , it's too preposterous!" "Bowen's just a cheap sensation- monger, as I've always tried to tell you," Dirk remarked, irritably. There it was again. Mary stirred restlessly In his arms. Pulling away from him, she sank to the couch, put her forehead in her hands. "I've got to think," she said. "I'll tell you later what I decide to do." Dirk shrugged. "Does jrpur father believe all this you've been telling me? If he thinks Mr. Jupiter murdered his wife, why does he remain his lawyer? His friend?" "I don't know what Dad believes. He wouldn't desert Jupiter It! ha murdered a township/ though. Jupiter Motor Car stock is about all we've got that survhred the crash, you know. We owe him gratitude for that. Besides, Dad's his lawyer, remember. He wouldn't turn against him any more than a doctor runs away when his client falls your-fantastic tale! killed Eddie; a'Lbr -Lorlmor car carried the murderer to and away from the house, after Mrs. Jupiter'was killed f^hose Lorlmor car? jWhy nol Jupiter's?" ' ' ^'Jupiter's ?" Mary asked, stupidly. "His, yes! You didn't know he car, did you? . wrung her hands, '.'how can you say such things of a sweet old man like that! You don't know him! Why, he's never said or done a single thing—" "I don't know; him," Dirk grunt- owned a Lorimor Well, he does." "Oh, Dirk," Mary "Besides," he went on miserably, "v?hat men do Isn't • Important—to men. It's what women do, that— hurts." "And I've hurt you," Mary murmured, sadly. "And there's more to come." . j; "You think you'll go, then?" "I ha^e. to go," she told him doggedly. ;."I can't qulte.beHeve^tfw- got to. find out the truth' for 'myself!" , ., DirJc stood up with an air of flnality. He looked very white and" stern. .•'• . "If you go—" he .said In a frightening voice, "if you go, I'll know that you—I'll know—" He choked and stopped. Whatever It. was . he would know Mary was not to learn, for with a twitch- ng face he turned and bolted from he room. •' ' (To Be.Continued) Rescued 'after drifting for seven days, ,24-year-old Frank Casper of Cape Cod, Mass., was deserting his water-logged mptorboat to climb aboard the deck of the liner Metapan which rescued him. off Norfolk, Va., when this picture i was taken. En route to Miami,, Fla., Caspar had encountered a storm in which his motor swept" away. A few minutes after this photo was made, the motorboat, which he had kept afloat by constant bailing, sank. Washington Rt. 1 Health in-our community is just fine at this writing Mr. and-Mrs. ;T. A. Foster of Hope visited her parents,;Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Sutton Sunday. Mr. Henry Morton spent Sunday with his sister, ;Mrs. Sam Atkins. Rev. ( and Mrs.' Scott spent Thursday of last week with Mr. and Mrs J T. Hembree. Mr. and Mrs. J.-C. Atkins and children called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hembree Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lige eBarden were Sunday evening guests at the. home of M. V. Derryberry. , Mrs. Mattie Hembree spent Saturday afternoon with her .sister, Mrs Sam Atkins. :? •• • 3. C., Atkins made a trip; to Nashville Sunday'.~"i Mr. and Mrs;-Eddies, ; Sutton were shopping in Hope Saturday. Sutton Guernsey " , Mr. and Mrs. Mat Caudle of Bodcaw, Mr. and Mrs. Watson of Magnolia were dinner guests of Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Erwin, Sunday. ,,Mrs. Carter Sutton and Mrs. Hare Mariing spent Friday night with their grandmother Mrs. S. A. Bullock, „-„..— this place was well •at;;Sunday night 'Everypne come $?S rge; crowd heard the sermon de- sswsf^^ Broth'er Bracy, .at Water Creek* Sunday. • 'Docdt Cllays called on Miss Leona avn : : Sunday. ^ spent Sunday morning with Jess Cornelius. The carnival which was given Friday night by the high school girls, was attended by a large crowd. , '• Mrs. C. G. 'Hays called on Mrs. Ada Hopson Sunday afternoon. Misses Margaret: My lie, Marie Somers, Betty and Slara Schwab, Olliie and Gladys .Ellis .were, horseback,, riding .Sunday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carnes and small son, of DeAnn spent the'week From Plank-to Plunk! ^ several pwsoip . _ *B«p their reset*? 4ujrin| end with Mrs. Carnes', parents,. Mr. and Mrs. George Powell. Glenn , and Horace Calhoun spent Sunday; with Lee Roland Brosius. Misses Mabel Rosenbaum and Sybil Boyd spent Friday afternoon 'with MissWellieHays.. Mr.', and Mrs. Emory Thompson i and Miss Josephine,*of Fulton called on Mrs. R. G. Byers and Miss.Marjorie Byers Sunday evening,, ' Mr. and Mrs, Morgan Patrick and Mrs. Albert Wise spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brosius, Sam Powell and family have moved back into our community after having spent the past year in Texas. Miss Dorothy Mclver spent Sunday night with .Miss Opal Wise. Miss Pearl Ellis spent Saturday nignt with Miss Edna Mayo. Mr. Mayo has returned from a visit with relatives in Waldo. Mises Betty Schwab and Esta Mae Brosius spent Friday afternoon with Miss Opal Wise. Smead Mayo spent Saturday night in Waldo. Ed Brosius called on C. G. Hays Sunday. A Nutty Child MARIETTA, Ohio.—A cat which is mothering a baby squirrel is owned by Clyde Emerick of Little Hocking, near here. The cat adopted the squirrel after it fallen from a tree. Darwin Stores Co. Money Saving Special For Thrifty Shoppers Meal CREAM 24 Lb. Sack 29c Waehburn's Pan Cake " One Package 15c Second Package Ic Both For i6c Fir«t^Inlli««|push, Th«nin (ht oven. You c<n bt furf Qlp*rf9Ctb«kinc|$ini r BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE FOR OVER4Q vt^ftS fpr N S OF P O U N U 4 i*i it t) O U R C O V E k n r.i t .» ( Fig Bars Pound I2c Pears Del Monte Brand No. 2Vi Can 27C Coff Canova Brand Pound Can 33 Lemons SUNKIST Size—Dozen I7C Relish Temple Garden Pint 23c Peaches Evaporated—New Crop Pound lie MARKET SPECIALS! BEEF ROAST Any Cut Fore Quarter—Lb. 12lc HAMS End Cuts—5 to 7 pounds 121C BACON Sliced English, rindless—Lb. 18C VEAL CUTLETS-K. C. 24c SPARE RIBS II). I2|c Buffalo Fish 2 Ibs, 256 .J3j5*P^ : : J i£rfVi*L. >ning Shade Health]* good in this community at this wrn ig. r Mrs. . night wi HoWar Saturday Hunt a Issac lia Anderson spent Friday Mr. and,Mrs. C. E. Nichols Nichols spent Friday and With Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patmos. iderson and Mr. Blackwell Of Hope Went on a fishmg'trlp Friday nlthf Misses Helen Bright and Cozette WlRgirts spent Thursday afternoon with Mis! Alln Mae Reece. Miss Aiista Miller was the Thursday nightkupper guest of Miss Jossie Mae >Wri Jt. • G. W. »ummell spent awhile Saturday aftk-noon In the home of Mr. and Mrs,.t-.W. Wright. Miss Veha Nichols spent Saturday flfterhoon with ; Miss Jossie Mae g.;. <.<•; Miss Coztte Wiggins spent last week d with Ipllfolks. i<Mr. and frs, ,d.ifi, Nichols called on Mr. and Mh. J.; L. Galloway Sunday afternoon, j .',",•"'• ,,Mls»es t.Mdte>.,and Effie McKamie spent Sundlrvwlth,their grandparents Mr. and Mi. McKamie. Mr. and 'Mrs. Homer Odom and Fhlnis Odoh spent Saturday and Sunday,, wltt Mr. and Mrs. John Odom. ; Misses Rtby and Trilby Jackson spent Sundaj afternoon with Mr. and Mrs, Elwooci Hatch. f Mlss RosaJ^e Cox and -Ab Powell' of Bethlehen attended prayer meet-, ing here; Sunlay night. • We are sory to report that Miss; Shilo HMlth of this Community is fairly good at Jhlg writing. _ _ ' Mr. 'a'Hi Mrt, M SylBln*Hollis of "near Patmos dptttt Sunday with her mother Mrs. A. L. Downs and family. Mrs. Murine Belts and little daughter, Vdfljiii 1 Marie spent Sunday with Mrs. Hoover Cossndy. . Mr. and Mr».*Orvllle Allen, Velma* Cox, and Lltle Iteasly were the SaN urday ntrfht and" 1 Sunday guests ot Mr. and Mrs. D. MeCannlt. Mrs. Marine fcUJs spent Wednesday with Mrs. fiewie Smith. A large bunch attended the party at Charley Brown's of Falcon. Saturday night and reported having a nice time. Miss Harley vines, and Edgar Mitchell of Shover spent Saturday night and Sunday with Arella Ellis. Mildred Calhoun has been having trouble with her tonsils. We hope for her a speedy recovery. Everybody remember Sunday school every Sunday at.2 p. m. Come and brong some one with you. Also prayer meeting at 7 p. m. J. L. Galloway will conduct prayeV services. Come and be with us. Your grocer handles COLONIAL Bread and Cakes Jt Phinon and- Bertha .Lewi* spent Wednesday rdfht With their tiller, Mrs. Maxlne Mils. Mr. and Mrs. Elton Ca*sady, 3d* ward and Arthet Downs, and Roy , Cassady attended Singing at Hlnlon Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Thad Vines of Shover visited relatvies of this place. Saturday and Sunday. BABY NEEDS Tiny Tot Baby Powder Tiny Tot Baby Soap Tiny Tot Baby Cream Purelest Cod Liver Oil • (Plain or Flavored) Puretest Cod Livei^Oil with VIOSTEftOL JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO. The Rexall Store QUALITY FOODS AT A SAVING You'll enjoy shopping at your nearest A&Fstore because it is.so easy to find the foods you want. Housewives everywhere have confidence in A&P . . .they know the quality is the best and the prices low. Extra Standard Quality ION A BRAND STftlNG BEANS 'AND CORN DECKER'S "Tall Corn" Sliced BACON Lb 16c K. C. 'Baking Powder P-U.MP.KIN-* 1 - 1 Quality Armour's Cured HAMS End Cuts ' 5 to 7 pound "I Oft average, Lb I Ov I ON A I BEST GRADE Bartlett Pears I Dry Salt Bacon Largest Can I Pound 17c 9c OYSTERS Extra Select Pint 39( MRS. TUCKER'S LARD A 100% Cotton Seed Oil Product 4 Lb, Pail 8 Lb. Pail 39c FINE QUALITY Red Triumph POTATOES 1 0 Pounds 1 9c Wh'ite House MILK 3 Tall or 6 Small cans 19c Fresh Cranberries 2 Lbs. 25c SoNELiESS ^EEF ROAST, Lb......:; I5c Center Sliced CURED HAMS, Lb, 25c PEANUT BUTTER, 2 pound* -25c Pure Cane Sugar ^$1,00 PINEAPPLE REDUCED Puffet Can* 8c No. I Flat Can* JOc Broken SJi|5«d^lte. 2 12c TASTY PEANUT BUTTER 2 pound Jar 28c J pound Jar is c I Quart Wesson Oil aod 8 o«. Salad

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